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He is Psychometric: Episode 7 Live Recap

He is Psychometric recap 7
Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

We are back and ready to get He is Psychometric going! We are at the half way point, so let’s see what they have cooking.

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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Flashback to 2005 December 3rd. Jaein is super happy to hang a Christmas tree with her father. Her father goes to the top to hang the star and asks if it is fine. She says its great, but then she sees little Sungmo limping as he walks to the building. 

Taeha runs up to him and asks if he is 701? Did you not go to the hospital yet? Sungmo says that he is fine. But the officer stops him and takes him outside to the christmas tree to dress his wound. he asks how he got injured. Sungmo says he was just playing. Taeha and his daughter are there so Taeha tells him to take care of it, it is a small wound but you could die from it if it gets infected.

He tells him to stay there so he can get ointment. He also tells him that he should go to the police, he never saw his parents since they moved and is worried about him. He asks if he is getting abused? Sungmo says his mom is not like that, can you buy me medicine? I will use it. 

The father goes to get the medicine and Sungmo waits with Jaein. She tells him that the christmas tree is pretty. Sungmo starts to say the definition of the word pretty from the dictionary. She says she doesn’t really know that much about it but pretty is like this right? She does something cute and sungmo smiles. She is happy that she made him smile.

In the present, Sungmo and Jisoo drink together and talk about Ahn and Jaein. They don’t know what kind of relationship they had before. Sungmo says they will find it out soon. Jisoo asks why he made them stay together. Sungmo keeps drinking soju shot after soju shot and tells Jisoo that if they find out something with psychometry then it should be what happened 13 years ago. Jaein will find out that her father is not the real criminal, she will want to solve the case using his ability.

Jisoo asks what if her father killed his parents? Who will be hurt more? Either way it is bad. Sungmo says that he did not know what it was like to be hurt in the heart, but there is a truth that they should know even if it hurts. Jisoo asks if he really thinks Jaein’s father is not the murderer? Is it the person that stabbed Ahn?

Sungmo says that he has been working ont his forever for his entire life, so if she solves it right away it would not be fair. She says she will solve it, of course, even if you try and stop me. He smiles.



Meanwhile, Ahn and Jaein are sitting at the bus stop arguing about silly things like taking the bus. But they also talk about him passing out. It is the first time he passed out using his psychometry. She thinks he should go to the hospital but he does not so they chat back and forth about that. But then he says that it was so scary what he saw when he passed out. He says it like a little baby so she tells him that they can take a taxi today. But we will take that thing you hate (the bus) tomorrow.

She starts to hail a taxi and tells him to hail it together. But Ahn just thinks about the person that killed two women and also got murdered. Jaein sits with him and says that the fake Kang Heesoo he saw with the ring, do you remember anything else? He says he does not, it was two years ago. She says that she remembers everything about him from 2 years ago. He asks what that means. She tells him that he stood out a lot. They both smile.

But then her aunt calls and tells her not to surprised, your father….your father! Jaein gets up right away to catch a taxi and tells him that she has to leave. But then she starts to hyperventilate and falls to the ground. He covers her with his jacket and tells her not to worry, he won’t touch her unless she gives him permission. She can breath like this.

Then he stops a taxi and hops in with Jaein, she is still under the jacket. They get to the hospital or the police station, not sure. She tells him that she will go inside alone and gives him his jacket back. He psychometries his jacket and sees her crying underneath and begging her appa not to die. He looks at the jacket and holds it a bit closer then looks up at where Jaein went.

She goes inside and slowly walks to her fathers bedside. He is sleeping, his neck is all red. She falls to the floor at his side and sobs. He turns his head away and tells her to leave. Your father is dead as of today. Just think that you don’t have a father.

JI – Aren’t you angry to live like this.

Appa – You wasting your life because of me, makes me more upset. My life has already ended anyway.

JI – it hasn’t ended, it has just started! Why are you doing this?

He looks at her and moves to wipe her tears, but doesn’t. However, she grabs his hand.

JI – Appa, appa you told me, if you leave the wound alone then it will go bad, you can die with a small wound. Appa, I will do it. So, don’t be weak.

Appa sighs and thinks.

She leaves later on and runs into a girl sucking a lollypop who hands one over to her. Then she hugs her. Jain is a little taken aback with the lollypop. But then another kid gives her one and a hug and walks away. She follows this kid a bit.

this little girl goes to the kid room where Ahn is there with a group of kids. He tells this little girl good job and then addresses the other ones and says that there is a lollypop for the prettiest girl in the hallway. They tell him that he can do it. But he says that he can’t do it and tells them to eat the lollpop and that the hospital is like Heaven compared to the dentist.

Jaein says thta she does not like the dentist also. Ahn sees her and then gives the kids all the rest of the candy and takes off with Jaein. 

They walk outside, he is a little hesitant to talk to her about but asks her about her father and if he is okay. hey kep walking. She then asks him what the most sensitive part of the body is to psychometry? He thinks about his dream with the lips. But she says that it should be the finger right? he says lips at the same time so there is a bit of awkwardness as she asks what he is thinking. He says he was thinking about ET and then leaves. (or maybe she said that? Not sure).

Ahn calls Sungmo and tells him that he should come home tonight, no more break for you. They hang up, Sungmo looks out over the city again.

An gets home and thinks about what Sungmo said about his ability not getting better because he does not like to touch things. So he touches the keypad to get inside. However, he sees that the bad guy went into their place! Ahn looks around and then goes inside. He slowly goes into the living room and quietly walks around. He goes to one of the bedrooms, maybe Sungmo’s and looks around there for a moment. Then he goes back to the living room and looks on the patio. Nothing is there.

He continues on to another bedroom, maybe this one is his bedroom. He turns on the lights, his cute little dog is hiding under the bed so he picks her up and asks if she was afraid.



Ahn goes to the security guard and asks if there was anything that happened. he says that his dog was barking a lot around a certain time. Sungmo shows up and asks if there was CCTV on. The guard says that the CCTV was off, it was reported as broken.

They both leave and go back to their apartment where they see that only one thing is missing. Sungmo’s family picture. Ahn asks how he can take his photo though he says he does not know him?

Cut to Jaein sitting alone outside thinking about her father. Her aunt comes out and asks when she got back home. Lets go inside.

Inside, Sungmo asks Ahn if he remembers that time he left him? 

Flashback to when little Sungmo met with little Ahn and had to tell him that he could not go there for a little while, he has to go somewhere to study. Ahn asked to go with him, but Sungmo says he is sorry. He starts to walk away, it is a bit of a bitter goodbye as Ahn did not want him to leave and held his hand.

In the present, Sungmo says that he thought he would never come back to Korea, ever.

Ahn – Why?

SM – Because of him.

Ahn – Where you running away from him? Then why did you come back again?

Cut to the killer looking at the photo of Sungmo and his  mother.

SM – Now, I think I have to find him and — Kill him.

Elsewhere, Jisoo goes to Jaein’s workplace. She says it is a nice place, cozy. Then she asks if she wants to work in the special violence team? Jaein says yes. Jisoo says that she heard about her father from Kang, can you tell me what happened that day? Anything you remember. 

They go to sit where Jisoo says that her father investigated the fire case. he says he did a thourough investigation, but you never know. Jaein says that the jacket uniform with blood was the only evidence that he was the killer, it bothers me. But from my memory, my appa put his jacket over me and then left. But I was so young so I am not sure if it was my memory or a creation. If it is a false memory then he is the murderer, but if it is not then he is not. That is why she wants Ahn to perform the psychometry for this case.

Ahn goes to his room thinking about all this with this case. Sungmo wants to kill the murderer and Jisoo told him that Sungmo wants him to do Psychometry on him. maybe he is lonely all the time. Ahn says, whoever you are, I will find you.


Jaein uses her Samsung watch and headphones to take a jog (product placement for the win). Ahn wakes up and heads out, but he does not have his friends car anymore. However, Daebong shows up in the car and tells him to hop in.

Jaein gets back from her jog and checks her samsung data for her jog, then goes inside. Her friend shows up at that time and brings her daughter inside the station nursery with her. Inside, she sees a wallet filled with cash and gives it to Jaein.

Daebong shows up and happily tells Sohyun good morning. She ignores him and goes to work. Jaein asks if he dropped his wallet? She hands it over and tells him he did that on purpose right? If you like someone then you want to do anything.

Daebong runs after Sohyun who is still holding her baby and thanks her for finding his wallet. She tells him that he does not have to thank her, she is attached to the police station. He says that he will pay her for finding it, but she hits the money away and says she is not a beggar. then walks off.

he picks up all the money on the ground (wow, it is a lot). He looks pretty sad about it. Jaein and Ahn look at him pitifully from the window and say that they knew it, he likes her. But he is not that smart. Ahn says that he will use both his hands on it that Daebong is not that smart to plan it. Jaein says that he can’t do that because they share his hands together.

He is pretty taken aback to hear that and looks at her for a moment. She tells him that this is not the actor Gong Yoo (Gong Yoo also means sharing, so she thought he might not have understood her words again). He says he knows and walks away happily.



Meanwhile, Jisoo and Seungyong talk about the fake Kang Hee soo and the real kang heesoo, they look similar. They think the fake Kang Heesook lived both their lives so she would live the life of the people she killed and only killed people that looked like her.

Sungmo comes up and says that park soomyoung was in a mental hospital but she used a credit card and went over seas. After 2013 there is no record on the credit card. So maybe she changed her identity again.  Seungyong asks what the evidence is for all this (the evidence is Ahn, so they cant tell Seungyong this). Jisoo says that they had a witness, but Seungyong checks the report and says that there is no witness written here. They keep bantering back and forth about this until Jisoo tells him to do something so he leaves. 

Elsewhere, Ahn is in the library with a Korean dictionary that Jaein gave him. he looks up Gong Yoo which means that two people share one thing (but he thought it was the actor Gong Yoo). He says that he knows Gong Yoo, but why is she sharing my hand?

Daebong is there as well and is all into his thoughts about his wallet and how he didn’t drop it on purpose and she is angry at him. Ahn basically tells him that he has to study. Daebong gives him his keys and says that he can take it. Ahn hugs him and touches cheeks which shows him that Daebong did drop it on purpose so he tells him that he is a bad guy! I trusted you! Daebong runs off.

Ahn apologizes to everyone in the library about the noise, but then sees that he is basically the only one there.

Back at the station, Jaein, her aunt, and Inspector Nam chat and banter back and forth. It is mostly Aunt and Nam bantering about thugs and things. Then she pulls out their lunch. Nam says that investigations start from tiny things. I investigated it and showed that it was a thug place. I am a veteran so i knew it. This entire conversation is pretty playful. Jaein tells them that she will leave to sit with her friend in the library.

Nam stops her to keep eating with them and says that dangerous people can fake their identity. Jaein is into this conversation. How can they do that? 

But then we cut to Sungmo getting new data from his assistant that says he will remember this case if he sees it. Cut to a debriefing by the polcie that is connected to what Jaein and Nam were talking about. It has to do with trafficking of people and faking identities and selling them at an island and all that. All this time they were chasing the tail so the body should be huge. Seungyong is super exited about this case, they might get an award! Jisoo basically rolls her eyes at him and pulls him up to go do some police work.

In the library, Ahn write, if a psychopath and a sociopath fights, who will win? Then he comments on his own handwriting, he likes it. The next chapter is about Aleksitimea, when you don’t show emotions or can’t show/feel emotions. he thinks about it and then chuckles about strange people. But he has to apologize again to the room because it is packed now.

Later on he tries to check out a ton of books. the librarian says that he cannot check out the dictionary. But then he remembers the librarian from their apartment complex, she saw him and Sungmo looking like lovers. He asks her if she has some prejudice toward him, is that it? She says it is not prejudice. Ahn says that he lives with his brother, I like her.

Jaein shows up right then and pulls him away to tell him about that thing she heard. there was a big company that sold identities. It is gone now, but the main branch is still there. She lists all the victims and says that these people sold their identities. She runs off. Ahn calls after her.

At the station, the kids from the nursery are practicing archery with little kid bow and arrows. Nam comes out and tells them that you have to put saliva on the suction part. He does that and then fires the arrow, it sticks on aunts head. Sohyun runs out and is embarrassed that the kids did it, but aunt says tht if the kids did it it would be cute! She then yells at Nam about his archery award??? He says that he got an award for running as well and takes off.



Ahn and Jaein go to the Dragon Building and ride the elevator up. It seems like the Dragon Headhunting people occupy this entire building? In the elevator they look nervous about this situation. Ahn says that he is good at fighting, so they don’t need to worry. If this operation did not dissolve then I can show my skills.

the elevator doors open and they see that the company still looks like it is working just fine. Men in suits are all around. They are greeted by the secretary and then led somewhere. Inside we see other men and women in suits working hard. Ahn and Jaein think that this is not a dissolved company. Maybe they were mistaken?

In the police headquarters, Sungmo and Jisoo talk to Superintendent ByungHo about the case they are working on. But Byungho knows a secret about their case so SM and JS ask how he knows that? Did you add a mole to your daughters case!? Byungho says that he can do that, and until you give me evidence, I will not give you any more people. 

They both leave. Sungmo says that they need to take care of her mole. They wonder if it was the guy that got promoted so quickly. Jisoo then makes sure that SUngmo knows that she was promoted due to her ability! The conversation changes to improtant things as they have to have something to go to that building (The Dragon Building).

Cut to Jaein and Ahn at that dragon building. They sit with someone and tells him that they are both 25 and they don’t have ID. The man asks if they are dating? They say yes and no at the same time. The man slides over a membership contract. The first month is free, their company will connect them to good jobs, but if they dont want to then they dont have to sign.

Jaein says that they have bad credit, can they still sign? He asks if they both have bad credit? They both say yes. The man says that they need to work harder! He then goes to the fridge and gives them something to drink. He smiles and heads out to get someone.

Jaein and Ahn wonder what this is about, what if we really do get a job? Was this a mistake? Jaein says that they can talk about it with his brother and inspector Kang. Then she looks at the drink and wonders what it is. Ahn touches it and sees that it is drugged. 

Ahn – Ah, what bad guys. He put drugs in our drink.

JI – Really? sleeping?

Ahn – Sleeping maybe

JI – My mentor was right, they did not disolve, they became bigger and more organized. Lets go.

They start to head out slowly. But then the man asks them where they are going.

JI – We will get our ID.

Man – The next time you come, will you come with inspector Eun and prosecutor Kang?

They turn around and then the man shows the recording that they made of them sitting there. Ahn thinks that they can’t just leave now. Jaein asks if he is good at fighting? Ahn is all like, show nuff. He tells Jaein that she also has to be good at fighting otherwise he will have to touch her to rescue her.

JI – Whatever, I actually decided to let you touch me anyway.

Ahn – What?

Man – This love is good but look at us, we have a lot of peole.

Ahn and Jaein turn around to see all the people standing behind them. Ahn asks them who knows Kim Gabyung? They all raise their hands.

Ahn puts on his hoodie and they both prepare to fight.

Then the men all rush in and Ahn and Jaein fight them all off. They are both good at fighting, Ahn is super good at it; this fight scene is actually pretty cool.

They keep fighting and actually fight together with dance like moves as Ahn twirls Jaein around to punch and kick everyone. But then she gets hit and falls back on Ahn, he catches her instinctually but then drops her.

The man that is standing behind them pulls out a knife, so Ahn does the Jason Bourne wrap around the clothing of the knife thing and uses it to get on the elevator. But when the elevator opens, all the polcie are there and bum rush all the thugs. Ahn and Jaein are just able to hide from Jisoo who comes up late.

But then even more police show up int heir hiding place on the stairs and run to join the fight. Ahn and Jaein wonder how they knew? Did you call them? If they knew that we are here alone then we will be in big trouble. They start to run out but then see Sungmo coming up the stairs, so they have to run out another way.

They end up running all the way to the rooftop.

JI -What is this, I am the police so why should I run away from the police?

Ahn – Can you let this go first?

She lets go of his sleeve and laughs.

JI – lets go back as soon as this is all wrapped up.

Ahn – If they know we are here then all the cool points we gained from the autopsy room will go away.

They watch the scene break out from the rooftop, all the thugs are being dragged out.

JI – The thing we were so afraid of became true.

Ahn – what is that?

JI – To increase your ability, I became stupid also

Ahn – You are the one that wanted to come here

JI – I know, after I met you I am in a hurry. Actually, I confessed to you.

Ahn – Confession?

JI – When I see you again, I will not run away. I said that when I left the octopang.

Flashback to her telling this to the door thta he psychomeried in her old apartment. She told him that he helped he a bit and that he should grow his ability, when Ii am confident then I will find you.

In the present, Ahn tells her that he heard it. Somehow when he is with her then he can psychometry things better. You didnt’ find me, we just met each other on accident. I was waiting for you. I can’t say my ability is fully grown.

Ji – That is true, but…now we have decided to do it so…

Ahn – DO you want to do it today? Right now? Here?

JI – Yes, before I change my mind again. Today’s practice — is me.

She puts out her hand. But then she stops.

JI – No, the most sensitive part is this…

SHe points her ET finger at him.

JI – What are you doing? This is awkward for me.

Ahn – This is wrong, that is not the most sensitive place. I told you, the most sensitive place in the body is here.

He leans in and kisses her.

She is shocked.

Fade Out



Wow, I was pretty into the show and didn’t update as frequently as usual. I think he will get slapped at the beginning of the next episode, but, since they agreed to touch on sensitive parts, when he had his opportunity he definitely took it.


Ahn – Where?

JI – Send me your address, todays lesson is over there.

Appa – Daughter, your shoelace is untied again

Ahn – Appa 

JS – I have to kill someone (like punish them)

JI – Today’s lesson is me

JI – They don’t know that yet, right?

Ahn – You were actually thinking about sexy things even though you looked cold

Ahn appa – If you need any help then call me

SM – Don’t forget that I told you, you would be in danger

JS – I want to start with this woman

JS – If someone important to Sungmo is in danger, then that means it is Ahn

Ahn – Byebye

JS – The murderer is already dead, so what are you hiding

Ahn – They know everything

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  1. April 2, 2019 / 4:22 am

    Thanks for doing the recaps! I’m blogging about this at bitchesoverdramas.com so your detailed recaps help me remember who, what, when, and where. (The why’s are murky at this time. Lol.) I didn’t expect the show to be this entertaining. If the plot continues to be good, this will be my sleeper hit for this year. Who would have thought an under-achiever/slacker guy would be my favorite guy of the moment? I’m just tired of all the cookie-cutter geniuses in kdramas.

    • V
      April 6, 2019 / 11:19 am

      I didn’t expect it to be so good too! I need to start a widget on the side with websites that are currently recapping things! (Outside of the powerhouse Dramabeans of course). If I ever get around to it then I will add your site! I love it 🥰

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