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He is Psychometric: Episode 6 Live Recap

He is Psychometric Episode 6 Recap
Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

I kind of love that Ahn wrapped the murderer up in a curtain without realizing that that is what he did. Now – how long with said murderer stay in the curtain? Because I don’t think Ahn can run away all that quickly with his stabby stab wound and it looks like everyone that works is on a permanent coffee break. So who will come and help! My guess is his brother, but you know I like the dramatic suspense.

Recap starts at 9:30am CST! Check out this translated behind the scenes clip while you wait!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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2005 DECEMBER 3RD, 18:25 

We are at the apartment complex. Little Sungmo is looking out his peephole in their very locked apartment. Their door has so many bolts on it. Sungmo tells his mom that “he” came by. Can you promise me to do what I tell you? You should follow what I say.

The man walks through the apartment hall and to the apartment. The door is open and it is dark inside. He looks in and turns on the lights as he looks in all the rooms. Then he pulls out a knife.

In the present, Sungmo looks out over the highway. Jisoo tells him that he knows who did it. Sungo thinks about the man looking at his car and of Lee Ahn telling him of the man that was following him and also of his mother saying that she might have to die for it to end and of Ahn saying that he will protect him after he got stabbed.

Cut to the hospital hallway. The killer walks up the hallway and to Lee Ahn’s room. He goes inside while spooky music plays. Lee Ahn smiles and hops up carefully to surprise his brother. Then he wraps the bad guy in the curtain and holds his stomach in pain. 

Ahn – Why were you so late? I was waiting for you for a long time.

JI – Can you release me?

It is Jae-in! So he unravels her quickly, she spins out and keeps her from falling with his back. He tells her that he knows how to do a lot of things without touching over the years. They both sit and chat on his bed. She says that she is worried that she might become stupid like him, she hopes that we won’t become dumb training him. I came here to tell you that, lets do it.

She stands and asks him if they can do her fathers case when she thinks his level is up to it? He says yes. They shake hands but they both cover their hands to shake. The bad guy watches them from 

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Sungmo tells the team that they are going to investigate two Kang Heesoo’s the real one found on the river and the fake one that was in the nursing home. Their sidekick guy, Seung-yong, thinks that the fake one might be the killer. Jisoo thinks that they need to be open to all the possibilities. She will take care of the fake Kang heesoo, the one with a thin ring. Seungho says that there is no record of a thin ring, who saw that? Jisoo tells him that he does not have to know, she will find someone.

Sungmo stands and says that they can share all the information (he uses banmal to her but she might have said it first). She is a bit stunned. Seungyong asks if he used banmal to her? Jisoo says it wasn’t her halucination? Seungyong says that he used it to be friends right? That is normally what happens? But people usually don’t like using it all of a sudden. Are you happy?

She is super happy.

Seungyong stands up to head out

In the hospital, Ahn walks Jaein out. She tells him to find her when he gets out of the hospital. He says that it does not matter, he does it for her anyway. He smiles and waves his goodbye. Then he goes back inside his room and touches the curtain that he wrapped her in to relive it. He also gets a little touch of her on the inside of the curtain looking caught off guard. He laughs and wraps himself in it happily.

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He gets out of the curtains and sees a lunch bag and a cel phone on his table.

SM: You should have a lot of questions but I am not ready to answer, just eat well.

Elsewhere, Jaein waits at the bus stop and thinks about Lee Ahn. But then Sungmo drives up so she hops in and gets a ride home. In the car, JI says that ahn told her that memory is a medicine case, he does not know if he is picking up medicine of poison. I am also not sure what is in my medicine case.

Sungmo says that is what he wants also. Jaein asks who stabbed Ahn? Someone who was following you for a long time? SM says he does not know who that person is. What he does know is that he is not going to leave it alone anymore.

In the station, Seungyong shows Jisoo CCTV images of the man who was driving the truck. He contacted the truck company but they do not know who this man is. There was also no CCTV in the location that Ahn was stabbed. Jisoo thinks that they need to at least see the face of the suspect, Kang should have seen the face already.

At the same time, Kang takes Jaein to his office and gives her all his notes on Ahn’s ability. He wrote a lot about it and tells Jaein that she should do it from now on. Jaein asks how much of his ability she should develop? He says that the end of the mission is when Ahn can use his psychometry on him (Sungmo).

In the hospital, Ahn eats the lunch happily.

The next morning, Jaein sets off to meet her father in jail. She might be chewing on a candy that she takes out. He says that he hasn’t seen her in awhile, it is nice to see you. I heard it from Emo that you became a policeman, that is good, good, my daughter.

She tells him that he should say sorry and she will cry and it is difficult for her going home, she hated that, that is why she didn’t come there. He says he knows. She tells him that she will try it, she will investigate everything that happened. I thought about living my own life without thinking about you, but this is not taken care of so I cannot do anything, it is all messed up.

He tells her to live her own life, he is enough of a victim. She tells him that she heard that his parole request is always denied. You do it on purpose right? You think it is better to stay here because if you go outside then it will affect me. Will you live here forever until you die? 

Her appa grows a bit stoic and tells her not to come back. He stands and says that he killed all those people in the apartment, then he leaves.

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Jaein leaves the jail and alsmost has a panic attack next to some bushes. But she is able to stop herself when she sees Sungmo’s notebook in her bag.

In the hospital, Ahn starts to put on his clothing whenDaebong shows up and pulls his curtain away. Ahn is so upset that he touched his curtain with his drity hand! He tries to touch the curtain to see Jaein again, but it is all gone.

They both go to check Ahn out. The nurse tells him that Sungmo already paid for it all. Ahn says his brother paid for it? The nurse all of a sudden is so nice to him, oh…that is your brother? Daebong tells him that he leads a good life, his brother pays for everything.

Then they go outside and Daebong gives his mustand a big hug and asks if he missed him…he didn’t give you a hard time did he? They both hop in.

Meanwhile, Jaein reads a lot of books about mysterious abilities and psychiatric powers and all those things. She also reads Sungmo’s journal.

FEBRUARY 8, 2005

SM – An orphan boy came in to the orphanage. He lost his mother at the theme park. But Ahn psychometried him and found the address. But, the kid was abandoned by his parents, not missing. (the kid goes to his home and his parents are not there). The police found the parents, but they did not take the kid. (Ahn tries to comfort the kid back at the orphanage).

SM – I think being able to see his ability is too much for him. The world he sees does not have truth or happiness, it is all lies. (he sees Ahn crying and looking at his hand)

Jaein thinks, that’s what happened.

Elsewhere, Daebong and ahn drive to see Sohyun who is working next to the police station that Jaein works at. Ahn goes in to see Jaein and Daebong happily looks at Sohyun working.

Inside, Jaein gives Ahn something to eat, he is so happy to eat it, but then he realizes that it is too spicy. She tells him that she put a spicy mustard inside the dukk, but you didn’t see it. I failed the dduk psychometry. She then drinks the tea, but it was fish sauce instead of tea. She says he second psychometry failed.

He asks what she wants, do you think if I drink coffee then I can see coffee beans in Africa? She tells him to come with her. She thought about it a lot, have you heard about that 10,000 hour law? If you spend 10,000 hours doing something (they see Daebong) maybe it is the time you can like someone.

Daebong happily sees Sohyun dancing in front of kids. Jaein then says someone else can be getting better at their work (she sees her aunt working out with the elderly of the community). Then she says, in any case, if you spend 10,000 hours doing something then it will only take 416.67 days if you do it for 24 hours. He tells her that she could have just said 417 days.

She ignores him and asks how long he has had this ability? He says since he was 7. So she tells him that he can spend 3 hours a day doing it and he would have been a specialist. But you wasted that time. He says he had a lot of trial and error, he did not just waste time. She says that he has to study for at least 3 months.

They go to the library where she starts to give him a lot of books. She tells him that she will give him 10 books a day to review. He should write what he learned. At least one line, it does not have to be a comprehensive review.

He says that he thought they would do whatever it takes. She explains that this is whatever it takes. But Ahn hates books that other people have read, do I hat to flip each page one by one? She says that she knows he does and starts talking about things in cartoon books or fantasy novels like Sherlock Holmes or the like. He needs books that explain things. You need to study more because you will see more when you know more. You don’t know much, that is why you can’t see.

He asks, are you saying that I am stupid without saying it? She says that she is telling him that he is dum to his face. Then she starts to talk about the person in the luggage and how the family might feel and how scary it would be to die like that? This situation is not a situation for you to just show off your ability. She walks away and he follows her with all the books.

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Meanwhile, Sooyeon is about to start working on another body in the autopsy room. Jisoo comes in to talk to her. Sooyeon says that she thought everything would work out if they found the name, did you find anything. Jisoo gets her up to speed on everything and says that they need to find the family members first. Sooyeon is pretty bummed that no one is looking for this person. Jisoo tells her that she will stay at her funeral for 3 full days.

Sooyeon is all like, huh? You could die first. Jisoo tells her that she can die first, but you need to come to my funeral. Then they talk about Ahn and whether being stabbed will affect his ability or not? She also says that she would like to go home early and will take a half day off. You get it… the autopsy room will be empty *wink wink*. If you have to come in here then use this automatic door opener. She walks off. Jisoo smiles and mutters that that is why she likes Dr. Hong.

In the library, an alarm starts to beep because a woman has a book that she was about to lift from the library. Jaein gets pulled in since she is there as the only police officer. The woman says that someone put this book in her bag, but the librarian says that this woman does it all the time.

jaein and Ahn start to look through the “crime scene” where the woman says she was sitting and where her backpack was. Ahn psychometries the book on the sly and sees red nails on a woman’s hand. The supposed burglar does not have red nails.

But Jaein wants to solve this with her method and asks them a lot of questions. However, ahn picks up the book and says that he saw who put it in her backpack. he dramatically holds up his hands and says that the burglar is the one with red fingers (he does a cartoon like move and smiles).

Jaein walks through and asks to see everyones nails, she does not see anyone with red fingernails. Jaein thinks that criminals always want to see what happens with their crime. One of the girls complains and says that she has to leave. But as she is walking off, she has a pice of nail on her jeans. Sh etelsl them that this is not her!

Ahn psychometries the nail and sees that it just dropped off the criminals nail. But Jaein already knows that she is not the one. She actually already suspected someone. She asks to talk to someone at the window.

The girl at the window talks to her about biting her nails, that is why it is broken. She tells her that she knows that they can get DNA from finger nails, you have a nail left and you are bleeding. Do you want me to make it official and contact you after the DNA test or would you like to say sorry.

The other woman comes up and says that this girl did it? She is obsessed with noise, she puts notes on people who even breath or make any little sound. The girl goes and apologizes to thelibraran and the woman. The woman comes back and shakes Ahn hands. He fins out that this woman doesn’t actually study and does make a lot of noise in the lirbrary, like a ton of noise.

Ahn says that he will never do that in the library. But we cut to him sleeping int he library with a lot of notes on him that say, Focus, focus, sleeping is not the best medicine, focus. He wakes up to Jisoo’s call.

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Ahn runs out. Jisoo is in her car and asks Ahn where he is at? The library? HeyPsychometry is not something you can study. He says he doesn’t know, it is his hyung’s order for Jaein to train him, so that is it. She wanst to meet him and talk in the autopsy room.

He is so happy. In his exuberance he catches one of the notes on him and sees that Jaein placed them all. He guesses what is writen on the one in his hand “aren’t you studying” and he guesses right which makes him so happy. He tells the post it note that he is going to study.

Jaein is actually still in the area and points at Ahn signaling that she is watching him. He motions that he is going to study and dances out of the room.

Int he car, Jisoo thinks that this situation is getting messy with Ahns psychometry. Now three people know. But all that is erased when she sees that SM is on TV again on a big screen on the street. He is on the news talking about the woman that they are looking for information on. If you know her then any information will help.

The reporter says that they saw her at the nursing hospital fire case. SM holds his mic and says that they didn’t agree on that. The reporter says that this Kang Heesoo is not that Kanghee soo, did someone disguise their identity? SM says that they cannot say it in public yet. then he leaves in the middle of the interview.

Nam is watching with the aunt and says that he can’t just leave the show like that. The aunt thinks that he can and it is so charasmatic. They start to joke to each other about it. Jaein is with them as well thought she does not interfear in their banter back and forth. he aunt and Nam end up leaving and still bantering while Ahn comes in to give her his homework.

She looks through it and wonders what this is? He tells her that they used too many Chinese characters, he can’t read it. She asks if he wants to study or not? He telsl her that he will show her a real investigation.

Cut to them both being let into the autopsy room by Jisoo. Jisoo pulls out the body. Jaein looks in anticipation as Jisoo unzips the bag. Jisoo tells them that she does not expect much from this body because he has been here for years and no one knows anything. Do you know the first thing he saw with psychometry? Underwear size. It was from the people that died in the room. The woman disguised as Kang hee soo brought it. The woman with the thin ring.

Jaein asks if it was a fake Kanghee soo? She saw this on the news. Jisoo explains that SM wants to train him, but she will do this training now. They need to find out who killed Kang Heesoo and used her life.

Ahn is about to touch the body, but Jaein says that she can’t agree with Jisoo’s ways. He might find something out like what she looked like when she died, but it will be cofnusing and he will not know what he is seeing. So we should wait. Show us the data first.

Ahn does not want to wait until he spends 10,000 hours. Jaein just wants JiSoo to share the investigation report. If you give me one hour then I will make Ahn understand the case. He will see more then, I am sure of it. Jisoo says she understands what she is talking about, she will bring the date, wait over here.

She goes to get it and thinks that Jaein is pretty daebak.

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Inside, Jaein is pretty shaky from nerves and asks if she was shaking in front of inspector Eun, did she look okay? Ahn says that she looked super cool. Jaein thinks that they can’t just leave by touching this body, it is her rare chance to go to the violent team. I must get everything I can out of this. Ahn says that is her mission, to go to the violence team after training me?

Jaein is all like, yeah of course. She says that it is her habit of bragging so she just said this without thinking. He smiles and tells her it’s whatever, she can brag as much as she wants from now on. Then they turn their attention back on the body and wonder who she is. They can solve this together.

Jisoo is out getting the things when she runs into Sungmo in the elevator. They ride quietly. But then Jisoo tells him that she saw the TV and starts to speak in banmal. She tells him that he was impressive and it was cool that he threw his mic. He says that he thinks their information leaked, they need to keep their lips a bit tighter. Jisoo says it was not her. He also speaks in banmal. He wants to see Dr. Hong. Ji soo grows nervous and says that she left earlier today. 

Sungmo asks her why she has his investigation report then? Jisoo tries to think of something but then says that Ahn and Yoon are in the autopsy room. SM thinks that Yoon is the one that asked for it, Ahn wouldn’t have done it. Jisoo agrees, she says that she will not let Ahn psychometry without any information. Sungmo smiles at this. 

Jisoo wants to know if Jaein is that person? He doesn’t say anything. Jisoo thinks it is an unfair relationship that they have since Sungmo can read her thoughts/feelings but she can’t read anything about him. She leaves the elevator. Sungmo holds the elevator door and says that Jaein’s father is the one accused of the apartment murders.

In the morgue room, Ahn and Jisoo think about the markings on the back of the head, perhaps she had a head wound. Ahn thinks that he found the body so maybe she wanted to tell him something. Jaein tells him to see something and brag about it. Ahn says that bragging is habitual and contageous (mocking her). She smirks.

Jisoo comes back with the report, but she looks at Jaein differently. Ahn reads the report and sees that Jaein was right! She was bleeding from the back of the head! They high five (but hide their hands) and hip bump. Then they ask Jisoo a lot of questions. It takes Jisoo a moment to snap out of her thoughts about Jaein. She pulls out some more information and then says that Kang is coming. Don’t worry, he is not angry, his smile was the most sincere that I have ever seen.

Sungmo is in the face drawing area of the police department as two people try and see if they can figure out what this other woman looked like.

Meanwhile, the bad guy walks through Sungmo’s apartment. He looks all around in an eerie way and also sees his photo with his mother and says that he found him.

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Back in the police morgue room, Ahn and team are tired of waiting for Sungmo to come. So Ahn psychometries the body. He sees the bad guy coming up to the bodies and he hears him.

VO – He doesn’t want to have any problem

He hits her over the head with a mallet.

Ahn wakes up and says that she bleed a lot in the head. There was a dark carrying bag. A huge hammer. And his face! It is the insurance guy (I think). Ahn says it was a man, not the insurance guy.

Jisoo asks what kind of man?

Ahn says he saw him somewhere. He starts to look through the photos and says it was this guy, I am sure of it! Jisoo asks if he is sure? Lee Ahn says he is sure, he did it, he killed Kang hee soo. But Jisoo says he is the witness, but he is also a murderer?

Several flashbacks happen here with the insurance man.

Jisoo says that he remembers it, as soon as he got the phone call from Kang, he was murdered. Ahn holds his head and passes out. Jaein and Jisoo try to shake him awake in panic.

Sungmo comes in right then and sees that Ahn passed out.

In jail, Yoon Tae-ha thinks about his daughter and how she wants to investigate the murder. He is looking out the window. His cell mates say that he is doing it again, just go to sleep. But their guard did his final walking around tof the area so he won’t be there anymore, so just go to sleep.

Jae-in’s appa goes to his bathroom and tries to kill himself by hanging. Oh no!

In the morgue, Ahn is awake now and tells them what he saw and that someone else is behind it all. Jisoo thinks that someone else asked to commit the murder. She holds out a drawing of a woman and asks if it was this person? maybe she asked for it because she needed a new identity? Well, what we do know is that the insurance guy did this murder. He was a witness int he fire case so perhaps we can’t rely on his testimony.

Jaein says that they should start their investigation from the insurance guy because they found the old Kang hee soo and new Kang hee soo from him. They both look at her and says that they were going to say that as well. She apologizes, Sungmo says it is okay, she is on point. If they can’t find her then that means they dont have an answer. (Jaein says Chinese terms that are a bit difficult so Ahn does not understand anything, he just smiles). 

Ahn tells them to just wait, he will become a new person according to the 10,000 hour law. 416.67 days later. They correct his phrasing.

They all awlk out together. Jaein says that she will train Jaein well. Sungmo and is about to go home. Ahn tells him that they never talked after this wound. He shows his belly. Sungmo says that someone next to him is more urgent. Jisoo takes Sungmo away. Jaein and Ahn are left with Ahn wondering if he is really a hyung? Did you see that?

Ahn and Jaein try to catch the bus or a taxi while Ahn wodners about the bad guy and all the murdered women. Jaein asks him about psychometrying the fake Kang Heesoo with the ring. So you remember anything abou it? He says no, it was two years ago so it would be strange if I did remember it. She says that she remembers everything about him 2 years ago. He is flattered and asks what she means. She smiles and says that he was super strange (or something like that).

But then her aunt calls and tells her not to be too surprised, her voice is shaky. Jaein stands up and says that she needs to catch a taxi! She tries to catch one but then hyperventalates on the street. She does not have her bag with her. Jaein pulls of his coat so she can breath under it. He tells her not to worry, he won’t touch her until she is ready. 

Fade Out

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I love that this “touch” thing with Ahn and Jaein is very closely related to consent. It makes my heart happy. She doesn’t want him to know all her emotions and he wants her to feel comfortable around him. In return, they help each other get the information they want. It’s great.


He is Psychometric Episode 7 preview above and English translation below

TH – The people in the apartment, I killed them all

JI – Why are you doing this?

Ahn – Hyung, you know who that person is.

TH – It makes me more angry that you are giving up your life because of me.

SM – I am going to find that guy and kill him.

Notes – Alexitimia: when you cannot express your emotions

JS – Maybe [he/she is] asking for help

VO – When you come next time, prosecutor Kang and inspector Eun will come together.

Ahn – Well is happened anyway, so whoever knows the insurance guy, tell me.

The top Image is by tvN and edited using PicMonkey

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  1. Ash
    March 27, 2019 / 4:29 pm

    In all honesty, to me, Sungmo hyung sometimes seems suspiciously much like he hangs by Ahn for his ability rather than out of familial love. I have no doubt that he worries and cares for Ahn, but there are these specific moments, expressions mostly, that make it seem almost like Sungmo has ulterior motives.

    Obviously, he does. But just how much do the brothers’ relationship depend on those very motives? I wonder.

    • V
      March 28, 2019 / 9:14 am

      Sungmo is super curious, I wonder about him as well. Though I feel that he is on the side of good intentions.

      • Ash
        March 28, 2019 / 12:14 pm

        I believe so too… or at least I can say I want to believe so!

  2. Rose
    March 28, 2019 / 9:16 am

    Is it just me that i kinda find it weird how Ahns brother talks and look at Jisoo? Are they building some sort of a love triangle here? Or that look is more like a sinister look? It really gives me iky feeling on how he interacts with her. 😶

    • V
      March 28, 2019 / 9:20 am

      It is weird to me too, I wonder if it is supposed to be played as weird or if we should get the love triangle vibe from it? I kind of feel like they aren’t doing the love triangle thing…but maybe they are? Color me confused.

  3. Rose
    March 28, 2019 / 12:54 pm

    Im starting to lean towards ASHs theory about maybe Ahns brother has an ulterior motive about all of these (how he interacts with Jisoo, does he really took care of Ahn out of live and not because hes just using him), im having a bad vibe about him. I mean he looks like a good prosecutor and a brother, but it feels like all of these personas he’s showing are fake ones. Im really curious now why that killer is after him and his mom? Why Ahns ability doesnt work on him? What makes him conclude that Jisoo is the key to amplify Ahns ability? Who is that killer anyways? His dad? So many questions and we are almost halfway to this drama. 😯

    • V
      March 31, 2019 / 8:51 am

      I wonder if he and his mom were running from an abusive and serial killing father? Or maybe it was her lover and not necessarily his Dad? I’m super curious.

      • T
        April 1, 2019 / 12:37 pm

        I am more convinced that SeungMo and his mother were running away from somebody abusive related to them. Maybe SM is just too cautious to the point he looks suspicious? I think he is afraid to talk abt the killery identity thaty why he needs Ahn to read his memory.

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