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He is Psychometric: Episode 5 Live Recap

He is Psychometric Recap 5
Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

I’m ready for some more Psychometric! The first 4 episodes treated me kindly with their spooky, yet not too spooky storylines and playful banter that only made me want to get to know these characters more. I’m intrigued!

Also, it is spring break for us! Not that we are in school (been there, done that), but it does mean that we are using this time to take a tiny vacation. We took two days off this past weekend and plan on taking next Friday and Saturday off as well! Though recaps wait for no man so we will still post our typical recap schedule this week (including Kill It which we have just picked up over on Patreon).

Recap starts at 9:30am CST! Check out this translated behind the scenes clip while you wait!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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2005 DECEMBER 3 18:20

VO – Love, warm heart, and care for others.

The litle Sung-mo looks at a picture and reads a dictionary.

SM – Obsession, verb, always into something and can’t forget.

He turns to his left and sees his mother scaried and backing away from the door.

Umma – Sunmo, maybe he is….

Sungmo looks through the peep hole.

Cut to the ajummas looking through the peephole, they say that they saw her going inside. Sungmo backs away and then opens the door. they have chains all over the door. The head ajumma says that she has something to tell his mother. You saw the signs all around that the security guard is putting up right? Your mother is not part of our HOA, can you tell her to join us?

SUngmo says he will and then closes the door and locks it. The ajummas thing they are strange people, they moved in more than a month ago and never say hi. They walk off.

Outside, a spooky looking man in all black says, “I found you.”

In the present, Sungmo waits for Lee Ahn and Jae-in as they walk up. Jaein says that she wants to become a policeman so she can make sure the real criminal is locked away. Sungmo tells her that she is finally thinking about her own life and future. Ahn is shocked to see his hyun and Jaein is happy to see him. 

The spooky man watches from the shadows.

Inside, Jaein prepares a drink for Sungmo, Lee Ahn and herself. He fills Lee Ahn in on how he helped her all these years with the help of a priest. He helped her move to the place across from them and helped her move to Lee Ahn’s school. Sungmo says that he beleives that fate is fate. You cannot avoide meeting someone or from something happened. He thorugh about this after watching Comrades. 

They kids don’t know about that movie. Sungmo tells them that he hopes that they will not run away in the future. Jaein asks for his phone number because her aunt wants to treat him. Lee Ahn says that she should add his number also. 

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All three leave the station. Sungmo tells Jaein to contact him, he also wants to ask her a favor. Not today, but next time. He says she shouldnt’ refuse it since she said she would repay him. Then he says goodbye and walks off. Lee Ahn is left wondering what this is all about.

he runs after SM and asks what the request is. SM just puts out his hand and says if he is curious about it then touch it. They bump fists, but he does not see anything. Lee Ahn then grabs him and tries to kiss him to Psychometric his face, Sungmo pushes him away but a couple comes out and looks at them strangely.

The next morning, Lee Ahn practices talking to a motorcycle as he asks a pretend Jaein if she thought about what his brother asked her. But Jaein runs out of the station in an emergency.

There is a fight going on between two women about a dented car. Lee Ahn psychometries the car and sees that someone did it. He looks under the car and sees a rock. She is inspecting the car and says that this mark did not happen by the other car. Ahn holds up the rock and asks if it is something like this? 

Jaein thinks so. They look around and sees a little girl who looks pretty sad and is crying. he wipes her tear and sees that the woman is a very bad customer and treated her mother poorly.  The girl went outside and scratched up the woman’s car.

Lee Ahn and Jaein sit with her to tell her that they understand that she is angry. But if you break other peoples things then it will hurt your mother more. She was so bad so I want to keep it a secret, ut if I keep it a secret then this bad memory will haunt you forever. Do you want to keep is a secret?

The girl goes inside and apologizes to the customer. The customer is still upset. The mother says that she will pay to fix the car but the customer is annoyed and angry. Umma tells her not to come to her store anymore. She will raise her child properly to not become a woman like her.

The other woman that was blamed thanks the restaurant, she says that she was about to hit that woman herself. 

Outside, Lee Ahn says that revealing the truth does not mean happiness. Jaein tells him that at least he showed that he can do these things. He solved it but she got the regards. He asks what happend to her, she does not look too happy today. She says that it is just one of those days.

Ahn walks away to his place and thinks that Jaein must have down days as well. Btu then he sees his hyung who pulls him into the elevator (or maybe Ahn hurt his arm in the elvator?). SM tells him that he avoids touching things, that is why his ability does not improve. Even though you don’t want to do Psychometry, don’t avoid touching things. 

Ahn says he isn’t, it is just a habit. They walk up their aisle, SM talks to him more about touching things to become better, then he tells him that he changed the password this morning and closes the door, locking Ahn out.

Ahn annoyingly tells him that he only needs 3 seconds to figure it out. he touches the keypad and then yells to his hyung that it is only 6 digits. It is a date, my birthday! Dec 14th.

But then we see Jaein lighting candles today as well. Everything looks like a flashback as we see happy events with her father and then we see the events after her father was taken away by the police.

Ahn puts in the password and walks in. He is greated by his dog and sees a birthday cake on the small table. he tells Sungmo that he told him he does not celebrate his birthday. then he walks away. Sungmo takes a prescription pill. 

At home, Jaein has a panic attack and breathes into her paper bag. Her aunt sees her and runs in to see what is the matter. Then she sees that today is that day. Jaein tells her that she does not think that appa did it. But why does it hurt my heart whenever this day comes.

In his room, Ahn opens a little box with a stuffed animal and psychometries it. 

In another room, Sungmo thinks about his family.

VO – The family of the dead, their hearts hurt more than me. They will blame my father forever. 

her aunt holds her and says that it is not her fault

In Ahn’s room, he takes out the candy and psychometries it. he also does the same to his fathers badge and tries not to cry. Though he fails and wipes away his tears.

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Jisoo talks to Sooyeon and their other sidekick about a case. The sidekick says that Jisoo really needs to catch the criminal so she can get married. Jisoo tells him to shut up, then she asks Sooyeon to find out the identity. If you can’t findo ut then it will become an unsolved case again. Please! 

They go back inside and take the finger off of the corpse and then boil it in order to try and get the finger print. Sooyeon works hard at this as the sidekick and Jisoo look on through the window.

It looks like Sooyeon is able to get some kind of finger print so she searches the database for it.

Meanwhile, Daebong tells Lee Ahn to bring his car back via text. But Ahn sends him a text saying that it is his mother and fathers memorial day. So Daebong tells him he can take his car. he then runs off to fill up a customers car who just drove up. 

Back at home, Ahn looks for his brother but he is not there. They show the painting of a man with three faces in the background. Ahn leaves and gets his keepsake box from his room and walks out to  his friends mustang. The spooky man watches him.

He gets out and delivers a package to the apartment complex. The guard tells him the room number so the man goes up and inspects where all the CCTVs are.

Cut to Sungmo standing beside a tree paying his respects to his mother. Ahn walks up to him smiling, he has a bouquet of white roses himself and tells him that they should have come together. Sunmo smiles and says he slept too long, that’s why. Ahn walks to his mothers tree (or Sungmo’s mothers tree? not sure but everyones tree is there) and greets her. He says that hyung is okay. he does not have good social skills but is good at work. He is not good at expressing his emotions and is not funny at all, but he can make good money and has bought a house so he will get married. You know hyun rescued me, but hyung also made me a good person when I was a knucklehead, so I will protect hyung. I am unemployed now but I will repay him for what he did. (he uses a Chinese proverb but says it all wrong so Sungmo corrects him).

Ahn looks at his hand (where he wrote it) and says he tried to memorize it, but said it all wrong. Then he goes to his parents place and tells them that they already know things, they don’t have to say it.

The two brothers walk away. 

Ahn says that he opened his parents things yesterday, but he couldn’t Psychometry them anymore. He wonders if he will still be able to read them if he gets better at it. Sungmo says he will, he will make it that way. Ahn is so happy that he can be the first Psychometries in Korea, when will that day come?

Then he starts to remember Jisoo telling him not to come to the autopsy room anymore. But Ahn says that it is something that he can study. She thinks he does not wish it enough. Jisoo told him that she thinks his brother wants him to help with something. She doesn’t know the details, but if you psychometry does not work with him, that means he has closed himself off. Maybe he is lonely, so lonely and has a good reason. Maybe you are not the only one that feels alone in the world.

Ahn thinks about all this while walking with Sungmo. Sungmo tells him to come on. Ahn says that wherever hyung goes, he will go with him. Hyung wonders why he is talking to iportantly, I am just going to see policeofficer Yoon. Ahn asks why, are you really going to ask her the thing you said you would ask her????

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Cut to the meeting where SM clears his throat and tells Jaein and Ahn that he wants her to help Ahn with his psychometry. You know about his ability. 

Flashback to the rooftop where Jaein heard all that Sungmo and Ahn talked.

She asks Sungmo that he heard everything? How much? Sungmo says that he heard her say that she would go to him and do everything like a handshake or whatever. I felt how desperate you where. Lee Ahn is all like, okay, okay, but why do you want me to use my ability on her? He says tat she can refuse it, but he really wants her to do it.

Jaein says that she needs time to think. Ahn says that he has to think also. SM tells him that he does not have to think at all. jaein and SM will do all the thinking. But he does tell Jaein that if she helps him, he will help her move to the violence department.

She goes back to her station in awe at the possibility and almost stunned. Her chief, Daenam says that he heard about the case she worked on today and then her aunt comes in with lunch. They make a lot of small chat about things as they set up to eat lunch. Nam says that he will wash his hands and leaves (though he gives the aunt one of his n ose hairs and says that is part of him, so gross!). She asks why he did that, such a dirty man.

Jaein mentions that he is married. Btu he is also in Seoul alone since his wife and son went to Canada. The aunt starts to talk badly about Nam. Then Nam comes back and they all sit to eat.

While eating Nam says that one of Jaein’s police friends got promoted after catching a big criminal. But the violence team is not good, it is better to be here. The aunt pokes him to stop talking about it.

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Elsewhere, Ahn looks out over the river crime scene. He wonders what he will do if his psychometry does not matter.  He thinks back on Sungmo telling him that he can see someone with a knife, but he does not know if they are using it to hurt someone or help someone. You only see a few pieces of a thousand. 

Ahn thinks that the solution was for him to psychometry the pieces and Jaein would put it together? He smiles at that thought.

Later on, Jaein drives her police scooter to her friends promotion at the station. It is a pretty big event with photos and everything. He is surrounded by his fellow cadets as they all take a photo together. He is the first one of them to get promoted. 

Jaein leaves thinking about special promotions, but she shouldn’t’ wish for anything to happen in order to get promoted. However, that is exactly what she does when seh goes back to her neighborhood.

She watches a woman get bumped and all her money falls ont he fround (10pts). She thinks this is the chance, a pick pocket! But the man helps the woman with all her money and leaves. Another situation is with a gangster looking group of men (20pts). She thinks this is the one! But it is actually a funeral event. They all bow to her for a good job and she cotninues driving off. A Song starts playing.

♫What am I doing, why am I doing this♫

She sees another case that looks like it is an arsen case (20pts), but it is actually a birthday party and they are lighting the cake. Jaein starts to think that she is crazy. 

She comes up on the murder scene and thinks it would be 50pts for a homicide. Ahn comes out, so she thinks it would be 70pts for a violent murder case as Ahn waves at her happily.

They go to sit, he asks if she thought about what his brother said? He is done thinking and wants to do it. She is still thinking. He says that they should do anything, he has a good reason to do it. He met her, not two years ago, but actually a longer time ago.

He opens a box with a yellow shoe in it and hands the box to her. She looks at it quietly and remembers her father tying her shoe.

Ahn – After I developed my ability, I didn’t even know the name of it. 

Flashback to the two kids taking on the side of the street.

Ahn – I couldn’t forget you for a long time. That was the first day I thought I can help someone else with my ability.

JI – I met you back then? You gave me candy?

Ahn – You don’t remember? You forgot everything? To me, you are my first client that asked me to solve this case. So, lets do it together.

he extends his hand to shake. She looks at it.

JI – If I hold your hand, how much of my secrets can you find out.

Ahn – Well, I don’t know, people memory is like an unlabeled medicine cabinet. I don’t know if it is medicine or poison until I eat it.

He keeps his hand extended. But then he takes it back.

Ahn – Well, we don’t have to touch each other.

JI – I just didn’t decide yet, it isn’t about you.

Ahn – Okay.

JI – Even if I have so many reasons, I don’t know how to develop your ability, I don’t know why the prosecutor asked me.

He stands and says, if you were me, what kind of investigation would you do? I can do all the action.

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Ahn drives home and sees his hyung walking out. He ask him where he is going. SM tells him that inspector Eun is waiting. Ahn basically jumps him and asks if he took the suitcase case! Tell me! That couple that saw them the last time sees them again. Ahn hops off and tells SM to tell him about it! I am the one that found ti! Tell me hyung!

But Sungmo just drives away. Ahn thinks that he is the one that found the body, he needs to know! He hops in his friends mustand and drives after Sungmo.

Slow motion car chase commences.

But Ahn gets blocked by a certain truck that won’t let him go around it. Though this truck is following Sungmo. Ahn wonders what is going on. Sungmo drives into the forensics building. The truck man watches him. Ahn gets out of his car to see who is driving the truck. But the mysterious truck man leaves. Ahn calls Sungmo and tells him that someone was following him from the house. SM tells him not to do anything dangerous and then heads back out.

Outside on the street, Ahn is definitely chasing the truck very dangerously as he zips between traffic.

he manages to atch up to him but the man hops out before Ahn can see his face. But then we see the man ambush Ahn and stab him right in the belly. Ahn touches the man to try and pull the knife out and touches his skin. 

He sees the man following Sungmo basically Sungmo’s entire life.

Ahn – Who are you…why….my hyung….

The man pulls the knife out and runs away.

Cut to Ahn showing up on a guerney in the hospital from an ambulance. He tries to tell Sungmo that this man has been watching him since they fell from the apartment. Then he is rolled away into surgery. 

After surgery, Jisoo tells Sungmo that it was not a critical injury so he will be okay. Sungmo says that someone has waited long enough, they need to go back to the building. They head out.

But while driving with Jisoo, he thinks about this man that is has been following him this entire time. Jisoo tells Sungmo that he knows who this person is. He has been watching you for 13 years? Is he related to the apartment fire case? Do you think he is the real criminal?

Sungmo pulls over to the side of the Han river and walks to over look it and think. He still looks like his typical no expression self. Jisoo walks up to him and asks why he is hiding so much. She says she wants to help him, am I really not helping you at all? She is using banmal so she is pretty angry. He tells her that he knows [blank] will regret it. she asks who? Me? he says no, I will regret it.

In the station, Nam eats a candy that fell on the floor and tells Jaein to wrap things up and go home. She heads outside as if waiting for something and sees her friend Sohyun who asks if she is waiting for someone. Jaein says no…um….~. They start to talk about going home and things, perhaps they can have a beer together? They both head off happily.

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In the hospital, the nurse tells Ahn that everything went fine and his intestines were not injured so his guardians will be back soon.

Cut to Jaein and Sohyun drinking beer with Jaein’s aunt at someones home while the daughter sleeps on the couch. Later on, Jaein drives a drunk Sohyun home. It looks like the aunt takes care of the daughter while Sohyun goes to work. So Jaein drives the baby and mama home. She also sees that they have a lot of coupons.

Meanwhile, Daebond talks to Ahn about how they are not friends anymore. But Ahn says he is hungry so Daebong asks him what he wants? What hospital are you at? But then Ahn hangs up.

That is when Jaein drives up for a fill up and gives him the coupon. Daebong sees Sohyun and her baby sleeping in the backseat.

In the hospital, Ahn tells his hyung to come back quickly, he has so many questions. 

But hyung is at the lab with Jisoo and Sooyeon. It looks like they have found out whose body was inside the suitcase. It is the nurse that disappeared after the fire in the nursing home. It is the one that Ahn saw with his psychometry. The one with the ring. But ti does not make sense that she was alive two years ago because thsi body has been dead for 5 years.

SUngo says it was in the water so you can’t be sure of the date of death. She says that is true, but there is another dead body. She thinks, and it is her opinion, that the other body and this body were abandoned at the same time.

Jisoo thinks that does not make sense, she has a record of working in the hospital. Sooyeon says she double checked that as as well. They decide that they have to findo ut who was at the hospital two years ago.

Cut to the bad guy showing up at the hospital. Ahn bough a lot of things from the convenience store and wonders why Daebong is not coming. He starts to think about what he saw on the scary man and wonders who that person is.

The scary guy is walking up the hospital hallway right this minute. Ahn is in bed thinking about him.

Elsewhere, Sungmo is in the subway or some kind of place like that. It seems like he feels something, he turns his head and looks at the crowd. the camera scans to a security room.

In the hospital, the man gets to room 903, he opens the door. Ahn heard it and smiles. He tries to sit up and stands at the curtain to surprise his hyung. Then he wraps the criminal int he curtain playfully, but he thinks it is his hying.

His belly hurts a bit and then he asks his hyung why he is so late, he waited so long.

Fade out.

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Still enjoying this show. It looks extra well made when compared to Kill It that just premiered that is truly all over the place (though in a deceptively fun way).


Episode 6 preview above and English translation below

JI – I am going to reinvestigate everything

SM – Ahn

SM – Umma, he is out now

Umma – Maybe this case will end after I die

SM – Yoon Jae-in’s father is the apartment fire guy Yoon Tae-ha

lil’JI – Pretty is like this?

Ahn – He is the guy. He killed Kang Lee-soo.

JI – One question, how much of his ability should I develop?

Ahn – Until he can psychometry me.

JI – Lee Ahn, what is this! Wake up!

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