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He is Psychometric: Episode 2 Live Recap

He is Psychometric Live Recap Episode 2
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We are going to try and live-ish recap this on today! But we might not get going until 9:15am or 9:30am depending on how things shake out. I will let everyone know when we start, on Twitter!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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It is one week after the fire. Byung-ho walks out with Lee Ahn with his fathers police things in a box. He tells Lee Ahn to let him know about anything, he will be there for him. 

Lee Ahn walks somewhere and opens the box on the street. He touches the stuffed animals first and remembers all the memories in it. He starts crying and then sees a girls show on the street. He touches it and sees all that this show has been through recently.

the guard father is arrested and taken to the police. His daughter, Jae-in watches and then runs away. The yellow shoe was hers. She runs away and bumps into Lee Ahn and falls to the gorund. She starts crying for her appa, like straight up balling. Lee Ahn gives her a candy, the same candy his appa gave him.

In the present, Jaein eats these candies on the rooftop as she catches her breath.

At the station, Sung-mo tells Jisoo that he has someone he would like to use his psychometry on. he thinks he has met her.

Back at the school, Lee Ahn jumps off the roof onto the lower roof. But he is about to hit Jae-in. She braces herself for impact.

But nothing happens. 

She opens her eyes and sees Jaein balancing like spider man on the wall stairs and side roof.

They both start to argue about why they are each there. Jaein basically tells him that he is about to get kicked out so this isn’t his school anymore. She also says that she is studying psychology and profiling. there are two things boys in our age think about.

First is (Sumjok) grades, second is also Samjok (but this one is sexual fantasy). He tells her that his ears are good, but are these words different?

She has to explain how there is a little difference in the words and how one is grades and the other is sexual fantasy. He smiles and laughs a bit as if he knew. She tells him that he is trying to involve himself in two things Sumjok and Samjok, so which one are you?

he says that he has been wrongly accused all day, do you know how that is like? She says she knows that all too well, that is the problem. She walks away.

His friend shows up and says that he has an urgent thing, can you use your powers on this? He hands over something to him that belongs to the girl that he has a crush on. He says that she went home early so can you at least touch this? He puts it in Lee Ahn jacket pocket and asks him to do it if he has time.

Lee Ahn tells him that he can Psychometry the new student and then find out a specific thing about the bathroom pervert. He wants to find out who this pervert is. His friend is all like, so you will touch the girl who thinks you are a pervert? Don’t you see the problem with this plan? I think you are a bit dumber than I expected.

In math class, the teacher tells the new student that he heard she was good at studying. Can you solve this problem? 

Jaein goes up to the board and solves it. the math teacher is impressed. He asks her about her father, does he really want to be the district mayor? We heard that rumor. Jaein smiles but does not answer.

Jaein goes to her desk while the math teacher talks about being raised in a good family, not raised in a single family household or with no parents. Jaein and Lee Ahn are both upset at those words. Jaein decides to tell him that she solved the answer but he has the wrong assumption. She also says that the question is wrong. troubled kids don’t have good home education? She starts to talk about Lee Ahn and how he didn’t even know who the math or chemistry teacher is until he went to the teachers room. DOn’t you think it is a little weird that he snuck out all the subjects from different teachers? Copying a friends answers is not a good thing, but did you even check to see if the answers are the same?

She also says that she does not want to defend him, but I don’t like for you to attack all of us, that is not a good thing as a teacher. In the seats, Daebong asks Lee Ahn if she is crazy. the math teacher tells them to stop talking and asks Jaein who took the questions. the day of the exam someone broke into the teachers room by breaking the lock. He said he is not the one. You said you want to be a prosecutor so the best way to show that someone is not guilty is showing who the real criminal is.

She says that she will show it from now. if I figure it out, then will you apologize to me? And all the useless kids with single parents or no good home education? the kids all start yelling about what they want an apology for and making a lot of noise.

the math teacher smiles but tells everyone to shut up. He asks Jaein what he will get, she says that he can kick her out. he says he can’t kick out a Seoul University hopeful. So she says that she will quit. He says okay, you have until the next math class.

Jaein starts to leave. One of the bullies says that she looked cool, but tomorrow morning, the first class of the day is the first math class. Good luck.

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Jaein goes to a stall and sits looking annoyed with herself for doing this again. She racks her brain about why she caused so much noise again! her hair is all messed up as she thinks about how hard she studied. Argh!

But she leaves the bathroom looking like nothing is wrong and everything is perfect. Jaein is right there and asks her if she likes him. She is annoyed and says that she would never ever do that. He asks why she made him a pervert.

She tells him that it is not about him, Ii just don’t like people like that at all. He says that he will help her catch whoever broke into the teachers room. She basically says she does not need her help.

He wants to shake her hands btu she leaves. He tells her that they can just hve a 3 second handshake, okay? She rolls her eyes and walks away.

Outside, she thinks Lee Ahn is so strange for wanting a 3 second handshake. Then she heads home.

Her aunti is at home and wonders where she should hide a bag. But Jaein comes in before her aunt can find a good hiding place. Jaein sees her, pulls out her expensive handkerchief and spits her candy into it. Her aunt start to talk to her about how expensive that handkerchief is and also how expensive the bag is. 

Jaein takes a picture of her aunt with the bag, her aunt poses. They post it online to sell. Jaein ends up calling someone right away and talks to a priest. She wants to see someone though her request is always refused. It looks like she wants to see Kang Sung-mo. there is also a little boy at the orphanage (though the little boy might be a flashback?).

Jaein leaves and gets her schedule all together She has like 5 part time jobs and still has to study and go to school. She probably doesn’t sleep at all. 

Meanwhile, Lee Ahn talks to Kang Sung-mo on the phone and asks him what would happen if he gets kicked out of school or becomes a criminal, would you still see me? Kang says that he will not see him ever. Ahn tells him that he was wrongly accused. Kang tells him not to have the imagination that everyone is against him but he is still on his side. He reiterates that he will be the first one to turn on him. Getting kicked out is one thing, but what is this criminal record? Are you meeting with your old friends?

they talk about it a bit more and then Kang says he is hanging up. Lee Ahn hangs up and looks at photos of his family and the orphanage and things on the wall. He playfully asks his parents why they are looking at him like that and then plays with his cute fluffy white dog.

That night, Lee Ahn goes to the teachers lounge and uses his psychometry to know the code. But he only sees two numbers 6 and 2. He presses 6262 but it does not work. So he tries to psychometry with his face and then lips. Jaein sees him and asks what he is doing?

He hops up. She thinks that he already saw those two numbers before as he prepared to come there. She tells him to go away and opens the door. He asks how she did it? Jaein says that the school opened 2002, June 2nd. So the teachers won’t remember things if the code changes too often, so I just thought about it. 

Lee Ahn does not know the world “possibility” he thinks it is someones name. She sighs.

they go inside together with flashlights. Lee Ahn puts it on his face spookily, Jaein pops her taser a few times to get him off of her. he hops back and she keeps walking.

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Meanwhile, Jisoo finds out a critical piece of information in the hospital fire-stabbing case. She found out who the nurse is and immediately calls Kang. He is not impressed that she is still workign on this case, but says he will be there.

In the school, Lee Ahn and Jaein are looking around the teachers lounge, though Lee Ahn is not all the helpful so far. He sits at a desk and psychometrics one of them. But he only sees unimportant things like boogers. So gross. 

Jaein finds a drawer that has all the things that a teacher took from all the students. Lee Ahn touches one and starts bleeding from his nose. So he takes out a sexy book and covers his face with it and tries to explain that when he focuses on something, it sometimes happens. She thinks he is mentioning the confiscated sexy magazine, he says that isn’t it and tries to clean the blood from his nose, so he stuffs it full of tissue. 

they keep working.

Jaein compares scantron answers and thinks that everything matches. Did you copy the exact same thing as the guy sitting in front of you? How can you copy everything? Lee Ahn says that he copied the answers but he did not come to the teachers room. Sometimes I am amazed by my ability.

he kneels and says that he thought about it, the reason the criminal came to the teachers room is not about the exam. It just came to my mind. Maybe that person came to the teachers room to find something important that the teacher took. You know, the yellow pouch with cigarettes.

Jaein asks if he thinks someone came into the teachers room only for cigarettes? Ahn says it might be a lucky pen. Jaein thinks that is nonsense, just go read about that Hot Lady magazine.

Elsewhere, Jisoo and Kang sit in a cafe or some place and talks about the nurse. She was disappeared that day. Sungmo wonders if this is suspicous. Jisoo wants to see her but Kang says that he will not go. He has to go see someone that really wants to see him right now, they are waiting for me.

Meanwhile, Lee Ahn rests his head on a desk while still doing his psychometry and Jaein looks thought the trash. He can’t find anything though. She tells him to leaves, it doesn’t matter if you get kicked out, but I shouldn’t.

Then someone approches the teachers lounge so they have to hide. It is a night time guard so they hide behind a temprary wall/post thing. Lee Ahn uses this time to grab Jaein’s arm. She also notices that his eyes are different from the perverts eyes. Lee Ahn feels a number from Jaein, 3145.

She asks him what that means, but he says that she is crazy, he didn’t say anything. He leaves the school and hits his mouth for saying those numbers. But he also wonders why she is so sensitive about 3145.

Cut to her father wearing 3145 while in jail. It looks like his probation did not work out. One of his cell mates tells him that it might have been too early.

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Jaein is walking home right now also and wonders why Lee Ahn said 3145. She also feels someone walking behind her. This person tries to get her attention.

There is also a tarot card that fell on the floor?

Jaein turns around and sees Kang. She asks who he is. He says that she wanted to see him? I heard it from the priest, you wanted to see me.

She has her taser out and looks at it with shock.

they end up going to a convenience store for a drink. She says that she thought he was older, he says that he is not rich, he actually lives in an octapang. He has ben sending her money soshe says that she wants to repay him. He says it is not problem, he happiness is enough payment. But she says that he wants to pay it back with money.

She also asks if they have seen each other before? He coughs up his drink and says that is what someone says when they are interested in someone. But she says that she remembers him and ten realizes that he is the prosecutor for the nursing home fire case. he says, i saw you on TV, You look handsome in real life, you want to say something like that? But he is a bit awkward because it was his joke. He says that he learns everything in books, even jokes. 

At home, Lee Ahn takes a shower and then eats and wonders about the person that broke in. He ends up talking to Daebong and they all talk about the person that also broke into the teachers lounge. The conversation turns to the new student, she was researching the kids with high scores. They talk about her a bit and if he will psychometry her. they talk about his pychometry a bit and how he grew a lot recently so maybe his psychometry is growing along with his height.

Jaein goes home and we actually see that she lives in the octapand across from kang. they wave at each other from their octapangs and she goes inside. Lee Ahn sees Kang and asks why he was there. He tries to psychometry him with a fist bump, but he can’t read him. He wonders why he can’t read him at all. Kang tells him that he just needs to develop it more. But Lee Ahn does not think that Kang has any adrenaline.

Flashback to 11 years ago. Lee Ahn is crying on the street, he is all wet. Kang cleans him off and says that he should not cry, kids will give him a harder time. Ahn says that they are all monsters, I saw it all. Kang asks why he says he can see things. But he also says that he trusts him. he tells him that this kids are not monsters, it is all because of their noradrenaline. He cleans off the milk on Lee Ahn.

Then he takes Lee Ahn to a local church and tells him that noradrenaline transaltes bad emotions into memories. That is why people have more bad memories than good memories. It is not because they are bad or monsters, it is only because bad memories last longer. that is what you saw. Lee Ahn doesnt want to see it. Kang tells him that he thinks it is good that he saw it. He also tells him that he did not eat one kimbap mroe than other kids. Lee Ahn says that he did not see that. Lee Ahn asks, if he doesn’ feel bad if he touches him? Kang tells him, of course not. They fist bump.

In the present, Lee Ahn says that he raised Kang to not do anything bad. Kang calls him a jashik and puts him in a head hold. That is when he is able to psychometry Kang and sees him following a woman, though he does not know that this is Jaein. It is the first time his ability worked on Sungmo. Sungmo tells him that is not it and they go inside playfully.

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In her home, Jaeinn looks out her window at Kangs place. It looks like she wonders about him. 

The next day, Jaein shows the smart kid his SNS and interviews him about it. He said that one of the answers on the exam was wrong (the question had the wrong answer). he asks if she suspects him? She says that he is the #1 guy in school, you know something, right? 

He says that he was #1 on this exam and did not want to have another repeated exam. But the kids that answered the question, why didn’t they say that the question was wrong? Jaein tells him that, including him, whoever answered the question is a suspect. Because even though the question was wrong, they answered it right. The other girl looks at them.

He says that he is the only one that can solve that wrong question, until you came here. Jaein asks what that means? So the people who got that right all worked together? he says that she said she would quit school if she doens’t guess it. You should not catch the criminal, that will be beneficial for me.

Elsewhere in the school, Daebong tells Lee Ahn that the criminal has a yellow pouch and pink pen, so this is the only way you can catch the criminal? Maybe you shouldn’t do this, you will die if you do this. Lee Ahn winks and says that he will see him, alive.

He pulls the fire alarm and then stands at the door holding his hands out as everyone runs by him. So he is able to touch almost all of them. He atches glimpses of each of them as he uses his psychometry. He starts bleeding from the effort and falls down the steps as the kids keep running out of the building.

Daebong runs into Jaein’s classroom and tells her  not to worry, Lee Ahn pulled the alarm. Then the other girl stands up and asks to talk to Jaein.

Outside, the teachers tell Lee Ahn to stand up and one of them asks him if he did it? Lee Ahn asks this guy about the girl with a yellow pouch and cigarettes.

Also outside, Jaein talks to this girl who says she is the same as her father, she can’t stand injustice. She also tells her that she has a secret, she will only tell it to her she owes it to her anyway. it is up to you if you tell it or not.

Meanwhile, the teacher covers Lee Ahns mouth about the cigarretes and finds out that the pink pen is not a pen, it looks like a pregnancy test. He runs inside to find Jaein but she is outside. Daebong asks why he is looking for her?

Lee Ahn tells him that Sohyun put the pregnancy test in her puch, that is why the teacher took it. 

Flashback to the student hiding her test in her pouch. The chubby teacher sees the pregnancy test. But it looks like the teacher put the cigarettes in teh case to hide the test as soon as the math teacher comes up. 

This girl is Sohyun, the one that Daebong has a crush on. He pschometried her pen and got the information. So it looks like Daebong knew that the yellow pouch was Sohyun’s. Daebong is upset nd says that is why she broke up with her boyfriend. Ii will kill him! He walks away in anger.

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Outside, the girl Jaein is talking to (this is Sohyun) says that she feels bad that her parents where the most vocal about kicking her parents out of the neighborhood. She wants to repay her for that debt that she owes her back then. Jaein asks her what she is going to do now? The girl says that she is trying to survive until she graduates, but it will be difficult.

Meanwhile, Lee Ahn looks for Jaein.

Jaein is sitting, the girl says that she can tell the math teacher the truth. I’m okay with it.

Lee Ahn runs up to Jaein who is now sitting alone. He asks if Sohyun already ran away? Jaein asks if she knows why she broke into the teachers room? Jaein says that they shouldn’t tell it, they shouldn’t say why she went to the teachers room, she will get kicked out.

Lee Ahn asks if it is okay for him to get kicked out and for her  not to go to college then? Jaein is on her side and says that he would not understand, some people have this secret that they need to keep.

But then a ball hits him? It looks like a lot of kids are fighting on teh basketball court. it turns out that it is Daebong and that ex-boyfriend who are fighting, Daebong tries to bite his ear, lol. 

In the classroom, Jaein comes in so the math teacher starts to talk to her about why she was so angry at the things that he said. He found out that single parents are nothing compared to her upbringing.

Outside, the fight continues.

In the classroom, the math teacher asks if she would like to be a prosecutor because of her father? your fathers name is familiar to me….

Jaein stands up and says that no one snuch anything out of the teachers lunge, a teacher is the one that did it! 

Someone starts to record it.

JI – There is someone that saw the answer sheet already marked.

Flashback to Sohyun finding her yellow case and then seeing the marker sheet.

JI – The card with answers was hidden in your drawer, there were 5 of them! I forgot to tell you their names already.

She starts listing all the names.

Math – What the F are you talking about!

JI – This is the thing that you were trying to hide. All the kids that answered the wrong questions and you are the criminal. 

Math – I do not know what you are talking about.

Boy – I told you I can’t, but my mom…

Math – Shut up! …. Hey, I told you to catch the crimina, now you blame a taecher. Who broke into my room!

Daebong and Jaein show up.

DB – I broke into the teachers room and saw everything when I stole the Hot Lady magazine!

he is all bruised, lol.

This makes big news online. The math teacher snuck out the answers and the school is the worst school ever. The principal sees it and is pretty angry. The video that someone recorded is online, it is a big news story.

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Jaein drags Lee Ahn to the roof and asks him how he knew that Sohyun did it? You knew her secret and that she went to the teachers room.

he says that someone told him…..Daebong! He is stalking Sohyun so he knew that she broke into the room and she hid it from me.

JI – So how much do you know about me?

Ahn – I know nothing

JI – 3145, how do you know?

He remembers.

JI – You told me that number that day.

Ahn – I dont’ even know the number. How do you think I know? We just met. The important thing for us is not that number.

Flashback to Ahn asking her to shake hands for 3 seconds.

JI – Right now? Right here? All of a sudden?

She hesitates, but she starts to shake his hand. However, someone calls her so she stops and hears a story about the footage of the criminal. It is that boy that is a famous guy in that department so we will catch him soon.

She asks if they called him also.

We hear Ahn telling someone on the phone that he is not that guy.

They both hang up. He tells her that he is not that guy, did you hear that? She says, what about that phone conversation where you saw underwear size or something and want to see more later? What was that? 

Ahn – You said, for some people they have secrets that are more important than their own life. I have that as well.

Ji – Who are you? You look stupid, but sometimes….you are so pervert but…..

Ahn – If this is your apology then I accept it.

JI – Okay, I apologize for making you a pervert and – thank you for keeping the secret of Sohyun.

She holds out her hands.

JI – Hahaha, wow, our new student says sorry and apologizes but no one is around, no one is around to hear it.

She tells him that her arm is out.

He is about to handshake, but he doesn’t. He says that he is not a pervert anymore so lets take this as that we already had a handshake. 

he walks off.

Later on that night, Jaein goes home and sits while her aunt talk about how handsome Kang is on the news. Jaein tells her that Kang is the one that supported them for many years. We live next door, so say hi when you see him. Her aunt is amazed, he lives next door!?

Jaein goes outside to look next door, but then she sees Lee Ahn and hides. What, he lives there?

She overhears Kang and Lee Ahn’s conversation about the issue at school and how Lee Ahn solved it. Kang says that the school called him about it.

Ahn tells him that he should trust him, this is the only thing I can do for you. Kang says that he knows that he wants to use his ability to help him, but I think you psychometry is a bit dangerous. Jaein wonders, psychometry?

Kang – your ability can see who has the knife, but you don’t know the details about why they have the knife. So don’t be too arrogant about your ability that can only see a few pieces among thousands.

Kang awlks off. Lee Ahn sighs and then kicks a vase. Jaein yelps so he asks who is there!

She reluctantly stands up. he asks why she is hiding there? She says that she lives here, I didn’t want to hear it but I couldn’t help it. He tells her not to think to hard about it, it is all BS.

She asks if he can really do psychometry? Is that how you found it all out?

She thinks back to the night they broke in together.

She thinks this is all psychometry? You wanted to shake my hands because of psychometry? 

He asks her if she thinks he is a monster? You don’t have to look at me like that. If I don’t touch you, that’s it.

JI – So, if we touch then you see everything?

Ahn – You said that there are secrets that you want to keep with your life. I don’t have to see what you want to hide. You should also take my secret like you didn’t hear it.

JI – no no, if you can really do it and you figured out my fathers Jail ID number, then you are not a monster. I can do anything like handshake or whatever, but I want you to do something. Don’t go anywhere, I will go to you.

She smiles brightly at him, he looks very uncomfortable.

Fade Out

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I love how this mystery was hard to solve! yet it was a simple solution as to why the person broke into the room. There were great clues throughout to lead us to that and both main characters actually solved it on their own using their own special gifts of deduction or psychometry. This bodes well for more mysteries to come y’all.

From the preview, it looks like we might have another time jump? So maybe this is not a high school drama after all. We will find out next week.


He is Psychometric Episode 3 trailer (above) and English translation (below)

Ahn – This one?

JI – Is the police woman your girlfriend?

Man – Who are you?

JS – the student called Yoon Jae in, 

SM – where is she now

JS – I dont’ knoe why there is a dog chain

SM – He is challenging us

Caption – Daughter of the murderer, Yoon Jaein

JI – It is so difficult

SM – Do you think your father is the murderer?

JI – You said you will help me

Ahn – Go away!

JI – It really helped me. Your ability, grow it well. When I am competent, I will find out.

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