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He is Psychometric: Episode 16 Live Recap FINAL

Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

Y’all, recently, I feel like my favorite TV shows are not giving me the emotional payoff I feel like I deserve. They are building to these huge thematic moments, but then the climax is actually anti-climactic, which keeps me from releasing all that built up emotional energy and expectation that was waiting for a RELEASE, so I feel kind of — bloated in a way, constipated even? Because I still have all these feelings to get out, that are stuck, and yet I’m still being fed all these other emotions from this anti-climax, so I just want to take a minute to try and figure things out when really I should get the drama equivalent of a laxative or something and move on. *sigh*

Hopefully, this ending doesn’t pull us too deeply into the pit of despair. I have a smidgeon of hope.

Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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We start with the women in the HOA talking badly about the guard. They say he is basically their dog and he should do what they say then they laugh about it. But there is a ding on the door so the main woman comes in and asks what this ajusshi needs. Sungmo tells them that he is really sorry and then stabby stabs them all.

Ahn feels all of this as if it is happening to him which appears to be a new form of his power. 

Sungmo finishes killing all the women and falls on his bottom as he looks at them all and takes several frantic breaths. Then he pulls them all into a line, arranges the plates, and puts the lighter in the microwave. he sets the timer and heads out quickly, yet casually.

He also takes off the jacket he was wearing and drops it on the floor as he walks away.

Ahn dies.

Jaein walk up on him and is startled to see him on the floor. She thinks he is only passed out at first, but then realizes that he does not have a pulse so she calls for emergency, there is someone without a pulse and is not breathing. She then starts CPR.

Long CPR scene.

Finally Ahn coughs himself alive and turns to the side as he gasps for breath after breath. Jaein falls to the wall on their side and takes a few breaths herself. Ahn then tells her that hyung did it all.

He thinks they have to find him, the police are looking for him. She wants Ahn to take it easy, you could die again if you use your ability. But Ahn says he knows where he is and starts to head out. But this kid can barely stand let alone run so he is tripping all over everything as he runs off.

Jaein starts to run after them and Nam follows. He runs up the stairs belaboredly. Nam goes to the rooftop and Jaein goes to the stairs as they look for where Ahn went. 

Jaein finds a door open and goes inside. Sungmo is inside one of the rooms looking out the window. Ahn is looking at him. Sungmo turns around to face him.

SM – I was too late. I should have come here and asked for help. But it was too late.

Ahn – Why did you do that? Did you want to make it that Kang Geuntaek did it? that he killed them and set the fire

AM – As soon as I saw the dead body he brought, I knew his plan

Flashback to him seeing the knife, the lighter, his mothers ID, a burnt woman.

SM – And I thought, what should I do to get out of this hell before he finds my mom. I thought, if I put him in jail then everything would end. More people died so I thought the police would look into this case. I knew it was the wrong choice, but I couldn’t stop. Kang Geuntaek made the plan and brought the body, but I was the one that executed it. Even though i want to deny it, I am the son of a monster.

Ahn is teary eyed.

Ahn – So, why didn’t you run away, why did you stay on the 7th floor. Why were you there and rescued me?

Flashback to those events.

SM – I was afraid. I was afraid of what I did. Ironically, when I decided to be a monster, I learned what fear was and guilt. I couldn’t move.

Ahn – You have emotions at that moment? Is that why you saved me?

SM – Yes.

Jaein sees another room, 1507. Then she remembers that SM said he went to 1501 to find the policeman that offered to help him, but no one was there. She alerts everyone and walks to 1501 and goes inside.

JI – Don’t move!

SM – I am sorry, Ahn. I am sorry, Inspector Yoon.

Nam and everyone else come inside. Jaein says all the police things. Sungmo puts his hands out to be arrested. She hand cuffs him easily. Nam tells the others to take him away.

Sungmo walks out with them, he walks right past Ahn who can’t look at him. Ahn starts to cry once again.

The polcie then go to the church to see Sungmo’s mother. They fill her in on how they have Kang Geuntaek and are operating on him. They also have an officer stay with her.



In the hospital, we find out that kang Geuntaeks arm has to be amputated.

In the interrogation room, Sungmo accepts all that he did to Kang Geuntaek. He also accepts the fire in the apartment and trying to blame it all on him. He says his one priority was to save his mother. He did not want to leave his mother alone to take care of Kang Geuntaek. He did not kill him, he just wanted him to die slowly with pain.

Jaein is watching and leaves.

In the polcie room, the cops that were supposed to be following SUngmo  talk about Sungmo turning himself in. They ask if Sungmo confessed everything? Jaein says yes.

Ahn goes home and looks around his home. He relives all the happy moments he had with Sungmo and Jisoo there. He hangs his head.

Jaein looks at all the evidence on her desk. She takes out a cell phone and opens it to the phone call list. The music kicks in which makes it seem like this story is not over yet.

Sungmo recorded all the conversations he had with the prosecutor about wanting to negotiate with him. Jaeinn plays it for Nam.

Chief – What do you want? I heard you were under investigation for Kang Geuntaek kidnapping case. Do you want me to give you a break when something happens?

SM – that accounting book has everything about YSS and their corruption with people in power.

CHief – Give me the book, even if you killed someone, I will take care of it. Where is the book?

SM – The accounting book is a small stone under a stone tower. 

Chief – What are you taling about?

SM – We have to lay the rocks one by one, but I don’t have enough time

Chief – I want to see you now, where are you at?

SM – Just follow the law and wait for the tower to be completed. Be nervous holding on to your power which will collapse at any time, that is what I want.

Jaein goes to talk to Sungmo about it. Nam watches.

JI – So your head boss said he would even cover the murder allegations, but you confessed? So, where is the book?

SM – I thought about this for a long time, whom to give it to. Please tell Ahn.  That I am sorry to ruin your past, current, and future.

Ahn is at home, he gets the call from jaein.

Ahn – yes Jaein

JI – I asked prosecutor Ahn where the accounting book is, but he will not say, maybe due to leaks. He just said he wants me to tell you that he is sorry to ruin your past, current, and future.

Ahn – That means the book is over there?

JI – Do you know anything?

he hurries to the painting of the three human faces and three animal faces

Flashback to the two of them going to a museum, Sungmo told him pick out any painting he liked. Ahn likes the painting with all the heads on them.

Ahn – I like this one. Is it like wolf, lion, and a dog? How do you like it?

SM – I like it, the lion is current, the dog is future, and you learn from the past. ou should behave carefully now not to ruin the future, that is what it means.

VO – He said he is sorry to you that he ruined the past current and future, that is what he wants to tell you

Flashback to Sungmo putting the book behind the painting.

Ahn sees this as well when he takes the painting off the back. He opens the back of the painting and sees the accountant book. He flips through it.

The mother is actually there in her room and comes out. She holds Sungmo’s hand.

Mom – (Sungmo, Umma has a wish to you).

Flashback to her wish.

Mom – Don’t run away anymore, don’t hurt the people you hurt with your wrong decision. In case you want to kill him and yourself, don’t do it. If you do it then you won’t be forgiven from anyone. Including me and the kids.

Ahn – Dont tell me to understand hyung. that is too cruel to ask of me.

She takes her hand back. Ahn walks away.

In the police station, Jaein, Nam, and Ahn look at all these people who are corrupt. Nam thinks this thing is too big. It is not like we hit rock with an egg it is like we hit a rock with dust.

Ji – You knew from the beginning that someone else did the fire and killed poeple, but this became a big case because of the fire corruption scandal.

Nam – I know, but all those powerful people that were bribed are all in super power now. We can’t move this case to the prosecutors or it will all be wasted. 

Ji – As Kang said, we need power and time.

Ahn – Time doesn’t change anything because they keep inheriting power and we keep watching them. I dont want to do that, we have to see the end now.

They wonder abotu that for a moment.

Ji – Maybe Byung-ho’s power is good enough?

Nam goes to meet with Byung-ho (Jisoo’s appa). They talk about how he should be the bomb. The apartment case was not only his corruption, a lot of people are involved, everyone in that book. Byung-ho thinks for a tiny moment and then says that they need to do it. They need to gather the media together, that is the only way they can do it.

The  news starts to report on this as we see Byungo walking to a press conference. The news says that Byungho is about to give a statement on the apartment case. The chief super head prosecutor sweats in his seat.

In the press conference, Byungho apologizes to the family members who lost their family and then starts his conference. He says that he did not do his job and tried to cover up the case. he is very sorry about what he did. He also says that he received money. He will resign and take responsibility for everything. he promises to the people of Korea that he will cooperate in the investigation. The existence of the police is to protect the citizens. I did not fulfill my duty, but I hope people do not point their finger at all of the police.



Nam talks to Jaein after wards and says that they will have to see. jaein says that she is happy to be there. He gives her something and says that sungmo already confessed so they don’t have to wait long. You can prepare the appeal for your father. She thanks him. Nam says he actually didn’t do anything, they are the ones that did everything. But he also jockingly says that he did a good job.

Later we see Jaein driving with Ahn somewhere. Jaein asks where he slept. Ahn says he slept with Daebong yesterday in his big house. He didn’t see his father though because that house is so big. But as they drive, they hear the news about Nam Sang apartments and all the bribery and all the poeple involved.

We see the live news report of the reporters hounding everyone for statements on the case and how prosecutors should have less power and all that.

Jaein and Ahn get to the jail. She asks him if he wants to go inside? Ahn says that he will say hi to him formally later, maybe he does not want to be greated by his daughters boyfriend while in jail. So she goes inside alone and meets with her happy appa.

He tells her that she looks skinny, she tells him that he looks better. She says that her emo stops by often and says that Jaein is working hard. Jaein fills him in on everything and how the apartment people also have favorable testimonies for him. But it will take at least 3 months.

He says it is okay, appa will be fine. She tells them that she is sorry, it was only for a moment but sometimes I actually thought that you did it. He says that he is the one that is sorry for giving her a hard time and not being a good father.

Later on, we see Jaein walking with Ahn in a park. they talk about how they never really got a chance to go on a date. They joke about that and walk hand in hand. But she stops.

JI – I wanted to tell you this, from now on, don’t touch dead bodies! Or any murder case or tools! No, no, no!

Ahn – So what should I do?

JI – You have a lot, missing cases, voice fishing cases, you have a lot.

He tells her not to go to murder scenes either, it is dangerous. But she says that she has to go, she heard a rumor that she will be promoted soon. Don’t you remember, I am still a trainee. What would Eun say ~. But then they both stop talking

Ahn holds her hand tighter and keeps walking.

Ahn – I know you don’t talk about noona or hyung in front of me. You don’t have to do that.

JI – you don’t talk about it so I ~.

Ahn – your father said that if you hide a wound then it will go bad, so I am going to hide or ignore it.

JI – Soon, it will be the first trial for Kang Sungmo, are you going to go there?

Ahn doesn’t say anything.

Cut to the killer.

Killer – I am telling you again, I did not kill anyone, no one.

He is in the interrogation room denying it all. Jaein and Ahn are watching him.

The police talk about how the killer denies it all as soon as he woke up. They have to start with something that they can prove. jaein starts to think of what they can prove and starts to talk about how all their evidence is circumstantial. They only have certain cases they can pull from. 

Nam says they have Jisoo’s case and the nursing home case. If he does not accept anything then we have to put Kang Eunjoo (Sungmo’s mom)  in front of the court.

Ahn – That is what Kang Euntaek wants.

They think that he wants to see her for one last time, he is really not a human until the end. It would be too cruel to put her in front of the judges with that man that kept her in a basement for all those years. But it would be worse if he got out of jail after 10 years and started to pursue her again. So we have to put him away for good.

They talk to the mom about this. She says that she knows she has to do it, but can you give me some time? Ahn says he has to pack his things and asks Jaein to help him.

the candy is still there on his desk. Jaein asks Ahn if he knows that Kang’s mother never said Kang Geuntaeks name. So you know the reason?

Ahn thinks back to the mother asking the mans real name. He says that she thinks everything happened because of that name.

Flashback to the killer as a teanager or early tweens person who does not have a name. One of the men there says that he should make an ID first, this owner like hiring kids like you for that reason. You need to make a name.

The man yells to Kang Eunjoo and tells her that she knows CHinese characers, so give him a name.

She writes something in the dirt and says that his name can be Geuntaek, like the root. You were probably floating around all the time, so I want you to stay in one spot. He stays and says that he likes that name and asks her name. She says he name is Kang Eunjoo. He then thinks that he will be Kang Geuntaek. And the super psycho comes out at that point.

Ahn says that that memory is the one that she wants to remove the most in her life.

Later on, the product placement kicks in as Ahn vacuums the room with the hoover or something. Sungmo’s mother is sniffling in her room. She goes to Ahn and tells him that she will do it. But she touches him on accident and then pulls her hand away and apologizes. He says that he will do this much and leave.

Ahn – You promised to Hyung that you would never cry. But if you only stay in the house then what hyung did doesn’t mean anything. *he smiles a little* So, to me, I am leaving because I have too many memories of hyung here. It is not about you.

JI – We have a lot of things to carry, so we will come back again.

Ahn – Okay

They head out to carry it all. 

Later we see them walking out with only one suitcase. They hold hands and bravely walk away.



Cut to the chicken cafe. the teacher is super happy that his students have grown up well so he is buying all this for them. He also says that one more person will join. Sohyun comes in and takes a seat with them all. Daebong is happy. Jaein’s aunt is taking care of her daughter and told her to go hve fun. She sits next to Daebong and asks what they are up to.

Jaein asks what this mood is? Daebong tells them that something happened to them also while they were so busy. He will tell them later.

Ahn psychometries Sohyun from a tiny hand touch and sees the moment where she might have started getting interested in Daebong. 

Daebong pulls Ahn away and asks him if he saw it! Did he see it! Does she really like me!

Ahn jokes with him about it, maybe he will confess to him tonight. Daebong thinks he should be the one to confess and they both happily go back to the table and have a ruckus evening together.


We open with the killer saying that he did not kill anyone.

The judge asks if the witness is here. Sungmo’s mother is escorted in. The killers looks at her, she does not look at him. She is sworn in and sits. The prosecution starts.

They talk about the nursing home case and how she went there because he said he would kill three patients. She says yes and that she will tell them everything.

Cut to the sentencing of Kang Geuntaek. he really looks like he does not care and really just is happy to be around Sungmo’s mother. He is sentenced to die becuase he regrets nothing and all that jazz.

At home, Sungmo’s mother opens the blinds, light comes flooding in.

Ahn – When we face the inconvenient truth, it is painful. But by overcoming that, we move forward. It is the same to everyone. When the needle moves, then everything becomes the past. 

Ahn – For someone, getting over a painful past is welcoming the new future.

We see Sungmo reading a book in jail, possibly studying

Ahn – For someone, they stay in the past and destroy their future

We see the father looking at nothing in his jail cell

But now we come on Sungmo’s sentencing. Ahn and Jaein are both there. He gets sentenced for killing three people in the apartment case as well as setting the fire that killed a lot more people. 

We see his mother in the audience.

The judge says he also captured his own father to kill him. SO it is a big crime. But you also accpeted your crime and are remorsefull. You also have a painful past with your father jailing you and beating you and having to run away over and over again. You were also underage and had a mental problem with alexetimia. So the sentence is 13 years in jail. (Wow, so short)

Sugmo looks like of happy with this sentence.

Ahn stands and walks out.

Ahn – We try our best to heal the pain from the past. We still have the scar. When it becomes a memory that you cannot erase, then it takes too long to forget.

he turns around.

Ahn – What kind of memory will this be to me? This moment.

He turns back around and continues walking out.

Sungmo looks at the judge.




jaein is happily blowing bubbles in the park. Ahn is happily laying in her lap sleeping. They are on a picnic blanket. She asks him how long he will sleep, he says until he is fully charged.

He says he is talking about his cell phone, he will be here until it is fully charged. She picks it up, it is super PPT. She pulls out her phone and charges his phone with it.

he hops up and wonders if there is any other way that he can become a policeman with his ability? She says that there are consultants, but they should be at least a Masters but usually a PhD. But a lot of policemen want to use you. Nam wanted to use you yesterday, but I stopped him because you have to study.

What case was it?

Cut to the police officers dressing like homeless people. Ahn walks up on them. They say that there is a case for life insurance for homeless people, which is why they are dressing as homeless people and trying to get dirtier.

Ahn asksk them why they are obsessed with homeles people. Jaein says that Kang geuntaek has like this his entire life, but never said how he made money. I think this is the way. So they are doing this to find out how he survived on the street. There should be a big syndicate in this insurance thing.

They smell each other to make sure they smell bad enough and then fall asleep as they wait for someone to come talk to them from insurance programs.

Later on, they go home. Jaein’s father is at jaein’s house with her aunt. They wonder what is going on with this dirty Jaeinand nam. So they both start to clean them up.

Jaein’s father tells her that catching bad guys is good, but you need to be careful. She wonders if she should quit being a policeman since he is out. Nam says they can’t lose her, they will lose their entire team.

Aunt tells them to takea  shower and change. Jaein wonders why Nam’s clothing is at their house. She says it is her fathers clothing. The father says those aren’t his clothes, sister-in-law. Nam tells her that there are no completel crimes, we should~. She covers his mouth and tells him to shut up and take a shower, then she pulls him away.

Cut to Ahn wondering why Daebong is not picking up his phone. then we see Ahn talking to one of the cops that helped him on the case. The cop tells him that he has to call him so they can work together, okay! But he doesn’ shake his hand, he does say he doens’ thave anything to hide and smiles then walks away.

Ahn goes to the tiny station to find Debong, Daebong is dancing with the kids as the dog. Ahn asks him about his business. DB says the gas station does not need him, but he has to be there, all the crying babies stop crying when I show up.

Ahn asks him to use his key, he has to go somewhere. then Sohyun happily runs up to them so Daebong happily leaves with Sohyun.

Ahn goes to the jail to see Sungmo. They talk behind the galss screens.

SM – I hear about you from mom, you are part of the investigation team.

Ahn – It is not formal yet. You expected this day would come, that is why you came back after leaving. And made me meet jaein and asked her to help in my ability.

SM – After that day, maybe I wanted to be human. I was a monster from the beginning. I always wondered how betrayed you would feel if I told you thta the person who saved you was the murderer. I did it but I felt like I was a monster because I stood in front of you after doing that thing. At the same time, I worried about you and missed you. When I came back to you, I didnt’ plan everything. Maybe when I saved your life, as soon as you had that ability, it started from that point.

JI – I hope someone tells us that that is enough. No hating, no blaming, no self blame. that is enough.

They both stop talking and look at each other.



Cut to Ahn taking the police exam. Later on, Jaein calls and reminds him that they are meeting today. How was the exam? 

Ahn says that he wants to forget about the exam, but Dr. Hong called him. She tells him that she told him not to touch dead bodies! 

She hurries to the mortuary to see Dr. Hong Soo-yeon with Ahn. Sooyeon says that she will not call him anymore, she just wanted to give him legal medicine books. Hong is taking a long vacation. She is tired. Work is not fun anymore. Maybe she will want to come back again after finishing her vacation. Train him so he won’t have any problem touching dead bodies anymore. Okay?

Then we cut to apartment hunting? It looks like Jaein is looking for her own place. No, actually Ahn is looking for his own place. She asks him if he has enough money to buy this place? He says he has enough to buy 2/3rds of it. She asks if he will take a loan for the rest? He says no, it would be your money. But I can take a loan.

She is all like, um, I was about to find a house with money from the government for my father. He tells her that she should move out from the police station. Maybe they should move in, I think your aunt will move out of y’alls place soon, she is just waiting for the right timing. Jaein wonders, with inspector Nam?

Ahn – Lets live together, Jaein. I feel lonely living alone. If my abilities make you uncomfortable. 

JI – Not at all! I like it! Wow, I have a house now!

they happily hop around and hug at the window as they look at the city scape.

Ahn – Do you know what the opposite thing of noradrenaline that stores bad memories into your brain?

JI – Um, I don’t know.

Ahn – Beta endorphins. When you smile more, it saves more happy memories.

JI – Ah, Lee Ahn, you know a lot now.

They keep looking out the window as the camera fades away.

But then we cut to them walking together.

Ahn – Maybe Dr. Hong is having a hard time due to her memories of Jisoo. I hope she does not have trouble for too long.

JI – I know that you also did not solve any cases and where just studying, I know that. It has been 416.67 days passed, just come back.

they look to the ground and see a flyer. It is for a lawsuit for a medical malpractice wrongful death case. Ahn picks up all of the flyers on the floor and Jaein helps. They move to give the flyers to the man handing them out. Ahn does psychometry on the man. He asks for them to please read it.

Ahn looks at him walking away.

JI – Can you understand medical jargon?

Ahn looks off [in the direction of the man handing out the flyer] and smiles

The End



WTH?!?! I think it is official that we all got Misty’d. This ending was so bad. How can it fail so miserably?  The build up was so nice and the reveal was so HORRIBLE and we all kind of guessed that this was the direction they were going in like 4 or 5 episodes ago. But we held on to hope and were electrocuted by the pains of character arcs gone wrong.

Ugh. The most annoying thing is that Jisoo’s death meant nothing. She did not want Sungmo to kill his father because that would make him a murderer, but guess what Jisoo, he was already a murderer so go on ahead and kill that fool.

I really wish that Sungmo felt so much regret that his father destroyed all the lives of his loved ones, that he wanted to distance himselves from them becasue he saw himself as the son of a monster which made him a  monster too. But that would solve two purposes because he could also carry the weight of everyones pain who was affected in the fire because he knew his father would not confess to it and he did not want his mother on the witness stand. She had been through enough already.

So I assumed he planted false memories that would show Ahn that he killed everyone, when in actuality he did not. So Ahn would have to really go deep into his psychometry and find out that the surface memories are false that Sungmo was giving him. It would pull together all that he had been learning this drama and would free Sungmo as the killer. Sungmo could even be happy that Ahn figured it out even though he wanted to go to jail or whatever in order to suffer as the son of the monster who did all those things. But his mother could come forth in the end which would help her confront her past and move on to the future with a hopefulness that she stood up to the person that kept her in fear for so many years.

So dissapointed. As I said in the opening, all my favorite shows are disappointing me in the end. I have to think about it, but I think My Ajusshi was the only show that was great throughout? One were the entire show was good and the ending was amazingly satisfying. I loved Crown Clown, but that ending did not put a flag up in triumph. It was more like a sinking ship that kind of stayed afloat to maybe give us a resemblance of happiness in the end, though we dont’ really know how they floated to shore.

So yeah, this show is not a recommend which is such a shame because I LOVED everything until I got that one tiny hint that we might get Misty’d and then we got Misty’d.

I need another show to sink into. The good news is that Her Private Life is delivering. Onward!

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    April 30, 2019 / 11:02 am

    OMG !!! The ending was horrible . they did not give a proper ending . i mean Jisoo’s death meant nothing .they did not properly tie the loose ends. ahh so disappointed . i had high hopes that it would have a happy ending . they did not show jaein father released , jisoo father aftermath,seong mo’s mother one year update . i wish everyone kind of waved back to the camera with all smiles . thanks for the update V . yup having my hopes on her private life.i am not too sad that the drama ended because i guess i lost the connection after Jisoo’s death.

    • V
      April 30, 2019 / 11:25 am

      Yes, Jisoo’s death was a big moment where I was king of alerted to the possible bad ending. The thing is – she died to not make Sungmo a killer but guess what, he was already a Killer, Jisoo….so…awkward.

    • Anonymous
      April 30, 2019 / 11:32 pm

      I liked your story better! Where the dad killed the women instead and SM planted fake memories or at least maybe because he thought it as his fault and they all live happily after with SM, Ahn and JH. So sad

      • V
        May 2, 2019 / 11:12 am


  2. EA
    April 30, 2019 / 2:11 pm

    I’m mad at this. Since they were going down this road, could the time-jump have been 13 years instead of 5 then? I would have loved to see SeungMo living his life as a new man.

    • V
      May 1, 2019 / 9:01 am

      Oh, this would have been nice.

  3. Han Jae
    April 30, 2019 / 6:51 pm

    Yeah all the hope is gone in this ending and regret watching. At first 2 episode this was literally my thought: 1. that Kang Sungmo is the culprit in the fire case.
    2. he is connived with Byungho.
    3. his father chased his mom and the reason why he do the apartment case.
    4. he will use Ahn and Jaein as his tool in resolving his own dark past.

    But after watching the show upto episode 13, this thought became a doubt to me. Sungmo always tell Ahn to trust him so I reconsider him being the innocent one that needed help and Jisoo’s death added up as spice. And after the regretful watching of the final episode, I can’t understand how this wonderful masterpiece turn into a crap. I can’t bear how they put JS and SM aside to prio Ahn and Jaein romance. How they treat JS and SM having to suffer alot. All his life he lived in the dark, always worrying that something might happen in her mother or his loved one. While she’s waiting for him to be noticed even in her death. Like how can these writers are so cruel to not give the guys a happy ending. Seeing Sungmo suffer alot and adding the final episode more where he lost the kid’s trust, lost his love’s life and his innocence is so heartbreaking and unjustifiable. To satisfy the fans, they make the most charming character to be the antagonist and the monster the people don’t want him to be. Non sense killing her because of saving Sungmo for nothing. She did die for him for him not become a monster but he is already a monster 13 years past like come on! You could have at least make her alive so she can wait for more 13 years and give them a happy ending at least. So that at least we will know that this lovely couple might have their time of their life after Sm’s release from jail. It sucks it hurts inside.

  4. Han Jae
    April 30, 2019 / 6:52 pm

    Yeah all the hope is gone in this ending and regret watching. At first 2 episode this was literally my thought: 1. that Kang Sungmo is the culprit in the fire case.
    2. he is connived with Byungho.
    3. his father chased his mom and the reason why he do the apartment case.
    4. he will use Ahn and Jaein as his tool in resolving his own dark past.
    But after watching the show upto episode 13, this thought became a doubt to me. Sungmo always tell Ahn to trust him so I reconsider him being the innocent one that needed help and Jisoo’s death added up as spice. And after the regretful watching of the final episode, I can’t understand how this wonderful masterpiece turn into a crap. I can’t bear how they put JS and SM aside to prio Ahn and Jaein romance. How they treat JS and SM having to suffer alot. All his life he lived in the dark, always worrying that something might happen in her mother or his loved one. While she’s waiting for him to be noticed even in her death. Like how can these writers are so cruel to not give the guys a happy ending. Seeing Sungmo suffer alot and adding the final episode more where he lost the kid’s trust, lost his love’s life and his innocence is so heartbreaking and unjustifiable. To satisfy the fans, they make the most charming character to be the antagonist and the monster the people don’t want him to be. Non sense killing her because of saving Sungmo for nothing. She did die for him for him not become a monster but he is already a monster 13 years past like come on! You could have at least make her alive so she can wait for more 13 years and give them a happy ending at least. So that at least we will know that this lovely couple might have their time of their life after Sm’s release from jail. Its disappointing it hurts inside.

  5. D Queen
    April 30, 2019 / 11:36 pm

    I wanted SM to be innocent -this was just so sad. I really liked your story better! He could have some resolution and live happily with Ahn.

  6. Peachietime
    May 1, 2019 / 2:36 am

    I agree there are better endings that can fully utilize all the potentials of this plot but in some weird ways I really like this ending. It felt, really hopeless and full of regrets and things didn’t work out and wasted but that’s also part of life and moving on because reality is not and will never be perfect.

    Of course there are still loose ends it didn’t tie up so this is not even close to being a “completed” ending but I am just a sucker for endings like this. The imperfect happy ending that it’s part of life and moving on even there are so many regrets.

  7. Rose
    May 1, 2019 / 8:38 am

    I just watched the sub episode, and i realized ita not that so bad. I know this os not goin to be a popular opinion since a lot of you guys dont like how it ended. So here are my thoughts:

    1. At first i thought hat Jisoos death meant nothing but after watching this eps and a lot of contemplating, Jisoos death was the key for somewhat making Prosecutor Kang question his plans. Remember, Jisoos main objective when they were in the bridge talking was she wanted Kang to open-up to her so she can help him. Before she died she wanted Kang to comeback (maybe to his senses) and do the right thing. Thats why i think Jisoos death was the main turning point of Kangs prospective, and for that i dont think her death was useless afterall. I know that a lot of fans wanted to ship them and this show made us believe that its goin on that direction, but do you guys think that if Jisoo didnt die Kang will come to a realization that the way he handled the situation with his father and mom was wrong all along? Her death somehow was a wake-up call for Kang.

    -when Kangs mom testified in court…where are the masks i see all-over kdrama when you need one? I think thats one of the flaws i saw in this drama. I mean, Ahn was right, the reason why Kangs dad keeps on pleading not guilty so that Kangs mom will testify so that he can see her face. Can they just cover her face while she was testifying in court? I mean they just gave Kangs father the satisfaction he needed. We already know that he was deranged and mentally ill and a monster, she could have testified without her being present there. That part in this drama i dont like. I know they just want to show that mom needs to face her fear once and for all by testifying, but after what shes been through, its really tough mentally and emotionally. They should have considered her situation first.

    -i think the apartment hunting wasnt necessary to show on this episode. I guess they need to show something on hows Ahn and Jieans relationship were developing and that was their way of showing it.

    -the decission of the judge for Kangs case, im conflicted with that. Kang should have been sentenced for life, but the judge was also right with the considerations like he was a minor when the crime happened, he has this mental disorder, plus the fact he was abused and imprisoned by his father for 9 yrs. Watching Ahns face hearing the decission, i like how it was not happy but not bitter at the same time. Most probably it sucks for him how Kang only got 13yrs since his parents died because of that fire, but at the same time, even though not blood related, he was still his brother who took care of him and in his own way, loved Ahn like a real brother.

    -the scene in the chicken resto, they could have skipped that one too. I mean the story will survive without that scene. But i guess they need some happy moments and some screening time with Ahns bff and Jaeins bff (and maybe the teacher too 😆)

    -there is a comment here thats i think i have an answer. The comments was:

    “they did not show jaein father released , jisoo father aftermath,seong mo’s mother one year update”

    I think its already obvious thay Jaeins dad will be released so they dont need to show it how he got released. We already know thay Jisoos father will go to prison since he already confessed to his crimes and they show he was handcuffed. On Kangs mom update, i think they should have showed a little bit more of that since, if you ask me, she was the most traumatized of them all.

    -i read some comment (not from here) that the ending seems like its hinting for season 2. In my opinion, i dont think so. I think they were just showing that Ahns ability is still there and he can still continue helping people with his ability and life goes on, thats it. 🙂

    Thanks for the recap V. Again, sorry for this loooong comment. I missed writting my comments here, having a hard time browing the site for quite a while because of the pop-ups, but for some reason today its much smoother. 🙂

      May 1, 2019 / 11:33 am

      but i did really root for jaein and her father reuniting scene and also expected jisoo’s father current scenario,
      and they should have slightly shown the side characters(jaein aunt and Nam, ahn friend and his crush …)
      and completed with jisoo suddenly popping up and confessing to everyone that she acted like she died is because she wanted seong mo to get him on the right track and so on.. with hinting the potential romance between her and fully changed seong mo..
      since this is a fictional show reality don’t matter as long as the viewers are happy . they could have ended the serious drama with a slightly light note .

    • V
      May 1, 2019 / 2:34 pm

      I always love your comments, Rose! They are so thoughtful! And yes with the mask. Or, couldn’t she have just testified in front of the judge? They do that in America, not too sure if they do that in other countries.

      They showed Jaein’s Dad having a meal with her and the Aunt in the apartment, so I think that was fine. It was in the One Year Later part.

      The ending felt a bit like an origin story ending but I don’t think it will have a season 2. These stars have other dramas to film!

  8. Adele
    May 1, 2019 / 3:48 pm

    I am so confused??? I thought that Jae In’s dad passed away already??

    • Rose
      May 2, 2019 / 9:52 am

      Nope, he tried to hang himself but was saved. The last time we saw him (i think) was hes in the hospital getting treated because he almost killed himself.

    • V
      May 2, 2019 / 11:15 am

      He was still alive. He tried to kill herself in the jail one day, but he survived. Then he wasn’t really mentioned for like 3 weeks.

  9. Rhyn
    May 8, 2019 / 9:02 am

    SO agree! How disappointing! I loved the cast but the ending—WHY if the prosecutor lit the fire did he spend so much time investigating it? The story made no sense at all! Jisoo died for nothing, yes—-very frustrating!!! What a waste of an excellent cast!!

  10. Darshita
    May 14, 2019 / 11:24 am

    Contrary to what others are commenting about the ending, I LOVED how imperfect and real it was. The writers didn’t change things up to satisfy the fans. They stuck to their story and plot. The show wouldn’t have been as good as it is now if they had given in to the fans.

    Also, Jisoo’s death actually played a huge part for Sungmo! It was kind of like a wake up call to him, to come back to his senses and accept his fate. I also liked the fact that the characters developed with each episode, especially how our cutie Lee An matured!

  11. lynn
    December 9, 2020 / 6:36 pm

    The writer had the perfect opportunity to complete the ended the way you imagined. You will remember when Jae In found out about Lee An’s skill, it was through a conversation the brother’s had. Soeung Mo told him that he wasn’t ready yet. Lee An would be ready when he could see more than just he pieces. Soeung Mo told him that right then Lee An couldnt tell if what he saw was the killer or if someone holding the knife was hiding the killer. That line was the perfect set up for the ending. But it was wasted!!!!

    • V
      December 9, 2020 / 6:48 pm

      Lynn, I love this! That is so true, it could have been the perfect set up! Arghhh, so much wasted opportunity with that ending!

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