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He is Psychometric: Episode 15 Live Recap

He is Psychometric episode 15 recap
Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

The story of Sungmo is the story of this show. I love how we were introduced to him as almost a background character in the first few episodes yet now his background has basically taken over this drama. I completely forgot about Jaein’s struggle with proving her father’s innocence and Lee Ahn’s struggle with his ability, because I was just so pulled into Sungmo’s story. And boy did that reveal deliver.

Normally, I run for shows like this, I definitely never watched the movie Room for that reason, yet now I actually want to peek at it because this show has gotten me so intrigued. Actually, this drama has pulled me into so many things I would have normally avoided, which I am not sure if I should thank them for or not, but I love it!

Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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Sungmo leaves the interrogation room, Ahn asks him what he plans on doing? And what about your mother? Was everything you did all lies?

SM – My mother disappeared after the nursing home case. I am going to see her and asks her why she disappeared.

Ahn – Your father said that you did the apartment fire, that is why. Did you really do it?

SM – If I say I didn’t, will you believe me?

Ahn – I can’t believe anything!

SM – If needed, I will come back for the investigation

Ahn – Hyung!

He grabs his arm as he is walking away and we see the killer slowly dying in his prison room. He says that he does not want to die like this, even though he deserves it. Sungmo told him that the only person who can save him is watching this right now.

Sungmo turns around and looks at Ahn, Ahn looks up at Sungmo and then removes his hand.

SM – Lets go home and talk about it.

Ahn – Go home?

He walks away. Everyone is looking at Ahn, Ahn is looking at Sungmo walking away and grips his fist tighter.

Sungmo’s mother is in her jail cell holding her ring that Sungmo gave to her. He walks up to her bars to see him. She runs to him but they don’t hug, maybe due to the bars.

Mom – Sungmo

SM – Let’s go home, mother

He takes her with him and everyone watches as they leave together. 

Jaein says something to Nam, he says he knows and asks the other police to follow him.

Outside, Sungmo’s mother talks to him alone near the river. She asks if he did something to him? Did you know that the insurance man killed those other women? They are dead because of me.

Sungmo says that he tried to threaten him due to his weakness, it is not because of you at all. 

Mom – You said you would catch him, that is why you became a prosecutor

SM – I became a prosecutor to protect you and me, not to catch him. Then I thought he would not show up if I was a prosecutor. After I realized that no one would help us after we escaped the basement, every day I wanted to kill him.

Mom – Did you really kill him?

SM – All those bad things that happened in the past, we can forget about it or overcome it. We ran away. But I am always in the same place. i don’t think I can cure my wound with just running away.

Mom – Sungmo

SM – An important person to me died, she was the only one that stuck to me, even though I pushed her away. Then, finally, she died. The people that made me learn the things I learned from books you read to me. I couldn’t do anything to protect them, even though they were in danger because of me. From my wrong choice, they became unfortunate. I told everything to the police. He knew that you were alive and kim gabyong was protecting you so you dont’ have to hide anything from the police.

Scne change to Jaein and the team thinking about the situation.

JI – There is no evidence that Kang Sungmo kidnapped Kang Geun Taek. That is why Kang Sungmo showed up and turned himself in, in front of us. Do you think that he really finished it?

Ahn – I saw hyung holding Kang Gaeuntaek. He is doing the same thing to him.

Nam – You saw him kidnapping him but not killing him.

Ahn – His condition did not look that good….wait a minute.

They call Dr. Hong Soo-yeon

SY – So you think he is still alive?

Ahn – If he is alive, how long can he survive?

SY – Five days passed since the hospital, if he did not treat his gunshot wound then he might have complications and is in a dangerous spot.

They hang up and think.



Nam – Without evidence, we cannot interrogate Sungmo

Ji – The important thing now is that we know Kang Geuntaek did the nursing home case. But we know nothing about the apartment case of the women’s murder case. 

Ahn -If hyung kills Kang Geuntaek, then we will never know the truth about the apartments. How can he behave like that! As if nothing happened in front of me and you!

JI – Well, you didn’t see anything from him before, but at least you saw Kang Geuntaek today, so we can try.

Ahn – Lets go see hyung.

They all leave.

Meanwhile, Sungmo gets home with his mother.

SM – We just moved in. It is the place for you to stay mom. 

He walks around.

SM – This is my house.

Walks around a bit more.

SM – We should clean up first.

Mom – You still live with that kid right?

SM – Yes.

Mom – It seems like he worries about you a lot

SM – I know. He is the one that kept me sane. And officer Yoon Jaein is the daughter of Yoon Teha, the security guard.

Mom – What!?

The door beeps. Ahn comes in with Jaein.

SM – Hey, Lee Ahn, you should clean my room, whoever made the mess should clean it.

SM – I don’t want to avoid it anymore, if I did , then I wouldn’t’ have come back at all. Let’s go outside and talk. Officer Yoon, please take care of my mom.

Ahn – Where did you capture Kang Geuntak?

SM – Gang Geuntaek is alive then mom and I will live in hell.

Ahn – Just tell me where he is.

SM – I can’t tell you

Ahn – Hyung, you shouldn’t do this to me. If you hide the suspect for the apartment case, then Jaein and I will never know what happened that day. I know why you want to kill him, but you are not the only victim, we are also victims.

SM – Okay. I wanted to kill him by myself, shred him myself, if you experienced nine years of living in a basement and if you saw us being scared, even after coming out, then you would understand us better. 

Ahn – I understand, but this is not a good way.

SM – I know it is not good, but this is the only way.

Ahn – Tell me, please.

Ahn sees a flashback and does not see Kang Euntaek so he thinks that he is not dead yet, if he was dead then Sungmo would have emotions for it.

Upstairs, Sungmo’s mother kneels in front of Jaein to apologize. She says that she should have told the cops that her father did not do it, that he was not the criminal. But back then, I was too weak to think of someone elses life. I will testify it all now. I will not run away anymore.

Jaein tells her that she left the apartment before the fire happened, so you should not know the truth. That abandoned subway station, did your son tell you about it?

Flashback to Sungo’s mom calling him on a payphone. He takes the call in his office. it was when he busted the little kid abandoned station case. She asked him if this involved “him”. Sungmo says it ws the same, he had a scar on his neck and no identification number. The person leaves his office. So Sungmo tells his mother that he does not know where he is now, but using an abandoned train station is a good way to hide. Just wait a bit longer.

Mom – That is the last bit of information I knew about him.

VO – I saw that Kim Gabyong killed those women so I tried to kill myself. But I thought I should kill him and finish it. As a last choice I went to that abandoned train station to finish it. I am really sorry. Running away from the apartment does not solve anything. I am really sorry.

JI – I thought my father was a criminal once before. Even though I didn’t do it, I couldn’t sleep and I couldnt’ breath, even though Ididn’t do it. Back then, I read an article. The biggest punishment by God is time. The punishment of time that gives you hope and despair. While my father was in jail, you and your son should have suffered the punishment of time, that is why he supported me secretly.

Sungmo hears all of this from the door. 

Jaein helps his mother stand.

Ji – I am not forgiving you, but I will try to understand you a little bit.

She turns to leave and sees Sungmo at the door. He comes in

Ji – Where is Ahn?

SM – He left. I made him too angry.

JI – You made us find your mother at the abandoned train station right? You didn’t think Ahn would read about the other station.

SM – Yes, i wanted you to find my mother and end this without hurting anyone. That was my last conscience to you and Ahn, the victims of the apartment case.

JI – If you knew where he was, then you should have asked officer Eun for help, she worried about you the most.

SM – Kang Geuntaek left his finger print for only one case. The basement case. We have evidence and victims, but the time already passed. All the other murder cases, there is no evidence.

JI – But it is different now, we have the witness for the nursing home case. And we also have you as a witness.

SM – That punishment of time is only applicaple for people with emotions. For monsters like him, it does not mean anything



Meanwhile, Ahn is sitting in his friends car and thinking about how he saw something. he saw a lot of buildings. He might have an idea so he calls Daebong. Then we cut to him talking with Jaein in a cafe. They might be at the chicken cafe.

Daebong comes up and starts to talk to them about the locations that he thinks the buildings might refer to. But they are all random buildings that are not all in one place. Jaein thinks they need to find the commonality between them. Daebong knows everything about those areas, so ask me.

Ahn says they are all old past memories. He only sees good memories about himself from Hyung. Jaein tells them that they should go to those places, they are nearby. daebong tells him to call if they need anything.

They drive to the first place and start running to the direction they saw the first building. They find the direction that Ahn saw and take a photo. Jaein tells him that the buildings he saw were all from the north side. Ahn thinks back and says it was not this close, it was far away. 

He thinks some more and says he was looking down from somewhere. Maybe from the place he took that guy. They run off to find a higher vantage point.

Sungmo is at his place.

The cops with Nam wonder what Sungmo is doing. They find out that he turned on his phone in some locations. For instance, on the island where his mother was hiding. He turned it off in front of the hospital where Eun was. They think that he knew that Yoon was kidnapped by him and that Eun was murdered, so he has a lot of motive to kill him.

There was also another phone number that called several times a day after he quit, do you think it was Kang Geuntaek? Nam says no, because more phones were still made after he was adducted. He asks him for his phone and calls the number. it is the head of the prosecutors. nam tells him that he is inspector Nam. the head prosecutor asks why he is calling him. They say that they are following his phone and wanted to know why he called him.

The head prosecutor says that he worried about him and called him. Nam wonders why he called and not the other bosses in the prosecutor area. The head prosecutor gets angry. Nam hangs up and thinks something is going on with that.

the head prosecutor then calls Byung-ho (Jisoo’s father). But Jisoo’s father is done hearing abotu this and says that they are going to nvestigate everything alone. 

The chief is nervous. A woman asks what they should do. The chief prosecutor says that they need to finish up the apartment case case befoer the situation gets noisier, do you understand? The woman says okay.

At home, Sungmo is in the kitchen making a nice meal for his mother. The head prosecutor calls, he hangs up. Then we see the very nice layout of food he has for his mother.

SM – This is the first time we are eating the food that I cooked for you. Please eat.

Sungmo is happy, he puts the spoon in her hands for her. But his Umma does not eat and puts the spoon on the table.

Mom – Sungmo, I want to ask you something.

SM – I think know what you want to ask me.

Mom – You should follow what I say…okay

Flashback to him telling his mother that she will have to promise to follow what he will tell her.

Mom – You have to promise that you will do what I say.

SM – Lets make it so we listen to each others wish.

Cut to the cops, Seungyong and Nam are watching a sudden press conference with the head prosecutor team. They say that they will investigate the apartment and nursing home case to correct all the bad issues that the cops made. A reporter says that he heard that the apartment case is related to YSS company. But he gets to answer, the head prosecutor leaves.

Nam tells the sidekick cop that the apartment case is getting huge now that YSS is getting involved.

Elsewhere, Sohyun goes to see her father who works at a convenience store. he turned off the TV that was showing the apartment. Case. He is not that happy to see his daughter, she tells him that she has a question.



Cut to Ahn outside somewhere trying to draw what he saw. He definitely saw a church cross. jaein circles some locations and says that to see all those things at once, you need to be further away.

Meanwhile, Sohyun asks her father if the security guard really gave him his jacket? It was all smokey, do you really remember it right? He yells, why are you talking about this now! She tells him that he should be looking at the news, there is another suspect, not Jaein’s father!

The appa looks overwhelmed and sits. He thinks back. The security guard told him to use the stairs in a flashback. He actually picked up the jacket on the floor, the guard did not give it to him. Sohyun asks why he said he gave it to him! The father says that everyone in the apartment complex said he did it, he was not the only one! Now, we have different opinions.

Sohyun calls Jaein to tell her all of this. Jaein’s father was not on the seventh floor, he rescued people from the top floor. The biggest problem was that the sprinkler did not work. There is a rumor that the HOA president got dirty money from YSS. Jaein asks for their contact. Sohyun says that her father is looking for their information.

Jaein thanks her, Sohyun says it is no problem, she wants to help her.

Elsewhere, Sungmo and his mother drive somewhere. She tells him that the first time they went out after escaping was a beautiful day like this. he says he did not know why she cried all the time in the basement. She tells him that she comforted her and held her hand. Then he says that she will tell her a funny story.

SM – Do you know what the tenth line is in the Korean law?

Mom – Is this a nonsense question?

SM – Kind of

Mom – I have no idea, what is the answer?

SM – Korean law says that every citizen has dignity and value as a human and has the right to pursue happiness. The country confirms the law where the citizens have freedom. It is their duty to make sure that it happens. that is funny right?

Mom – yes, it is.

They keep driving off. It looks like the police are following them. They wonder where they are going, are they running away?

In the police station, a woman says that she lost some data about the dragon head hunters. They sent it to special investigations and had 5 books, but Kang only gave them 4. So the prosecutor team wants to find that 5th book. Maybe they already shredded the other ones. Kang has the last one, what is he going to do with it?

But then someone calls Nam right then. he hangs up and calls Jaein. They tell her that there is a dead body in the Han river, he thinks it is Kang Geuntaek, go see Dr. hong.

They run off.



The cops following Sungmo, go to a local courthouse, They think it is to recover his mothers identity. Then they see them walking out.

Mom – So it is all done?

SM – yes. I opened it with my name. So, when you have your ID, you can put it under your name. I have all the documents, so you should be okay.

Mom – *tearing up* Okay…so…we leave?

SM – You said you would not cry. If you cry then I won’t listen to your request.

Mom – Okay, I will never cry.

They hug.

SM – Don’t look around from now on. Just look ahead. Okay?

She looks at her son and he looks at her. he holds her hands and then lets go and walks back inside.

Cops – huh, what is happening? Why is the prosecutor going back inside?

One of them run after them. One of them asks the mother where her son is. She tells them that he said he has to finish his work. She then gets inside her car and cries. The other cop wonders why she is crying in her car. Then he calls the other cop and says that he must be running away, find him!

Ahn and Jaein get to the mortuary but are not let inside because the prosecutors found the body. Ahn starts to call for Sooyeon. She is actually in the hallway and says that he is not a police officer, he runs my errands, come in. But jaein has to stay outside.

She lets him in. The man is all rotted and decomposed. They find out that this is a fake body that prosecutors put forth. he is a homeless guy that might have died from a heart attack.

Ahn kind of feels the symptoms of a heart attack and says that this is a homeless man that had a heart attack. The woman outside is trying to make this body as Kang Geuntaek. Sooyeon looks annoyed and wonders if they think she is stupid?

They all sit around their desks and talk about how the prosecutors really want to finish up this case, all fr YSS? if they are successful with this then the truth about Yong Sang apartments will be buried.

Jaein has a good idea.

Cut to the prosecutor talking to Sooyeon, SOoyeon tells them that this is not Kang Geuntaek, the finger print does not match and she died from heart attack and not drowing. This gun shot happened after death, look at it, it is like leather.

But the prosecutor says that she should just sign the paperwork. Sooyeon dies not want to do it. She tells her that this is funny, she thought this kind of thing happened in movies, it is the first time happening to me. Do you do this kind of work often?

She tells her to sign, unless she wants to get fired. Sooyeon asks her if she is ashamed of herself? This case will finish so easily if we confirm that the dead woman is not the mother. Then the case would have gone a different way. You are the problem and we are the problem. The woman tells her to watch her mouth. 

Sooyeon says that she does this as a calling, if you break it then I dont’ have to be here. The woman says that she has a lot of people that can sign, she starts to leave.

Sooyeon was actually on the phone with Jaein the entire time and recorded it all. Sooyeon talks to her about it and says that this is what was going on, you have to find the real Kang geuntaek quickly. then she turns to the woman.

SY – Lets see who will get fired first.



The team say that they have irrefutable evidence now. Nam says that he trained his trainee well. Ahn asks if this is valid under the law? It is a secret recording. Jaein says that it does not matter if it is valid or not, if they know that we have this on hand then they will not be able to push this case with the wrong body.

But then Nam gets word that Sungmo ran away.

Cut to Sungmo looking at the river and talking to the head prosecutor about the 5th book. He tells him that he is not going to threaten him, he wants to negotiate with him. The head prosecutor asks him what he wants.

The cops know that Sungmo talked to the head prosecutor and turned off his phone again. They wonder if he is going to negotiate about killing Kang Geuntaek and give him the accounting book?

Jaein then thinks that “that” neighborhood is actually close to where Ahn saw those buildings. She might be talking about the neighborhood where Sungmo and his mother were held captive? Or maybe another neighborhood. Nam gives jaein a real gun and tells her that they are following two murder suspects. Dont do anything stupid and call us.

But as they are driving, Ahn holds his chest and has to stop. He says that his chest is so tight. She wonders if it is because he touched the heart attack guy?

Meanwhile, the killer-father is still in his room. he thinks back to Sungmo telling him that he will make sure that he feels pain. He starts laughing like the Joker and then falls out of his seat.

Outside, Ahn and Jaein are running to the top of various buildings to try and find the location where Sungmo is keeping the killer.

Morning comes, they are still looking. They might have come to the right building. Ahn calls jaein from the top and says it looks similar, he sees all those landmarks. Jaein says that this building has no empty spots, they have CCTV. She will go up there also and thinks they need to find outher higher buildings that might not have CCTV.

he starts to look around and then settles on a building in the near distance. Jaein comes running up and says she asked Nam to search all the tall buildings nearby. Ahn points to one of the buildings, it is Nam San apartments?

She remembers back int he first episode when she was stretching and saw the building. there was also the sign that said they were going to renovate the apartment and everone should move out until January 19th. So the apartment is empty.

Perhaps they are on the 10th floor, or maybe the 8th? 

Ahn – What if it is 702, where the murder happened?

Inside the apartment, Sungmo is looking outside, almost as if he is watching them (and us).



It is a cop swarm as everyone is headed to these apartments and headed for room 702. they all run up the stairs to get there. Ahn is still feeling bad, his heart still hurts. But he says he is okay, let’s go up.

They get to the floor and slowly start to walk cautiously to the room. The sidekick breaks in and they look around. Ahn is still having problems, but thinks back to Sungmo with the man in the room. He told him that the only person that can save him is watching him.

Ahn tells him that he is in the small room. So they go into the small room and see the killer on the floor. He is passed out. Jaein tells them that he is still alive. Ahn is about to pass out himself.

The cops take the killer out and mention that he is in critical condition, his skin is dying around the wound and he just looks near death in general. They think Sungmo is somewhere around there.

Ahn touches the door and sees that Sungmo came to the room for the HOA meeting and asked if he can attend instead of his mother. They let him in, he touches his shoe to tie it and he hears his father passing by rolling the luggage. We can see through the door as the father walks by, Sungmo looks at him while he is pretending to tie his shoe.

Flashback to what Sungmo was saying happened during the fire. He said he went to see Ahn’s father.

Ahn – Hyung did not come see my father, he was in 702 at that time.

Sungmo is still at the window looking at a church steeple. He is thinking about his mothers request. Her request was not to hide anything, tell me the truth of what happened. She does not want to run away from the past anymore.

Flashback to the father getting to the room. No one was there, so he pulls out his knife and starts to walk back out.

Sungmo leaves the HOA room and goes back to his apartment. He sees the luggage there with things inside. he also wonders what all this is and what his father might be about to do. He sees the finger sticking outside the luggage and opens it. The body is inside. he searches the body and finds a wallet with his mothers ID inside.

Sungmo stands in quiet alarm and looks like he might have snapped.

This might have driven Sungmo a bit crazy as he tries to figure it out. he is still calm though, but he looks different, like a switch was turned. He goes through everything around and talks it out to himself. The woman in the bag was burned to death …. his mother’s ID is inside …… there is a lighter there ….

Sungmo’s mother is crying in the church as she prays.

Inside the apartment complex, Ahn is still feeling uncomfortable, but he continues to walk around.

VO – I have to see it to the end.

He touches a desk and is pulled back to a memory.

The HOA woman opens the door, she asks ajusshi what is going on. But Sungmo’s voice might have responded????? He says he is really sorry and stabs her. 

Ahn feels the stab wound. The mystery person goes inside and starts stabbing everyone. It is definitely Sungmo! Oh no! He stabs them all and then sits and looks really shook by what he just did.

But he stands and gets them all and lays them all in a row on the ground, sets up the table nicely, and puts the lighter in the microwave.

Then he leaves and starts walking out. He drops the jacket on the floor (which is the jacket that Sohyun’s father picked up).

Ahn’s hand falls to the side, he looks dead.



Jaein finds him. He has no pulse. She thinks this is insane, what is going on? She quickly calls someone for help and starts to do CPR on Ahn.

Sungmo is still looking out the window and lets a few tears fall as he watches from his vantage point. We are still not sure where he is.

Jaein frantically gives Ahn CPR.

Fade Out



OMG! Y’ALL!!! Sungmo did do it!!!! I am so taken aback and yet I am not at all upset somehow? I definitely did not want him to be the killer, but after seeing all that he went through with his mother and how they constantly had to run away from this man, and how no one helped them and how this man is actually super duper crazy – I kind of understand why he would go through those extremes after going momentarily crazy at that moment.

I just don’t know how to feeeeeel. The build up has been so superb. But now we are here which makes me wonder what is going to happen next. Will Sungmo die? Will he accept what he did and pay the price for it with jail time? Did that actually happen way back when and we aren’t being tricked by Sungmo again?

I am just a mess of thoughts. Argh!!!!


English Translation for episode 16 is below

Ahn – You expected that this day would come.

Ahn – I would meet Jaein and ask her to develop my ability

JI – room 1501 I am arresting you for violating the law

JI – Inspector Nam, you knew it from the begining that this case was all about corruption with prosecutors.

Nam – We should put them all in jail

VO – If there is a problem, just sneak that person away.

JI – The only way is to put Kang Eunjoo in front of a courthouse

Bad guy – I did not kill anyone

Ahn – it means….[it’s] there….(it’s there or who’s there)

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  1. EA
    April 29, 2019 / 11:07 am

    Gosh, I’m shocked by that revelation. I had a strange feeling about SeongMo in the first two episodes, but then I grew to love him. I didn’t expect him to be the real arsonist. I don’t want him to die though, stay in prison for a couple of years and have some peace in his last years, in the end he does deserve a peace of mind and happiness. I just had so much faith in SeongMo.

    • V
      April 29, 2019 / 11:12 am

      I thought he was the killer at first too, but then I thought he wasn’t the killer and grew to love him, and now they pull the rug out from under us! Argh!

      The one saving grace is that he never would have done it if he didn’t have a killer after him and his mother in the first place and no one would help them.

      • EA
        April 29, 2019 / 11:24 am

        One thing I have to say is that he is definitely one of the most complex kdrama characters I’ve seen(if not the most complex). We could never read through him and one episode is hardly enough for them to complete his arc.

        • V
          April 29, 2019 / 11:57 am

          Right! he is the most complex Kdrama character I have ever come across. I thought Kim Moo-young from Hundred Million Stars From the Sky was complex, but Sungmo is way more complex than him. And the story is pretty much COHESIVE, much more than practically every Kdrama around this year.

          There are only tiny things that are not given much attention, like why Sungmo had the leg injury when he was a teenager. I think they mentioned that he was caught by his father again and escaped, but it was not given a lot of air time. However, knowing that, really makes me think that Sungmo just snapped as soon as he saw what his father was up to. Especially since he just escaped from his father again.

  2. alfalfa
    April 29, 2019 / 11:09 am

    The preview: https://twitter.com/CJnDrama/status/1122860970525675521

    Thank you so much for the recap! I gasped out loud at the reveal but somehow not suprised either. The drama has been building it up, we just didn’t have the full picture until now. I love it!

    • V
      April 29, 2019 / 11:13 am

      Thank you for the preview! We had to run, but I will definitely try and watch and we can try and post the translation as well if we get a chance!

      • V
        April 29, 2019 / 3:16 pm

        The preview translation is up!

  3. Christy
    April 29, 2019 / 6:14 pm

    So Ahn actually hears the woman say ahjussi? Why would an older woman call a teenager ahjussi?

    I just.. I’m having a rough time understanding SM’s motivations here. He says something to his mom about people around him being hurt bc of his choice, I’m taking he means bc he never admitted to what he did. Even if that is the case, I don’t understand if his main purpose is to be caught, why not just turn himself in? Why go through all this nonsense and put JI and Ahn through more pain? It just.. it’s weird.

    SM has come across a bit closed off and cold sometimes, but he does genuinely seem to care about the people around him, so putting them through this makes zero sense to me.

    • Karen
      April 29, 2019 / 10:32 pm

      I’m wondering if Seong Mo’s memory is inaccurate. So far, Li An has been reading memories, right? And they have seemed more or less accurate. But that’s not always the case, and I would love if this show explored that.
      On the other hand, it is still very possible that Seong Mo is the killer. I just am having a hard time accepting that!

      • V
        April 30, 2019 / 11:22 am

        I refuse to accept that. Even though I have seen the final episode.

    • Han Jae
      April 30, 2019 / 9:09 am

      He did use Ahn to help him deal with his father. revealing himself and admitting his crime might only get him in jail but his father still free and can harm him and his mom. He did it all to protect his mom. Using Ahn’s ability, he reveal his dark past alongside his father’s identity and now he is not worrying anymore for his mom and his trust on anyone else including the police returns.

    • V
      April 30, 2019 / 11:21 am

      Ahn’s psychometry “images and pieces” turned into full on flashbacks. I really wanted the writer to turn that on it’s head because we got used to Ahn’s abilities being that good, so I wanted the “flip” to be that Sungmo could plant false memories using false emotions in order to become the fall guy. Ahn and Jaein would have to figure out that he did that and is actually not the fall guy. But sigh, that was not the case.

  4. Peachietime
    April 30, 2019 / 3:09 am

    Lee Ahn is easiest one of the sadness main leads with the most traumatizing past AND current pain out there.

    Lots of male leads have sad past but you rarely see any male leads with this extreme sad and lonely past yet still treat everyone around him so kind, warm and nice since day 1. He was never a jerk to anybody.

    – His parents died when he was 8
    – He gains ability that made him “the monster” growing up
    – He was bullied growing up
    – He reads all the darkest secrets of human beings
    – Every time he reads someone he suffers physically
    – He has no other families
    – The brother who saved his life abandoned him for like a decade without a reason
    – The only family (sister) he has for the entire life who was there for him: dead
    – He sees exactly how she dies
    – He loves his hyung and his sole life purpose is to use his power to help him
    – He was stabbed almost to death
    – And this hyung turns out to be the one who killed his parents, made his sister died
    – His ability can literally kill him physically
    – So all 4 families he had, gone, and his power also made his entire life miserable

    Ah… he is only 21-22 years old ok?

  5. Han Jae
    April 30, 2019 / 5:02 am

    I think the first scene showed is the actual. The second one is the story being told and not the actual and its Ahn’s who have to do something to help his hyung. As I am sure that everytime Sungmo tells Ahn to trust him he is sincere and he don’t want Ahn to lose his trust as he is the only one who could help him. Also, the reaction of the lady seemed like its the first time she saw the killer. Instead of asking why he leave so sudden when they must be in the meeting she asked what’s the matter hyung? as if its the first time she met him. And the thing disturb me is who is Sungmo’s looking when he first enter the room 702, it looks like he’s with someone(he looked in his right).

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