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He is Psychometric: Episode 14 Live Recap

Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

Y’all, I did not think that anyone in the top four would meet a bitter end and definitely not Jisoo! She was the sweetest of them all. But now that it happened, I do see why. She is the only person that everyone cared about. So now, they all have to come together to correct all the police investigation problems that have plagued the team for the last many years and definitely since the Han Sol apartment case.

Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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The mother comes out of interogation room and Ahn holds her hand. He sees everything about her and the killer and how they are talking about Sungmo. The killer says that he did not do the Han Sol apartment case. If your son does not have emotions like me, then it is possible.

Ahn looks up and thinks that this is a lie, it shouldnt’ be. Kang Geuntaek is lying right? Tell me hyung didn’t do it!

She falls back and Ahn asks her if he told her about his ability also?

Cut to Sungmo waiting for his father in the abandoned hospital. He tells him that he told him he knows everywhere he can hide. The killer backs away slowly and starts walking up the hall, but his foot gets trapped in an animal trap. He does not scream or anything. he just turns around and looks at Sungmo.

Then we see someone get a syringe ready. It looks like it is Sungmo.

In the police station, the mother says that she told him everything! Ahn asks why Sungmo was there. The mother screams that she has not seen Sungmo! Ahn yells back at her, HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE THIRD FLOOR BASEMENT OF THE TRAIN STATION!

Jaein cuts in and tells Ahn to stop. Then Nam tells Jaein to take the mother away. The mother is very overwhelmed. Nam goes up to him that he has to take an ice shower if he wants to join their investigation. This is not the place to release your anger.

Jaein keeps walking the mother out.

JI – Memory sometimes lies to itself to benefit itself. Even though it is painful, if we don’t look at things straight then we will be led to make the same mistake again. Remember, telling the truth can save you and prosecutor Kang.

Ahn goes outside steaming. He tells himself that hyung should not have done it, Kang Geuntaek is lying to her.

But then he gets a call from the autopsy doctor, Hong Sooyeon. She gives him the choice to psychometry Jisoo. She tells him this one will be different than the others, it is his choice. She gives him her ID to use the autopsy room.



Meanwhile, Jaein sits at her desk and looks at all the evidence photos. Then she calls Lee Ahn. Ahn is standing in the autopsy room with Jisoo, but he is about as far away from her as he can get. he thinks back to all the memories he had with her and slowly starts to walk to the side of the table.

She has a sheet covering her, but her hand is out. He looks at her hand, his hand starts to quiver as he thinks about touching her or not. It seems like he can’t do it. But he takes a breath and lightly touches her hand.

He is immediately sent to the events that led to her death. he knows that Sungmo was by her side the entire time and how she told him he should go back with her, they found his mother.

Ahn is overcome with emotions and falls to his knees as he holds Jisoo’s hand tightly and wails and wails and wails.

Cut to Nam, Jaein, and Seungyong (Jisoo’s sidekick) talking in a room about the evidence they have.  The sidekick starts to list all the evidence they gathered and all the evidence which involves all the evidence that Sungmo took from the scene. They think he wants them to solve it, so Nam thinks they need to have a big meeting. Seungyong says he can plan a meeting and he also thinks he understands eveerything that is going on now.

Nam says that it is not enough, they have to know everything. Jaein asks if Ahn is joining? Nam says, if he throws his anger like that then no. I dont’ care if he can see memories. If you can calm him down then bring him. The sidekick wonders what they are talking about with memory and the like.

jaein goes outside and sees Ahn standing in front of the cute police cutout figure. She looks at him for a moment without going up to him. But finally he tells her about the evidence they found and how a lot of the evidence is evidence from other cases. jaein thinks that Sungmo is leading them to all the cases from the past. She also asks why he was so angry at Sungmo’s mother.

Ahn – When Kang Geuntaek met her at the nursing hospital, he talked about the apartment. He planned to instigate a fire, but he did not do it. Sungmo did it.

JI – It can’t be true, prosecutor Kang wouldnt’ do that.

Ahn – True or not, her mother heard it so she is lying for him.

JI – We have to find the evidence of her meating Kang while she was laundering her ID.

Ahn – We don’t need evidence, I saw everything.

JI – The memory you saw is not lawful. To use what you saw and to make her say it, we have to find hard evidence.

Ahn – Growing my ability does not help.

JI – That is why you were alone here.

Ahn – I went to the autopsy room. Noona was always warm, but she was so cold.

JI – I hope she left with good memories. Did she remember the murder scene?

Ahn – Kang geuntaek killed noona. Hyung disappeared even though noona told him to come back together. It gives me bad ideas.

Ji – lets forget about what he said, maybe he lied to take her.

Ahn – I want to believe it, but what I saw made me suspect hyung.

He turns away from Jaein. She writes a note and puts it on the cardboard cop.

JI – Lee Ahn, these are all the pieces you saw, what do you think you can complete with this.

On the cardboard are ㄷ ㅓ ㅊ on different post its.

Ji – These are pieces you saw, what can you say?

Ahn – Trap (it spells trap)

JI – So now, if anyone sees it, it is a trap. It is obvious for anyone to trap you

She puts the three letter in a different way, vertically.

JI – But what if it is dot, the thing that makes the ship move forward. But it can also be Dot that can stop the ship. 

Different combinations make different words even though you spell them in the same way. She gives him all three post its.

JI – We have to see the end, if you give up then we won’t completel anything.

He understands and smiles, then he says that they should see the cases Sungmo brought to the room, there was one more case there.



They go inside and start looking at this new case. it is a homeless people murder case. She wonders if he put this here on purpose? Like the little kid robbery case. Ahn wonders if she found anything strange in it. jaein says that she guessed that Kang Geuntaek laundered his identity using homeless people.

Ahn thinks about this and repeats “laundered his identity” several times as he thinks. Then he asks if this is about that dragon laundering case? They remember that this is the one that Nam solved. So they go talk to Nam. He says he did take that case. They used homeless to launder identity and sometimes killed them.

The insurance man was captured but released because we did not have enough evidence, and I received a lot of pressure from prosecutors and police to do it as well. Ahn thinks, if hyung knew that his mother did not die, then the isurance guy is a very useful person for hyung. But Sungmo pretended like he did not know anything about him in front of them.

Nam thinks this case is really strange. Ahn thinks back to psychometrying something and sees the insurance guy. He asks Nam if he can see the mother one more time. Nam has this look like, oh hell naw. Ahn says that he will not force her or threaten her, if hyung is behind two women’s deaths and the apartment case, then she should be confused like this. I am the best one that will understand the mother. It is me.

Cut to the killer father waking up with his leg chained. he is in a chair. On the news it says that their is a citywide manhunt for the killer. Sungmo is sitting behind the killer and turns off the radio. He starts to speak and walk around his father.

SM – Do you know what I learned first after leaving the basement? Relationships between people are not that easy.

Man – Relationships?

SM – People, if they want something then they have to pay for it among those relationships.

Man – What do you want to say?

SM – You, the criminal without registration, that was a hole for the government. That is why the investigators tried to hide it and fill it up. Because the pain we felt wasn’t important for them.

Man – So, do you mean if I was caught before then we are not here?

Sungmo stands and starts walking around him again.

SM – I became a prosecutor to protect mom and find you. I always thought about this, should I punish you within the social guidelines, or make my own hands dirty.

Man – So, you want to do the same to me? The thing you and your mother suffered.

SM – The same revenge has no meaning. I have to give you more pain, that is the real revenge. Soon, your wound will get infected and slowly go bad.

Man – Sorry, I still don’t know pain.

SM – Dont’ worry, I will make sure that you feel it.



jaein briefs the police department on kang euntaek and how he does not have an ID and captured a wife and a son. She says that he does not have feelings and emotions, that is why he captured her and her son.

Ahn goes to meet with her in her jail. Nam voices over that they will have a meeting and he will leave her with minimum security so you can see her at that time.

In the meeting, Jaein keeps talking about the case to all the cops. She says that she thinks Prosecutor Kang, the son of Kang Geuntaek, is also a suspect. The police are all like, WTF? Why? She tells them that he knew that she was alive and had evidence that he collected about the case. His goal is to find the suspect and murder him, so our goal should be to find Prosecutor Kang, not Kand Geuntaek. that would be faster.

The cops says that he became a prosecutor to capture Kang Geuntaek, so why jot just capture him, why put him in jail? Nam hits this cop and says that they captured him already! you are the one that lost him. The man is all like, he removed his handcuffs and strangled me, what can I do?

Jaein tells them that this is why Sungmo does not trust the righteousness of the police. His captured case was not solved and the Han Sol apartment case was not solved and no one wanted to reveal the truth. The cops all look guilty about it.

In the jail, Ahn tells the mother that he will not judge anything. The mother says that whatever Sungmo did, he did it for me. He is not guilty. Ahn says, if that is true then you should do anything for hyung. I saw you say that you did not want him to kill that guy. I also do not want him to be a murderer. We can think about mercy and forgiveness later, hyung knew that you were alive.

In the meeting, one cop asks Jaein, so what you are saying is that it is all our fault because we did not do a good job? These rookies are hot blooded with righteousness. Nam tells yells at them all about whether they are sure they did their best or not? He is actually not sure himself, so do a good job. Then he tells Jaein to go to Ahn to talk to him.

Cut to Ahn leaving. He thinks about Jaein telling him that what he sees is not valid with the law. They need hard evidence to use what he sees. Ahn thinks about finding hard evidence as he walks out. he also remembers Sungmo sitting with his mother on a picnic blanket and thinks back to Sungmo telling him that he thought about not coming back to Korea anymore.

Then jaein runs in to talk to him. She asks what the mother said, it is clear she said nothing so she tells him not to be too anxious about it. He asks if they can find her international travel record as the other identity? She says they can try to find it. He takes off running and tells her that he will call her. She takes off running to find those things as well.

Ahn goes home and finds Sungmo’s apartment. Jein calls him right then and tells him about the mothers travel to Canada with another person’s identity (one of the women she used). Ahn says that hyung also went to Canada as an exchange student. He was there for awhile and then went back several times. They find out that they went there around the same times. But it would be better for them to stay there, so why did they come back?

Jaein asks Nam about the homeless people case while she is on the phone with Ahn and asks if it was a certain date. He says yes. Jaein tells Ahn that she thinks he came back because the police were investigating the insurance guy. Her identity might have been revealed, that is why they came back. So the insurance guy murdered the two women after that. 

Ahn – So the VIP that he talked about was – hyung.

In the jail, the mother thinks about how now is the time to do anything for her son.



At home, aunt and Sohyun are watching the case unfold on the news. Sohyun thinks Jaein’s father should be out of jail soon if Jaein is investigating this. Aunt thinks Jaein is working too hard. Soyun thinks that she should ask her appa one more time to see if Jaein’s father gave her the security jacket. Aunt mentions thta she doesn’t talk to her father. Sohyun thinks this is important enough to step forward so this case if not unsolved again. Aunt is so thankful for her to do it.

Cut to Daebong at his gas station. he tells everyone that his friend is working on a certain case and to cal the cops if they see that person. His employee is all like, um, aren’t you going too far? But Daebong says that Jisoo was a good noona to his friend. Then Daebong explains how this one man followed a woman all around and killed peolpe to get closer to her. He thinks that if someone really hates him, then he really should give up on them. That is the answer.

Meanwhile, Ahn voices over that he shoudl only think about the facts. He should only look at the truth that he has seen. When the apartment fire happened, hyung knew that his mother was alive but made her into a dead person. The insurance guy even killed the other two women to launder her identity. Hyung rescued her at the nursing home, then….

But he can’t get past “then” and holds his head and thinks.

Int he station, the cops try and thinks about what they can do. Maybe a lie detector? Would she run away after being released? Nam does not like the lie detector idea. Jaein wonders if they can involve her in anything else to keep her in jail? Nam says they can’t do that. But then another cops says that he has evidence of Kang Sangmo!

He is looking at a CCTV which shows Sungmo crossing a street. They all start to get to work looking at CCTV for Sungmo in the area and find him going into a building. They call Jaein and head to that building.

But he is not there. he stayed in a certain room for 3 days and then left. he also cleaned the room. But Ahn can read the objects. They leave so that he can do it. Nam is amazed that he can read objects as well as people. 

They head outside to look at the trash and all around the motel while Ahn stays inside.

Ahn touches a counter and sees random drunken people and people kissing and all that, but then he finds a random clue. It is on the mirror, so he touches the mirror and sees all the evidence that Sungmo put up.

Outside, Jaein finds medicine in the trash. Nam finds a few red pills and thinks they were in that medicine bottle, they put it in evidence bags.

Inside, Ahn touches the phone cable and whatever else he can and sees Sungmo with a map and a radius to search.

he tells this to all the cops so the cops start to find all the locations on the map. One of the locations is empty from a fire and the other location is empty due to the construction stopping. So both places are closed to people. Ahn asks if they are close to the train station? Perhaps hyung thinks Kang Geuntaek used all these places to go in and out.

Jaein thinks that Sungmo might have planned this just in case kang Geuntaek ran away from the train station. They get all their maps together and head out.

Nam, Jaein, and Ahn are in the car wondering where they should go. Jaein thinks it should be the hospital.  kang Geuntaek had a gunshot wound. They shuold have something as medicine.



In the hospital, Sungmo waits with his father. His father looks delirious with fever.

Man – I at least gave you medicine.

SM – Yes, you did. I dont ‘even know the pain, but Mom, whenever she felt something was wrong with me would beg you for medicine. She had to do whatever you asked her to do.

Man – I protected you and Eunjoo from the dangerous world, but this is what I have now.

SM – The only thing that protected Mom was the hope that she can go out. But after she came out, she lost that hope. It was not her fault, but she blamed herself. Why should a lot of people die because of me. Mom was responsible for all the pain as the victim. But later, she/he/I realized that she had to undergo all that pain because the accuser was not punished. 

Man – Why dont’ you let her look at my body deteriorating? If this is my end then I want to see Eunjoo with my dying body.

Outside, the three have gotten to the hospital. Nam tells Ahn to stay outside and goes inside with Jaein. They both have their flashlights and their tasers ready. They walk around cautiously.

Inside the room, Sunmo laughs.

SM – It will never happen that you meet my mother alive.

Outside, Ahn touches the door and sees that Kang Geuntaek and Hyung are there in side the building.

Jaein and Nam keep looking around. Some doors are open, but one door is locked. They break into it. Ahn runs up at that moment. Jaein looks at him and shakes her head. They let Ahn stay inside and feel his way around to see if he can see anything.

He touches a door and sees the scene where Sungmo was waiting for his father in that room. Ahn is able to actually watch this scene play out, he even sees the killer father getting trapped in the animal trap. He knows that he gave him a narcotic as well.

Ahn tells Nam and Jaein that hyung took kang Geuntaek somewhere. They think they need to go back to basecamp. But then they all get a text message at the same time. It is for Jisoo’s funeral. 


Everyone goes to Jisoo’s funeral. It is gorgeous and she is laid to rest in the National cemetary. Everyone lays a flower for her and salutes. 

Meanwhile, Sungmo is quietly running a bath. 

At the funeral, Ahn, Jaein, and Sooyeon walk away together. She apologizes for keeping the body for so long and then gives them a drug that is used for anger management. It is the drug that hyung was taking. Ahn is pretty shocked, so that means that hyung does not have alexitemia anymore?

Jaein says that it might not be a good thing. He stopped taking this medicine, so that means that he does not want to manage his anger anymore.

Cut to Sungmo dipping his fathers head into the bath aof water. The killer says he still does not feel any pain. Sungmo says this is better than not doing anything.

Man – The kid that thought you were his life saver now starts to suspect you.

SM – With bigger doubt, that becomes assurance, that assurance will become anger. he will be super eager to find you and me. I am not sure if we will survive until then.

At the funeral, nam and Byungho (Jisoo’s appa) talk at her gravesite. Byungho says that everything is being talked about again including the misconstruction case against the apartment complex. He tells Nam that as soon as he is replaced, the investigation will end. I will try and maintain my position so that you can continue your investigation.

He tells Nam that it sounds like an excuse, but I was sure that Yoon taeha was the killer from the beginning.

Flashback to Taeha rescuing everyone.

VO – One of the residents gave his jacket to the kid to block their mouth.

In he flashback, we see the YSS construction people talk to Byungho

VO – They said it was thankyou money to finish the case quickly. I thught it was not a lot of money because I was sure of my investigation. But…

Flashback to Sungmo talking to Byungho at his mothers funeral. He told him about Kang geuntaek and visited him several times.

Byungho says that all those poeple gave me pressure, including the senators that were bribed by YSS construction company. They continued bribing me just in case I reinvestigated it.

He pulls out Jisoo’s watch that is in a investigation bag.

BH – when I heard that the criminal ran away, do you know what I thought? The head is rotten, that is why the arms and legs are not functioning properly.

He stands and walks away.



Meanwhile, Ahn and Jaein ride in his mustang. She is writing in his psychometry notebook. He asks if that is it? She is surprised that he knows about it. She asks why Sungmo gave it to her? She wonders if this notebook is likea sail for them to capture the wind. She thinks that she should be an anchor and that he wants them to stop him.

Sungmo goes to Jisoo’s resting place and puts a little locket with a photo of the two of them on the flowers. Flashback to the two of them taking the photo. He did not want to take any photos so she made him take a lot and tells him that he has to smile. So she forces his face into a smile, he relents and smiles a little bit as the photo booth takes their photo.

Then he starts to think about how she wanted to help him but he did not want to tell her anything and how she wanted to be the one that made him change. Finally, he remembers her telling him that she does not want him to kill that guy. Lets go back together.

He tells Jisoo that he is sorry to come so late. He starts to tear up and tells her that he will go back, as she said. he leaves the locket on the flowers and walks away.

In the station, Nam is yelling on the phone to someone about something involving the investigation. It looks like they have to release the mother. They dont’ want to though because that will put her in danger. But then Sungmo comes in and tells them not to worry about it. He will take his mother and he will also be a witness.

the polcie are all like, what? You will testify? What is going on? Sungmo tells them that he will but Yoon has to do the interview. Then he starts to walk off. Ahn walks up to him.

SM – Lee Ahn, before that, can you give this to my mother?

He drops the gold ring in his hands and Ahn sees the moment that Sungmo gave this ring to her. He says it is his first gift to her, he wants her to promise him that she will forget about her past. She says that she also prepared something for him. She gives him the Rubiks cube.

Ahn grips the ring and then goes to give it to Sungmo’s mother. 

Mom – Did Sungmo catch that guy? He didn’t kill him right?



Cut to Sungmo in the interogation room with Jaein. Everyone is watching outside.

SM – Before the interogation, I want to tell you this. I am sorry I couldnt’ help you when you were kidnapped by Kang geuntaek.

JI – Ahn found me quickly because of you map.

SM – That is good. It would be nice if I told you about my past. As you know, that is not a good story.

JI – I understand. It was difficult to talk about my father also.

SM – So, what should we talk about first?

Ji – Lets cut to the chase, Kang Geuntaek, where is he?

SM – What is the reason you think I know where he is?

JI – Well, that is… *she looks at Ahn, he nods*

SM – We saw you tranquilize him in the abandoned hospital

JI – I want to know it in detail, did someone see it or was it psychometry?

COps – Psychometry? What is that?

Nam – Be quiet!

SM – You also know that that is not lawful evidence because it is nto based on science.

JI – Okay, I will ask you about the apartment. Who did it?

SM – the apartment and the nursing home and the insurance case all had the same cause of death. Based on the circumstantial evidence, I think kang geuntaek did it.

JI – So it had nothing to do with you.

SM – It is not related, before the fire I made my mother run away from the apartment.

Flashback to that happening. He told his mother that the bag had a cell phone and money. He is the only one that knows the number so he told her to hide until he called her.

JI – So you knew from the begining that your mother was alive?

SM – Yes, I was protecting her. I went to see the police who offered to help me, but his apartment was empty, so then I knew that the fire happened.

Nam – Is he telling the truth, Ahn

Ahn – I dont’ know

SM – I didn’t know what was going on, but I couldn’t find out and there was too much smoke. So I went back and I saw taeha in front of the elevator. You and Ahn know what happened next.

JI – Why didnt’ you tell anyone that your motehr is alive? Because the law never protected you two?

SM – You have a lot of similarities to me. We both dont’ trust the law of the police, but we picked the same occupation to solve the case ourselves.

JI – You laundered your mothers identity through Kim Gabyong (insurance guy).

SM – Yes, but I did not think he would kill other women.

JI – Your mother came back to Korea while the insurance guy was under investigation. After that, she lived as another person. The VIP that he talked about was you.

SM – That person, I am telling you again. Psychometry can not be evidence or a witness.

Ji – You look like a different person. Why do you do this?

SM – I am telling you, there is no evidence that says I asked him to kill those women. But identity laundering is the truth.

Cops – So he accepts the identity laundering. He is good at avoiding things. Maybe because he is a prosecutor.

Nam – Whatever the case, he will not be in jail. And perhaps a lot less, maybe not guilty.

Ji – You went to Han Min nursing home.

SM – yes, I rescued my mom with the insurance guys help

JI – And you let Kang Geuntaek murder those people

SM – I left the scene before my mother woke up and asked the insurance guy for a favor to take care of her when I left. Whatever happened back then was baed on the insurance guys testimony.

JI – Kim Gabyong said thta one of the patients killed everyone and killed themself. Did you believe that nonsense?

SM – Everyone believed it. The prosecutor team, the head of the police, everyone. Only one person did not believe it, Inspector Hong Jisoo. She was the only one. *he tears up* If I am guilty then I will be responsible for it. That is why I came back. Excuse me, it is too cruel to let my mother stay behind bars.

He stand up and heads out. Ahn goes to the hall to meet him.

Ahn – What are you planning to do!

SM – I just want to reveal the truth.

Ahn – Why did you look for your mother after the nursing home case? Was it all lies to me? Everything was a lie?

SM – After the nursing home case, my mother disappeared. I want to ask her why.

Ahn – Your mother avoided her because Gang Geuntaek told you mom that you did the fire in the apartment. Did you really not do it?

SM – Are you going to trust me if I said I did not do it?

Ahn – No! I can’t trust anything now!

The otehr cops come out of the room and look at them.

SM – If needed, then I will come back for more testimony.

He starts to walk away. Ahn stops him by grabbing his hand and immediately sees the killer slowly dying.

Man – I dont deserve this, but I dont’ want to die like this.

SM – The only one that can save you is watching you right now.

So it looks like Sungmo is selectively showing his memory to Ahn.

Ahn looks at Sungmo in shock while he is holding his hand and Sungmo looks back at Ahn. 

Fade out



Sung-mo is playing with a rubiks cube in their apartment

Ahn – What are you doing on your off day? It is a headache.

SM – Would you like to try it?

Ahn – No, you mixed it up and you put it back together. That is nonsense

SM – If you know the rules then it is easier than you think. Don’t think about putting one section together, if you pit six sides together at the same time, then one by one.

Ahn – How can I see six sides at the same time, one is easy.

SM – if you think of one thing then it is easy. To me, I want to complete all the sides


I feel so much better about this episode! I feel like this episode righted a lot of questions that I had in the last episode about where the series was going to end. There are still a lot of question marks, but I kind of feel like we might not get Misty’d.

I really like how Sungmo showed up and wont’ let Jaein use psychometry to find out answers with him. Yet he uses Ahn’s psychometry ability in his own way in order to do whatever it is that Sungmo is thinking. Sungmo is the best character in this show, I love him. I also loved you Jisoo.


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  1. Sashaa
    April 23, 2019 / 9:38 am

    They broke our collective fandom hearts :((
    I miss her already. She was such a ray of sunshine.

    • V
      April 23, 2019 / 11:31 am

      RIGHT! That is one way to end an OTP pairing, goodness.

  2. Blossom
    April 23, 2019 / 10:33 am

    I just feel that Jisoo is alive because she was actually covered with sheets with her hand sticking out so they didn’t see her face . I wish that she is actually alive and this is all part of a plan .

    • Shayri
      April 23, 2019 / 6:32 pm

      God I hope so… That would be the best thing ever! It’d actually be possible since her friend handled her autopsy. & her being cold & having that memory could be because she was unconscious etc, but I dunno.
      The overall theme of the show has been dark, so I think they really killed Jisoo.

    • EA
      April 28, 2019 / 1:35 pm

      Jisoo dying was heartbreaking for me as well, but I’d rather have her remain dead since they decided to go down that road than create some cliché situation where she’d turn out to be alive, that would be a major deux ex machina.

      • V
        April 29, 2019 / 7:53 am

        Yes, they went down that road so it’s nice to stick with it.

  3. Rose
    April 24, 2019 / 7:48 am

    I just watched the episode. Holy shirt! Now im confused (in a good way though), did Prosecutor Kang started the fire? Remember, Ahn was basing his theories from touching Kangs mom and she was basing her facts from that stalker. Just because he said that he didnt started the fire doesnt mean thats the truth. But the way Kang answered whilr being interogated by Jaein was so cryptic its hard to tell if Kang was telling the truth……i feel like Ahn now, i think my nose is goin to bleed analyzing this drama 😆

    How i wish i can pull the next week NOW so we can find out all the answers we need! Thanks V for the recap! ☺

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 11:55 am

      I really love how Sungmo is kind fo playing Ahn like a violin! He is showing him only what he wants him to see. That is pretty amazing and smart and I love it.

    • Kyla
      April 29, 2019 / 2:38 pm

      Holy shirtballs :_) However, I feel as though Seong Mo being the culprit has been too obvious, and this show likes to take us by surprise.

      • V
        April 29, 2019 / 3:15 pm

        Yes! That is kind of why I almost can’t believe it. I feel like they are messing with us? But it also seems like this is the route they are going so, we’ll see what happens? is this the same writer as Misty? I feel like I need to google that and yet I don’t want to know.

  4. Melanie
    April 25, 2019 / 12:06 am

    I think Prosecutor Kang’s father had something to do with the apartment and nursing home fire. He lied to Kang Mo’s mother in order to get her back and leave with him. Instead, prosecutor Kang saves her and she runs away. She changed her identity again, and he (Prosecutor Kang) unable to find her. Could he rally be the VIP? This part is unclear to me. I think prosecutor Kang is telling the truth although vague to the police, Jae In and Ahn. Most importantly I believe he really wants Ahn to stop him from killing his father, which is why he allowed Ahn to read him. In addition to Ahn’s ability, he also is trying to develop Jae In’s ability as an investigator. Also, he needs them to collect solid evidence to place the right person in prison. He’s attempted for years to find out the truth and was unsuccessful. I feel like he’s leaving it to them to solve and ensuring that they not stop by just collecting circumstantial evidence. It would still be left unresolved if done that way.

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 11:58 am

      Sungmo as the VIP person is very believable. I also kind of think that Sungmo might have known (after the fact) that the insurance guy was killing people to get their identity. Or maybe he didn’t know????

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