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He is Psychometric: Episode 13 Live Recap

He is Psychometric Recap episode 13
Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

We are back from Easter and ready to get to recapping! We need to take more weekend outings where we don’t do anything but enjoy the day because that was marvelous. Okay, back to He is Psychometric! It is about to get extra spooky as Sung-mo confronts his long lost daddy after spending the first 9 years of his life trapped in a basement. His mama is still out there somewhere hiding and..perhaps…might be “sir” that everyone is wondering about??? I hope not! Yet, I can understand her levels of wanting to escape from that man at all cost, considering it looks like she was trapped in that basement for like 20 years. Baby is not going back to that corner, y’all.

Though I’m confused about something. How did he have a wound on his ankle when he was a middle school/high school student when they escaped years before? Did his father find him and lock him up again? Did Sung-mo lock himself up to try and think like his father? Did that wound really never ever heal? I hope they explain that, because curious minds want to know, y’all.

Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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2005 OCTOBER 25

We are at the apartment complex with Yaeha and little Jaein who is sleeping in his office. He sees a truck come in and stands. he says to himself that he did not know that anyone was moving today.

Cut to little Sungmo and his mother. They are in their apartment. He says he thinks it will be okay. She tells him that he will find her again, this is something where she has to die, then it will end. He tells her that won’t happen. But she looks convinced that this is what needs to happen.

He tells her that he will kill him if he comes in front of her again, so don’t worry about it anymore. But she says, if you do that then I will be even sadder and hurt. I told you what it is like to be hurt and sad. Sungmo says he knows what feeling sad is, it is the emotion after something bad happens to you. She tells him that is right, if you kill someone then i will die also.

Cut to the present. Sungmo is looking in a mirror and puts a sticky note on it that says “basement.” Then we see a flashback to a very little Sungmo in the basement. His mother tells him that he will make it so he can run away.

Sungmo puts Kang Geun-taek on the mirror.

Flashback – if you want to kill someone with your height then you have to stab here, not there.

He puts up an image of Eun Jaein and a note that says the apartment was done by the security guard…..the ghost station exists but does not exist…the nursing home….the copycat….

SM – The person who fights against the monster should be careful not to be a monster themselves. If I look at the monsters mind for too long, then that mind will come to me and watch you.

In his lair, his father throws a knife Sungmo’s image on the wall.

Meanwhile, Jisoo is hurrying to the subway station in her car.

In the station, Jaein and Ahn are kneeling next to the black bag. Ahn psychometries the photo that was taken from their apartment. He sees his hyung and is surpried by it. Then he pushes Jain to the side so they can hide.

A man starts to walk up. Jaein has her taser gun with her.

The person stops. But then turns and runsa way. This is a woman looking body maybe? Ahn and Jaein start running after her. She drops her knife.

Ahn picks it up and sees that this is not Kang Geuntaek. It is actually Sungmo’s mother. Jaein tackles her and wonders why she is there. Sungmo’s mom is knocked out.

Sungmo is in the subway station somewhere and sees a sign that says it is station 131. It looks like he is walking through another ghost station, not the one that Jaein and Ahn are in.

Ahn runs up to jaein and tells her that this bag is not the killers, it is hyung’s. Why did he make it so that it seems like he lives here. And why is she here? Jaein tells him that they need to take her to a hospital first.

Ahn starts to think about the psuchometry and wonders if the other train station has a similar thing? Flashback to Jaein finding the train station on the internet. She says that the two train stations where connected. So they think that it is not that station. He must be in the other station.

Cut to Sungmo telling his father to come out, their game of hide and seek has ended.

Killer – You found me, good job. If you found me here then that means that you know how I lived. 

SM – Even though you had a hard life, that does not justify murder.

Killer – did you find kang Eun-joo?

Sm – Don’t say that name. You will never see  my mom again. Come out Kang Geuntaek.

In the car, Ahn calls Jisoo and tells her that they need to go to Kang Geuk station, not the other station. His mother was in that station. We have to stop hyung! He is driving in the mustang and hurries to the location. 

Jisoo calls Nam and asks for a request. Nam heads out and calls his police guys to go to the third floor basement of the station, dont’ ask question! Just come! But then Byung-ho stops him and asks him if he can talk to him?

Nam punches hima nd says that he warned him not to come in front of him. He hurries off. Byungho calls someone and tells them to close the police branch and put ever person who works there on probation.

Jisoo gets to the station and starts running to the basement. it also looks like she snatched a necklace?



Deep in the basement, we see that the killer might have sent up some boobytraps. Sungmo sees them.

Jisoo gets to the door that leads to the ghost subway.

Sungmo walks around the basement.

SM – Do you think you can catch me with these kinds of things again?

Man – Today, I just want to check how much you know about me. Now I think, face to face with you is not smart anymore.

SM – Yes, that is why you wanted to hunt people related to me.

Man – Related? You make a relationship with many people and give all different emotions to them. How do you feel sharing those feelings? Do you think that made you a human?

SM – No, I am still a monster. I only thought about killing you. How can I repay you in the cruelest and most painful way, that is all I thought about.

Man – That is why Eunjoo left you, because she knows that you are a hopeless monster also. You are – really my son.

SM – Shut up. Even if you get out of here safely. you won’t have anywhere to hide. I am done investigating you.

Man – Do you think so? See you Kang Sungmo.

Smoke is set off and the man walks off. But Sungmo sees him and jumps on him.

Meanwhile, Jisoo found the right station and is running along the subway. She gets to a huge pink door and walks inside.

Inside, Sungmo and the bad guy fight. Sungmo hits him, but the bad guy stands and stabs him. However Sungmo is able to stop the knife with his hand.

In the hospital, Sungmo’s mother is sleeping, she passed out. jaein fills Lee Seung-yong (the sidekick) in on who this woman is. He asks what is going on? Where is inspector Eun?

In the basement, Seungmo is about to stab the bad guy, he is almost there! But Jisoo has her gun up and tells him to put his knife down. She fired her gun into the sky. they both look at her. But Sungmo is still trying to stab the bad guy.

However, this is enough for the bad guy to pull a gas valve, gas goes everywhere. Sungmo tells her to run away. Don’t come this way. But she is still there and telling him that she knows why he wants to kill him. He tries to tell her to leave again, but that is when the bad guy shows up and stabs her right away.

She falls to the ground. the bad guys walks off quickly.

Instead of following him, Sungmo runs to Jisoo’s side. She tells him that he is not a monster, see, if you were then you would have ran after him instead of following me. Killing him won’t heal your wound, it will be a bigger wound. So, come back with me.

But she looks like she is barely hanging in there. he tries to hold her wound to keep the blood from oozing out, but it looks like it is too late, her hand falls to the ground. He tells her to hang in there and yells, no, nooooo! NOOO. Then cradles her in his arms.

In the hospital, there are all kinds of alerts about an injury in the subway and how the suspect is running away. Jaein grabs the walkie talkie and asks for them to confirm the injured person, who is it? But the polcie just say to look for the suspect in all black and a black hat. 

The other officer says it is Inspector Eun Jisoo. Jaein drops the walkie talkie.



Jaein calls Ahn to ask where he is, he says he is at the station. Jaein tells him wht happened, Kang Euntaek ran away from the scene and Jisoo was stabbed. Don’t do anything dangerous, are you listening to me?

But Ahn sees Euntaek running and takes off toward him. The other cops also arrive at the scene and run to the ghost subway. Some of them look around.

Ahn keeps running toward the man and remembers that Kang Euntaek avoids CCTV and lives as a ghost for his entire life. He learned how to be invisible as a child. Ahn thinks, the place he will run too with no CCTV and the most hidden…

he takes off running to a tunnel very close nearby and sees the killer. He kicks him right way and kicks him to the ground. The bad guy still has the knife. Ahn touches the bad guy and relives everything that just happened with the stabbing all all that.

He also sees the bad guy walking the tunnel alone and then stopping and looking up.

VO – Do you know what it is like to live invisibly?

Ahn keeps punching him.

VO – I thought you understood me better.

Flashback to 701 hospital room. He says he will kill a patient in the hospital every 30 minutes.

Ahn – You are the one killing people at the nursing hime!


SUngmo’s mom – You said, if I come then you will not kill people.

Man – DOn’t try to avoid me anymore.

He starts to take the mother away, but then the isnurance person came in and starts to fight the killer. He tells him that he can kill him right now, but without you I will lose my VIP. 

Ahn is trying to choke the killer, but he is almost passing out himself after seein all the memories. They break and Ahn gets his senses back, he starts to fight the killer again and gets a really good kick in on him. The bad guy tries to do the same moves that he did previously with a wooden stick that he tries to hit Ahn with. But Ahn breaks it. He starts chocking the man.

Flashback – Do yo think that I started the fire that day? I will tell you about what happened.

Flashback to Sungmo talking his mother away from the nursing home.

Ahn – Why is hyung there! Why is hyung in your memory! Tell me!

But the other cops are there and have their guns out.

Man – Don’t think that you owe your entire life to Kang Sungmo just because he rescued you. Kang Sungmo just domesticated you.

It seems like Ahn is havin a hard time reading the killer, perhaps he has the same ability to hide his emotions like his son has so he is hard to read. the cops pull ahn away from the man and Nam tells him to go to the hospital. Kang is in critical condition.

Cut to Jisoo’s surgery. It looks very serious. Sungmo is in the building, looking at the door. A tear falls on his face. He remembers telling him that killing that man will bring him bigger pain. he looks at his still very bloody hand and thinks that it is too alte to go back.

Then Jisoo’s father and sidekick run up to her surgery. Sungmo hides from them and then walks away. Ahn runs up and asks what happened to Jisoo noona? The sidekick says that she is in surgery. Then he asks if Kang came there?

In another room, the mother wakes up. Jaein is with her and tells her that she has to rest more. She asks if she knows her?

The cops head off. the man is handcuffed in the car. The cops get another code zero so they separate. It looks like the bad guy has something in his hands to try and open the handcuffs. The cops don’t notice him.



Elsewhere, Jaein talks to an officer about the case. The mother is in the car. She tells the officer that she thinks the mother will run away and also has a history of trying to kill herself, so keep an eye on her. But then they get notice that the murder suspect got away. the mother hears this and grows alarmed.

In the hospital, Ji-soo flatlines. (wow)

Everyone is devastated.

Wailing tears all around.

Jaein tries to comfort Ahn about it, but he is completely broken. All she can do is hold him in the hallway.

Sooyeon is also destroyed and cries in her office as she thinks about all her recent moments with her friend.

Sungmo gets back to his hideout and wraps his hand in a bandage. Then he looks at his huge map on his wall and starts to circle an area where the killer should be. After that, he removes the map and everything else on the wall.

The next day, the news talks about a man in his 50s who stabbed the police inspector and ran away. The police captured him but he got away again. The officer was moved to the hospital, but died after too much blood loss. The police continue to search for the killer. the news continues to speek in detail about Inspector Eun and how she fired the gun and all those things.

The camera cuts to all the people involved in the case. Back at the little station, Nams hubae is upset that he did not know that this man was so dangerous. But it looks like he is still game for finding him. Jaein gives him the begining of the case when he entrapped a mother and son.

Ahn is sitting in his house thinking about what the killer told him about how Sungmo domesticated him. Do you think you owe his life to him?

Ahn get up and tries to find something in Sungmo’s room. But get frustrated. Finally, he punches the desk and sees Sungmo studying the child robbery case. He thinks that Sungmo intentionally put that case there so Ahn could see it. Ahn then holds the Rubiks Cube. He sees Sungmo smiling at his mom and adding the tiny ring to her finger.

Ahn – He gave the ring to his mother?

He grabs his phone and calls Jaein to tell her that hyung intentionally put all the date around for them to find the station. He knew that they bad guy was in the other station. But to save our life he sent us to Saegi train station.

JI – Ahn, calm down.

Ahn – I did not know about that and I told noona to go to that station where that man was. I made noona die.

JI – Don’t think about that, that was just an accident.

Ahn – He knew Kang Eunjoo ws alive. Hyung was in the han min nursing home.

JI -Where are your right now, I will be there.



Cut to Byungho talking to Nam at the station. Nam tells him that they are closed, but then sees that it is Byungho. They go talk. Nam tells him that Jisoo was just like him (the father) at that age. The father says he will cut to the chase because he is busy with her funeral. He wants Nam to take over this case. He knows what Jisoo was investigating and he also knows about how the apartment investigation had issues. I am just asking you because you know things already. 

Nam says that all those cases related to this case will be dug up. People will say that the police did not investigate thoroughly. Are you ready for that? The father says that Jisoo wanted to reinvestigate that apartment case many times, when she knew about my secret, she told me that I can start over before it gets too late. I am the one that made this matter so bad. I killed Jisoo.

They both stare off into the street.

Meanwhile, Nam’s team works hard to find the killer while inside the tiny police station. nam comes back in and talks to them about the details. They also go see Sungmo’s mother. But the mother is not saying anything. She actually lived like a dead person for 13 years, so she will not speak freely.

With Ahn and Jaein, ahn tells her that Kang gave that ring to his mother, he knew that she was alive from the beginning. He removed her from the nursing home. jaein says that is also why she knew about the train station. The information you saw about the killer in the station was a non existing place.

But Kang eunjoo (the mother) came to that train station with a knife. They start to work out what happened. The mother knew about the train station from her son. Ahn looks like his head is about to explode with frustration. the more he knows about this, the less of a clue he has. Why is his hyung doing things in this way? Why did he want us to find out everything?

He thinks back to asking the killer wha the truth is about the fire case. The man told him that he should not think that he owed his life to Sungmo because he rescued you, he just domesticated you.

Ahn tells Jaein that he has to see the mother, she is the only one that can tell him the truth. She answers a call from inspector Nam. He asks how she knew that one person was in one station and the other person was in the other station? She looks at Ahn and says..that is…~. Nam says that the motehr is not saying anything so they can’t progress, the investigation is at a stand still. Do you know anything else about it? You said you wanted to solve your fathers case.

Jaein tells him that she has one more person that can join their team, and looks at Ahn again.

they head out to the station. In the car, Jaein asks Ahn if it is okay that people know about his ability. He is determined and says that he does not care, it’s whatever. And pushes the accelerator.

At the station, Nam is in disbeliefe about Ahns ability. Ahn says that he knows it is hard to believe, but he saw it all nd that is how he knew they were in the different stations. Nam still thinks he is crazy. But Ahn tells him that they do not have time to waste explaining. Nam still does not beleive this. 

But Ahn starts to tell Nam only things that Nam knows and Ahn should not know. He tells him that it si okay if he thinks he is crazy, or a monster, but just this one time, let me meet Kang won joo. Nam asks how he can read peoples memories. Does Jaein know this? Jaein says it is not only her, Jisoo and Sungmo knew about it too, that is how they investigated it together. Nam wonders how he can read someones memory by holding their hand?

Ahn curls his hand up and puts it to his side.

Cut to the three of them looking at the mother in the interrogation room.



Jaein goes into the room to talk to her and asks if she remembers her? Jaein tells her that she went ot the basement that her and prosecutor Kang were trapped. She also knows that the police did not help her. She thinks that running away means that everything is done, but what happened back then still holds you and Kang back like a chain.

The mothers holds her shivering hands under the desk. Jaein apologizes to her for the police’s mistakes and says that they will try their best to catch him.

Mom – Did Sungmo try to kill him?

JI – You also went to the station to kill Kang Geuntaek

Mom – He followed us around even after we ran away from the basement. Right before moving to the apartment, Sungmo was captured by him again and got away. 

JI – But the polcie staid the same thing, they can’t find out anything about him.

Mom – Yes

JI – You must have seen that you were dead in the fire. Why didn’t you show up?

Mom – It was scarier to reveal that I was alive. Even though we ran away, he always found us. If the reason people can’t find him is because he does not have a name or registery, then if I live like that then I thought he would not be able to find me.

JI – Have you seen Kang Sungmo after the apartment fire case?

Mom – No, Sungmo did not know about me existing. I did not want him to be in danger because of me. that is why I did not contact him.

Ahn – She is lying, she was meeting hyung, I am sure of it.

JI – So you met Kang Euntaek in the nursing home again?

Mom – Well, that night I got a phone call from Sung heejung.

Flashback to her getting the phone call and waking up to answer it. She asks what is up this late, what happened. But it is the bad guys voice that answers. He says hello, it is nice to hear from you. You still remember my voice right? How did it feel to live like no one? I think you can understand me better now. You don’t even want to let me hear your voice. What can I do? I miss you so much it drives me crazy. From now on, I will kill patients every 30 minutes. If the police come then I will kill them, if someone else comes then i will kill that person also.

She tells him not to do it, don’t kill people because of me.

Mom – He threatened me and said he would kill everyone just as he did in the apartment. I was afrad of people dying because of me without any reason. That is why I went there.

Nam – Is she lying again?

Ahn – that is true. She is telling the truth but leaving the improtant part out. 

Flashback to her telling the bad guy not to kill poeple because of her. He says, again? You really don’t know anything. 11 years ago at the apartment fire case, do you think I did it? If you come here then I will tell you the truth of what happened.

Ahn – In the bad guys memory (he said his name) he will tell the truth of what happened, but why is she hiding that?

JI – Do you know Kim Gabyung (the insurance guy).

Mom – Yes. He made my identities (she says all he identities). Did you know that he killed those women? Did you ask him to kill those to women because you did not want any trouble to change your identity?

Mom – No! I did not expect him to kill people to launder my identity.

JI – You went to the nursing home with him, right?

Flashback to the insurance guy dropping off the mother at the nursery home. He tells her that it will be dangerous. She says that he will try to get her, but he will kill people. If I do not come out in 30 minutes, then can you call the police?

She goes inside the nursery home and sees that some of the women are dead already. he already stabbed several of them.

VO – When she went there, people were already dead.

In the flashback, we see the killer show himself to the mother. He drops gasoline and grabs her. He also tells her not to try and run away from him anymore. He drugs her and she passes out.

Ahn – Kang Geuntaek tried to kidnap her after drugging her but Kim Gabyong showed up.

Mom – That is all I remember.

Flashback to the mother in a different nursing home. She says that she woke up in the new nursing home with a new ID thta the insurance man gave to her.

Nam – Is she telling the truth?

Ahn – yes, I saw that. Then Sungmo took his mother away.

Nam – So Kang was at the nursing home?

JI – One last question, you did not meet prosecutor Kang?

Mom – No.

JI – Your ring mark, prosecutor Kang gave that ring to you.

Mom – I don’t know what you are talking about.

JI – You left that ring on the island after you tried to kill yourself. You dont’ want prosecutor Kang to find you anymore?

Mom – No! I have never seen my son after the apartment case! Never!

But they know that is a lie.

JI – I will stop here today.



Meanwhile, the killer goes to an empty place and starts to treat himself lik eh eis Jason Boerne. 

When the mother leaves the room, Ahn holds her hand intentionally. He starts to see it all. The killer says that he only did the same thing as Kang Sungmo. Like my son. The mother tells him that he is not his son, he has nothing to do with you! He is not a monster like you!

Man – yes, he changed. He was born without emotions like me. What made him human? Mothers love? If you effort made him a human then I should be a human also. But I am still a monster without feeling.

Mom -What do you want to say?

Man – I am telling you that I did not do that apartment case

Mom – You even made a fake dead body, but you didnt do it?!

Man – Yes, I brought that body with me. Because that was the only way I could get near you. But I did not kill anyone else. I planned to do it, but someone else did it first.

Mom – Who would do those things if it wasn’t you!

Man – A kid without any emotions just like me. It is possible.

Ahn – It shouldn’t be true. It can’t be true. kang Geuntaek lied to you, right! Tell me that hyung did not do it!

He throws her hand away. The mother looks shocked that he knows.

Meanwhile, the killer father is walking abck to his secret home. Seungmo is waiting for him and turns around as soon as the doors open. It looks like they are in an abandoned hospital?

Ahn – Did hyung tell you about my ability?

SM – I told you, I know everywhere that you can hide. 

The man tries to walk away but gets caught in an animal trap. He does not feel any pain and looks around. Sungmo is following right behind him. They look at each other.

Fade Out



I don’t know about this episode, y’all. I feel like we might be about to get Misty’d??? Anyone who watched the drama Misty knows what I am talking about.


Bad guy – If you made Sungmo human, then I should be human too.

JI – I feel like prosecutor Kang is leading us to these past cases.

Ahn – The VIP that Kim Gabyong said is….

JI – Ahn, we found prosecutor Kang’s footage.

JI – If you don’t face it, the same mistake will happen again.

Ahn – Kang Eunjoo (the mother), it is time that you should do anything for Sung-mo.

SM – Sorry to come here so late. Now I decided to go back.

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  1. Rose
    April 22, 2019 / 11:56 am

    Holy $h!+! First Jisoo is dead, now Ahn brother could be the one who really started the fire?? What the pluck is goin ?????

    Thanks for the recap V! This episode is intense!

    • V
      April 22, 2019 / 3:19 pm

      Right!!! This was a serious turn of events!

  2. Blossom
    April 22, 2019 / 2:45 pm

    I am actually kind of upset about Jisoo I thought she would survive and SM and Jisoo would be romantic . But that’s not the case. Ok so can anybody say who Hyung is . Waiting for the next episode

    • V
      April 22, 2019 / 3:20 pm

      I truly did not expect Jisoo to die! I half expect her to come back as a zombie, that is how surprised I was.

      • Anonymous
        October 4, 2020 / 3:27 am

        Probably Jisoo saw Jang Manweol and Ku Chanseong in Hotel del Luna?

  3. Shayri
    April 22, 2019 / 3:10 pm

    I didn’t expect Jisoo to die but I completely understand why they killed her. She had to die so that her father would be ready to forsake himself to get her justice. Otherwise he would keep putting roadblocks in their way so that they wouldn’t be able to uncover the Yong sang Apartment & related cases.
    I always thought that it was a possibility that Seung Mo started the fire, but I don’t think he killed those women.
    The killer dad could be a manipulative psychopath, I don’t trust his words.

    💜 Once again, thank you so much for recapping this!

    • V
      April 22, 2019 / 3:24 pm

      Now that all is said and done, I can definitely see Sungmo starting the fire and not realizing how devastating it would be as well as now feeling all kinds of guilt towards Ahn due to it (sing he does actually care for Ahn).

      I had high hopes for a happy ending for Sungmo, but now that they are making him into the fire starter, and now that they killed Jisoo, I almost feel like they will kill Sungmo now, too.

  4. Melanie
    April 22, 2019 / 9:57 pm

    This episode was devastating. Jisoo’s death was heartbreaking but necessary to prove that Sung Mo was not like his father and truly cared for her. It’s just his vendetta was stronger than any other feelings he possessed. For some reason I still don’t think that he killed those people and started the apartment fire.

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