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He is Psychometric: Episode 12 Live Recap

He is Psychometric recap
Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

This show just gets better and better, y’all. I completely understand why Sungmo did not trust anyone, because he was locked in a basement room for nine years with one loving person (his mom) and visited by a psycho (his dad)! On top of his lack of emotions, he also has that trauma to deal with his entire life and never really learned how to interact with people, goodness.

I typically don’t like Kdramas like this because the writers really milk the emotions which end up making the situation look farcical. But this writer is not milking anything, so they are really just letting me feel all the stakes and risks and feeeeelings with everyone in my own way instead of knocking me over the head with all the tears that they want me to feel.

Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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Jisoo stands outside the factory and speaks to Sooyeon on the phone about the unsolved case with the single fingerprint they found. It was something that happened in Gangwangdo. They could not find the owner of the fingerprint so it became unsolved.

The address is the same address from the wharehouse. Jisoo asks what case it was.

Inside, Ahn and Jaein find the secret room in the back of this metal locker. They wonder if it is a basement? Ahn says he has to get inside to see. But then he is startld back by a black and white image of a boy running out of the closet. he looks at the boy running away and we see that some other part of the room are also in black and white signalling that it is a memory that Ahn sees.

VO – A criminal trapped an umma and son in a basement for 9 years….Eun, are you listening to me? That is the end of the record. I will send you the case in a text message.

Jisoo drops the phone to her side.

Inside, Ahn and Jaein walk into the basement. Eerie music starts to play as they get to the bottom step and go into another room. The room is relatively large and has cages all around it. These cages go from the floor to the cieling. Inside the cage, there is an image of a forest on one wall and beds inside with a TV and desk and other things to make the room livable.

Jisoo comes in.

JS – Sungmo was 9, he was trapped here until he was nine.

Ahn – What are you talking about? How are those things possible?

JS – Search this place, I will go to the police station and investigate more in detail.

Jisoo is noticable shook, she walks to her car and gets in as she tries to hold in her emotions that are ready to explode. She thinks back to yelling at Sungmo on the bridge about how she wants to help him, is she not that helpful? She also thinks back to telling him that their relationship is so one sided, you know everything about me and I dont’ know anything about you. She starts sniffling in the car and lowers her head.

Inside, Jaein asks if she should leave? She might not be helpful for him here. Ahn asks if she can find something for him outside? She goes out and is about to leave but tells Ahn not to try too hard, he passed out last time. He says okay. Then he starts to look around the room.

The room is very dusty and very old as if it is stopped in a time machine. Ahn doesn’t touch anything at first, he just looks around. There is a spot on the wall that shows height markings, Ahn decides to touch that part.

We see that the mother has been in this room forever, her entire life basically since she was a kid. She was also pregnant and had a baby inside. She tells “him” that she will kill herself if he touches her kid. Is that what you want? Then we see her measuring his height on the wall. She tells him that she will make it so he can run away.

Ahn stops touching the wall and lowers his head as he tries to take it all in.



Jisoo goes to the police station and checks all the unsolved case reports for people that are trapped someone or kidnapped or something like that. Jisoo asks how she has never heard of these things? The man says that it is unsolved, that is why it was kept quiet.

VO – A woman was trapped for 9 years and gave birth to a boy, but the police did not know anything and the escape was done by the victims, not the police. The police will be blamed for not having any clue about the criminal at all, so you know the biggest problem? The criminal is a person without a Korean citizen number. 

JS – So this case can be problematic, it covers all the weaknesses of the police so people covered it up?

the other officer shows her a sketch of him and it is the same sketch they have just a bit younger. There is a scar on the neck of the person. The officer says that he had an old scar on his neck, but they did not know what it was and the mother and son are the only ones that saw the neck. They don’t have any other evidence because the victims took it back a few years ago. He became a prosecutor. I found out about this case after giving him the evidence.

Back in the basement, Ahn keeps psychometrying the room. The little boy watches the forest wall. The mother puts on lipstick and says that she has to teach Sungmo, so she needs books. He doesn’t smile, he doens’t want anything and he doesn’t like anything. Please, just one book. I want to hav a book to teach him emotions, otherwise he will be like you!

The man asks if she worries about him becoming and emotionless monster like me? She tells him that she will not make her son into a man who is obsessed with one person! Never!

Ahn – Emotionless monster?

Meanwhile, Jisoo loks through paperwork on Sungmo’s own analysis of his behavior? He has a condition where he cannot express his feelings.

In another place, we see Sungmo, barefoot, and looking through the drawings from the case reports. He drops them on the floor and also looks through the images from the case report and drops them one by one on the floor.

Elsewhere, Jisoo tells Jaein that Sungmo has alexitimia which is when you have a hard time expressing your feelings. It looks like it was inherited from his father. Perhaps Sungmo acted perfectly? Jaein says that something is wrong, how cann he and the father show love to the mother? Jisoo says that this is not her specialty, but she asked Dr. Hong so they should find out something from her.

Sooyeon calls just then and says that the emotions are from the corpus amigdalum. if you have a small one then you have those symptoms where it is hard to exrpress your emotions. But that can also be trained after birth with training or an event.

Cut back to Ahn in the basement room. He touches the countertop and is sent to a memory of the dictionary being given to the mother. She was so happy to get it.

VO – Meeting the mother could have been that event where he felt love for the first time. that might be why he was more obsessed.

In the memory, little Sungmo asks what is outside the bars? She tells him there are trees, flowers, butterflies, the sea, the sky, all the pretty things in the world. Do you want to see it, Sungmo?

We follow a butterfly flying and see Sungmo and his mother in a fantasy garden. But Sungmo says he does not know what anything is, like watching something or to be beautiful.

Ahn starts tearing up.

Elsewhere, Jisoo and Jaein continue talking. JS asks if SM also had an event to wake up his emtions? They think that he tries hard not to be a monster like his father. Ahn told Jaein before that Kang learned emotions from his mother from a dictionary. They ask the doctor friend if alexitimia is the same as psychopaths? 

Sooyeon says that psychopaths and alexitimia people have different brain structures. You cannot teach psychopaths emotions, but you can teach alexitimia people emotions.

Jisoo thanks her and then gets off the phone. Jaein asks her if she is okay. Jisoo says that she always wondered why Sungmo never asked her for help. But now she knows. He came out of the world after cutting the chains with all his might. But people ignored their pain and did not help them. For Sungmo, do you think this world was more cruel to him or the cage was more cruel to him?

Cut to sungmo in his room, we see the scar on his ankle.

VO – Cutting the chain did not matter, that event still has ahold of his ankle. My appa told me before that covering up a wound will make it worse.

JI – Well, we opened the wound that was covered, so everything should go okay.



meanwhile, Ahn is all but passed out on the floor. He seems like he is still kind of awake as he tries to continue psychometrying the room. He tells himself, a little more, a little more and breathes in and out deeply. 

VO – What is the training, the little prince asked. That is the forgotten thing among people. Building up relationships….Ii want to stop reading it.

Man – I want to hear it more. the last part.

The man is sitting in the cage with the mother as she reads. He tells her, if you don’t like it then you will regret it. He starts to walk closer to her and then kneels where Sungmo is all curled up with a chain on his leg. The mother runs over and tells him not to hit him! Don’t hit him!

The man tells her that she should behave like that. So she says that she will read it. He asks what she needs more? More books? She tells him that she wants to know his name, where are you from? He says his name is Kang Euntaek, I am from a place that exists but doesn’t exist. 

She is all like, what? He kneels in front of her and tells her, as we promised, continue reading it. She cries and gets up to finish reading it. he goes back to listen. She keeps reading the book.

Mom – You become the only one in the world to me and I will become the only one in the world to you.

Man – Yes, that is it. I like that part.

Cut to Ahn still passed out with Jaein hitting him on the back to wake him up and yelling his name. Jisoo might be yelling his name too. they both sit him up as Jaein yells that she told him not to do it too much! he tells her to stop yelling and give him a piece of candy.

They go to a cafe somewhere where Jisoo tells Ahn to eat. He is the only one that doesn’t have a job and won’t be covered if he passes out at work. Jaein asks what it means to be from a place that exists but does not exist. Jisoo thinks he is an invisible man from a place that exists but does not. he is not registered. 

They talk about how there are unregistered kids that grow up and have a high possibility of being involved in drug dealing or human trafficking. I think he lived like that when he was young. Jisoo agrees. Kang wants to arrest all those human trafficking and robbery cases that use kids. All those kinds of criminals. Some of the kids he rescued did not have ID numbers….

She trails off and then says, I know! Some of those cases that Kang took were in the process of finding this man. Jaein says, if we find out the kind of cases her took…but then Jisoo says that they should eat. if they don’t eat then she is not taking them with her. They both eat fast.

In the police department, we see Superintendent Byungho talking to Seungyong about all that he can find out about his daughter and her cases. Byungho says that a police officer was taken a few days ago so she investigated it. That was the last time he saw her.

In the tiny station, Nam has a case report for Nam San apartments on his desk. He is in hard thought about it with his arms crossed and looking off into nothing. But then the aunt comes in with lunch. He is able to smell exactly what is in the lunch without seeing it. he thinks his nose is much sharper than his eyes. Aunt is so annoyed. She asks why they took jaein to work but Nam is there. Nam asks what he can do at his age? The aunt tells him that he is old but when she saw him directing the police force when Jaein was kidnapped, it made me think that it was not a lie that you were a super police officer before. Nam thinks he was good before, but he does not want to do those things anymore.

At night, jaein and Jisoo drive together and talk about Sungmo’s psychometry notebook. It is the journal where Kang took notes of Ahns ability. jaein starts to talk about how she saw a story where Ahn found a teddy bear for a kid using psychometry. So if Ahn is really desperate, his psychometric ability goes to its max. That is why ahn found her super fast when she was kidnapped.

Ahn is sleeping in the backseat.

Jaein says that now we know what that man did to Sungmo, so Ahn will do whatever it takes. Jisoo says that they need to develop his abilities a lot so that they can use him after this case. Ahn smiles while sleeping in the backseat.



At the tiny station, they set up a clear board where they put everything they know about the case up. Nam, Jisoo, Jaein, and Ahn look at it and talk about what they know and how everything is connected. They also comment on how it is nice to see everything on one spot. they talk about how the man killed a Kang eunjoo looking woman already and put her in a suitcase, he already planned a big fire because he put the ID on the body.

Nam says that he wanted to take Kang Eunjoo after making her into a dead person, but he failed. Jisoo thinks that kang Eunjoo and Kang Euntaek should know the truth of what happened. Nam says that Jaein knew that her father was wrongly accused, but do you know that Jisoo’s father is the one that inspected the case? Jaein says yes.

nam comments on this strange destiny they all find themselves in and asks to talk to Inspector Eun alone. 

they end up going to one of those orange outdoor eating cafes to talk. Nam wants to speak as equals as they drink soju to loosen up. Jisoo wants to find the real criminal and thinks that her father should be responsible, but she wants to find out everything. People make mistakes. Nam is all like, mistakes? Jisoo asks him a question, she knows he worked with her father on that case. What was wrong with that case? Did my father just want to cover it up?

Inside the tiny station, Jaein looks up the invisible kids without identities on the computer. Ahn mentions that Nam was pretty strange. Jaein thinks he knows something about the apartment case. Ahn mentions that Nam is the one who found her and brought her to this department. Jaein says that she thought he pitied me becuase he found a place we could stay, but maybe that wasn’t it.

Ahn – Maybe he did not want you to investigate this case?

Cut back to the street cafe.

nam – Didn’t you learn anything from the name laundering case? I think you heard YSS construction company and that organization are connected.

JS – yes, but I did not see any report on TV or anywhere.

Nam – That is because YSS construction company is not only doing ID laundering, they also have a hand in the polcie and prosecutors and the media. It is something you can’t find out.

JS – What is the relationship with this case?

Nam – Before YSS became this big, their name was Youngsung construction company. (the apartment is Younsung apartment). Youngsung apartment was proorly constructed, that is why there were a lot of casualties. But no one talks about it. they talk about how the person that rescued people was actually the murderer. That is the best news.

JS – So to cover up the construction company, aboji pointed Yoon Taeha as the criminal?…nonsense….

Nam – With that fire case, you know this best, your father was promoted super quickly and now he is the superintendent. What do you think that means?

Scene change to Jisoo’s father going home. Jisoo watches him get out of his car and go inside from her car.

VO – As an officer, you should investigate Youngsung apartment. Prosecutor Kang has good reasons to investigate because his mother was also involved. But it is pandoras box for your father. It will target your father.

Jisoo thinks about all this from in front of her house.

In the tiny station, Jaein thinks that Jisoo isn’t coming back. Ahn says that he can take her home. She smiles and they playfully talk back and forth. But then Jaein asks if all the things in kang’s room were investigation notes? Lets go to your place!

Inside Jisoo’s home, she walks in and her father immediately tells her that she should sit so they can talk. He asks her how long she will behave like this. You just take cases by yourself, we have rules to follow. Are you behaving like this because I am your father? Come to work from tomorrow.  Officer Lee (Seung-yong) will take care of the kidnapping case.

But Jisoo just asks why he is doing that? Do you think a castle built on sand will last long?

He asks what she is talking about.

She asks if she should say everything he hid? I know everything about the apartment case and YS construction company….just let me reinvestigate it. that is the best you can do.

He says that is the past. But she says it is the present! So many people are affected by this case! He tells her that if he goes back again, he will choose the same. It was the way to save you. To take care of you, the kid who collapsed many times a year due to your heart condition. I was too poor and powerless, so I hated it.

JS – Was it…about me?

Appa – if you don’t want to come to work, then just quit. I am not going to give you any more breaks.

JS collapses on the couch and cries.



Meanwhile, Ahn and Jaein are back at his apartment. Ahn is happy to see his dog and asks him if Daebong took care of him well. Jaein says that she can watch him from now on in the police station. Ahn is pretty happy about that. Then they go into Sungmo’s room and start to look through all the paperwork. His bird is still there, tweeting.

jaein and Ahn get all the cases and put them on the coffee table to look through them all. jaein starts to look through them all. Ahn says he can read some with her and mentions that he is good at reading Korean.

So he starts to read the paperwork, but it is all law stuff so he doens’t understand and puts it down after reading like 10 words then says he has to wash his face. She smiles. he also asks her if she is uncomfortable? 

She starts to stutter that she is not and has been to his place before, but Jaein mentions that he was talking about her clothing since they will be there all night. He smiles.


the teacher stands at the door of his chicken shop and wonders why it is so quiet. One of his former students tells him that if his former students didn’t come then he would go out of business. Daebong is eating with her. Daebong tells her to ignore the teacher, he is standing there until Sohyun comes to give her her chicken.

The woman asks if she has the daughter? Do you like her? The teacher says that Sohyun can date who she wants. Then he tells Daebong to either take care of Sohyun for his entire life or stop following her around. Do you think you can convince your father to accept her? Are you dating her? She already has a hard time you jashik bad guy! &^*%^&$^*&^(*&)&()()&! 

Daebong tells the woman that they should leave. He walks out but he tells the teacher that he wanted Sohyun to smile, is that too much?

He walks out with the other woman who tells him that he is an attractive man. He is cute, rich, and funny. Daebong is a bit sarcastic and says that he is good as an easy boss, not as a man right? (the woman works for him). She tells him that her father is actually her step father. Nothing wrong with that. if you love her then just marry her.  then she notices the car! it is that car!

Daebong looks at her driving by, Sohyun looks at the two of them. The employee swings him around and holds his arm as she tells him not to look at her! Don’t follow her around either! You really don’t know women do you!

Daebong tells her to stop touching him! stooooooop! SOhyun sees this but it looks like a lovers fight. Daebong finally manages to tell his employee to let him go and says that he does not want to hurt Sohyun. He walks to Sohyun and asks if it is really that uncomfortable to be around him? If so they he won’t follow her around anymore.

She tells him yes, I hate you. (But she looks like she doesn’t)

Daebong swallows his pride and says he understands, then leaves.



In Ahn’s apartment, Jaein says that she thinks a lot of cases are more related than she expected. Human trafficking, making money with kids, selling organs…people with no identity on the street…it seems all related.

She looks over at Ahn, but he is sleeping. So she covers him with a blanket and says that he worked hard raeding something that he doesn’t understand.

Flashback to Sungmo as a child. He stabbed the man! His mother was shocked. But the man looks fine, he tells Sungmo that with his height, he needed to stab over here, not right here. Then we see Sungmo as an adult standing in front of his stabbed father.

Ahn wakes up with a start and says that he feels like he just psychometried something. He sits up and tells Jaein that hyung stabbed that guy. Jaein thinks he might have seen too many shocking things. Go to bed, then you can use your ability tomorrow. She will head out.

he stands and says he will take her home, so they leave in Daebong’s mustang and talk about the cases on the way. Jaein says that the street murder case bothers her the most. When he kidnapped me, I heard his ID was fake. They didn’t find the real owner of the ID. So he killed people on the street to take their identity.

Ahn says that there was something he did not understand, who do you think that person is that Kim Gabyong (insurance guy) talked about? That “sir” person. Flashback to Kim Gabyong telling someone that they are not dead yet, “sir” wants you to die.

Jaein does not know who that person is, but the worst case scenario is that it is Sungmo’s mother?

Cut to a woman walking up the street, she looks tired from her walk. it is SUngmo’s mother, she turns and sees “kal” which is knife. It is on a window that has a lot of things written on it.

VO – It bothers me that she tried to commit suicide when she knew that two other women died as her.

Sungmo’s mom looks worried as she looks at the window.

Cut to the killer thinking back to Sungmo.

SM – I know you are watching, if I am the only one that can stop you then I have to do it.

Man – Does that mean that you want to see me? Fine, i will meet you, you are the best bait to find Eunjoo.

The next morning, jaein and Ahn work at the tiny polcie station reading all the case reports. It looks like the invisible kids/people live in ghost subway stations. they don’t have ID and have chains on their necks. Where is the case that Eun brought?

Ahn finds it and gives it to her. In the case we see the drawing of the man with the scar on his neck. She remembers the scar on the killers neck. She checks the train station, the line was going to be connected, but the plan was abandoned so it is still unoccupied. She thinks the killer might be there.

Nam comes in and says that Jisoo is not coming, and he is also out. This is an unsolvable case. You two wrap up everything until i come back.



Jisoo is at home in her super mansion princess bedroom. She thinks about YSS and how Sungmo says that they cannot touch YSS construction company cases. he also told her that he thought she should step away from the case. Jisoo thinks that Sungmo knew everything.

then she gets a phone call from “Psycho Ahn.” But she doesn’t pick up the phone. He sends a text.

Ahn: Jaein found the place that exists but does not exist. Come with us.

JS – How can I see you know? I don’t deserve to solve this case.

In the tiny station, Jaein thinks this is strange, they canot contact her since last night. Ahn thinks that “he” might have shown up in front of Jisoo? But then Seungyong comes in and says that he is taking over the case. Jisoo is sick, her father told him, so he will take care of the case. Lets talk a bit, Eun did not give me any data. Tell me everything.

Ahn flips the board around so Seungyong does not see it. They start to just kind of say that they have to leave to police the neighborhood and slip out.

in the hallway, they wonder what is going on. jaein thinks that Jisoo lied about being sick. But maybe they can just go themselves. Ahn asks, where?

Cut to Sungmo walking into a subway station, the same subway station that he watched the killer on in the CCTV. He also goes into the same door that the killer went into.

Elsewhere, Jaein tells Ahn that 3 years ago, the case kang took and cracked a robbery case that used kids. he got an award for it. From their testimony, they talked about a location that was exactly what they are looking for. The ghost train station. The place we go to exists at the station, but have you every thought about what is under the station? 30 years ago they wanted to build a transfer line, but it was cancelled. that created unused strain lines.

Sungmo starts walking up this line.

VO – But one of the stations is the one they used the most. that organization is the one that chained kids necks.

Sungmo gets to this spot and we see a flashback to Sungmo rescuing all the kids. He looks at this location and then looks around.

Ahn asks Jaein if that is the chain mark on the killers neck? Jaein says yes, he lived like a ghost and was not caught on CCTV. I think he learned how to be a ghost when he was in the child organization. We have to find any unseen evidence, that is your specialty. Ahn smiles.

They head out to find the ghost train station, but they do call Jisoo and leave a message letting her know what they are up to. They head to the door that Sungmo took (okay, not sure how they know about this door?) and head in.

They start to walk down the steps and have their falshlights out because it is super dark there. Ahn finds a spot and puts his hand on it.

Meanwhile, Jisoo checks the voicemail that Jaein left. She is instantly worried and says that they should not go there without backup! Then she thinks about the time she apologized to Jaein for her fathers mess up. She was not sure how to repay her, but she was sure that she would not make the same mistake.

In the station, Jaein sees a bag and heads to it. This bag looks new-ish. She opens it and sees chains inside. But then she gets a call from Jisoo, however the signal is weak so she has to walk around to make is stronger.

She is able to get her on the phone and tells her that they are there. Jisoo basically tells her that they should not be there alone! Then she calls Seungyong to send people to the Segi train station. She has a report that the Kidnapper is there! But Seungyong says that her father told him not to do anything to support her. Even if you call someone else, it will not work.

In the station, her father says that everything is in the past, nothing changes.

So they are all on their own.



Ahn touches one of the chains in the bag and sees Sungmo’s mother telling him to run away! Run away! Then they mention the picture, it is the one that he took from Sungmo’s room. Ahn psychometries the picture and sees Sungmo sitting next to the bag!

he quickly pushes Jaein to the corner to hide as they hear steps approaching. Then we see Sungmo walking up, looking like a killer.

VO – Once I imagined what I would see if I psychometried myself. The most painful memory in my past. That is not the apartment fire case, not Jaein’s kidnapping, but that day, what happened in the ghost station…

Sungmo has a standoff with the bad guy in the station? It looks like it is a face off with Ahn and Jaein watching as they hide.

Fade Out



Wow, what an ending! I was a little confused as to who was walking at the end, it looked like Sungmo, but perhaps it was the killer. Im not sure, but it did look like it was a stand off between Sungmo and his Killer/father.

The mystery behind Sungmo’s past definitely did not disappoint! My word, I could not have guessed that. I did guess that the killer was probably his father, but that is as far as I got. All these cases that we have come to find out about during this drama are all starting to coalesce in this ending and I love it! 

This writer is impressing me, I need to find more of her/his stuff.


English translation is below!

SM – I hope this side and the other side, I want it all to be complete without any blemish. (a Rubik’s Cube is in the shot)

JI – What do you mean you saw [him] with Kang Eunjoo?

Ahn – Hyung made us come into that ghost station! He put the evidence for us to find! hyung is…!

BH – Did you tell Jisoo about Young sung apartments?

JI – have you seen prosecutor Kang Sung Mo after the Young Sun apartment case?

Ahn – [He/It] told me to go where that guy is to stop hyung

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