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He is Psychometric: Episode 10 Live Recap

He is Psychometric Recap 10
Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

Y’all, the separation part snuck up on me! I was so into the storyline and all the clues and mystery of the past being revealed that I didn’t even realize it was about the time for some main lead love trouble to kick in! Gaaaaaaah. That is some good writing right there.

Also, can I just gush about how wonderful the opening flashback segments are? Because they are lovely and adorable and innocent and fresh and cute and overall just delightful while also being bittersweet and tragic. I just love them. But, am I saying that I love things too much because I feel like the drama gods are going to come in and ruin it all for me. Perhaps this episode. But, I am one of those crazy optimistic persons soooo – it’s all going to be ah-maaaa-zing.

Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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Recap Countdown: Recap starts at 9:30am CST!





This is the funeral for Lee Ahn’s father and mother. He is sitting as the only member of his family as all the other cops come in and give their respects. It is packed at his funeral area. Sungmo is also at his funeral area for his mother, but it is empty, he is the only one there. 

He goes into the hallway and hears Lee Ahn crying so he walks to him. 

Ahn – Why did you save me. Why didn’t you let me die with my mom and dad?

he keeps crying. Sungmo sits on the bench with him, he doesn’t look like he feels anything. Ahn is balling his eyes out.

Eun Byungho comes out so Sungmo stands to talk to him.

SM – Did you find the person I told you about?

BH – I told you, there is no person like that.

SM – I told you, he was looking at hour home.

BH – I will investigate it further so please stop talking about that person.

Later on, Lee Ahn and Sunmo are driven away in the funeral van along with other victim families. But then Sungmo sees on the news that Yoon Taeha did everything. Ahn asks, what does that mean? Is the ajusshi that rescued us the actual criminal? They both look stunned. Ahn runs to the back of the van to see the news again until it fades from view.

Then he has a psychometry episode in the back of the van where he sees Yoon Taeha tell him that ajusshi will save his parents. He was holding his handkerchief. The handkerchief says “Fireman school, class of 23”


Lee Ahn steps away from Jaein and asks, is your father – Yoon Taeha?

She looks at him.

JI – Do you know my father?

Ahn – It doesn’t make any sense

JI – Do you know that case?

He steps away from her. It starts raining.

JI – Appa was wrongly accused. He was a fireman before he became a security guard! He worried the most about the fire hazard. He rescued people during the fire. He is not that kind of person.

They star at each other in the rain. Ahn thinks and then kind of smirks.

Ahn – He is not that kind of person? Is that the only reason you trust him? Do you know what hurt me the most after getting this ability? All the nice guys in the world do all the dirty thing behind peoples backs. The first person that taught me how disgusting human being are…! The one I hated my entire life….is your father.

JI – What are you talking about?

he starts walking off.


He stops and turns around when she grabs his arm. He pulls his arm away and leaves. She tries to run after him, but falls. Her shoe falls off as well. She looks up in the rain at him leaving and then looks at her shoe. This reminds her of falling in the past when she ran into him. She then asked him if he could ask his father to rescue her father. But he said that his parents died in the fire, a lot of people died.

Meanwhile, Ahn walks aimlessly up the street and bumps into everyone. They all have umbrellas but he does not. He ends up touching one person on the hand and finds out that this person just hit someone in a hit and run. That person might be dead on the side of the road or they might be alive. 

Then he touches a woman who stole lipstick. Then he touches another person who is violent toward his wife.

He closes his eyes and starts to put his hands in his pocket to hide them. then he opens his eyes and keeps walking. He doesn’t touch anyone anymore. The music starts to play.

At the same time, Jaein limps as she carries her shoe with her to her front door. Inside, she sits at her desk and stares all around. Then she mutters, what did I do to him? Her dirty shoe is in her hand and her yellow shoe is in a box at her feet. She drops her shoe to the floor.

Outside somewhere along the river, Lee Ahn thinks about his father and Byungho rescuing him and Byungho ending up being charged as the criminal. He previously told Jaein that what her father did is not her fault. Jaein told her that people don’t think that way. He told her not to worry about those poeple. The people who love you don’t think that way.

He continues thinking about Jaein and all her emotions of her life in dealing with her father as a criminal.

Ahn – This is how it feels like – when you can’t breath.

He then pulls out a little brown bag that says, “emergency rescue for Yoon Jaein” on it. He starts breathing a little stronger and then yells over the bridge WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME! He crumples the paper bag in his hands and slowly crumples (falls?) to the side of the bridge and cries.



Elsewhere, Jisoo is working on the case and thinking about what Sooyeon said about the woman in the profile picture and how she looks like Kang Sungmo’s mother. Another woman comes into the cafe to talk to her. This is a nurse from the clinic. She says that when she helped make the composite image, it had been awhile and she did not remember the face all that well. Jisoo tells her that she is the only one that remembers her, please.

Flashback to the nurse talking to the mystery woman, we don’t see her face. the nurse also does not see her face. She asks if she feels trapped here? The metal bars make me feel like it is like a jail.

In the present, the nurse says that she thinks this woman is the one. Jisoo asks if she is sure. Another flashback to the time the nurse asked the woman if she feels trapped. teh woman turned around and told her, I heard the bird that lives its entire life in a cage cannot even fly away if the door is open. I am not sure if that means the bird is unfortunate or if the bird will not leave when it has freedom. I don’t know anymore.

In the present, the nurse thinks, yes, she is the one!


Jisoo stayed up all night working and thinking about it. She is really fretting about this. She remembers her conversation with Seungyong about how Sungmo did not tell them this important information about this woman. Why is that? It is really strange, right?

She gets up and drives somewhere while thinking about all this. She starts to think about all the sketchy things that Sungmo did in relationship to the case as it involves this woman. We see several flashbacks about this. While driving, Jisoo thinks about them all and how Sungmo challenged her father as to if he really did the best investigation.

Jisoo’s conclusion is that Sungmo knew everything. He knew that his mother was alive. he knew everything.

She goes to her fathers office who is very happy to see her because a lot of people want to have a blind date with her after she was on the news for her police briefing. Jisoo is not really in the mood to hear it, her dad realizes that so he says they can talk about it at home. Jisoo starts to talk about the woman that lived as two other women, they did not find her yet. 

Her dad thinks she is just a person that works for that company. He wants her to solve big cases as a policeofficer, not these branched cases. But Jisoo tells him that she is sure that the apartment fire case and this nursing home case are all related to this carrier case. Don’t you have something to tell me?

he says he does not. So she brings up that he said he did a thorough investigation, so why isn’t Kang Sungmo’s interview here in this case. He told me at the orphanage that I should not waste my time on pitying them and reinvestigate the case. Her father says that they had all the vidence and the motive, how can he trust a kids testimony and reinvestigate?

Jisoo asks if that is it? there is no other reason? He says no. She tells him that she is going to reinvestigate the apartment case. Do not stop me. If you do then that means you are hiding something from me. Don’t disappoint me anymore. She leaves.

In the hall, she tries to call someone but they do not pick up. So she texts them to call her. Then her phone beeps, it is her sidekick mole. he found Kim Sunghee’s whereabouts, she lives on an island and there is a record of her treatment. But Sungmo already checked her records that morning. Jisoo wonders why SY is so late if SM already checked this morning? SY tells her that he has something else that is more important.

SY – Prosecutor Kang is taking a vacation this morning. I don’t know why, but his manager told me that we have to do everything by mail. Also, there are no dates as to when his vacation ends. 

JS – Huh? it is unlimited?

SY – All the prosecutors are upset because they cannot contact him anymore and think it is unfair.

Cut to Sungmo on a little ferry heading somewhere. 



At the police station, Jaein leaves her workplace and sees the mustang. She stops and thinks about everything that he said to her last night. Then she goes back inside looking solemn. Nam tells her that the CCTV is broken again. he looks at the screen and we see that one of the four images is off. He tells Yoon this so she answers the phone upside down as if she is completely in a daze (she is). Nam tells her that this was pretty comedic in a way but you should put something on your cheek to make me laugh. He smudges ink on her cheek. Then he tells her that the CCTV is broken again.

Yoon is super out of it so Nam checks her forehead and says that she has a fever. Daebong comes in right then, they think it is Ahn at first, so Jaein was really hopeful. Daebong says that he cannot contact Ahn, have you seen him? Nam tells him to go to his house not here. DB mentions Sohyun for a moment and then asks Jaein why she looks like that? Did her and Ahn fight? Jaein does not answer and just tells them that she will go on her police rounds.

While riding her motorcycle around, she is not thinking and almost hits someone. But she is able to swerve and avoid him, however she wrecks her motorcycle and has a hard time getting up. The man tries to help her. The bad guy is also  watching from a bus stop across from her and looks at the CCTV with a mask on.

Elsewhere, Ahn goes to talk to his father and mother. He pours soju on their grave and tells them that he never understood why he drank this bitter drink, but now he wants it as well.

In the polcie station, Daebon finally sees Sohyun and immediately takes her baby from her because he worries about her wrist. Sohyun says that her kid is shy and wont like it! But her kid actually likes Daebong a lot. Daebong ends up playing with the baby happily as Sohyun gets her wrist checked. She comes out and says that the doctor told her  not to use her wrist for a few days. So Daebong pushes the baby in the stroller as they walk off. 

On the way out, Sohyun sees Jaein limping in the clinic as well. So they go somewhere to chat. jaein tells Sohyun that she feels like she went from heaven to Hell in one day. They are both at their former teachers chicken place. The ex-teacher asks Daebong what is up with them. DB tells him that they both got injured. He wishes he could eat with them as well. But think it has something to do with Ahn. he thinks, if Yoon Jaein looks like that then Ahn should be unconscious.

Cut to Ahn’s trembling and bloody hand as he still sits at his parents tree. He thinks to himself that he might really be stupid. He thinks about this over and over again and has no answer.

Ahn – When I think about you, mom and dad, I also hate her. But…throwing her hand away….I can’t forget it… *crying*…. I know what determination she held my hand with….*tears*…..and it is not her fault at all…..*more tears*



Meanwhile, Jaein, Sohyun, teacher, and Daebong leave the chicken place. Jaein says she will head out alone, she wants to be alone. Daebong tells her  not to worry about Sohyun, she will take her back. They banter about that for awhile. Sohyun says a stranger is better than Daebong. He says fine, he will take her daughter home, she can do whatever. he gets in the car with the baby. 

Outside, they tell Sohyun that Daebong is a good guy. She says she knows, that is why she is doing this. Then she hops in the car and says goodbye to jaein and the teacher.

In the main polcie station, Seungyong (the sidekick) gets yelled at by Byungho about not doing a good job spying on his daughter for him. He should know that she is reinvestigating the apartment!  Seungyong tries to explain things. He tries to say all that Jisoo is up to nowadays like looking for the woman that has three new identities. Sungmo is also looking for her.

Byungho wonders what is up with that woman and the apartment. Seungong asks if he knows anything about that apartment? Byungho tells him to leave and then wonders if his daughter found out anything.


Ahn goes to the old apartment. On a sign it says that there is a renovation about to start, so please move out your belongings. Ahn goes up to the 7th floor and touches the concrete railing as he walks along the outdoor hall. But it looks like he doesn’t see anything.

Ahn – What happened back then, of course I shouldnt’ see it.

He rests on the concrete rail and sees jaein limping up on the ground floor. he quickly hides against the wall. He also looks pretty shook to see her. Their music starts to play as she goes to the same floor? Yep, it’s the same floor, she looks around the hallway of that floor and then leaves. 

Ahn follows her as she limps along the sidewalk But she stops and starts crying where she stands. He looks like he feels horrible. (Aw, this part is so touching). 



Elsewhere, Daebong finds out from Sohyun that Jaein’s father is the person that is charged with that fire case. Sohyun says that it looks like Ahn knows about it now. But even though it is shocking, how can he just not take phone calls anymore. It is not Jaein’s fault. Daebong says it drives him crazy. 

Sohyun tells him that he knew Jaein was the daughter of a murderer, why is he doing this? He knew her father was a murderer. Daebong tells her that Ahn’s parents died in that fire incident. This is news to Sohyun.

Cut back to Jaein walking home. Ahn has continued following her from a safe distance. She gets all the way inside so he looks at the foor for a moment and then goes home. His dog is there, happy to see him so he apologizes to him for leaving him alone and asks if he slept well. 

Ahn – *sighs* I don’t know who I am talking to.

Then his doorbell rings. It’s Daebong. Daebong comes up with the bag that was in the car. It is the bag that Jaein made for Ahn. He tells him that he is not sure if he will like it. Ahn thinks it is too cruel to look at it now so Daebong asks if he should throw it away? He will if he wants him to.

Ahn – Daebong, I thought I liked her a lot. Maybe I didn’t, I ran away too quickly. 

DB – It is not whether you like her or not

Ahn – Jaein told me, when we found the dead body in the carrier. She asked me if I thought about how the family members would feel. Jaein never talked about her father lightly. I dont’ know if I even considered her pain. With my ability, maybe I wanted to be a hero in front of her just to be cool. Her pain, her memories, I told her that I can take care of all of them. I made her hurt the most. I told her that I can rescue [her] but I hurt her the most with my own hands.

At home, Jaein’s aunt washes her foot and her injured leg. Jaein asks her why she raised her after her appa was arrested and kicked out from the neighborhood and all other family members avoided me as if I did it. Why did you raise me?

Aunt – You took me in, it is not that I took you in. When I got divorced, I had a baby. But maybe I didn’t think good things so the baby left. First, I thought it was all my fault. I cried and cried. After living with you, it got a little better. That little kid wants to live and survive with me. Yes, I should live and survive with her together.

JI – Sorry, I did not consider your pain because I was looking at my pain

Aunt – Everyone in the world has pain. they just survive and hide like that.

On the island, Sungmo opens a little package and the tiny gold ring falls out. he thinks about Ahn telling him that he saw him studying with his mother. You miss her right? Then he starts to think about his mother and how she told him that she would miss him so much if she did not see him. He holds onto the gold ring and closes his eyes.

But then we cut to the killer calling for Sungmo at the prosecutor office. They tell him that he is on vacation and to leave his information, but the man does not. Instead, he just says that he finally found….~. Then he looks up at a tall building.

At home, Jaein listens to the music box that Ahn made for her. 

In his place, Ahn takes out the gift that Jaein made for him. It is also a music box with two figures inside touching fingers.

In her place, Jisoo calls and says that she is in a hurry, is Ahn with you? I can’t contact him, this has not happened ever since middle school. Do you have contact from kang also? He disappeared. Jaein says that he came to their station early that morning.



Flashback to early morning where Jaein thinks she saw Sungmo. She runs to the street and calls his name. It is him. 

JS – So, he went to see you. Did he tell you anything?

Back to the flashback, they sit together in the station.

JI – Why did you do that? You knew everything about my father. You knew that. Why can’t you say that? You know Ahn’s parents died from the apartment case. How can you tell me to help him? I don’t deserve it.

SM – Yoon, listen to me carefully. I know your father is not the criminal.

JI – What?

SM – I can’t tell you why, but soon, it will all be revealed. i will make it happen.

JI – Kang, why do you think my father is innocent?

SM – because, there is another person that did it.

In the present, Jaein asks Jisoo who she thinks the real criminal is that Kang is talking about? If it is not my father, then who did it? Do you know? Jisoo says that she does not know in detail. But she thinks that kang’s mother, whom everyone thinks is dead, is actually alive. kang wants to check this out now. Jaein asks what she is talking about. Jisoo says she can’t explain it, she is also confused. But if Ahn knows that Kang disappeared like before, then she worries about him. So if you can contact him, let me know. i will call you later.

They hang up. Jaein remembers that Sungmo told her that they have a real criminal. She tells him that they can do it together, she has to do it. But Sungmo says that she should stay with Ahn, he might need some time, but he will be back soon. I will be also.

Jaein leaves her place quickly and literally runs into the killer on the street.

Meanwhile, Jisoo gets to the harbor, but misses the next ship. 

Kang passes by behind her in his car and drives away.

Ahn sulks at home. he goes to Sungmo’s room and looks through the CCTV map. He is able to psychometry the map and sees how Sungmo follows Jaein everywhere. Ahn holds his chest and wonders what is going on. Then he looks over the CCTV maps even more. On one of the pages, Sungmo left him a note that said, please take care of Yoon Jaein.

Ahn then psychometries more of Sungmo’s thoughts from this map. Then he goes into Sungmo’s room (maybe he wasn’t in his room before) and looks around. Jisoo calls him then. Ahn tells her that hyung is strange, he left something strange in my room and I can’t contact him.

Jisoo tells Ahn not to be surprised, Sungmo is on temporary leave. I think his mother is still alive. This morning he went to see Yoon Jaein and told her that her father is not the criminal and then he went to go find his mother.

Ahn – How can his mtoher be alive? that is nonsense.

JS – The two dead woman’s identity was used by his mother. She is the one that you saw in your psychometry with the thin ring. What is the strange thing in the room?

Ahn – he left a map. CCTV around the police station where Jaein is. He marked the locations with CCTV and no CCTV. And he told me to take care of yoonjaein.

JS – Ahn, listen to me carefully…



JS – …kang Sungmo told me, if you investigate deeper and deeper, important people will get hurt. He will destroy the people that Sungmo cares about. Sungmo worried about Yoon Jaein. 

Ahn drives away thinking about this and remembers jaein telling him that someone is destroying CCTV’s at her station, it is the 3rd time that month.

he gets to her place and bangs on the polcie door as he calls her name loudly. But no one answers. The music picks up as he grabs his phone to call, competely frantic. But then everything stops when he hears the music box melody playing on the side of the street. her phone is on the sidewalk and she is no where around.

Cut to jaein chained in a bathtub. Her arms and legs are tied up and the water is drip drip dripping very slowly.

Ahn touches the phone and sees jaein bump into the killer, he sees a clear image of his face as well as when he stabbed him and a lot of other occasions with him as he followed Jaein around.

Jaein wakes up in the tub, a bit lost looking and tries to get her chains off. But then the killer opens a plastic curtain to look into the room at her

Cut back to Ahn holding the phone and looking determined.

Ahn – It was that guy.

Fade Out

In the closing finger print image, there are two people now instead of one.



Oh snap, all that practice is about to be put to practical use with his loves life at stake. No pressure Ahn! Wow, I did not expect the killer to come for her so quickly, but I love it. One thing I would also love is if Jaein can break herself out without needing Ahn to come rescue her. Of course he should come rescue her by using his skills, but it would be nice if she can be pretty much escaped on her own and then he helps her continue escaping when he finds them.


Episode 11 preview is below!

SY – Can you open your trunk.


Ahn – Jaein should have left something for me. Some kind of footage.

VO – It could not be fair, because I can kill your woman

JS – Why is he keeping a secret from you?

SM – Ahn is not that crying little kid anymore when he sees bad things

Bad guy – Maybe you dont’ know anything yet

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