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He is Psychometric: Episode 1 Recap

He is Psychometric Recap 1
He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

This first episode was pretty good! It was fun, not that creepy, and established the background character motivations and quirkiness of the show well. I am looking forward to the next!

We are still trying to figure out how our schedule will rearrange with the time shift. It seems like we could keep recapping at 9am CST our time, but that will feel like 10am CST to everyone else who does not observe Daylight savings time. But we are also thrown off with when to watch the episode due to the time shift because it will air one hour later than we normally watch it (though still its normal time in Korea) which throws off our schedule as well. We shall see!

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A car drives up a dark street that is packed with cars. It is February 3, 2005 and 07:15 pm at an apartment complex. A man gets out of his car and goes inside with a gift bag. The banner says “Please do not park in the fire lane.” But a few cars have parked there.

An ajumma tells a security officer not to spread things without permission. The guard says it is because people do not cooperate. The woman asks if it is because their parking is bad? The guard says that their maintenance in the fire lane is bad, this is related to our safety. The woman calls him crazy and says that he is fired starting today.

Inside, there is a man carrying something heavy, he is dressed in all black. A woman sees him and hides.

Inside one of the apartments, a young boy is throwing a temper tantrum (Lee Ahn) because he wants a dog. The mom tries to cheer him up with a fake dog, but the boy says he wants a real dog. His appa comes in and says that perhaps they can buy one. He gives his son a big hug and lets him sit on his lap. Perhaps they can think of another thing besides a dog? So he says that he wants a little sibling. Lee Ahn starts eating candy that hisi father gives him, from a jar. It is old fashioned hard candy.

The mom is all like, maybe we can get a dog. She goes to the phonebook to check. 

Elsewhere in the apartment complex, the ajumma from before answers the door and knows the person. She asks why they are there, but is stabbed right away! We don’t know who stabbed her, but she is probably dead-dead.

In the hallway, Lee Ahn is walking with hisi parents and playing with a police badge and handcuffs. It belongs to his appa. His appa jokes for him not to take it and walks up the hall with Umma. But then Lee Ahn drops the candy and we see that it is 19:21:33 on the clock.

But we rewind several minutes to 19:19:00. Cut back to ajummas in the HOA association that were giving the guard a hard time. They were about to have their snack, but they are all dead now. The man set them all up in the room and made it look like they were having a snack and then left. He also put a lighter in the microwave and turned it on. It will blow up soon. The man leaves.

Lee Ahn is still heading out with his family. The note on the wall says that they need to keep the fire lane clear. They get into the elevator.

But the microwave explodes right then and the elevator stops. They are trapped inside!

The apartment complex starts to evacuate. There is another explosion. Appa is able to pry open the elevtor doors and grabs the leg of a boy that is in all black. The boy is around high school age and looks at him. Lee Ahns father tells him that they need to save his son! Another man runs up and helps them save the son just as the wire breaks on the elevator and it falls several flights to the bottom. The high school kid and the man ended up helping the boy. 

But they can’t go any farther so the high school kid breaks open the window and jumps several flights to a car so that it would dampen their fall. He saves Lee Ahn in the process. Lee Ahn bleeds from his head and the high school kid is out. His name is Kang Sung-mo. All the color fades away except the blood pouring from Lee Ahn’s head



We see Lee An again, he is looking at a door and smiling. His hands touch the door, it is at a mortuary. he is able to see what happened in it? He runs his hands over each door on the mortuary, we see his finger prints electrified and his hand skeleton is electrified as well. He touches all of the doors until he comes upon the one he wants after seeing everything that happened. Then he opens it.

Psychometry – The combined Greek word of Psyche (soul) and Metron (measurement). It is the ability to measure and interpret the soul of humans or objects.

Cut to a hospital. Eun Ji-soo is walking up the hall and talking to Hong Soo-yeon about psychometry. But the doctor thinks she is joking about it. But Jisoo says that they do not have any evidence or witnesses so I have to do it, it is not a joke. The doctor asks if the guy can see criminals if he touches dead bodies and he is here? Jisoo says that he should, he has to do it before prosecutor Kang comes.

They go inside to the crime scene which looks like it is an explosion and another fire similar to the one from 11 years ago. Kang Sung-mo is walking through the crime scene. He looks around and then starts to walk out as people run all around him.  The room is 701 that he was in.

In the hospital, Jisoo, Soo-yeon talk to Le An about three woman who all had a stab wound on their right side. This is the nursing hospital fire case that Kang was looking through. They think that these woman were killed first and then the fire was set. They ask him if he thinks he can do it. 

Lee an smiles and says of course. He pops his hands a few times and then reaches out to touch one of the woman and immediately sees the crime scene and room 701. he starts to think. 

LA – (They already know the room and that there was a fire, I need critical evidence). 

He goes to the next woman and touches her.

LA – (Who is she? The victim or the murderer?)

The name is Yoo Eun-ok

LA – (A little more, a little more).

He closes his eyes tighter and sees room 701 again. He also sees the fire. He sees 85C and 75A and 80B. Then he opens his eyes.

LA – What is this? What are these numbers?

Kang shows up to the hospital and heads up the elevator.

LA – Right before they died, they all saw numbers.

Jisoo and Sooyeon wonder what the numbers are. So Lee An tells them the numbers, they write them down. Sooyeon says that it is numbers and alphabet, it has a pattern. But she is  not sure about it. He says that it could be a dying message? Maybe the criminal lit a fire to remove this dying message. Sooyeon thinks that they have to know what these numbers mean.

Lee Ahn smiles and says that is all he saw, so noona, how is it? Can I join the team as a psychometrist? he smiles. He smirks and says that he did not realize until now that big power has big responsibility, I thouht it was inconvenient until now, but…I can…show my power like this.

He starts to dramatically hold his head. But then Jisoo tells him that he saw their underwear size. She shows him their underwear in police bags. Lee An wonders why he saw their underwear. Jisoo tells him that she will kill him and starts chasing him. But Lee Ahn says athat he saw a person with wings. Maybe it was the murderer? But Jisoo thinks that he is playing with her and wants to punch him. But Kang is there so they have to be very quiet.

The three of them hide in a corner. Lee Ahn asks what he should do. Jisoo whispers that he should tell him about what he saw! They go to the door and doctor Soo-yeon lets Kang sung-mo in in a seductive way. He walks right past her and to the bodies.

Kang looks at the bodies and then realizes that Sooyeon is acting strange and overacting and avoiding his eye contact. She tries to say that this situation bothers her because it is a copy of the apartment fire case from 11 years ago. We also see that Lee Ahn is hiding inside one of the mortuary doors. 

Outside, they start to talk about the fire case from the apartment. Kang reminds them tht he was a victim of that case as well, so cut to the chase, tell me abotu this case. You both went to the scene before me and also came to this autopsy room. Something important should be here. What did you find?

Jisoo tries to say that they saw their underwear and ….. were looking at it….so, what about you, did you find something? She tries to change the subject to Sung-mo but Sung-mo does not look like he is buying into it. Kang tells them that he found a witness. Jisoo asks, really? Is it the criminal? that woman with the ring? 

He says it is a man so Jisoo thinks, ah, a man. Okay, lets go meet the witness, lets leave now. She turns and heads out. Outside, Jisoo and SOoyeon dap each other but Kang does not go out and closes the door on them. 

They run back but Kang says that he has to check something. He goes right to the door that Lee Ahn is in and pulls it open. Lee Ahn smiles….hi hyung!

He tries to explain that he had something going on, there was a woman with a ring at the sight. Kang says that the witness did not say that. Then he asks Lee Ahn which one he likes? the dead body that was tabbed to death or chopped to death or drowned to death? Lee Ahn is all like, huh?

Kang leans in and tells him, if your ability is not the worst in the world, then you will see them inside, soon. I hope you show it to me.

he pushes him back inside that container. It looks like the little holding place he is in might have had people who died in those ways inside there. Lee Ahn holds his head up as long as is possible, but then he touches the bottom and starts to see all the pople. He tells Hyung to let him out! I am sorry! 

Kang tells him not to dare call him hyung. But it is in a playful way. Lee Ahn is still screaming inside the cell and faints pitifully.


Later on, a witness is being interviewed by Kang Sung-mo about the fire. He says that he is an insurance sales and need information from the patient in 702. He went there but heard a laugh in 701 and went to see. A crazy looking woman was laughing hysterically and stabbing the people in the room and sets a fire. the witness runs out and tells people that people are stabbed and the fire was set.

But the police ask him why he said this 2 hours after the incident. The man says that he thought other people told them. Kang asks why his leg is injured. The man says that he ran away and injured it. He was also guilty that he ran away and didn’t report right away. 

The police do not look like they believe him, but they might.

In another room, Kang briefs the team on the suspect who is the woman whom is in the hospital for a mental illness. She was kicked out for not paying the hospital bill so perhaps she killed everyone and set the fire because of that?

He sits around the table as Jisoo informs them all on the publics opinion. People talk more about the bad fire system then the murder or fire itself. The superintendent, Eun Byung-ho, says that people always talk about that. They think that people won’t talk badly about them and then he says that this is so fast. They made this special task force and solved this problem in 2 hours. Kang says he was lucky.

We find out that Jisoo is Byung-ho’s daughter, he looks proud of her. Jisoo also stands and says that they should not hurry about this case, even though they have a witness, she wants to reinvestigate the case before they make a public statement. her appa, Byung-ho, tells her that she need evidence to reinvestigate it. Jisoo says that they don’t want to rely on the sitness only, otherwise they might repeat that apartment case incident. Her appa yells that she should not bring that up!

But Jisoo says that the case is very similar as if this is a parallel world. there were a lot of female victims and it was covered up by a fire. Our prime suspect did not confess. That is why people talk about it. Kang Sung-mo is about to say something to Jisoo, but then Byung-ho stands up and asks, angrily, if she thinks her own father did not do a good investigation! 

He clears the room for everyone to go about the investigation press conference. Then appa and daughter talk about the case. He says they already have enough from their prime suspect with blood of the victims on them, what more do you need?

Outside, we see that Kang gives the public press conference and explains everything that happened. Outside, we see a wman walking around in all black and wearing a mask. She looks at the huge screen otuside where Kang is explaining eveyrthing to the public and then runs off. 

She goes down a flight of steps and then hops in a car with two older people. It looks like these people are her emo and a man. The girl removes her mask so we see that it is Jaein. her aunts name is Sookja.

they drive off in the old tiny van. Inside, her aunt asks if they have to do this much? Jaein gives her emo an address to go to. the emo asks if this is a place for her to stay now? Jaein says that it is not only that, she also has a place to work and school. Her aunt tells her that she is a veteran now.

They stop somewhere and Jaein hops out with her bag and walks off. She checks the ime and then heads to a bathroom where she takes off her hat and jacket and changes her clothing. But someone might be looking at her from a peephole. Yes, it looks like a creepy person is looking at her.

Jaein changes to her school clothing, but hears a strange sound. She looks around at all the stickers and then finds the peep hole. A kid in a red hoodie runsout and disappears, Jaein chases after him. Its a foot chase thorugh restaurants and onto the street.

Outside, Lee Ahn walks up the street wearing the same clothing as this guy. He is talking to a friend who is laughing at him for seeing the women’s underwear. Lee Ahn says that at least he saw something, I might start small but I end up big.

The guy runs past him and brushes against him so Lee Ahn reads his memory about this guy being a pervert. He sighs about seeing this kind of thing and then talks to his friend again.

But Jaein catches up to him and keps talking to him about how his stuff is developing little by little, if he sees everything at one time then it is not fun. The friend asks what his hyung said and is still making fun of him. Jaein is recording all of this. Lee Ahn says that he did  not say anything, he just ran away, sneaking in and watching it is big trouble already, should I tell him that I saw underwear?

The friend says that he is not his real brother so he can’t kick him out. Jein walk to the front of him to film him. Lee Ahn is all like, what is wrong with this girl, he walks past her and keeps talking to his friend.

But Jae in runs back to the front to keep filming him and asks if he is happy looking at women? Lee Ahn is started, huh? Me? 

Jaein plays back the recording and says that this is proof to your confession. Other woman start to crowd around and all look at him like he is a pervert. Lee Ahn starts to hink back and understands that she is the girl in the restroom.

She tells him that she did not tell him that she was in the restroom. She calls him a pervert jerk and is about to kick him in the balls. He stops her and immediately reads everything abut her. She leads a very mysterious life.

She tells him he is a pervert, how dare you touch me! He lets go of her leg and tells everyone that he really isn’t a pervert. But the cops show up at this point and take him to jail


In jail, Jaein tells them all that it really isn’t him! It’s not me! He tries to shake the jail bars, but everyone ignores him.

Jaein tells the cops about her evidence. The cops think that this is perfect evidence. She asks if he has a hidden camera and to text her he progress. She has to go to class now. She starts to leave. Lee Ahn tries to tell them that he is an innocent high school student! 

One of the cops recognizes him as Lee Ahn and asks if he is Lee Ahn. Lee Ahn says he isn’t and walks to the back of the jail. But this guy is Inspector Nam Dae-nam and says that everyone knows Lee Ahn in the other neighborhood.

Flashback to Lee Ahn beating up a lot of people as he is up against the wall. He fights off a lot of students. It is like one against 10.

VO – I thought he was dead or when to juvenile. But he became an innocent peeping tom? That is so unexpected.

Int he jail, the other officers ask if he is infamous? Dae-nam says that they hve big trouble, he does not like big trouble so let’s call Kang Sung-mo. Lee Ahn yeels for them not to call him! Just throw me in jail! Or hit me! they throw a magazine at him.

Jisoo comes to take him out and asks what this is about the restroom? Lee An says that it wasn’t him! He is not a pervert! Do you think that is me? She says yes, you saw all that underwear 85C and 75B and all that. 

He smiles and says that she should remove that from her memory. He also says that he will explain things using the Who What When Where Why laws of investigation. She is all like, what are you talking about? He tells her not to worry about it, he will figure it out. She just tsks.

In the car, she tells him that he will go to jail and after violating a lot of laws and tries to speak some sense into him about this psychometric stuff and how he will become a criminal and cant be a nonsense Psyhometrist. He tells her that she is the one that told him to do it. She said that he was jut a troublemaker so she wanted him to have a dream to look forward to! But what more can I do? I took you to the autopsy room and did not tell your brother.

LA – You should have told me that it was a copycat case. If I knew that in advance then I would have been more serious about it.

JS – It would be more embarrassing if you said that underwear stuff with all your seriousness. Anyway, don’t make trouble with this case and talk to your brother about it.

Lee Ahn jokes with her about his abilities and she tells him to be more serious, but i looks like they are on even footing again,


Cut to a school discussion where people talk about Lee Ahn and how much of a trouble maker he is. He had the worst grades at school but now he is in the top 15? How did this happen? He must have broken into the teachers room. One of the teachers says that she told them that someone broke in due to the lock being broken.

They argue for a moment about that but then start to talk about Lee Ahn gain. Another teacher says that they should just cut off the cancer. Cut to Lee Ahn jumping the school wall to enter campus. 

All of a sudden there are a lot of screams from the school as all the girls scram his name from the classrooms. The teachers realize that Lee Ahn must be here.

Lee Ahn starts to walk the campus grounds and is approched by his friend who talks to him about whether he wants some of his food and why he is so late. Lee Ahn says that he had some trouble. His friend, Lee Daebong says that there is big trouble. Lee Ahn says that if there is no trouble then going to jail as a pervert then don’t tell me. 

Daebong says it is bigger, my Seoul-eun broke up with her boyfriend! Maybe she realizes my value. What if she confesses to me! They keep talking about this girl that the friend likes. Lee Ahn mocks him with a fake Busan accent (the friend has an accent) and talks about a famous general. They both laugh but the friend wants Lee Ahn to do psychometry on her, you will only see me in her head. Lee Ahn is not that into it and says that he will only see the general.


Inside the school, we find out that Jaein is a new student to this school. She is moving in the last semester of her senior year. The teacher is actually thankful to have an A student like her who wants to go to Seoul University. She is perfect for it. Jaein’s wish in the future is to be a lawyer, prosecutor, or judge. Is your family into that?

Jaein does not really answer. The teacher asks fi she moved around a lot? Jaein says that she just likes studying quietly. The teacher jokes and says that this school is for people who don’t want to study.

One of the other teachers asks where that kid is (Lee Ahn). They talk about his being kicked out. The woman teacher says that they have a student here so she gets back to working with Jaein about her family background. But Jaein dodges the question and says that family background searches are so problematic due to discrimination against the kids in the classroom. She dos not want things like this to circulate. 

the teacher agrees and says that she also does not want to do it, but the school does not listen to her. They decide to just go to the classroom. Jaein goes to the bathroom first. Inside the bathroom, she is approached by a couple bullies. But she gives them no attention. She just pulls out a handkerchief that makes it seem like she is super rich and leaves.

Int he hallway, she has a flashback about seeing Lee Ahn when she sees him in the hallway. She walks behind him slowly as he goes to the teachers lounge. he trie to find who the math teacher is. Jae-in tells him who it is. He turns around in surprise.

She asks how he can be released so quickly. He tells her to remove her lawsuit or he will sue for defamation. She ignores him and is about to go into the teachers room. But he stops her and says that he understands that she can be misunderstood but has a hard time explaining it. The math teacher sees him though and pulls him away to talk to him at his desk.

Jaein goes back to the woman’s desk. The math teacher shows his new report card that is amazing. Lee Ahn does not even recognize that the person with all those good grades is his. then he remembers that he touched a smart kid during a test and found out all the answers.

The math teacher asks him what he was doing on a certain day at 5:30am. Lee Ahn says he was sleeping. But the math teacher says that they have CCTV footage of him crossing into the school. Le Ahn realizes that this was that day and says that he came to school on accident and then went back home. Math teacher asks if he comes to school on Sunday? He says that his teacher told him not to skip school anymore.

Lee Ahn wonders if today is a day for wrongly accusing someone? Is there a hidden camera? But the math teacher is upset at him and says kids like him are the ones that make people think that their school is bad. He tells him to bring his parents.

Lee Ahn tells him that his parents died, but the important thing is, whether he is kicked our or quits, he has no where to go. Math teacher asks ifi he is misbehaving because he is an orphan? Lee Ahn says that this is not important, his hyung told him that he has to graduate high school. That is the most important. I have almost graduated. Can you just give me service hours or something?

But the math teacher yells at him to leave and starts to hit Lee Ahn with his paper work. The other teacher yells at the math teacher about not hitting kids. Lee Ahn is pretty upset but just stands there. Jaein looks on with a bit of concern.

Cut to Jaein being introduced to the class, but they don’t care, so she goes to sit. The teacher asks where Lee Ahn is so they tell her that he went to the teachers room. As Jaein sits, it looks like another girl might know her.


Outside, we see that Lee Ahn has climbed to the roof of the school and sits here. He thinks that Kang saved him so he should not cause him trouble. he lays on a spread out cardboard box and thinks that this is not helpful at all, did he survive on his own to live like this?

In the classroom, Kim so-hyun gives Jaein her workout clothing. Jaein recognizes her. But Sohyun just confirms that it is her and leaves. Several other girls come in and starts to talk about Jaein and her father who is running for mayor. It is you right? Jaein tells them that she knows that they are curious about her, but lets take it slowly. She walks out.

then we see that she has a memory about girls making fun of her at her old school and throwing eggs at her, she starts to have a pani attack and runs to the rooftop to breath into a paper bag.

Cut to her father in jail looking at a photo of his daughter.

On the rooftop, Jaeim is also looking up the security guard. the security guard is actually the man that saved him from the elevator. He tells him that he used to be a firefighter and can save them. He is able to save Lee Ahn and then told him to stay with hyung (the high school student) and then went to the bottom to give the mother and father CPR. Lee Ahn reads all these stories.

But one of the news articles says that the security guard was pretending to be a hero and was actually the person that set the fire.

In the jail, the guard is being let out on probation.

In the policestation, Jisoo talks to Sungmo about the case and psychmetry and how Lee Ahn can do these things. Kang tells him that it is an ability that you cannot understand. Jisoo says that what Ahn saw bothers her. Kang tells her that it should not bother her. Was it about the woman with the ring? Jisoo says that she heard it from the autopsy doctor? 

Kang says that this was the firt time that Ahn psychometried a dead body, so I actually need time to think. Maybe he read the dead body as an object and not a human. When you psychometry a person, you get all their memories and big events that happened to them, their trauma. But objects are different. It is more objective, no emotions and more spontaneous. He thinks the ring person might just be someone that visited their room often, nothing important.

Jisoo thinks it might be the nurse! The nurse would have seen their underwear. What if it was the nurse. She would have given them their underwear right before death. Kang says that could be it. But he says it in a way that makes it seem like he doens’ really care. He asks Jisoo if she cares about Ahn’s ability or this case? She says both. Why make his ability and his case unimportant?

Kang tells her that he is not taking it easily. they go somewhere and he shows her a journal. 

Kang – You know that Ahn’s ability started from that fire case.

JS – You have observed him since then?

Kang – I told you, I am taking this seriously. Actually, you want to make him psychometric quickly and are the one that is not taking him seriously. 

JS – You should have told me. What about this case? why do you want to cover it up?

Kang – I am not covering it up, I am solving it.

JS – You are so careful, but you solve this with one witness?

Kang – It is just a fire case, it bothers me that you talk about the apartment case.

JS – Yes, a lot of people are in pain hearing about it.

Kang – Yes, those kinds of emotions.

Cut back to Jaein on the rooftop. She has calmed a bit and is eating the same candy from the beginning. She stands up and streches and sees an apartment in the distance. 

She has a flashback to the fire in the apartment. She watched it from outsid and saw Lee Ahn and Kang Sung-mo jump from the window.

In the present.

JI – I am running away, but I am still here.

Outside the police station, Jisoo asks Kang how long he will watch Ahn.

Kang – Until Ahn has someone that he really wants to use his psychmetry with. I also have someone I want Ahn to do his psychmetry with.

JS – Who is that person?

Kang – Maybe he saw her already.

At the school, Ahn jumps from the roof and is about to land on Jaein who is at the bottom of the other roof area. He is about to land right on Jaein!

They both look at each other in alarm as he plummets toward her.

Fade Out


So far it is pretty fun. I like it! I did not realize that the main people were in high scool. I’m glad I didn’t because I might have hesitated to check this one out (not in the mood for a high school story at the moment). Though the two main characters are in high school, it does not look like a high school set piece. It looks more like it will be set around the city of Seoul as they solve cases. The high school kids will try and get involved while the adults try to keep them out for a long as possible. Though the adults also realize that they will need Lee Ahn’s abilities at some point in the near future.


He is Psychometric Preview (above) and translation (below)

LA – Stop did you follow me to this school? You were very succesful

JS – I found it!

SM – You said you want to see me. Yoon Jaein, you have become happy

JI – It seems like you applied the answer to the question

Math teacher – what do you want?

Ji – He lives over there?

LA – woman? Pervert?

JI – Why are you drawing blood from your nose?

LA – DO you think I am a monster?

DB – What? You are going to touh the girl that think you are a pervert?

LA – Yes

LA – Teacher, do you know that girl who puts a cigaret in a tiny yellow bag?

DB – Yes! I did everything!

He is Psychometric Character Chart
He is Psychometric Character Chart
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