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Happy Chuseok Greetings from The Tale of Nokdu Cast

Happy Chuseok from the Tale of Nokdu Cast

Happy Chuseok! It is Chuseok (Full Moon Day) season in Korea, which is one of the biggest holidays in Korea. Think Thanksgiving in the USA. It is a time for traveling to be with family and loved ones which also means no working and usually no new TV shows airing. It is also a time where cast and crew send their greetings and Chuseok cheer all around.

Here we have the Chuseok greetings from the main cast of The Tale of Nokdu which will air in a couple weeks. Each cast member wrote their greeting on their photo next to their image. We have them translated below!

Happy Chuseok
Have a good time and be careful not to get cold!
And please look forward to our drama and watch it

Happy Full Moon Day
And please love The Tale of Nokdu a lot

Please be full of happy things during Full Moon Day!
And love Tale of Nokdu a lot.
– Kim So-hyun

The Tale of Nokdu is a cute drama that I want to check out just to see how this spoiled noble is able to disguise himself as a woman in a town full of them. It will be fun to see!

The Tale of Nokdu will premier September 30th. It will air Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS at 22:00 KST.


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