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The Great Seducer Recap Episodes 3 and 4

Quickcap Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer, episode 3 and 4
Quickcap of Episode 3 and 4 is below (typos galore, will fix later). We just did episode 3 and are posting it now. Episode 4 will be up soon.

How to Watch: On Demand Korea (as The Great Tempter)

SH holds SZ’s hand as they take in what just happened. Ki-young comes up to them and says he was so surprised, why did she tell Oppa? But SH just pushes him away. KY keeps talking to them and SJ tells him to shut up if he has nothing to say. But KY says he is just worried about his dongsaeng. SJ wants to know what he is worred about, what would he do if he knew it in advance?

KY keeps kneading her though, if he knew this in advance then he would tell her. SJ yells at him to shut up, doesn’t he have eyes, can’t he think? She is in hell right now. Everyone looks at him. SZ tells him it is okay, he can leave and go be with SH.

KY asks why she hangs out with them and SZ says that KY doesn’t like them because they aren’t smart and he puts his nose up at him. A kid like SJ who is rich with no brains and I am a friend of those stupid kids. So what do you call people who put their nose up at stupid kids but still hangout with them for money? What do you call them?

KY says she can be angry, but doens’t she want to have a drink with Oppa? She tells him that he shouldn’t call himslef oppa anymore with her. Suzi says she is an eyesore right, no money and no loyalty, so find someone else that matches you so you won’t be caught by crazy kids like us. Pick one…stupid or rude.

KY tells her that she is not in a condition to talk right now, see you later. He leaves and SZ stays there and continues drinking.

Four people are sitting around a lot of ceramic pots that are on display. They are celebrating the artists event the day before it opens. All of these people talk about the pottery and what will happen tomorrow, will they sell out? The pottery feels like her own children, but if she sells out then she will give all the money to her daughter. Her friends say that everything will be okay, she has good publicity for the event so it will be okay.

Then we see TH sneaking a peak inside the room. But she leaves and walks away, while leaving she bumps into SH who is angrily walking away. Someone spots her from the ceramic event and tells her to come in and say hi. Then we cut to TH meeting with her mother. She tells her mother that she got a full scholarship. She thanks her for giving her money, she will pay it all back. But Her mother rells her that she doesn’t have to pay it back. TH is upset at her mother though and tells her not to pretend to be a good mother. YW wants to know why her daughter is acting like this. She looks concerned as she looks at her daughter. But her daughter tells her that she is only a supporter, she can stop being a supporter now. how can you call your mother a supporter? TH says her support isn’t based on love. When you have a letter that I am dead, then come by and check on me.

TH keeps arguing with her mother, she sent them to Germany and never contacted her Appa, then she got divorced and gave all the guardianship to her appa. She never knew that and wished the three of them lived together on all of her birthdays. But she is an adult now and she is okay. Umma apologizes, she knows she became 20 but she was too busy with the expedition, sorry. But TH just replies, you sent me the cake right? She storms off.

SH is still storming away too. He gets in his car and recklesly drives away, but he just cicrcles the hotel over and over again. meanwhile TH is angry crying outside as she walks away from the hospital. SH doesn’t see her and is about to hit her, she screams and the car comes to a quick stop.

His head hits the steering wheel and cuts him, but he doens’t notice and gets out yelling. Why are you just crossing the street like that! But then he apologizes when he sees that she is crying. She says, don’t leave, don’t leave…and clings to SH’s legs. He looks annoyed and tells her to stand up. But she is having a flashback of a car leaving her and doens’t hear him.

Then she snaps out of it as she looks at him. She stands up and he tells her that he will pay for it all. He picks up her phone and puts his phone number in it, then storms off. But then SJ tells SH to come right away, Suzi is in trouble.

Cut to SZ with a broken glass, she is bleeding and telling her mother…how much more do you have to take from me. Flashback to her appa commiting suicide when she was younger? SZ starts yelling and SH tells her to talk to him. She sees his face and asks if he is hurt. He hugs her and tells her that everything will be okay.

Then we cut to SZ saying that the people that she loves always dissapear. SH says he won’t dissapear. SZ tells him that he and SJ are the only ones on her side. He tells her that he will always be on her side and hugs her, the mother watches this and then goes tot he bathroom to wash her hands.

TH’s umma is also sitting sadly and SH’s appa is looking at TH’s moms exibition poster. Meanwhile TH is limping as she walks home. MR starts crying in the bathroom as SH tucks SZ in. Her hands are bandaged now and so is his head.

Meanwhile JK president sneak peaks TH’s mom and then leaves.

SJ’s family lives in an enormous traditional house and SJ is busy getting beaten up by someone (one of his brothers?) It looks like he is getting punished for the car crash eve though it is SH’s fault. But the sister-in -law comes in and tells them to stop punishing the youngest. She begs them to stop. They stop and we cut to the ma ll sitting at a table with all their maids and wives standing around them.

halabogi tells someone to sit in SJ’s mom’s seat and SJ says that is his mothers seat. But halabogi tells her to sit there, but she needs to find a place for the youngest to go to college. The woman says she will do her best, but then she puts her nose in the air as she walks by all the other mothers. Perhaps she was acting earlier becasue it looks loke no one likes her at tht table.

The mother puts a doorlock on SJ’s room with a password, it look slike he might be locked in. SJ calls his friend and says that they have one of the best actresses in Korea in their home, he mocks her to SH and tells him that he is locked in his room. Then he tells SHthat he can stay at his hotel room longer since SJ is trapped at home. he asks about SZ but they both haven’t talked to her yet.

Then we cut to SZ who has woken up, it looks like she doens’t remember what happened. He mother comes into her room and asks her how long it has been since she took her medicine. Her tranquilizer doens’t agree with alcohol, you won’t know what you are doing or when. SZ want her mother to speak quickly, she should have told her. She knew that her HS daughter took mental medicine but she didn’t talk to her about it because she didn’t drink? The mother thinks taking medicine is healthy and she asks her daughter who gives it to her. She says it is her medicine, she didn’t know that?

SZ smiles at her mother and says she has a headache. She leaves and tells her mom to go to work.

Two women are paying their respects at a temple, it looks like it might be a funeral. The older woman cries and SW comes in just at that time to see her. They all walk out together and the mother tells her son to have some self discipline and take care of his body well. His niece tells him congratualtions for his wedding but the mother just asks him if it was his idea to break the news like that? It looks like they want to roll out a drug, but it is difficult, that it the only reason the mother is approving of this marriage. She tells him that he is in the VP position becasue of Si-hyun. All the things his brother didn’t enjoy is all for Si-hyun.

the father says Si-hyun wants to do something else, but the grandmother says that kids are all the same, he was also the same and his brother was the same as well. But they will ake on the job as heir becasue that is their job. Si-hyuns mother died like that all because of you, so he won’t listen to you, but don’t push too much. If you are not confident then Yun-min can teach him. Yum-min says she will tell him that she will guide him well when she meets him.

SW talks with one of his secretaries, the secretary tells him that they stock went up after the announcement, all the board members and share holders like this announcement, it was a good decision. SW nods, the timing was good and it was all Mi-ri’s plan. Hea sks the secretary to check out if Mi-ri even has enough time to get married.

Then SH comes in, he is there to ask a favor..he had the car accident. he wants his father to call SJ’s family and says that his son had the accident. The father knows all this but he doens’t care, he just wants SH to keep the promise he made when he kicked him out. He doens’t care what he does, he should just stay away from him. If he was so angry then he should have just driven the car off of a cliff.

SH retorts, it has only been 2 years since Mom died, do you know that? His father gets up and walks up to him, he asks him if he is confident that he is a good son. He enjoys everything because of his parents, but we shouldn’t matter in your life? he has been the most pathetic person ever since he has been born, do you know that?

The secretary tells SH that the weding date hasn’t been set, but it will be soon. The grandmother also granted it to expand their phamaceutical buisiness. SH wants to know about his mothers cultural foundation, but the VP hated that foundation so it looks like it might not go thorugh.

SH nods and leaves. he walks out and sees a pretty ceramic vase. Mini flashback of him and his mother looking at this vase, he wonders why she likes it. It has no name and no artist. She says that when she sees it, it reminds her that she owns this place.

SJ is still locked in his room. One of his hyung-nims (sister-in-laws) comes in and gives him some packages. She says internet shopping is good if you are trapped at hom. He laughs and says she is the only one that knows him. then we see him breaking out of his room with a red rope that it looks like his sister in law gave him. But he can’t really break out well so he falls and sprains his ankle.

But somehow SJ is able to make it to his friends hiding place, so the three of them chill out awkwardly. Sj is the only one who is jovial, the other two are depressed. SJ wants SZ to put the medicine on for him, but she just throws the mirror at him. they tell him he shouldn’t have sneaked out, he will get in more trouble. But SJ says he had to come out becasue he didn’t know how SJ and SZ were doing. It is weird that they are beciming family so he had to see them.

SJ says he has a lot of brothers and they have a war of brothers everyday of the year. Sh basically says family isn’t great because they want something from you…how to kick them out or how to get more. SZ thinks her mother shoulnd’t know that SH left his home, if she knows it then she might be super happy and think that she can have your portion also.

They think this is the end of the three of them playing together, can’t they just protest this? Is there any other way? SJ goes to the bar limping and SH sees SH’s hand. He syas, perhaps we should get married first?

SZ looks at him and SJ says, yes! That is it! It doens’t matter who gets married first, it is still family. But SZ tells SJ to go away, she is not in the mood for jokes. Does he really hate that her mom will become his mom that much? SH says he can’t seduce her mother and SZ gets angrier. But SJ tells them that they shouldn’t fight. SZ wonders what would happen if she becomes wife of JK group? SJ says it is easy to report a marriage, you just go to the courtroom. But SZ thinks she will become like her mother who has everything. He says she already has it.

SZ tells SH that she knows he wants to make his dad angry, but don’t put her int he middle of it. They keep arguing about this back and forth. SJ says divorce is more complicated. SZ tells them that they should search MJ Hospital…divorce…suicide…company falls…search that and you will know everything, it follows me around forever but you want me to go through it again?

They decide to stop talking about it and go back to their lives. SJ puts on his jacket, he wants to go see some ladies. He smiles and leaves. SZ yells at him and then looks at SH still sitting there.

SZ goes back and sits with SH, she wants to know if he really will marry her. He said yes. She says this isn’t like asking him if he wants to drink juice, this is marriage. She doesn’t like it. He tells her that she has never seen a real marriage, why doens’t she like it? He walks over to her at the bar.

You, me Seju, we won’t be able to get married by our own will, that is why we don’t want to do those things. If we get married, it won’t be an ideal marriage. This family marriage is a joker card that the parents akwired, we should use it as a weapon. You can use me as the joker, if you want to divorce then we can divorce, if you want anything, then take everything, I don’t care.

You tell me to use you and my mother is using your family, so that meand that you should use me also. You pity me.

No I want to protect my own interests, it is a deal.

Why do you make a deal?

Do you still like me? If the thing you want to protect is our friendship and not love then it is a fake marriage

It is not fake

So can you kiss me?

Fade Out


SH asks her if she is testing him, like she did before? He walks up to her and is about to kiss her but he asks her if she thinks he can’t do it?

Flashback to Suzi playing a cello at school and looking over her music. But a girl walks by and starts talking about Suzi’s father trying to kill himself and still being in jail. Their company crashed but the daughter and mother have a strong mentality. The mom is on TV as a successful person and the daughter is playing cello. But they laugh in the hallway and SH stares at them which makes the girls leave.

He goes inside and tells SZ to not cry. He says she wouldn’t have cried at all if he didnt come. He starts to sharpen her pencil and they talk about how the girls are jealous. They joke about it and SH asks her if she would like to date her, let’d date. But she asks him if he pity’s her? He says yes. She says no one will touch her if she dates him, because her mom is his moms doctor, so he is thanking her? He asks when she will be able to trust others, when will that be fixed. But she says she doenst like it, those relationships will break. But she tells him that he can hiss her once. He is nervous as he swallows hard and stands, he tries to kiss her, but he stops and she looks at him and smiles. They both laugh.

Cut to SJ in an elevator thinking about marriage and his two friends. he gets off the elevator and tells someone on the phone that he should cancel the meeting today.

Upstairs, his friends are about to kiss, but they don’t. SZ tells him to show it with something lese. The game with the scholar that they talked about. But SH comes up to her again and tells her that he an be her shoulder as softly touches her face.

SJ comes in is so relieved that his friends are just sitting and not doing anything inapproprate. He asks them what they have been doing, are they dont talking? MR goes into the building and sees the ceramic vase, then she turns and keeps walking in. She goes to meet with SW, the JK president and they sit. He asks her if SZ is okay and she says that she shouldn’t have let her know that way. But when she is angry, at least she looks like her daughter again. She thanks him for asking her about it. He says MR has a soft spot and she smiles.

But then they start talking about Si-hyun. MR wants to know how he is doing now. But SW doesn’t talk about him. He starts talking about business and says he met with the chairman (his mother) and she was worried if the drug can roll out. Because of that drug, our KJbiocenter should be able to grow. MR tells him not to worry about it, she will take care of it. he jokes that he didn’t know that she would break the news at the event and she says it is becaue he didn’t proporse to her. He retorts, it isn’t becaue you want your company to go public?

She apologizes and says he took it well though it isn’t becaue of that and she didn’t know he was thinking of things that way. He gives her something and says, he didn’t formally propose. She opens it and inside the case are a diamond necklace and earrings. he smiles and she smiles as well.

Meanwhile SH leaves and gets a text that his mothers old car is waiting downstairs. he hops into it, it is a bright red BMW convertible that is red from head to toe. The seats are red as well. he thinks back to SZ and him almost kissing. She says that he has to make her (TH) like him and lot a lot. he tells her that i sounds like her story. But that upsets her so she kicks him and he falls to the ground. he tells her that he understands, he will make her love him and he will dump her right after that.

At home SZ sits in a buble bath contemplating the plan and what SH said…how can (she) not like him (there was no subject in that sentence)?

SH goes to a house, perhaps the house his appa picked for him. All his boxes are there as well as the invitation to the event. he remembers that it was TH who droped the letter. He starts drawing in his new place and we cut to his friend SJ who has a brand new shiner on his eye.

But SJ is still in a jovial mood as he asks SZ to buy him lunch. SZ says fine, but he has to wear glasses so people don’t think that she hit him. then they get a text with the scholar and TH also just happened to go into the buiding at the same time. They notice her and we cut to TH at a meeting with someone.

TH talks to a sunbae about her dorm room and then she leaves the meeting. (Okay, it looks like we are dealing with scholars vs rich people int his drama. So Scholars thinks the chaebols are stupid because htey are dumn and chaebols are jealaous of the scholars because they are smart and successful, but the scholars nee the chaebols for their money).

TH leaves all smiling and happy. She runs into MR and says hello, she is one of her scholars who is there for he paperwork. TH thanks MR a lot and then leaves, seh looks so happy. But when she leaves, MR wonders why this girl looks so familiar.

Meanwhile SJ is waiting for SZ in teh lobby. he thinks TH is so pretty and things Ki-young has high standards. SZ calls teh college and disguises her self as TH, she asks when move in day in and tehy tell her. But then she meets with her mother and tells her that she opposes her marriage. her and SH are best friends! MR thinks it is good that they are best friends, she was worred that he was someone that she bullied. She doens’t know what her daughter is angry about though, if she is quiet then she will be JK Groups daughter. She won’t have to do anything because she will have enverything.

The mother asks SZ, does she like SH? At her age, whoever they like is a friend. She shouldn’t complain. They argue back and forth about this, does her her father know that she is remarrying? SZ tells her mother that she doesn’t want her to get what she wants. The mother says she won’t give up and SZ says she knows, but it won’t go the way she wants. She says that she can find a way to block her if she waynts, she can get whatever she wants because she raised her that way. SZ says that she understands she is her daughter, but she is differen, she doens’t play games to get those kinds of things. She leaves and thinks that SH needs to work hard to seduce TH.

SH gets ready at his home and goes out. He gets a bouquet of roses nd pactices apologizing to TH before ringing the bell. But Kyung-ju’s mother comes out and startles him. She wants to know why he is there, she thought about him a lot. Ar the flowers for her? He shouldn’t be in that area for long because the other ajumma’s are watching.

Then we see her daughter and TH walking upth street. TH sees SH at her friends house and quickly turns, she wants to take her friend somewhere else quickly. But SH sees them and says that he has to see TH. He jokes with them a little bit but then we find out that KJ has something to talk to Sh about and ask Th to go to the ddukbogi cafe without her. TH leaves and wonders what she should do. Does KJ know? She shouldn’t have a triangle relationship with her mother and SH.

Th turns around and watches her friend talking to SH. KJ is so upset because she figure out that SH made out with her mother so she falls on the floor crying. SH is awkward toward her and leaves so TH thinks that he is a bad guy, he didn’t even soothe her? Poor KJ was dumped again.

Na-yoon calls Gun-sook and they start to talk about Hae-jung tutoring and how she saw her mother get a bouquet of flowers. KJ goes inside and wonders who gave her mother those flowers but the mother just plays it off like she doesn’t understand. KJ goes to her room and talkst to TH about SH going to her haouse to talk to her. Th doesn’t want her friend to be involved with him and she says that goes without saying. Th tries to figure out if he told her that he kissed her mother . They get off the phone and TH wonders if KJ really liked SH, what should she do? But she thinks maybe she shouldn’t get involved with SH.

SJ and KJ are online friends, so SZ also asked KJ for a friend request. So now SH is linked with them as well. SH thinks this is so strange, he would have never thought that Th would be linked with Na-yoon noona. But he is still confident.

Then we the first efforts of SH trying to act cool and woo TH, but TH ignores all his efforts. he tries to act cool at the bus stop, but she ignores him….he tries to look at what she is doing, but she ignores him….they get on the bus together, but she ignores him. But then the bus swerves and pushed them together, they almost kiss….but it is only his imagination. She asks if he can let hre go and some other people in the bus chuckle at him.

A person is about to get off the bus so Th is about to sit but then SH sits in teh seat right away. However a pervert gets on teh bus and stands next to TH, he treis to touch her hand but she pushes him away. Then SH grabs this guy and pushes him outside like a chivalrous man. Everyone in the bus thinks he is so cool but TH thinks he made a plan with that guy.

Cut to the guy outside texting SH, their plan didn’t go the way they wanted, but he should still be paid.

Th thinks SH is planning something, why is he showing up at all her locations. But SH says she should recognize him becasue this is the third time they have met and the second time they have met on a bus. He tells her that it is nice to meet her Eun Tae-hee, and smiles.

Fade Out

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    Right! I don’t know what it is but this drama just has crack drama written all over it! It is all kinds of cheesy and sappy and over the top and yet……I LOVE IT. I don’t know what it is, maybe it is just the zeitgeist of the moment, but I just really feel like watching a drama like this that has no bearings on reality.

    Right now all the other dramas out are pretty failry realistic. I think Waikiki is the only one that is over the top, in the best way possible. But this drama in particular is just so cringeworthy and yet so watchable somehow. It reminds me of Boys Over Flowers. That drama was so unrealistic and yet I was hooked.

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