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The Great Seducer Quickcap Episodes 1 and 2

The Great Seducer Quickcap Recap Kdrama Episode 1
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Here is the quickcap of episode 1 of The Great Seducer! This is not edited so it is all over the place with grammar and spelling and all those things. Some of the wording might be off as well, but we just wanted to post it quickly so all the people watching raw can get an idea of what is going on. I’ll go back and edit later. Part 2 is coming up!

How to Watch: On Demand Korea (as The Great Tempter)

UPDATES: Did a quick round of edits to remove some glaring errors.

We open at a high school, the young man speaking says he is a dangerous animal..when his hand touches you, you turn to unforeseeable darkness. Then we cut right to a club with women dancing all around him. He continues…

The shaking of a bean is from the tip of a branch.

We see the image of the student who is reading pop up on screen:
Shi Hyun – Heir of KJ Group
A 19-year-old has this gaze

You blossomed without any name…and fall down.

Another image of a beautiful girl:
Suzi – Head of Student body
The crazy girl in this
The most beautiful woman celebrity in the world

This unnamed darkness that comes to your eyes
Your memory starts to light one by one
I cry all night
My cry becomes a sudden tornado this night

Another image of a young man getting beaten up and smiling about it:
Se-ju – a living guilty pleasure
He only knows two words in English, Love & Se…

My sudden tornado will shake the tower
and sneak into stone and become a crack
My bride who covers up her face

We see the last image of a young woman, but then we cut back to the high school room without finding out who she is.

Shi-hyun stops reading and sits down. All the girls look at him as he broods and looks out the window. They are all smitten by him.

We cut to a beach. Suzi meets with a girl there. They sit and talk as they look at the ocean. The girl talks and tears up, why did he do that when he told me he likes me? Suzi tells her to wipe her tears, he uses this. She gives her a handkerchief and tells her to forget everything and think that he is dead. You never know when he will show up. The girl wants SZ to tell SH that she will wait for him forever. But Suzi says he has to take the SAT’s. The girl is all like…he is a high school student? Suzi smiles and says that he failed it 3 times so he has to go to the army. The girl says she will visit him. But then Suzi tells her, Eunnie, don’t do this for a man. But eunnie asks Suzi, have you ever loved anyone?

Flashback of the girl falling in love with Shi-hyun.

SZ acknowledges her feelings and wonders how many girls hearts he has broken. She tells the girl to have a happy life. The girl cries, he is so bad! I hate him and I love him so much. SZ gets up to leave and the girl hugs her…I’m sorry.

Meanwhile, SJ and SH are watching this scene unfold a little ways in the distance. They say that this woman is a lawyer with his families group. It looks like she is one of their lead lawyers. SJ says that this noona looks like she suffered a lot, why did he do that?

Flashback of SH seeing that the lawyer was dating his dad. SJ understands, when he thinks of SH’s mom, he would also remove whoever that person is too.

The teacher thanks SH for reading the poem in class and hands him the book. The poem (or the book?) is Can I sleep at your place? SZ thinks that title sounds very seductive. But they tell her that she doesn’t know poems because she does music. But the girl says her grades are top. The teacher smiles and SZ says that she might not have time to read the poem because she will be with SH. SH and SZ put their heads together as if they will kiss and the teacher watches them in shock…SZ notices and asks her if she will watch them kiss? But SH tells Suzi to not think about her. The teacher storms off and then SZ pushes SH off and says that she saw it, the teacher is jealous.

Then Seju comes by and takes their lollypop. Another student comes by and tells SH to study, his mother in heaven will be sad. But then he says it is a joke, haha. he leaves, but SZ is mad and throws a trashcan at the boy which lands right on his head. She says that was a joke also, you trash, and she leaves. The three best friends walk off with SH putting his arm around SZ. SJ tells her not to do things like that or she will get in trouble. But SZ tells him that he is peaceful for no reason. SH calls them both useless, why are they fighting again. But SJ says, no, he loves her so much and kisses his hand and SZ’s cheek. SH hits Seju quickly and SZ yells that she will kill him as she hits him.

The graduation party looks like it is of a very rich school. Everyone drives expensive cars and are dressed well. A symphony even plays for the families as the graduates walk around. One of the students takes a photo with her teacher and a pervert teacher comes up and says to take a photo together, but he pinches the girl’s arm in an uncomfortable and inappropriate way. SZ comes along and sticks something in the man’s arm which causes him to release the other girl. SZ talks to this man about the future, what will she do with this skill set? This man is pretty smug as he talks about her father in jail. He looks at a pregnant photo of his wife on the cell phone. Then SH comes up and tells him, if the baby doesn’t look like him then it will look good. SZ tells the teacher, you never know how life is, if you want to do a DNA test them come to our hospital.

But then she sees another man and looks concerned/sad. Flashback to 4 years ago. SZ is younger and is getting an art lesson. The teacher tells her that she needs to feel the drawing as well, the flower is soft. SZ gets stuck by the thorn and the teacher starts to check her wound. She tells him that she likes him and she doesn’t want him to change. She pushes against him as if she will kiss him, then we cut to the mother giving him some money. The art teacher leaves and angrily tells SZ to study and not look for a man. She is stunned and drops her vase which shatters on the ground.

At the graduation, she gives the art teacher a present, the same present that they are handing out to everyone. He thanks her for it and leaves while she thinks that he is lying.

Another limousine pulls up and Sj gets out like he owns the school. He is wearing some huge blue velvet jacket with Wonder written on it and marches into the school like a superhero. But he is hung over. A woman comes up to him and tells him that he came, their youngest brother-in-law. Sj says the owner of the school shouldn’t tell graduates not to come to the graduation. Then he says ladies first and lets a little girl go in. he doesn’t want to take the elevator with that woman since they don’t even eat at the same table.

SH talks to SZ as he decorates the Christmas tree. SH says the Korean teacher and their teacher are dating. SZ says, if the rumor is wrong, then his bike is hers. She asks him if he would like to see a movie. It is not right if those perverts get promoted, so she shot a movie to catch his bad hand moves. It is a revenge movie. She shows him a sexy video and they ask her if she will release it, she shouldn’t play this gently. Then we cut to the school. SH gives their teacher an invitation to the hotel and then acts like they work for the hotel.

At the graduation, suddenly the video of the two teachers making out is shown on the overhead big screens. The art teacher looks at the Korean teacher as this video of the Korean teacher and the other pervert teacher passionately kissing is shown to everyone at the graduation. The woman from earlier tells someone to get some evidence that SJ shot the video and is showing it to everyone. Cut to someone running up the stairs to take a photo of SJ while everyone laughs and cheers at the graduation.

After the graduation, the young girl from earlier runs down the stairs to talk to SZ, she wants to tell them, thank you, you guys did it, right? That is so cool. How about taking a picture together? All 4 take a photo together with this shy girl. This shy girl’s name is Kyung-ju (KJ) and she likes Seju (SJ). SJ smiles at her and they leave.

Then SJ asks SZ if she wanted to get her revenge on the art teacher, but SJ says that they did get revenge on the art teacher because his wife was having an affair which means that he isn’t so good in bed, right? SZ yells at him but he says it is right isn’t it? But SZ says she will teach him a lesson, the best kind of revenge is taking the most important thing from someone. The person who loses the most important thing instinctively knows how to get their revenge.

They keep walking out of the school when SJ tells his two friends that they should sleep together once, just once, don’t make all this drama. But they both say for him to shut up and SZ puts him in a headlock. But she pushes him away when a young man (Lee Ki-young) gets out of the car and smiles at SZ.

They ask her if she will leave with him and she says that he came here so she will go with him. They tell her not to make trouble and she tells them not to call her. Bye-bye. But still, they wonder why she is dating that guy, SH thinks SZ will kick him to the curb later. Do you want to workout a little?

Two young women walk into a bar and flip their hair as they show their cards and tell the man that they can drink now because they are adults. These two are Eun Tae-hee (TH) and Ko Kyung-ju (KJ). It looks like TH didn’t go to high school? KJ starts to mention all the uncomfortable things people ask her about her mother and how no one thinks they look alike or that she is the real daughter because she is so ugly. But then she happily starts to talk about these 3 crazy kids who made a big mess at her graduation party. TH sees through the story and thinks her friend likes one of them.

They yell at the ajusshi to give them some stronger alcohol so the ajusshi brings it, but he isn’t happy about it. The girl asks if she should have double eyelid surgery, but he doesn’t have it either. TH doesn’t want her to get the surgery, what if he doesn’t like her? It will be embarrassing, what if you confess your love after your surgery and he dumps you? Don’t just fit yourself to every man you like, men are nothing. You won’t die if you don’t date. But KJ just says that SJ is super duper handsome.

SJ calls SZ from a club, but she says she isn’t going to hang out with them so stop calling her. Sj tells SH that SZ isn’t going to hang out with them. Then they run into another sunbae who tells them to hang out with him and signals for them to follow him upstairs. they both smile at the sunbae and we find out that this sunbae doesn’t know who SJ’s family is, that is why he likes him.

Then we cut to a woman sobbing hard in a private room in the club. It looks like it is KJ’s mom. She is surrounded by people and is so sad that everyone compares how she and her daughter looks, she even had to lie about her graduation party? Maybe she will be able to go to her college graduation party, she won’t be so pretty because she will be older, right? They say yes, but then the mother starts crying again because her daughter isn’t replying to her KaTalk. All the people start to leave as SH and SJ come into the room. They all start to stay there and drink again (because KJ’s Mom is paying for everything).

Meanwhile, SZ is sitting with four other people and talking about their first love. SZ says she is her dates first love. IT looks like everyone here is from a chaebols family. The man pulls SZ away and tells her that she is an adult now so he needs to make sure their relationship is clear. He is just Oppa, her mother asked him to take care of her college exams, that is why they kept meeting. The high society network is small, you don’t know what it means since you are still young, but it doesn’t help both of us if people think we are dating. She wonders why he is telling her that here. He says he thought about it a lot since he likes her, but her mother’s hospital is not rich enough and doesn’t have enough prestige. She wonders why he met her? He says he didn’t want to tell her this, but after her father went to jail, her family wanted his families law firm but his father refused it. If they took the case then he wouldn’t be in jail, but your mom is great because even though that happened, she still picked me as your boyfriend…you really didn’t know anything?

He leans in and whispers to her…from now on, you should pick someone who socially matches as your boyfriend, it is important for you to know that. then he leans back and asks her if she wants to drink something else? She is dumped. SO it looks like all the friends gathered there just to mock her. She leaves and goes to the hospital

She confronts her mother who isn’t wearing shoes and is eating some rolled pang. She sits on the couch. Her mother says she is sorry she didn’t attend her graduation party, did she see anyone today? he mom is smiling and working. SZ says she wants to go home and the mother says she will go home later. She also says she wanted to stop SZ from meeting him. SZ says that boy told her to find a realistic man for her situation and he was sick because they didn’t match at all. the mother says she thought he was smart, but why did he tell her that. SZ asks her if mom asked his families law firm to take on the case and if they took it, would appa have stayed out of jail and she wouldn’t have dumped him. the mother says she didn’t dump appa, she was just protecting the hospital. SZ storms out and the mother sighs.

All the people in the club ask where the money ajumma is, she should pay and leave. then one of the women starts to hit on SH. The woman comes back and says that her seat is gone so she sits in another spot. But then SH tells her that she should sit next to him. The woman gets up and goes to sit next to SH, the other woman is kicked out. The young girl says Sh knows society well to treat the old sunbae well, but SH says she thought they were friends. he turns on his seductive charms and tells them that he is old enough to call them noona, are they mad that he is using banmal? But they say they aren’t. Cut to SH looking a little drunk later, he tries to avoid KJ’s mother, but she stops him and asks him if she can call him later. He asks her why she cries, it makes him sad. She tries to kiss him but SJ shows up right at that moment and kisses SH’s cheek first and tells the noona, see you.

But then SZ shows up looking distraught. They all leave in a limo and SZ fills them in on what happened. That jerk mocked her mother, but she still feels sad about the breakup. How can they pay him back? How can he mock someone else’s Umma? Is her mother really bad? They all tell her no, they are on her side. She thanks them and they say they didn’t feel good when she told them that she would go there.

KJ and TH leave the bar a little tipsy. TH sees a gift that her mom left her, it says happy birthday, I am a little late – Umma. But TH thinks it isn’t from Umma, but from another Emo. They go to KJ’s home and sit in her room with the birthday cake. The friend asks her how long she will send her mail to her house? The friend lights the candle and tells TH that she should take her mother’s money and go live with her appa. But TH says she doesn’t want to live like that. TH turns her attention to her cake and says she will give her friend one candle, she can wish whatever she wants. KJ says she wants to date someone, she wants to be in love where she is the leader in the love, not the follower. Then TH secretly says her wish and blows out the candle, you have to keep the secret to yourself, then it will be realized. The friend says, what about me! So TH tells her to do it again.

Meanwhile, SH meets with his father, it is an uncomfortable meeting as both sides glare at each other. SH isn’t going to the college that his father wants him to go to and the father shows him a DNA test, it is evidence that he is not his son. He didn’t grow up as he wished and he doesn’t’ expect him to change so he should live quietly. SH asks how long he has known this, he is amazing; has he hated him in his mind all this time? The father says that people will think that he is just putting him out into the world without his protection, so he will support him with enough money.

SH tries to hold back his tears as he hears this. The father tells him that he should come to his funeral, that is his only condition. They are the only ones who know this and the father shouldn’t have to tell him how to behave, if he has a question then he needs to ask it to his dead mother. SH has a week to answer, but SH says he doesn’t need a week, he agrees.

SH storms to his room and sees the photos of him and his mother, he looks at all the photos as well as all the art awards he received when he was little, but he turns his back on all of that and leaves (hmm, his place looks the same as JSH’s house in Radio Romance). SH walks off gloomily down the street. It is morning, kids are getting on the bus to go to school and people are cleaning the street. SH sits at a bus station where TH is studying. But he doesn’t talk to her, he just pulls out the DNA test that says he doesn’t match. Then we cut to SH drawing something while SH makes the test into an airplane.

Mini flashback to SH and his mother in the hospital. She is looking at something and he asks her what it is. But she says it is nothing and she tells him that he should fold things when he worries, he can fold something and all his worries will go away. She starts folding the paper into a plane.

So in the present, SH folds the paper into a plane and throws it. It flies and spins to TH which causes her to notice him. She wants to give it back to him but he just walks onto the bus like a zombie. He doesn’t have any money though so TH pays for him. He thanks her and sits and TH tries to give him his plane back. He says she can keep it, it is his last will. She thinks that is not so great, if he needs something then she can help him. He tells her that she should keep it, but don’t open it. He gives her a book also. He tells her not to read it now, but she can fly it a few months later.

Then he thinks back to his mother in the hospital and starts crying. It is another flashback of him and his mother celebrating a birthday in the hospital. He wonders why they celebrate their fathers birthday in the hospital but he never celebrates their birthdays. But then he is brought out of his tearful thoughts as he hears a steady banging behind him and turns his head. The banging is coming from TH who has fallen asleep and is inadvertently banging her head against the window. This was a pretty emotional scene that was made light by TH on accident. She misses her stop and runs off, but in doing so she drops her invitation letter to a party (pottery party?).

Meanwhile, SZ is sulking at home in a gorgeous dress when SJ shows up with some ice cream. She yells at him, she wasn’t upset so why is he bringing her ice cream! The maid is a little bit cautious about SJ visiting, but SZ tells her that they are childhood friends, he won’t even touch her if she was the last person on an island.

The two friends talk about what happened last night in the club. They met an entertainer at the club. (Ah, that must be why everyone called the older woman, sunbae; they all must be in the entertaining profession.) In a mini flashback of that night, we see SH give the woman a big kiss after they play a drinking game.

SJ shows SZ the photo and SZ says this is KJ’s mom! How could they do this! She was one of the first supermodels in Korea! SZ hits SJ several times and we cut to KJ’s mom.

KJ’s mom and some other moms talk about the graduation party. The oldest woman there is a chaebol mom so all the other woman kowtow to her. This woman tells everyone that one of her graduates went to a club and had an instant relationship with some woman at the party. He kissed her and danced with her. The women all start to talk about that and KJ looks concerned…was this her?

It looks like these women are silently mocking KJ’s mom without telling her that they know. They say KJ’s mom is beautiful, but she should wear an outfit that fits her age. KJ’s Mom asks who this boy is and they tell her that he is a sexy guy. He goes to the same school as your daughter. This older woman heard that this older woman is calling this boy over and over again, so she worries about the daughter; then she asks KJ’s mom, if the daughter is like Kyung-joo, would she be okay?

KJ starts shaking her hand and leaves. She sits and thinks that their conversation was all about her, how did they know?

She talks to someone on the phone and asks if it is true about the guy she met at the club. KJ hears this and asks her maid what is happening. It looks like the maid might be Chinese, so KJ speaks to her in Chinese and says that she knows she understands Korean, so what did she overhear?

Then we cut to TH looking at the photo that KJ took with SH, SZ, and SJ at the graduation. She thinks these guys look familiar. But then KJ goes back to her room and goes to sleep on her bed looking depressed.

Meanwhile, SJ is shaving in the huge bathroom at his place while SH is there sitting on the side. He tells him that he will go home when his father comes back to Korea, otherwise, it is better if he is not there. Hmm, perhaps he is in a hotel? SJ tells SH that if he stays there a little longer then he will kill himself. So he tells his friend to just go downstairs.

TH gets to the party and looks at the sign. Perhaps this is her mother? Someone notices her and she calls him Kyung-ju Oppa. He says he hasn’t seen her in awhile.

Then we cut to the inside of a party (another party?), all the high society of Korea are there. The rich halmae says the this MJ scholarship party is a lot smaller than it was before. Then someone comments on the seating, did she give them less money?

Another woman comes up to their table (perhaps SZ’s mother, Miri?) and the halmae says she is leaving. The younger ladies say that this woman is uncomfortable because their seat is so far away. But the woman says they made a mistake, the JK Group chairman is there so they had to rearrange the seating. Everyone is shocked…JK Group? The vice president is there which is why they were bumped to this table. She apologizes to them. The woman says she can correct it since it was a mistake.

The other women ask her, so is JK supporting them? Is something going on between you two? But the woman doesn’t respond to those questions. But she does correct their seats and lets them know that their new seats are ready. SZ comes in and looks uncomfortable as she sees her mother bowing to other people.

In another part of the room, Ki-young (KY) is talking to Tae-hee (TH). It looks like TH’s father is a professor at a big University, but she tells him that he is gone overseas. He teases her and says she is all grown now and they laugh about it. Ah, this is the guy that dumped SZ at the hotel. SZ sees them talking and laughing, which brings out her B as she glares at her…was his first love her? it is her!

The scholarship award ceremony starts. TH gets an award for a 4-year scholarship and smiles so brightly as she receives it. Her Lee Ki-young is super happy about it as well. SZ looks in the program and sees that TH passed the high school exam and got a perfect score for the SAT’s and went to Seoul University as an architect. TH also got a prestigious math olympian award, so she is a super student, which is very different from SZ who isn’t very studious. SZ is jealous and glares at her ex. She never knew he could smile like that.

Afterward, she tells her friends that Ki-young never laughed or smiled like that with her. But she has a plan. It looks like Ki-young wants to marry SY Food’s youngest daughter, Park Hae-jung (HJ), so SZ wants to give him a lesson. SY foods daughter is only 19, the family is very conservative, the daughter is like a porcelain glass ball because that family believes that the women should not leave the house or they might break, there is only homeschooling for her because they grow her like a flower in a greenhouse with 24-hour tutoring.

The other friends heard about it, they know her brother. All the while we see a montage of how pampered this girl is and how her body is very sexy. A boy yells at her (her brother?), her skirt is too short, but then he sees that the trainer’s skirt is even shorter. It looks like the kids in this family are not that bright at all as we see them interacting with each other on the tennis court. SJ’s brother and HJ’s brother are friends, but they couldn’t hang out because the dense brother got hit in the balls by a tennis ball and couldn’t walk for two weeks. SJ starts laughing about this but SZ just tells him to get back on track.

SZ wants to give HJ a real-world life lesson, but the real lesson is to screw up her ex-boyfriend by taking away his very nice virginal butterfly wife to be. SZ thinks this will be very good for her as a lesson in life. But then SZ says there is one more person, TH, she is super smart. It seems like her ex might want HJ’s body, but his heart wants TH, men can’t forget their first love, right?

SJ thinks it sounds good, but SH isn’t interested, why is she going this far? SZ wonders what is wrong with her plan, why she should be the only one suffering? Her ex should have the same experience of being dumped as she did. SJ says SH only uses his anger toward his father, he can do it instead. But SZ says SJ is too famous as a womanizer, so HJ’s mother has probably heard about him. Just then SH gets a text, his father will come there soon, it won’t take too long so just come downstairs.

SH leaves and SZ follows him with her eyes and then confronts him. She thinks he is hiding something from them. He was kicked out of his house, right? You’re appa figured out that you had a relationship with KJ’s mom? How far did you go? Tell me honestly. But SJ comes up to them and says that he did tell her honestly. Sh leaves and SZ thinks that SH is behaving strangely. But SJ says to just leave him alone, he will tell them when he is ready.

SJ and SH leave together to go back to the big event. But SH sees his appa as soon as he enters and leaves right away. SJ wonders where he is going, didn’t he say he wanted to come there? But then he sees KJ’s mom. KJ talks to him, why didn’t he take her calls, he didn’t tell her daughter, right?

SH just says, if the daughter figures it out then he will date the daughter also. The mother is very concerned and tells him that her daughter hates her a lot, so don’t let her figure it out, she might leave the house; actually, she is not her real mother but she can’t live without her. Umma starts crying pitifully and falls to the floor, so SH wraps his jacket around her and says he won’t tell her. She thanks him and tells him that sometimes she wants to see him, ajumma’s are funny right?

TH walks out and sees KJ’s mom with SH…she wonders what this is about.

But then we cut to a big announcement at the event. SH’s mother and MR’s mother are getting married, so this is also an engagement party. Everyone in the event starts clapping while the three friends look at each other….SH and SZ are now brother and sister?

Fade Out


Shorthand Character Chart for the Korean Drama the Great Seducer.
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