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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 9 and 10

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer, episode 9 and 10
I’m ready for some hijinks and some awkwardly seductive moments now that Tae-hee is living with Si-hyun. Speaking of which, that was fast. Does anyone think that she will find her own place? I hope at least one episode is spent with her trying to find her own place and Si-hyun trying to keep her at his.

This is the first live-live recap for The Great Seducer, so bear with us because they talk a lot!

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

Airing Time: March 25th, 22:00 Seoul
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TH tells SH, I think I like you. He asks her if she will regret it. Then he quickly counts to three and kisses her. She liked the kiss, so he kisses her again.
Cut to SZ sitting in a chair and looking out the window. She thinks, maybe someone is waiting. But she closes the window and then tells SJ why he didn’t accept her text! He casually said he was coming so he didn’t accept.

SJ brought a lot of food from China and SZ is very happy to see it.

Cut to TH going to her place. Ah, she got her own place in his building. TH asks the man showing them around how much this place would cost. But the man looks confused, he asks her if she talked to the owner, he looks at SH. It looks like SH’s family owns this building. But SH doesn’t want TH to know that so he quickly syas that the ajusshi is the owner! And motions for him to leave.

TH’s apartment is right across the hall from SH’s She shoos him out of her place and then closes the door. She thinks, ugh, why is my place right across from his.

SH isn’t going to the party with his friends, he tells them, not today. Then he goes back across the hall to TH’s place. TH is fixing the hardware in the cieling light. But she is up on a ladder and needs help grabbing things. SH tries to help but he doesn’t know anything about hardware.

TH comes down and grabs his juice. She starts drnking it and he just looks at her lips. She wonders what he is doing, is he mad because she took his juice? SH tries to shake off her lips and takes the ladder out, but he accidentally scratches the wall with the tools. TH yells at him to leave, she will have to pay for that!

SH goe sback to his place and falls on his bed, argh, why did I do that!

Back at her place, TH is trying to fix the scratch. SHe is upset at SH, but then she forgives him and thinks that he is a good artist.

SZ thinks SH is at the police station. She is sulking an tells SJ that he shouldn’t play while SH is in the police station! They argue a little and SJ says not being serious is his way of surviving. SZ start eating the Dim Sum and says that it is really good, way better than before. He tells her that it is probably because it is raining outside.

Then SJ goes to SZ’s cello and dresses it (?). He cares for it like a professional. But then he says that he shoul just go to the army. SZ comes over and says he can’t go to the army, otherwise who would she play the cello to. She starts playing the cello for SJ.
While she plays the cello, SJ starts crying a little. He tries to play it off, but SZ tells him to just say that he was moved. She says her mother was like that once, she cried while listening to her music and cried. But she was more embarrassed about it than SZ. SZ thinks her mother only works and studies hard to understand what I play, but she can just listen to it.

Meanwhie, SH talks to someone about when he can meet them. He was checking on someones schedule, but I’m not sure who yet. We see him getting ready and then dropping something off at TH’s door. TH comes out right at that moment and SH tries to run back into his door, but he doesn’t do it fast enough and she sees him.

She guess that he gave her all those things, but he says it is just a welcome gift, he also got it. (He gave her bathroom items and kitchen items like napkins and cleaning things). SH goes back into his place and hits himself for what he said. But then he gets a phone call.

SH goes outside and asks his fathers secretary if his mother got into an accident, the car has a clean record. The secretary says he will check it out. The secretary also told him that this building is in his name now.

SW and MR are both meeting over lunch. MR is stressed, she thinks she has to study a lot because she doens’t know anything about art or music. He says he doenst’ know anything about that either because his wife took care of it all.

MR gives SW a necktie gift, he thanks her, but then she looks at his/her ring. She asks him what he does on the weekend. They both pretty much say they only work but they decide to meet in the morning and have brunch. Anytime is good. MR says she wants to watch movies or go camping. Lots of camping things like drinking coffee.

The secretary tells SW that SH is doing well. But SW doesn’t want to know if he is doing well, he just wants to know what he is doing. The sec asks about the car accident. But SW tells him to just do your job, don’t care about my personal life. I don’t care about your personal life.
TH, KJ, and SZ all go to school at Seoul University. SZ says her name is Choi Suzy, but she is not sure if her name will stay the same.

KJ and TH starts to hang out at school and KJ talks to th about the boy that put the tape on her lips (SH when he took her juice). TH wonders if someone can forget about kissing? Was he drunk? I wasn’t drunk, it felt real.

KJ freaks out, what????? You kissed????? How was it? TH says she doens’t know. But then SZ comes up to them. She is in the music department and asks them if they would like to come somewhere with them, to a fashion show. But TH says she is busy. SZ walks away to take a call and SH drives up.

SZ greets him and says that he came as soon as I called you. She tells him that they know each other right? But SH pretends like he doesn’t know TH or KJ. SH puts SZ’s cello in the car. It looks like SZ only has one more ticket for the fashion show so KJ goes with them. TH also can’t ride with them because the cello takes up one seat.

While in the car, they make small talk about moving. KJ breaks the news that SH showed up and helped TH move. SZ looks very jealous about that.

HJ is at the fashion show and has love at first sight with someone who is wearing a lot of make up.

SZ, SH, and KJ get to the fashion show. SZ wants to know why SH lied about going to the police station but he touches her face and says it wasn’t a lie. But then he brings up that she doesn’t like it when he does that, right? SH leaves.

KJ and TH go inside to the fashion show with SZ trying to tell KJ to bring TH along. It will be SJ as well, so KJ should join them.

Meanwhile, TH sees an Instagram of SH and SZ together and rolls her eyes. Then she look at the owner of the building online, and sees that it is Si-hyun. Si-hyun gets home and looks at TH’s door, he wonders why he feels sorry to her. But he goes inside and TH shows up.

SH peaks his head outside and asks TH if she would like some Korean-Chinese food? She says it’s fine and rolls her eyes again. they go to his place. TH tries to pay for the Chinese food, but SH says he already paid for it. TH tells SH that she won’t be there for long, he is all like…sure…sure.

But then she yells, “Ya! You shouldn’t pour it, I am not a pouring person! How can you eat this!” (It’s an inside joke) She leaves to get her tools from his room and he asks her if he should order it again. She sees the condoms in his drawer and freezes. He comes in and he also freezes. TH takes off and grabs her jajangmyun and leaves.

Inside his room SH yells, ah, SJ why did you put this here!!!!!!
SJ drops KJ off at home. She brings up that she is looking forward to the camping trip, but he has no clue what she is talking about. KJ goes inside and tells her mother that she is on a diet and goes to her room.

Meanwhile, the maid comes outside to tell SJ all that is happening inside the house. The maid wants to see someone again. Perhaps someone she used to love. SJ smiles and then we cut to him giving her a Mambo Dance outside.

Cut inside the house, the maid is up to something. Ah, perhaps she is trying to make some food go bad. Sh took some food out of the fridge and increased the room temperature. Perhaps she wants KJ to eat this so she will get sick and won’t be able to go camping.

SZ asks what happened to TH’s apartment? He says that the bet is still on, don’t worry. SZ brings up that KJ told her that SH is doing a lot of give and take with TH. But SH doesn’t really want to talk about it. He says he doesn’t know where she lives.

They start to talk about their trip. SH just wants to go on the trip with his friends. SJ thinks they are already trying to seduce her, she may as well come with them, she is supposed to be seduced and get hurt right? That’s our goal right? SH was rolling some small balls in his had, but he stops when he hears SJ say this.


KJ’s mother calls for KJ to come to the table, she starts making bibimbop and puts all the spoiled food into it. KJ comes out with a cute face mask on and tells her mother that she is going on a trip tomorrow. If she gets a poofy face she will hate it! KJ leaves and the mother eats the food.

MR helps SZ dress for their trip. She tells her mother that she is going to SH’s summer home. MR is really happy to help SZ pack for her trip which makes SZ wonder why she is so happy. Ah, the mom is picking out nice clothing to wear on her date with SW.

Cut to SW meeting TH’s mother, YW. they both get into a car and talk about how they wanted to go somewhere in the past but they coulnd’ tmake it because he wasn’t a good driver and she couldn’t read the map. It was a happy memory. But now SW tells her that they should go now. They leave.

At the same time, TH curses SH in German while walking outside. SH comes up to her and she tells him, hey owner of the building, I am busy. Then she walks off. But her ankle is hurt and SH notices it.
KJ’s mother is sick and miserable with a stomach ache. KJ calls SH and says that she will join them later, can he pick up TH?

Then we cut to SJ’s home. SJ stole the family car and leaves. SZ tells him that this time next year will be his memorial day.

Then we see SR and GS together doing yoga. They talk about SJ and then they talk about HJ. HJ needs a tutor. GS thinks HJ is not good at studying at all and yells about it. SR tells her not to be so intense, she has a heavy mouth. Ah, something is going on, maybe GS is having an affair with the yoga teacher?

Cut to YW and SW drive to their date and SH is driving as well. But we cut to TH walking and struggling to walk down the stairs. Meanwhile, MR is waiting for SW to call, but he doesn’t. She tells her maid that she will go to work.

TH talks to KJ about the situation, why isn’t she coming? She would rather go with her. But KJ says SH will pick her up. SH shows up right then and offers TH a piggy back ride. He thinks she shouldn’t take a train with an injured ankle. Cut to his car. He apologizes for yelling at her and for not telling her about the building. He wanted to tell her over dinner.

TH curses about SH as a perert in German. SH says that he knew that she cursed him. He asks what it means and she says that it means you are a pervert. I want to tell you that condoms have an experation date, so be careful. Why don’t we leave? She smiles to herself as SH grumbles and buckles up.
SW is sleeping in the car and YW watches him. She wonders why he couldn’t update his navigation and why does he wear the same cologne? He wakes up and wonders if he dreamed and she says yes, you were dreaming.

SH and TH get to the house and a lot of food was waiting for them. Boxes of groceries where delivered so SH smiles and says they should go inside and prepare everything for them.

TH and SH go to the kitchen but SH wants TH to sit because her ankle is injured. SH starts to cook, he says he can make it well becasue his mother showed him. She wonders why he an’t make ramen and he says it is because that was his first time to eat ramen.

SZ and SJ show up, but they are arguing. SJ sees SH trying to playfully feed TH and grows annoyed. But she puts on a happy face and goes to greet them. But she says she is tired because of someone….and seh stares at SJ. SJ just goes inside. TH follows him.

SZ uses this opportunity to tell SH that they came early but SH tells her that her and SJ came late. SZ says SH is the ideal boyfriend, but he says that he is just working hard.

Cut to SH and TH playing over the barbecue pit. SZ looks at them, jealous. But SJ sits with her and asks her if she is angry that Kyung-ju didn’t come? He thinks they should go somewhere and leave TH and SH alone. But SZ just tells him not to talk to her and walks off. She walks over to the BBQ and somehow gets TH and SH to go to the table.

SJ goes to the BBQ and starts preparing while SZ sits with TH and SH. Day turns to night as they all talk around the table. TH says she is mad because she couldn’t come, but Sj and her should come here later by themselves. They keep playfully talking back and forth.

TH asks how long they have been friends and SJ says they are testicle friends (since childhood). He says they are all very good friends. TH says she doens’t have any childhood friends so she envies them. SZ tells her sad story about growing up and TH says she had a hard time. But SZ says it is no problem, she had SH and SJ.

The three of them all became friends at a drawing school. That is also when they started the jealousy/seductiong ame. SH was good at drawing in middle school so she went to his house and saw his drawings. He never draws something real. TH says his drawings are popular among Halmoni’s at the nursing home. But then SH tells her to shut up, he hates drawing, he hates it a lot. they did everything together since they were little so he hates it.

TH is stunned though and hurt. She tells them that she will go in first, she needs to talk to Kyung-ju.

SZ looks concerned as well and glances at SH.

SH falls into the pool fully clothed.

Elsewhere, SJ and SZ talk. He wants to know why SZ is meddling between TH and SZ. Why is she doing this? SZ says that she doesn’t know whether he is playing the game or acting to them about it. they don’t know what he is doing. SZ leaves.

TH puts on her swimming outfit and gets into the pool. But she is sad as she wades through the pool. Then SH grabs her hand and stands whith her in the pool. He tells her don’t leave this place.

Fade Out

KJ – You should start to do push and pull because SH is doing push and pull
Why did he go to Suzi while eating
SH – I don’t know if I like you
SZ – Are you playing a game or acting like you are playing a game…you are also confused right?
SZ – Get real
SH – Choi Suzi… (drunkenly?)
SH – Are you going to be there like that? Why don’t you just eat a meal with me?
TH – Ah, I am crazy! Why do I hear his voice? It bothers me!

SH is confused about his feelings. Is it a game or love?

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