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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 5 and 6

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer, episode 3 and 4.
Okay, here is our first live recap (technically an aftercap) of The Great Seducer! We’ll see how it goes because they talk a lot in this show, so I’m a bit intimidated. But if we could do it with Hwayugi and Waikiki then we should be able to do it with this one as well.

I am really enjoying the makjang feel of this drama translated to a summer-before-college setting with chaebols. So far Si-hyun looks magnetic, Tae-hee looks innocent, and Suzy looks scandalous, which is all I am asking for. I am not familiar with any of these actors previous performances, so I am going into this one dry and ready to rage-cry. Let’s go!

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

Airing Time: March 19th, 22:00 Seoul
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Countdown: RECAPPING!

KJ meets with Suzi in a cafe, they talk fashion. It looks like SZ is doing a background check of HJ. But then she sneaks in some qustions about TH. KJ says TH doesn’t like some guy that keeps waiting for her. She calls the police on a guy that said he will wait in front of her house.

SZ asks if she is new to guys and the friend says that she was popular, even in Germany. They became best friends because everyone who KJ loves, always loves TH. But TH doesn’t date anyone so they can stay friends.

They are scheming. Then we see TH and SH on the bus. SH talks to his friends about not talking to TH on the bus so that she will feel bad. He also follows her around as a coincidence. If you have more coincidences then it will be fate and you willa ccept it as fate, because she wants to believe that.

Then we see him back hugging TH, but the friends think he shouldn’t do that, that only works on TV. But in SH’s imagination, he sees it working.

SJ says SH should be a method actor, he should really love her so it shows in the eyes. But SH says no one looks directly into his eyes because they are too nervous. Then they start to talk about her drinking ability. KJ said that TH can drink forever. They even have a billboard set up with all of their background information on TH. They also don’t know the infinity sign, they thought it was the number 8.

Cut to SH bringing TH some coffee, but she is already drinking coffee so he failed. He tries drinking some but he thinks it is too bitter and wonders why people drink that.

Cut to SH sleeping in the library. TH wakes SH up and asks him if he wants to ask her something? She recognized him being around her. He asks if he can have a meal with her.
They go to eat at a cafe and SH says he was really hungry. TH thinks he was sleeping in the library well, did he come o see her today? He says yes. But it was a slip, he says she got him. He came there a lot just to see if she would be there. He saw her sleeping a lot of times in front of the building, she slept well. She says when did I?

But then he tells her how to eat fish. He peels the bones from the fish and this reminds her of her Appa. Her Appa says she won’t be able to eat this in Germany. She wonders if their mom is really not coming? Appa says she will be busy with pottery.

back to the present, SH wonders if she dons’t like it, does she want to eat something else? But TH starts talking about how she heard that SH is a womanizer and a trouble maker. He told her some cheesy words about his will and he probably seduced KJ’s mother in this way. He says he didn’t do it in this way, but he can tell her in detail what he did with her. But TH stands and says she doenst’ want to deal with a person like him who plays with someones heart. She leaves.

Then we cut to SJ and SZ shopping at an expensive store. SZ said that SJ is dating someone and he is all like, huh? I’m dating someone? Who?

Cut to SZ talking to KL about SJ, she thinks SJ is cool because he is crazy. SZ says she doens’t care about him but he likes her style.

Cut back to SJ and SZ, SJ thinks she sold out her friend. He won’t date her, he has a lot of other girls. But he says he is a humanist so maybe he can set up a date, but not her!

Then they start talking about HJ, it looks like they sent KJ to HJ’s home. You have to wear the proper clothing, very conservative clothing when you go to her house. SZ goes to the house and wears very conservative clothing. The mother says she looks so pretty. then they sit to listen to HJ playing the cello, horribly, but the mother thinks she is the best. SZ tries to agree. SZ is also a cello player so it looks like she could be a possible tutor.

The mother asked about SZ’s mother marrying JK, it looked like she didn’t know. But SZ says she pretending like she didn’t know because her mother is playful, it was a surprise. They talk playfully to each other, but in their minds we see their true thoughts. SZ thinks that this mother thinks she is easy and in the mothers mind she thinks SZ is a bad girl because she answers everything. The daughter thinks these two woman are using telepathy between each other. But ajumma smiles and says that she will see her later.

Then we follow the ajumma to her library. She has a lot of good books, but she picks up a fate on sexual dating life book and mutters that SZ smiles and answers questions just like her mother.

Meanwhile SZ is meeting with HJ. HJ doesn’t want to do the cello, she hates it! Can SZ tell her mother that she won’t do it? SZ says she isn’t there to tutor her. then she takes off her jacket and is wearing a sexy top underneath. The dauhter says that SZ is super sexy.
Then HJ wonders where her pet is? She finds it and SZ screams, it is a large turtle. HJ is so bubbly, but she is also so dense. the mother brings in some cupcakes that Ki-young and it also has a love letter. SZ reads the letter and then decides to take a selfie with HJ.

But afterwards she tells her friends that this girl was actually pitiful so she wanted to be a good eunnie to her, but then those cupcakes…she needs to eat some more so she will be stronger.

SJ tells her that she will lose her armor if she gets fat. Is her body her armor? he says no. SJ and SZ argue about that a little bit and then talk about eating pigskin and judging men about their sexuality but deny women eating? They talk about a bet that SH and SZ bet on, but SZ doesn’t want to tell SJ. She says whoever loses will break their parents marriage. Or that he will give up his car. SJ says he is okay with their parents getting married, but he doesn’t want them to give up their car…

Cut to TH and KJ eating the cupcakes. They playfully take photos with them. TH was also looking for the airplane with the birth secret but she couldn find it. Ah, KY sent the same cupcakes and the same love letter to both TH and HJ. he is a player in the extreme. Then he sees a selfie of HJ with SZ and wonders what that is.

TH says bye to KJ and then sees the bus stop, she thinks of SH throwing the airplane. At the same time, SH is at his place thinking about something as well. TH goes hom and thinks that she shouldn ‘have been so mean to SH, she wants to give him his airplane back. But then she sees that he is calling her. She is about to accept it, but he hangs up and smiles. he thinks that this will bother her a little bit and smiles.
SZ and her mother
MR asks SZ what she is doing today and she says that she is shopping. MR asks her if she would like to go together? But SZ wants to know why she is doing this> isn’t she busy? MR wants to know who she is going with? And she says HJ. The mother is surprised that she is friends with HJ but SZ says it is more strange that MR is marrying SW. Then she asks her mother to change her bed, she says she can’t sleep to well. But the mother says they will move to a new house soon, and leaves.

But the mother is in shock in her bathroom and takes some medicine. The maid sees her but doens’t bother her. Then we see that she has a call from SW. He immediatelty starts talking business but she asks him if he ate. He is talking about work with her so she is a little sad. She says they can eat toghter, wherever SH likes. He says they can eat where they broke the news, they don’t have to think too much.

But we see that YW got a boiquette of flowers. They wonder who it came from and joke about that a little bit. Then YW thanks her friend for taking care of her daughter, TH’s birthday. the friend says not to worry about that.

meanwhile SH wakes up and is so cold, so he shuffles to his couch and curls up, but then he sees the picture he drew of TH. He wonders why she isn’t contacting him even though she had a missed call. he pulls out his phone, calls her and then hangs up again. Th wonders what he is doing, this is bothering her so much. SHe thinks about calling him, but doens’t and leaves.

At the mall, We find out that SZ made a deal with KJ, if KJ made dates SJ, then KJ also has to agree to her deal. So SJ pulls up in his yellow sports car and introduces himself to her. he kisses her hand and she swoons. SZ says she has an appointment and has to leave. Can KJ take her home? SJ opens his car door for her and SZ tells him to do a good job, if he fails then they will break their deal. SJ smiles and tells KJ that he is happy to take her to her house. He will go their fast! he takes off.

SZ goes home and asks someone if they ate dinner. But then she gets a call from Emo. She says she will go eat. SH shows up to their clubhouse at that time and SJ walks in also. They both ask her what she wants to eat and SZ says that her mother is not changing her bed and says that she has to endure it. It means she has to wait because SW and MR are going to move in together. They say they should discuss it.

Cut tot hem talking about their plan again. SH thinks he shouldn’ meet with them on the weekend becasue he has to go to a nursing home for social service. he buries his head. Then we cut to KJ talking to TH at the salon. They talk about jokes and men. TH asks her where she heard that joke, but then KJ ets a text from SZ to meet at a club. Th kind of wants toknow what is going on between them. KJ says she is sorry, she won’t be able to meet TH often while she is dating. She is sorry about that. But she wants TH to get a boyfriend too. She also tells TH that SH and SZ will become brother and sister. then she starts to tell TH that SH became a bad boy after his mother died and he is having a hard time since his father is getting remairied, but actually he is a nice guy. He is kind and handsome and tall and cool. People think he is a womanizer, but actualy he isn’t, he is kind to the person that he likes, he is a real man.

TH goes to the bus station adn runs into SH, he tells her that she cut her hair and she looks cute. She ignores him. They ride the bus together and then get off together. But then TH confronts him, why is he following her and why does he call her? He says she should call him if she is curious. She asks why he is following her? He says he came there because he is interested in her and wants to see her.

Then a nun comes out and greets TH, they said that they knew she was bringing a friend, but not a boyfriend. The pastor pulls Sh away and shows him what they will be doing today. It looks like they will be making a lot of kimchi.


Montage of SH helping TH and everyone make kimchi. All the ajummas love SH and think he is their sunshine. They ask TH why she brought her boyfriend and she says he isn’t her boyfriend. Then they cut to singing and dancing time. Th is singing and dancing inside with the nursing home guests and SH is cleaning outside. He is about to quit, but then he sees her watching him so he continues. While outside he wonders about TH, he thinks she is pretty, but then he thinks he is going crazy. He calls him friend and tells her that he is going crazy, this is a bad plan, he might die. SH says they both are going crazy. Cut to SJ donating blood and crying about it.

A woman comes up to SH and looks at him sternly, what does he want with their TH? He is a handsome guy, for shame, let me see your ears! Out TH goes to Seoul University, are you going there too? he says he isn’t going to college. They tell him that the most important thing is his face and body, women only want that. then they run off laughing and SH wonders what he is doing there. Another woman hits him on the shoulder and starts saying something. He is startled and wonders if she is cursing him. But she is talking about a flower, she wanted him to draw a genari flower for her.

But then halmoni starts talking to SH about why he came back, she thought he was dead…….. Several people run in and tell SH that he shouldn’t have draw that for her. It is her husband, he drew a flower for her and left, she does this often. Sh leaves but the halma wonders where he is going. He comes back and holds her hands, he very sexily tells her that he will be back soon and pinky promises (swoon). Th looks touched by this.

Then it is time to go. But when they leave SH winks at Halmoni and she winks back.

On the bus ride back, SH nods off and rests his head on Th’s shoulder. is he pretending? Th says that she will give him permission this time and looks out the window. Then we cut to them walking home. SH is carrying something for her and they get to her house. She takes the things and tells him byebye. But he calls to her, he asks her if she would like to eat together. She says…well. Then he says he is leaving. She runs back to him and gives him the kimchi, she doens’t need it since she will be going to the dorm soon. She says she wont see him anymore. He asks her if she hates him that much. But she says that her friend likes him. He asks, what about you? How is your heart?

But then a light turns on.

SH says that he will enjoy the kimchi and leaves since it is cold.
SZ tells SJ that he was dying with that little amount of blood that was drawn. But he says he was dying. SZ talks to SH on teh phone and tells him that he did a good job. SH says halmoni really loved him, all the women really loved him. SZ tells SH that KJ likes SJ, not him. SH smiles, so it isn’t me? then we see KJ at the club with SH and SJ. her hair looks good and she flips it for him. But some other girls pull him away which discourages KJ. SZ looks at SJ and thinks that she will kill him.

Meanwhile TH is cleaning and gets a call from SH. She clears her thoat and aswers in a pretty way. He asks her how much 500 cc’s is. he is cooking ramen. Then we see a cute montage of them cooking ramen together over the phone. Th coaches him through all of this. We see a split screen of the two of them. His amazing bright place and her tiny dark place. They sit to eat and hang up. But SH thinks that she can’t hang up. He eats and thinks that Th is refusing him because of KJ.

Back at the club, SJ brings all those girls back to their table and toasts with them. he is sitting at the table next to there and having a nice time flirting with the women. SJ rolls her eyes and tells him that she is leaving. KJ already left and went to Th’s house and asks if she can eat ramen also. SZ is walking out when some guy starts to harrass her, so SJ runs up and punches this man right away. His fist shakes as he stares at him. SZ asks him why he did that since he doens’t like violence. But SJ says it is different in that situation.

SH starts to fix his hand and says that she knows he gets hit at home, getting hit outside is too much. But SJ just plays it off, he is so strong so it doesn’t hurt him at all. Then we cut to SZ telling him that he should go home, he says he will. She is in her car so SJ says that she should go home now to. SZ’s car drives away.

At TH’s place, KJ wonders why SJ didn’t recognize her hair but he recognizes all the sexy women suntanning. Th remembers that SH recognizes she got a haircut even though it was a tiny thing.
Their conversation is strange because Th thinks KJ met SH, but KJ is talking about meeting with SJ. Then they finally figure out that KJ liks SJ, not SH. For KJ, the handsomest guy is SJ. But for TH, the handsomest guy is SH. They prepare for bed with all the night face masks (that look so cute) and they start to talk about their past. KJ never saw Th talk about someone and wonders how she feels. Th thinks back to SH asking her how her heart feels. Th says that she is relieved a little bit and smiles.

Then we cut to SJ going to the hospital, his body hurts as he looks at the door. he sighs before going inside, but then he goes inside and says that he is back, are you sleeping? he walks in as if his body doesn’t hurt though. This woman is his mother, he talks to her about not coming sooner but he was c=busy, her son is super popular. he sits at the foot of her bed and tells her that he wants to sleep next to her tonight. Mom, I used violence today, am i like my father? I really hate that. he sighs and covres his mothers legs more, he grumbles that the nurses didn’ tdo this, but it is his fault though right? Then he tears up and asks his mother to stand up and punish him.

MR asks SZ if she wants to study abroad, everything will be okay a few yaers later. But SZ says that means MR has everything and she loses everything. MR wanst to know what she will lose, doesn’t she know how hard she works to keep everything together? SZ says SH is hurt by all of this. The mother asks what she does at night and SZ says she has a social life with her friends. MR tells her that she will show her the type of power where she won’t have to work hard, but she can recieve everything. She leaves.

then we cut to SH and SZ talking. He asks to see her hand and asks if she is okay. He picks up her cello and they go eat ramen and mandu from the cup at a local cafe/grocer. She tells him that her mother asked her if she should study abroad. She also wonders if her mother and his father really like each other. Maybe they will be good friends as siblings as well? then she asks him if he would like to have the prettiest sibling ever? they playfully argue about this things. Sh says SZ was so depressed before, she doens’t have to be sorry to him because of her mom. SZ says okay and he shouldn’t be kicked out because of his dad (?) but she says that their conversation is depressing, they became 20 and nothing changed.
All the ajummas want to know about TH’s boyfriend, why isn’t he there? Did they fight? Is it because they told him to go to college? They playfully talk about that and Th laughs. But then TH looks outside to the halmoni from before, the halmoni is happily smiling as she looks at the flower on her vase.

Meanwhile, SZ arrives at the dinner with MR, SW, and SH. But the other side isn’t there anymore.

At the sam time, YW and her friend talk about her daughter, TH. She hasn’t come to her exhibit and the flowers are dying. YW says trauma isn’t anything, it just comes. She says it was similar when they got divorced and that Th got into a car accident becaue of her. When TH expresses her feelings, she is thankful about it, it is a good thing. The friend says she should think about her own feelings also, not only her daughters. But she says they should wrap up. That is when SW comes into the room and stands in front of YW. He alls hr Young-won and looks stunned.

MR and SZ wait at the restauraunt, but SW doesn’t show up. MR thinks he is busy and will come later. SZ tells her that she will be back and leaves.

At the same time, Th is at the nursing home. SH shows up to and is dragged to the back by the halmoni from earlier. She takes him to where Th is and SH peaks into the room and watches Th looking at his ceramic painting. he smiles.

Meanwhile, YW and SW are talking. SW gives her a back hug and wraps his fingers together around her belly.

At the nursing home, Th smiles as she cleans and SH starts helping her clean the window as well. She asks why he is there and she remembers that he promised the halmoni. But he holds her hand and says that he came there to find out her true feelings. Th says she doens’t know what kind of guy he is and he asks her if she wants to know. She says she wants to know, but she is afraid. He says he is afraid also. She asks why? he says he is afraid that he will do a bad things to her.

Then we see SW hugging YW and telling her that he is sorry. She turns around and hugs him, but SZ sees them right at that moment and her rage builds.

Fade Out.

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  1. JY299
    March 19, 2018 / 12:39 am

    Lol go for it! 🙌

    I’ve read Dramabeans’ coverage of the first two episodes and was a little disturbed by the matter-of-fact support for the female antagonist (??) Soo-ji. OK, granted this is set as a teenage drama but with the original premise, the sense of entitlement is what is disturbing. Yes, the main (rich) characters have their frustrations but to say that it then justifies playing around with others’ lives is a tad extreme. But that’s just me. Chaebol makjang shenanigans huh?? Sounds fun 😂

    • V
      March 19, 2018 / 7:00 am

      That is the part that I love! I love how this is just so outside of the real world and yet plausible. All the characters that are messing with peoples lives will get it in the end, so for this drama it will be the journey more than the finale. I think people love this book/story so much because the character are so horrible in the beginning and they get their just deserts by the end of the book (and one of them manages to have a heart) so it’s really satisfying for the readers/viewers.

  2. Goblin's bride
    March 19, 2018 / 7:58 am

    OMG, thank you in advance! You’re a livesaver 😉 I’ve been wondering for a long time if you could live recap this drama too and you actually did. Couldn’t be more happier than this :”) Today’s episode are gonna be so much intense… Looking forward to your next live recaps as well xx

    • CrackDramaAholic
      March 19, 2018 / 10:56 am

      Yep, a super life saver! Today’s episode was not as intense as I though it would be, but I am okay with that. The soft falling in love parts are probably happening in this episode and the next episode.

  3. Handily
    March 19, 2018 / 10:51 am

    Yep, thank you! I am surprised that TH feel for SH already, I expected her to put up more of a fight. It also looks like Suzy is taking on a more prominent roll I this drama. She gets way more screen time than TH. But perhaps that is by plan? Maybe, the more SZ leaves SHs life, the less screen time she will get and the more screen time TH will get.

  4. JD
    March 19, 2018 / 10:51 am

    I am bummed because Tae-hee is already seduced! I thought it would take a lot more effort to seduce her…So easy! Thank you for the recap Drama Milk!

  5. NotMyGoodies
    March 19, 2018 / 11:02 am

    Thank you for a great episode! I don’t think she is seduced or that it happened too quickly. It looks like it took all summer? Maybe the production team didn’t show time passing too well. It also took the duration of her mothers exhibit, but I don’t know how long her mothers exhibit was.

    TH isn’t completely seduced yet. She is just at the point of liking someone and wanting to spend time with them. The real seduction comes if she lets SH get her goodies or not. I think that was the goal of Cruel Intentions because the main character in that was very religious and believed sex was only for marriage. I am not sure what it is in this show, but I think it would be similar right?

  6. Neha
    March 19, 2018 / 2:14 pm

    I love u guys …. Thanks for recapping….

  7. March 19, 2018 / 11:39 pm

    SW hugging YW? Wow, I didn’t see that one coming.

    With the preview, too bad, I was expecting TH to be more resistant to SH’s charms.

  8. 하니스
    March 20, 2018 / 3:10 am

    So that’s mean that guy have a relationship with TH mother before??? Im confused!(sobsob) tbh i skip so that i can watched TH and SH part lololol. Please explainn? Huhu thank you~^_^

    • March 20, 2018 / 6:01 am

      I get the feeling that there’s so much more in that hug. But then SW is not SH’s dad anyways so that should not be a problem right? LOL

      That ending is making me anxious for the next episode.

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