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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 21 and 22

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 21 and 22
Last time, Tae-hee tried to forget Si-hyun and continue on with her life, but one drunken excursion at Se-ju’s restaurant left her babbling like as fool at how much she loves and misses Si-hyun and wants to at least change her name to his so she can hear it. Se-ju called Si-hyun up to come get your girl and Si-hyun came running right away. Cut to one drunken piggyback ride later and we have Tae-hee telling Si-hyun to just hold onto her a little bit longer.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

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SH piggybacks a very drunk TH back to his place. He asks for her pasword and she says, tooloud! and hits him on the head. The password is his phone number so he lets himself in and lays her on the couch. Then he sees a tiny scratch on her hand and thinkd back to happier times. He dresses her would and TH cries in her sleep. She is still wearing the necklace. He covers her with a blanket and moves some hair from her face.

SH – It’s not because of you, it’s not because of you, it’s because of me. I know you want to wait for me to tell you my secret, I know you would ignore it. I mistreated you, I am sorry.

TH holds SH’s hand, but she is still sleep.

SH – Let’s endure it a little bit more, it will get better. You and me.

He pulls his hand away and goes to his room. He sulks as he looks out the window.

SH – It will get better, you and me….You and me. He sighs as a tear falls and hangs his head.
SZ pulls up in her mothers car. She just started driving so SJ gives her a hard time about it and checks the car for dents. They get out and SJ says that they should tell SH to not go and see that person anymore. It is bad for everyone. SZ says it doesn’t affect her, but SJ says it gives SH a hard time so it will give you a hard time suffering as well.

He says that SZ and SH both suffered a lot with their parents issues.

VO – YW talks to SH and tells him that she went to her work place, if he wants then he can contact her there.

Elsewhere, TH wakes up with a hangover ad checks her phone. She has a lot of missed phone calls from her classmates. They want her to call them to make sure she is okay. They also text her to see if she is okay. TH isn’t in the mood though and just sits on her table. But she notices her bandaid and then sees SH’s necklace. She runs out to see SH, but she just misses him. He took the elevator downstairs and is leaving. TH runs to the balcony and runs down the stairs. SH drives off and TH chases after him.

She takes a shortcut and runs to cut him off. He screeches his car to a stop. She tells him to get out of the car. He gets out and asks her what she wants. She wants to know what this bandaid is. Why did you do that to someone you dumped? He says it is because she is so pitiful. She asks what the necklace is then. He says he gives it to anyone. She tells him to throw it away then, throw it away in front of her. Is she really nothing to her. What it really one-sided?

He tells her to stop, he is already having a hard time. She yells at him to tell her then, why does he suffer all by himself all the time? This is your moms, it is important to you. Why did you give it to me, something that you can’t throw away? I can’t throw it away also, so what should I do?

SH tells her, the owner of this necklace is the one that hit you…..the person from the hit and run is the person that hit you. I knew this when we went to the countryside. So let me be free, I’m sorry.

TH tells him that it isn’t his fault, why should we break up? You didn’t even know it before. He tells her that she suffered and he will remind her of that accident. But she says that she is okay, just trust her, she is okay now because she met him. They both hug and cry. TH asks him how much he suffered until now. She had someon to blame, but he suffered all by himself. She is okay, she hopes he is okay as well, don’t break up with me. Both are crying a lot.

SH goes to TH’s door and asks her if she wants to talk to him. They go outside and he tells her that he is sorry. I won’t do all those things that I don’t mean. TH thinks back to the grandmother telling her that he should tell her that he is sorry 3 times at the least. Do whatever you like after that, if you like him then accept him or pinch him.

TH says that maybe she didn’t need an apology from him because she is genourous to him only, it never happened to her, her heart always wants to understand you, but it is strange to me also, how about you? SH tells her, Eun Tae-hee I am sorry, I’m sorry…

TH tells him that sorry isn’t everything. But he says, he is sorry, he is telling her everything that he has in his mind. She pinches him and forgives him. He asks what he should do if he has to apologize to her one more time. She asks if he will do something bad to her in the future, do what is in your mind and take the time to think and forgive. He asks if she will forgive him over time. He says that he knows who his appa is dating. She says he is getting married soon.

SH says he has known her for a long time and his mother knows her as well, he wants to torture that person, today he was on his way to see her. TH says that he should have suffered a lot, she was the same. Who is that person? he says that she actually is a good person. She asks him if he can just stop? Does he really have to do it to make himself feel good?
SJ’s aunt-in-law comes in and tells her that her investment went well. She gives him a drink and he puts a silver spoon in it (to check for poison). Then he talks to SZ on the phone but she hangs up abruptly. SJ thinks his drink must have hormones in it or something, why does he want to cry when SZ hangs up the phone?

Both of them eat together and have a playful moment of eating with ketchup. He says he will meet that woman tomorrow.

HJ is studying so hard to meet with her boyfriend. She texts him and tells him as much. Then her mother comes in dresses her in a nice dress and accessories for their fathers party. KY is there as well and tells her that she looks pretty. But when they leave he thinks it is all a waste of time. He walks over to teh brother who is paying a video game. The brother thinks he should talk even more formally to him since he will be his brother-in-law. KY goes to sit and sees the turtle. He jumps adn pretends like he was sneezing.

SH drops off TH at school. They think they can see each other early because she just has a small part-time job. SH gets kind of serious again so TH plays with him a little and leaves.

The senator says that he heard her marriage is delayed. She says it is because of the drug, but if he expedites it… He says that this time, he should get something. MR smiles and says that she understands, your daughter wants a job, right? But he says that he wants something bigger now. He slides something over to her. It looks like a secret file/list. The senator leaves and we see that the secret lover/copany man is following her around.

MR meets with him in his car and asks him how he knows about this. The conversation turns to SZ. He told Sh about the accident that happened and asks MR what she did with her car. (So it looks like she is the one that hit TH?). Company man says that it is good for her because those two (YW and SH) wont see each other anymore if SH knows about it. He will take care of it, don’t worry.
SH drives to meet YW at her studio. She brings him something to drink as they sit inside and asks him if he drew a lot. He says no. She says that she was lazy for awhile, but she will start again. Why do you want to see me? SH sighs and shows her something, it is the pottery book. She says that is all her pottery. What is this book? She looks at it and sees that it is from JK Group. SH says, that’s right, SW is my father, my mother died. She came here and had a car accident. I always wondered why my mother went here, maybe she wanted to see you in person, or to beg you to not meet my father anymore. My mother was always lonely, she put a large pottery in the company and would see it and tell me that I owner that place and would be close to my father. That is how she lived. I know that nothing changes even in I say that and that she won’t come back to life, but I wanted to tell you. Because of y’alls relationship, because on that day, my mother died. An honest person had an accident, but you were meeting and laughing, it is so unfair.

He leaves. YW comes running after him.

YW – I’m sorry…I’m really sorry.

SH keeps walking away and drives off. But he doesn’t get that far and just stops the car and starts crying. But then he gets a call. It is someone that wants to talk to him, maybe his father? He says that they should talk and SH says he also wants to tell him something.

Flashback. YW called and texted SW to see if he was coming. But he didn’t pick up the phone. TH comes up and shows her the paperwork on the school she is transferring to. But YW tells her that she can’t go there. You told appa that you would stay with me. But TH says that was just an excuse so appa wouldn’t’ worry, I want to move, I need your signature. YW won’t give it to her so TH takes off running.
SZ sees TH and KJ talking. TH’s show is untied so KJ tells her that SH must be thinking about her, she should tie it to hold onto him. But then SZ and TH almost get into an accident. However TH has a flashback of getting hit by the car. it looks like it might be the same car? SZ drives off and KJ complains that she didn’t even apologize. TH says that is the first time that she has seen her car. She looks at it as it drives away.

They talk company things. Halmoni wants SH to come to the company. He wants to know what SH is going to do about SZ. SZ came to him and wants to marry you. Do you want to save your position and marry her? But he tells his father that he is the one that wants to keep his position. Do you know who I met today?…Seol Young-won.

The father grows serious and stunned. SH says that he didn’t want to bother his life at all. But the one he hated forever, he didn’t want to see the person that he hated. It is so unfair. His mother was lonely for her entire life, but this other woman didn’t even know and lives like a victim, why did you tell mom where she is. Because of your greed, do you know how many people became unfortunate, hopefully you suffer for a long long time. SH storms out.

Appa sits stunned at his desk and calls YW. But she doesn’t pick up.

TH gives HJ a lesson at a coffee shop. They talk about how TH is the best tutor and HJ’s brain isn’t all together there. Then HJ’s boyfriend comes in. TH tells her to keep it a secret from her mother. TH figures out that this is why she wanted to have her lesson at the coffee shop. The boyfriend made a song to help HJ memorize the equations. She thinks that is so cool, he made it so easy. HJ asks TH if she has someone to sing to her.

Birthday party for SH. They are preparing a surprise party at their clubhouse and decoreted the place very well. SH comes in and they sing for him and pop the poppers, but he is sulking and miserable and ruins teh mood.

SH – Suzy, what did you tell my father?
SJ – You met him? Why?
SZ – I asked him to marry us, you knew that? Why?
SH – Why did you tell him that without telling me? Did you think of me at all? I looked funny.

SZ tells him that this was their goal from the begining. Maybe he felt guilty because of TH, but you dumped her. He tells her that that isn’t it, he never hated her. SZ – you broke up to find out who Seol Young-won is? You used me? SH sighs and says that his mom hit TH in the accident all those years ago. The hit and run on TH was his mother. That is why they broke up, because it drove him crazy. Do you know what she told me? She told met hat I suffered more than her, she comforteed me and told me that she is okay because she met me. She doesn’t know how bad of a trash guy I am.

SZ tells him that he is confusing his emotions, he only cares about his parents marriage and became strange all of a sudden. It doesn’t make any sense that she is more important than us. But you hate it? You don’t want to marry me and stop our parents marriage.

SH – I don’t want it, I hate it, let’s stop making those deals. We can stop all of this. I don’t deserve it.
SZ – you aren’t qualified to like her also?
SH – I am going to beg her until she forgive me, until I die, I will beg her. (to forgive him about the bet).

Flashback. Highschool with the kids. SJ and SH prepare a surprise party for SH with a cake. SH walks in on them and tells them that he can hear everything from inside. He tells them that they are three from now on, this will be their forever birthday party for the three of them, three candles for each of them. They joke about if they are crying and laugh.
TH makes a photo book about SH and what they have done together. Perhaps this is a gift for his birthday party. She also makes a cake and starts to preapre miyukguk for his birthday (seaweed soup).

At the clubhouse, SZ and SJ talk about how they are now. SJ says he was stupid to be inbetween her and SH, but SH has changed now also, so SZ should stop getting inbetween TH and SH. SZ says he is the same and isn’t honest. SJ says that is true, he is the stupedest one among them. When he knew, he should have stopped them. He tells SZ that she shouldn’t be a fool like him, she should stop now and tell SH honestly, the thing she wants is SH right? SZ yells at him and tells him that he should tell her what he has in his mind as well.

Flashback. TH sees a car as she runs down the road. She sees a woman having a heartattach in the car and tries to save her. She knocks on the window. In the present, she thinks that woman reminds her of SH.

Cute moments of petals falling. If the petals fall and you catch them, then you will realize your love. Her appa told her. But the most important thing is that you can’t try to catch it, the petals should just land on your hand. Love is like that, it is useless if you try to catch it. She asw his father standing like that every spring, maybe he waited for her mother.

SH also says that his mother is the same way. In his memory, seh waitied for his father by herself. Then he says that the petals don’t come to him. Th puts her hand inhis hand. They say that they should go back home. TH likes the word, “home” she is home for him and he is home for her…because he owns the building. They both hold hand and walk off happily. Then TH walks ahead and SH and he watches her as he puts his hand out to catch another petal.

SH – Today…I want to be happy just one more day.
MR yells at her daughter about what SZ said to SW. She tells her that she can’t be with him because he is not the real heir of JK Group. But she has to keep quiet about it. SZ wants to know if she will still protect JH, the company is not hers yet. She tries to understand her so she should listen to her last wish.

SZ leaves and thinks about SH being kicked out of the house and all the moments she wondered if something happened with his father adn if he was living at home or not and where is he coming from. SZ thinks that he should have told them. She thinks about what he said about looking pitiful in front of his father, didn’t she think of that? SZ gets up and calls SJ, she tells him that they need to go to SH.

Meanwhile SH is very happy as he sits with TH in her place. She signs him a song and he coughs. She wonders if he is crying, he says that this was so moving. She says that they talked about their birthday when they looked at the stars together. She hopes SH will be happy and healthy. This reminds SH of the wish his mother told him which was exactly the same. TH says that her wish was realized from her last birthday, but it is a secret. Th tells him that she was born to celebrare his birthday. They both laugh and she says she isn’t good at that kind fo stuff. Then they playfully talk about meeting earlier and how they met isn’t important (or is important?).

He blows out the candles. TH tells him that he should keep his wish secret, then it will be realized. He is a little teary.

TH turns on the lights and brings his first gift from his girlfriend. It is the picture book that she made for him. She wants his first birthday to be Big Joy (her name in Chinese characters). SH’s name is a Buddhist word or name or something to change his form. Maybe his mother wanted him to change how he appears and find himself. then they talk about looking at the photos to remember how they smile.

Later, SH looks thorugh the photo book. It is from his girlfriend who wants to be a big joy to him. He flips thorugh it at his house and then starts to write something in another book. “To TH – My hidden happiness”

VO – I thought this was the last time to leave you. I didn’t know I could have this smile. To get the qualifications, I have to tell you everything. Please forgive me (his wish). Please punish me a lot.

Fade Out

I don’t know what is going on in this show. We’ll try to hang in there with it, but we laugh more than we should and it is hard to translate because things don’t make sense. This show does make me happy in it’s craziness though.

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  1. sashaa
    April 16, 2018 / 10:32 am

    “I don’t know what is going on in this show. We’ll try to hang in there with it, but we laugh more than we should and it is hard to translate because things don’t make sense.”
    LOL. Nothing has been making sense. I can’t even follow the thoughts of these people. They could have still salvaged this show has they made TH’s character a bit grey.
    I have no clue what the creators are thinking.

    • V
      April 16, 2018 / 10:52 am

      TH should have been a bit more grey. This show is fun to watch just to find out what is possibly going to happen. I think I laughed at the preview for a full one or two minutes. I couldn’t even see straight. I am laughing just thinking about it again. 🤣😂🤣

  2. N30
    April 17, 2018 / 7:57 am

    Thanks for recap …. This is the lowest rated show ever in MBC history…and in that time slot …. I think it’s bit underrated …good actors great scenery ..plot for great makjang….still no viewership… Now m waiting wat vl happen when all plots get together … Though it’s all getting boring now… Love WDH n cutie KMJ

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