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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 19 and 20

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 19 and 20
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A lot of angst is sure to come this episode. Si-hyun broke up with Tae-hee in one of the rudest ways, he may as well have toasted to their breakup while he was at it. But he had motives behind it. He knows he has to distance himself from Tae-hee because his mother may have been the driver involved in the hit-and-run accident all those years ago. But he also wants to find out who his father is dating and Suzy won’t tell him unless he finishes their bet strong. So, to Si-hyun he figured he may as well kill two birds with one stone. We shall see if Tae-hee goes away quietly though.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

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TH – You don’t like me?

SH – Yes

TH leaves and everyone is left sitting there taking in the repercussions. TH walks down the steps alone but she stops on the steps and grips her bag.

KJ wants to take SH to TH, she will call SH’s home for the driver, do you know where he lives? But the friends are acting a little standoffish. SZ says she will take SH home. SH is at the bar right now, perhaps he drank since TH left.

KJ says that she will go to TH. SJ asks her how long she and he will take care of our friends? KJ sits on the couch with SJ.

SZ drops off SH at home, but he says that he doesn’t want to go inside. SZ sees TH going to the building and says, okay, don’t go in. Then she tells the driver to please leave. The driver drives off right by TH. TH sees them and calls out to SH, but they keep driving. She falls to the ground and starts crying.

Cut to SH and SZ riding in an elevator. SZ watches SH, but he is in his own mind and isn’t looking at anything. Inside, she tucks him in on his couch, he is still gazing at nothing. SZ wonders why he is doing this, but he doesn’t respond. She asks him, tonight, should I stay here? Why are you sad? Look at me.

SH – You, me, SJ…we were stuck together. Only the three of us, if it wasn’t the three of us, then no one could comfort us or understand us, we believed that.
SZ – Yes we did. That is why I am next to you today.
SH – It was true until now…

He thinks about his moments with TH.

SH – …my heart is not like that anymore.

SZ tries to touch his face, but he moves her had away from him. She sees his necklace and walks away. She leaves the room and goes back to the elevator. She is sad as she rides the elevator to the first floor. She starts sobbing.

In the room, SH is still just looking at nothing as he lays down on the couch. He puts his had on his head and closes his eyes.

At the same time, TH goes home and thinks about all the moments she had in her place with SH. She also starts crying.

At the clubhouse, SH sits up and looks miserable. He thinks about what TH said…what are you trying to do to me?
MR meets with GS. GS is mad at MR because she did not give her son a fake health check. She is upset because her son is the heir of the company. GS also says that SW went to another eye doctor. MR confirms that SW didn’t get his health check at her hospital.

SW shows up a little later and knocks on her office door. MR wonders why he came by without saying. He says it is because he wants to drink a beer, but there is no where to go. He sees MR with her shoes off in her office. MR says that Suzie tells her not to do this, SW says he doenst’ mind.

They sit and eat Chicken and Beer. thent hey settle into a conversation about the drug. MR asks him a question about some business things and then asks him if he has a health issue. She heard someone saw him at another hospital. He says that he is fine, it is his eye doctor. MR tells him to make time do have a health checkup and asks him if he is really okay. She wants him to see their eyedoctor and to tell her if he has health troubles. She doesn’t want to pressyre him about it, but it also affects their company. He says that he will tell her first.

SJ and KJ talk about their friends SH and TH. They talk about whether they liked each other a lot. SJ says that he knows his heart when he kisses someone. Maybe you don’t like me too much. He moves in and kisses KJ on the cheek. She smiles and laughs, maybe it isn’t you, maybe I just like you as a friend. Bye-bye. bye-bye! SJ drives away with KJ waving at him happily. But she starts balling when the car is far enough away. She goes inside and cries in her moms arms.

It’s morning and TH tries to get ready for the day. But she is listless as she goes about her morning routine of brushing her teeth and preparing breakfast. She doesn’t have much of a will to prepare anything to eat so she just leaves. She pauses when she sees SH’s door, but walks right past it. He hears her leave.

She text him and tells him that they need to get together and talk.

TH goes to meet KJ who is miserable at home with her mother. She is also listlessly going through the day. TH tries to snap her out of it with food and they talk about how KJ realized that she liked S but he doens’t like her. This is good though. TH is the same way. Without noticing it, she also started to rely on SH. They congratulate each other on finishing their one-sided loves. KJ says this is the first time she finished it. Perhaps they can still be friends. TH thought she might be able to do that with SH but she didn’t do it and it is a waste of time anyway.
SZ goes to see SH. She tries to make everything light and tells him that she had a hard time getting home. SH is still moping around. SJ comes in and wants to know if they are still fighting again. But then he goes to the couch and asks SZ why she wanted to meet them. He also sees something on the couch, but I’m not sure what it is.

The three start to talk about YW and SW. SZ says she saw them together and her mother bought her pottery. Her pottery was all sold, but no one knows where it is. Someone just stopped her from becoming famous. They bought everything and just hid all the pottery. Perhaps your appa tried to buy it all. SZ gives SH the address and it looks like SH might notice that this is TH’s mother.

They start to hatch their new plan of destroying the woman. SJ tells them that they should jsut stop, they just need to know who the daughter is. They can take care of this later. (IT isn’t clear what they want to do, either something with the mother or the mothers kid). SH knows that TH is the kid though.

Cut to the SY Food group. TH is the new tutor for HJ. They hit it off, TH tells her she is good at writing. They can get her foundation math up to speed.

JK Group Chairwoman meets with the secretary and goes over everything about the marriage. Like what is good about it and they also talk about the bio industry. But the mother also knows that YW is dating SW and that the woman ended it first.

MR comes in at that moment to the surprise of all there. MR and SW sit and talk to her with the secretary. The Mother is uncomfortable about MR’s business operations. They talk about a lot of business things and the mother basically makes it knows that she doesn’t’ like MR. SW wants his mother to act right but she shuts him up. The mother says that she has a choice to give a large part of her share to her or to her grandson. If she has good results then she will give more share to MR, but if it isn’t a good result then she will give it to SH.
Mother and daugther meet at a cafe. They start to talk about coffee and how TH’s coffee tastes great because she is the daughter of a barista. YW starts talking about how TH’s father wooed her with coffee. TH wants to know why she didn’t tell her that she talked to her father. YW thinks if she knew that then it would give her a hard time. YW thinks this is better, when she wants to see him, she just sees TH because she has him in her. Maybe it is the same for your father. I am going back to the country because my exhibition ended. I don’t date anyone either, I wanted to tell you that. Your father is a warm guy, I am cold.

TH doesn’t care, but she also wants to know if her mother is sick, was she dumped? The mother says that she is fine, when she goes to the country, she will focus on work. When you have a boyfriend, bring your boyfriend to meet with me. TH and her banter back and forth about having or not having a boyfriend. But it is time to leave, so YW gives TH a hug.

SH asks the sec about his mothers driving record. But he didn’t tell him. He knows it is because he will be shocked because of his mothers accident. But look at this (pottery images) you should know this. I know that father and this pottery person have a relationship. My mother liked this pottery. Now I understand why mother bought these…or…of course you don’t tell me. So tell me what the relationship is with my mothers car accident and this pottery person. Just tell me or I will find the pottery woman and ask her.

The secretary says that his mother was on the way to see her and on the way there, she had an accident. Your grandmother asked me to buy all that pottery. SH sighs, so everyone knew about it accept me.

SH leaves and runs into TH. They slowly walk to each other, but TH walks by him. He follows behind her and a song starts to play. SH looks like he wants to talk to her, but he just starts tearing up as he watches her walk away.

TH gets to her place and drops all her stuff on the table. She mutters that he ignores me. Fine, he can ignore me because we are done.

TH prepares ramen again from a silver mug. She looks at the mug for a moment and then goes about getting the ingredients for ramen. She says, ramen is ramen, egg is egg. She starts eating it and talks to KJ on the phone. She tells her that she should come buy, she will make her some. But KJ is still sad and depressed in her bed. How can she eat that, you animal.

TH starts to think about when SH called her an animal right before they went on their train trip. But she wonders why she is so angry. Why did he hate her all of a sudden, why did he finish it like that all of a sudden. She goes to teh fridge and yells that SH is a jerk!!!

Meanwhile SH takes off his Moms necklace.

TH wakes up and puts on lipstick. She checks all her things and looks at the dirty dishes. She tells her self that he is only a guy, she is not dying, just stop. Then she leaves with her boxes for school.

SH passes by her in the hallway and she ignores that he is there.

At school, the teacher/head student(?) walks down the steps and tells them to turn in their homework. he asks TH if she will be at their party and she says she will be there.

MR gets a call from the secretary. They talk about the new drug and how the testing didn’t go well. MR tells them not to tell anything to JK, she will make it happen. They get off the phone and MR sighs as she puts her earrings in. She thinks about SW telling her to live freely. She rumbles in her things for something.

SZ comes in and takes MR’s medicine from her. But MR says that she is a doctor, she knows what is going on.

Meanwhile SW looks at the younger photo of himself with TH. He gets a text from SZ, she wants to meet him. They meet and SZ tells him that SH and her want to get married. He is all like…? Tell me something that makes sense. SZ says that they knew each other longer. SW should be more surprised that she saw him dating someone. He shouldnt’ blame her for it, he should blame himself. Whoever gets married, you can get what you want for your business. You can date who you want as well. SW says that he will talk to SH about it. SZ mentions that they worked on his lawyer, they are like that, they are bad kids so he won’t be able to stop them. So set up our engagement party and I will leave the country. She tells him that she should tell this to her mother and not to her. But SZ says that her mother can’t sleep anymore and needs sleeping pills, who do you think caused it?
Th visits the nursing home and happily gives them some pang (bread). They all eat it and talk. But the ladies start to talk about SH and the halmoni tries to get all the ladies from talking about it by stuffing their mouths. They mention that TH only comes when she fights with SH, so she must have fought with him. Halmoni brings a hot drink for TH and tells her to drink slowly. TH sees the art on the pottery and grows sad. She starts crying and everyone looks at her. Halmoni wipes her tears and gives her a hug.

TH leaves and the ladies talk about that handsome guy. They wonder what Halmoni will tell TH with her cloudy mind. (We don’t know what she tells TH).

Cut to GS talking to MR. MR needs a favor from GS and will help her out with her son. Can she make a connection with another senator? GS says yes she can, her cousins husband. She will ask first and let you know.

All the architects/engineers go out to eat and drink together. it looks like they are at SJ’s place so SJ gives them all free drinks. One of her colleagues says that TH’s homework was good, they should work together. But he is a little too handsy (he places his hand on her shoulder) which makes TH yell at him that she would think about it. He tells her okay, sit and enjoy. SJ watches all of this. It is a relatively small incident though.

MR and SW talk about their marriage and business. SW doesn’t want to do the business anymore. He tells her that he saw SZ. They may have mistaken their kids relationship. She said that they want to get married, I don’t know how to tell you this, so I am just telling you. I never knew that we would need to talk about something like this. MR thinks it can’t be true, she will go talk to SZ. But SW pulls her back and tells her not to mistaken it. At first he needed her and the hospital, but then he realized that she is a trustworthy person. He knows that she loves him and he is thankful for everything. But if the kids are really like that then they shouldn’t get involved. MR says that she is going to do what she was planning on doing, regardless of the kids.

TH is basically getting too drunk and calls everyone SH. She tells everyone that they are SH and they should drink with her or eat side dishes with her. All the students wonder what they shoud do with her.

Meanwhile SH sends an email to TH’s mother.

Email: Hello this is SH, I wnat to meet with you, can you spare sometime to meet me?

Then he gets a call from SJ.
SJ basically tells him to come and get TH. SH runs to the place and sees TH laughing and talking like a drunk fool. She still talks to everyone like they are all SH. SJ just watches her from a distance make a fool of herself with all her college friends telling her to stop acting like that.

He sighs as he stands behind her as she talks about wanting to call people SH (or people calling her SH?) He asks her why people should call her that and she says it is because she wants to hear that name at least. He tells her that they should go home and pulls her away. She is drunkenly happy to see him and tells everyone that he is SH, he has a sports car, bye-bye.

Meanwhile SZ gets a call and a text from her mother. Her mother tells her that she heard that she met with Ajusshi, pick up her phone and come in right away. But SZ doesn’t call her mtoher, she calls SJ instead. She wants to meet with him right now at his place. SJ tries to tell her not to come right now (because SH and TH are still there).

SH and TH manage to get away but it is basically SH following a drunken TH stumbling along the street. She squats and just starts telling SH to just lift her like luggage and throw her away. He sits to give her a piggy back ride and pulls her onto his back. She hold shim reall tightly and tell him, don’t leave

SH – I will leave
TH – don’t leave me, I told you I am sorry

She gets off his back and looks at him.

TH – I told you I am sorry that I saw your airplane
SH – It isn’t about that
TH – Then why!!!

She starts crying into his chest and then just hugs him.

TH – Lets stay like this a little longer.

TH hugs SH like that but he doens’t hug her back. They just stand like that for a moment and it fades out.

Fade Out

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