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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 17 and 18

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 17 and 18.
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I’ve stopped trying to guess what is going to happen in this show because my guesses are always way way off. Let’s just see what happens. What we do know is that Si-hyun and Tae-hee are happily off to take a train to draw a building; Suzy’s mother, Mi-ri, is catching heat from aggressive protesters regarding the new drug that is about to come out; and Si-hyun’s father, Suk-woo, might be losing his vision, so he wants to spend all the rest of his eyesight looking at Tae-hee’s mother, Young-won. Only Young-won just found out that Suk-woo is about to get married to Mi-ri and wants nothing to do with him. What a tangled web we weave.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

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TH takes a lot of photos on the train tracks. She has her camera all set up with a stand. She looks at SH in her camera and thinks he doesn’t look happy, perhaps he got a text from his appa? She tells him to wait there, she is coming! She runs up to him but trips and he catches her.

They start to take a lot of selfies together. But TH thinks something is missing. Something they should have in this situation, like a cliche. He says, something like this….he kisses her and runs away.

They walk on the rail road tracks and talk about what SH was doing while she was working on her homework. They playfully talk about that. But then she brings upthe phone call/tex from his appa. He looked sad, does he have anything to tell her? Whatever he wants, she can be his secret box. But he has nothing. She wonders why he is always so serious by himself, she wonders about him. She is his girlfriend but he never tells her anything.

He says that he already gave her the paper airplane. She wodners about that. He asks her if she can give him a forgiveness card. Whatever he does, she has to take forgive him once. She thinks back to him saying that he is afraid he will hurt her. But she smiles and says that she will, but he has to give her one as well. Then seh says she has a present for him, follow her.
Both of them talk about something. (missed this part)

TH picked a local place to drink their mackgoli. They chat about her being too young to drink by herself, she says she is 20. But he has never drank mackgoli before. She says he will get drunk without realizing it because it tastes so good. He drinks it and she asks him if he likes it, but whatever she says, he just looks at her lips. But this is a drink that makes it so you can’t stand up because it is so sweet that you drink too much before realizing it.

Cut to SH stupid drunk. He can’t stand but they have to get on their train back. SH thinks they can call a taxi but the price from thier to Seoul is way to expensive. She thinks they can spend the night. Maybe they can go to the jimjilbang. But he says he can’t go there, he has a dragon tattoo on his body, he can’t go to one….

Meanwhile SZ and KJ are at SJ’s restaurant. SJ calls two of his guy friends to come over as well. SJ introduces them and SZ wants to know why he introduced them to her. He said, just because. then they start to talk about TH leaving somewhere to do an assignment. It implies that SH and TH are together somewhere. SZ says that she can’t eat and decides to leave. SJ watches her get up.

TH asks the local owner of a meenbak if she has a room. But she only has one room since it is the weekend. TH goes back outside and talks to SH. She tells him that it is cold, lets go inside. But SH doesn’t want to go inside. She says he doesn’t like jimjilbang because of a tattoo? He says he doesn’t’ have one. So is it because he is uncomfortable with her? She says that she won’t bother him all night. She doesn’t snore or grind her teeth.

He says it is because he wants to sleep with her so much. She kneels next to him and says, me too. They both sit togehter as they just take that in fore a moment. then tehy walk to their room. Inside they sit alone, but SH reaches out and holds her hands. She tells SH that she hopes she doenst’ forget this day until she dies. He says me too. Then they slowly inch closer to each other and hold hands again. TH traces something on SH’s hand then she says, guess what?

He guesses, should I wash my face? No
You are embarrassed? No
I don’t know then.

She tells him to shut up and he smiles and leans in….I love you. he smiles and she rests her head and his shoulder. Then the lights turn off.

TH and SH curl up and look at each other as they lay on the ground. She says that he is nervous, he is sweaty. But he denies it. He kisses her hand and leans in and kisses her on the forhead and nose and looks at her and smiles. Then she leans in and kisses him on the lips. He smiles again.
Both of them are still at the restaurant and talking about TH and SH. They talk about how it will be hard to hide that the two of them are in love. SZ also noticed it.

Cut to SZ talking to SJ about SH. he is not alone right? SJ is hesitant to tell her the truth. He asks her to play the cello for him. She starts to play and he listens to her quietly. But then he grabs the cello and kisses her quickly. She stands up and looks at him, but then she leaves.

TH and SH sleep happily. He holds her close to him and runs his hands along her hair.

Meanwhile SJ drinks shot after shot alone in his room. he thinks about SZ’s reaction to the kiss and broods. He is so upset that he breaks the shot glass in his hands.

The next morning, TH and SH wake up arm in arm at the meenbak. TH asks him if he slept well. He says yes, and he hops up. He tells her to sleep more though. It looks like he is concerned that he looks crazy so he runs to a mirror and sees that his hair is all over the place. He quickly fixes it and watches TH walk back from the bathroom after washing her hair.

SH prepared some food for them and they even have toothbrushes. He tells her that they should stay there one more day, he has a lot of things he would like to do also.

Montage of them enjoying all the food places in this town. TH wants to eat from the big bowl so SH eats from the small one. He comments that she eats a lot. TH tries to coach him in how to eat soup and teaches him how to tip his bowl. They continue eating outside and grab some mandu.
SZ has a dream about kissing SJ and wakes up in a huff. She thinks he shouldn’t be doing this to him.

Meanwhile SJ is in trouble with his family. He just tell them to hit him so he can sleep. One of his brothers hits him. The father is upset because SJ opened a business but he doesn’t’ make any money from it. He tells him to close his store.

TH and SH enjoy walking on a country road. She is from the country so she likes it. But then a car drives toward them and she yells and covers her face. SH pulls her out of the way, but there never really was any danger. TH says she is just like this because she was invovled in a hit and run once. So gets tense wlaking along country roads. She tells him all the details about the hit and run, she was trapped in a field/garden and thought she was going to die. She fought her mother that night. She says she is still upset at that guy, how could they do that to her, she wanted to kill them.

But she says it sort of playfully and looks at SH, he looks concerned. She asks him if something is wrong, did she remind him of his mother? But he says that it is nothing and they leave.

The family talks about the sons impending military enlistment with KY. Maybe he doens’t have to go because his mind is not all there. But the son starts yelling about how nothing is wrong with him! And he causes a big commotion.

TH makes ramen for SH as he sits at the table. He asks her where her homework is so she tells him it is in the back room. He thinks it is really nice, but the room is junky so he starts to clean up. That is when he sees his paper airplane, but it is with all the trash. he reads it and stands.

She tells him that the ramen is done and runs to the room. He shows her the paperwork. She wonders why it is there. He tells her that he will take it back, did you see it? yes. She apologizes and asks if he is angry. But he says that he is the one that gave it to her.

They walk to the kitchen but accidentally knock over something. he cleans it and asks her to give him a little distance. This is the first time he saw her, he found about it and went to the bus and met her there. SZ and SJ don’t know about it either. He would rather no one knew about it. He was kicked out of his house that day. Is this what you wanted when you wanted me to tell you anything?….be careful of these small pieces (of glass).

He goes home. TH goes to his door and talks through it. She says that she is sorry, she should have told him first. She wanted him to tell her and she thinks it is wrong. Can you listen to me a little bit?

He opens the door

SH opens the door and they both look at each other.

SH – I am sorry, but I want to be alone, sorry.

He closes the door.

Both of them go to a cafe. SZ buys him something to drink and tells him to drink it. She sees that he went home, she sees his face. She tells him that he is embarrassed right? I kissed you so you shouldn’t repay me like that, you should take the phone call. I will understand you once. SJ says she can’t call SH if something happens, but she can with him? She says that there is no love with them, it doesn’t work between them. SJ wonders what he did. SZ wonders what he is thinking. He asks her if she would like to sleep together and forget about it? SZ says they shouldn’t have some jokes between them. But it doesn’t’ look like a joke to SJ. He sighs.

SH walks the street near that cafe. YW is there looking at his mural. She tells him that he isn’t happy now, but he looked so happy when he drew this. YW thinks he fought with his girlfriend, he should apologize to her. The coolest guy apologizes to the girl he loves. She also has something like that going on, it is funny right? Someone at my age has something like this going on. He asks her if she is angry. She says she was angry at first, but now she is sad because he couldn’t tell her about it. He asks if she will accept his apology. She says that it doesn’t matter since they aren’t destined to be together. SH says that he is hiding something from her. YW says it is better not to know about it, that way it will hurt less.

SH calls someone and asks who the victim is of the hit and run case. He says he can’t tell him who she is, but he can tell him that she got treatment and went to a good school. So don’t’ worry about her.

He sits and talks to SJ. SJ wants to know why he is so serious. SH plays it off and asks why SZ left her cello there. They talk about SZ back and for a little bit. SJ then asks SH why he meets with TH still, does he really like her? That is why he keeps it a secret from them? SJ asks him if they are Romeo and Juliet. If it doens’t work out, then he needs to do it right. SH says he will do it. SJ smiles. SH mentions that SJ and SZ should do well as well, but he says that they are the ones that won’t happen(?).

SZ comes in and they all immediately start to argue like friends. SZ hits SH and says it is all his fault, why wasn’t he there that weekend. SJ says he will explain. They will SZ in by only saying he was with TH. She pretty much sumises that he likes her. SH says that their deal ended then. But SZ says that the deal isnt’ over, you wanted to know who your father dated right? They will say it in front of SJ as well. They should all know. But SJ doesn’t want them to talk about the adults. SZ just wonders what TH will look like when she is dumped. SH should meet her a little more and then dump her.

SH gets up and sighs. He tells her that this has nothing to do with TH, just tell me about that woman or not. I am doing it my own way.
TH leaves a note on SH’s door saying for him to trust her one more time. She is his secret warehouse right?

Meanwhile SH is at home looking at his drawing on the window. He asks his mother what he should do.

Across town SZ talks with her mother and gives her some receipts for pottery. Why did she buy it? To give it to SW? MR says it is just for her. But SZ says she can’t lie, she can fake it to everyone, but SZ knows her lies. She wondered why she bought that pottery, but then she thought about it. What if she didn’t have a chance to play cello. She didn’t want to know, but that night at the hotel when they had dinner together, she saw YW and SW together. Mom, can’t you just stop, you look pitiful.

MR stands and says she is not pitiful at all, you don’t have to care about it. She leaves and SZ says that if her mother doesn’t’ stop, then she can’t stop as well.

The secretary tells SW about the drug. He tells him to call MR about it. It looks like they got an extension for the drug.

In MR’s office, she calls someone. But they don’t pick up. then she recieves a call. It is from a senators office maybe? MR wants to thank the senator, but the senator doesnt’ want to talk to her. The handler says that the senator had a lot of trouble with this, so don’t contact him anymore.

SH leaves to go somewhere and TH comes up to him. She wonders if he is angry at her. He says that he isn’t angry at her. TH says that she trust him and listens to him and takes what he says as is. he sees her necklace. She says that she will go to school. He tells her that he can give her a ride, lets go together. And if you are free tonight, would you like to see me? She says yes and they leave.

At school, TH talks to KJ about SH. Maybe he is all okay now? SZ walks up on them and asks if they still have a lot of classes, they say that they are all done. She tells them that she will see them tonight. TH and KJ are all confused, she is coming as well?

The friends quickly run off, KJ tells her to follow what she tells her. Put on makeup and lipstick, more lipstick than normal. TH listens to her and sits in front of a make up chair as she applies her lipstick and powder.

Elsewhere, SH goes to visit his mother at the cemetery. He apologizes for not visiting too frequently. He starts crying and says that she is looking out for him all the time right. But if she is watching him, then she knows how much he is suffering right? I have so many questions for you, how can you die like that? I never hated you, why did you do that? She is the first one I love in my life, why did you do that to her? If you saw me dating TH, then you should have stopped us from seeing each other. But he sniffs and thinks, no, you shouldn’t be sorry to me, maybe you suffered the most. To TH, before I am more sorry, i will take care of it.
SW gets a text from YW. Can he meet her now? He wraps up what he is doing right away.

They meet and YW asks if he loves that woman, is that why he is marrying her? He says it is because he needs her for something. YW says that before, it was only her, but now they have other people around them (mothers and kids). He says that he knows he is a bad bad guy, but can’t he just see her and cry sometimes. Only a few more months. She says no, that makes her nothing. She waited for him 3 times. First the company people kept her away and said he was getting married, second she waited after his divorce and third, now. She won’t wait again. She leaves and cries as she walks away. He also cries.

He drives home, but he can’t see (why is he still driving?). He thinks that he should have met her and made it the last time.

YW goes home and laugh-cries as she watches TV with her friend.

SZ meets with SH and shoots the breeze. But then she asks is she knows that they are coming. SH asks, should I tell her?

Cut to Th all dressed up for the club. She meets with KJ who smiles at how dressed up TH looks. They actually don’t know what is going on right now. KJ thinks it might be a surprise since he is sorry with how he treated her.

Back inside, SZ wants to know if SH will tell her about the bet(?). SJ is there too. All three friends are together as TH walks in with KJ. SZ says she came fast, sit. She says that SJ and SH asked them to come because they have an event. She says they look pretty today. SH looks at TH’s necklace. She grabs it for a moment as SZ tells SH to tell them that TH is pretty. He says that she is pretty, he didn’t know that she was this pretty. But you look uncomfortable, don’t you feel uncomfortable? These clothes, this sit, my friends…

They ask why he is doing this and he says it is because he feels uncomfortable. Seeing TH there, makes him uncomfortable. He thought TH would refuse coming her. Th said he asked her to come, that is why she came, she isn’t uncomfortable. He mutter that they are so different, he didn’t know when this started. Th tell shim not to pretend that he is a bad person. But he says that he is actually a bad person, he pretends to be a good person. Lets quit.

TH wants to know why he is doing this. TH thinks it might have something to do with his birth, but she doesn’t’ want to say it. He tells her that she can say it.

She stands up and looks at him.

TH – You perhaps, don’t like me anymore?

He looks at her.

Fade Out

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