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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 15 and 16

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 15 and 16
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(Whoops, wrong episode number, just fixed it!) The world of Si-hyun and Suzy is crumbling while Tae-hee’s looks like it is moving along swimmingly. In this case, I would say that the plan to destroy Tae-hee didn’t much fail as it never really had a chance to begin with because this group of friends interwoven and dysfunctional lives are basically preventing them from messing with anyone else’s. Hopefully they get it together in this episode.

I have basically erased all notions of the original book from my mind since this drama has veered so far of course from the original story. So now I am just enjoying the craziness for what it is worth by itself. And I think it is worth a lot because I must know what will happen. Right now, I am really interested in the hit-and-run that perhaps Tae-hee was a part of. Wasn’t she that girl on the street with a car speeding off?

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

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SH tells SZ not to use their friendship as a weapon like this, if she does it again, then I am not sure I can hold you. SZ yells, your appa is dating another woman! It looks like they dated for a long time, they are a similar age, she is a likable unflashy woman.

SH yells, what did you see! Tell me!

SZ asks why she should tell him, don’t use our friendship as a weapon…

SZ walks off and SH is left dealing. Meanwhile MR goes back to her office and tries to wipe away the egg on her jacket. She gets frustrated with it and talkes it off. SW calls right away and says that he heard about it, are you okay? They’re weren’t any reporters right? Just in case, I will ask our people to block SNS. Did you eat? But MR just gets off the phone quickly and hangs up.

She throws her head back and rests her hand on her forhead. The other company man comes in and asks her if she wants soju. She wondres why SH and SW don’t live together right? MR looks at the company man.

Cut to SH driving home. He goes up to his place looking sad, but he lights up when TH peeks her head out of the door and says he is back, I recognize your footsteps. I am going to eat ramen. She invites him in and SH makes ramen while TH studies. They talk about how much they like ramen when someone else makes it….I like ramen at your place….your like ramen with me…..what are you doing in front of the fridge?…..ah, nothing, nothing.

They laugh and sit to eat. TH talks about science on why we need to use cold rice. But it gives SH a headache. SH thinks ramen and cold rice. He cleans the room and it is super sparkly, TH asks if she can come there more often (or maybe they arein her place? not sure.). They go outside and SH says something sad about stars. But TH starts to talk all the science behind it. SH is all like…stoooooop. So she stops and he says someone noticed how happy I was, sparkly I was, all those things a long long time later. But TH says she is right next to you so she can know right away.

Meanwhile the company man tells MR that SH is not SW’s real child. He doesn’t know that the company man knows this. The company man is just telling MR because it is something she should know. MR thinks, until she has a good amount of ownership to the group, they need to keep it quiet. The company man holds her hand and asks her if she will really marry him? She should marry someone more comfortable. She says he is more comfortable to her, but if he wants to stop her then he shouldnt tell her that information.
SW and YW go on a date. They want to find a similar place to when they were younger, so they walk around.

SZ and SJ are also walking around together. SZ thinks he almost tricked her, he is different from SH, SH can even act with his eyes when he seduces woman, but you are different. SJ walks ahead and SZ mumbles behind him.

Meanwhile, TH and SZ are looking at the stars and talking about the zodiac. SH says her and SJ both wake up late. TH wants to know if he woke up early for her. He says yes…no…yes I did. She wants to know when he started to like her, he says he dons’t know. She wants to know, she says he should just say it was from the beginig like fate. He wants to know where his stars are and she says you can’t see them, they are fall stars. You can only see them in the fall. he says he was born in the spring….but you can only see it inthe fall…..but I was born in the spring….

Cut to SZ noticing SW and YW at a table in an outdoor street food place. SZ covers her face and says that woman…. SJ looks over there, he doens’t know what is going on. SZ says she knows who that woman is (flashback of seeing her). SJ asks who that woman is and SZ says it is TH’s mother.

YW and SW keeps walking, she notices that another shop has changed, it used to be a tea shop. SW says he hasn’t changed yet, his heart hasn’t changed. She asks him, aren’t you going to change? he tells her not to hide or disapear. he gives her a hug and she lets him hug her.

SZ and SJ are walking the street as well. SZ is walking and thinking, SJ wants to go home and eat some BBQ. SZ talks to her mom on the phone, she wants her to come home. Then a drunk person almost bumps into SZ and SJ protects her.

YW talks about seeing this kid painting and how it comforted her, he looked so happy painting (it was SH). She thinks about how she feels with pottery. Then SW tells her not to go home tonight, he can just look at her. They hug again, he says he is forgetting about her, that is why he wants to meet her. She tells him that this cologne is something she looked for a lot, because if she had that smell, she would survive. I was like that. When I saw my husband first, I asked to him first, what is your cologne? After we broke up, I felt sorry for him.

Flashback to TH’s appa talking about what happened between them. The mother asked him what his cologne was and she said, if you buy me a tea then I will tell you. He waxes poetic about how brave he was back then. He thought he was older and not that cool, but she said she wanted to meet him because of his cologne. TH says she told him that many many times. He says heknows, but actually, that cologne wasa gift from a graduate student who liked me. But now that cologne make him sad because he thinks about her mother.
TH and SH
They both talk about cologne as well. But TH said she ust likes his smell, and hugs her. He is about to kiss her, but she moves so he doesn’t. Then he tells her to go back to her place and she smiles and does. SH puts away the marshmallows because TH doesn’t like them. And the cologne they were talking about is the same cologne as her fathers. SH said he didn’t like it.

SH goes to TH’s place and asks her to smile for him, he couldn’t’ remember her smile. She tells him not to forget, she will do it one time. She smiles for him.

Cut to SH drawing at a cafe. YW goes into the cafe with her friend and asks for a coffee. Then she notices SH drawing and goes up to him, she apologizes for looking at him, but then she mentions that he is the artist that did the outside mural. He says he just draws things. YW asks who this drawing is? What girl is it? he says it is his girlfriend. YW also mentions that she recognizes that girl.

SZ is in bed and talks to her mother about her life. Her mother wants to talk to her, but SZ thinks about leaving. SZ says, if it doesn’t work out, then she will study abroad. MR wants to know, if what doesn’t work out? But SZ doesn’t explain it. SZ gets up to eat, but then she talks to the maid about her mother, did she eat? The maid says her mother hasn’t eaten lately. SZ says she also isn’t in the mood to eat.

TH is at home and accidentally drops SH’s letter on the ground (the one that says he is illegitimate).

Meanwhile, SH meets with his father. SH doesn’t care what his father wants. He thinks he is worried that he will tell his grandmother that he isn’t her real grandson. he tells him father that nothing matters, because he is useless, but he knows one thing, the woman you meet now is the woman that made his mother like that. You should be more careful because the media will be interested in this story of you meeting your first love. He says his mother was like that, but SZ’s mother shouldn’t be like that as well. For our JK group she had eggs thrown at her.

the father says he can break the news about them. But SH says he will be the only hurt, don’t you have another child outside like me between your first love, then there will be another broken life like mine.

His father hits him very hard across the face, enough to scratch him. MR comes in at that moment and says he knows it isn’t his fault (?). But then MR says people suspect that the company doesn’t want to send SH to the army because of a brain injury, we should get him to have a physical. (Basically draft dodging stuff) (wait, this part might be drug stuff, not army stuff).
MR and SW talk about the new drug. MR says she will have a press conference and explain the new drug. SW thanks her. The company man says that it actually isn’t a good idea. Suddenly, SW can’t read again, he touches his head and that makes MR wonder if he is tired. He says that they can cancel the press conference and think about it some more.

KY goes to the coffee shop and apologizes to TH, but she ignores him. She makes him a coffee and he tells her that her coffee is the best, but she basically tells him to go away. He says he just worried about her becasue SH is around her. She wonders what he cares for? KY says he went to the hospital for drugs. he has a drug problem. TH tells him not to spread rumors aroun, you won’t be a good law person.

Then TH meets with SH and hugs him. She tells him that he can tell her everything. They hug.

TH works on her architect stuff at home and looks at some photos. She gets a ring on the doorbell so she answers it and it is SH. Her place is a super mess though so she says she was too busy working on her homework. He says it’s okay, but she keeps making excuses about how her place is super dirty and all those things. it is really dirty as well.

SH goes to the kitchen and starts to make her something to eat. He says he should come there more often and be her secret maid. he wonders if she can make her door number as his phone number. She says it is that, but she has to ring the bell, she decides if she wants to let him in or not. He cough-laughs and says okay, do your homework.

Cut montage of SH cleaning the house while TH does her homework.

He notices that she fell asleep while working and smiles. He goes to her room and gets a blanket, the paper airplane was under the cover and falls out. SH covers TH and then leaves.

Cut to the halway. SH thinks about entering the code to TH’s place, but rings the bell instead. She answers it and says it is so early. Cut to SH and TH running outside. But she can’t run and falls, she is so tired. He lifts her up and puts her on the nearest bench. then they talk about her homework. Her homework was too difficult, she had to go to the location to make the building. A ball coms to them and TH immediately hits it away so it doesn’t hit SH, but in doing so, she falls to the ground. He pikcs her up.

He tells her that she shouldn’t go to that place by herself, he should go with her. They say they should go after school. Let’s pack.
SZ talks to someone in the music program. An adult. It looks like this person wants to ask a favor to SZ because her mother and JK Group are marrying. I think this person is one of SZ’s professors. He wants a donation from the JK group, if he gets it then he will support her in her music. he leaves and SZ is left sulking.

SZ talks to SJ about it. She wants to hurt someone. But SJ says SH is suffering, so she shouldnt’ try to hurt them. Stop thinking about this and just play the cello. But SZ wants to take it somewhere, she is even thinking of telling SH about it. SJ tells her to pack up her cello, let’s go to Japan. But then an urgent news breaks about a pressconference witht he new drug.

Cut to the company man telling MR not to do the press conference, it will be hostile towards her. But she just tells him that she is prepared.

She goes to the live press conference and starts talking about the drug. SW is at home watching. Only the company man is there with her. MR explaines everything about the drug to the reporters.

Meanwhile, everyone is looking at the press conference and calling each other. Sll the key players of this drama are looking at the press conference. Including the mother network.

Now it is time for questions from the press. The reporters start asking questions and MR answers them. But then one of the reports asks a question about the drug safety, seh needs to promise that she won’t be in JK’s buisness. MR is rattled and wants to know if they want her to prove her love to SW? She says she will help JK’s VP, but before that, he is her lover. Her earing falls on the ground and she leaves.

SZ thinks JK Group just accepted her mother to use her like that. She will leave her cello with SJ and go on shopping. She leaves and SJ sits and thinks.
SZ goes to an exibit and meets with YW. She smiles and asks for her signature. SZ is pretending like she is a fan of YW. It looks like one magazine is reproting everything. SZ gives her the magazine, she folded several of the pages. But YW opens it to the report on SW getting married to MR. SZ tells her, no, not that page, it is this page. SZ turns the page to YW’s article and smiles. YW signs it and SZ leaves.

YW throws one of the ceramic sculptures adn it breaks, SZ hears it as she walks away.

SH and SZ meet at the clubhouse. they apologize to each other. SZ asks him about his cut and he laughs and says it was his father. he asks her how she is and they just relax with each other. SJ calls, he says he can drop off her cello tomorrow.

SZ tells SH that SJ works hard. SH says he wants to live well/hard now. SZ wonders why and he says he just wants to do that now. SZ gets a text from HJ to play with her which makes SH wonder if she really is freinds with her. She says, maybe. But then seh starts talking about how HJ has a boyfriend and she talks about all the fun that they have been having. But then she stops and says that it is weird to update SH on things.

They start to talk about SH’s father. He wants to know how she knew he was meeting another woman, tell me, I have to know. IF your mother sufferes like my mother…. But she tells him to stop, don’t make trouble and do’t read newspapers. They tell each other to take care of themselves and to eat because they dno’t look good.

MR is at the hospital and realizes that she lost her earring. The SW calls her and wonders if she wants to go out. But she says she is looking for somethign/working. She goes back to the conference room and looks for her earing, the company man is there. He asks her if she can just not marry him. He thought he might have a chance with her after her divorce, but it isn’t about that. He wants her to lice freely.

She asks him, do you know what you look like? You are like Beauty who loves the beast. This is our difference. i cheer myself but you cheer your pity self. I also imaging that I have a chance, I try hard to treat SH’s mom, but I also envied her. The company man tells her that he doesn’t want her to have a hard time. But she lets him know that he doens’t have to worry about her…thank you for the earring.

She leaves. The company man follows. And we see that SW is there and sees the both of them walking out. they don’t see him.
Sj goes to meet with his mother. He sits in the hospital room with her and thinks back to when he and his friends were talking about a flower and playing with it.

YW thinks that she is the only one that doesn’t know about this. She calls SW. But his mother comes in right at that time. They all go to meet and the mother asks the secretary to leave. She talks to her son about getting married, it seems like he doesn’t want it, what is his plan. he say that they will revive the bio factory (?). the mother says that he is still naive. He can’t just divorce once everything is finished. he says he isn’t planning on doing that. the grandmother says he needs to teach SH and support SH and help him. Your brother didn’t go on that trip, everyone wouldn’t have died like that if you didn’t want to meet your old girlfriend. If you are sorry to SH and the mother then you should fulfill your duty. (So it looks like SW is responsible fore making his brother family like it is).

Very cute scene where they talk about there trip and how they will take a train or something else. He calls her an animal, will she do something to him on the train? they end up taking the train. He thinks it is pretty cool once they get there. The strain stop is adorable as well. it is a cute little white building with tables outside so people can wait for the train. The camera scrolls to little scenes around the strain station and we see TH doing her home work while SH rests and looks at the sky. They both look at each other at different times. SH draws TH’s face in the sky and smiles and looks at her. He is very smitten. Then he closes his eyes and dreams about something.

We see a flashback of the two of them talking about the stars.

VO – the first time I knew the stars change by season and stars are not forever, I was regretting that we met differently because I wanted to tell you, this sprint was so important for me.

He kisses her in the flashback.

VO – when the winter comes, can I be next to you? The big lie in my heart, you will know it eventually. this is the first time i am afraid of that.

Fade Out.

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  1. Justamom
    April 3, 2018 / 8:34 am

    This story is really all over the place

    • Handily
      April 3, 2018 / 9:11 am

      It is so all over the place. I mean so many scenes aren’t needed, but still I am watching this crazy drama. I laugh more times than I should. 🤣

  2. Stacey
    April 3, 2018 / 9:00 am

    Love your recaps, Thank you!

  3. V
    April 3, 2018 / 9:08 am

    Whoops, just noticed I put yesterdays episode number on this post, just updated it!

    • Handily
      April 3, 2018 / 9:11 am

      I was so focused on the picture, I didnt even notice!

      • Bethany
        April 3, 2018 / 9:20 am

        Ack!!!! I read the title and just thought it wasn’t posted today! Okay, off to read now. 🏃🏽‍♀️

  4. sashaa
    April 6, 2018 / 8:27 am

    I finally caught up with the 2 episodes. Thanks V for the little nudge!
    Why do I have this feeling that SH is going to dump TH soon? I think the show left us little clues -the lie, the missing constellation, drawing parallels with parents (SH might end up not marrying his love exactly like his father), SH talking about going to a trip – just the 3 of them. Am not sure what he is thinking, but I hope there is something coming up soon.
    Am not sure what to make of the DNA test. I guess thats what is going to trigger something. Who is his father? Is he the son of the dead brother?

    I don’t even know why I am overthinking about this show!!

    • V
      April 6, 2018 / 12:11 pm

      It gets even more complicated, that is just the surface!

  5. N30
    April 7, 2018 / 3:54 am

    Binge watched all episodes …still as complicated as before … 😢… I think break up for SH n TH is near ..n they r going to b miserable…. I do want to find out who is SH father and SZ father too who is in jail … Can we hope to have atleast single normal charaChter in this drama …. It’s all over place …still Loving it 😊😊

    • V
      April 7, 2018 / 8:33 am

      At this point, the crazier the character the better 🙂

      • N30
        April 7, 2018 / 10:08 am

        Yeahhhhh …there is no chance of anything normal in this drama… The crazier the better …lets see what mor plot twists they bring …☺️☺️

  6. Shiwon
    August 3, 2019 / 3:20 am

    I like the pair of soo ji and se joo but soo ji is so mean

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