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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 13 and 14

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 13 and 14
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Late start today, but I am really looking forward to watching this episode since SW basically got dumped last time.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

Airing Time: April 2nd, 22:00 Seoul
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We open at the end of the last episode. TH told SW that she wants to end it there and closes her door. She starts crying on the other side.

VO – Now this is the opportunity you gave me to stop here, but I can’t stop at this point because I have you in my mind

VO – I won’t have a hard time, I won’t ask you to hold me, I am not asking anything for you, I started to like you by myself and I will end it by myself.

SW goes out drinking by himself. The bar tender wants to know why he is alone, where is SJ? But SW doesn’t respond

Cut to SZ and HJ hanging out. But SZ looks a tiny bit annoyed. SZ calls SJ and he picks up right away (he ignored all the other girls that called him). She asks where he is and he says he is right around the corner! he leaves right away and meets SZ and HJ. This is his first time meeting HJ so he gives her a kiss on the hand like a princess.

HJ says she is in love, it is her first time. SJ thinks she must have seen a good movie. But she says she is in love. SZ wants her to just get the phone number. They try to figure out who this person is, but they only have a photo of him. SJ looks at the photo and says that it is his Hyung Joo Wan-i. HJ says he is his life saver.

The bartender calls SJ and tells him that something is wrong with SH, you should come. So SZ and SJ go to meet him at the bar, but it looks like SZ doesn’t want to meet with him. She goes inside though and they talk to SH. SZ calls SW’s secretary and tells him that SH is drunk.

SH walks up to SZ and blocks her against the wall. He keeps saying her name over and over again in a drunken way. She asks him, what? He says suzi…what did you tell Eun Tae-hee, tell me. what did you tell her? SZ says she told her that they like each other. It isn’t a lie. Did I make a mistake?

SH says it wasn’t a mistake, you did a good job. SZ pushes his hand away and leaves. SJ chases after her.
SJ wants to know why SZ is meddling in TH and SH’s relationship, what is it that she wants to confirm?

Cut to SJ and SH at SJ’s favorite fishing place. SH asked SZ to date once, but she said she didn’t want to, those kinds of relationships don’t last. SJ wants to know if SH likes SZ a lot, SH says he likes the way there are now. He likes it. He couldn’t kiss her and wouldn’t kiss her.

SJ tells SZ that SH is her best friend, that is why he didn’t kiss you. I know you! You just want to protect yourself. You are into your own feelings too much! Stop thinking about the reason, it is not about the kiss! If it is not then we can’t explain –

SJ moves in and kisses SJ quickly. She tells him that a kiss in nothing for her also, just like you.

SH collapses in the bar.

TH finds SH’s will among her things. She opens it and looks at it. The letter reads that SH is not the heir of the family, he is not blood related. She apologizes and says that she will fly it later. But she keeps it in her book for now.
It is all over the news that SH collapsed in the bar. SJ goes to the hospital and tells him that the news is nothing, don’t worry about it. But he also tells SH that he was stupid drunk when they got to the bar. SH didn’t even realize that SZ was at the bar too.

SJ asks if he is don’t with TH? With the deal? SH says yes. SJ says that he will date SZ. he stands and leaves.

MR and SW talk about business. She wants to take care of the foundation. The secretary talks to SW about a woman’s magazine article. SW wants the magazine to change the headline, but then his eyes go blurry. MR says SH is in the hospital so she will check on him and leave. SW didn’t even realize that he is still there. MR lets him know that young people don’t know if they are good with alcohol yet. But then they start to talk business again. Let’s set the date. they decide on next month.

The secretary wants to know why they are choosing MR’s hospital. SW says it is because they can keep things quiet there. he also tells the CEO to keep things separate with SH. He says the drug isn’t confirmed and the marriage isn’t confirmed, tell the media that.

SZ is at home playing her cello. Sh gets a text from SJ to come out. He wants her to come to a nice bar but she doens’t want to go there. But she does go to their clubhouse so SJ makes the clubhouse look like a nice club.

Cut to SJ talking about how a lot of married couples want to have an affair, so it is a big blue ocean.

SJ tells SZ that if she likes it, he can open a cake store near her school. he will take one to SH also. SJ tells SZ that SH and TH are done, so you guys deal is done. SZ wants to know why he is telling her this. SJ says SH might keep a secret from her you, so I am telling you. SZ says they shuold only have two secrets among them. Lets go somewhere, you and me.
A lot of people are protesting the new drug in front of the company. The secretary calls MR and tells her that she might also have protesters in front of her hospital.

Flashback. SH pushes his mother around the hospital and the new secretary is talking on the phone and mocking the mother. SH wants to go punch him, but the mother tells him to stop, they are good to her here. Then MR comes up to them and talks to them kindly. But SH just compares how pitiful his mother looks to how healthy MR looks.

MR goes to SH’s room and drinks tea with him. He says he has questions about when his mother died. The car is clean and that is strange. he saw that there was another accident that day, a hit and run. It is strange, why did my mother go to the countryside, it is strange, why is there no record? You are my mom’s best friend so I thought you would know something about it.

MR asks, did you hear the details about the hit and run? It was a student who did it, maybe that is why your family members didn’t tell you. the hit and run, why dont’ you think the hit and run case was your mother, the company erased the record. Only a few people know about it because we didn’t want to leave your mother as an accuser. We just hope that the girl is okay.

Cut to TH looking at SH’s room. She thinks of calling him, but goes to her room instead. She walks inside andlooks around a little.

TH – hey we are broken up but we should know what is private and public, I don’t like him, I am going to leave him a voice mail and say all the curse words I know.

She pulls out her cell phone but we cut back to the hospital.

SZ goes to the hospital and meets with her mother, but SH is in the office as well. MR tells SZ that they will set the wedding for next month. SH leaves and MR ells SZ that Sh and her were talking about his mother. They both worry about SW, will he be angry that he is there? SZ goes to SH’s hospital room, but she doesn’t go inside.

VO – I asked SJ about SH and SJ wants you to visit SH in the hospital.

TH goes to the hospital adn thinks that she will just give him his cell phone. At the same time, SH is crying in his hospital bed as he thinks about his mother. He says his mother was a good person, but what made her life so hard? TH goes in at that moment and stands next to SH’s bed. She taps him on the shoulder and he turns around with tears in his eyes.

But then he hops up when he sees her. He wipes he tears quickly. She asks why he is crying and he says it is becaue his head hurts, why are you there? She says she is there to give him his cell phone back. She text him and told him that she is moving out. He tells her that she doens’t have to, but she says it is uncomfortable. She wonders if it hurt a lot…how about you? He says she was also suffering. But she plays it off and says that she is leaving. it is too late for the bus but I just came here to give you the cell phone.

SH tugs on her jacket and tells her that he is sorry to confuse you. I know what SZ told you, I used to like SZ a lot and I still like her, but it is just friendship. SJ and SZ are both important to me, it is hard to explain but i can tell you this….to me, you and SZ are different.

TH holds his hand a little. SH keeps talking and tells her….I think I like you also. I am going home tomorrow morning, so can we go together? I have no guardian so I can’t just leave the hospital. Th asks, why don’t you have a guardian? He says it is because he doens’t talk to his father. She tells him that she will see that he can leave the hospital, she knows that it can be lonely at the hospital.

TH sits and tells SW that she had a car accident before. SH tinks back to when he hit her with his car. That must be why she was so shakey back then. TH tells SH to promise her, when he stops liking her, just tell her that. One-sided love is the worst think in the world and I don’t want to do that.

SH gives TH a little jewlery. A little cup on a necklace? It looks like it is his mothers necklace possibly. he puts the necklace on her and says that it feels good to see someone in the hospital. he thinks that he should have visited his mother in the hospital more often. he had birthday parties there and he wanted to go home together with her.

TH tells him to take a nap, when he wakes up, lets go home together, you and me.


TH and SH sleep together in the bed. They have to hold each other close because this bed is so tiny. Then we cut to SH talking to the secretary over the phone. He says he can get home on his own. The secretary tells SH to call MR if he fells anything is wrong and they hang up.

But we find out that SH’s credit card is blocked. TH thinks it might be because his father is angry. SH thanks her for the hospital stay. She says she won’t pay rent from now on so it is okay. they go their separate ways.

they are hanging out again. HJ tells SZ that her brother has a heart condition, that is why they are home schooled. Cut to SW getting his eyes checked. The doctor saying that he will lose his eyesight soon. They can’t find the reason though. SW meets with YW and tells her that he wants to see her, can’t she just let him see her until the day he can’t see? But she doens’t want to see him anymore.

Th helps SH back to his apartment. TH is pretty sad that SH erased all his drawings. But he says he can draw it again since this is their frist day. Then we cut to a lot of cute scenes of TH helping SH around the house and SH making it hard for him.

Cut to TH taking a nap and SH drawing a new drawing of the two of them together.

SZ practices her cello and feels lonely in her room. She talks to SJ by text. He wants to see her, he tells her that SH will also be there. SZ looks up and then quickly goes to the meeting place.

Everyone is there, all the friends. SJ bought this pig skin place so everyone is celerating. They are all eating pig skin and enjoying their time. KJ, HJ, SJ, and SH are all there. Outside, KJ talks to SH about what they did thay night (I know what you did that night). But it is a joke.

SZ calls her mother and asks her why she does these things, that is why she hates her.

SH asks KJ to keep it a secret from SZ and SJ that he is dating TH. She says that seh can. She tells him that she really hated him, but now she likes him a little bit. They sahre a moment were they whisper to each other and SZ sees it and grows jealous.

TH gets a text from KJ and laughs.

Cut back to SH and SZ talking. SZ wants to know if he still hates her. He knows what she told TH, he has been thinking about it. Their plans don’t matter, maybe adults don’t care about it at all. Maybe she should have come up with a more crazy idea, but I couln’t do it. But maybe it looks like you went to the hospital because of me.

They hear the commotion inside and SZ wonders if SJ opened a busines just to play. SH tells her that SJ opened the business for her. It starts to rain and SH and SZ think that the three of them should go on a trip together, like before.
TH goes to SH’s room and lets herself in. SH is sleeping and wants to stay sleeping. But TH drags him out kicking and screaming. SHe takes him to a coffee shop that needed a painter.

Cut to HJ and her mother, GS. GS is so concerned that her daughter is so dense, it gives her so much worry. She tells her daughter that she will be happy if she goes to any woman’s college.

Then we cut again to TH’s mother, YW. YW is sitting with her friend adn talking about a series of text messages. SW texts YW with numbers like he is using a beeper. The friend explains it to her. So YW text him back with beeper numbers too.

Then TH and KJ run up on them. The friend tells TH that she will buy her some good friend. TH says she will go there with emo, not because she wants to eat lunch with her mother, but they all go together.

SZ also sees TH and her mother walking on campus. KJ tells her that it is TH’s mom, they look the same right?

Cut to HJ, SZ, SJ and KJ talking. HJ is going on a secret date and takes off. SJ and KJ get in the car and go to lunch. SZ is left by herself.

Cut to the bartender meeting with HJ. They hug each other and sit for a date. they are the exact same. KJ shows him her pet turtle and he shows her his pet iguana. they are destined. They decide to go out togehter. Lets go!
They are both at a cafe with the emo and talking about dating. TH doesn’t want her mother to date. She says she is a natural born lover and won’t stop. But her father is all alone. Umma leaves and tells them to eat together.

Umma walks the street and sees SH painting on the side of a building. She calls someone and asks if they would like to have a drink together.

Cut to the mothers of HJ and KJ meeting at a cafe. the model mother looks amazing which makes GS a little uncomfortable. GS needs a math teacher for her daughter. NY tells her that she helped her a lot, but KJ is in college right now and she doesn’t see her male hubaes, so you should stop torturing me. GS says she thought they wee good friends, but okay, I will stop caring about it, thank you for the math teacher, i will tell him to come to my place. NY is left looking shocked.

HJ gave SZ her cell phone so her mother will think that she is at school. SZ gets a call from the mother and then calls HJ to tell her that she needs to get back to the school right away! The mother wants to see the math teacher. But HJ says she is too far away right now! (She is on the date with the bartender). KJ gets word too and calls her mother to try and hold GS at the store a little longer. Everyone is working together to get HJ back to the school.

NY calls one of her hubaes and asks him if she can help her out and go to the norebang. Cut to all the ummas at a norebang with three young guys. They sing and have a fun time as the men party with them.

SH texts Th and tells her that he is done with painting. He will see her at home. SH is on his way home and notices SZ on the street. He smiles at her, she wondrs why he is there. He says he did some painting, she goes to school and SJ is working, so he needs something to do. She asks him if he can drop her off at the hospital right now, so he says lets go.

he drops her off. SZ says she just needs to go see her mom. He tells her that they shold all meet at their place later. The protesters are at the hospital as well. SZ is shocked as she sees them. MR comes out of the hospital and gets eggs thrown at her. SH hurries outside and pulls SZ back into the car, if she sees you then she will be even sadder than she is right now. At the same time, the secretary protects MR from the protesters.

SZ is raging and is so upset that SH’s family is using her mother like that. They should just get married right now, i won’t let you use me like your father uses my mother. But he says no, he doesn’t like it at all. SZ says that is his true feelings. He pretends like he doesn’t care about anything inthe world and tries not to get hurt. You quit our deal without tellin gme. Your selfishness and Appa’s selfishness disgust me. SH tells her to not use their friendship like this. If she does it again then I won’t be able to hold you.

SZ yells, your appa is meeting another woman!

SH goes up to her…what did you see? WHO IS THAT WOMAN!

Fade Out


SH – The woman you meet now, I am going to find out who she is.
SW – What are you trying to make up?
SH – Maybe you have another kid outside of marriage like me?
SH – Nothing happened to me.
TH – You can tell me anything.
SH – I am fine.
SH – How did you know that my father is meeting another woman? I need to know.
SH – No, I never had makguli before.
TH – It tastes good.
TH – Hey, we should stay overnight here.
SH – *mutters something* (more drinks?)
TH – Yay!

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    • Handily
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      Lol, yep it is way off from the original but I’m still watching it.

      • April 2, 2018 / 9:14 pm

        SH should die if we follow the original, so thank goodness they’re way off the original, I get to have hopes that they won’t kill him in the end too. 🙂

  5. January80
    April 2, 2018 / 9:15 am

    I am so confused. What is going on with the hospital? Can anyone fill me in?

    • April 2, 2018 / 9:12 pm

      I think, one of their drugs got approved by FDA but protesters think it’s actually harmful. This is prolly one of the reasons of the SW + MR marriage.

  6. N30
    April 3, 2018 / 8:09 am

    God….this is the most complicated drama ever … makjang …. Everything is interlinked with everything. SH n SZ liked each other but didn’t date,SH and TH are dating,their respective parents (YW n SW) use to date n still are (may b), Now SW is marrying MR coz may b she smhow killed his wife, MR also has sm kong od relationship wid d secretary, May b TH is d victim Of hit n run case…phewww…as if this was nt enough now hye joung bf is singing norabang wid HJ mother …. Wats happening yaar …

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  7. Sashaa
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    Thanks for th recap. This drama is using every plot line that ever existed 🙂
    Eventually no one can marry no one because they all are PSEUDO-siblings 🙂 SJ is free to marry anyone at this point.
    Am going to pretend this show has nothing to do with cruel intentions. It’s remotely dark.
    And so much for thI break up. It lasted a while 5 minutes.
    Am not sure if I will continue this drama. But will come and check fellow commentors and read recaps.

    • V
      April 4, 2018 / 7:48 pm

      At this point I say stay for the hot mess-ness and laugh along with the crazy. I am surprisingly still having fun with this show despite it going completely into left field.

      • sashaa
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        well, i guess i can do that as I really am not watching anything else current. Its just disappointing that this show showed so much potential in the first 2 episodes.
        Pretty Noona is not there in Dramafever or Viki (in the USA). After Misty I seem to have a dry spell.
        Am watching ‘A Poem a day’ (dont think you guys are recapping that)
        I want to start ‘My Ajushi’, but need to find the right time for it – I hear its heavy stuff.

        • V
          April 5, 2018 / 12:19 pm

          The first two episodes got my hope way up but the rest of these episodes are just chipping away at it and now there is just not hope left for anything that even resembles the earlier storyline.

          Misty was such high quality that it is easy to have a dry spell after. I would suggest checking out My Ajusshi. It is heavy content (men hitting women, affairs, poverty, slight elderly abuse). It isn’t heavy handed in how it deals with it but if you are very sensitive to those issues then you probably shouldn’t watch it.

          We were thinking of recapping A Poem A Day! But our schedule was just too packed to pick it up. It stinks because that one looks light and fun.

          I would recommend Children of a Lesser God if it wasn’t so hard to find subs for. But that show is soooooo good. Maybe you can give Switch a try? It is just straight fun.

          • sashaa
            April 5, 2018 / 7:15 pm

            Thanks V!My Ajusshi – I think i will start it this weekend.
            Children of a Lesser God – I don’t think its available here.

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