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Grand Prince Recap Episode 5

Live recap for episode 5 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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Yep, that girl up and jumped right into a lake with her hand held up so someone will save her. Or perhaps she was waving bye-bye to the world? Whatever the case, she has definitely set the stage for dying for her beliefs so I expect a lot of turmoil when a decision does not go the way she wants it to go. Case in point, her impending wedding (from episode 1). I have a feeling she is not going to just let that happen.

So far, I really like Grand Prince. I feel like everyone’s motives have been established. The “lost” Prince is bitter at the Kingdom and wants to be King. The innocent Prince just wants to be happy and find someone that he wants to marry, and the prettiest girl in Joseon wants to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it. But all of their motives are based on their younger selves before the war. I am very interested to see how things will change.

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Airing Time: March 16th, 22:50 Seoul
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We open on the boat. Lee Kang asks JH if she really hates him that much? Is she refusing his order? JH turns and looks at the water, she hears Hwi calling for her. Lee Kang wants to know what he is there, he is there for JH but Lee Kang just grabs her and says he will not let her go.

JH hits off his arm and immediately jumps in the water. Hwi immediately jumps in after her and swims way into the lake to pick her up. He grabs her and pulls he onto the boat with Lee Kang watching them. His servant is concerned for Hwi, but Hwi is concerned about JH. He thinks she is crazy, she can’t even swim, but she says that she knew he would rescue him. He tells her that this should be the last time she bets her life on anything.

Lee Kang goes back to the table and hits everything off in anger. But then he gets a crazy smile.

At the same time, Hwi and JH disembark. JH steps onto the deck and Hwi picks her up like aprincess. She says she can walk, but he continues to carry her. His servent leads them into a tiny room and JH tells him that she will go home. But he tells her that she is wet so she can’t go home. He starts making a fire and tells him servent to tell the maid that they need dry clothing. The servent, KT, runs off.

Then Hwi talks to JH. Was he not enough for her, why did she accept someone elses invitation? She says that she went because she thought he was the one who sent the carriage. She wanted to ask him why he sent her the painting and taught her how to draw and did everything she asked of him, even going to the giseang house. He says he tought she was stupid, but he wanted to see her happy. She wanted to draw something, so he tried to make that happen. Whenever he sees something, he wants to give it to her. When he saees a rainbow, he wants to show it to her before it goes away, if he sees a pretty rock then he wants to give it to her. She asks why and he leans in and kisses her.

Then he asks her if this is a good answer. But the maid comes in right at that time and sees the two of them looking awkward. Hwi goes outside and sighs and his servant looks at him and smiles. Hwi says nothing happened and KT smiles and says he didn’t say anything. Inside the house, JH gets changed. the maid want to know if she has something else to tell her? But Jh just says, do you have my comb.
Lee Kang pulls the Gisaeng away and pulls her into a room. He pulls her clothes off and starts kissing her. But she says that she will take her clothes off first. She takes off her outergarment and throws it at Lee Kang. Then we cut to Lee Kang on top of he giesaeng, but he remembers what happened on the river and stops. He thinks of Hwi hugging JH in the boat. YG pulls him into a kiss and he starts kissing her once again. But YG looks off as if she is concerned about something.

JH is making a present for Hwi with her maid. But she keeps thinking about the kiss. KD thinks her agasshi is hiding something from her, she look suspicious. But JH says it isn’t anything as she tries not to blush.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang tells the gisaend, YG that she is his now. She asks him what she gets and he asks what she wants. She tells him that she will think about it. He leaves.
Hwi gets home looking solemn and Lee Kang sees him. It looks like Hwi was waiting for Lee Kang to show up. he confronts him and punches him hard in the face. Lee kang wants to know if this is becaue of that girl and he says to not touch him/her. He says to never touch his person again. Lee Kang says he asked him if he wanted anyone and he didn’t hear an answer. Hwi says he will give him everything, Kang can get everything, just don’t touch her. Kang wants to know if Hwi still thinks he killed that little girl. Did he think he forgot about that? Hwi says she was young and didn’t even know what she was doing, Hwi covered it up like that forever. Kang tells him that he should apologize to her forever. Kang says they are princes, they have royal blood, they have to be protected. But Hwi says their duty is to pretect their people not enjoy their lives. kang says the King shouldn’t be accused and Hwi says, brother you aren’t a King! And you won’t be a king, ever…you know that.

Hwi leaves and Kang stares after him.

Then we see Hwi mixing ink as he gets over his altercation with his brother. But he can’t concentrate on painting.

Cut to servant KT running to deliver a letter to maid KD. JH gets the letter and is so happt to recieve it. She gives JH a letter to give back to him. then we have a montage of the maid and the servant sending letters back and forth and back and forth and they say, fighting to each other and smile.

Then we cut to the Queen talking with two men and the little prince. The brother says their mother worres about her becaue she suffered a lot, she brought her some medicine. The mom says that she thought she would die because the baby was upside down and the grandmother siad they should save the kid. But she also agrees with that, if the baby died then she was a dead person as well. But she is worried about the strong Princes. The father says Kang is dangerous but Hwi isn’t a threat. Hwi can protect the baby and be a guardian.

Hwi and Kang ride into the market on horses and have a big parade for them as they go into someones house. Ah, it is Kang’s wedding day to Na-gum (NG). NG talks to her friends about the wedding and how she feels strange. They hope they can still be friends when she becomes a married woman. She will have a lot of spies around though so she might not be able to see them as much. JH made NG a gift and gives it to her, NG is so thankful to her for it.

Someone runs in and says that the princes are there. the other friend, Sul-hwa (SH) says that she told her parents that she wants to marry the other prince. They go outside and SH shows off Hwi to her, but JH misses him. But then she sees him, huh, he is a prince? His name is Hwi. But the friend says that he is Prince Eun-sung, he is the youngest brother. Jh takes that in for a moment.

The wedding goes on and JH thinks back to all her interactions with Hwi and how there were so many clues that he was a prince, but she didn’t catch them. Hwi tries to smile at her at the wedding, but she ignores him and leaves. Hwi also leaves.

Kang notices this too.

Hwi calls to Jh and JH starts reciting a poem to Hwi. Was this all lies? Every night, all your letters, did you just play with me?

No, don’t be mistaken

I was just stupid. Young master, you live are a Lee from (province) Young master…no, prince, you lied to me. Your hobby is hiding your identity and playing with ladies? A girl wants to marry you.

I don’t know her, my heart is only to you

Your true heart, all those lies. Listen to me, we are strangers from now on, don’t notice me anymore.

They go back to the marriage ceremony, but it ended. Servant KT finds Hwi becaue he has to change his clothing. then we cut to kang. Uncle asks Kang how he fells and Kang says that he is greedy, he wants something else( someone else?). Uncle laughs and says that the giseang is just a giseang, he can just order it and get her. But he says he isnt talking about her. His thirst can’t be treated by those women.

Uncle chuckles and looks at his nephew, he says that he can help him, what does he really want that much?

JH rips up all her letter, she is so angry because he lied to her. The maid thinks he is a prince though, she should be happy. But JH thinks he was a casonova playing a game, he should have been truthful and she thinks both brothers are the same.

Cut to Kang’s first night with his bride. Kang is just drinking and ignoring his new wife. She tells him that he has somthing to give to her, he said he will give her knife back. he gives it back and he asks her, how do you feel after becoming a princes wife. She says women shouldn’t be able to pick their husband, but she took her sisters spot and got there. Her heart pumped when she saw him, so she will not regret her choice. He says that they can’t take it back so they shoudn’t regreat it.

He pulls her and starts ripping off her clothing. She tells himthat he should take her hair off first, so she does it herself. He pauses as he looks at her and then we kisses her. Then we cut to NG sleeping.
But she wakes up and sees her new husband standing outside. She dresses herself to go meet him, but then she stops. She thinks something as she watches him, but she doesn’t disturb him.

The Queen and the King get a morning greeting from Kang and his new wife. They also have the baby with them. It looks like Kang and his wife are pledging their loyalty to the new king. The Queen tells NG to come to the palace often because she is happy to have a sister in law. Kang looks at the little prince in hidden disgust.

In Hwi’s study, he is trying to figure out what to do. How will he face this situation? KT tells him that he needs a plan, but Hwi just leaves.

Meanwhile, Kang and NG go to his house. It doesn’t look like he wants to go inside though, he never thought he would go back there alone. NG says he is not alone anymore because she is there. Kang says he doens’t know what to do, he has never seen an adult married couple, and NG says that she will take care of everything.

At the same time, Hwi tries to meet with Ja-hyun, though he says that he came to meet with her brother. But the brother is out of town. Hwi thinks he should wait inside in their guest room because the servant tells them that the brother will be back at anytime. They go inside and they start talking about facing their problem. Hwi wants to know if KT knows where she lives? Go get her and tell her that he is waiting in the backyard.

Hwi starts waiting and practicing how he will stand. He tries tostand looking distinguished or cool or scholarly, maybe he should sit? Finally her door opens and he runs to get into his cool looking position. But it is the brother that is runs to him. He was at Sungkyunkwon academy and ran there as soon as he got notice.

Hwi breakout into an awkward laugh and smile, he says that he just stopped by because they played polo together and the brother did a great job at his brothers marriage so he just stopped by to say those things and give him some recognition for his work. Duk-sik says Kang has a temper and he knows that and he is so happy that Hwi is comforting him so much, let’s go inside, I want to tell you a lot of things! Hwi looks like he wants to leave, but he goes with Duk-sik.
Meanwhile, JH is still upset in her room. maid KD tries to convince her to go meet with him, but she is adamant that she will not meet him. She thinks that the princes think that the workd revolves around them and they want to control normal people like her, they shouldn’t meet with people like them at all, or they will be the one who gets hurt.

In the brothers room, DS spills his guts to Hwi about all his stress lately with Kang. DS also wants to keep Hwi’s glass filled and put some food in his mouth as well. But Hwi is only thinking about JH

Kang and Uncle are at the Gisaeng house, they talk about the messenger that they sent to the northern country. Uncle thinks Kang needs a serogate to gather people because if he does it then people will be suspicious of him.

Back at kang’s home, NG’s a little concerned that her husband is not coming home and is sleeping outside in the gisaeng house. She pretends that she is not angry, but see her gripping her dress tightly in anger.

Hwi frantically looks for a book, his servant wants to know what he is looking for but Hwi just says that he doesn’t know, he is just looking. But then he finds an old history book and sees a quote that he likes; he smiles.

At JH’s home, Seong-uk is throwing a party at the house and they are inviting all their friends over. The mother tells Jh to come so we cut to the maid trying to pull JH off her desk against her will. JH really dosn’t want to go, she just wants to read this book. But KD knows that her agassi reads the same page for several days, even though she can’t read, she knows that much.

JH reluctantly goes out and joins her mother and the other ladies, then the play starts.
The play is about a love story in the three kingdoms era. All the women swoon, it’s a love story! Someone comes in wearing a mask and starts performing with a fan. He says, my love lady, you don’t know that I am not from this country and a prince, before I leave, I have to tell her the truth, I want to tell her to go with me, what if she hates me? What if she turns her back on me?

Princess – Young master…young master…what are you worrying about?

Prince – my lady, whatever I am, will your heart still not change

lady – my heart is not mine, it is yours

Prince – what if i am not form this country

lady – what do you mean, where are you fron

prince – I am not from baekjae, I am from gorguyo

lady – how did gorguyo people come to my land?

prince – I am not just a citicen, i am a prince and a spy

lady – you tricked me, you came to me and you lied

prince – no my lady, i was afraid, before i told you the truth, i fell in love and i was scared

lady – crying

prince – my lady is crying

He kneels and looks at JH and takes off his mask and looks directly at JH. But then he looks at the other actor on the groung.

prince – don’t trust what you see, but trust the time we spent together, when I first saw you my heart was pumping, pumping, your warm heart that was ncie to a rude man like me. Your passion that you showed to learn, you even wore mens clothes, your curiosity of wanting to go somewhere forbiden and your courage that put your life in danger because you trusted me, everything, it was you. Night and Day, I became a fool that thought of you all the time. All of a sudden I became a guy that can’t live without you. Can you follow me? Can you come with me?

All the ajumma’s tell the other lady in the mask to follow him, follow him, tell him yes!

lady – with you I can follow you everywhere to heaven or hell.

prince – can you trust me

lady – i will tryst your love, not you. Your name, I don’t care about your name or your position. i will only see your love.

prince – you will ditch your family and your country and everyone in your country will hate you, can you trust me and come with me?

Everyone yells for her to go with him and the lady jumps on Hwi. Hwi pulls him to the back and then hops back out.

Prince – this courageous woman followed him and left the country and then later became the queen of gorguyo.

Hwi says this is the story of the Gorgyu prince who loved the baekji lady. Everyone cheers and says it is a super cool story. JH also looks touched byt he story. Outside, Hwi wonders if he will get notice from her. Will she forgive him today? If she doens’t forgive him, then should he go and ask her. A mother comes up to them and asks what group they are with, can they come to her mother-in-laws birthday? Another woman says she wants it too, for her grandchild, she had money now. But they have a condition, can they just not wear the mask, they are so handsome. Another woman says they don’t know art, guys have to do a woman part, that is why they wear a mask. Another woman says they don’t need the woman part, they can just do a lot of mens parts. Hwi smiles.

But then we see that Hwi looks dissapointed. KT tells him not to be dissapointed, she was moved, perhaps he can write a letter? However we see that JH was outside hiding and she reveals herself. They go somewhere to talk.
They both tell each other that they look too skinny. Hwi says that he thought he didn’t have to tell her the truth, but later it was hard to tell her because she kept saying that she didnt like the royal family, so he kept thinking that he had to tell her, but she figured it out first. She wants to know when he started thinking about that play? He should have been in the girl costume. He asks if she is forgiving him and she says that she isn’f forgiving him but she understands him know. He says that he wants to jus stay next to her and apologize to he forever, they held hands and kissed so…is she going to marry another man like nothing happened? You are already mine. (for ladies, any body touching in Joseon means that you have to marry that person).

She rolls her eyes and he grabs he rby her arms, gently, he says people call him a grand prince, but he can’t be anything. He is only allowed to be someones lover or husband. So, the wanted to have his own love, not an arranged marriage. ja-hyun..lets say each others names and live like friends who are lovers. Call my name please, you know my name. She says, Hwi…Hwi…Hwi. When I call your name, it sounds like whistling. He says that he promises that he will protect her forever and she will be his only love.

He kisses her outside in the sun. It is deep kiss too. Luckily no one else is around.

JH’s father is reading and someone calls him, my Lord. He says, yes, come in. It is his wife, she brought some hot water for a massage. She wants to do something nice for him. She tells him that she had a really fun time today at the play. Their relationship has been cold recently, but today she knew his true heart. Today teh lose story that the actors gave really moved her. He says that he is happy that she liked it so much. She tells him that it was like gambling…no, it was better than gambling. then she starts to take his clothing off and he wants to know what she is doing. She says that they should do the hot water massage on bare skin. He enjoys his manners during the day, but now it is time for some husband and wife fun.

He tells her that he has to read a book tonight, but she throws the book, he needs to read her mind tonight, not a book!

Several men are guarding a fortress and several other men are about to attack them. (Either Manchuria or Jurchen?). It is the Joseon border so the Jurchen are attacking all the Koreans at the border.

Then the messenger comes back to Kangs house and greets him. he looks pretty busted up, but nothing serious. As he was traveling, the war already started, so Kang should get a notice soon. The messenger gives Kang a secret letter. The Jurchen want something for creating this war and it is in the letter. Uncle says they are too greedy. But Kang says they should give them everything, that way they won’t have any regrets. Uncle says Money are food are okay, but not the land. Kang says they can just tell them that now, but they can turn on them later. Uncle chuckles. It looks like his wife heard all of that.

meanwhile Hwi meets with the Queen, he has a request. He has picked someone to marry, a lady. The Queen is shocked. Hwi says his brother got married so he wants to get married. She asks who the lady is and Hwi says it is the great scholar daughter. She wants to know how he knows her and he tells her that he plays polo with her brother. So he saw her when he went to his house. He says she has a great heart and is courageous. She likes painting so they can live together and paint together and be happy.

The Queen says that it shouldn’t be a public announcement that the Prince is picking his wife, instead, the Queen will meet with her family. She isn’t granting permision yet.

At the same time, a messenger is arriving with big news for the King. The King is happily looking at his some and talking about how cute/strong he is even though he is so small. the wife doesn’t wnat him to talk about those things, what if he is missing something. But the King tells him that he will grow up healthy and be a better king than him. He thinks that he needs to stay strong so that he can be next to his son and no trouble will come to the palace.

But trouble is here as one of the scholars informs him of a war on the border right now!

the King looks at the news and then we cut to The Queen and Hwi. A maid comes in and informs them of all the trouble that is on the border.

Hwi leaves immediately, what the Jurchens are invading again? he says he will check it out. The king is informed that they Jurchens aren’t just invading, they are fighting against their soldiers. Butt he King is sick and passes out under the sun.

Hwi sees him pass out and runs to his side. He yells, My Lord! My Lord!

Fade Out


Scene 1: ES jumps into the river to rescue JH.

Scene 2: ES confesses his love to JH and he kisses her instead of answering her question.

Scene 3: JY takes YG to a room and they sleep together because of his jealousy toward ES and JH

Scene 4: JY says to YG that she is his person. She asks him, what can he do for her if she becomes his person.

Scene 5: ES punches JY and tells him that JH is his woman and JY will never be King.

Scene 6: JH finds out ES is a prince; she gets so mad and tells him they are strangers now.

Scene 7: JY tells NG that he doesn’t know how to treat her and NG says he can focus on his dream and she will take care of the rest.

Scene 8: ES confesses his true feeling to JH while disguising himself as a performer.

Scene 9: JH and ES are together again and ES proposes to her.

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  1. Kazuko
    March 17, 2018 / 11:15 am

    Intense. Very intense. Tq so much for reacapping. I’m enjoying the drama with ur recaps so much😘

    • V
      March 17, 2018 / 12:15 pm

      Yay, so happy you’re watching/reading this one with us. It looks like this episode confirmed the love between the two leads and also set the stage for their separation! Hopefully the mother can set up the marriage before Hwi leaves….but from the first episode, it looks like she may not have had a chance to?

  2. chamchamcham
    March 17, 2018 / 5:02 pm

    I’ve been lurking but I can’t hold back anymore – so grateful for this site and the speedy recaps. I look forward to them every weekend! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    • V
      March 17, 2018 / 7:59 pm

      Welcome to delurking land Chamchamcham! I am so happy to hear that you get something from our recaps. I am starting to really love this show so I hope you delurk often 🙂

  3. Raya
    March 17, 2018 / 5:35 pm

    Ahhh that scene 9! I’m liking this show even more! Thank you so much for recapping, can’t wait for ep 6 tonight!

    • V
      March 17, 2018 / 8:01 pm

      That was so unexpected! And is was basically a marriage proposal, right? I am happy that the OTP got this moment of happiness and reciprocated love since it looks like the separation is about to start. I am excited for the war scenes, though! I know Hwi will be in some trouble, but it should grow his happy go lucky self up quickly and I am glad that we know he and his servant make it out. But what I am really curious about is when they picked up the female warrior!

  4. Anonymous
    March 21, 2018 / 3:47 am

    Nice recap!!!am enjoying the drama!

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