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Grand Prince Recap Episode 16

Finally the good guys start to win! Good Lord, it has been a long road to this point, but I am savoring it. This show ended in an annoying way that made me want to scream, but the rest of the episode was good enough to make me over look it. I especially love what the Uncle had coming.

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Airing Time: April 22nd, 22:50 Seoul

All the signs across the city basically say that Kang took the real Kings position.

Meanwhile, JH teaches SG how to read. The first four characters are the the sky is black, the earth is dark. SG tells her that the sky is blue. JH says you have to learn the next four letters. There is infinite space between the sky and the land. But maybe we can do something easier first.

She draws a human. Human cannot live alone so they have to lean on each other like this. SG is all like, I just want to know Hwi’s name. She saw it once. JH tells her to look at this. She starts to write Hwi’s name, it is a super complicated name. SG wants to know why it is so complicated. JH tells her that she just needs to practice it, then it will be easy. JH wants to know what Hwi talks about in his room. SG says, you want to know?

In the room, the son-guard fills them all in on the politics in the palace and how they kicked the little King out of the palace. It is too burdensome to have him around. Hwi thinks it is a trap that they asked the son-guard. The son-guard says he still needs to go, they should take the baby king and bring him to their side. But they see shadows so the son guard grabs his sword and kicks the door open.

JH and SG fall to the ground. They make up an excuse about practicing martial arts. Hwi tells them that they can come in, they don’t have secrets between them, maybe if they have one more brain, it would be better. SG and JH both smile and go inside the room.

Everyone talks about the event of taking the little King. JH has an idea, can you get her palace maid clothes?

Cut to everyone reading the signs that are put all around the city. Kang reads the sign as well and crumples it up.He wants to know how many rebels are around. They took JH away and tried to kill him and put messages up. They are all together. They think they should follow SU around and see who he meets. Kang seethes.

Meanwhile Hwi and his people dress like palace guards and JH dresses like a palace maid. Hwi tries to talk her out of it, but she isn’t listening. He just doesn’t’ want to involve her because it is dangerous, he only respects her with words, not actions, he needs her to get the little King.

The three fake palace guards (army guys) dig a ditch. Then we see Hwi and KT riding with SG and JH. The men love this moment of riding with the women.

Kang is basically about to go crazy. He starts itching and has a rash over all his body. The maid says nothing happened when she checked it, take it away. But Kang tells them to leave it there! Call the royal guard and get everyone who touched my food. The guards terrorize all the people of the palace once again.

The doctor treats the King and tells him that it is not poison, it is just a reaction because the food doesn’t fit his body. It is crab. Crab can cause a reaction to certain people. Kang is all like, F-you! I ate it all the time and this never happened to me before. Are you also with them! Do you want me to die! The doctor says this allergic reaction can happen at any time and then disappear. It may be because you haven’t eaten well or slept well so you are weak. The treatment is to take a bath in some medicine and he will treat him with acupuncture.

NG tells him that his rash is going away, so they should listen to the doctor and see if it is poison or a reaction. the doctor says he puts his life on it. Kang shouldn’t eat crab from not on. Kang flips off and takes off his clothing. He says he is itching after putting on those clothes. They put poison on his bow and arrow, maybe they can put poison on his clothes as well!

He throws his clothes at the doctor and tells him to check that as well.

NG meets with her brother and tells him to check everything that touches the King. The doctor says this is psychotic, she understands it, but this is too much. The problem is that his everyday life is hell now. After he became the King, i thought everything would be taken care of, but I am more worried now. The brother tells her to have a baby King so everything will be taken care of.

NG thinks back. JH told her that she will be worried everyday, she won’t be able to sleep or eat, she will suspect everything. Good clothing will hurt her skin and good bead wear will feel like needles.

He asks her if she has also had any problems. She asks her brother if he missed how it was before. He shakes his head. She agrees, it is better to cry in the palace than smile in a small leaky house. Whatever loneliness we suffer, i like these clothes and I like this place.

the little King is all alone in his jail. A tiny little tear falls as he lays on the floor and traces a picture while saying…umma.

Cut to the three army guys hiding to see if their boobytrap worked. It does! The horse tumbles in it and injures himself. Son-guard says they should get a new horse. But the other guard just pulls one of the other guards off his horse and takes it. it is a real a-hole move.

The three army guys think this is not according to their plan. At this rate, they will have to fight them.

Cut to Hwi, KT, JH, and SG showing up at the little Kings house jail. JH says that the Queen worried about the little King so she sent them there to bring gifts of food to everyone. She even brought the Kings alcohol. The guards aren’t sure about it, but Hwi and KT talk them into it.

They are able to sneak into the little Kings room and see him sleeping. Hwi sits next to him and whispers…my King…my King. The little King wakes up and recognizes Hwi as his Uncle. he asks if he is going to his mother and ives Hwi a big hug. Hwi tears up as he hugs his nephew.

Outside, the guards are all drunk. But they have trouble coming, the other guards aren’t that far away. They try to sneak out, but they run right into the guards. KT tells the ladies to leave, they will fight. SG yells shut up to KT and starts fighting. She is able to take a sword away and fight off two guards. The three army guys show up and help out.

Hwi, JH, and the little King run away. Son-guard finds them and lets them know that their plan didn’t work. Hwi should go to the city and he will lead them somewhere else. The son-guard pulls out his sword when someone yells at them. it is the other guard in charge. he syas he suspected son-guard because he tried to slow them down. They fight.

JH, Hwi, and the little King run off. KT shows up with a horse and tells them to take it. Hwi puts the little King on, he wants JH to leave with them, but JH wants Hwi to go, she won’t be any help. KT tells them that three people can’t ride on one horse. Hwi doesn’t know why JH is doing this. JH says she isn’t a weak women that he needs to protect, she is his colleague who is working with him. Hwi hugs her and tells her that he will see her in the capital. He hops on the hoarse with the prince and tells KT to please take care of the young lady.

Hwi rides off.

back in the fight, SG and the three guys are fighting with all their might. SG takes out a lot of the guards.

Son-guard is also fighting with the head guard. But then JH shows up and is taken hostage but the head guard. JH sees the injured arm and remembers what SG taught her. She grabs it and hits the head guard away! yay! The head guard runs off and the son-guard follows him. JH is left with KT.

Back at the big fight, Sg and the three guards put all the bad guys away inside the house and lock it. Everyone shows back up. Song-guard comes as well and says that the head guard got away, but he will take care of it. Everyone should go to the capital city.

SU says it is a long way to China, if he makes the trip he wants one request, he wants to have his daughter back. Kang says, if he does this big honor to the country then he will ask his mother about it. SU thanks him, Kang tells him that better luck can visit his family. SU looks annoyed with that remark.

NG finds out that SU is the ambassador. But she wonders how he can go there? He is the father of a rebel. The brother says that SU is the best scholar, he must go. NG thinks SU should ask the daughter to kill herself for the honor of the family. She wants her brother to visit the temple to see if she became a nice monk. he says he will.

Hwi takes good care of the little King and picks some raspberries for him. The little King says it tastes good, how does Uncle know this. Hwi says he had to survive only on this for a long time. When he grows up, he needs to remember that some people only survive on this and the King should take care of these people first. The Little King smiles and keeps eating the raspberries.

The head guard goes to a building. Son-guard meets him there and kills him. He tells him that he betrayed the country and the King.

Uncle comes out and song-guard says that this guard betrayed them. He tried to follow the King, but this guy blocked him. He killed him, but Uncle needs to figure out who the betrayers are in their group.

Hwi puts the little King to bed and ticks him in. He stays by his bedside as he sleeps. Then Hwi paces outside. All his people come back to him. JH is there as well. Hwi wonders if she is injured, whose blood is that! JH says it isn’t hers, it is someone else’s. He wants to hug her but SG keeps him away and says that they are the ones that fought, they are the injured ones. All the other guys talk about all their injuries, their arm, their eyes, they can’t see….but now I can see…lalala. They all laugh.

Inside, JH sits with the little King as he sleeps. Hwi comes in and gives her a drink. JH says she understands how LSG thinks. being together with Hwi and overcoming all the hardships, it feels like they are a lot closer than before. Hwi says he hates it, he doesn’t want to suffer like this anymore. He tells JH that he should wait next time. If she does this again then his heart can’t take it.

JH asks him if he thinks they can protect the King? Hwi thinks back to his older brother telling him to protect his family and don’t let them die. Hwi says that his brother told him not to let anyone get killed. Hwi made himself dead to fulfill his dead brothers wish. JH says, when he comes out again, that will be a righteous day.

But Hwi says he will suffer because the one that will be punished will be his own brother. The family fights each other and kills each other. That is their fate. JH holds his hand.

In another room, one of the army guys arm gets dressed. He screams like a baby about it. They talk about how they need to eat meat to recover, but they only eat veggies in the temple. Perhaps they should go hunting? But they say that the head monk was upset at Jin-yag for eating meat on their property.

Cut to SG treating herself in her room by herself. She takes the water out of the bowl and tries to write Hwi’s name. It isn’t bad. Then she goes back to treating her wounds.

JH and Hwi sleep on either side of the little King. Hwi rests his hand on the little Kings head. JH holds his hand. they look at each other for a long time as they hold hands

Everyone had a pleasant nights rest. Hwi wakes up first and looks at JH.

Meanwhile, at the palace, the scholars tell Kang that the King was taken by rebels. Kang says they are all on the same team, he told them! Kang tells son-guard that he gives him full authority, investigate anyone and find out who is behind the rebels. The scholars say that Jurchen’s want to send ambassadors to congratulate him for becoming King. Kang is all like…they want to see me? Send a translator, if they want to congratulate him then he will let them in.

Elsewhere in the palace, the young Queen begs the Grand Queen to let her out. Her son is missing and she doesn’t’ know where he is. The Grand says that this is the beginning of hope. If they want to hurt him then they should have killed him. They might want to keep him safe. She will ask her brother to investigate who took the little King. Young Queen asks the Grand Queen how she lived her life. She is suffering this much without her son, but she lost two sons, how did she survive? The Queen says that her life is done as a mother. her last son, Kang…her only duty for the palace is stopping Jin-yang. that is why she is not killing herself.

Hwi, KT, JH, and son-guard all meet up and try to figure out who tried to kill Jin-yang. if someone really tried to kill him then there might be a cue forming among the people. JH thinks they can think differently. Kang injured himself to make Hwi a rebel. Maybe it is similar. Someone can get that close to put poison on the archers bow, but why didn’t’ they put it in the food? As a result, the little King was sent to the country. After that, the Uncle told son-guard to kill the little King. It is the Uncle, he is the one that took Hwi to the North and put him in danger as well.

they don’t’ know who all is a part of it, but perhaps the Kings fear is real. Jin-yang thinks someone is trying to kill him. Hwi says, so, lets slash the Uncle. He heard from his mother that the reason the King (his brother) didn’t’ have a son is because it was someones plan. Whenever someone was pregnant, they had a problem with the pregnancy. That is why the current queen went to her house and hid there.

Hwi thinks they should follow all the people in the palace and Uncles followers in order to find the evidence. But if Uncle is the problem, what will Jin-yang do? Hwi thinks Jin-yang won’t just let it pass.

Bad guys follow KD around. KD tries to keep a watch out, but the bad guy is behind a tree.

At the same time. The son guard pokes around the palace and interviews everyone to get evidence. He has the authority to do it anyway because Kang gave it to him.

Kang has more itchiness on his clothing and welts form. He throws the robes on the ground and starts breathing hard as if it is cold outside. he stares at the Kings garments.

Cut to a scholar telling the Uncle that no one is going to survive in the palace. The cooks and everyone think their life is ind danger. The King listens to you, can you stop him? But the Uncle just grumbles away.

Meanwhile, Kang has a knife to the seamstress’s head and says that he wears his clothes, why do they make him itch like this? Then he points it to the ladies. they all says they aren’t the cause. The doctor tells him that it is because he is weak, he needs to take medicine. Kang wants the doctor to wear it, but the doctor says he can’t wear it because he is a servant.

Uncle comes in with one of the scholars. He tells him that his life was threatened again. The scholar tells them all to leave. The scholar leaves as well, outside, The son-guard tells him that they found the person that tried to kill the King.

Kang is inside with his Uncle. Uncle says that Kang has a mental sickness, he is psychotic. Kang is all like, you better go somewhere with that. Sn-guard comes in at that time and says that Uncle is the rebel. The archery guy and the doctor confessed. The archery guy touched the bow and arrow and the doctor wrongly said it was poison. It wasn’t poison. Well, it is poison, but it won’t kill you, he had another purpose.

Uncle said he needed a reason to kill the Little King.

The scholar yells, to Kill the little King, you put the King in danger? Song-guard says that wrong loyalty is the same as a cue. he will take him to their police station to investigate it. But Kang just kneels with his Uncle and asks him, why did you do that? Uncle says it was for him. But Kang asks him, do you still think i am a little boy that cried in front of you after the little maid died?

Uncle tells him that removing the little King is for the stability of him and the palace. Kang tells him that he can do it! he can do it! He can hire good people and make Korea strong and make Korea stable and strong. You also don’t trust me like my mother, always suspecting me, there is no difference. Uncle says he just wanted to make his way better. Kang says he just made him his puppet. Kang pulls out a sword.

he yells and swings it at the Uncle. But he stops just short of hurting the uncle and drops the sword to the ground. He says he will keep todays even quiet. The guard tells him that this is the same as a cue. Kang tells him, if this sneak out then he will kill everyone in this room. He will restrain Uncle and restrain him inside his quarters. He will not be allowed out into the world until he dies. He has to stay inside his place and miss the monster that he created.

Uncle bows to him and stands to leave.

Kang tells the royal guard to take Uncle away.

While walking away, Uncle tells the police to be careful with the son-guard. He sent him to kill the King, but he killed there people and separated Uncle from the King. The guard checks to see if anything changed at SU’s house. The spy tells him that KD went to the temple, it was a bit suspicious.

THE Jurchen people come and congratulate Kang for his Kingdom. They brought a lot of presents. Kang tells him that he speaks Korean well, they don’t need a translator. The Jurchen’s says that they live well with Korean’s, they don’t need a translator. The Jurchen guy tells Kang to please keep the promise that he promised before he became King and teat them like brothers. Then they will share a forever friendship.

Kang says, Keep my promise? Are you threatening the Korean King. The Jurchen speaks in banmal for a moment and says that he just wants him to keep his promise. He became the King with their help. Now he changes his face?

Kang smugly smiles. He stands up and removes a sword from one of his guards. he slices the Jurchen’s throat with it. The other Jurchen’s are all like what the F? Then he tells the other Jurchen’s to tell their chief that they took hostage of one of their Princes, so they should punish them. Their King was little so they couldn’t’ get their revenge, but now he is the King so he wil show them their dignity as a superior country. They will form a huge army and kill them all.

Ahn wants to leave and see JH. But KD tries to keep her away. She tries to talk her out of it and says that JH is well, her face is so round and fat! The brother wants to go as well. he says that he will take care of anything that might happen.

Umma makes it all the way to the temple. KD wants her to wait at the door, but Umma goes inside. Guards are blatently following them. In the back, JH learns martial arts from SG. Hwi tells SG to be easy on JH. But SG says no one does it as practice in a real case. JH tells him that she is okay.

Umma comes up and says, Ja-hyun. Hwi hides his face from her. The guards come out as well and see JH as a monk. Hwi walks away while trying to keep his identity secret. But the hidden guard sees him. The brother notices something also.

Fade Out

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  1. Yves
    April 22, 2018 / 7:24 pm

    Thank you so much. I was waiting very patiently for the recaps. Can’t wait for next week!

    • V
      April 22, 2018 / 8:08 pm

      I am so happy that Kang is finally getting his people taken from him and feeling the weight of the crown! It is about time!

  2. Shannon Fleming
    April 23, 2018 / 8:47 am

    I don’t think the guard sees JH as a monk. She would have had her head shaved. She wouldn’t have had contact with men.
    He seemed to notice Hwi too. I guess we will find out for sure next week.

    • V
      April 23, 2018 / 2:36 pm

      Yep, one visit to the temple revealed a lot to this guard. I wanted to scream at the ending of the episode.

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