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Grand Prince Recap Episode 15

Live recap for episode 15 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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Hwi has finally realized that he has basically been stupid in regards to the relationship between him and his brother. Thank the Lord. Now he is starting his team’s offensive and building his attack with letters all around the city. One huge help to their plan is that one key character has switched sides.

It is a recap marathon over here with all the shows we are posting back-to-back. We are going to try and finish episode 16 up today. If we finish it today then we will post it next. After that, we will get started on Hyori B&B.

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Airing Time: April 21st, 22:50 Seoul

Hwi runs up to the carriage that is holding Ja-hyun. he kneels and opens the door. She looks at him and recognizes his hand. This makes her grab it. She takes his hand and get out of the palanquin. Hwi removes his mask and they have their reunion. JH wonders if she is dead now, is she seeing him in a different world? they hug and everyone behind them sighs.

JH tells Hwi that she saw his dead body and they had the funeral, she saw him buried. He tells her that it was a setup with the guard. If he pretended like he was dead, then he can get off of that island. JH tells him that he should have told her, does he know what she did? He explains that he had assassins after him, he didn’t have any time to tell anyone. What did my brother do to you? You thought I was dead so you wanted to be his second wife?

He can barely say the words. He tells her not to tell him anything, she doesn’t have to explain it to him, he knows she had no choice all because of him. She says that is right, no choice, you promised that you would protect me forever, but you were dead so I had to go into the palace to be someone else’s second wife. before you died I went to see someone else. Are you happy now? Why did you bring me here if you thought about those things? He says that he had to see her. She wants to know why. He says it was killing him, he had to see her. But she doesn’t think he trusts her. She will go to the temple.

He stands and tells her that she shouldn’t. He will leave, just calm down and rest.

Hwi leaves and JH holds out a hand to him. But she doesn’t’ touch him and he doesn’t’ turn around so their misunderstanding continues.

Kang finds out that JH got away, someone abducted her at the temple. Kang gets upst and slowly walks up to the man. He grabs the sword from his guard and slices it at the man in a rage. But it only cuts the mans hair off. He tells him not to appear in front of him anymore.

Kang and his guard talk, who could have done this? What about her father? What about Eun-sung’s people? Kang says she will contact her father, so look after her place. Publicly she is at the temple so her parents won’t worry/care about her anymore.

Meanwhile, Hwi and JH both brood miserably. One inside the building and one outside. KT asks Hwi what he is going to do. Hwi says he just wanted her to know that he was okay. But she is angry at him. It seems like she suffered a lot in the palace. He will send her away, but he wants her to calm down a bit, he wants to soothe her. He tells KT that he was happy, but he made the saddest wife ever.

KT reminds him that it is all because of his brother, without him, you two would have a happy life. Hwi says he should have told her bye when he went to the war. She should have married a nice family and had a nice happy life. KT says this is not the end, it is difficult now, but you will come back anyway. When it happens, she will smile happily.

SG goes into her room and wonders what JH is doing there, this is her room. JH kind of apologizes and says that this is the only girls room. SG sits next to her. JH says she is writing a letter to her parents. She is in a tough situation. She can’t go home and she can’t go to the temple. SG wants to know if she will stay there and get married. JH doesn’t know, the marriage broke and their fates changed. But if she doesn’t get married then she will have her revenge on everyone that broker her life and love for that position. Greed is not the only way to get to that position. Greed is not love.

SG says she has changed, did something happen in the palace. JH says the reason she has pain isn’t because of that, Hwi doesn’t’ trust me, he couldn’t. SG tries to lighten the mood and tells JH that she needs to work if she lives there. They start to talk about what she is good at. Sewing? What if someone attacks them? You are a burden for us. SG decides to teach her self defense. In exchange, JH should teach her how to read and write. JH says, when she can read and write, then she can convey her longing for someone which is something you cannot do by speaking alone.

Cut to JH washing some clothes by the river. Hwi goes up to her and helps her out. He asks her why she does these things. JH says it is because she doesn’t have her maid, she can do it. Hwi explains that he knows how to wash clothes, clean, wash rice, and make a house. Him and KT can do it because that is what they did for 3 years as a slave. JH gets upset for some reason and leaves.

Later she tries to hang the washed clothing, but she is too short? Hwi comes up and hangs them for her. She thanks him. He tells her that she can go to the temple is she wants, with a maid, this place is dangerous. JH tells him not to get things twisted, she is not there because of him. What they want to do is what she wants to do as well. For that reason, he ignored his lover and became a dead man. She will get her own revenge.

He asks her, what if you got hurt? I won’t be able to survive.

She says that she was always in danger, she never had a good life when he went to the war. love made her happy for a few moments and the rest of that time was suffering. She is not there to stay next to him, she will go her own way.

She leaves and he watches her walk away. KT and SG watch from a distance. SG says she feels strange. She hated her when she smiled in front of Hwi, but she also doesn’t like it when they fight as well. It hurts her heart. KT tells her she is becoming an adult. Real love is in wishing for happiness for that person. SG says it doesn’t make any sense, she was happy for the last 3 years with them. KT says it was painful for the prince. He looks at the prince and then he looks at SG longingly.

Uncle asks SU to write a letter to China because SU is the greatest scholar. The letter will ask for China to approve Kang as the King. But SU says he helped them before and it ruined his daughters life, he won’t help them anymore. Uncle says that he already helped them so he should continue helping them.

Meanwhile, Kang looks at his throne. He touches it and tells his guard that he became the King, but people don’t like him. He feels like everyone is laughing behind his back. His own Mother doesn’t grant him the Kingdom, he took his nephews position and killed his own brother. The guard tells him that he is the King, he is the owner/father of this country.

Kang wants to have a party. Bring YG to him. He will crush all the people who do not listen to his order.

Elsewhere in the palace, NG bows to the young queen. They talk about being comfortable in the palace. NG says she is comfortable because she has the young queen and the grand queen ahead of her. The young queen tells her that she is a second wife. The King will have a lot of women. NG will have to take care of a lot of things that are not related to the King. NG says she will be generous after she has a baby. The young queen asks her, what if someone else makes a baby first? She explains that NG needs to be careful, if she is in a hurry then the Kings love will go away first.

At the same time, YG dances for Kang and the scholars. But no one is enjoying this accept for Kang and Uncle. SU says that drinking with the scholars has never happened, this is humiliation for all the scholars. the other scholars say this is because SU is not sending the letter. The King is angry. The King prepared it for them, so just enjoy.

Afterwards, a scholar asks SU if he will continue refusing the letter. SU says that someone else will do it. This is the island guard. He tells SU to read the letter he gives him and then burn it. SU reads it and is shocked. He asks if JH is okay. The island guard says that SU should be loyal to Kang now, he should prepare until the little King gets the position. SU says that he killed Hwi, what kind of trap is this? island guard tells SU to write everything and become the ambassador and stop China from granting the title to this current King.

YG walks away from the party and is abducted by some maids. She is brought to NG and is tied up. NG wants to know why she is coming to the palace. YG says that the King asked her to. NG says she ruined the library. YG says this is the Kings order, if she doesn’t listen to him then she will die. NG tells her she is a disgrace to the King. She holds her chin and tells her that she knows she wants to be the Kings wife. That is what the King promised to me. If you have a problem in your body then you can’t be the Kings wife. YG says she has a clean body.

NG tells her maids to do it. The maids pick up mercury and pour it into YG’s eyes so she will be blind. Wow.

SU shows the letter to Ahn and tells her that their daughter is fine. Ahn thinks that she gave up on their daughter, but what about their son. SU asks, whatever choice they make, will you trust me? Ahn says that she knows he does everything for their family, so do as you wish.

SU writes the letter. Kang reads it and everyone thinks this is the best letter ever. Uncle wants Kang to kill the baby King. But Kang says he told him it will be a big issue among their people. there are already a lot of rumors around Eun-sung’s death. If the King is touched as well then it will be big trouble. Uncle says the boy will grow and get married and if he has a son then people will say that the son is the lawful prince. He should take care of it now. But Kang says that he has no excuse/reason to kill the little King.

They leave and a maid tells one of the scholars that YG wants to see the King. But the man says not to let her in, he will take care of it.

KD sneaks out of the house?

Also, SG starts to teach JH how to fight. It is different with weapons and without weapons. She tells her to attack her and she will show her how to defend herself. JH attacks and SG easily throws her down. KD sees this and attacks SG like a mad woman. This turns into a huge hair pulling fight as SG tries to tell KD that she is teaching JH self defense.

Hwi shows up and is shocked at the scene.

Cut to the three women sitting down. SG and KD get into a fight again and stand up. Hwi wants to know if JH is okay. He tries to touch her, but she just hits his hand away and says don’t touch me. She leaves. KD wants to know if she is mad at Hwi. JH says it isn’t like that. It is that he put her through so much hell for more than 3 years. But he couldn’t handle just one day of her in the palace. Whatever happened, I trusted him. I could put everything on with that trust.

NG’s brother gives YG money because she only has one eye now. YG says she wants to see the King. He says the King is busy. YG is furious, but reserved. So he needed her, but now he doesn’t need her once she has one eye? They argue about this. YG just wants to see him. NG’s brother tells her to be patient, that is why the Queen gave her this punishment. YG says she didn’t do anything wrong. She doesn’t deserve that punishment. She put her life in danger to put make him King, but this is what she gets? He tells her that she could be dead for no reason at all. She should be thankful and be quiet.

YG is furious.

NG meets with Kang and says that she took care of the problem. He says he didn’t ask her too. NG says that she just wanted to get all the blame and let him have all the glory, there are a lot of rumors around your womanizing. You add more when you bring a prostitute in, so I moved firs. He tells her that she didn’t ask him and to stop doing these things. Don’t go too far. If you neglect me then it is the mind of a cue.

NG gets up and sits next to Kang, she takes his hand. She explains that they don’t have children, she will make him a strong son and will put this country in a good foundation. Kang says that there are a lot of Queens who pick their kids over there husband. The husband is the setting sun and the child is the rising son, do you know that? NG says that he doesn’t’ think about that, she just wants to have his baby. Kang says she just wants to have the next Kings baby.

KD draws JH a hot bath. JH tells her that she can do it herself, she can leave. KD doesn’t understand what the big deal is. But then she realizes that JH has a lot of bruises on her. KD wants to know who did this to her, was she tortured? KD tries to take off JH’s clothes to look, but JH tells her to stop.

the son-guard got a message from YG. She lost one eye. NG did it to her because you can’t become the Kings wife if you have an imperfection in your body. They basically shake their heads at how bad NG is and how bad Kang is as well. KT says that is why JH became a monk. KD bursts in and says this is about her young lady.

She meets with Hwi and gives Hwi the letter that she was supposed to give to Hwi just in case something happened to her. Hwi reads it.

My Hwi, you woke me up, you made me see my real me. You are my teacher and my lover, you are my other self, through you I will continue my unfulfilled life through you. When you went to the war, you said that your life is mine. Your life is also mine. I will wait for you, please, after a lot of time passes, come to me. I will wait for you as a flower.

Hwi – This is a will.

KD – I tried to wash her and she had torture marks. She can’t go to someone else, even if she dies.

Hwi runs to JH’s side. SG is with her so he tells her to leave. he has to say it twice. JH asks him why he is like that with SG she only knows him. Hwi checks JH’s hands and wants to check other parts of her body but she pushes him off. Hwi starts crying in frustration and asks how much he hurt her and how much of a hell it was. He is going to kill him, he is going to kill them all. JH says she has marks but she could save herself. The wounds will heal soon.

Hwi hugs her, he tells her that he didn’t suspect her, it didn’t affect him. But he just hated himself because he couldn’t protect her. She understands. He says that she should have abandoned him, why did she endure it until her body breaks like that. She asks him, if you were me, would you do that? You can’t.

He asks her if she tried to kill herself. She says she did at first, but after burying him, she wanted to get her revenge and kill his brother. She got that torture because she tried to kill him. Jin-yang wasn’t honorable or right so they just wanted to cover it up and make me a monk. She became a different person now. From a girl who wanted to learn art to someone who wanted to kill someone else. I became that kind of person. I am not the Ja-hyun that you loved anymore.

He pulls her into a hug and says that it is all his fault. Don’t forgive me.

They stay in their hug.

Outside, SG and KD sit and talk. SG wants to know what he did wrong. KD says a simple person like her doesn’t know man and woman relationships. SG says KD doesn’t’ know it either. KD says she dumps men, all the men want her from nobles to slaves. SG asks why she isn’t married yet. KD says it is because she serves her lady.

YG wants to meet with son-guard. She wants to know who he works for. Father son says he lost his father to the cue so he wants to know who his real enemy is. YG opens a box, it looks like she wrote everything down. She wants to know if he knows anyone that can use this information. Father-son tells another man to come in. Hwi comes in with his father guarded and the father-son tells YG that this is his truth.

Kang tells Uncle that he missed those times he was prince and he and Uncle would hunt together. Uncle tells him that he can do that now, he is the King, all of Korea is his. Kang says that hunting hurts Korea. he pulls up his bow and arrow to practice archery. But then he gets cut, his face and hands turn blue. Uncle and NG are worried about Kang as he falls to the ground.

Cut to Hwi and JH reading YG’s writings on everything that has happened. Hwi says that they did all this and prepared for so long, I was stupid. I just fought against him, I was naive and stupid, I deserve this. JH says that they are the bad ones, it isn’t his fault. Hwi tells JH that she really feels like his comrade. She says she can’t fight like LSG, but she will be by his side until the end.

Back at the palace, Kang finds out that the poison is very dangerous, they use it to Kill prisoners. It went into him when he practiced archery. Uncle says it is the young King. Kang should kill him first to be safe. (I feel like this is the Uncles plan). NG says that what the Uncle said makes sense. Kang thinks it is too politically risky to touch his young nephew, his mother won’t just sit there and let it happen. NG says that it might be difficult to kill him, but he should act first.

Cut to guards seizing and ransacking a building. They start to torture all the palace people. The Queens head maid says that they are being blamed for something. A lot of their people are being tortured and they are going after the little King. Cut to guards taking the little King away from the Queens arms. The little prince is able to break away and run to the Grand Queen. The Grand Queen wants to know what the F is going on. She yells at all of them. She yells that the two Queens are still alive, they cannot take the little King without talking to them first. We have a promise.

Kang shows up and the Queens find out that the promise has been broken. he was poisoned and the King is a resistant (cue person). The Queens are all like, what? Kang says he is just sending him away. The Queen says that he is too young to be sent away. But Kang tells her that he was younger when he was sent away. They take the little King and the Queens cry over him.

Later the Queen rails into Kang, he should keep his promise! Kang is all like, don’t’ you worry about me? The Queen yells at him, he is just a little boy, what can he do? Kang tells her that his life depends on her, what will she do? Kang tells her to be on his side and support him so all the officials and scholars won’t look down on him and all the resisters will go away.

NG says that the little boys mom should go there together. Kang thinks it is better to keep her inside. If she is outside then she can connect with the cue people. NG doesn’t want to treat her as a superior, she wants to remove her position. But the Grand Queen wants her to stay in the palace.

The little King is sent away through the city in a little cage. All the people bow to the King and basically cry like it is the end of the world. Hwi and JH see this as well. They think that this is too much, he is sent away without his mother or grandmother.

Uncle wanted to meet with the son-guard because he killed Hwi. the son-guard tells Uncle that he will do anything for Kang because he allowed him to get his revenge. Uncle pulls out poison to give to son-guard. Later, they walk him home.

Guard asks Uncle that he can do it, why do they ask the son-guard? Uncle says it is to make sure that the son-guard is their person. if he fails, then the other guard can do it.

Cut to the three army guys putting something on the wall secretly. Hwi also puts something on the wall and then pulls his mask off as he walks away.

Fade Out

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    First here. I enjoyed this episode. Thanks for the recap!

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      You’re welcome! I love how the story line is playing out right now.

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    Thanks for the recap! So… does KT like SG? Hehe

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    It seems as if the winds of fortune are shifting ever so slightly for Hwi. Maybe bad karma is beginning to catch up with Traitorous Uncle, Kang, and Na-gyeom.

    • V
      April 26, 2018 / 7:21 am

      Yes, the winds of fortune are catching up for all of them! Now Na-gyeom just needs her just desserts.

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