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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 8

Live recap for episode 8 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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I am pretty excited that Lu Shi-gae has made her appearance. She was the most adorably bad-A warrior in the first episode and immediately intrigued me to her storyline, so I hope she is in the show until the end. As far as our hero and his friends, it is not looking good. I also feel a hero’s death coming in the form of the generals son who is there to protect Hwi; because he didn’t make it back to Joseon with them. But maybe he made it back on his own?

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A drum is beat that Hwi hears. He wonders what this sound is, did something happen. The son comes in and tells them that this is a trap, our army is attacking. They all run out and are confronted by the Jurgens. the Jurgens take the prince with them, the servant starts to fight them. The guards defeat the servant easily so Hwi starts to attacked them and beats them all. The son also beats them and that is what helps them escape.

They run into the town and run into Lu SHi-gae. She trips them and tells them to follow her. She leads them into a room and tells them to wear the Jurgen clothing. the son says that is better, it would be hard to sneak out with what they have on now. They all put the Jurgen clothing about their clothes. But Hwi wants to go back for the think that JH gave him. No one wants to go back, but Hwi is adamant and decides to go back.

They are found by the Jurgens and have to run again. The son thinks they should separate there and meet together in Joseaon. The son runs to fight the Jurgens as bait. Hwi doesn’t want to leave him, but the servant pulls him away, because of him they can survive! They hide and see the son lead the guards away.

The three run in the opposite direction and cross a creek, they go over the side of a small mountain, but the servant rolls down the mountain and injurs himself.

JH, her mother, and KD are all praying in the temple. The mother thinks she is only praying for Hwi adn not her brother, but the daughter says the mother is praying for the brother so it is okay. KD grumbles.
The Jurgens meet with Lee Kang’s messenger and talk about their deal.

Meanwhile, Kang meets with the King. The King worries about Hwi, but Kang starts to talk about Hwi becoming the next King. This makes the situation intense. Kang basically tells the King that he likes other people more than him. he is the only one on the outside but Hwi, Queen, and the King look like family. The King tells him that he is their family also, don’t forget.

The War ends and everyone celebrates. DS talks to everyone about his war stories, but someone interrupts him and ruins his story. But then they wonder where Hwi is, did he come back safely?

Cut to the Uncle talking about Hwi running away. Tell Joseon that they defeated the Jurgens and don’t tell them about Hwi. It seems like the Uncle is going to try to stop or kill Hwi. They want to stop him from coming back to Joseon until kang can become King.

Hwi, KT and SG are cold and hungry. But then the son shows up, he says he followed their tracks and the Jurgen just left without any fighting. They walk somewhere but then SG sees a booby trap. They have arrived at the most dangerous Jurgen territory. Hundreds of people come out and one of them asks who the Prince is. The son says he is the Prince. Then SG says she is the Princess leading the way, they brought her there (abducted her?).
NG meets with YG and says that she heard that she is helping her husband. The misaeng turned away the money though, she says she serves the Prince and she is only his wife. NG yells at her. But YG says NG wanted to show her what her position is gracefully, but she doesn’t mistaken her position. However, NG doesn’t know her position. Kang doesn’t like her, he likes someone else. Don’t waste your money on me, waste it on finding out where his true heart lies.

YG leaves and NG comes out and pushes her, she falls to the ground. NG says she will punish this misaeng. YG says, what if Kang knows about this. NG says she knows her husband, he won’t say anything about training her. YG hits her arm away, but NG slaps her and starts kicking her on the ground. SHe tells her, how dare you touch a nobles body! Who do you think I am! I am the princess of this country! She keeps stomping on YG.

YG is unconcious and is brought back to life with water. Several people are standing around her. NG tells her to tell her who the real lover is, is it another gisaeng. Tell me who she is! But YG isn’t telling her and passes out again.

At the palace, the messenger come back and tells Kang that they won the war, but his brother is missing. Not dead or alive, just missing.

Cut to Hwi and the others in jail with this Jurgen camp. But SG isn’t with them. KT doesn’t trust SG, and the son thinks she might have tricked them. But Hwi thinks that she is okay, at least she is on the outside. Then some potatoes roll into their cell, it is from SG.

But then we see Hwi and KT working hard as slaves. KT thinks they need to tell them the truth, Hwi is the Prince, at least he won’t have to work hard, like the son. One of the slaves recognizes Hwi and want to give him some of his food. He should eat and survive. But Hwi tells him that they should survive as well. These might be the sick soldiers that Hwi helped by letting them sleep in his tent.

Meanwhile, the son meets with the Jurgens along with SG. they say his brother wants to be King. So now they figured out the behind the table deal of the brother and the Jurgen.

The army returns triumphant to a cheering crowd. The Queen asks where her son is and the Uncle says, during the war, he died. The Queen, King, and young Queen are shocked. The Uncle says that they couldn’t find the body. Everyone is shocked. The Uncle brings the remains of Eun-Sung (Hwi) in a box. It is his robes with blood on it.

The Queen asks if it is really Eun-Sungs? The Uncle says it is the clothes from JH, he is the only one who wore it. People are still looking for his body, but it is getting warmer so it will be hard to find out if it is Eun-Sung’s body.

the scholars want to know what happened to Eun-Sung. He went there as an ambassador but couldn’t get out and died? the old general thinks it is all his sons fault, he couldn’t protect the Prince. Everyone talks about this back and forth, but they think that they have to think about what to do with the funeral and all those things. One of the scholars says he doens’t know how to comfort him for losing his son. the father says it would be more shame if he came back alive.

the General meets with his daughter, the young Queen. She thinks it is all her fault. But the father says they need to think about the future and protect the young Prince. They must find a way since Prince Eun-Sung is gone. Now there is no way to stop Prince Jin-yang (Kang). the father will look into it.
Kang tells JH the news, Hwi is dead. Her face falls but it looks like she doesn’t believe him. She walks away but he grabs her hand. She says that it is a lie that he is telling her. He wants to just lure her away, he can’t trick her with his lies. Kang says he worries about her, but it is true, his brother died at the hands of the Jurgen. JH screams and says that Hwi didn’t die, it was a mistake, it wasn’t him. Kang tells her to believe that for now, if that will help her survive.

JH runs all the way home. her son is at home and is greeted enthusiastically by his mother. JH runs up and asks about the Prince, what about him? He says he doens’t know. JH almost passes out adn everyone holds her up.

The Grand Queen thinks she killed her own son, she pushed him to a dangerous place by himself. The maid says it isn’t her fault. But she blames her husband who died early. Why did he leave her there with all this pressure and work to do. To save her grandson, she made her other son die. She is a bad mother, how much did he suffer….how cold was he….how much did he blame her?

A young gisaeng wonders why she isn’t telling Kang about what happened. YG thinks nothing will change if he knows. It is his own wife and she is noble, he can’t just fire her and take her as his wife. Also, the police won’t be on her side. Prince Jin-Yang will yell at her a little bit, but nothing else will happen, so I am going to take my own revenge a thousand times. I won’t leave her alone, it will take a long time when she forgets what she did.

Meanwhile Kang is meeting with Uncle in the Gisaeng house. he says it was more likea vacation than a war. He tells him that people believe Hwi is dead so it won’t hold Kang back. But Kang looks like he is a little sad about Hwi dying. Should he be happy about it? Uncle says he can’t be happy about it, that is why he is angry now. But this is only the first step, he has to fight his mother now. When the boy grows up, the Grand Queen will take care of the politics, this is just now starting. Also, here is a present for you, it is Hwi’s remainders, take it to JH so she will believe it.

But JH is meeting with NG about Hwi. She doesn’t believe that he is dead. NG tells her that he is dead and she should live her own life.

Kang shows up as JH is leaving. He has Hwi’s blood stained vest that she made for him. he has not given it to her though. JH begs Kang. Don’t abandon your own brother, please find Eun-Sung. My parents stopped me from talking about him at all and I have nowhere to ask about him, but you can do it. Kang tells him that they will have his funeral soon. But JH is confused, the royal family has given up on Eun-Sung? No, you can’t, find him, please. He is your own brother, find your brother.

He asks her if she really has to confirm it with her own eyes? He throws the vest to her side and she unwraps it. She sees the clothes that she made for him and gasps. But she still does not believe it, these are just his clothes. Kang lifts her up and says that she sees teh blood there!

NG happily comes out and sees this scene. She stops. JH is about to cry and Kang hugs her. NG sees this and knows that JH must be the one that kang loves. Kang tells JH to give up her hope. She pushes him away. She yells at him, please, just find him! I have to find him!

NG comes up and asks her if she is also asking her husband this? She tells her husband to go inside. Then she addresses JH, this is not good, we said no, what are you doing to someones husband.

He is Eun-Sung’s brother

He is my husband.

JH apologizes and says she was stupid. NG thinks she can go hom eand talk about it later she leaves and JH puts the vest back inside the box. But as NG leaves she thinks that JH must be the real love interest


NG tells her husband that she can stand the Gisaeng because he needs her for his work, but not other women. Kang asks her if she hs seen someone love another person that much? As much as JH loves Hwi? NG says she is like that, but Kang says that she doenst’ love him that much, get out.

NG says she can find another person for her to marry, she can do that much. Kang turns back and says for her not to be so hasty. He tells her to sit next to him, no more, if she becomes greedy then she can lose what she has right now.

At home, JH unwraps the vest and cries as she looks at it. She holds it close to her chest and cries.

At the same time, Hwi stares at the hair scarf that JH gave him. He cries as well and grips teh scarf closely. Ah, maybe he didn’t get the vest back!

there is another day of hard labor int he fields. Someone falls and Hwi goes up to protect him, but that gets him and his servant several licks from the guard. Back in their holding cell, the son tells him that we sholdn’t keep doing this. His brother made a deal with the Jurgens. If Kang becomes king then he will give land to the Jurgens. So this war and everything is all because of Kang. Hwi starts to cough and hit his chest in disbelief.

The Grand Queen and Kang are in their funeral clothing in her room. The Queen tells Kang that the King isn’t strong because the officials will make all the decisions together. She also says that Kang should make the little Prince a King and just do politics. kang says he is sorry that Eun-Sung is dead. The Queen says she will get her revenge on whoever made Eun-Sung die. kangs tells her that she is the one that made Eun-Sung die.

Kang leaves and tells the Uncle, the Queen said the scholars will make the decision. they wonder what side the peole will be on. Their Lee family or the other side.

Meanwhile NG meets with JH. JH is still angry and in disbelief. She also isn’t in funeral clothing. NG wonders why JH is shaking someone elses husband, does she think she is stupid, does she want to be her husbands 2nd wife or something? I know what kind of person you are, you do whatever you want to, even though you are stupid. I try hard but you just live your life and everyone says okay to you.

JH is confused, she thought they were freinds that wanted the best for each other. NG asks her straight up, why are you intersted in my husband? But JH says it isn’t her, it is Jin-Yang. NG pushes the table aside and asks when it started. JH basically says that he came on to her several times before they got married, but she loved him so much so she didn’t want to tell her.

NG says JH made her stupid. She basically says F-you to JH. JH tries to tell her that it was all Kang, but NG believes it is JH. She was quiet because two Prince brothers like her. JH hugs her and says she was afraid of their friendship. She knew that NG wouldnt’ abandon her husband, so she would bandon her instead. NG pushes her away. JH says she didnt want to betray her.

NG tells her a secret, they were never freinds, she hated her. Her father is a great scholar. SHe hated her mother also who cares about her so much. Can you believe that? We were never friends so we don’t have to be freinds at all. Treat me as the Princes wife. it is my last warning to you, if you shake my husband one more time, I will break you without notice.

NG leaves and JH starts crying. The maid tells her that her lady isn’t guilty, Jin-Yang is lying. But NG just slaps her two times and tells her to serve her lady well. She leaves and KT holds back her rage.

KT runs to JH’s side and says she will clean everything up. She can’t be angry at her own husband, that is why she is torturing her. But JH’s mind is only on Hwi, does KT think he will come back? Perhaps he will come back? JH says she can live with the memory, it was short, but they shared more than long term married couples. So until my heart dies, I wont say bye. I will liev by myself thinking about our memories over and over again….but….I miss him. When I had hope, it was okay, he will be back.

I can’t stop it, it hurts so much. I feel like I am dying, my heart is dying. How long should I wait, my heart burns for him, what should I do? She sobs into KT’s arms and they cry together.

The Jurgens tell Hwi that they should come back on time, otherwise, their prince is dead. Hwi talks to the son and asks how he will do. He says he will be back. The son tells him not to forget about their people there. Hwi leaves and the soldiers as him where are you going Prince?!? This alerts the Jurgens to their plan. Now they know thay Hwi is the Prince. The son takes a sword and fights off the Jurgens to allow the prince to escape. But the Prince gets hit with an arrow. the son tries to keep the other arrows away, but he gets hit by three arrows. he tries to keep himself up with his sword, but he is quickly dying where he kneels.

All the soldiers run up to then. The son tells Hwi to please take care of the King and the little prince and dies. Hwi tries to wake him up, but he is gone. Everyone cries. Epic music starts to play as Hwi yells and cries over the son-general.

Fade Out

The next episode is back to the current time from episode 1.

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  1. AB_lady
    March 25, 2018 / 9:32 am

    what i like about sunday is uri daegun mama live recap~~~yay

    • V
      March 25, 2018 / 1:11 pm

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. chamchamcham
    March 25, 2018 / 10:14 am

    Omo! Reading the recaps made me tear up and then watching the actual episode even without the subs, I was full out bawling my eyes out. What a heart wrenching episode!

    • V
      March 25, 2018 / 1:12 pm

      It was heart wrenching. I’m happy that we are back to the present in the next episode!

  3. snowball
    March 25, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    So sad…what a tear-dripper. Thanks for the recaps. Until next week. GP is on the roll here.

    • V
      March 25, 2018 / 1:14 pm

      Until next week! 🙂

  4. chamchamcham
    March 25, 2018 / 2:06 pm

    Had to share this here too… Hwi’s signature move, the neck-grab-kiss™️!


    • V
      March 25, 2018 / 6:52 pm

      Very handsy on the kissing. 🙂

      I wonder if male stars have to take a class on how to kiss for screen?

  5. PakalanaPikake
    March 29, 2018 / 6:49 pm

    Thanks for the recap, V!

    I was wondering why Hwi’s servant Park Gi-tae looked so familiar. Come to find out he played Won’s bodyguard Jin Gan (Bang Jae-ho) in THE KING LOVES. His partner Jang Ui (Ki Do-hoon) is now a barista in SHOULD WE KISS FIRST.

    Choi Sung-jae was great as red shirt Lt. Kim Kwan. He nearly succeeded in passing himself off as Prince Eun-sung until the loyal subjects blew Hwi’s cover. Dang.

    Na-gyeom is a real piece of work. She’s as delusionally entitled as her husband, with a matching inferiority complex. Dreadful. She thinks she is the queen bee, but I can’t wait to see what gisaeng Cho Yo-kyung has in store for her. This will be delicious retribution. Just to be vindictive, I hope it entails inability to produce an heir for Kang so he can legally ditch her. Hah!

    Yay for Ru Shi-gae! She thinks fast on her feet and has guts. One thing I couldn’t figure out was why Hwi was leading the way when the local who knows the territory is the one who should have been guiding the party.

    • V
      March 29, 2018 / 8:24 pm

      NG is the worst! I thought she wouldn’t be the typical angry jealous friend (at first) because she was always correcting their other friend about being mean to JH.

      I have to say that I am also looking forward to the Gisaeng’s revenge, Mwah ha ha!

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