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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 7

Live recap for episode 7 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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I’m rushing because I didn’t prepare a picture for Grand Prince. We’ll just go without a picture for now and I’ll add it later (added it!). I really just want to watch Grand Prince right now because Misty had the worst ending ever. (Do not watch that show). I need some Grand Prince magic!

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Airing Time: March 18th, 22:50 Seoul
Countdown: RECAPPING

3 minutes recap of the previous episodes.

All the men are on their horses and set out to battle. It is a heroic scene as all the people cheer for their men going to war. Hwi is in full military outfit and we see JH dressed as a boy. Someone asks her some shoot the breeze questions, but JH avoids him.

Back at the family house, Ahn figures out that her daughter isn’t there. She left a note that she is saying goodbye to teh prince. the mother thinks this wierd, why did she go by herself. She leaves in a hurry and immediately runs into maid KD. Water gets everywhere. KD says this has nothing to do with her! She didn’t know about it! But the mom says she will still get fired because she is the maid! She should know what JH is up to!

Cut to Lee kang and JH’s father. They talk about all the people will good will went to the war, so he didn’t feel good about it. Can SU invite him to his house to talk about it?

Cut to JH sowing something at the tent. One of the men asks her what she is doing, she should enjoy the fire with them. But she keeps her distance. In the tent, all the warriers make their plan on how to get to the battle ground. they want to detour because it is hard for the soldiers. Hwi wants to get there quickly but the Uncle wants to get their slowly. Someone brings in some amazing food for them and Hwi wonders, how can they eat this well at war?

Hwi goes outside and says he will look around. How will the soldiers sleep in the cold. He wants to see them. JH tries to eat rice, but it is frozen. Everyone tries to drink their water, but it is frozen as well. JH gives them her water. It isn’t frozen because she put a little salt in it.

But then a soldier passes out. DS goes up to Hwi and tells him that a lot of soldiers are injured. They dont’ have enough tenst so even noble kids will sleep outside because they lack tents. Hwi tells his guard that sick and injured soldiers can use his tent. The soldier goes to find the sick and injured soldiers.

The brother grumbles, can’t he take care of him a little more than regular soldiers, he will be his brother in law soon.
But then Hwi sees JH and is suspisious about him.

Back at JH’s home, the mother is worred. The master of the house comes back home so Ahn runs to see him. But SU is sitting with Lee kang and drinking tea. Lee kang says that he didn’t know that SU wanted to be a father in law of a king. SU says it is an honor, but they didn’t want it. Kang says that the Queen wants to make Hwi King for the little King. SU says he knew that. Kang asks him, when he leaves the King position, do you think his safety is assured? A Chinese King kills the uncles first. When you are in power, the first thing to do is kill whoever endangers the King position. Do you want to put your daughter in danger? The little Prince will be careful of his uncle. SU asks if he is being threatened.

Kang says he is just thinking about what his father did. He punished him when he was born. SU’s family will be erased. You know the Queen can be super cruel.

But the mom breaks in and tells SU that they have to find JH, she went to the front with the soldiers to…….say bye to her brother. Ahn saw Kang and changed her words to brother. Kang says that he will go bring her back. they want to send suplies anyway. SU says they can do it but the wife says that they would be so relieved if Kang did it. SU looks like he doesn’t want that.
JH leaves the campsite without permission. Hwi holds a sword to her head and asks her if she is a spy! Tell him! But then JH turns around and he sees that she is JH. He grabs her face and pinches it and looks at her clothing, what is up with these clothes, why are you following them as a woman, how can you do this? It will be cold up there.

JH gives Hwi some clothing that she made for him, a vest. he says she is crazy, she came all this way only for that? JH says she wanted to see him one mroe time and send him off. She wanted to finish it last night, but couldn’t finish it. he hugs her and tells her, what should I do with you?

They let go and JH says she gave it to him so she can leave now. He says the sin is short in winter. But she says she can walk over night. Howver he says he can’t leave her like that, she can sleep in his tent, ah, he shouldn’t have said those things about the tent. But she says she is in boy clothing so it is okay.

Kang tells NG that he has to do at least this much and go to the campsite. He tells her that he will be back soon.

At the campsite, Hwi brings JH into the tent and it is packed with all the sick and unjured soldiers. he holds her hand and leads her to an empty spot with a nice blanket. She tells him that she can sleep outside but he says she will die outside. So he lays her down next to him and gives her the blanket. he turns his back to her and he puts her hand on his back and falls to sleep as she rubs his armor. Then Hwi turns slightly and secretly holds her hand for a moment

Cut to everyone sleeping. Hwi wakes up and rolls over toward her. He looks at her and gently runs his hands over her face but he holds back just short of touching her. Then he goes back to sleep. But that is when she wakes up and does the same thing to him, but she touches his face and he opens his eyes. they smile at each other and then they kiss over and over again.
Kang comes to the campsite and is led to his uncle. Uncle is surprised to see him there. Kang tells him that Hwi snuck in a woman so they need to remove her before it becomes an issue. But the uncle says they should kill him, sneaking a waman to war is forbidden, even for a prince.

Kang goes to the tent. Everyone is packing up and leaving. Hwi doesn’t want JH to stand up until everyone has left. The last person leaves so he tells her they should go now. They run out and run right into Kang.

NG brings medicine for the King. The Queen and the young Queen thank her. The young queen says that the King is feeling much better. NG says that Kang left to go to the front as well, he wanted to deliver something privately. The Queen is shocked, he did it privately.

Cut to the campsite. Hwi and JH are both in big trouble and are in a meeting in one of the tents. Jh apologizes, she just wanted to give him some warm clothing. Hwi asks to send her back safely. But Kang says war isn’t a joke, he is just here to play with girls. Uncle says that this will be a problem if it spreads to the soldiers, their morale will go down. But JH said it will improve their morale becasue they all have families. Hwi thinks it will comfort soldiers. DS asks them to please forgive his sister, he will take her home and that is better for everyone.

Uncle says that hwi isn’t good at war, but he will let her take her back home. But next time there won’t be any mercy for him, he should be a good example as a prince.

Afterward, JH apologizes to Hwi. She is sad that he had a hard time becaue of her. He puts her ear muffs on her ears and tells her that he was happy. She tells him that he should have all these warm clothes since she is going back. Then she sees her hair ornament/scarf on his wrist. he says it is good for his wrist and that her brother will take her back safely. they smile at each other.

In the tent, Kang and Uncle talk. Uncle figures out that Kang likes JH and not NG. But he says that she is his brothers wife, so he shouldnt’ have any bad rumors. But Kang says the King is untouchable, but Uncle tells him that he is not the King yet. He needs to wait and then the world can be his. Kang thinks the rumor will spread anyway that Hwi is weak and only likes women.

Outside, Hwi makes sure that JH is prepared for the weather. JH tells him to put a little salt in the water so it won’t freeze, only a little bit. he helps her get on her horse and everyone watches this. Hwi asks his brother kang to please take care of JH, she will already have a hard time waiting, so he shouldn’t make her life harder. Kang tells him to forget about it, if he has a strong regret, then he can’t go forward.

JH apologizes to her brother and the team starts to walk out to take JH back home. I’m not sure if her brother is going the entire way with her or not though.
The Queens maids wait outside. the queen tells one of them to throw it away. AH, to throw away the medicine that NG brought for the King. A scholar asks the Queen if she suspects NG like with what happened with the queens. The Queen says that they should be careful of it all, especially Jin-yang (Kang). The scholar says, kang’s brother in law spends a lot of money. She wants to know what he thinks the money is from? they want to increase their power and influence. You should block all of those attempts. You have to set an example, whoever approaches Jin-yang with purpose will be fired.

Kang and JH stop at a village. He wants to help her off her horse, but she doesn’t take his hand and hops off on her own. She thought they would go back all night, but he says they need to rest and they need to get her some other clothing. her parents will worry if they see her like this.

Cut to the two of them sitting together. JH is in womens clothing again and kang is drinking at his table. But Jh looks like she really doesn’t want to be there. Kang says he shoud know what is going on with his brother. JH says she just went there as a servant and stayed in the soldiers tents. Kang thinks she is crazy but she says that Hwi protected her (she calls him Eun-sung). She says that she just wanted to see her prince a little longer.

Kang says, what if she says she stayed there in one of the government offices? Then no rumors will spread around. She agrees and then goes to sleep. He watches her silhouette from outside.

Meanwhile the army is on the move again, but Hwi looks back.

JH thinks about her and Hwi’s night together and smiles.

Ahn is nervous as she thinks about her daughter. The maid tell her that she will be okay! She should eat and get strength! But then she sees that Ahn ate it all. Just then, they get word that JH is back. Ahn runs out to greet her daughter and hits her a few times.

The maid tells her to do it formally, all the servants are watching so it doesn’t look good. She should go inside and hit her. Ahn tells the maid to use many many sticks to punish her. But the mom says she will kill them both because it is the maids fault for not serving her lady well. But KD is all like, it’s not my fault! but JH pulls her toward her and says that they are together!

Meanwhile Kang talks to SU about JH. SU thanks him for the favor. Kang wonders if he thought about his daughters future. SU says he wants her happiness, but JH already greeted the Queen so they can’t change the wedding. Kang says that he can find a way and he will stop by frequently. He will share news about the war with him.
NG talks to his brother about her husband. Kang isn’t home yet. Her brother tells her not to worry about it. They need the gisaeng for something and he is with her. Cut to kang with the Giseng. They talk about the mind of women and womens hearts. It was so easy to get their hearts because they want to be in the royal family. It was a natural thing.

the gisaeng says that they follow money and power. Some woman like handsome guys, others like mens will. If they like the mans will then they will devote everything to them. She want Kang to hav a good future because when he has good future then she will have a good future as well.

The Uncle tells them that they need to win several times, if that happens then the other side will lose. So they need to win battle after battle. The Uncle wants to wait for a chance, but the Prince wants to fight right away. The uncle asks Hwi if he will go to the other side diplomatically (Hwi wants to resolve this with diplomacy). Uncle says diplomacy is difficult, but if he wants to do it then he should do it. The soldier doesn’t want Hwi to do it, but Hwi says that is right, whoever says it should be responsible for it.

But the soldier tells him that they don’t know how the other side will respond. Hwi picks up the vest and says that he will take off his armor since he is an ambassador. They won’t hurt him as an ambassador and a prince. the soldier says it is difficult if they have a hostage so he will take him there. The soldier says he lived there with his father so he can speak their language.

Hwi leaves with the soldier and one other person to go to the other side. But the Uncle says they will make the real deal, not Eun-sung (Hwi).

Meanwhile, Kang is back at the Palace and overlooking the warriors training. He wants NG’s brother to meet the weapons person and open the weapons inventory. the brother says that the Queen is already looking at them. But Kang wants to use the Gisaeng to seduce the head of the armors so they can sneak out some weapons.

NG shows up with tea and asks why Kang can’t do his meetings at home, she can take care of it. She is a much better host than the Gisaeng house. Kang asks her if she can talk to strange men and seduce them to get information. She doesn’t have to be a gisaeng, he understands that she cares about him going to a gisaeng jip, but he has to achieve big things and doesn’t have time to think about what she thinks, so just do your job. She says that she will try her best.

Meanwhile, Hwi meets with the Jurgen soldiers as an ambassador. they tell him that he has to walk from there. Hwi and the other two get off their horses and walk into the Jurgen campsite. We see the girl from the first episode eating something and scaring a little kid. She sees Hwi and stares at him.

Hwi gets to the front and he is told to go inside. But the guards have to stay out. the brother goes in though, he says he is the translator. But they don’t let KT inside.

While inside, Hwi says he can give them a lot of food and they can trade wool and food. But the man laughs and says they can do that without a deal. Hwi tells him that his people will get hurt. the man says that he doens’t care about death, they are brave soldiers. Hwi wants to know what they want. The mans says he wants all the food they need until next year. Hwi asks if he knows who he is. the mans says, he is the prince right? Hwi is worried about the people of Joseon, doens’t this man worry about people?

the man says they don’t have people, only soldiers that need blood. there are no regular civilians there. Hwi leaves and says that this man is too greedy, but the negotiation started now. they gave them a little room so they want to make a deal. But his uncle wants to fight. KT says they can’t just sleep there, what if they kill them. But they have to sleep there for the night. The brother says that KT and he must protect Hwi with their lives.

Meanwhile JH is praying over and over again at a Buddhist temple.
She leaves and hits her legs. But then she runs into Kang. JH doesn’t address him so her maid has to. She says that JH prayed for the war and for the prince. Kang asks her, she likes painting, right? they have a painting from China. JH says the only painting she wants to see if Prince Eun-Sung. Her lovers painting is the best painting. They will go back by themselves.

He asks her if she comes there everyday. JH tells him that this place is special to her, if he comes there with bad intentions then she will have to go somewhere else. He said it is special for him as well, when he commits a wrong, he always comes here and confesses. She tells him to just stop doing bad things.

Kang tells her to come by, can’t she be his wifes friend? She says she can, for his wife. He watches her leave.

Hwi is drawing what looks like a map of where he is/was. Lu Shi-gae comes in wearing Joseon clothing and Hwi asks her how she got the clothing. He figures out that she is mixed, does she have a name? She says she is Lu Shi-gae and you? He says his name is Hwi. She says Hwi? then she starts laughing. She says it is funny because it is like a whistle. This makes Hwi think about JH. SG keeps whisting and Hwi smiles.

He tells her that she should tie her clothing differently. He will fix it for her. He is about to fix her bow, but she pushes him away and puts a knife to his throat. he tells her that she is mistaken, he just wants to show her how to wear her clothing properly that she inherited from her mother. He shows her with hi scarf and she tries to copy him. But seh can’t so she tells him to do it.

He starts doing it but then KT and the brother come in right at that moment. They are all embarrassed as Hwi tries to explain, it isn’t how it looks!

The scholars talk about the King and the war. they want to win the war to make the King feel better. They think the soldiers will be hurt if it takes a long time to win this war.

KT asks Hwi how he has women all around him. But Hwi says nothing happened. KT jokes with Hwi about that critical moment that he came in. But then the brother runs in and tells them that the soldiers started to attack the Jurgen. It was a trap by your uncle!

Hwi and the three of them run out, but then they are stopped by the Jurgen guards. they have spears to their head and the Jurgen pull the Prince away.

Fade Out

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    March 24, 2018 / 12:20 pm

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    Thanks for recapping. 😉

    I’m dismayed that Ja-hyun has done such a stupid thing. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that her character has suddenly lost her commonsense and forethought. I hate it when Kdrama heroines start out with brains and moxie and then get lobotomized.

    • V
      March 29, 2018 / 8:21 pm

      Oh my gosh, yes! I was looking at her like, “What is this fool doing?”

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