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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 6

Live recap for episode 6 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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I almost didn’t use that above picture because it just feels like there is something so scandalous about two unmarried people kissing out in the open in Joseon. Even though they are only kissing, that is basically like knocking boots in that era. I am pretty shocked that we got this kiss IN PUBLIC, but I am very happy that it happened. We had a confession of love on both sides and Hwi was going through the motions of setting up the wedding. If only that declaration of war didn’t ruin the mood.

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Airing Time: March 18th, 22:50 Seoul
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The King walks out into the palace grounds and is informed of the war they are about to have. But the king passes out and everyone runs to his side. They call the doctor.

The head maid runs into the grand Queens room and tells her that the king collapsed.

The Grand Queen goes to the Kings side, Hwi is there as well. The doctor tells them that it is mental shock, so he needs rest. But the Queen tells him that he shouldn’t be in bed right now, he should be on the grounds!

At the same time, someone tells Kang that the King collapsed, it looks like the gods are moving in your favor. The uncle tells him to acto now and show his mandly power.

Meanwhile the scholars all start to discuss this issue, who will lead the soldiers? Someone says that the scholar talking should go there, he has the most experience with the north border. He has been there before. But SU says you cannot send an old soldier back to a harsh land, perhaps we should just give them food and sooth them? But another scholar things they should be stronger against them. Another scholar starts to push for another king, the one they have now is too weak. The old soldier scholar stands up and says that he will go there! Even though he is old, he will go there and difeat them! All these people just talk!

He leaves and his son tells him not to do this, but the father is adamant. It looks like this father is the grandfather of the new Prince on the mothers side.

All the scholars bow outside as they all tell the Kingdom to pick a new King right now. Then we see the new Queen talking about how her father cannot go to the front lines right now, he is too old. She begs the Grand Queen to not send him. But the King also wakes up at that moment and nods his head. Meanwhile, outside all the scholars are telling the Palace to pick the next king, but they are doing that because the uncle wants them too.

NG is trying to figure out was is going on and want to know what is happening from her brother. She thinks husbands and wives should know the same thing and she wants to help, she doen’st just want to sit around and do nothing. The brother tells her that her husband wants to be the next King before the little prince grows up. If it happens then she will be the next Queen of the country. NG smiles.
The Queen talks to Hwi about what is going on. Everything is because they don’t have the next King in line, so they want Kang to be King. But the Queen says that Hwi should be the next one in line, are you ready? Hwi is shocked, why should he do it? The Queen thinks he should be the next in line, not Kang. But Hwi says everyone told him that he shouldn’t be greedy about the position, it is all for his older brother. Until the little prnce grows up, he should be the temporary King. But Hwi doens’t want to be involved because people will point at him, he just wants to leave the palace and live happily.

Hwi leaves and his servant wants to know what happened, is she delaying the wedding?

Inside the grand maid wants to know what Hwi thought and the Mom says that Hwi needs something in return, call the great scholar.

Na-Gyum prays at the temple and Kang comes in and wonders what she is doing. She bows to him as well and tells him that this is her royal bow to him. Then she reads a letter, she is his wife and is praying to all the gods and telling them that he will be help to his husband to achieve his big goal, this is her determination because they are together. then she goes to the altar and drinks some wine? blood? She tells Kang that she is not his wife right now she doesn’t wnt to just be a wife, she wants to be his person. His liege. Kang says that today is there real marriage day. He also drinks the blood? And he kisses her.
The household has gotten word that the queen wants to see JH, so the mother wants to pick out some nice clothing. They argue about the clothing, should she wear expensive things or be more conservative. JH thinks she should be conservative but the mother wants her to look rich.

At the same time, Uncle and Kang talk to the brother of NG, they are promoting him to a higher position. kang tells him that he should be in a high position so he can support Kang better. The brother says he will do anything for him. then Kang tells him that he needs more money to spend and presents all this gold and silver to him. Uncle tells him to spend it all. It looks like he will be the head of the royal guard? he says he has 100 guys that listen to his order, but kang says that isn’t enough, he needs more than 1000.

Outside, NG tells kang that the Queen wants to see Hwi’s wife to be. JH is the wife to be and is going to the palace. NG is supposed to evaluate JH as a potential sister in law, so NG has to go to the palace too. Kang tells her that he will go with her.

JH is happy to see NG there and smiles at her, but NG tries to look serious. JH is all smiles though and tells the Queen that she was envious of NG because she has a good husband and supports him well. The Queen asks who she will rescue first. NG says the Queen. But JH says she will rescue the husband first and smiles. Her mom hits her and apologizes. But the reason is because the parents won’t want to be recued over their kids so she wants to follow what the parents want, not what she wants. The Queen asks, whatever happens, will you protect your husband and she says she will live protecting each other. This was a good answer and NG is left envious.

NG walks them out and kind of insults the mother in a nice way. But the mother notices. NG said, even tohught I am a princess, you should treat me comfortably…The mother thinks this girl needs a talking to. But JH says NG isn’t like that. But then NG goes inside and says all the bad things about JH, she says she isn’t a good lady and isn’t qualified to be a Princes wife. the Queen thinks what NG says can’t be true, but NG continues telling the Queen all the bad things. She thinks they shouldn’t get married, and smiles.

JH is outside smiling at the prospect of marrying Hwi. Then someone goes to fetch her to meet with him and JH goes with her. But the mother thinks this might not be a good decision to send a tomboy to the palace. JH goes to meet with Hwi, but then sees that it is Kang. She turns around immediately but he tells her, no marriage. He likes her so he doens’t want her to become his sister-in-law. JH says they have fate, so he won’t be able to block them from getting married. Kang says they will see if the humans will or the gods will will win. JH tells him to not forget that he is already married. She leaves.

Meanwhile Hwi is meeting with his mother as she cares for the King. He doens’ want to be King. he begs his mother, he just wants to live peacefully outside the palace. But the Queen says that he should die for the King (or to be King?). If he doens’t do it then she won’t approve the marriage. But a spy is listening and goes to tell Kang that the Queen wants Hwi to be the next King.

Kang storms into the Uncles office. the Uncle tells him not to worry about it, he shouldn’t be involved or the public opinion will be bad, he will take care of it and put blood on his hands. The Queen is not your mother anymore, she is just a politician who will sacrifice her own children for the little boy. Kang says he doens’t know what she really wants and the Uncle says that he is the only one helping him and the only one putting his own life on the line.
The Queen is about to announce the next king. She says that the one she picks is Eun Sung. Everyone is shocked and tells her that it should’t happen, Jin Yang is the next in line, everyone will be angry about this. But another scholar says this isn’t the first time this has happened. The Queen says the oldest won’t be King anyway, so it doens’t matter, Eun Sung is more popular to China due to his drawings and Paintings, he is popular as a scholar, so China will grant them changing their King easier. The scholars start to argue about that. Some don’t think she shoudl do it and the other side thinks it is great. the little prince side isn’t saying anything because they are for the decision.

The Uncle comes and asks to be let into the meeting of the scholars and Queen. he enters. The Queen wants to know why he is there. Uncle says he is there to talk about the invasion. He has an idea, he will go to the North Border because the General is too old. He has nothing to lose and he wants to serve the country, so it is his honor. The other politicians oppose this, but the Uncle says the ryoal family should be a good example, otherwise no one will follow them. The Queen agrees, the royal family should go there. Uncle says that he wants to have the little baby boys Uncle as his general and he wants to bring the next King in line, to show his ability. He wanted to take Jin Yang, but Eun Sung is the next in line, so he wants to take Hwi with him. Smug look.

The Queen leaves and is incensed, she thinks the Uncle just wants to take her King from her. Her advisor says that this war will take some time and the Prince will grow up a little. Hwi will be in danger, but the generals son can protect Hwi, he grew up in wars.

The Uncle tells Hwi that he will go to the north border and he will take Hwi with him. Hwi leaves in a huff and his servant trails him. At the same time, kang meets with his mother, he says that he is not greedy, he is just taking what he is suppossed to get, he is next in line. But the Grand Queen says that they need to wait for the next Prince, kang should help her and wait for the baby to grow up. But Kang wants to know why he can’t be the next King? He is the strongest. But The Queen says she is not picking him becsue he is too greedy, the King needs to be a servant for the people and work hard, he is not qualified for the position.

Kang leaves and passes Hwi walking in. They stop. Kang says Hwi is the one basckstabbing him, he walks around like he doens’t want anything, but now he is the one who gets everything. Hwi tells him that he doesn’t want to be the next King, but Kangs greed is destroying their royal family, get real.

Hwi goes inside and asks his Mother to take the royal decree back, he doens’t want to fight with his brother. But the Queen starts to talk about the cruel Queen case in China and says that in front of power, nothing matters. There is no family and she can’t live as his mother only, she cries everynight about that, but in the morning she becomes Queen again and ditches her own son, that is her karma as the Queen. So don’t talk about love anymore and accept your destiny, you are born as a Prince, it wasn’t your will. So it is your destiny and you have to listen to your destiny. Hwi says that she told him his destiny was to do nothing, but now she is telling him to ditch all that and be King.
Kang, NG, and Uncle talk about what they should do about Hwi. They think the Queen picked Hwi because he is easy to control. the Uncle promised Kang the King position, so he wants to realize his dream before he dies. He will take Hwi to the front lines.

NG meets with her two friends and breaks the news. JH will marry Hwi. The friend Sul-hwa is mad at JH, she knew that SH liked Hwi. But JH says she liked him first and she didn’t know that he wasa prince. But SH just storms out and JH follows her. NG smiles as she watches the two fight. JH tells SH not to cry, she is sorry, she wanted to tell her. SH wants her to choose between her friend or a man. If she marries him then their friendship is over. But JH yells at her, she shouldn’t treat him as her own possession. But Sh says he might pick her. JH tells her that they were dating before she found out that he was the prince. SH pushes her to the ground and tells her that she went there and obviously dated the Prince, F-you, we are done.

Sh storms off and JH goes back inside to talk to NG. NG says they should leave it alone, she doens’t know if Hwi will survive or not. She tells JH that Prince Eun Sung will go to the north and fight. She might be a married ghost and never get marred again, so she shouldn’t get married right now. JH is shocked to hear this, is he really going to the border?

Hwi goes to meet with his brother, the King. He wants to know why he wants Hwi to be the King, what if he becomes greedy and takes his sons position. But the King knows that Hwi’s greed isn’t in power, but in happiness. he is a sentive guy, so you won’t be the one who hurts your own family. But Hwi says he isn’t suited for the position. He knows he should protect the royal family, but he doesn’t want to be King. He says he will go to the war and full fill his duty as prince and not ignore the suffering of their citizens.

He starts crying and tells the King, please, be healthy when I come back.. he gives the King a big bow and teh King starts to cry as well.

JH is distraught at the news of Hwi going to the front. She walks around her home like a zombie. Kang comes to talk to her and tells her that Hwi volunteered for the job to go to the front lines. He tells JH that she is nothing to him. A lover of fate, that is nothing. Your fate is nothing. He leaves.

Hwi is also looking like a zombie as he walks around. But then he sees JH. He wants to know what happened and JH says that he lied to her again, he is going to the war. They are dangerous invaders, they only take and kill, they they your skin off your head and all the cruel and gruesome things. Hwi wants to know who told her that. She says he didn’t tell her who he was in the begining, he proposed to her and behind the scenes he wants to go to the war. He says it isn’t like that. But she says that she knows now what she means to him. She runs off.

the servant thinks that JH heard all this news somewhere but Hwi should have beed the one to tell her.

JH was inside her house, but then she runs back out. What if she tells Hwi not to go? Can’t he go there after they get married? She will wait for him as his wife. He wants to do it when he gets back. But she is worred that he won’t be back. He says that he will be back, he knows she is waiting for him and he will be back. But she thinks that he only says what he wants, she dons’t want him to go to the war. He tells her that he wants to live as her man, but before he is her husband, he is teh Prince of their country, so he cannot live freely if he ditches their country. So please, wait for me.

She hits him a few times and cries.
The young Queen, brother and father talk about what is going on. The brother says that he will do his best to protect Prince Eun Sung. The young Queen apologizes to her brother, she is sorry that she asks her brother to go to the war, but it is to protect her young son.

At the same time, Duk-sik tells his father that he doens’t want to go to the war. He is a scholar! the father hits him upside the head. But the mother doesn’t want him to leave either and says that their family name is less imortant than their lives. She protects her son and the father sighs.

Hwi meets with Jh again and he tells her to tell him what she wants. She says that she wants to ride a horse like before. He asks her what else she wants. then we cut to them in front of Buddha, they have a wedding ceremony between the two of them. Hwi says he will have JH as his wife and in the next life as well, he will have her as his wife. Jh says the same thing and they interlock their fingers. JH says that people don’t know, but they are husband and wife now. Hwi says that he will leave her there now, but when he comes back, he won’t leave her there anymore.

Jh tells him that they will eat 3 meals together and drink tea together and do everything together, they will be happy and sad together. She gives him her hair scarf/tie as a present and tells him, don’t forget, I am waiting for you.

He also giver her his hair pin and places it in her hand. they hug and rest on each other for a moment. then we see Hwi ehelping her put on her shoes. He says she is okay, but he helps her regardless. Then he holds her hands and they ride a horse together.
back at the family house, DS meets with the maid and tells her that he is scared, he is going to war and he might die. KD tells him that he is a timid boy so he shouldn’t go to the front lines, he should just hide behind someone and he will be okay. But he tells her that she misunderstands him, he is a brave man! But she tells him to just hide and it will be okay. But he tells her that he will go to the front lines and this is his last night. KD just smiles and nods and tells him to have a good nights rest

KD goes to JH’s room, she wants to help JH make the clothing for Hwi. KD doesn’t think she will finish and wants to help her, but JH wants to do it by herslf. Similarly, Hwi meets with his brother and gets a sword as a gift. Hwi asks him to take care of their mother and little nephew prince. Kang wants to know if he has any regrets. Hwi says he would worry about him if he went as well. Kang talk about how they could be great brothers if they weren’t born in the royal house. But Hwi says they could live happily now if Kang doesn’t have this unneccessary greed.

The next morning they all go to war. The brother is so sad. Hwi has JH’s the hair tie with him. But then we see that JH is dressed like a man and is going to war with them. She says that she is from the great scholar family and smiles.

Fade Out

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  1. chamchamcham
    March 18, 2018 / 10:13 am

    Oh my, I’m loving the pacing of this drama. So many things happen in just one episode! I hope they can keep the excitement steady until the end. I already know I’ll be spazzing out so hard at the secret wedding scene. Ugh be still my shipper heart! Thanks as always to the awesome recappers! <3

    • V
      March 18, 2018 / 8:41 pm

      That wedding scene was nicely done!

  2. Kazuko
    March 18, 2018 / 10:20 am

    Being a Prince is now like a curse to Lee Hwi. But I believe now he will be able to contribute to their country, something that he was not allowed to do before as he need to lay low..

  3. Kazuko
    March 18, 2018 / 10:23 am

    OMG Ja Hyun, you have lots of gut going to the war😮 they should turn her into Mulan😁

  4. Stuffed
    March 18, 2018 / 10:35 am

    Did they show the preview for the next episode? Since both of them are going to war, I guess we’ll be spending a whole lot longer in the flashback. It’s been 5 episodes now. I wonder if we’ll spend another 5 before we get to the starting point.

    • Handily
      March 19, 2018 / 7:15 am

      It looks like it, maybe 4 episodes? My guess is 2 episodes with JH dressed like a boy and the repercussions of that, then two episodes of the war/ time spent apart.

      • Handily
        March 19, 2018 / 7:26 am

        Oh, but then that would put us at 5 so you’re right!

  5. chamchamcham
    March 18, 2018 / 10:50 am

    OMG! In Episode 1 Hwi was wearing Ja Hyeon’s pink hair tie on his wrist, the one she gave him at their secret wedding. You can see it clearly when they were hugging!

    • V
      March 18, 2018 / 1:46 pm

      I need to go back and watch that part!

      • chamchamcham
        March 18, 2018 / 5:32 pm

        Please do and let me know. I need to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating from the OTP high. lol

        • Lorilei
          March 19, 2018 / 4:40 am

          Whoa, you’re right. I didn’t even occur to me to check for that. I took a screenshot of that part in Ep 1, you can see it: https://i.imgur.com/LuxpIrX.jpg

          • V
            March 19, 2018 / 7:10 am

            OMG, he still had it! I not only love that he still had it, but I also love that the production team thought about little details like that.

          • Handily
            March 19, 2018 / 7:39 am

            Thank you Lorilei!

  6. PakalanaPikake
    March 22, 2018 / 10:44 am

    Thanks for the recaps!

    Ja-hyun’s hair ribbon appears in the drama’s opening scene.

    When I rewatched episode 1, I spotted a flash of bright pink on Hwi’s right wrist as they were slogging uphill in the snow. It’s at 01:52 — which includes the 1-minute opening montage. It’s right before the close-ups of everyone’s faces prior to the rabbit-hunting scene.

    Ye Olde Secret Wedding Ceremony was nicely done. Perhaps we’ll find out later that it was witnessed by a monk (with a tip of the gat to Romeo’s confessor, Friar Laurence). Given the bad blood between Lee Kang and the monks for desecrating the temple precincts with his wild boar barbecue, I wonder if someone will testify on Ja-hyun’s behalf that the elder grand prince has been putting the make on his brother’s wife. I’ve been getting a strong CHUNHYANG vibe ever since Kang started acting like a masher.

    Re: Cross-dressing maidens going off to war

    This scenario plays out repeatedly in THE KING’S DAUGHTER, SU BAEK HYANG. Protagonist Seolnan (Seo Hyun-jin as one of my favorite Kdrama heroines) enlists in the king’s secret service, becoming a badass warrior in the process. Later she serves as a spy. She sneaks off to join the crown prince and her brothers-in-arms in the final battle against Goguryeo. Factions at court in Baekje are out to assassinate Seja, just like their Joseon counterparts scheme to bump off Lee Hwi in battle against the Jurchens. Some things never change.

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