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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 19

Live recap for episode 19 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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It is the final week for Grand Prince! Our team finally has a backbone and is about to capture the King and take back the Kingdom. But it looks like the head palace guard is on to their plans and advised Kang not to leave the palace today. Let’s see what he does!

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Airing Time:May 5th, 22:50 Seoul
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Kang is about to leave his palace in the great big parade. Hwi and his people are walking in the middle of the street with all their bows and arrows and everything, ready for battle.

The young Queen wants to know if he is really coming? The Grand Queen said that Eun-sung promised that he will bring him into the palace. He has to, he will be safe until the Chinese ambassadors leave.

Hwi’s team walks through the forest.

Kangs large procession walks through the city.

Hwi and everyone get to the spot where they will take the King. This is the only way to go to the tomb.

The grand maid tells the Grand Queen that JH will come and bring the boy (?). The young queen is worried and wants to go, but they think that will be more suspicious.

NG meets with her maid. Her maid brought a lot of good food for the baby, she prayed to the moon for a healthy baby boy. NG gets angry and says that the moon will give her a daughter. The maid says that she didn’t know that. NG says they picked the best day for pregnancy, you need to do something for me, find the woman with the most boys, go there and take their kitchen knife. The maid is all like….that is superstitious, but they have to do everything. Please eat your meal.

NG starts eating, but she says that everything went back. The maid tells her she shouldn’t be. NG feels her stomach, perhaps she is really pregnant?
SG tells Hwi that they should go hunting once everything is done. Just the three of them like before. Hwi says they did that before because they didn’t have anything to eat. SG tells him that he can go hunting with her. Hwi smiles and says they should do that, KT and her and he can go hunting. then he apologizes for taking her from her hometown. She says it is okay, she liked it so she followed him. He asks her why she did that. She says that she didn’t like being alone. Joseon people spit on me because I am dirty. the others don’t play with me because I am mixed, even though my father is the chief, he never looked at me at all. You were the warmest person I ever met. I was afraid of being alone.

Hwi tells her that he won’t let her be alone. He will take her as his own sister and he will make her get married after this. She hits him.

The little king gets inside his palanquin at the geisha house. They thank the geishas. One of the geishas has a soft spot for KT and tells him it is nothing. He smiles. Then they head out with the palanquin. YG looks at them go, then she goes inside and starts preparing something.

She pulls out a box. The other geisha asks her what she is doing. YG tells her to pack and prepare strong horses and get a ship, just in case they fail. They will not be okay, so they need to be prepared to just run away.

The Kings processional walks toward the spot, it is a very long processional. Hwi’s team prepares their bows and arrows. The processional stops all of a sudden, everyone bows.

Hwi shoots his arrow first. The person inside gets back inside the palanquin, we don’t know if it is Kang or not. Everyone gets taken out by the stream of arrows. The guard yells to protect the King, take the King to a safe place!

Hwi ran out of arrows. He tells SG that everyone should leave when he follows the King. SG runs off, but she sees soldiers running toward them. They wonder who they are, are they on their side? No, this is not in their plan! SG screams that they should all run away. SG tells the three army guys that Hwi is in danger. They tell her that she will die if she goes back. It is suicide. She leaves. The three say that they can die for their Prince. They have a moment, then they run after SG.

Hwi is close to the King’s processional. The guard stops the processional. Hwi tells his brother to come out. But it isn’t his brother inside, it is another guard. Hwi kills this guard. The other men arrive on their horses. These men are all Joseon soldiers who Kang sent to attack them all. The Joseon palace soldiers fight the Army soldiers. The scholars hide in the brush and talk about what is going on. Did they know about this? SU tells everyone that they need to go to the palace. If something happened outside the palace, they still need to solve it inside the palace.

All the scholars leave.

The fight continues. SG and the three soldiers get to Hwi. They tell him to protect the King and leave. SG says she will follow him. The son-guard follows Hwi, they both go to protect the Little King. SG stays behind and fights off all the soldiers with the 3 friends. Only 4 people are taking on all these guards.

Finally it is SG verses the main guard. She isn’t a match for him. The other men run to her aid and start fighting off the main guard. But they each get taken out one by one. Only SG remains, but she is injured. he doesn’t kill her, he just smiles at her. then he walks up to her and we cut away to Hwi riding to the little King.
NG asks Kang why he didn’t go to the cemetery. Kang says he got a report that he should not leave, he might try to be assassinated. NG tells him to get all the rebels, did you sent an empty carrier? Kang says they will kill him and put the little King as the main King again. He will great the rebels and the little King there. he will not great the Chinese ambassadors empty handed. You take care of the little King, I cannot trust my mother.

NG tells him that she will take care of it. No one will take the little King from me.

The Grand Queens maid waits for the little King at the gate. The palace guards say that their plan failed, they need to do the next step, as ordered.

SG is still alive, she is handcuffed and led through the woods by the soldiers.

The King asks his Mother why she is so surprised. She says she is surprised that he is there. Why didnt’ he leave? Kang says that he heard a cue was about to happen. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her this important thing. Kang says that the cue was secret, so his response to teh cue should also be secret. if this report was true, then the rebels should all be dead. Mother, did you know that the rebels wanted to kill me? If you knew this, then you should have told me. No mother kills their own children. Umma say that mothers can sacrifice themselves for their children. You should also try hard to save your own bloodline.

The young queen tries to leave. Kang tells her that rebels are outside. Inside and outside the palace is dangerous. Guard the Grand mothers place and keep these two queens safe.

JH gets to the gate, flashes her badge, and says that she wants to see the Queen. they ask who is inside the palanquin. She says it is the kid from home. the Grand Queen’s maid checks and says that the Queens house is empty and wants to play with some little kids (like a nephew or something) to play with the Queen and make her happy.

They go inside. Kang is walking around the palace at that moment and runs into them. JH is shocked. Everyone is shocked actually. Kang walks up to them and says that he didnt’ expect to see them there. She also didnt’ expect it. He tells her to step aside. he pushes her away and JH falls to the ground. kang looks inside and says, welcome nephew, your uncle was waiting for you.

JH hops up and tells Kang not to make the King surprised, he is scared. kang thanks JH for bringing the young king to him. He never knew she would give him this big present. he says he knew that she would lie to him, but because of her, he has this little King back. Todays cue was for him and the result is that he has the little King back. He will show her the end result of these stupid people that have a cue. She tells him that this is not the end.

Kang tells the guards to take the little King to his wife. Take KT and JH to his secret place so he can hear their stories. The guards lead them away.

The little boy screams for his mother, but he is taken to NG instead.
Kang interrogates KT and JH. Was their plan to secretly kill him and put the little King back in his position? Or does Eun-sung want to be King? Who knew about this in the palace? KT says Eun-sung is dead, they just did this to put the King back. Kang tells JH that she lied to him when she said that she wanted to be the Queen. JH asks him if he is angry? You liked to everyone in Joseon and took the Kings position. You are angry because I lied to you?

Kang pulls a sword and puts it to KT’s neck. He tells JH to tell him the truth, is Eun-sung still alive? KT says he is okay, don’t worry about him. Don’t yield, I will die happily, dont’ yield to his threats. Kang digs the sword deeper and deeper into KT’s throat. Kang is about to chop off KT’s head, but JH jumps in front of him. She says she will tell him everything. he wants to know the truth? Maybe she will tell him the truth. Kang tells them that all the cue people are dead. The defense minister (Secretary of Defense) took the soldiers with them.

JH tells him that even if all the cue people die, the peoples will will not die. They know all the bad things that Kang did. They won’t respect Kang.

This upsets Kang. He says that everyone will beg for their life. The world is his. You are the only one that is blind.

A guard comes in and tells him that they had the cue, but all the people are dead. The head of the royal guard is following the rest of them. Kang tells him to bring him their heads.

JH tells Kang that he will be afraid because there is still someone who is alive.

One of the palace guards tells the other palace guards that the cue happened. You have to open the door for the son-guard when he comes. The gate guard says he will not open the door, he will wait for his order.

Inside, the ajumma tells the Queens that the King took the little King to his wife’ss place and everyone is arrested. The young queen is worried for her son, theGrand queen needs to see her son. She will go their now. The Grand Queen tries to leave, but the guards won’t let her leave. She says she wants to see the King, they tell her no. She tells them to get out of the way, you cannot hurt the Kings mother, I am in a hurry, dont’ block me.

Hwi and the son-guard talk to someone else and are filled in on everything. The son-guard says they need to do a toe-to-toe fight. Hwi tells them that they should go to the palace. It looks like they still have a lot of people there to fight for the little King. (These are all the soldiers that used to guard the little King and are still on his side. They were all fired when the cue happened.)
Kang talks to JH and asks her what her choice is, the cue failed and the people died. JH tells him that their choice was already decided last night. they didn’t come there to be successful, they are there even if they fail. Kang tells her that she should have had a way to get out. But JH tells him that someone like him wouldn’t understand how to live for others and protecting others. Basically he doesnt’ understand how to die for love. Kang says that he won.

JH says that people will know the King that killed his own brother and pushed his own nephew away. Some people never compromised and resisted to the end to correct this travesty. They didnt’ love each other to live happily with each other, do you think love is just something that you just ask for me me me? To me, when I thought Eun-sung was dead, I thought it was punishment to keep you alive, now I know I should have killed you first, that is the biggest punishment for Eun-Sung.

Kang holds the knife to JH’s head. he wanted to kill Eun-Sung and keep her alive, but it seems like killing her and leaving Eun-Sung alive is teh bigger punishment.

The Queen yells at Kang to stop! She is being honest, she asked her to bring the little King to her. Kang asks his mom if she knew everything. The Queen says that Eun-sung didnt’ want to kill him, what Eun-sung wanted was to put the little King back while he was out. Kang says that is the same as killing him. The Queen asked him if he is dead without the Kings position? She will get all the blame, dont’ kill innocent people?

Kang says he killed his own Uncle, why are you so cruel to me? the mother that wants to ditch her own son, do you want me to ditch you also?

Hwi and all the little Kings former guards get to the gates. they tells them to open the gate. But one of the guards tells them that the Kings order was to close the door. Son-guard tells him to open the door. The other palace guards pull their sword on these gate guards and they fight about opening the door or not opening the door.

Several people get stabbed.

The door opens and all the men go inside. half will go one way and the other half will go another way. Someone will stay to guard the door as well. They find out that the little King went to NG’s wife’s place and JH and KT went to Kang’s place.
Kang tells his mother that she cannot control the King. This is a big crime, I cannot forgive you even though you are my mom,. You will be confined. You should consider my mind. he tells them to take the Queen. She says she will take JH with her. Kang tells his mother that she cannot give him orders. JH deserves to die right now. The Queen tells him that he killed his own brothers so he can kill his own mother as well. Kang tells his mother to just tell him that she made a mistake, why won’t she give him any chances?

the Queen yells at him and tells him that he ruined all of them. Kang yells, Mother! The Grand Queen tells him that he was born as a sinner, if he was born as a first son, then he could have been a great strong King, but no one treats you as a King, even high officials and the people of Joseon because you didn’t become King the right way.

Kang is furious at this realization. He also hears the cue people outside and turns toward the noise. He goes outside and sees Hwi standing there.
Hwi ran in at that moment with his soldiers. Kang is also surrounded by his palace guards.

Kang – You are alive
Hwi – Becaues I had someone to protect so I couldnt ‘die
Kang – finally we become like this, if I don’t kill you myself then it won’t end.

kang pulls his sword and lunges toward Hwi! Hwi charges on kang at the same time. They sword fight!

Kang slices Hwi which stops the fight for a moment. Kang tells him to give up, he won’t win. But Hwi says that this time is different, he made him strong. They fight again. Kang tells him to give up. What do you want me to give up? You can’t kill me.

Hwi – You will lose because you just practice in the palace hunting, but I killed a lot of people in the real war!

Kang laughs and then charges again. But Hwi gets the upper hand and pushes kang back with his sword. Then he kicks him. Kang tumbles backward. Hwi puts his sword to Kangs neck. kangs guards come to life to protect Kang, but the other soldiers stop them and push them against the wall.

Hwi tells the guards to take Hyung-nim to the secret room.

The spy maid goes into NG’s room and tells her to hide. There is a cue, Eun-sing is still alive. Come with me! NG turns to the little King and tells him to come with her, he should be with his auntie. But he just stands and hides behind a pillar.

Kang tells Hwi to kill him now. Hwi says that he never wanted to kill him, he just wanted him to pay for his sin while alive. Kang asks him if he wants to be King then? Hwi tells him that not everyone is like him.

Kang says, if someone steps on you then you resist, if someone looks down on you then you want to be greater and if they want something then they are greedy about it, that is human.

Hwi says, brother, I tried to understand you, I thought about it over and over again. When you get hurt, you hold a grudge and when you don’t’ have something, then you are greedy. But the choice is from you, you make your own choice. When Yoon-hi died, you should have accepted it and asked for forgiveness. You should have protected the family when uncle was next to you making you ambitious. When our oldest brother asked for the little King, you should have listened to his last will. if you want to have your brothers woman, you should have controlled yourself, that is human.

Kang- don’t you have any greediness and dirty things in your heart? I can see everything, your hidden self. I can see everything
Hwi – that is true, I have all those things, but I suppress it, because I am human.
Kang – if you suppress it, it doesn’t’ go away, if you hide it, does it disappear?
Hwi – If you had everything you wanted, would you be a different person? Once I pitied you because I was tricked by you. Your life and where you are now is all your creation.

They stare at each other for a moment, then Hwi leaves. he locks the door behind him.

Kang is left laughing in his rage.

Outside, the Grand Queen cries. Hwi tells the guard to arrest all of the guards and soldiers that followed his brother and replace them with their people. the defense minister will come there soon. Hwi asks his mother if she has her order ready for the officials. She gives Hwi her order. He asks her if she can take the little King? He will give her some soldiers. She says okay.

Hwi walks over to JH and tells her that he sent soldiers to NG’s place. JH asks where SG is. He tells her to stay with his mother, when everything settles down, he will go there. He leaves.
The spy maid leaves and sees all the palace guards killed by the cue people. She look discombobulated.

JH talks to the son-guard and tells him that she will take the little King to the Queens place.

the bad guys finally come back with SG and get to the gate. he tells the gate that he is the head of the royal guard, open the gate. The gate people tell him that they will not open the gate, they have an order, no one can get in. The defense minister tells them that he is the defense minister and the brother in law of the King. What is the reason that you will not open the door? Where is the gate guard? Why are you here? Are you the rebels!

All the words are drawn.

The scholars get back at that moment and are shocked to see what is happening. They want to know if these men are going to invade the palace? The bad guy says thy rebels took over the palace! They have to protect the King!

It is a standoff.

The young Queen and Grand Queen go into NG’s room with JH. the little King wants to run to his mothers side, but NG holds him back. NG basically gets filled in on everything by JH. The little King breaks away from NG and runs to his mothers side.

NG yells at JH, you finally ruined my Kings future! JH tells her that her and Kangs greediness made this situation. The Queen tells NG that she will be confined there until further word.

NG yells, you shuoldnt’ do this to me Mother!

JH tells her, you know this now, the place you really wanted has become your own jail. She leaves.

NG is left trembling.

The gate opens. Hwi walks out and surprises everyone. EUN SUNG?!?

Hwi says he came back with the former King. The Grand Queen order, all the officials, listen to me.

To all the officials, we have proof that Lee Kang took over the Kings position by making a secret deal with the Jurchens, that is why we are putting the former King back. All the officials, come back to the palace and give your oath to the Royal King. Whoever is next to Jin Yang is regarded as rebels so we will kill three generations.

The guard says that he is not a rebel, Eun-sung is the rebel!

Everyone sighs.

The SU walks to Hwi’s side and says they have the Queens permission. They will have ambassadors from China. They need to be together and show their power as one country.

The other scholars slowly walk to Hwi’s side. The last scholar walks over. the brother says that they enjoyed everything with Kang, how can they betray them with the rebel?

Hwi yells, who is the rebel! You are the rebels who took over Korea with the secret deal.

The man walks away and gets SG as if he is about to chop of her head. Hwi yells that he can’t touch her, she is his person. I respect your loyalty to my brother, but that is not loyalty anymore because he is already confined. The brother says to bring the King if you don’t want to see her die. Bring the King!

SG hits the brother and tries to escape, but she is slice in the back and falls to the ground.

Hwi’s guards attack!

Hwi runs to SG’s side and yells her name over and over again. KT runs to her side as well. SG is still alive, but just barely.

Fade Out

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  1. Kazuko
    May 5, 2018 / 11:28 am

    This is a very exciting episode 👍👍

  2. dinanesta
    May 5, 2018 / 12:16 pm

    Thanks V! Am happy that JH is still alive. Hope to have a happy ending. Thanks again.

  3. V
    May 5, 2018 / 1:03 pm

    Oh my gosh y’all, they finally took back the palace. I have been waiting so long for this. I don’t think NG’s punishment was big enough though, especially after all the pain she caused.

  4. Kazuko
    May 5, 2018 / 1:06 pm

    Hope SG will survives… Gp got another strong competitor at the same time slot.. Sigh..

  5. PakalanaPikake
    May 7, 2018 / 4:07 am

    Thanks for the penultimate recap, V! Great photo! (But where is Gi-teuk?!)

    Of course even the best-laid plans were going to go awry. It wouldn’t be a sageuk if they went smoothly. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that Kang & Co. are crafty and suspicious as heck, so of course they got the vibe that something was up. They’re not stupid. And I’m glad they’re still a step ahead of the Good Guys. They’re still in character.

    I was really glad that Hwi had that heart-to-heart with Ru Shi-gae before the battle. We finally found out why she left Jurchenland. She was neither fish nor fowl, and didn’t fit in anywhere. But Hwi’s warm, bright character gave her a place of her own in the world that she would never otherwise have had. While to some it might sound as if he’d friend-zoned her by adopting her as his kid sister, to a tribal person, that might have been considered a high honor, especially coming from a prince. — I think she exaggerated a bit when she told the Jurchen envoy that Hwi had protected her. I’ve always had the feeling that she was the one protecting Hwi and Gi-teuk, at least until the others became better fighters because of her training and sparring with them.

    ROFLMAO when Hwi gave her the patented Orabeoni Spiel after promising to go hunting with her and Gi-teuk. (As soon as I heard that, dun-dun-dun, I knew it was jinxed.) I loved how she smacked him hard when he said that after the dust settles, he’ll get her married off. What part of “I followed you because of your warmth” did you not understand, dude? the look on his face was priceless. I could easily have seen her as Auntie Shi-gae, happily teaching his kiddies how to hunt and forage for berries like a Jurchen Euell Gibbons. Perhaps in cahoots with Uncle Gi-teuk. Too bad that it looks like she’s heading to the Happy Hunting Ground herself.

    A twist that I wasn’t expecting was for Na-gyeom to actually be pregnant. I cast my imprecations on her long ago, to wit: that she either be barren, or bear no sons, only daughters. Did the Drama Gods hear my supplication?! * facepalm *

    I was practically jumping up and down when Queen Dowager bulldozed past the “guards” who were “protecting” her, charged into the Secret Pavilion that everyone seemed to know about, and verbally lit into Kang before he knew what hit him. Mom sashimi’d him where he stood. It not only literally saved Ja-hyun’s and Gi-teuk’s necks, but also explained why Kang was so screwed up in the first place. And it really threw him off his game. I’m sure that one reason why he lost the duel to Hwi was because he’d just been flattened by Hurricane Mom.

    ASIDE: I was floored to see Hwi fighting like a bloodthirsty pirate instead of a “Kumbaya”-singing peacenik during the battle with the Minister of War’s forces, and later one-on-one with Kang. It looked as if RSG trained him well. I especially like that little do-si-do they did before he flipped his sword’s guard over Kang’s and used it to lever hyung’s sword right out of his hand. That was elegant.

    • PakalanaPikake
      May 7, 2018 / 4:50 am

      Duh! I just noticed the bloodstains on Kang’s white hanbok. (And the red spots on Ja-hyun’s face.) That’s Hwi and Ja-hyun’s wedding picture. LOL! Gi-teuk has probably been sent off to look for stain remover so he can pretreat those nasty bloodstains before they set. 😉

      • V
        May 7, 2018 / 5:22 am

        Yep! It’s from the bloody wedding. I was looking for a good group shop and found that one on their Facebook page 🙂

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