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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 18

Live recap for episode 18 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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The uncle had a fitting end for the life he led. I am happy that Hwi was able to tell him why he was dying. Hwi didn’t even know why people wanted to kill him twice. So telling his uncle that small bit, shows a bit of his character. He cried about it, but at least those angry tears were in response to an action.

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We are at the end of the last episode where the Uncle is about to die. His neck gets sliced and Hwi walks off.

Kang burns the Jurchen letter and puts it in a pot. the guard says that Uncle is dead. He refused the poison so the guard killed him. Kang says he was a sinner, but make his tomb as a royal, he was like a father to him for a long time. He was his only family. he knows he used him, but he was the only person he could rely on. the guard can’t believe it, did he really want to be King? kang tells him to look at him, he became the King and killed his own brother, should his uncle be any different from him? The guard asks him if he wants to drink something. Kang says he want to see that person. the guard says he will bring her to him, But Kang just says it is not the right time, if she goes there now then she will suffer again.

Cut to Hwi writing a letter for the little King. The letter says that Jin-yang sold the country and put his own brother to death. Eun-sung rescued me.

the city people spread all the rumors and wonder if kang killed his brother and took the Kingdom from the little King. All the people wonder where their little King is.

Meanwhile, JH walks around the city with guards following her around. KD and JH just try to ignore them, but JH has something on her mind. They go into a womans shop so KD tells the guards that they will need to measure the size of JH. the guards wait outside. YG is waiting for them inside and leads them somewhere.

JH is able to meet with Hwi secretely in this shop. they hug. JH thinks that Hwi is suffering. Hwi cries adn says that he thought of his brother, he is the same person as him. JH tells him that they ae not the same. Hwi is doing this to correct what happened. Hwi thinks the goal is different, but the method is the same. JH tells him that they can’t be clean and win, they have to get into the dirt. He thinks she changed a lot. Does he not like her anymore? He thinks she is stronger and prettier now, she isn’t the one he has to protect, she is someon he can rely on as an equal partner.

Hwi needs his mom’s help or the cue won’t work. JH tells him to give her the letter. They talk back and forth about that and whether it is safe or dangerous for JH to do it. JH tells him that if something happens to her then he will rescue her. She will take a lot of clothes from this shop, so he can give her the letter and she can hide it. He tells her that it is hard for him when they separate. Even one day is difficult. he gives her a hug. JH tells him about how he confessed to make her happy and how they lived through the war and how they just have to endure a little bit more. he can do it.

JH leaves. KD tells the guards that she is going to carry the clothing and take her back to the house now. They leave. Hwi leaves with YG. YG tells him that she enjies the young lady because they love each other. Hwi says JH envied YG before because she played music well and she is pretty. Hwi tells YG to make up her mind, wherever she is, no one can hurt her. He knows she is helping them because she wants hr revenge, she will be recognized for her efforts. When the new world comes, she will be noble after this cue, but that is not true, everyone is noble and precious.
Kang promotes the son-guard because he thinks he did a good job recently. He wants him to get all the rebels. The son-guard tells him that he will do his best. Some of the politicians don’t like it. One of them says that they need to appoint a prime minister. Kang didn’t find a good person yet so he will take care of it himself. the politicians say they have a lot of good people there. Kang is all like, I will do it myslef OKAY. he doens’t need their approval.

Afterward, the politicians leave and talk about how their King doesn’t trust them. their loyalty became like this. Maybe it is because he was betrayed by his uncle? they are upset that the son-guard is promoted and not one of them. The King makes all of them nothing if he does all the politics himself. the song-guard watches them.

Kang thinks the writing style is Hwi’s. How is writting like him! Check everyone and see who is doing it! The royal guard thinks that Eun-sung is alive. They couldn’t check the face. He thinks he saw a similar face at the temple. he thought it was his mistake, but the writing style is Eun-Sung’s, so what I saw came into my mind again. Kang thinks Eung-Sung might still be alive!

The son-guard talks to a guard who lost his brother during the cue. H will use him because they have the same pain.

SG talks to the head maid. JH wants to see the Queen, it is about Eun-sung’s business. She says it is about Eun-sung’s remains.

Cut to the city. The son-guard and Hwi wonder how the brother-in-law can take all the bribery money. the King doesn’t care about the bribery things, so all the officials take bribery money. they cover for each other and don’t report it or make an issue about it. The cities anger is growing higher because of the corruption. Hwi should go around the country undercover as a tradition and then make plans to abduct Kang.

JH came to the palace. NG is angry about it. NG meets with the Grand Queen and the Young Queen. the young queen tells her that she shouldn’t’ think about anything and just get ready for her pregnancy. They need to check this over with the doctor.

NG goes out and sees JH. JH is sarcastically polite to her. She is very calm and ladylike. NG is enraged. Jh says that she will tell the Queen that she will do whatever the King wants. She hopes he has a boy because a princess means nothing. As the second wife, if I have a boy then i will be the Kings mom.

JH leaves and bows to the Grand Queen. She wants the queen to believe that she will marry Kang. JH delivers the remainings of Eun-sung. The Queen opens it. But then she sees the writing on it.

Letter: Mother, this is Hwi, you heard I am dead, but that is not true, I got out, a lot of good people helped me, I ave the little king, my brother made a deal with the Jurchens, because of luck, I could rescue the tiny King, can you help us make the little King as the king again? – Hwi

The Queen asks if Hwi is still alive? JH tells the young queen that the little King is with Hwi, he is growing well and happy. the Grand Queen holds teh letter tightly and sya that her son didn’t die. The two women start crying. This is what they hoped for. Her son is still alive. JH tells her that they went there together and rescued the little King.

The evil maid tells Kang that JH went into the palace and is meeting the Grand Queen.

JH says she has a lot of people following her around, it is easier for her to come into the palace and tell her about Eun-sung. Can she have a pass to visit them? The Grand queen tells her to be careful, her son’s life depends on her. JH says the Prince is guarding the little King, she is just the messenger. The Grand Queen says she whould hate her, she din’t know she was working this hard under water. But JH isnt’ angry, she just want everything to be well and for everyone to serve the rightful King again.
SU comes back from China.

JH is summoned to meet Kang. He asks her why she came back to the palace. JH thinks she should be good to his mother. She lost her fiance, was tortured, was almost trapped in the temple forever. Perhaps she should try to be happy with him. She will come there often to see the Queen, perhaps she should see him as well. Kang wonders how she changed so much? is it because time passed? She wants to be the Queen? You told that to me at the temple. But you have someone that you should hide. Eun-sung is alive, isn’t he?

kang walks up to her. Eun-sung rescued you right? You lived together in the temple. that is why you are saying all of these things. I didn’t even know that and I was happy for awhile. With you lie, I was having a happy time. JH say she heard his wife got pregnant, if she gets a son, then he can’t make her the Queen. He asks her if she is blaming the dead person, that is why you won’t make me a Queen? He asks, what if I make the Queen? JH tells him to keep his promise. She is always waiting for him.

The maid tells Kang that the great scholar is back from China.

Kang tells JH that his position is solid after getting permission from China.

The Grand Queen meets with a scholar. They talk about the little King coming back. Is it the best thing? Is changing the King the best thing? What will people think? This is her brother talking. The Queen says that she cannot allow the wrong things to happen.

SU says that the Chinese people will come and see teh little King to see if the little King actually gave the King position to Kang. the little King needs to meet the Chinese people. Everyone says that the little King is missing now. The son-guard meets with SU afterwards and tells him that he did a good job. SU says he delayed the King permission by mentioning the little King.

kang wonders, what if Eun-sung is alive? Maybe he will put the little King back to the King’s position. If they wait, then they will come first. They will have a cue. Kang suspects that a lot of blood will be be drawn.

SU meets with Hwi. He is happy to see him. They talk business. The plan is to trap Kang and for SU to take care of Chinese people and the Queen will announce who the new King will be. The son-guards job is to control the military. Only the three of them know what is going on. No one will know that it is a cue, the soldiers won’t know that it is a cue.

Cut to the three army guys showing Hwi all the slaves that served with him. They all came to the city to help Hwi. Hwi doesn’t want their lives to be in danger. But they tell him that he rescued them. Without him, they are already dead. SU watches this and thinks that they made the right choice. Son-guard asks SU if he is worried about the cue, but SU looks confident after seeing the soldiers greet Hwi.

They bring in the old guard that used to guard the little King. Hwi asks him if he can still protect the little King again? they fill him in on what is going on with YG’s books. He says all the rumor are true? They tell him that they are all true. That is also why kang killed his uncle, to hide it. This man thinks someone like that becoming the King is very bad.

NG meets with the Young Queen, she tells NG that she needs a doctor if she doenst’ feel good. NG just yells at the young queen and tells her that she doenst’ need a doctor, she will protect her own body. The Young Queen wants to know if she is even pregnant, why doens’t she want the doctor? The doctor show sup and says it is difficult to know right now, but they will know one month later.
NG rubs her belly as if she is pregnant.

JH meets with SG and KD. JH makes SG armor to ear. JH thinks SG fights much more than the men, so they should give her armor. She will make her armor first and make Hwi’s later. SG looks so touched by this. But she tires not to show it.

Cut to Hwi walking outside in an open field. They talk about how Kang will but his camp there. SG shoots an arrow to that spot. Hwi thinks, before the King comes out of the carrier, they should fire all the arrows and kill the guards. Then they need to take the carrier with the King inside. If they fail, then they will die. If they win then he will get his own revenge for his father and show the people of Joseon that the right thing wins.

JH walks to the clothing store again. The guards are left outside. One of the gisaengs walks her back to hr changing room. Underneath her clothing is another set of clothes. JH pretends like she is a gisaeng and has a hat to match. KD tells her to be careful. She leaves and the guards stop her, but they end up letting them leave.

They make it to Hwi at the gisaeng house. YG tells them to get into the room quickly.

Kang meets with DS and tells him that he doenst have any trust worthy people, he needs a scholar. If a great scholars son supports him, then it will be a wonderful thing for him. DS says he didn’t pass the exam yet. Kang tells him that he can start with a lower position. DS thinks this is too much for a student who didn’t pass the exam yet, but he thank him and leaves.

DS looks amazingly nervous a he exits the Kings chambers.

Kang tells his guard that this was a fishing job. The father and daughter want to be in the first family and highest official. But DS doesn’t want to get the position, something is suspicious. The guard thinks that the son-guard is suspicious as well. Maybe they should delay the outing tomorrow.

Cut to everyone getting all the bows and arrows ready. SG is among them. KT tells her to run to the front and don’t look back. She just tells him to do what he needs to do.

JH tells Hwi that it is strange. She doesn’t feel like these flashy clothes are good for her. Hwi says it is better than becoming a man. he tells her, after tomorrow, everything will be done and we can get married together and we will be together forever. if it fails, you are your father don’t know anything about it. JH says that Jin-yang thinks he is alive. Hwi says he can’t stop, this is their one chance. They will have to wait a long time if they miss this chance. So go back and wait. JH tells him that she will not go home. The time she watied for him, what she regreted the most was that she didn’t become his wife when they married in the temple. I don’t want to regret it.

Hwi tells her he is a dead person now. For three years, the one thing he did well was not getting marred to her. He didn’t know when he would die and he didn’t trap her with a marriage, it was a good thing. She syas he lied, he missed her all the time and regretted it all the time. She is not afraid, she will be his wife.

Hwi hugs her tightly. Then he kisses her deeply.
SG wants to go inside but KT stops her. He tells her that they won’t finish their talk tonight. Today could be there last. SG says it might also be their last time together also. This hurts her heart. She feels like someone is shredding it. KT hugs her and tells her that her heart hurts. She pushes him away. He tells her that when everything ends and they get married, you should live with me. SG says she wants to live with Hwi. He tells her she would suffer like this all the time. Stop protecting someone. I will prtect you from now on. SG steps on his foot and tells him that he can’t protect anyone. She walks off while he nurses his foot.

KD talks to DS. They both watch the room that JH and Hwi are in. They sit outside the room and wonder if this is best for JH. DS wonders if it is even possible to take the King down. KD doesn’t know, but her little lady wants it so she is jut following her. DS says that they barely survived, it is scary to him. She is also afraid, to them, they can’t fall any farther, it is kind of scary how the Prince is suffering. DS puts his head on her shoulder, lol. She just lets him sit there.
Inside, Hwi and JH sit facing each other. He slowly takes off her outer shall and lays her down. She closes her eyes as he looks at her. She opens her eyes and pulls him closer to her. They kiss passionately. he undoes her bow tie on her garment and she pulls him tighter on top of her.

The next morning they dress each other. He says he can’t help but want her to go somewhere far away. She puts her finger on his face. He will not forgive himself if she dies. She says she won’t regret it if her life ends now. But, she wants him to come back. He says he will be back. They hug tightly.

The Queen’s maid hides something as she walks out of the Palace. One of the Scholars catches her. But she is able to get away with the letter. The letter says that Eun-sung will put the little King back to the throne. The maid thinks Kang might recognize something. The Grand Queen wonders what she can do about it, she doesn’t even know what is going on.

Kang is told that they should delay this event today, just in case someone wants to hurt him. One of the politicians thinks it is better not to go out today due to the rumors. Kang wonders, should they put the armor on then?

Cut to the soldiers bowing to the little King (he looks so cute). This moment is serious as hwi tells JH, when we have the messenger, we move. He tells KT to please take care of the King and the Lady. JH tells them all that no one should get hurt. They tell her to throw them a big party. YG tells them to come back safely, she will prepare a big feast. JH asks SG if she is wearing her armor, SG shows it to her. JH tells her not to get hurt.

Hwi looks at JH deeply. They share a moment as he holds her wrist. But they don’t speak. Hwi tells everyone, let’s go.

They walk out with epic music playing.

At the Palace, the Kings palanquine is prepared.

At the gisaeng house, JH and KT look after the little King as he quietly plays in the flowers.

The music changes to tock music as Hwi team walks out in the open with all the bows and arrows on display.

Fade Out

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