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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 17

Live recap for episode 17 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
TV Chosun
Our team might be in trouble, their location has been found out, and I wanted to scream. Hopefully, this is a chance for Hwi and team to show us that they are very different people than the gullible, easily led, fools they once were. They are ready to attack. I’m rooting for them.

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Airing Time:April 28th, 22:50 Seoul
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Umma goes to the temple and sees her daugther. The spy watches all of this and he also spots Hwi. The monks of the temple ask this spy what he is doing.

The brother asks Hw and KT who they are, thank you for helping my sister, how can I repay you? Hwi turns around and the brother gasps.

Cut to Hwi and JH sitting in front of Ahn. Ahn wants them to go somewhere and live together, the capital city is dangerous, just go away. Hwi doesn’t want to be a refuge forever. Ahn tells them that they can’t live in the temple. Hwi says if they love each other then they are always together, seh told him that death won’t separate them. He regreted that he had to let her go, but spereation was worse for him.

She tells him that he was born as a royal, how does he live like this? Hwi says he has experienced a lot that has made him a deeper person. He understands how much meaning and love is important. Ahn says that, as a mother, she doens’t care about anything, she just wants her to live happily. JH tells her mother that she is already happy.

Outside, the brother tells KD that this doesnt’ make any sense. Hwi should just die by herslef, why involve his sister. KD basically has to shake some sense into him. She covers his mouth and tells him that he has to understand his sister, she will die without the prince! She let go of his mouth after they have a moment.

They keep talking back and forth about how DS doesn’t understand love. He is not brave. He wonders, what if he becomes brave? He can become a lover as well. he tries to kill KD, but SG puts noroongi (overcooked rice crisp) in front of them. She sits inbetween them too. DS says SG can speak well, but seh doesn’t read what is going on well. SG just eats her noroongi in front of him.

The brother tells them that the King killed all the Jurchen diplomats. KD says he shouldn’t! That is why we are in a lot of trouble now.

It looks like the other Jurchen’s are still alive. The brother searches all of their documents. Kangs Umma rails into him about killing the Jurchen diplomats. He can’t just do that! Kang tells him that he killed a diplomat so they know how angry they are. Grand Queen want to know why he is doing this, Eun-sung is already dead.

Kang mentions his uncle. The Queen wanted him to be separate from his uncle. Umma tells him to thing one more time. Kang says he wants to be a great King and make the country strong. He wants to make a strong country like China. The Queen tells him that one person can ruin the country. Open your eyes and get real!
Kang leaves and angrily walks back to his part of the palace. he looks at his guard and a politician. they go inside and talk to him at his throne. Kang is worried about rumors. The politician thinks the Jurchens will invade. But Kang doesn’t’ care, he will give them a lesson if they invade. Kang wants to move the soldiers to the border and prepare for an invasion, just in case. The politician leaves (brother in law), but he looks worried.

The guard tells Kang that he found teh young lady. She is in the temple and met her family. He doesn’t know who is behind this though. Kang thinks he can’t bring her to the Palace, so he should go there.

Cut to The son-soldiers walking with Hwi and SG. he tells a guard to open the door because he is investigating a diplomat. They go inside and talk to the Jurchen’s that are captive. Hwi gives them a choice, he knows they tried to kill him by making an underground deal with Kang. But this prince that came back from death is giving you a choice, I will not promise to give you land. But I can send people to cultivate your land and help you survive and have trade. Do you want to make another deal or go back and die? SG tells Jurchen that this is Hwi’s word. She is the princess, so if she follows them then she can get the word by her father.

the Jurchen diplomat goes and gets a gift. He gives it to Hwi as a present. He says he leaves them with this present. When they fight, they play a flute. If Jin-yang doesn’t keep his promise with the chief, then play the flute. Hwi and team leave.

Outside, Hwi looks at the flute, there is a letter inside. Perhaps this is the secret letter? The son-guard says that they can prove Jin-yang’s crime with this letter.
Meanwhile, JH feeds the little king some food. She tells him to eat a lot and grow fast.

Kang leaves the palace with several men. He is in disguise as a normal person. Hwi and SG walk through the forest and see Kang walking on the path. SG thinks they figured it out. they hurry back to the temple.

JH has just tucked the King into bed. But Hwi picks him up right away and says that his brother is coming, they have to leave right now. SG wakes up everyone else and tells them that Kang is coming, hurry!

Kang gets to the door.

Everyone is awake and thinks of what to do. Hwi can take the lady and the King, they will buy them some time. JH tells Hwi that she needs to go forward. If they see her then they will leave them alone. Kang won’t do anything to her, they are around monks. But they shouldn’t find out that the King is there. they leave. SG stays with JH.

She stands there and waits for Kang to show up. When he does, she bows to him.

He asks her, she knew he was coming? She says the monks told her that they have guests. One of the guards says that SG is Eun-sung’s girl. JH says she took her under her now. Kang asks her how she feels. JH says time took care of the wounds. He asks for a drink. She tells them to follow her.

The guard tells the other guards to search around and see if the comrades are around.

JH asks Kang why he didn’t kill her, she is a rebel. He says she is being punished enough. Living without Hwi is hell right? Killing you is just listening to your wish. if you die, then you guys will be together again and I will be left alone. Even though you hate me, I want to keep you in this world. How did you get out of that temple.

He is gone but his people are here and they rescued me.

Hwi gives the King to KT and the soldiers. He tells them to take the King to YG.

JH tells Kang that she was hiding there, This place and the other temple are the same place, just let me go home, I want to be with my parents. You are strong now, you don’t have to care about anyone.

He asks if she forgot about Eun-sung. She says it would be a lie to say that she did, but the important thing is that she is alive and he is dead (?). He asks what she wants. She says she doesn’t’ want to be the second wife. She wants to be the first wife. JH looks at Kang, stonefaced.

Hwi sneaks around the Temple.
JH – My father, when he comes back safely from China, can you fire your wife and make me your first wife?
Kang – Is that what women want? You have become like my wife.
JH – I don’t want to be tortured anymore. Even though I am your wife, I will be your second wife and Na-gyum will torture me and kill me. Otherwise, I don’t want to be with you at all.
Kang – I am the king, you should beg me.
JH – Eun-sung put everything on me, you should do the same, otherwise my heart wont’ move.
Kang – You hated me enough to kill me. Your hate feeling to NG is more than you wanting to kill me?
JH – You came here to meet me right? You can send soldiers to kill everyone here. You came here to see me so your heart made me rethink. I don’t know if it is obsession or love or whatever, show me your heart and my frozen heart may melt like ice on spring. When that day comes then I will call you the King, my prince.
Kang – You call me prince, then you deserve to die
JH – Have you seen me afraid of death?

SG and another guard wait outside the room. Hwi watches them from the woods. KT and the soldiers get to the Gisaeng house. YG greats them and leads them to a room. She tells them that they can stay there for a while. She doesn’t’ have any customers now that her eye is like this, no one will come here, just be careful coming out. They think they can pretend they are servants there. One of them asks if they can eat meat there. KT is all like, that is not something to think about right now. YG smiles and says that she will bring them something to eat.
JH walks through the woods with Kang and his team. He wants her to take his hand, but she takes SG’s hand. Kang chuckles. he tells her that he will leave his people there. He is not letting her get away from him anymore. She says she decided her mind, she will not live likea fugitive. She will wait for his answer. She bows and walks into her house with SG. Hwi watches all of this.

Once inside the gates, JH exhales in exhaustion. She wonders if her prince is okay.

Kang asks the brother-in-law if he thinks JH is being truthful? The brother-in-law says that she looks sane now that time has passed. kang says that he thought she was like Hwi, but now she is like him (Kang). He likes her and he doenst’ like her now.

JH is happy to have her daughter back. She hopes no hardships happen to her anymore. But their life isn’t going to their own will. JH hugs her mother and tells her that this is the reason she became strong. She was like a flower in a greenhouse before, but she is not like that anymore. She is not afraid anymore. So long as she lives, she has hope, that is what Eun-Sung told her.

Kang gets home and is greeted by NG. She asks him where he went. He says he just had some fresh air. She tells him that the palace is big, why did he say that he can’t breath? She tells him that she is pregnant. The doctor told her. She was worried about it, but the kid waited for us to be born in the palace. She will give him a prince. Someone that just looks like him, a son. Kang sighs.

Afterward, her maid asks her why she lied like that. how can she do that? NG says she will make it the truth, she will secure her position first.

Hwi watches JH’s house. There are guards at the door. he sneaks in. Inside, JH is rolling around in her bed, unable to sleep. She gets up and puts on some clothes. Hwi goes into her room, but he turns around when he sees that she is dressing. JH quickly dresses and tells him to close his eyes. then she tells him that he can open his eyes.

She tells him to sit over there. he does what she says. She asks him about the little King, how is he? Hwi says he worried about her, so he left him with KT and the others. For him, JH is just as important as the King. She tells him to trust her, if she wasn’t confident then she wouldnt be there. they talk about Kang. Hwi says he says her walk with his brother. She asks if he was jealous. Hwi says that he realizes that he is a narrow minded man.

JH says she was the same way about SG and about KT. they spent so much time around you. She envied the hostages and his first love, the little girl. Hwi says she wasn’t his first love, who told her that. JH says that after loving someone, it can be Heaven or hell, this love can endure it all. For her, she can lie and can act also, she is not the JH from before.

Hwi takes her hand.

JH says that everything changed. Only her heart to Hwi is something she is sure of. Hwi says he had a very hard time without her as well. They hug. He asks her to come home. She says she decided to be a sick person, that is why she came home. Hwi thinks that is great. She says she liked it better with him. He says that he liked it better as well. She thinks that she regrets not spending more time with him. Hs tells her, the next time they are together, they will be husband and wife. he touches her cheek.

She tells him that she will give him her brothers clothing. It is better for him to pretend like he belongs there and then leave. It will be less suspicious that way.

JH walks Hwi out. She tells him, if he needs to say something, she will ask her brother. He should be less suspicious. Theya lso have SG, so they can send letter to each other. JH tells him to be careful , he tells her to do the same.

Hwi leaves through the front door with no problems.
NG meets with the Queen. The Queen says that they need to make medicine first. NG says she is happy to have a child. The young queen is still in mourning for her son leaving the house. Even so, she says this is a good thing for the palace. NG asks the Queen when she can stop being polite to the young Queen, she isn’t the Queen anymore. The Young Queen apologizes. The Grand Queen tells NG not to treat the young Queen badly. NG smiles and says she has no motive, she just want to know the rules of the palace.

Hwi meets with everyone and shows them the letter. Jin-yang promised to give the Jurchen’s land. The son-guard thinks that what SG said makes sense, the people of Joseon should know and the officials should know. YW was fired, but his people are in the palace so everyone thinks he will be back when Kang isn’t angry anymore. SU isn’t in the palace. But they shouldn’t wait for him, they should make the chance, not wait for the chance. Kang killed people and took the position. Hwi will use this as a weapon and cut off all the rotten branches.

The three soldiers talk about how they are included in all the discussion but they don’t understand anything. Then a gisaeng comes up to them and talks about how KT is a handsome guy. She says a lot of gisaengs are married to guys like KT (with no penis). Then she goes to the King to give him a snack. Then men are left wondering if looks are better than if they have a penis of not).

The son-guard meets with a guard and says that if YA has a little King, then he has a reason to start a cue. We never know what he thinks, he talked bad about me. The guard says he is in his house now, but the King looks at him like a father. Son-guard asks this guard if he thinks the Uncle took care of the King without any motives? You are actually a loyal subject to the King, but it looks like Uncle works with his own greed, not loyalty to the King.

The brother in law meets with the Gisaeng. He wants to know if she changed her mind and accepted their offer to go to teh country side. She says yes, she is selling her gisaeng jip, she just wanted to have a drink with you to say good bye. They drink. YG asks if YQ got a little boy? he is trapped there, but there is a little son, I heard there is a lot of laughter in the house.

The brother in law talks to the son-guard about this. He heard that there is a son in the Uncles house. Son-guard says he told the royal guard this. The brother in law says that this is the problem, the royal guard doesn’t know what is important. The son-guard says that the brother in law should take all the credit for it and tell the King. The brother looks interested. The son-guard tells brother in law that he helped the King become the King the most. They shouldn’t have minister from a rebel family. We should have a minister from the wife’s family. If you find the little King, then that will be a big honor for you and Kang will be happy. He doesn’t know what the King looks like, so the brother in law should find this out and tell the King.
Hwi asks KT if he found the kids. He says yes, he found 304 of similar age. They need to make sure they don’t get hurt. It should be okay because their people should do it. Hwi says to kill all the dogs that work for his brother.

They go to the Uncles house. The son-guard and the brother in law are there with guards. They are to look everywhere, if they see a tiny boy, then they should take them.

Someone goes to Uncles room. Uncle comes out and greets them. He wnts to know what this is about. The man says that he will search his house. Uncles ays he lost his position and is trapped at home, but he is the uncle of the King and in the royal family. How dare you!

Someone yells, they found something, over there. The brother looks over there and sees the real King sitting on the wall! Hwi quickly takes the real King away and nods to SG who has three other little boys. They all run in different directions. The guards chase after all of them. They find the three that they wanted the brother to find, but not the real King.

Uncle confronts son-guard about separating him from the King. Son-guard just says that he is serving his country. Then he sneaks the letter into the uncles place.

Uncle looks around his place. The brother-in-law comes back and wants to know how the uncle can hide the little King. Son-guard comes out and says that he found a strange letter. He holds it up to Uncle and asks him if he knows what that is? Uncle is startled. The son-guard gives it to the brother-in-law. The uncle is steaming.

The brother in law tells Kang that his Uncle kidnapped the little King and contacted the Jurchens and got the secret letter to prepare a weapon against him. He thinks he wants to make the little King a second Kang. The brother in law searched his place to find the King, the little King escaped, but he saw his face.

Kang gets enraged. He yells at the brother in law to find him right away. As for his uncle, he will give him a final farewell.

Cut to Uncle bowing in front of Kang. Uncle tells Kang that this is the rebels plan. Kang asks him what he planned on doing with that little boy. Kang says he never saw him, he never saw the letter or their plan. He doesn’t know who they are. Kang walks up to him and asks him if the dead Eun-sung is doing it? Or his brother is protecting his son in death? Do you want a little puppet since your nephew doesn’t’ listen to you anymore?

Uncle says he devoted his entire life to him, he wanted to kill the little King, how can he not understand him. Without him, he wouldn’t be here at all, he made him. Kang says he is right, he is the King, doesn’t he know what this means? It means that he doesn’t’ need him anymore.

Uncle is stunned.

Kang calls a guard and tells them to take him. He doesnt’ want him to die in jail because he did a lot for him. The guards take Uncle away. Kang looks pained as he watches him go.
Uncle is given something to drink in a white bowl as he sits outside. it looks like this might be poison. Uncle yells at them, do they know who he is? He is the uncle of the King, he made the King! The guard tells him, this is why this day has come. The guard is Hwi.

Hwi – You made the prince that couldn’t be the King. You made him a bad rebel, you should pay for it.
Uncle – Eun-sung!….How….You became my grim reaper?
Hwi – My brother gave you the poison, remember this. You are dead by your own nephew that you made.
Uncle – Eun-sung, you are alive?
Hwi – I had to die twice all because of you, but I didn’t die, I am back like this to punish the sinner. I died without knowing the reason. I am telling you why you are dying.

Hwi leaves. Uncle calls to him. But the son-guard pulls his sword and asks if the uncle will take the poison that the King gave him, or take the sword by the son who you killed?

The son-guard slices through the uncle.

Hwi walks away with tears in his eyes.

Fade Out

Kang wants to find the boy because he is shaking public opinion. Hwi lets his mother know that he and the little King are still alive.the rebels try to invade the palace. JH tells Hwi that she is not afraid.

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  1. dinanesta
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    Thank so much for the quick recap. I’ve seen the episode in youtube but still no english translation so your recap really comes in handy. Thanks so much again:)

    • V
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      You’re welcome dinanesta! (Also, I’ll take care of your double comment 🙂 )

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  3. PakalanaPikake
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    Thanks for your recap of episode 17, V.

    Hwi & Co. have been playing catch-up, and the tide has finally turned. What an elegant way to frame Traitorous Uncle by replicating what he’d done with Kang earlier. It was truly inspired. And did my ears deceive me, or did Hwi actually say it was time to K-I-L-L Kang’s minions? No more catch-and-release? Sell my clothes, I’m going to heaven! You can’t be a pacifist when dealing with ruthless opponents like Uncle Traitor and Kang.

    Ja-hyun seems to have finally settled down and started using her bean. I was impressed with her presence of mind and guts when Kang was headed to the mountain temple and she chose to run interference so that Hwi and his men could abscond with Kinglet. She screwed her courage to the sticking place and bluffed to beat the band. I like how ruthlessly defensive she’s become in her negotiation with Kang. He totally bought it because he knows how jealous and nasty his wife is. Na-gyeom’s days are numbered. It’s great how the helpless Ja-hyun has enlisted Kang to defend her against her nemesis. Plus she’s exacting payback on gisaeng Yo-kyung’s behalf. Brilliant!

    As for Na-gyeom, her lie to the other queens that she is pregnant is such BS. Wait until Kang hears it through the grapevine. I’ll bet he hasn’t slept with her since their wedding night. I can’t wait until he formally sends her away, preferably to a place where she’ll be Turtle-Waxing her pate for the rest of her life – if she isn’t actually awarded her own bowl of poison. The only thing that could possibly make the pending retribution any sweeter would be the revelation that Yo-kyung has been hiding a bastard princeling from Kang who is older than Kinglet. Har! I can dream, can’t I?!

    Let’s hear it for the Huligai clan delegation! The letter really does exist. And it was cleverly camouflaged!

    • V
      April 28, 2018 / 7:59 pm

      I love that they finally have the letter. Also, how is NG going to continue faking this pregnancy? Kang won’t sleep with her now that he thinks she is pregnant so NG will have to sleep with another man?!?

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