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Grand Prince Recap Episode 13

Live recap for episode 12 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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Posting this as a quickcap, so there will be typos! As far as this episode goes, I will say that JH is a lot more bout it than I originally gave her credit for and nobody better try and con Lu Shi-gae.

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Airing Time:April 14th, 22:50 Seoul

SG and JH run through the town near her house. JH falls so SG comes back and helps her up. they continue running hand in hand. Meanwhile, the guards are carrying KD in the carrier. She gets out with her face covered and goes inside to the room. KT gets inside and removes her cover, she sinks o the ground and then peeks outside at the guards watching her.

Elsewhere, JH and SG try to board a boat. They offer up bribery jewelry, whatever it costs, just take us there.

KT is that the Buddhist temple and just sits inside pretending to pray (she was actually sleeping). The guard gets bored and wants to go inside to get her. He goes in and sees that it is KT there and not JH. He runs off with the other guards.

The soldiers, Hwi, and KT sit happily and eat fish. They think this is much better than when they were slaves. They will be able to get out. It took him three years to get out of Jurgens. They all talk seriously about this. Hwi thinks his mother will have a hard time defeating her son and protect the little king. He needs to get his freedom back.

On the mainland, the guard thinks about how they can kill Hwi and make it look like he pretended to escape. Also, Kang’s guards get to the boat and ask if they carried any women. But the man says that they carry a lot of people.

On the boat, the man says that he is too tired, he can’t go further…maybe if you give me some more money…. SG goes up to him and tells him to give her the oar and get out. She pushes him down and tells him he will either continue or get out right here. Yes! Finally, someone fights back! JH tells SG that she is pretty cool, she can do well. They continue on with the man taking them there in his boat.

Kang tells his guards JH’s destination is the island. Catch her there, or you are dead.

At JH’s house, Ahn finds out that JH went to the island. She almost passes out. DS asks KD why she always does this, this isn’t a little joke. KD says that she was afraid that JH would commit suicide. She is sorry about this, my lady. Ahn says that they need to remove JH from their family, they can’t do what she wants and she doesn’t’ want to live there, we don’t have a daughter. The brother says he will catch her and KD says she will come back, but Ahn just says to leave her, she is a stranger now.

Hitmen go to Hwi’s house and the guards just leave and let they go onside. But when they go inside, Hwi isn’t there. They think he ran away. The assassins leave and see the men all running away.

It’s a chase as the men run from the guards. The men say that they will lead the guards off so Hwi can escape. But one of the assassins find them and they fight. Hwi asks the man if his brother sent him. But Hwi gets hit in the body with an arrow by the man that wanted to revenge his own father’s death. Hwi falls into the water. The assassin says he can’t see Hwi in the water. It is low tied so he will find him tomorrow morning. But if he wants to check it now then he can jump in and get him.

JH gets to the island with SG. SG stares at the man and tells him to wait. then she hops off and helps JH off as well.

the next day, they find the body, but the face is all crushed so they don’t know if it is Hwi or not. It is the same clothing. The son-guard tells them to take the body. While taking the body away, they walk past JH and SG. One of them notices JH and calls her agasshi. He tells her not to look at this. She wonders whose body this is, where is the prince? She heard the prince came here, she wants to see him. The son-guard comes out and tells her that the prince is dead, he tried to escape and it became like this. He pulls his sword on her and asks who she is. Did she come here to sneak out the sinner? the other guard tells him to stop, he will take her.

JH looks at the hands of the man and starts breathing hard and looks away. It looks like they don’t know if it is him or not. maybe it is him? JH says that these were the clothes that the prince wore, she faints out. SG grabs her and holds her up.

There is poison in the food. One of the maids finds it. The young queen covers her son’s eyes from it and they try to leave. Kang comes to see the Grand Queen. But she isn’t letting him in. He tells the maid to call her one more time. Meanwhile, something falls and everyone gathers around the King to protect him.

Kang gets to see his Mother and tells her that they have a letter from the island, Hwi is dead. He tried to sneak out and was shot by the guard, fell into the water, and died. The Grand Queen thinks this is a mistake, he came back alive before. Kang says they have a body this time. But the mother doesn’t want to believe it. She says that she will wait for him. She basically tells Kang that he is responsible for it all. He waited for his older brother to die and he killed his younger brother, now he wants to kill her and then Joseon will be his. Kang starts to tear up and get angry.

The young Queen finds out that Eun-sung died. She holds closely to the little King. She wonders who will survive and protect them.

Kang goes to the pond and drops a flower petal into it. He cries and is asked if he is thinking about Eun-sung. Kang says that he will not think about anyone or regret anything.

the men want to just dump the body in a grave, but JH says that he is royalty, they should have a better burial for him. But the son-guard just pushes her away. SG wants her to leave and not look, she turns her back and says that that isn’t Hwi, it shouldn’t be Hwi (in another language). They throw the body in and start burying him.

One of the assassin-guards tells JH that she should leave, the ship is leaving soon. they walk off and talk. Hwi is dead, but the other men got out, they need to take care of it. if they surrender, then they can make them slaves, otherwise, they can kill them. SG runs off. the guards turn around and the assassin guard asks where the Jurgen girl is. Find her!

The young queen meets with the Grand Queen and pleads with her. they need protection. People try to poison them and kill them. they are all spies of Jin-yang. She doesn’t want her son to die before her. She has seen too many deaths and lost too many family members. The Queen says he will be more in danger if the son is not the King anymore. The Young Queen wants to give everything to Jin-yang and make a deal with him to leave her son alone. But the Queen tells her to get real, that won’t happen. Don’t you think I have pain? The mother of the country is before motherhood, I only thought about my duty. the young Queen tells her that she is just a mother, she made her father and brother die, she just wants to be a mother. She doesn’t’ care about mother of Joseon or something. You can take everything from me, I just want to keep my son alive!

JH leaves the island alone. She is escorted out. SG watches them from afar.

Kang dances as the gisaeng plays for him. He looks so happy as he laughs and dances away. The gisaengs wonder if he is really a guy whose younger brother just died? YG says he is just sad, he doesn’t’ know how to express his feelings, that is why he cries with his entire body.

Uncle meets with a scholar and talks about the Queen and Eun-sung’s death. the mother of the little King wants to give up the King position. Everything should flow now. Listen to what people say, there is a sick King after that, a baby King. You should be on Jin-yang’s side. then your power as an in-law will continue. Your choice will determine life and death and glory and disgrace.

JH gets home but her father tells her not to come in. She followed her man and made her family suffer, they will not accept her anymore. Whoever let JH in the house will be in big trouble. The guard tells her that JH will have a big shock so just let her in. Eun-sung is dead on the island and she confirmed it. Everyone is shocked and Umma hugs JH. She asks her why she went there, why did she go there and see those cruel things. How will she live her life with that memory?

SU meets the Uncle and asks if it is true that Eun-Sung is dead on the island? the uncle chuckles and says that Hwi tried to escape. SU says that Uncle is too cruel to him, is he happy now? As an uncle, are you happy to see your nephew grow up as a monster and the other nephew die? The uncle asks him if he thinks the Kings position is for a human? That position is not for humans. SU tells him that the greed is all his. Uncle says that it is not greed, he just wants to serve the country and turn everything back to normal, and you helped me do it, hahaha.

SU meets with another scholar and says that it is all his fault. He should have told the truth even if he died, how can I pay for this sin. The scholar says it is too late, they won’t be able to save the little King. If the boy was 10 years old, they could withstand, but he is too young. Jin-yang will be even more ready and there will be more blood in the future. He isn’t sure if the Queen can withstand it more. Who should they be loyal too? they should pick the King that will make their country strong and stable.

JH rice like a robot. KD wants her to drink some water or cry or become a monk. Why is she like this? The brother comes in and sees that his sister is still like this. She took a bath for several days, now she just wants to eat all day. The brother says that a lot of people want Jin-yang to be the King. the Queen says that she will give the King position to Jin-yang, so now the King of the country is Jin-yang. JH throws up in her mouth a little.

The brother says that after JH left home, someone brought that letter. Eun-sung wrote this letter on the island before he died. JH opens the letter and reads it.

Letter: Your house is in Seoul and my place is on the island now so we can’t see each other even though we miss each other. It hurts me so much when I see raindrops on a tree.

JH folds the letter into her chest.

The Grand Queen goes there and asks why the King died before her and gave her this hard life. To full fill his will, she made their kids hurt, did she do well? With her own hand, she took down her own grandson and put Jin-yang as king. Are you angry at me? How is Eun-sung? Does he blame his mother?

Kang gets the Kings robes put on and looks at them. He takes in a deep breath as he takes in the moment. Then he sits on the throne and tells everyone that he became the King because of everyone. he is going to take care of the Young King, he will make the country strong and beautiful. Everyone should help him and work hard together. This is the rebirth of their country. He will put his uncle as an officer of the state (like Prime Minister or Secretary of State). Then he starts to appoint positions to all the high officials. One of the scholars says that he should follow the proper steps. But the King says that he became King so quickly so he doesn’t’ know the proper steps. Are you questioning what I am doing? If you have any other idea then tell me. I want to see who my real people are.

All the scholars are uncomfortable.

Elsewhere, NG walks around with all her servants behind her. She bows to the Grand Queen in her room. She tells her that she is finally serving as her daughter in law, she is so happy that she can serve her from now on. The Grand Queen asks her if she is happy to become the Queen. NG says it isn’t because she became the Queen, it is because she can serve her. The Queen tells her to care about the former Queen first, she is your sister in law so care about her more than me.

NG leaves in a huff. She walks off and talks to herself about how those old people give her a hard time and still don’t know who is in power.

Kang sits on the thrown and thinks this has been a long road, finally, this is his. The spy maid asks him where he wants to sleep tonight. He stands and tells them to bring JH to him. His wife won’t be happy if JH becomes his second wife, so before anyone says anything, I will just do it. I will sleep with her and make her my second wife.

The guard asks her what if she doesn’t’ want to come (this is NG’s brother). Kang says to just drag her there.

The brother goes to JH’s place and is about to take her out. SU calls him an animal, how can he take her out, they should get married first, how can they just take a Lady to a man’s house at night? Everyone knows my daughter and Eun-sung had a love relationship, so leave! Leave my house right now!

KD explains what is happening to JH. JH pulls out a box. She tells KD to bring some powder, she has something to use it for. KD goes and grabs some powder from the storage room. (That powder can kill people).

JH goes outside and tells them that she will go there. It’s fine, it’s already prearranged. Eun-sung is already dead. We didn’t sleep together on our first night. Appa, don’t hold your belief for your daughter anymore. It is enough that you did it once. This time it is my turn. I will go there, I will do it. Umma asks what she will do. JH doesn’t respond and just leaves with the guards. Umma tries to grab her, but the guards pull her away and tell her that this is an honor for their family, not a disgrace.

JH sits in the carrier and opens the box. There is something inside the box, some clothes, perhaps cosmetics?

NG finds out that it looks like there will be a new wife. She says that she wants to see who it is. In another area, a maid tells JH that she will need new clothes. But JH doesn’t’ want to remove the box. She keeps it with her by saying it is expensive. She goes and has a bath and gets all her Palace gowns put on. They powder her face and tie up her hair. She opens the box and takes out the ornaments he has in there. She puts one in her hair and looks in the mirror. Then she is led to Kang’s room.

NG shows up angry and she walks through the gates upset at the world.

JH goes into Kang’s room and stands in front of him. She bows to him. He tells her to sit so she goes and sits next to him. He thought she wouldn’t’ come. She said a promise is a promise. He says, because Eun-sung is dead, she thought he wouldn’t keep the promise. But she says that he is dead, so what can she do with someone that doesn’t exist. She says, as he said, Hwi is not here anymore what can she do? He wonders if she changed her mind because he is king. She says it doesn’t matter what she thinks.

Kang – I am sorry I didn’t invite you formally, the world will change tomorrow.
JH – If you were formal, it would make me more uncomfortable
Kang – Can you pour me a drink?
JH – Before that, can you remove all the people here, there are too many people watching.
Kang – This is the formal thing for a King.
JH – Please remove them.

He goes and removes them.

While he is outside, JH puts the poison in their tea. Kang comes back inside. She pours him the tea.

NG gets to the room and tells the maid that she is disgracing her. She is the mother of this country. The maid says that she is not the Queen yet because she doesn’t have the rank formally, if she makes him angry then her position is in danger. You should leave today. NG says that she is the only wife. She tries to go inside. But the maid stops her.

Kang drinks the drink. JH doesn’t drink it. He asks her how she came there. With what mind did she come there. This doesn’t’ feel real, are you really Ja-hyun? After Hwi died, you finally came to me.

JH – Even though he is not in this world, I cannot go to someone else. Kang holds his throat for a moment. Why? Because I am the King now?

JH – Do you want to hear the answer?….. (She takes the ornament from her hair.) I came here to get my revenge!

She pushes him down on the floor.

JH – I came here to kill you myself.

Fade Out.

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  1. Raya
    April 14, 2018 / 2:25 pm

    Thanks for the recap!Finally JH does something but I wonder what will happen next, can’t wait for ep 14!

    • V
      April 14, 2018 / 3:16 pm

      I am so glad she is proactive!

      • Raya
        April 14, 2018 / 4:24 pm

        Hopefully it wouldn’t bring more trouble though. I’m pretty sure the whole General shooting arrow to Hwi was just staged. I just watched episode 12 and it looked like he had second thoughts. Another 17 more hours to go!

  2. PakalanaPikake
    April 14, 2018 / 5:29 pm

    Thanks for another dandy recap, V! I watched it raw, and was able to figure out a lot of what happened, but there were some fine points I missed.

    Who left a changeling in Ja-hyun’s place?! And since when did she turn into Lucretia Borgia crossed with Xena?!

    After weeks of getting more and more fed up with her, I’m thrilled that she reached the end of her rope and decided to end the royal family’s misery along with her own. My biggest concern is that her entire family and household will be exterminated because of her treason. It’s one thing for her to commit suicide by regicide. It’s another thing to bring about the horrendous deaths of innocent people.

    I’ve been fantasizing for a while that Ja-hyun would turn on Kang, but I didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly the very first chance she got. This is epic, even if Ja-hyun will be executed for treason. If Kang croaks, he will be on the receiving end of what he dished out to Hwi more than once. Karma is bitchtastic.

    Ja-hyun could argue that Kang’s years of unwanted harassment drove her to do it in self-defense (and revenge). That’s the same excuse Kang gave for framing Hwi after feeling as if he were accused of treason for dealing with the Jurchens. How does that shoe feel on the other foot, Your Majesty?

    One positively delicious tidbit was learning that Na-gyeom has not officially been installed as queen. If Kang croaks or becomes permanently disabled (and has to abdicate, yeah!) before that happens, she’ll be in limbo. I love it. And she knows that he sent for Ja-hyun as soon as he became king and could legally command her to sleep with him. Na-gyeom must be having the mother of all conniptions. Course two of gisaeng Yo-kyung’s Revenge is being served ice cold. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Hehehe.

    In other news, I’m convinced that Hwi faked his own death with the assistance of the island’s military commander.

    Let’s have a moment of silence for the dearly departed whose mortal remains gave Hwi the a means of escape.

    • V
      April 14, 2018 / 6:38 pm

      JH makes me laugh so hard in how she basically doesn’t care about her family at all and they care so much for her. That is so ridiculous! She would basically sentence them all to death by killing Kang! I just laughed so hard because that is the one character trait that remains consistent for her.

      I really thought the Gisaeng would bring the ultimate revenge on NG, but it looks like Kang just being Kang is the ultimate revenge on her. She is about to get bumped as Queen and JH is going to be in his her place as the mother of the country. You know Kang is going to take her back even though she tried to kill him, he is that sprung for her.

      I actually didn’t even miss Hwi this episode, all the other things kept me pretty entertained. I do want him to come back stronger than ever though.

  3. Dots
    April 14, 2018 / 8:51 pm

    Thanks for the recap. This episode was great! Ja Hyun’s resolve to take down Kang, the determination and cold bloodedness in her eyes from the moment she is called to the Palace was actually pretty terrifying. Kang is vile. He is so delusional about everything from the way he plays victim about his mother and Hwi to Ja Hyun ever loving him.

    Kang has treated Na Gyeom like crap from Day One. He hasn’t even bothered to formally install her as Queen after everything she has done for him. Even more humiliating his first day as King and he immediately summons another woman to his bed to make her his wife. I want to feel bad for Na Gyeom but she is such a nasty person.

    I’m certain Hwi’s death is staged with the assistance of the commander and I’m assuming we’ll get new and improved Hwi who will start kicking some arse from tomorrow.

    • PakalanaPikake
      April 17, 2018 / 1:33 am

      ROFLMAO at “new and improved Hwi”! You’ve got that right, Dots.

      Kang is gradually losing it. Or maybe his fragile psyche that’s been hidden by layers of bullying false bravado is finally being revealed. In the long run, he may end up being a more tragic figure than Hwi, who at least has been loved and knows it. Kang has always felt like an outcast from his family, and probably has been aware on some level that Traitorous Uncle has been using him all along. He’s known from the beginning that his father tried to hobble him with marriage to a politically weak and insignificant family. And that his wife, despite her pledge of loyalty, loves only herself and her ambitions.

      I’m under the impression that they do not have any children. I wonder if he’s purposely avoided having offspring because he knows she’ll want to put her own child on the throne — and would have no qualms about getting rid of him to achieve that end.

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