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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 12

Live recap for episode 12 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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Okay, y’all. Hopefully Hwi wakes up and sees his brother for the evil person he really is and not just as a man who wants the throne. I mean, he killed a childhood friend, tried to kill Hwi which subsequently left him stuck in prison for 3 years, gave him his very own bloody wedding, and tried to steal his wife on top of it. The writing is on the wall Hwi, what more do you need?

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JH kneels in front of Kang. Kang kneels as well and wants to know what she can give to him. You have to bring something to the table in all business negotiations.

NG comes out and says, My Husband. Kang stands and tells her that her friend came, this is not good timing. Kang walks off.

NG goes down the steps and tells her that she found the wrong person to talk to, The person who made Hwi die is her father. He is the one who accused your husband as a rebel. I heard he tried to kill himself.

JH stands and asks if she is accusing her father?

NG tells her that she needs to remember that her family is the one that accused Eun-sung, he is dying because of you. She walks off and it starts raining. NG asks Kang if he would like to drink something, some alcohol? But Kang is only worried about JH. Is she still outside, it is raining, is there a carrier for her? Did you give her an umbrella? NG says she wants to walk! But kang is just upset.

Meanwhile, JH walks home in the rain. She gets home and sees her father pacing around the house and looks at him with daggers in her eyes. He sees her outside and goes out to pull her inside. But she just says, it wasn’t you, you didnt’ do it! He tells her that they need to go inside first. But she just exclaims that he needs to tell her, did he do it? her father sighs, he needed to save her. But JH is distraught, how could he do that. Appa says that he had to think about her and her mother and brother. JH sarcasticalls says, thank you so much for killing my husband and saving me.

She walks past him, her mother comes out and slaps some sense into her. Her father tried to kill himslef because of the guilt. What about your parents? I don’t want to see someoen hurt my man either! Do you see how much your father is suffering? he is still crying about it!

JH just leaves them in the rain. She runs to her room, but she doenst go inside, she just cries outside her door while still in the rain. SG coems up to her and places a hand on her shoulder. She tells her to get real, how are we going to save Hwi? Up there, I could save him and he also saved me, but here I can’t do it, I can’t even get into the Palace. You should do it.

JH swallows her pride and toughens up.
NG drinks shot after shot alone.

The Grand Queen meets with Hwi and tells him that JH’s father testified and made everything truth. Hwi says someone forced him to do it which is why he tried to kill himself. Grand Queen says that for his crime, there is a lot of evidence, but for his innocence, we only have questions.

JH goes to the palace and asks to see the jail cell. the person she asks says that she can’t do it, but money can do it. It is not a job for a woman, tell your brother to do it. Cut to JH and her brother. the brother pays off someone and JH follows that man to the jail cell. He tells her that she only has a few moments. She can see his face and then leave.

JH removes her head scarf and sees Hwi. His eyes are closed as he sits against the ail. She says that it is her, JH came. Hwi wakes up and goes up to her. She asks him if he is okay, is he sick? Was he tortured? Hwi says that he was accused, but they can’t torture royal blood. Why did you come here? I didn’t want to show you this. how is your family, are they okay? How is Lu Si-gae?

JH – I am taking care of LSG
Hwi – and your father, is he okay?
JH – please forgive him…no, don’t forgive him, our family made you like this, you should blame us and hate us, aboji lives in hell now
Hwi – if I was him, I would have done the same. To save you and the family, i would have done even worse, dont’ hate your father. I didn’t understnd him at first, but I thought, you didn’t become a rebels wife so now I thank him, he showed his fatherhood
JH – I cannot forgive him, I will fix what he did, i will save you
Hwi – don’t try, i dont’ want to put your family in danger to save myself
JH – my prince
Hwi – on our wedding day, you were very pretty, we didn’t even have a chance to bow to each other, and this happened. when I sleep, i dream of that day. In my dream I was a happy groom and smiled at you and took your hat off (which means she is married)…..when I look back, a lot of worst moments happened than this, once you thought I was dead. We didnt’ give up back then also and we shouldnt’ give up now. Dont’ get tired, we are alove and we have hope, whatever happens, trust me. Whatever happens, don’t give up your hope.

they embrace hands through the cell and reassure each other. JH goes outside crying and holds herself up against the wall. Her brother tells her to shut up, be quiet. If anyone knows we came here then we are in big trouble!

the brother thinks JH will destroy them if she tries to go any farther. Don’t try to destroy our family, if father tries to kill himself again, will you be happy?

The Grand Queen gets a request to meet JH. But JH says she will never see the family that pushed her son to his death to save themselves. The head maid comes out and tells JH that the queen does not want to see them. JH says that she will wait, how long will it take. The spy queen says that she needs to see Jin-yang. The head maid sighs. The spy maid says that the world is under Jin-yang now (because he is the Prime Minister now).

JH wonders what she can give jin-yang and also remembers Hwi telling her not to throw away her hope. JH passes out on the street. She has a vision of Hwi walking up to her. But it is someone else who reaches out their hand to her. His face is all blurry so we don’t see it.

later, JH is in bed and KD is caring for her. She wipes her forhead with water as the gisaeng sits at her side as well. JH comes to. the gisaeng says that the doctor came by and diagnoses her with fatigue and dehydration. they tell her that Jin-yang found her and brought her there. But the gisaeng says that it is disgraceful to bring a lady there. JH says that she wants to see him.

Cut to her meeting with Kang. Kang says that he can’t listen to her wish. His brother will be executed following the law. She asks him if he still wants her.

Kang – I don’t know.
JH – (kneeling and bowing) I will give you everything. Anything is more important than one persons life. I will give you everything. Just kill me and save him. Only one way to pay for my husband’s crime is throwing myself away. Just do as you wish.
Kang – So you coming to me means death to you. You come to me to die? (tearing and laughing)

Kang cries and laughs as he looks at JH, but he definitely looks like he is in some kind of hysterical pain. YG listens from outside the room.

the little King sits at the throan while the palace officers talk about whether they should kill Hwi or not. They tell the little boy that he needs to make it an example. The Queen says that he is the prince and she can’t kill him. She will send him to the country. The scholars say that you can’t show mercy to a rebel. But the Queen thinks they are all too cruel, her oldest died not to long ago and they want her to lose another son. they tell her that he is not her son, he is a rebel.

kang speaks up and says that the crime is big enough to die, but there has been a lot of deaths which is embarrasing to their people. So they should send him to an island. the Grand Queen yells that the rebels said that he did it, but Eun-sung refuses it, we have to consider that just in case he is honest. kang says that he honors what the Queen says. The Queen breaks down and cries.
Hwi is brought in the courtyard and given his sentence. Everything is taken from him. KT cries and Hwi just listens to it. He tells KT that they are not dead so they should thank them. He is stripped of all his titles and will have to live on an island. Hwi and KT bow to the court.

Cut to JH running through the town. We also see a procession of men take Hwi and KT to a boat. JH is trying to get to him before he leaves on the boat to the island. KT gives the city on last look as he gets on the small boat. Hwi gets on without looking, but then looks back at the city and bows his head.

JH gets to the edge of the city and yells for Hwi. SG is with her and whistles. the whistle catches Hwi’s attention. He gets off of the boat and they both run to each other in slow motion. They embrace and he asks her why she came there. She says she just wanted to see his face. he tells her that this is not the end, just wait and I will be back.

SG tells him to take her with him, she wants to go. But he tells her to protect the lady. JH says this is better than when he went to war. She will send him letters. It is a two day trip to get to the island. Hwi gets back on the boat and they leave. But JH calls to him again as they float away.
Meanwhile, Uncle tells Kang that he made a mistake, he should have killed Hwi. Is he weak now because it was his brother? Kang basically says that it is a trap. Hwi is very popular among people, they are still curious about if he is innocent or not. Uncle says that Hwi will not just sit on the island and do nothing. Kang says that he will send Hwi’s enemy to the island and kill him slowly by making Hwi form a rebel alliance. That way people will understand that he is a rebel and his mother wont be his enemy anymore.

At home, JH writes a love letter to Hwi. She says that theri dream life together was small, just live in one house and draw together and sit together, but I know now how difficult it is to realize that tiny dream, it is almost impossible, the fate stopped me from going to you, death won’t stop me, I will wait over there first, please come to me a long long time later. I will wait for you as a flower.

She folds up the letter and her maid comes in. the carrier came to take her to Kang. the maid can’t beleive that she is really going there. JH tells her to listen closely. The blue letter goes to her mother and the red one goes to Eun-sung. This is for just in case something happens to her. Keep these letter safe. She wonders why she is sending a letter to her mother. JH smiles and says just in case.

JH gets in the carrier. She tells her she will ride in it and come back, KD can stay there. KD doesn’t want to let her go alone, but she stays at the house and watches the carrier take JH away.

Hwi gets to the island and is introduced to his home on the island. This is where he will stay from now on. The house is basically a shack. it has a straw roof. KT thinks this isn’t the type of home a prince should live in. The guard says he isn’t here for a vacation. hwi talks to KT about letting it slide this time. The guard tells Hwi that the he is the son of one of the scholars that died. He heard that he would be here, so he applied for this job. He will be sure to make his life comfortable there. Then he tells everyone that the only think he can eat is rice and salt.

Hwi tries to lift KT’s spirits and tells him that they should clean first. At least this is a nice house, they spent three years as a slave after all. KT looks at the rice, but it is not processed and went bad.

The Gisaeng shows up at NG’s home, she is there to see her. They go inside and YG tells NG that she realized that she should be loyal to her. JH made a deal with Jin-yang. If he saves Eun-sung’s life, then seh will do anything for him. So as soon as Eun-sung went to the island, he called for her. She will help NG out. But it must be secret from Jin-yang.

NG says that she will keep it a secret, don’t worry.

KD is holding the letters and wondering about them. But she can’t read. She runs up to SG and asks her if she can read, she can’t. The maid says that they should work together, KD’s head and SG body. She will also give her some burnt rice. SG runs off happily and KD thinks burnt rice is the best thing to seduce people.

they are both sitting in a nice room across a table. Kang asks her to pour him some rice and she does. he says that this house is so nice. But she says that he is too cruel. This house is the house that she wanted to live in with Eun-sung. She tells him, how do you think I feel?

At the same time, NG is going to the house, angry.

SG is running somewhere.

back at the house kang starts to talk to JH.

Kang – how did you come here today?
JH – to keep the promise
Kang – This is not the first time i wnted to have my brothers first love. Can I tell you about his first love? I went to the palace and Eun-sung had a female sevant, she was loyal and they liked each other. Wherever ES went, she followed him around. They smiled at each other like she had everything. When Eun-sung fell, she cried like the world collapsed. I wanted to have her.
JH – What happened to her.
Kang – she is dead. I could have liked her better than anyone else.

He sighs and stands.

kang – what do you think I will do to you?

JH holds tightly to something in her hands.

Kang – come back and wait for me. I am not going to have you like a thug. I will get you formally, so take care of yourself and don’t think of stupid things
JH – It is already not formal to want your brothers wife. Youare greedy, you have everything but you want more. This is obsession, not love.
Kang – My mind, my greediness, yes, lets say it isn’t love, so why is it so hard?

He reaches over and hugs her quickly. But it is becasue he know that she had a knife in her hands.

Kang – I know what you think, maybe you want to kill yourself, but Eun-sung is still alive so you can’t even kill yourself with that hope. You can go back, at least for today.

Kang leaves and JH is left getting a grip. She walks out slowly and is let out of the house. A guard tells her that her carrier is outside. She goes outside and looks at her little knife.

NG gets to the house and sees the carrier. She turns to the main building.
Kang tells his guard to put a spy on the great scholars house, you never know what she will do.

JH and NG talk. NG wants to know if seh will be Kangs second wife. JH says that she can be more than an animal to save Eun-sung. But who is more of an animal, the brother who wants his brothers wife is more of an animal. NG says ES will die anyway, no matter waht she does. He went to an island, but the world will not leave him alone. ES is not alive because of your promise or anything. So listen to me, don’t be around my husband, I can withstand a Gisaeng, but I can’t sithstand you. I will not have you as a second wife, dont’ be around my place at all.

SG sees this all happeneing and pulls JH away to get in her carrier. SG walks by NG and basically looks at her like, try something see what will happen. NG looks away and SG walks off with JH.

they get home. JH thanks them for the ride and she also smiles at SG. the guards also show up and guard the house.

JH- shy did you call me agasshi before
SG – becasue i was in front of that B….I need to go to the island
JH – You can’t…I will go also, you can’t even speak Korean well. what if you can’t find where ES is?

Hwi writes a letter. But he stops and pulls the paper away, then he starts working on something else.

A hitman in all black arrives at the home. KT is sleeping. But Hwi feels something. He asks if it is Gi-teuk. But KT doesn’t respond Hwi gets up and goes to the door. The man on the outside puts his hands around his sword. then he slices through the door.

They start to fight!

Hwi uses everything around him to defend himself. He removes the mans mask and sees that the head of the island is trying to kill him. He says he understands that it is about his father. But the real killer of his father will be burried in history. He tells him to shut up, you did it. Hwi says that he didn’t do it. it would be his honor to die by a loyal son. He closes his eye and the son pulls his sword back to strike. But KT comes in and bumps him on the head at just the right time. Are you okay?
Several men get to the island. they show up at the door to Hwi’s place and say, My Prince!!!! My Prince!!! they all bow to him and say that they wanted to visit him at the palace. How could they do this to him, he rescued them by risking his life. KT comes out as well and gives them all big hugs. Brothers!

Something is going on at the palace. A guard tells another guard that he has to tell him something. They are maybe at JH’s house? Yes, it looks like it. It is a decoy move. KD hides in the carrier and pretends like she is JH. Meanwhile JH and SG sneak out the back. JH runs, but she falls. SG runs up to her and extends her hands out to JH. JH takes it and they both runs together.

Fade Out

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  1. Dots
    April 10, 2018 / 1:06 pm

    Thanks very much for the recap. This drama is stressing me out. When will things go right for the good guys?

    • V
      April 10, 2018 / 1:10 pm

      I know! I am waiting for the good guys to finally end up on top.

  2. Kazuko
    April 14, 2018 / 8:22 am

    As much as it is depressing, I still very curious what is going to happen after this. We still have 8 episodes..

    • V
      April 14, 2018 / 10:34 am

      I am curious too. This writer is really great with keeping the curiosity going. But I know I will have to sit though a lot of bleak moments.

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