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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 11

Live recap for episode 11 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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I have a feeling that Lu Shi Gae will get her moment to shine in the coming two episodes. I really hope so because I feel a lot of rolling my eyes at the screen coming because you know Hwi is going to end up in jail on some trumped-up charges and Ja Hyun is going to go begging Kang to let her man go free. I at least want to see Lu Shi Gae get her spotlight and take some people out! I know, it’s a lot to ask.

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Airing Time:April 7th, 22:50 Seoul
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A man is bleeding on the ground and Kang asks him, who asked you to do this? The man says Eun-Sung…Eun-sung.

Everyones faces are shocked. They all look at each other. Kang looks at the man.

Man – Prince Eun-sung did it.

Kang – What did you want to do?

Man – Kill all the high officials, if we kill them then Eun-sung can be the King.

Kangs guards run up and ask him if he is okay. Everyone looks around and takes in what they just heard. meanwhile Hwi is riding to the palace.

Kang asks if JH heard that, her husband, his brother, created a cue. JH doesn’t believe it, they are blaming him. Kang pulls his sword on them, maybe they are on the same side as them, they wanted to kill me. JH says that this is her wedding day, the best day of her life, no woman would do this. Don’t be fooled, you know that your brother wouldn’t do this.

Kang says that his brother became a different person after 3 years. She says that he is different, he is even more loyal. Kang tells them to take the lady. the guards take her away with her calling out for her father and mother. The parents want to know where they are taking her. They want to go to the palace, they need to protect the King.

But Kang says that if Eun-sung is the head of the cue, then your family is done.

Cut to SG hiding as she sees the gaurds dragging JH out of her home. The maid tries to keep her back, but JH is pulled away with the maid crying ont he ground. SH is against the wall watching all of this unfold.

Kang tells SU that the only way his family can survive is for him to oppose Hwi. His daughter can die as the wife of a cue leader or live gracefully as a loyal servant of the King. he throws the sword on the ground and the guards pull their swords on the family. The mother wants to know what will happen to their Ja-hyun.

The palace is getting word that a lot of high officials are dead. One of the guards checks Kangs wound and says that his wound is deep. He says that is what he wanted.

There is a fire going on inside the palace, smoke is everywhere. hwi looks for the little King. Hwi tries to take him out but the sp maid is there and doesn’t want him to move the King. Hwi says he should have fired her. Hwi takes his little nephew and tells him that he will take him somewhere safe. They all take the King out with a lot of servants following them. he says to tell the Grand Queen what happened. Someone is looking over all of this occur.
Meanwhile, JH sadly takes off her wedding adornments while riding in the palanquin.

Cut to Kang telling everyone that Hwi has a cue. Tell the Queen that the King is in danger. They all go to the Queen. The uncle tells the queen that Eun-sungs people killed everyone and hurt Kang. Eun-sung took the King. The Queen is listening to him. They say that they got one of the Killers, they will find out everything. She says that she will go find out.

At the same time, the guards stop Hwi and say to arrest this person that created a cue. Hwi is all like, what the F??? Hwi is holding the King but the guards want them to give the King to him. Hwi won’t let go of the King. the Queen comes out and asks what happened. hwi lets down the King now that the Queen is there. kang shows up and says that they have to arrest Eun-sung, the killer said that Eun-sung said that he should kill everyone. The Queen says that it is a false charge. Kang says that a lot of high officials are dead, look at my arm, I was about to die. The uncle says that they have a confession from one of the killers.

kang says that she is their mother, but if she is on the cue side then she won’t let her go. Don’t you see that the King is shaking, do you want to fight in front of the King and mother?

Hwi – It was all your plan, my marriage day, to draw blood in front of my wife?
Kang – I am the one bleeding
Hwi – It is not me
Kang- prove it at the military office, give me the king
Queen – (whispering to Hwi) don’t worry, I believe you, do the questioning, I trust you.

Hwi is arrested and led away. The Queen tears as she looks on.
SG is following JH around. She sees where she was taken. JH is in a little warehouse. NG comes in and throws some clothes on the ground. She tells her to change her clothing, she will only be sad in those clothes. JH tells her that this was her plan, is this what she wanted? NG just smugly says that they aren’t involved. They argue back and forth about how Hwi is not that kind of person. JH says that her prince is wrongly accused. But NG just tells her that she will be in jail if he is found guilty. She tells her that her wedding clothes are so pretty, and leaves. Then she smiles as she hears the lock on the warehouse door.

Elsewhere, Kang and Hwi meet in the same room. Hwi wants to know what he will do. kang says that he will be trapped in this room until everything ends. Hwi tells him not to touch his wifes family. Kang laughs and says that he will protect his wife. Then Kang talks about how the way Hwi fells now with this wrong accusation is how he felt his entire life from when he was young and had to live away from teh family. Hwi says this is no excuse to have a cue. Kang says that they made him this way.

Hwi doesnt’ know what he is talking about, that is why he did this? Kang tells him to give him the letter that says they made a deal with the Jurgens. Hwi tells him that they already have a King so just give up your cue. kang says that he didn’t create this cue, Hwi did. He will give him some time to think about it. Your loyal servant, your girlfriend from the north and everyones life is dependent on you. Hwi asks if he wants to kill him that much, is he not his brother at all? kang says that he never started to do anything first, remember, you were the one that pushed me away.

kang leaves and tells the gaurds to guard him well. they yell, yes prince!
SG tries to get into the palace, but the guard won’t let her in even though they know her.

Inside, the young Queen passes out when she hears all the news.

Nighttime comes on the palace and the guards are still out. The man is being tortured in teh yard of the palace and says that Eun-sung told him to kill eveyone. He promised him a new world if he killed everyone on the list. kang says that they need to catch all of them, if they catch all of them, then they will know the truth.

They keep torturing the man to tell him who all the people are.

The Queen meets with Hwi and says that the man says that you did it! I trust you. Hwi says that it wasn’t him, don’t be fooled by Jin-yang. The Queen is distraught, if Kang planned it to kill you, then you will lose your brother. No mater what happens, I will be in pain.

the guards catch all the bad guys. One of them runs away. A guard says to catch him. All the guards converge on this man and a fight ensues, they stop him and surround him with swords.

Uncle tells SU that everyone points to Hwi as the cue leader. The only way he will survive is to leave Hwi’s side. SU says that Hwi isn’t that type of person. But Uncle says that he survive among slaves for 3 years, perhaps he blames the royal family. His anger is over boiling. People can change.

Uncle presents parchment to SU and tells him that it won’t work if it gets too late. If he defends him then your family will be destroyed and you will still be punished. If you don’t sign this, then Eun-sung will die. But if you don’t come out of this okay, then your family members will die also. If it was me as the head of the family, then I would protect my family also.

SU thinks about this for a long time, until the next morning. he picks up the brush and holds it.

Kang leaves the palace. Sh sees him leaving and starts walking somewhere.

Kang gets to his house, NG is pacing around. SG followed Kang to their home. NG runs to her husband and hugs him, but he pushes her away softly. She says that she is happy that he is okay, he should get treatment. Kang just says he is fine, he wants to see the bride.

But he is upset when he finds out that JH is in the warehouse trapped. He yells at his wife about that. he says that her father will be super happy if he finds out how we treated her (sarcastic), bring her to the guest room.

NG tells JH to come out of the warehouse. then we cut to her in a room with Kang and NG. Kang tells NG to leave, he wants to talk to JH pricately. NG angrily leaves, but she looks back at the door, jealous.

JH tells her that she will go out, but he tells her to stay there. He tells her she looks good in her wedding clothing. She asks where her husband is, is he okay? he says that he is safe in the palace. She wants to know why she is there, he says his father watned him to take care of her.
Kang says that she is wearing her wedding dress, so she is Eung-sungs wife, but it all happened before the wedding, so she is unmarried, you rlife and death is decided based on what you say. JH says that he is her husband, she would rather die with him. Kang says that it may be better to die. From lady to servant, with a man touching you, it will be a bad life. I am giving you a choice, ditch Eun-sung adn you will live.

She tells him that she will die with him. But she says that her family will also die with her. She says he is innocent, but Kang just tells her that her father and brother will be killed. You and your mother will become servants. you will not be together, you will beseperated and die.

JH says the truth will come out soon. But he says that it will be too late then, when you mind changes, tell me. I will try to protect your family when you decide.

JH leaves and is let into her quarters for her stay. She is locked in.
Cut to her father. Her father writes something on the parchment and then is about to commit suicide. he has a rope and ties it around his neck. He kicks the chair away and hangs himself.

But then a scholar comes in and lifts him up and yells for someone to come in. Is there anyone outside!

Cut to the palace. Everyone is being questioned. Hwi says his brother was taking care of the house and prepared the box with the weapons. But Kang says that Hwi told him that he would do it. Hwi says that he is lying. kang gives a letter from the great scholar that didn’t come today. He knew that Hwi was ambitious but he coudnt’ stop what happened that day, so this is his apology letter. Kang says that this is his will, he commited suicide with this letter. We stopped him from dying.

Hwi is shocked. kang comes up to him and says that a lot of people will get hurt if Hwi resists longer. What if JH tries to do something tragic like that. Hwi says, I told you not to touch my wife! Kang tells him that she is under his protection, but I wonder if she will have the same choice that her father did.

Kang then tells everyone that they have to put Hwi in jail, even though he is a prince. I knew his ambition, I am also responsible that I could not stop him. i will accept the punishment. Put him in jail.

Hwi yells, this is not true, I din’t not start this cue! Leave me alone! I am not the one that did this!

At the same time, the Queen is shocked that the great scholar SU committed suicide. The scholar that rescued him is telling her this. The scholar doesn’t believe that Hwi is the cue leader either, but he can’t do anything becasue no one is changing their word.

Hwi is led to his prison cell and pushed in. KT is already in the cell. they both look at each other and make sure that the other is okay. Hwi thinks they can find a way out, they came out from the Jurgens as well. They both think that Kang did everything to hurt him, it is not that he wants to kill him, it is that he wants to be King. We know our enemy this time, but we can’t fight against him. i suffered that much to come back, but I still had expectations to humans and my own blood, I was stupid. KT says that no one expects these things. On their brothers marriage day? Killing everyone and saying the brother is the leader of the cue? He is a monster.

Hwi says that he had hope since they share the same blood. He couldn’t throw away his mind to his brother. This mind made all the high officials die. KT says that it wasn’t his fault. But Hwi is just thinking about his wife, his Ja-hyun…he starts crying and we cut to ja-hyun in her quarters.

NG comes in and tells her to come out.

JH comes out, she is still in her wedding attire. kang tells her that he will take her home. NG smugly tells her that she can go back, her family is safe. Kang sighs and tells the carrier to take her home. But JH just starts walking back. he says that people will look at her, but she just says that it is okay. He tells him guard to follow her and make sure that she goes home safely.

NG says that Jh is shameless, so don’t worry about her. Kang says that they have to treat her nicely to have the great scholar on their side. She wants to know if it is the only reason. He says that it isn’t the only reason, your husband is doing it for something and I will not make any excuse or explanation to you. He moves to walk past her but seh just says that she risked everything fro him and her brother risked everything also, so he shouldn’t’ treat her like that.

But he asks if it was for him or for her desire to be the Queen? he will not ditch her, she doesn’t have to show off, she can just follow him. NG grips her dress in anger.

Meanwhile, JH is steady walking home in her wedding clothes with everyone watching her. SG follows from a distance. She gets home and the guard leaves as they reach the gate. JH walks the rest of the way by herself which is when SG approaches her. She asks where Hwi is, she is not being let in the palace. JH pulls her into a big hug.

Inside, the husband and wife are talking> Ahn says that it was better to die. He doesn’t want her to tell JH about it right now. But she will want to die when seh finds out what he did against Hwi. they think they need to find abother way.

Someone yells that the young lady is back. Mom runs outside to greet her and gives her a big hug. She asks her if she atea nd tells her that she needs to take off these clothes. Why is it so difficult to get her married? JH asks if there is any news from the palace? Then she says that they need to take SG in since Eun-sung isn’t there. They all go inside.

JH gets undressed but she just wants to wash it and iron it well, then she will bow to him in front of him again and when they finished their wedding ceremony, she will forget all the bad memories. KD starts crying. JH says that he will be okay, the truth is stong.
Kang meets with the Queen and talks about how Eun-sung wanted to do all these things at his wedding. He said that he lived like animal, he changed after all this time. A lot of people wanted to kill him. We won’t know what will happen, becasue the King is little. She wants to know what he wants her to do, she won’t kill her own son.

Kang says to give him the position as the little Kings guardian. The Queen wants to know if he can promise her that he won’t become King. He says that this is the best option right now.

Cut to the meeting of the scholars. Kang is made the Prime Minister and NG’s brother is made the Secretary of the Military.

Kang meets with hwi in the jail and tells him that he needs to accept that it was a cue that he started. The great scholar did it for his daughter, if you are still stubborn, then she will become a servant. She is in danger so long as she is his wife. He dies saving her or they both die in hell. Hwi says that this doesn’t mean that what you did didn’t happen.

The brother tells JH that she needs to throw away her husband. he will die anyway, so they don’t need to die together. Jh says that he was wrongly accused. The brother is about to tell her what abonim did, but he just stands up and says that if she wants to die, she needs to die herself and not drag the family with her. Jh remembers what kang told her.

the gisaeng talks to Kang about what she did. Basically, she met with the killers before everything happened. The killers really did think that Eung-sung gave them money to kill everyone. If it fails, you shouldn’t say anything about Eun-sung, but it is it successful, then the world is yours.

the Gisaeng doesn’t take the jewelry, she says that what she wants is not money. She is not as rich as him. Does she want to be his second wife? She wants to be reborn with his power. He says, you want to be a noble? Jus take this, you have a lot to do. She tells him that she can wait.

Outside, JH meets with Kang. She says he is his brother, not anyone else. Kang says that Hwi treated him as a stranger and never trusted him, he shouldn’t love him at all. Brothers should work together, it shouldn’t’ be one sided.

JH kneels and begs him to save him. they will just go to a little island and not come out at all. kang wants to know what she will give him, does she have something precious that she will exchange for Eun-sung’s life? What will you give me?

Fade Out

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  1. Kazuko
    April 7, 2018 / 9:25 am

    I’m afraid about what’s goibg to happen in this episode..

    • V
      April 7, 2018 / 10:37 am

      About to get started right now! This episode might be a sad one. 😭

  2. Kazuko
    April 7, 2018 / 9:56 am

    Hope they will stop mkg JH bgg LK too. If she keep bgg, she must comply to his term, right?

  3. PakalanaPikake
    April 7, 2018 / 10:56 am

    Just as I expected, Hwi’s tipping his hand that he had possession of his uncle’s and brother’s incriminating letter to the Jurchen chieftain freaked out Kang, who reacted like a cornered rat and waged a preemptive strike. I suspect that the document the conspirators later produced at the torture-assisted hearing may be a new version of the original letter that’s been doctored to read as if Hwi were the one who incited the Jurchens to attack the northern territory for his own nefarious purposes. They probably also added that Hwi would be sojourning with the Jurchens in the lap of traitorous luxury while awaiting his eldest brother’s death so he could overthrow his little nephew. According to some propagandists, the bigger the lie, the more readily it is believed. I prefer to say, “He who smelt it, dealt it.” Or, “Methinks Jin-yang Daegun doth protest too much.”

    Watching the episode raw was fascinating because of the utter shock on the Queen Dowager’s face. She’s known since her second son was a child that he is implacably greedy for power — and would never give up his quest for the throne. Why did she so quickly buy into his lies du jour? She didn’t appear to put up much resistance to Kang’s BS. Doesn’t she know that he’s lying by the mere fact that his mouth is moving?

    It was a good thing that Ru Shi-gae set off for the wedding late, otherwise she would have been rounded up along with Hwi and Gi-teuk. It’s always preferable to have at least one good guy on the outside when everyone else is put in the hoosegow.

    It appears that Kang’s plan to make Ja-hyun his concubine has finally dawned on Na-Gyeom — and that he’s told his wife in no uncertain terms that it’s non-negotiable. In your face, toots!

    Traitorous Uncle again went after Ja-hyun’s upright father, the Chief Officer of Royal Decrees, and probably threatened his entire household with extermination. He attempted to honorably commit suicide to avoid being used against the rightful heir, but was rescued by the Queen Dowager’s brother and main advisor, Chief Royal Secretary Shim Jeong.

    This is the bare bones of what appears to have transpired in this episode.

  4. Cindy
    April 7, 2018 / 11:02 am

    Thanks for recapping live. I can’t seem to watch the drama live on the link you provided.

  5. AB_lady
    April 7, 2018 / 12:03 pm

    thanks a lot for recappin^^

  6. PakalanaPikake
    April 7, 2018 / 5:56 pm

    Thanks for the recap, V!

    So that letter was actually written by Hwi almost-father-in-law before he attempted suicide. It’s not a forged letter to the Jurchens. Fair enough. I could see that Uncle Traitor was (figuratively)putting the screws to the Chief Scholar again. No surprise there. And I can understand why he would cave in if he thought he could save his blood kin.

    Thanks for specifying that the Queen Dowager does not believe Kang, but turned Hwi over to his brother’s henchmen. I guess she felt powerless to resist Hwi’s arrest. This really stinks. Hwi is basically being sent to the Tower of London. This does not bode well for him.

    I was surprised to see Chief Scholar alive at home after his suicide attempt. He was drinking a bowl of dark liquid that looked for all the world like the poison used to execute royals and nobles. Foreshadowing?

    That was cagey of the gisaeng Cho Yo-kyung to tell the contract hitmen that they were being hired by Eun-sung. You can’t torture the truth out of them because they were lied to from the beginning, and they truly believe Eun-sung is their client. That’s about as foolproof as you can get.

    I can’t wait to see what goes down in ep. 12.

    • V
      April 7, 2018 / 7:45 pm

      That is about as foolproof as you can get. The Gisaeng was really smart in executing that plan. But they could still give up her.

      I completely understand the father for writing the letter and for hanging himslef due to guilt afterwards. But it looks like everyone in the palace is wondering why no one is sticking up for Hwi and writing their allegience to him, which makes me think that the head scholar doesn’t actually know that much about the law of Joseon or court politics? Everyone really looked shocked that he would turn on Hwi. It seem like, if the head scholar stuck by Hwi and got all the remaining scholars on Hwi’s side already to stick by Hwi, then none of this would have gotten this far?

      Now I feel like it is up to Lu Shi Gae to break everyone out.

  7. Guns shimray
    April 7, 2018 / 6:26 pm

    I hate this drama because Hiwi is a fool. No personality no capable no sensitive no aimbition no brain no physical only a cry baby.

    • V
      April 7, 2018 / 7:49 pm

      Hwi is definitely trying my patience with this foolhardy way he is dealing with his brother. I mean if the murder of their childhood friend and 3 years in a prison as a slave wasn’t enough for him to believe his brother was evil, then his bloody wedding should be….hopefully.

  8. Norma
    April 8, 2018 / 8:34 pm

    Everyone is getting exasperated with Hwi, but face it people, that’s what you love about him – his eternally springing optimism in the human race, especially his family. That said, I do agree that Hwi needs to get on board with the reality that, even though his brother MAY have some good in him (I really don’t see where – the man is utterly corrupted), he is trying to K-I-L-L him and his nephew, the King. So Hwi needs to wake up and smell the stench emanating from Dear Hyung.

    • V
      April 8, 2018 / 8:40 pm

      You just made me laugh so much. I bust out laughing at “he is trying to K-I-L-L him” Yes, our poor caring Prince that always sees the good. I feel a very rude awakening coming when he realizes that Kang is too far gone. Maybe more tears.

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