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Grand Prince Live Recap Episode 10

Live recap for episode 10 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
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The last episode was basically a rehash of the first episode, though they did have some additional critical scenes thrown in (plus a lovely reunion scene between our couple). I hope to see more about the aftermath of what happened when Hwi got shot with the arrow. Some images show him being nursed by SG, but was SG in jail with him or just visiting him? So many questions!

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Airing Time:April 1st, 22:50 Seoul
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It is night and Hwi is meeting with Kang, he tells him that he has the secret letter. If everyone knows his dirty deal, he won’t be the King and he won’t be a Prince. No one will be on his side. So live as a servant to the little King and his mother. Kang grabs Hwi and yells at him to give him the evidence. Hwi says that he has the letter. Epic music plays as Hwi hits Kangs arms away. He tells him, whenever you think of doing some bad thing, think of the letter I have and suppress your desire. I really wish this was really a rumor more than anything lese.

Hwi storms out and Kang is left stressed. he runs to his bow and arrow and goes outside. He pulls the bow string toward Hwi and the wide see it. She runs up to him and tells him that he shouldn’t! Kang lets loose the bow and the arrow sails toward Hwi. But it hits the gate as Hwi walks out.

Kang, Uncle and several scholars meet. Kang wants to know how far on his side they are. If they win, then it will be a revolution, if they fail, then they will be a betrayer forever and your family will be killed. Are you ready for that?

One of the scholars says that they already started, you are their King. They all sign a scroll with their names.

Hwi meets with his mother. He wants them to do the funeral sooner, tomorrow. They should make the little boy King right away. The Queen tells Hwi to come to teh meeting. He should help the little King and the Grand Queen since he recieved the Kings last words.

Cut to several maids searching for something. Maybe they are searching for the secret letter.

Hwi asks if the Queen can reverse JH’s marriage. that is his request. he tells her that th egirl he brought with them is half Joseon, she helped him escape, so that is why he brought her there.

the head maid looks at SG and tells her that she looks much better after getting cleaned. But now it is time for some listening lessons. She tells her to sit and stand and sit. She starts to teach er manners. SG doesn’t want to sit like the woman is sitting, it makes her legs hurt.

The woman pulls out a treat and eats it. SG wants to eat it too, but the woman won’t let her and uses the treat to teach SG how to stand and sit. But then she screams when SH bites her hand.

The brother tells JH that Hwi brought a woman with him. Maybe they have something between them. the maid chases him away, stop spreading rumors! But JH is affected by this news.

Hwi goes to his room and notices that it has been searched. KT tells him that they should fire the maid. But Hwi says they will just send another spy. He knows that his brother asked them to do it. Now he knows that his brother really abandoned him and made a deal with the Jurgens. (So perhaps the letter was a bluff? Maybe he doesn’t really have one?).

The Queen tells all the politicians that she needs their help. Eun-Sung came back from the war, he will have a high position to support the little King. Hwi is there and tells everyone that he will do his best. All the politicians accept Hwi’s appointment as Minister of War. Hwi says he will support the King with all his heart.
Afterward. Hwi and Kang talk outside. Hwi tells Kang that he has more experience, that is why he is the minister of war. Hwi then moves Kang’s soldier as chief guard, to another position. Hwi tells him, if he doesnt’ like it then he can go to the countryside. So this is a power game Hwi is playing. Kang asks how far Hwi will go. Hwi tells him he will do this until the little Prince becomes an adult.

Hwi leaves and the guard says this doens’t make any sense, how can a dead person come back to life? Kang says he will get his brother married.

Cut to NG meeting with the Queen and telling her that Hwi and JH should get married soon. They shouldn’t wait too long. (Hmm, what are they up to?). The little Queen is supportive of this as well. But the Grand Queen worries about the formality. NG mentions that the sons marriage will help the palace, so they should have a proper date.

The maid runs into JH’s home and tells her that the princess came. JH wonders what she is going to do this time. We see NG showing Eun-sungs fortune to JH’s mother. She asked the Queen to hurry up the marriage. the mother is happy that the friend is helping out JH. NG says the marriage shoule be a quest marrieage because the King died a long time ago.

they go outside and JH’s mother tells JH that her friend brought good news. JH sees the friendship garmet that she made for her a long time ago. But she isn’t convinced. JH wants to know what this is. What is her plan? She doesnt’ trust her. NG tells her that they will be inlaws, so they should get together. She got the date. She doesn’t like her, but they shouldn’t be enimies. It is shameful if someone knows it.

JH wants to know if she really means it. NG says that time will tell her true heart. But if she wants to be a part of the royal family, then she should at least pretend that they are good friends. JH agrees, but she isn’t happy about it. Later, the maid tells her not to trust NG, she is bad. Remember how much she tortured you? JH says, of course she remembers it, she made her pain worse. But they will be family, so she should pretend.

Cue evil smile by NG.
The Gisaeng meets someone and gives him a lot of money. H has to kill someone.

Then we scroll to a meeting with all the evil people (NG, Kang, Uncle, brother). they will kill everyone on JH’s wedding day. they will kill everyone who attends the wedding, so no one on their side should attend the wedding. They want to trap Hwi and make it seem like he wants to be King. They think that they need to attack hwi before Hwi attacks them. Uncle doesn’t think the Queen will believe them. Kang tells him that they will have a witness that no one will deny. Hwi won’t think that his marriage day will be his last day. NG smiles and says she hopes they like their honeymoon house.

JH and Hwi are walking to a house. JH wants to know what this house is. Hwi says teh Queen just told him to go there, lets go inside together. They all go inside adn look around. But the mood falls when they see Kang there.

Kang welcomes them. Hwi wants to know why he is there. Kang tells him that their mother wanted him to show them around. he took care of that house while he wasnt’ there. You don’t like new houses right? Hwi says he doesn’t like new constructions because they already have a lot of empty houses. But Hwi asks JH if it is okay with her to have an old house.

JH says it doens’t matter so long as she is with him. they walk around and the happy mood comes back as they look at each other and smile. Hwi tells JH to keep looking around as he talks to his brother. Kang asks Hwi how he likes it, being with his lover again.

Hwi tells him that he is afraid about it every night, when he wakes up, it feels like jail, His good clothes and bad coushion doesn’t feel like it is his. It is a dream to see my lover. Kang tells him that he has his girls now, just live happily. Hwi tells him that their people had a hard life as hostages, I saw everything. The King is young, but he won’t sell the country. Someone like you who sells the country and makes your peoples life hard, won’t be qualified to be a King. Don’t forget my warning.

Kang tells Hwi that he doesn’t know how bad it feels to have someone to take something that is yours from you. Hwi says he doens’t know because he never wnated something that was not his, and Kang says he will know soon.
Meanwhile, JH, SG, and teh maid sit in one of the rooms and talk. JH wants to know how it was to be with Hwi all the time. SG says they spent day and night together. they had a lot of disease, there was an epidemic. A lot of Joseon people died without receiving treatment.

Flashback to Hwi and KT at the servant camps. They are burying all the bodies of the diseased people. But then Hwi passes out and the guards kick him into the grave as well. KT tries to get him, but the guards pull him away as he yells….my prince….my prince!

That night, SG goes to the mass grave and pulls Hwi out. She nurses him back to health in her quarters and waits with him all night (or more than one night?). Finally, Hwi wakes up and grabs her arm. SG smiles at him.

Present. SG tells JH that she saved him, without her, Hwi would be dead.

Flashback to Hwi practicing martial arts outside. SG brings him back his warrior clothing and they plan their escape. SG shoots an arrow into the prison guard and Hwi takes out the other one. they rescue KT and all the other prisoners.

But as they run away, all the bad guys follow them and chase them. SG shoots several of them with her bow and arrow which allows them to escape. All the soldiers bow to Hwi and cry, they are finally free. One of them says he will never forget this. Hwi tells them to have a good life and leaves them al as they sob and bow at Hwi.

SG tells JH that all the hostages went back to their hometown. JH says she envies her because she spent more time with the Prince and knows what she doesnt’ know. they had a lot of hardships together and came here together. maybe she has a better relationship with him. KD says, no! Just give her what you brought her here for.

JH wipes her tears and gives SG some accessories and socks. If she needs anything else, please tell her. KD asks JH why she keeps crying, JH says she didn’t know that he had that much of a hard time.

Hwi comes in and tells them that they can leave, but he sees JH crying and wants to know why she is crying. Did SG tells her something? SG and KD leave and Hwi tells JH that she doesn’t have to live there if she doesn’t like the house. But JH says that isn’t it. For the last 3 years, when you where having a hard time, you had all the hardships alone, I regret that I wasn’t there with you.

JH gently tells her that she was always there with me. When he fell, when he was tired, when he cried, she was always there. Each time, he felt her prayer. He grabs her hand and tells her, don’t think about the past, lets celebrate our future together, forever.

KT asks SG where she is going, she needs to go with the Prince as well. What is it? SG says she hates her. KT tells her that this is Joseon, she needs to follow the formality. But SG says there are too many people and she can’t see Hwi. KT tells her that she shouldn’t say his name! She wants to go back, but he tells her not to go back. if she wants to, she can, but she will be killed. So just come with them.
Hwi and JH go outside their room and meet with everyone in the courtyard area. Kang asked JH if she is happy. She says she is afraid of how happy she is. She thinks he knows it the best. he tells her to have a happy life together. If he gives you a hard time then tell me and I will take care of it. JH tells him not to worry, Hwi will keep his promise to her, he kept his promise to come back, also.

JH and Hwi walk back to their homes and smile to each other. SG is jealous. Hwi apologizes to JH, if they waited a little bit longer, then they could have a large wedding. But JH says it is fine, they should get married for the stability of the palace. It doesn’t’ matter so long as I can be with you.

SG drops the present.

they get to the gate and play a “you go first, no you go first” game as they wait at the gate, neither one of them wanting to leave. SG tries not to roll her eyes.

Hwi leaves and as he leaves, JH says that she is jelous of SG. KD wants her to make SG leave, but JH doesn’t want to do it because she saved Hwi’s life and they were together for 3 years. KD sees the gift that SG dropped and thinks that SG is so weird, how can she just leave it there like that?

Cut to several guards packing weapons and disguising it as wedding presents.

At a meeting, the guard tells Kang that everything is ready. All the bribery money went out. it is NG’s task to take care of JH, they need her as a hostage. But don’t hurt her. NG says she will detain her safely. Kang says he will kill all the high officials so they won’t have anyone blocking their future. Tomorrow, the world will change.

JH and her mother have a nice moment where they talk about getting married. JH thinks it is great that they won’t have to live with their mother-in-law. So that means she is the head of the family. Her mother tells her they could want to live with her. Isn’t she going to cry since she is leaving the house, is she that happy? JH says she is that happy. Mother and daughter sleep together adn talk about the wedding. Ahn gives her daughter advice. JH says she is sorry that she made her mother worry so much. Ahn agrees, her life is much shorter because of her. But she tells her to live well. When you get married, you will be an adult. JH says she will get married and be an adult, but she will still be her daughter. they smile at each other as they lay in their beds.

Outside. The brother is crying which startles KD. She wonders why he is crying over his sister getting married. But it looks like he is crying because KD is leaving the house now. He thought he would live with her forever. KD is all like, get real? Where you going to marry me? You can’t. So you want me to wait until you get married and become your second wife? We have zero possibility that anything will happen between us. Now I have to wake up early tomorrow and go to bed, okay?

the brother sighs as he watches her walk away.
Hwi gets dressed for the wedding in all his royal garments. SG sits outside sniffling. She doesn’t like this. KT goes up to her and tells her that he is a Prince, he can’t marry her. She says her heart is mine. he tells her to not take it out, just keep it for yourself.

Parade. KT happily walks as he looks at Hwi. But it looks like a lot if going on with people int he parade. The Gisaeng has a wink-wink with the hitman.

JH is at home getting her wedding clothing put on by KD and her mother. they are all smiles as they all go to the wedding area. Kang is with Hwi on the horses and tells the people at the gate that the groom is there.

Cut to inside, JH smiles as she hears that the groom is there.

Meanwhile, SG throws rocks back at home. But then she huffs and puffs and gets back up and runs to the wedding.

At the wedding, everyone waits around for the bride to come out. The parents come out and thank Kang for coming but they ask him why they have so many boxes. What is this? they ask if hey want to see what is inside? they open the boxes. Someone says the wedding should come first, not the presents. Some people laugh.

But then the people pull out the swords and start attacking everyone. they are slashing several people. kang pretends like he isnot a part of it. Inside, JH winders what is happeneing and KD says she will find out what is going on.

KD runs out and gasps at the fight in front of her. Kang gts sliced by a sword and is about to get stabbed. But Hwi blocks it. Kang tells his guard to bring their soldiers.

KD goes back inside and tells JH that their is a war breaking out outside, everyone is fighting and dying. JH runs out.

The old general tries to fight, but he gets overpowered and falls to the ground. Hwiruns to his side. the olg general tells him to go to the palace. he must protect the King, maybe something will happen to him. Hwi tells him that his son died for him, he can’t just leave him there.

The general says, don’t waste our deaths, protect the King. He dies and Hwi cries over his body.

JH runs out and sees Hwi there, but he tells her not to come. She goes anyway and asks what happened. he tells her he doesn’t know, stay behind him. Kang comes up to him and yells that it might be a cue. He falls to the ground and says that Hwi should go. JH agrees, she can take care of Kang.

Kang says he can take care of everything there, just go to the palace and protect the King. Hwi tells JH that nothing will happen and takes off. hwi thinks the hitmen targeted JH and all those people.

SG gets to the wedding and sees the aftermath. JH’s parents are okay.

Kang goes up to one of the men and puts a knife to his throat, he asks him who did this. Who asked you to do it? Kang stabs him in the arm and asks him again, who aske you to do it? The man says, Eun-sung did it…Eun-sung.

Everyone turns in shock.

Fade Out

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  1. Kazuko
    April 1, 2018 / 8:58 am

    My heart is beating.. I’m afraid of what will happen to Hwi and Ja Hyun couple..

    • AB_lady
      April 1, 2018 / 9:15 am

      me too~~
      hope their marriage end up well
      but it seems like there will be a problem *andwaee~~~

      • V
        April 1, 2018 / 10:16 am

        There was a problem 😤😡 Hopefully, Hwi will stop trusting Kang. He always seems to think that Kang will do the right thing.

  2. Kazuko
    April 1, 2018 / 9:48 am

    I can’t what us going to happen to JH’s family. Will they really be killed? It’s surely going to be cliffhanger.. 7 waiting days…

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 10:17 am

      I was so happy when they showed that the family was okay. I really thought everyone was going to die, Game of Thrones style.

  3. Kazuko
    April 1, 2018 / 10:04 am

    I’m getting mad.. Will people really believe this bs? And is Hwi not suspicious at all about the wedding arrangement by his ‘beloved’ brother and wife? (okay he doesn’t know anything about NG I guess) Why the writer is not making Hwi wiser after 3 years of hell???

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 10:13 am

      I know! I am wonder why they keep Kang around them. Hwi knows that Kang got a lot of people killed to take over the Kingdom and that he went through his things, then he has this wedding announced. I mean, aren’t they suspicious?

      Even though all that is going on, I somehow still love the Gisaeng. I want her to get her revenge on NG.

  4. AB_lady
    April 1, 2018 / 10:18 am

    another cliffhanger ep
    no preview?

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 10:19 am

      I think there was a preview! Let me check.

      • V
        April 1, 2018 / 10:21 am

        Okay, I don’t see the preview up on YouTube yet, but there was one. I think everything is a mess and Hwi is in jail. 😩

        • AB_lady
          April 1, 2018 / 10:26 am

          ok lets wait for the preview
          another loong week to wait
          are they dont have another day to ruined?just why on their wedding day~~~

          i hate that evil NG smile eissh

  5. chamchamcham
    April 1, 2018 / 10:54 am

    This episode was so stressful! I wonder if they’ll take JH hostage in the next episode cause NG and Kang talked about it or maybe they switched tactics?!

    I’m really curious to see how JH-Hwi’s love grows and matures, it just seems like a totally different dynamic now that they’ve reunited. Also, I’m hoping for JH to become politically savvy so that she can actively assist Hwi in countering Kang and NG.

    Kudos to the recap team – there was a LOT of dialogue today!

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 11:02 am

      OMG, there was so much dialogue. Good thing we had a lot of practice with Waikiki and Hwayugi, they talk so much and so fast in those dramas, too!

      I want JH to turn back into the strong woman from the first episodes! I’ll giver her a pass since her man is back from the dead, but now she needs to use that brain of hers and fight back!

  6. StrangeTraveler
    April 1, 2018 / 5:20 pm

    I just finished ep 1-8 then read your recap for ep 9-10. I was actually planing to watch it when its complete but curiosity got the better of me. Haha. I can’t help but always compare Grand Prince with Seven Day Queen. I think the loveline with SDQ is much more epic and believable compare to this one. The supposedly brother relationship was more established as well there that you feel the older prince’ dilemma between loving and hating his brother. I can list some more but i don’t think its a good manner to continue comparing the two. Haha. And one of the reason SDQ stuck with me was because the female lead was so good – wise, witty and all.

    @V and @bah-doo team. Thanks for these wonderful live recaps ❤

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 8:53 pm

      I heard Seven Day Queen was really good. I may need to check out the first episode.

      • PakalanaPikake
        April 4, 2018 / 10:42 am

        SEVEN DAY QUEEN is excellent. While fictionalized, it cleaves to the historical record, so you know from the start how it will end. It’s the characters’ journey to the conclusion that is gripping. That and the performances, which are stellar.

        Lee Dong-gun’s performance as Yeonsangun is intense and stunning. He portrays the tyrant as a complex, and at times sympathetic, character, but in a manner different from Kim Ji-suk’s equally-inspired performance in REBEL: THIEF WHO STOLE THE PEOPLE. Yeon Woo-jin as his younger brother, Jinseong Daegun, and Park Min-young as title character Lady Shin Chae-kyung, are dandy. The young actors who portray them as children and teens are simply phenomenal. The supporting cast is solid, with many accomplished sageuk veterans.

        The cinematography is gorgeous. Ditto the music. To say that it is an achingly beautiful production is an understatement.

        My only caveats: (1) Lay in a good supply of tissues. You will need them. (2) Wait until after GRAND PRINCE is over to watch it. Park Min-young’s and teenager Park Si-eun’s performances as Shin Chae-kyung are utterly compelling. (3) You may want to watch more than the first episode to get a feel for the characters as they grow up. (4) It is not for the faint of heart.

        For yet another take on Yeonsangun, consider watching Lee Jun-ik’s epic film THE KING AND THE CLOWN. Items (1) and (4) apply.

        As always, just my $0.02. 😉

        • V
          April 5, 2018 / 6:58 am

          I have seen the King and the Clown and I LOVE IT. OMG, That movie was so good, I couldn’t believe how great it was. I couldn’t believe it ended the way it did and yet I liked that open ending. It just dug right to my heart.

          Okay, I will give 7 day Queen a shot when I am in the mood for a good touching story that will hit me in the heart. Right now I am looking for light happy fair (any suggestions?). I’m glad that a lot of fun shows will premier in May/June.

  7. StrangeTraveler
    April 2, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    @V: do check it out. You won’t regret it. Its a solid story from the start until the end.

  8. PakalanaPikake
    April 4, 2018 / 9:51 am

    Thanks for recapping episode 10, V!

    I can’t figure out whether Hwi is still being too trusting towards Kang, or whether he’s just playing dumb. Judging by the look on his face when the porters armed themselves and started attacking everyone in sight, I have to go with the former. On the other hand, three years’ captivity in Manchuria has changed Hwi. Along with Roo Shi-gae, he fired arrows at their Jurchen pursuers while covering the Joseon prisoners’ escape. It looked like he was shooting to kill. This is a sea change for the prince who refused to swat insects when he was a kid.

    When Kang had his minister-lackeys sign the pledge of allegiance to him and his revolutionary cause, it was obvious to me that he’ll use that document to thrown them all under the bus if anything goes wrong with his plans to usurp the throne. Mark my words.

    Notice how the fireworks started before the wedding ceremony even started. Kang is crazy as a fox. If the ceremony were held, he wouldn’t be able to kidnap Ja-hyun and make her his concubine. That’s what he meant when he told Hwi that he would take everything from him. (I can’t wait to see the look on Na-Gyeom’s face when she realizes what hubby intends to do, and that she helped him. Har!)

    Roo Shi-gae got a rude awakening when she found out that her royal comrade-in-arms was engaged, and that she couldn’t even address him by name because of court formality and Joseon manners in general. After all she’s done for him and his party in Manchuria, I felt bad for her. Hwi should give her a sword and make her his official bodyguard and sparring partner instead of dooming her to prance around as a court lady. It’s a total waste of her skill set — unless she gets to be badass Court Lady Choi 2.0 (with a tip of the hat to Kim Mi-kyung in FAITH). I have a feeling that she’s going to save Ja-hyun from Na-Gyeom’s clutches. And she’ll be able to do it because Ja-hyun has functioning legs and doesn’t need to ride around in a palanquin. I suspect that the two of them will ultimately hit it off when she sees that Ja-hyun can ride horseback, is willing and able to rough it, has a pretty good head on her shoulders most of the time, and knows the territory. Oh, yeah — and is the love of Hwi’s life.

    What gives with the Queen Dowager? Judging from the ep. 11 preview, she must be having serious memory issues if she believes the line of jive that Kang is going to spout about Hwi ordering the attack on his own family and supporters. She’s been adamant for years that Kang cannot be trusted — yet is willing to believe him this time? And if he’s a usurper who’s been actively plotting to grab the throne, what makes her trust Kang’s wife? I think the old girl and her brother have lost it.

    I was happy to see Vengeful Gisaeng Yo-Kyung involved in the planning of the wedding ambush. Here’s hoping that she’s carefully documenting the evidence to later reveal Kang’s web of traitors in high places — and his wife’s complicity. (I can’t wait for someone to find that nice incriminating vow of loyalty Na-Gyeom wrote to Kang. That ought to cook her goose.) But before that happens, Hwi is in for more pain and suffering.

    • V
      April 5, 2018 / 6:53 am

      Whoops, meant to comment directly under this one. My comment is below!

  9. V
    April 5, 2018 / 6:52 am

    I did not realize that part about letting everything rip before the actual ceremony. I thought that was just a jump of the gun, but it makes sense. kang is so obsessed with Ja-hyun and I am sure he would treat her way better than he treats Na-Gyeom. Speaking of Na-Gyeom, I really want the gisaeng to get her revenge on her. I wonder how she will do it!

    Roo Shi-gae should not be a court lady. Though I do want to see her cleaned up just for pretty sake. But then I want her to go back to her natural warrior self by the side of Hwi. Perhaps her arc will be a bit tragic, the loyal bodyguard with a one-sided love on royalty always die in sageuks, right? It would be a twist since this is a woman, though. But if Roo Shi-gae has to die then I would like a warrior’s death for her. Of course it would be better if she lived on happily.

    If people actually believe that Hwi was about to oertake the thrown, then I will throw something at my screen. How can anyone believe that? The only way I can see it happening is if they think he is a very changed man from 3 years ago and is only coming back to steal the thrown and give it to the Jurgens or something like that. It would be nice if the Queen Dowager didn’t believe it, but pretended like she did in order to plan something of her own against Kang. It stinks that she has to do this with her own son, but he has really crossed the line several times already.

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