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Grand Prince Live-ish Recap Episode 1

Live recap for episode 1 of the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon and Jin Se-yeon
Here is out live recap-ish aftercap of Grand Prince! It is all over the place and there are typos galore that we still need to fix. We will fix all the typos later on today and also try to fix grammar and all those things. We just wanted to post it right away just in case anyone is wondering what happened during Grand Prince while they are waiting for subs.

This episode was great by the way!

UPDATE: Edited the text! It was a quick edit, but much better than it was ^_^

We open on a snowy landscape. Three people dressed in Manchurian clothing are trying to get through the snow and are digging their heels into several feet of snow. One of them is Prince Eun-sung and the woman is Lu Shi-gae. Not sure who the third man is yet. ES stops and looks to his right; the woman looks to her left and all of them start to look at the path ahead. They keep marching throw the wilderness as if they are close to death. A rabbit comes by and the prince quickly throws a dagger at it. It hits so they have rabbit for dinner.

The three of them eat and the woman breaks a piece of her rabbit and gives it to ES. He takes it with no question and eats right away. Then we cut to them walking once again.

Two women quickly bring a dish to the palace. This is medicine for the king who is taken ill. There is a boy by his side. The mother says that they should keep this disease a secret, no one should know about it, if anyone finds out, she will kill her. The servant bows. The boy at the Kings side is so young, and the mother says the father needs to survive for a few more years.

Then we cut to the leader of the maids, she gives a secret letter to someone and the woman runs away. Then we see the three people from Manchuria who just battled through the snow to get there. But they aren’t being let in. They start to fight all the men because the men think this man is an imposter. But the servant says that they came back from death to get there!

They show the fight scene with slow motion; the team is more than capable of taking out these palace warriors with SG by his side. Then we see the woman with the secret note running away. More warriors show up so the three take off. It looks like ES is banned from coming back to the palace possibly?

Cut to Prince JY, he gets a letter that the king might be dying soon. She is the mole. The mole leaves and we see her running off, she looks at all the money she gets, but Prince ES abducts her.

Prince JY is back in his room and talking to his wife, the wife says that they are half-and-half. There is a group on the king’s side and a group on their side. The prince says the king is sick, but the Queen doesn’t like him (her son). But ES isn’t there, so Prince JY is a shoe-in to be the next king. Then we hear that the wife has a guest.

The prettiest woman, Sung Ja-hyun shows up and meets with Prince JY. She says she had a marriage proposal from some man, and JY should take care of it. But JY says she refused him for several years and tells her that ES won’t come back, just accept it, he is dead. JH said JY sent his brother to his death, he is really trying to screw up her life. But JY says that he is his cousin, she will marry his cousin. JH says she doesn’t want to marry anyone.

JY tells her that she should come to him. She has a chance to come to him, it is not too late. But JH stands and says that she shouldn’t have come here. She thought he would be human about this, but she was wrong. He tells her to be careful, she will be married soon.

JH leaves and the wife slaps JH. She yells at her; one prince is not enough? Are you stupid? But JH fires back, is she insecure? Does she want to remove her that much? The wife says JH will die unmarried without them. But JH says that the wife forgot that they were friends. They argue about that. NG thinks JH ditched their friendship when she was trapped between two men. But JH gets pulled away and the woman starts yelling at her, they will show the world that she is just a materialistic girl.

The girl is dipping her head in some ice water to clean it. The servant wants to get her face very clean, perhaps they are planning something. We cut to the warrior dressed like a woman from Korea. They think she can’t even speak Korean well, she won’t be able to pass. But she says that she just needs to find the queen. ES goes under her dress and cuts off some of her skirt. He writes a note on it with his blood.

Cut to the warrior going to the palace gate with the fake ID, she shows it to the guard. She passes and goes inside, while inside, she thinks that she has to go straight to the Queen and say, your highness, your highness.

Meanwhile, JH is looking at an old painting. She looks like she is packing, perhaps she will try to disappear. Outside, the queen faints and is just caught by her servant. They want her to go to her room and rest. But then the warrior comes in front of her and practices saying your highness in Korean. The queen wants her removed, but the warrior is able to get to her and show her the note that ES wrote. It looks like it is ES’s name, Hwi.

The mother starts to cry, is this my son’s blood, my son Hwi? The warrior says yes. Cut to the other prince going to the palace with his team of people. Meanwhile, the mother is looking at the gate with all of her people. She looks like she is trying to stand tall as she waits for some men to come in.

She sees ES and the servant come in, but their faces are covered. ES removes his hat and bows to his mother. He is about to cry, the servant cries, the mother cries. Hwi tells his mother that her bad son has finally come back to see her, mother. He bows again. The mother walks up to him with tears streaking her face. She kneels and hugs him. She runs her hands over his hair and pats his back, he is alive, where is his pretty face? How much has he suffered? … Your King is dying, at least the gods sent you back.

Jin-yang is at the palace, but some people stop him from visiting the king, they tell him to come back in the morning. The prince says he will give the king some medicine. Then we hear wails from the back, perhaps the king died?

People are wailing…King…King…Your Highness!

The mother comes out and says that the king passed away. She calls her butler and he goes inside. The prince starts talking to his mother, the king died alone so who will get his last will? Who will become the king? Then we see ES walking out with epic music playing. He says he got the kings last will. With tears in his eyes, he says that the mother will rule all the politics until the youngest becomes an adult and they will all serve him, that is the King’s last words.

Jin-yang – So you took his last words?

ES walks up to his brother and stands in front of him. Then he gives him a hug and tells him that he is back, brother. I am back alive, not dead.

At the same time, the butler is on the rooftop waving the kings gown and reporting the death, then he lets go of the king’s gown and it floats to the floor.

Meanwhile, JH cuts her hair in her room.

We cut back to the two princes. ES has a lot of wounds from war while JY’s botty is wound free and fresh. He tells ES that he can’t show his happiness at his return since they will go to the funeral. Then he tells ES that his girlfriend will be someone’s wife soon, so don’t run to her. ES is shocked, JH is getting married? JY tells him yes, to their cousin.

ES takes off on horseback to JH’s house. He goes all the way to her home and says that it is him, ES. The father looks at him, he wants to know if it is a ghost or a living person. ES tells them that the king died last night. Everyone bows as soon as they hear it and start wailing, your highness. ES says that he wants to see his daughter, he wants to tell her that he is back, alive. But the father stands and says that he shouldn’t.

Meanwhile, the mother goes into the daughter’s room and sees her haircut. JH says that she is going to the mountains to be a monk. The mother kneels and tells her that the prince is back and is looking for her. Outside, the father says that his daughter is marrying someone else. ES runs by the father and starts screaming, My Lady! My Lady! To JH. She hears this and comes out.

They smile as they see each other. She says, My Highness, and runs to him. He also runs to her and they share a big warm embrace as they both start crying.

Little ES is practicing his lettering with his servant. But a grasshopper lands on the paper. The servant is about to smoosh the cricket, but ES saves the crickets side and takes it off to the plants to live. Little JH sees him doing this and smiles.

Meanwhile, Jin-yang is raging at a made. He wants to see his parents, but the maid is trying to tell her that he cannot right now. He hits the maid and tells her that he is the prince of this country! He leaves.

We see the King in his sickbed, the mother is watching him and caring for him when a servant comes in and says that the prince is coming in. But the mother says this isn’t the right time. We cut to the little boy raging at a guard outside, he is the second son of this country! The maid tells the prince to please go back. But little Jin-yang says that he is not waiting, he will go inside today!

Cut to little ES in his study. Gi-teik comes in and little ES asks if his brother is there? He leaves to meet the brother at the gate. A little girl sees them and starts walking out following them. Little ES goes all the way to the gate and hugs his brother He tells him that they can all go in together, but the maid tells him that the prince isn’t permitted to go inside today. They had an order. Little ES says that he will be responsible and tells his brother to go inside with him.

The brother goes inside and bows to his mother as little ES sits with them. The mother tells him that he shouldn’t be there, she told him to wait. Little ES says that he brought little JY in, it isn’t his fault. The mother is upset but JY says it has been several years since she has seen him, she should consider his pitiful mind for missing her so much. ES cleaned JY’s room and decorated it. Then JY asks if the little brother is higher than the younger brother in this palace? The mother tells him to not be angry at his younger brother, just be angry at her.

She says that he is her son personally, but he is the second prince publicly, so they put him outside of the palace for the safety of the palace. He shouldn’t be angry, he should be proud of himself. ES gives him a letter and says that he wrote it for JY because he missed him so much.

One sun makes two places bright, but two people are very far away
My body is following the moon
Every night I want to shine on your place

Are the people in your poem you and your brother? ES says that is true, the mothers love is shining everywhere, but he and his brother are far apart. The mother says that she likes this poem, the brother is good at writing, all the ambassadors from China want to get ES’s poems, what he wrote is the same as what I feel.

ES holds JY’s hands, but JY pulls his hand away.

The two sons leave, and ES tells JY that he came back to stay, not to visit. ES tells him that he has been waiting for him for a long, long time. But JY just tells him to go away. They leave and there is a person cleaning their shoes, even though she has a broken arm. But JY just annoyingly tells her to not do too much and rest. When she is better, then they can play hide and seek with ES.

Back at the sick prince’s room, the princes’ fever is worse. The mother thinks that they shouldn’t have brought the second son in. The mother says that in Joseon, none of the oldest sons get the king position. Meanwhile, JY is practicing his archery. All of a sudden someone shoots a bullseye, it is the uncle. JY is actually happy to see the uncle. The uncle asks if JY knows why he was abandoned and JY says it is because he was weak before. The uncle says that in Joseon, the other princes are stronger than the main prince, so a lot of people were worried about JY affecting the oldest prince. The oldest prince is weak, that is why they abandoned the second prince, that is funny right?

The current King is the second son and they are worried about JY becoming king. But JY wonders about the other brothers? Why was JY the only one kicked out? The uncle says that ES is pretty and good at writing. But JY is more threatening to the king position, but the uncle is the eldest in the palace, so he will take care of JY well. He invites JY to go hunting together soon.

Then we cut to the kids playing hide and seek. ES wants to hide with JY, but JY runs off on his own. The girl gets to 10 and starts looking for everyone., but she doesn’t find anyone. She finally finds one of the kids who is standing and looking at the pond. But he turns around, it is JY. He girl apologizes and says that she didn’t recognize him, he doesn’t have to be “it” she will find someone else.

JY thinks this girl wants to find the younger brother, is he also good at hiding and seed too? He tells her to come to his place tonight, he is above his brother. But she says she is not an object. JY starts to approach her, so she doesn’t like him? Is that it? But the girl just tells him that she has served the same person since she was little, that is the palace rule, she can’t change it.

Then we see ES and KT running around as they try to find Hyun-i. She is in trouble now. We cut to JY yelling at Hyun-i. He pushes her into the water because she said she can’t serve him. She asks JY to rescue her, but he yells for her to just die if she hates him. The other boys are running to find her, and the girl is trying to tread water, but she goes underwater. Her shoes float to the top and then we see her floating.

JY runs away and runs right into ES. ES immediately jumps into the water and pulls the girl out. They rest her on the ground and ES yells for his servant to bring the doctors. Then he yells at JY, why was she in the water! Why didn’t you call for help! But JY says that the girl did it herself. But ES says that they servant saw what he did. JY wants to know what the servant said, did he see something?

We cut to the doctor saying that it is too late. Everyone is crying accept JY. ES looks back at him with hatred as JY just walks away. Then we see JY going to his chambers. The uncle is there and shows JY his bow and arrow, this is the best bow in Joseon, he made it for him. JY starts balling and hugs his uncle. JY wants to know what he should do, should he leave the palace or go to jail? But the uncle tells him that no one can put a prince in jail, so don’t worry about it.

ES is changing out of his wet clothing and tells his servant to tell him what he saw. The servant says he saw/heard Yun-i tell the prince no, she can’t change her palace and then he pushed her into the water. ES tells the servant that he did a good job and to get some dry clothing. He will talk to his brother.

But then some guards abduct the little boy servant.

ES calls to his servant, are his clothes not ready yet? He runs outside and sees his servants hat. He puts on his prince’s clothes and goes to find the brother. The uncle is there, ES says he has some questions for his brother. But the uncle tells him to conceal it and forget about it. But ES says that someone died, the uncle wants to know if he thinks that the brother will be punished? Who will people protect, the dead maid or the living prince? His mother will remove everyone who saw the crime. He won’t do anything to ES, but he can take care of all of the other eyes. Does he want someone else to die in order to save the honor of the dead one?

ES asks where his servant is. The uncle says it is not his fault, does he want to save him? ES says, servant. Uncle says he is not threatening him, he just wants peace in the palace.

Meanwhile, the servant is bound and masked, he asks for the prince to save him. But the uncle comes in and looks very evil.

At the same time, Prince ES wonders if he should tell his mother. Will she really kill all the witnesses? ES decides not to tell his mother. Then we see JY reading the letter ES wrote about wanting to see him every night. But he says he also wanted to see him, he missed the palace and cried every night. He rips up the letter into a million pieces.

Then we see JY practicing his archery with his uncle. Uncle says this bow is for a real fight. Then JY asks about his father and mother, if his parents know about the incident, then what should he do? Uncle tells him that the brother won’t be able to say anything. He can hold him with his weakness and power can conceal everything. You have to have power, then no one will ask you anything. JY pulls his bow again and shoots it.

We cut to ES throwing a flower into the water in remembrance of the little girl. ES and his servant both cry as they remember the little girl. She broke her arm because she wanted to eat fruit from the tree and she always followed him everywhere, but she is dead like this. He treated her coldly, he should have treated her better. If he knew her life would be this short, then he would have treated her better, it is all because of him. He tells the servant, from now on, stick with him all the time and forget about the little girl. The servant is the same boy that was taken. ES says he doesn’t want to lose his people anymore, he is little and not powerful, so he can’t find out the truth about the little girl’s death, all he can do is save the servants life. So, you and I should be strong, so we can save each other.

We go back to the present, older ES throws a flower over the bridge and asks Hyun-ah if she is okay, is she still a little girl, or did she grow up? He can’t even remember her face anymore. Then we see someone pulling an arrow out and aiming it at the prince. The older prince shoots the flower, not Eun-sung, and comes out to confront his brother.

Fade Out

Scene 1: Little prince JY even kills a girl if he can’t have what he wants to have.

Scene 2: Even though two princes are brothers, but their past is very different from each other.

Scene 3: Two prices are getting ready for the Kings funeral, then JY tells ES that JH is getting married. ES goes to her house.

Scene 4: Uncle threatens ES to forget the murder case if he wants to save his servant.

Scene 5: Price JY tells JH to stop wait for prince ES and marry to him.

Scene 6: The Queen figures out her son, prince ES is alive.

Scene 7: Two prices, they are destined to oppose to each other

Scene 8: ES and his people try to pass the gate but the guards attempt to arrest them.

Scene 9: ES comes to see JH and they hug

Scene 10: The King dies and two princes finally face each other.

Character Chart and shorthand for the Korean drama Grand Prince starring Yoon Shi-yoon

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      I think it is only to illustrate how evil the one prince is. She is a servant of the Palace and a friend of all the kids there so her death is taken hard by everyone.

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