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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 9

Live recap Jang Nara Korean drama
Y’all, this show hits me in all the feels. I go back and forth as to if I want them to get back together or not. I kind of want Ban-do and Jin-joo to move on (I mean who doesn’t love the 2nd lead right?), but then I see their little bundle of joy and I want them to work things out. Maybe there is a compromise?

Recap Start time: 23:00 Seoul

Countdown: KKEUT


After the construction department meeting, JJ has a rose at her locker and a note says to follow the arrow. She follows the arrow and it leads her to the library. It stops between a stack of books and there is a letter in the books for her with hearts on it. “Hello, I am Chae Ban Do from the construction department, do you want to catch a movie with me?

VO – Back then we didn’t calculate, we just followed our hearts, the word evolved around us.

– Can I escort you home?
– No, this is the last bus, bye bye

BD sees a halmae selling peaches. Then he sees her in front of her stop and he took the taxi to meet her there with some peaches. JJ is surprised. he is scratching his body (allergy). Why did you buy this?

BD – You like this so my allergy doesn’t matter

VO – Our time that we wanted to catch stars and moon, where did our mind go, where are we at now>


The end of the last episode. He wakes up and looks around. He wonders what is going on. Why is he there?

JJ – Chae Ban Do, wake up!

He hops up and sees her in the kitchen. He says Ma Jinjoo and runs over and hugs her. He starts to cry.

BD – We are back, is it true? Where is Sul jin?
JJ – Are you still drunk
BD – I am not drunk, I had a dream

She is gone.

BD – JJ, JJ, where are you? Yobo, yobo?

1999 – He is back asleep, it was his dream! His mom comes in and yells at him to go to school and he sits up melancholy.

JJ asks her mom to take her to the mountain spring water station and she doesn’t greet her dad. Dad says she does a lot of things with Mom. Dad wants her to take the eunnie also but Mom said it is only the two of them, mom and daughter.

Newspaper – After IMG a lot of 20-year-olds are suicidal.

Mom worries about her kids possibly being suicidal. She goes to look through some paperwork? Maybe her kid’s things? Maybe JJ’s things.

– Even though JJ is your daughter, don’t search through her things.
Mom – This is my house, I have the right to search.

The rich girl picks up Bando on the side of the street and they ride to school together. She has a driver and everything. She thanks him for what he did last time and they talk about suffering at the hands of that guy and all those things. It looks like she likes BD and says she can make it to where he doesn’t suffer anymore. She is acting shy like she really likes him. She says she is all recovered because of him.

Flashback to when they had drinks. He paid for her drinks and she dropped something and it broke. He said he will pick it up and then he said he dropped it when the owner was upset. BD cleans up all the glass and the rich girl is smitten.

Back in the car, BD is uncomfortable. The rich girl tells him that she is open to older women younger men options. She asks if he has a girlfriend and he says actually he doesn’t have one. Dream – he imagines that he is a big boss and is commanding the dirtbag guy at the hospital. Then his rich wife comes and says Yobo!” he shakes it off and snaps out of it then says goodbye to the rich girl. She drives off.

He turns and sees JJ there. He wonders if she saw what was going on? Maybe she saw it. JJ is wondering what just happened.

Some women is yelling at a kid for ruining her outfit. JJ yells at this woman and tells her to not yell at a human being, her clothes aren’t worth that. JJ is going off on this woman, it is hard to catch everything. She uses banmal to this woman and the woman is about to hit her. ROTC grabs her arm and grabs the woman! OMG, it is his mom! He pulls his mom outside.

The mom starts to yell at ROTC and he looks back at JJ and then pulls his Mom away so they can have some more privacy. The girl thanks, JJ and she says, its no problem, but she is looking at ROTC.

Teacher – Anyone can love, but not everyone can get the love, a psychologist said that….(more things about love)…have a good weekend.

ROTC is in class and the teacher says they are signing for the resignation of the president (ROTCs dad). ROTC is about to sign it and JJ grabs it from him. SHe says that she didn’t know it was his mom and maybe his mom is angry. ROTC signs for his dad’s resignation. He tells JJ that he doesn’t have a Mom and to forget about it. He is angry and walks away. JJ thinks that she didn’t know it was his mom.

JJ – (Thinking) Does he have to hide this much?

He thinks back to when he had to pull his mom away from JJ. He is at his car but he can’t get in.


Bando asks his friends what they would like to do if they were 38 and became 20 again. they are all like…ummmm, why don’t you ask someone who is 38? SOmeone ripped a club poster and asks the friends if they did it. They said no. Ah, it looks like they did rip the poster after all. BD sees an impromptu travel company poster. he thinks maybe he should do that.

Sulhee is working and shows up at work, but then she is kidnapped? Maybe in a little van? Ah, this little van is kidnapping everyone, lol. They are all the friends and they are taking an impromptu trip together. BD took his dads car, lol. The Dad didn’t even know. He runs inside and tells his wife that Bongbong (his cars name) is gone. His lovely car. The mom tells him that maybe BD took it, he can’t even drive it anyway because his license is stopped. The dad is going crazy because BD doesn’t even have a license.

Cut to BD showing his real drivers license that he just got. The friends are all like, how can we trust you! You just started driving! But BD tells them that he has been driving for 15 years or something like that. JJ said this is an impromptu trip to do as a young kid, so let’s do it! They all cheer and say they want to go to the sea! A fun summer song is playing and they are all dancing and having fun in the van.

JJs Mom is walking with JJs Dad and they are talking about the impromptu trip. Dad wonders if it was a girls trip or a girl and guys trip? He wonders if the rich guy is with them? The mom is all like, Bando? And the dad is like Namgil. Korea universities son! The mom says that she likes Chae Bando the most.



The friends are wondering where they are going and why they aren’t there yet. It looks like BD doesn’t know where he is going. He knows all the new streets but he doesn’t know the old streets. There isn’t a tunnel yet so he doesn’t know how to get anywhere.

They stop on a random beach and get out. DB tells JJ that he didn’t know this was before the tunnel was created. They are all complaining that they are hungry and BD said he knew the map and all that. But the hair friend saves the day, he brought a lot of sam-gyup-sal. All meat? They said no, they have ramen too! They said let’s just eat samgyupsal and die.

They start a bonfire on the beach and chow down on the samgyupsal. They cheer with soju and talk and share their food with each other. They sing rock music and have a really good time. This scene makes me want to go on a trip to the beach with my friends, it is really fun. They dance and the car light is on. They take turns singing and dancing and having a good time. Maybe their car battery will die? The light is on all this time.

Now the couple gets up to sing a song.

Man part – When I look into your eyes, everything feels like a dream, all the people in the world…we are together, maybe it was a miracle
Woman part – When you hug me, I realized a new me (they sang this song at their wedding) how did I live, maybe I was dead…
How did we not meet until now…

They keep singing and JJ and BD look at each other and we flashback to their wedding when they were so happy. The OST is playing as it shows happy scenes from their wedding. They are both at the bonfire thinking about this and looking at each other than at the bonfire and then at each other again. It flashes back and forth between their wedding and the bonfire. They are both contemplative as the friends finish their couples song.

They sleep on the beach. Some people come there and wake them up. LOL, it is a construction site! They are sleeping in their construction site and all the construction workers and machinery are around. The girls slept in the car and the guys slept outside. The girls are all like, what is going on! Their faces look so bad, lol. The guys put marker marks on the girl’s faces, lol.

They drive back and the girls try to remove all the marker marks. They talk about that and laugh as they drive back.


MOM – Are you going out now, you look handsome when I see you. I heard about your dad’s resignation
ROTC – He deserves it. DOn’t worry about him because he will stick around anyway
Mom – No, not dad…

ROTC leaves and while he is driving he sees his real mom. He thinks some sh*t is about to go down so he gets out of the car and grabs his mom’s hand and pulls her away from his step moms home. He puts her in the car.

Mom – I should just kick her a**, if they want my sons money I will be…
ROTC – sighs….(stops the car) get out
Mom – Drive to changdamdong
ROTC – Do you have a recycling hobby
Mom – Huh…
ROTC – I am not your son, you dropped me like trash so don’t pick me up again, It’s dirty
Mom – Huh, so I came here to give you your present (she throws it in the car)

He looks at it and picks it up. It is a pen, he throws it away. Just then he gets a text (maybe from Sulhee?)


They finally get to the beach and go crazy in the car. They are all happy and say they will be there soon. They all hop out of the car and go jumping into the water with their clothes on. JJ is not jumping in, she is smiling at them like an ajumma and tells them she is okay, just have a fun time!. She smiles as she looks at them and tells them they are so young.

BD is also smiling and he is looking at her. he hopped in the water and is soaked now.

A little while later they are wondering where they can get clean, the restroom is closed. They start to spray water at each other and BD is about to spray it at JJ, he does and JJ is angry! She says she will kill them all and starts to charge them. Super big water fight ensues! They are all shooting water hoses at each other and basically having the time of their lives. It looks like a new OST might be released? “Back to me again…I am waiting for you…you are the only one stopping me…”

They are drinking from the mountain fountain water and thinking that it is nice. They wonder where JJ is. They say missing one day of class isn’t so bad and that kids should have fun. It is there turn to get some water but someone cut the line. It was BD’s dad! LOL. BD’s dad and JJs mom get into an argument about cutting the line and taking your time and all that. BD’s mom hits his dad and says to not cut the line. JJ’s mom says they have rules and BD’s dad yells at her. JJ’s mom is about to fight him and then they start to get into a water fight with each other, lol. They ell at each other and say they never want to have someone like them as their daughter in law or in-laws or something like that. Super big water fight!

Song – “It was raining when you left me…”

ROTC SHOWS UP in his full-on ROTC gear. They wonder why he is there, did someone call him? Sulhee says she called him. Mini stare down then cut to a restaurant. ROTC is on the landline phone in the corner.

ROTC – I am sorry, I have a very important appointment
Friend – You missed your sunbae’s wedding
ROTC – I am sorry, I will treat you to a meal

Poster – Firefly festival
JJ – Thinking about ROTC, I don’t have a mom, just forget about it.

The friends wonder why SUlhee called ROTC and SH says that he likes JJ so she told him where they would be and he came. The adorable couple comes and they are wearing couples t-shirts. They look so sweetly in love.

ROTC has a seat at the table with them and they have a clam bbq. BD doesn’t give ROTC any clams and then he gives him the tiniest one. ROTC looks at him.

BD – Why are you here with those uncomfortable clothes.
ROTC – I came here to get some fresh air
Friend – Call him hyungnim
R – I don’t pay attention to someone I don’t care about
BD – Me, you don’t care about me? Why, you are in a position to care about me a lot if you know the truth.
SH – You shouldn’t treat my guest like this.
? – You look uncomfortable sunbae
R – It is okay because I wear it all the time
BD – Man doesn’t live with their look, just give it to me
(JJ knows exactly what BD likes and everyone looks at them)
Friends – did you guys come here before?
JJ – No, I don’t remember?
She drops something on her lap and both guys want to wipe it up. BD easily wipes it off.

Her friend gives her a heart sweater (couple sweater) to wear. ROTC says he also wants a heart sweater to wear because his clothes are uncomfortable. BD says he also wants to wear it because he is uncomfortable. They both grab the sweater and tell each other to release it! Release it! No one is letting go and they are hardcore staring at each other.

JJ rolls her eyes.

Cut to JJ wearing BDs clothes and the two guys are wearing the heart clothes. When you put it together it says, “My love, my love” with the hearts connecting, lol.

The friends are all walking and SH is talking about how this was a wonderful memory. She wants to make more memories like this so she won’t regret it in the future.

BD – Why are you here?
ROTC – You should go home, everyone said it was okay, you are the only one who doesn’t like me here.

(The friends are laughing at them)

BD – You should come near us!
Friends – You look like a fantastic couple. You should keep the clothes!

They turn away and walk separated from each other so the hearts don’t touch.

The friends are eating around a small table and SH is drunk again. She is talking to the shrimp snack and the hair friend senses that she will do something. SH says she needs a side dish and the hair friends say there is no side dish! All the side dishes are in front of you!

JJ and BD
They are brushing their teeth together and talking about ROTC. Flashforward to Namgil in the future. He is a super big star and they look at him on the TV. JJ says that he used to like her and BD doesn’t believe it.

But now he remembers and he believes it. BD says JJ is so smart, she seduced him because he is rich. SHe says that he liked her already, he has a high standard. JJ says something andy BD looking good with something but I didn’t catch this part.

Cut to hair friend laughing on the floor and watching tv. BD went in and grabbed his jacket and then left. He wonders where JJ is. ROTC is also wondering where JJ is. JJ is walking around by herself and ROTC sees her. He smiles.

R – What are you doing
JJ – I was just looking around
R – Look around some more, I also want to walk
JJ – A lot of stars back then, maybe because of the countryside?
R – By the way, the day before, I was…
JJ – …ah, ‘I don’t have a mom, forget about it’…that?
ROTC – I didn’t say it like that
JJ – You are still a young boy, I thought you were all grown up because you are so tall…
ROTC – Well, the part I said about not minding my business is true.
JJ – So you not having a mom is also true? There is no one without a mom, everyone has a mom, you were not born in an egg (Korean fable).
ROTC – Everyone has their own reasons
JJ – Yeah, there is no house (no one) without reasons. Be nice to her while you can still see her and touch her.

(cut to JJ following her mom around and hugging her when she first went back to 1999)

JJ – You will regret it in the future.

They stop walking about ROTC looks serious
ROTC – By the way, you don’t use jongdaemal to me?
JJ – Wow, this town is really pretty, look over there it is so pretty.

She leaves and he follows her. They continue walking.

ROTC – What’s here…
JJ – I don’t know, it’s scary.
ROTC – Wow!

It looks like they stumbled upon the firefly festival. There are fireflies everywhere and it is beautiful. ROTC looks at her

ROTC – Fireflies – By the way, this is the time of the year to see them…wow, it is really pretty.

They look at it silently. JJ looks like she is about to cry. SHe looks emotional and she is cold. ROTC takes off his clothes and puts his jacket around her. He puts his arm around her as well.

ROTC – Its cold right, I’m cold as well.

He pulls her closer to him.

BD comes walking around and looking for JJ. he thinks this is the place and the calls her. He is smiling but then his smile falls and he sees JJ and ROTC hugging each other. the phone falls to his side. he calls his hair friend and told his hair friend to bring JJ to this place. It looks like he was calling him to see if he found JJ. But now it looks like he is about to cry.

They did come here before! They were the ones on the bridge hugging and smiling. Maybe it was one of their first dates. They are so happy together. But now it is ROTC and her on the bridge.

VO – I had those moments that the universe revolved around me

JJ is drunk and her BD and ROTC are eating. SHe is about to hit her head and ROTC stops her head, but then it shows that they both stopped her head from hitting. BD says something about learning something at a later life means you do it more. He is talking about JJ learning how to drink when she is older so she drinks a lot now.

ROTC – Remove your hand
BD – You remove your hand

Cut to sleeping time. ROTC is sleeping next to JJ. BD tries to push ROTC and ROTC resists but pretends like he is still asleep. BD goes and sleeps on the floor next to JJ. JJ turns toward BD.

VO – The habit is dangerous.

JJ – (wakes up and sees BD) Ugh…..,

She turns toward ROTC and sleeps. ROTC smiles…he won, he fist pumps the air, lol.

JJ YOU SHOULD meet a nice guy and be happy, you are young
(several scenes around the school, too fast!)

This episode started pretty late, there were so many commercials! But I kind of love how we still don’t know who she will choose. All signs are pointing to ROTC, but his Mom looks miserable. His stepmom looks lovely though.


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    Can’t wait!

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    Thank you so much!

  3. Diana
    November 10, 2017 / 2:05 pm

    It’s all nice that they are giving us some SL quality time, but the reality is there’s no way she’ll end up with him. She’s thinking about her baby and wishing to go back so there’s no time for lovey-dovey stuff. I don’t hate the ML anymore, just a strong dislike.

    If they wanted us in suspense, they wouldn’t have them have a baby in the first place. Baby Love > Opportunity to get rid of Sucky Husband. I’m guessing the remaining episodes are going to show some plot to redeem the ML, they already started and it’s working, but he still has a long way to go to be lovable again.

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      They definitely have a lot to do in 3 episodes!

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    Hi, can anybody tell me the title of song sang by Bo Reum and Jae Woo during their trip (and during BD and JJ wedding)?

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