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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 7

Go Back Spouses Live Recap 7
The cactus is coming back to life y’all! Their love is re-growing!

Has anyone else noticed that the cactus is coming back to life! I think it represents their love re-growing for each other. I also love how JJ’s mother is the one nurturing it back to life (though I do think the magic has something to do with it as well, but maybe that is why they went back in the first place? For the mother to nurture their love back? OMG, that would be so wonderful). Love all around y’all!

The live recap starts at 23:00 // 11pm Seoul time and we update every 10 minutes. See you then!

Recap Countdown: Finished airing, currently editing



OMG someone is making out big time in someone’s office. It looks like it is the bad doctor guys office and he is hard time making out with a nurse. The wife rushes in, she knows what’s up! She rushes to the back but the nurse says why are you here without notice? She rushes past and is asking “Where is nurse Kim,” and bursts into the office, but nothing is happening.

The bad doctor is just there with the nurse and asking her why she is here without notice and she asked another nurse to bring the wife’s favorite tea. The bad doctor is in his office and he is talking about he is having a hard time today and she came to the office on time.

Voice Over – when you try to fake it with someone and you sure that person is completely fooled, it means that person has a high chance of loving you.

The wife if crying in the car on the way home. She knows! She has pictures.

Voice Over – Because that person doesn’t know what is true and false, they like you so much so they pretend that they don’t know.


It is the end of Jang Nara’s song. The bad guy and DJ have a little bit of a stare off near the bathroom, but it is nothing. The bad doctor leaves and DJ goes into the bathroom. He sees Jang Nara and ROTC in the bathroom!

Western style confrontation music is playing.

BD – What are you doing here?
R – What are you doing here?
BD – Huh?
R – How dare you just open the door, who are you
BD – Me, I am …her…(staring)…friend, just friend
JJ – You are not my friend, I am changing my clothes, close the door
BD – What changing clothes? Here together?
JJ – What are you thinking, just get out.

ROTC is staring down BD.

They confront each other outside and BD starts to act like an ajushi and calling ROTC a young boy. JJ tells him to take this back to his car so his sister won’t notice. BD says no man put his sister’s clothes in his car. It is for a girlfriend. ROTC says it isn’t his sister’s clothes, he bought it for JJ.

JJ – Me?
ROTC – Yes (he strokes her hair). Enjoy the clothes, I’m leaving.

BD tries to step in ROTC’s way, but ROTC towers over BD and smiles. Then he leaves.

JJ – Hey, you are a lot smaller than here, don’t you look in the mirror
BD – Are you happy to live your new life with a tall handsome guy?

JJ storms off with the bag of clothes.

He is looking at a cat with a tuna can
ROTC – Why are you crying even though you are lo oking at this expensive thing?

{streaming problems}

BD and JJs friends are drinking together and talking about a wallet that is expensive and hard to get in Korea. They start talking about a side dish and where their friend is.

Poor thing, he is crying in his apartment. He is straight up balling because of what he heard from the feminist friend the last episode.

DJ – We have Lee Sang-min as a guest.

DJ – You wore a coat in this weather
Guest – It is East Coast style
Radio – If you don’t have love, it is a problem. Let’s connect to the caller.
BF – Hello I am Tinkerbell from Seoul — the person I am dating likes skinship too much and kissing me
Radio – Which part does she touch when you kiss
BF – Hips
Radio – That is strong, why don’t you talk to him?
BF – My lover said I am easy so they are dating me
Radio – The lover touches your butt and is dating you because you are easy?
BF – That is not good (crying)
Radio – That is a bad guy, he shouldn’t do those things!
BF – That person likes drinking
Radio – Persons like that are dating a lot of people, maybe you are only one of them, Tinkerbell girl fighting!
BF – I am a boy
Radio – They talk about their current life and how the DJ is a playboy, the guest says DJ should get married, but he is divorced in current life.

Feminist friend – Ah, next week, okay let’s see each other

JJ gets a text on the cell phone to go out today and remembers what the bad doctor guys said in the bathroom

She is having a really hard time and yelling on the phone about all the competitions she has to go to. BD sits down next to her and tells her it’s hard to live with all the responsibilities and things, she should just run away from home. She is like huh? And starts laughing. He says he wanted to just make her laugh and she’s happy because she is laughing because of him.

JJ calls and wants to know where that bad doctor guy is. BD tells her he will come and find her.

They are talking in the car and the bad doctor is telling her all the things she wants to hear, but in his mind, he is telling her that he doesn’t want to take her anywhere, he is only doing these things because she is rich and she is paying for his apartment and her dad is important and all those things. He says one thing that is good, but his mind says bad things.

BD is telling JJ that the bad doctor is a playboy who sleeps with all these girls and goes to all these clubs and cheats on his wife a lot. JJ thought she was the first but BD is like, no you are like way down the list. JJ wants to know how he knows these things and BD says that was part of his job as a sales person. He had to take care of things like that with the girlfriend and wife and all those things. Flash forward to 2017 and he came home late and bad doctor called him and he got the deal.  So now JJ knows that BD did not cheat on her. She looks like she understands him better

He wakes up like a zombie in his dorm and yells at his friend that he left him with those crazy girls he tells his friend to wake up wake up! But when his friend turns over he is sleeping with his eyes open and looks dead! His friend is super spooked. Then his friend goes to his desk and sees that his expensive wallet is all shredded. Flashback to one of the friends shedding it and trying to eat it when she was drunk.

Cut to the hair friend confronting her about it, but she doesn’t remember anything. She said you can fix it, when you are drunk you do crazy things. Then she runs away. he yells at her that she knows, she knows! She’s acting. She runs to some building and stops and looks back. She says she is crazy, what was she thinking? She writes that she is sorry and she will repay him later.

JJ says that she will revenge and BD says that he already got his revenge on him (the Cola incident and the swimming pool incident). JJ says that is childish, you have to do it real.

BD – This time is too precious to spend on him. You want revenge because he harassed me.

JJ starts to say a lot of things that the doctor did wrong and she wants to get revenge for all of those things. JJ says that she will show real makjang.

She sends a text to the bad doctor that she will meet him later.

JJ – To get the mouse, you have to go into the mousetrap.

She says she needs something that he likes. BD says that he likes money! Intense music is playing.

BD and hair friend are setting up the doctor and they are sitting behind him at the library and saying that JJ is Samsungs granddaughter! The doctor took the bait.

They are talking about going abroad and JJ is acting like she has a lot of money and is very sheltered. She actually looks very cute. They talk about going abroad and JJ says that she heard he has a girlfriend to go to the medical student’s night. But he says that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, she is just his friend that follows him around everywhere. JJ says they shouldn’t go together.

Flashback to their revenge planning meeting
BD – dump the rich girlfriend by himself!
JJ – He won’t dump her, he will do better to her because he is cheating on her.
BD – They are planning to go the medical student’s night

The feminist friend is wondering where the buff friend is. She finds him on the street and pulls him to the bar. She tells him to tell her all his troubles then she runs to the bathroom.

Buff F – okay, I should tell her, you never know.

Her cell phone rings and he grabs it.

Cell phone text – We can travel next time okay?

Her phone says Oppa 1 heart, Oppa 2 hearts, Oppa 3 hearts. It has different men who all are saved as Oppa with hearts by their name. he gets up to leave and yells at her, what Oppa am I?!? What order am I in in your heart?

She checks her phone and reads the text. She thinks oh, no, maybe he saw it?

JJ says she had to get the girlfriend and to take her to that place. BD has to get the girlfriend from her classroom. He flashes forward to the confrontation he had with her at the motel in 2017. BD tells the girlfriend that the bad doctor told him to take her to the medical student night. Aw, the poor girl is so happy, she gets up to go with him right away.

Bad doctor and JJ are at the medical school night and the bad doctor tells her to come somewhere with him. they walk to the staircase. BD and the girlfriend show up as well.

In the stairway the doctor is wondering why JJ is approaching him. JJ is confused, the doctor wanted to date her. Ah, it looks like the doctor asked his girlfriend if she knows the granddaughter of Samsung and the girlfriend says there are no granddaughters, only grandsons. So know he is putting it all together. He knows that BD tricked him because he remembers getting kicked into the water by him. He pushes JJ and says that he hits women also. he raises his hand to hit her, but someone yells, PARK YANG SO! A lot of women are standing there!

Ah, it was their plan to gather all his current girlfriends! He has so many current girlfriends and BD gathered them all around.

The girlfriends pushed him onto the floor in front of everyone. He trips and falls and they start LAYING INTO HIM. They are telling him that he looks nice but he is a bad guy. The three of us are dating you at the same time, is that a misunderstanding! Everyone is there. JJ says that was good timing.

Mini Flash back to their plan. JJ is writing all their plans for the makjang attack on the board. this is so cute! They know the woman and the plan of attack.

Back to the medical school event. The girls continue laying into him and he keeps saying that he doesn’t have anything to do with them. The real girlfriend finally knows that he is a super bad guy. BD says that he is the rich girlfriend’s boyfriend! That is a surprise. But now the doctor thinks it all makes sense and he yells at the rich girlfriend to not date BD because they want her money. Then she says it is you that want my money! Then JJ runs up and kicks the bad boyfriend in the balls!!!!!!!!

Aw, they are comforting the rich girlfriend at the bar. JJ and BD are both comforting her and telling her that if she married him then she will cry all the time. It is good to just have a good cry now and not cry in the future. The rich girl wonders who they are. Then when they are about to leave the rich girl says she knew he was dating other girls, he just didn’t know it was that many girls. She didn’t want to cry, but she says that she feels better crying now and she is very thankful to them for waking her up. JJ is happy but BD doesn’t look that happy.

The rich girlfriend got him kicked out of his apartment. he has nothing now. He kicks something on the ground and says, “they played me.”

They are happily walking and BD wants to know how JJ learned how to kick so well, she said she learned it from her cheerleader friend. Did she learn it to do it to him? They keep talking about that kind of stuff. Jj wonders if he is dead and BD says he didn’t die, but maybe he met his ancestors momentarily. But then BD notices that JJ got a scratch and she says she got scratched by that doctor. BD says that is dangerous.

They go and sit down and BD says that guy is a bad guy and JJ says that she is the one who got hurt, why is he yelling at her and all that stuff. he gets some ointment and bandages and bandages her wound up.

JJ – So he made you take care of his mistresses, how did you endure that?
BD – To make money, a lot of guys do that. I am not the only one living like that. Hey, do you know what I like?

JJ – You like chicken-soup. Oranges, UFC, dvds…

They keep talking about being in the movie club and things they like and how they didn’t know a lot about each other. They agree that it was difficult to live day to day so knowing what others like isn’t that important. They each knew what the other person liked, but they were ignoring it all and not noticing each other anymore. They are looking at the playground and it looks like they are both thinking about their son in the future playing on the playground with them It is a bitter sweet moment. BD is really sad about his son. It looks like he misses playing with him on the playground a lot.

JJ is crying and BD is tearing up. Then BD says let’s go and leaves.

Well needed comic relief! The buff friend is talking to his friend about how his girlfriend is dating 5 guys and going on trips with them and all that stuff. He is balling on the steps somewhere with his friends. he is saying that he is easy, sniff sniff sniff. Then his friend realizes that they heard what they were talking about. It looks like the easy meaning was mistaken.

They are walking back and then they notice the feminist friend with a man. They think it is one of the 5 guys that she is dating. They hide and watch her talk to them. The guy says she should go on a trip with him, why not. She says that she doesn’t want to. The big guy starts to stoke her hair and smiles. Oh no, the buff guy walks up on them and yells for him to take his hand off!

The big dude is like, who is this guy and moves to confront the buff friend. The big guy yells who are you! and he says I am her boyfriend! Then the other 3 guys show up, lol! And they are all super big! Maybe they are her brothers?

It is still nighttime and they are still walking home, but they tell each other goodnight. BD tells her that he really enjoyed her May Queen festival and her remembers that she enjoyed singing a lot. She is like huh? He says if he says something well then, she should respond well. She is like, whatever and she leaves, but she is smiling as she leaves. BD says that maybe he should have told her.

JJ is walking home but then she notices someone is hiding behind the car. BD is also walking home and wonders if she got home well. JJ calls BD as she walks down an alley as the man approaches her. They are calling each other at the same time so it doesn’t go through. JJ yells!

JJ is being confronted by the doctor. He is yelling at her. JJ called BD again and dropped the phone. BD is running at wherever he thinks she might be. JJ is yelling back at the doctor and the doctor is yelling at her about dating the ugly woman. He tells her that he hits woman and he will go to jail after hitting her. He pulls his hand back to swinG at her!

BD – The wife knew that he was having an affair
JJ – She loves him so much so she married him even though she knew those things. He missed that good girl.
BD – Maybe we forced them to break up?
JJ – If a love hurts too much, it isn’t love. Affair is not love, a violence. The worst of the worst violence.

BD – Maybe she can get numb about his affair.
JJ – It doesn’t make any sense, if he has an affair with 100 women, then she will remember the names of all the 100 girls. That is how woman are. She will hit rock bottom with everything about her.

BD – Are you telling me that for me to hear it?…I wasn’t having an affair that time

They look at each other and flash forward to JJ looking at the credit card receipt with all the hotel rooms and the pictures from 2017 (episode 1). he texts her that he can’t go home like that. She calls him and yells at him, how can he do that to her! How can he! Lets break up! I am so pitiful! he says they should break up and they both cry.

Voice Over – Maybe our love didn’t end but we didn’t have the room to see the true mind between truth and false.

JJ’s super nice friend disappears!

This episode went by so fast, we missed a lot. But it was fun! We hope you had fun too!

Okay, we went back through and did a first round of edits! I also found some cool feature that makes an automatic line! I’m not sure if I’ll keep it for future edits, but I like it now. We will continue to go through and edit.

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  1. Madre
    November 3, 2017 / 8:14 am

    Wow… Live recap ????

  2. Diana
    November 3, 2017 / 8:16 am

    I don’t think it’s their love, it’s JJ confidence in herself and her love for herself. She’s starting to believe she’s pretty after it died in her marriage. She believes in herself and that SHE can do better. 🙂

    • SaraHeidi Low Huixian
      November 3, 2017 / 8:55 am

      Me too. I think it represents JJ’s self-esteem more than their love.
      Thank u for doing live recaps. I can’t wait. TGIF!!!

      • V
        November 3, 2017 / 9:50 am

        Me too! Okay, off to prepare!

    • V
      November 3, 2017 / 9:49 am

      Oh my gosh I love that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Madre
      November 3, 2017 / 10:02 am

      Yep, she can do better and she definitely deserves better

      • V
        November 3, 2017 / 12:49 pm

        I really hope he redeems himself and I think he is slowly starting to do that in this episode! Ahhh, I loved this episode!

        • Madre
          November 3, 2017 / 1:45 pm

          Thank you for the recap…
          Thanks a lot ??

          I loved how they realize what really happened to their marriage..

    • Bubbyluvy
      November 3, 2017 / 1:31 pm

      I think V is right! The vase even has a heart at the bottom. It definitely represents their growing love!

  3. Madre
    November 3, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    So it’s kinda like the potion from secret garden..?

    • Bubbyluvy
      November 3, 2017 / 2:04 pm

      Oooh, I need to watch secret garden again! The mom is in that one too! Maybe it us something similar?

  4. Diana
    November 3, 2017 / 2:14 pm

    Ugh, I think I’m gonna skip this week. Thanks for the recap, it saved me 1 hour of my day… I don’t care that he didn’t cheat on her, he still treated her like garbage.

    • Bubbyluvy
      November 3, 2017 / 3:10 pm

      That is one great thing about these live recaps. You know if the episode is must watch or if it can wait.

    • V
      November 3, 2017 / 3:40 pm

      Diana you have me rolling over here! That is definitely a good way to use a recap 🙂

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      Always love having you around Lalaloo 🙂

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    Cool stuff. Thanks for the life recap!

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      You’re welcome Ju!

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