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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 6

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook then you know we had to cancel yesterdays live recap due to work. Just as an fyi, we try to give updates on Twitter as things happen, like if the update button breaks or something. It’s easy to shoot off a tweet until everything is popping again. Hopefully meetings don’t get in away again. Okay, off to the live recap!

We’ll be updating around every ten minutes!

JJ/J – Jin-joo
BD – Ban-do
Ballerina/B – Ban-do’s love interest
ROTC/R – JJ’s love interest

Countdown: Editing (slowly)

Seo Jin, Umma came home! She came home with a package, it looks like she bought them a long time ago and so she puts them on right away. She puts them on and thinks her dress is so short. If she hold Seo Jinthen her underpants will show

Computer – She posts that she is in her late 30’s, do they wear short skirts? They said they only wear long ones becaues people think she is an old lady pretending that she is old.

BD comes home and JJ asks if she looks pretty. BD asks her if she is some little kid, an ajumma who is showing her legs. She says he is wrong in a playful was, but he just leaves. he doesn’t care. She packs the clothes away and says that she is adjusting to her age


1999 Seoul
JJ took the bus also! The ballerina had an umbrella but put it away! JJ leaves, her umbrella worked in the beginning. The ballerina is waiting for BD and then BD gets off the bus. JJ turns back and sees the ballerina and BD together as he got off the bus. JJ turns and walks away again, her umbrella is breaking and flimsy. The ROTC guys shows up and tells her to give up with her umbrella and stand with him. She agrees and they walk together to her building.

Last night, what do you want?
You. I like you

Thinking, he is a young boy and behaves like an old man. Is he a casonova? He tells her to stand closer to him because his shoulder is getting all wet. He said it is his umbrella. They walk together and JJ sees BD and the ballerina walking up. there is a school festival so hopefully the rain stops. BD and JJ walk past each other with their respective loves. the song is singing about their bright past and how it is fading.

They are talking about how their shoulders are broad and wet.

BD is waiting for JJ in the rain. BD brought two umbrellas and she wanders why he brougth two, he said it was best that way. Back to 1999 and JJ sees that BDs shoulder is wet now, which means he shared his umbrella. She is pissed.

Teacher – you are not so calm because it is the festival period, so today, No Class! Play a lot! njoy your festival!

BD measures ROTC’s shoulder and says it isn’t bigger than his…

BD and JJ start talking outside.
Don’t come to my appa’s movie theater
he doesn’t know
Father in law is automatic because it’s been 18 years
She is a B-ch, I didn’t want to tell you, but she had an umbrella, these kids are smart
She is cute, she did it to share an umbrella with me, that is a youth drama, you have makjang in your head
It is an old man having an affair, it is a dirty drama!
(Hair friend shows up)
JJ – ask him, he has a lot of porn in his folder

Everyone is at this festival, it’s poppin. Someone yells, “Where are all the freshman!”

Cut to dorm
BD – so you finally go that way, so your future was right, you just picked that way
Friend – you crazy man, are you a ghost?
BD – you shouldn’t decide like this
F – are you jelous because I had a girlfriend first
BD – for 11 years you will be 31 years old and you will regret and you will tell me, why didn’t you stop me. I told you I stopped you from dating her

JJ – I oppose you dating him
F – Why do you oppose me
JJ – You will be an old miss many years later because of this choise
BD – we don’t know when we will die so I don’t have to think of later, I want to date him now!
F2 – when did you start to date him
F – Ah, sulhee has good sense

BD – AH, so stuffy
buff friend – second day dating
hair friend – guys are you ready…
BD – why are all those sad expectations always met (or something?) I remember this, this is a bad memory until I die

Some nurses are joking at BD and wondering if he use to be like this, is this him. All his coworkers laugh at him as well, wow, you were like this before? BD drinks a lot

He knows, he thinks the future sent him here to stop this moment from happening. he ssaid to remove everything in his head and to not do it. They yell at him that he said they should do it. BD tells them that this memory will follow them forever and to not do it!
JJ and her friend are walking around. They are talking about enjoying the festival. JJ says they should enjoy it because they can’t buy these experiences in the future.

JJ grabs all the food with ajumma strength and starts to cook with her department.

{Internet problems or maybe the KBS link stopped working}

her sunbaes are very impressed with her cooking. Montage of her cooking so well. Everyone is seriously super duper impressed. JJ is cooking all the food. Finally she is done and some guy said maybe it just looks good…JJ said, you don’t trust me? She gives him some and he said it tastes good. Then JJ gives everyone some food. Lol, the ROTC guy wants her to give him some too, but anothr guy keeps stopping her from giving him any.

Someone came back, they ordered 100 servings of samgyupsal and her department person said JJ doesn’t have to cook everything. JJ’s hankercheif flys away and then all the ex military guys come out and JJ stops to look at them. She is mesmerized. They are ex special forces. One of them picks up JJ’s hankerchief and he says, “We did that difficult thing,” lol. Meta.

The teacher tells her she looks good these days and she takes care of her weight well. Her friend tells her that she is smiling so much these days. She puts her umbrella up. The ballerina walks away and runs into BD who went there to meet her. They leave to walk around.

BD asks what she would do if he wasn’t there with his umbrella. Then they start to talk about the festival. She says it will be strange to see on tv. He says this life is the best. Quality life is the best. But she gets a phoen call, it’s her mom. SHe said she doesn’t want to do it, why should she go there, she won’t win anyway. She hangs up and BD said she looks scary. he can be fussy also. Ballerina said people can’t always be nice.

The ex military people are the ones that cook all the food. he says in the military you can do everything with that shovel. A student tells JJ to go to the queen festival instead of helping them there. She forgot about it. They said they want to see some May queen contestant from their department. She wonders if she was pretty before.

But then the ex marines accidentally get red suace on some girls clothing and everyone hates them. JJ also got some on her clothes but JJ says its okay because she can just wash them at home. All the guys fall in love with her even more.

All the chearleaders are eating Jajangmyung and confident friend keeps winking at buff friend. He is having the hardest time eating, lol. This is a cute scnene. Confident friend gets some food on her clothes and buff friend tells her that he can clean it. They go to the bathroom and start to clean all the food off. They must have been in there for a while because everyone is waiting outside to go in and pee, lol. Afterwards they popo outside.

His hair friend tells him they popo too much! Montage of them popo’ing everywhere. he said in the morning popo, lunch popo, bybye popo. They popo all the time, are they crazy? he keeps talking about that and tells them that love has steps. There are reasons why people date. You like her for a reason and she is dating you for her reason, maybe your body? Bu then he has to run to the bathroom to poop.

he gets a coffee from the machine and hears two girls talking.

– It’s not like I like him, do I look easy? He is meeting me just becuase he wants to touch me. Ah crazy.
– Are you dating just to kiss?

BD and ballerina are walking and BD says wow, its the school festival! It’s been awhile! Ballerina says BD has a way of making people feel strange. They play arts and have a fun time. JJ sees them playing and having a good time while she is making food. She is pretty mad.

It looks like BD’s team is having fun throwing water balloons around and they yell at him because he is dating. Then they see JJ and they want to know if she wants to play. She says she will give them 10,000 won, but she wants to throw it at him! She points at BD. They are like SURE! So she gets 10 water balloons and goes to town throwing them all at BD. She is a really good hit! Cit to 2017 and it shows that she had a lot of practice throwing diapers into the trash. She could even do it without looking! back to 1999 and the ballerina wonders if they can switch to another person. They don’t. JJ is angry and said she will not change, she only wants to hit one face. The song is “Change everything, change love, everything is crazy!”

The aftermath…BD is all wet and trying to dry himself off. he thinks she is crazy. The hair friend shows up and tells him that the ballerina was worrying about him a lot. Maybe she likes you. BD says he knows that. The hair friend is all like, huh, how do you know that? lol. BD isn’t really in the mood to play around, but his friends want him to do that thing they were talking about. BD tells them they shouldn’t do it! But the friends run away.

Now all the friends are running away, it looks like the festival is live on TV and Gang Ho-dong came who is a famous person. Everyone is running to see him and to be on TV. JJ and BD are the only ones who don’t run over there.
ROTC went to the mall to get some new shorts because he also had some water/sauce on them. He sees some girl clothes and is maybe thinking of buying them for JJ? He leaves without them, but then he goes back to the store, maybe to buy them?

{Streaming issues!!!!! ARGH}

All the friends are together and eating, it’s nighttime
BD – you are not listening to me, when it airs it will last forever
Popo friends start to popo
ROTC guy makes the clothes all wrinkled and then stands to see where JJ is.

Another may queen isn’t coming, so they need nother one. JJ is looking at BD and the ballerina. She looks jelous and she thinks back to when they were all walking in the rain. This scene is so touching. The friends keep talking. JJ whispers that BD is dating a super young woman. ROTC guys is looking at JJ and BD sees him, BD flashes back to the rain scene too and thinks about ROTC, how does a young guy have such a strong gaze?

ROTC aks for some food and she give shim some, but then he grabs her hand and picks the food up so he could eat it. it is pretty sexy. BD yells, YA! and everyone stops. JJ tells B to mind his own business. Then ROTC remembers BD puching that doctor into the water.

JJ – dating young people is a real problem now. Guys date young women!
BD – some ajumma’s like younger men! Be careful, what you see isn’t everything
Friends – what is going on, what is this dating young men or women?

Someone tells JJ that they should have a May queen. She is already in the contest so she can just go there. JJ doesn’t want to do May Queen, she isn’t going to do it. BD says everyone cant do thos things so don’t be embarrassed. The guy is wondering who that guy is. JJ says she doesn’t have good clothes to wear so next time. Then ROTC gives them the clothes he bought. They are like, uh, women’s clothes were in your car? he is all like…my sisters clothes! So they are like, okay.

BD says she is lucky if she comes in last. JJ says, what if I win! And she says she will do it. They go to the changing area and JJ is introduced as the history departments May Queen contestant. He tells her to do a good job because she is their departments queen. they give her the clothes and tell her to prepare well. She sees the dress and thinks it is so short!
The beauty contest is about to start and JJ’s friends think she will win. The first one comes out, and the announcer says she is very pretty. next is the engineering department. They say she is pretty as well. All the girls look nervous to go out there. JJ thinks she should quit, she is very nervous. Finally it is time for JJ to come out. She comes out and is wearing a white dress. She isn’t flashy like the others, but she looks very pretty. BD is soooo taken aback, he thinks she looks really pretty. he tells his friend that women look great in makeup.

JJ tells the announcer that she is a history major and all that stuff. So now they are going to do their specialty and JJ is shocked. She didn’t know she had to do that. The bd doctor is there as well and wants to snatch JJ up quickly. JJ says she doesn’t have any specialty to show off and she is about to walk off. But the announcer says she can do anything. JJ says she doesn’t really have anything that she does well, but then she thinks about her mom and dad singing and dancing. her mom is really good at singing ajumma music fold songs. JJ’s dad says the mom can sing so well so their daughters can sing well too. JJ’s mom said JJ is so good at singing, she should be a singer.

Cut back to the festival and JJ is going to sing. She starts singing and she is pretty nervous at first. The crowd is into it and JJ gets more and more relaxed with singing. She starts to dance a little bit and loosen up. ROTC and BD are both looking at her meserized. They are like statues in the audience. The ballerina is looking at BD but BD isn’t paying any attention to the ballerina. BD didn’t know that JJ could sing maybe? BD starts to think about his life with her and their baby and how she was so much like an ajumma with their son. he isn’t smiling or anything. ROTC guy is smiling though. JJ is singing just like an ajumma, lol. her maneurisms are like that. The song is singing about no one living her life for her and that her life is her own. (The song is called Musical and it is by Yim Sang-a. Here is a clip of Jang Nara singing it from the drama)

Everyone starts cheering at the end of the song. Cut to the plant and it is looking healthier!

They are walking away and the ballerina says she knows nothing about BD, what does he like? he said he doesn’t have anything that he likes. She said everything has something they like, he said he likes drinking. They start walking again.

Friends are walking around, they are sad that JJ didn’t win. The hair friend said JJ wasn’t the prettiers and JJ’s friends tell him that she was the prettiest! they keep walking. The hair guy wants to know why she is dating his friend Ahn Jae Woo, is it just to kiss? She is all like what? He said there are many reasons to date and she said it is because he is cute and easy. Oh no, ahn jae woo heard what she said and looks pretty sad.

She needs to change but the womans room is ar away/closed so she goes to the mens one. Then the doctor walks in with all his friends. He starts talking about Maj Jin-joo. She is intrigued at first and listens in. But then he said he will play with her first and then give her to them. She said she will kill them all and comes out in a huff. But only ROTC is there. He pushes her back in the bthroom because some other guys come in. It looks like ROTC and JJ are having a good moment.

Then BD opens the door!

BD – what are you doing?
ROTC – what are you doing?
BD – what?


Old TV show, JJ’s family is watching on the tv. The 3 friends are there with BD and his two friends. They are talking like they are in the military and breaking things and doing a lot of funny things. They are pretty funny. They are basically torturing themselves with slapstick humor. BD yells at bay Jin-joo and JJ is on tv. Then BD tells JJ “I love you!” JJ looks into the room and smiles. Her Dad calls him that jerk from the last time and Jj has this look like, huh how do you know!

Jj goes on a date with the doctor (maybe to trick him?), the hair guy is crying, BD is spying onthe ROTC guy, JJ is running away from someone.

This episode was so good! Some glitches in the live stream, but it worked out in the end. Can’t wait for the next one!

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