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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 4

Go Back Couple
Welcome to episode 4’s live recap. Let’s see what happens in that broadcast fall out shall we?

If you have never done a live recap with us, here is the gist of it:

1. We post the live recap ~1 hour before airing.
2. We update the post around every 10 minutes give or take.
3. We try to catch as much as we can, but it’s live so we miss stuff.
4. When it’s all done I go back and check for typos (there will be a lot) and fix short hand.
5. Sometimes we fill in dialogue or scenes if we have time.
6. Sometimes we take screen caps or post things from the Soompi or DC Inside forums (like dialogue updates, gifs, images), but only if we have a lot of time on our hands.
7. Updates are always at the very bottom of the post.

Check the Fight for My Way recaps to get an overall idea.

Shorthand (still a work in progress)
Jin Joo – JJ
Ban Do – BD
Parents are usually JJ Mom/JJM or BD Dad/ BDD or just M or D or something similar
Friends are usually just Friend or F

LIVE RECAP EPISODE 4 – {slowly editing}

BD is talking to his Mom, he doesn’t want to go to the construction department. The year is 1998. The dancer is slowly running to the door entrance and BG is taken aback by her. He quickly opens the door for her and she smiles at him.

VO – For young people, different hearts exist

Oh no, he wanted to be cool but he tripped and fell and the coffee rolled to the dancer. he said to just eat and drink and he ran away. The dancer came out and said that she will enjoy the drink and smiled. He also smiled

VO – I finally became an adult but my heart died/ disappeared.


The drunk long-haired friend and buff friend are trying to get home. They are stumbling all over the street.

F – I didn’t drink it myself, she fed it to me!
F2 – Crazy girl
F1 – I liked her

Their dorm is closed so they can’t go home. The hair friend says to not worry because they can go under the door. He tries to do it, but his head gets stuck! h keeps trying to go inside but it isn’t working. He’s stuck! The friend sees the other door and goes inside, lol. The friend is inside now and the hair friend is stuck. Now the buff friend tries to take the hair friends head out by pulling him and putting his foot in his face to push him out. his friend says “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

F1 – Just leave me here and leave
F2 – What
F1 – It is too late for me, if you stay here, we will both die, at least you should stay alive, after they check in, come and rescue me. Just leave! Just leave! Now!

Now he is all by himself.

F – He is so fast.

The buff friend runs inside and tells the first person he sees that his friends head is trapped inside. He gets a phone call and it looks like he got a date? He is really happy now.

Oh nos! It has started raining and thundering! The hair friend is stuck outside in the rain with his head stuck in the gate.

F – Ahn Jae Woo!! Ahn Jae Woo!

He goes to sleep outside.


He slept there all night and looks dead. Someone sees him and checks on him and then the hair friend wakes up and looks like a zombie. He scared the &&^% out of the guy and he runs away.

Their home. He is talking to his father. His father wants him to change his major. The ROTC guy is resisting his father. They don’t look like they have the best relationship. His mother comes out and gives him something, but it looks like maybe it is his step-mother? The father says that he should cut his money and the mother is upset at the father.

The mother calls the ROTC guy, a different mom, and asks for money. The ROTC guy says he can’t give money because he doesn’t have any, his dad cut it off. The ROTC guy is upset at the mom because he forgot his birthday. OH!!!! This is when JJ got in the car. He was crying from screaming at his mom and then JJ gets in the car and she is crying.

Everyone is standing outside looking at him. Poor guy. There is a big crowd around him and it looks like they have to cut him out. He thinks they are going to cut his head off, lol.

Ah, now they are showing the broadcast! JJ and BD are arguing over the radio broadcast and everyone stops to listen to it. Everyone on campus is stopping and listening to them talk about how they are married with a kid and the guy is dating his first love and all that stuff. The entire campus is hearing them and they are using a lot of words that people don’t use in 1999. So a lot of campus kids are like, what is that word? What is that word?

JJ – Jongpang-i, you like small money
BD – Ajumma, you can’t just go to the club and drink because you haven’t done that before, you will get hurt
BD – yay JJ, don’t talk to that guy, he’s a bad guy, he is playing with someone like you
JJ – He is the director, the doctor huh, maybe I should date him because he is a doctor, I will be a rich woman
BD – Wow, how long am I going to stay here

JJ’s friend is hiding, it looks like she heard everything.

Everyone is talking about it. They are talking about a divorced guy is in the school. F1 is trying to explain it to him. BD doesn’t realize it is him. His friend is basically filling him in on the conversation. But then BD recognizes that it is him! He asks how he knows and the friend says they know from the radio speaker. Now BD knows that everyone heard them.

JJ also hears everyone talking about it! The feminist friend gets up and talks smack to everyone. It looks like she is famous as a drinking woman at school

Friend – Wow, it is so cool, to get a divorce and still be in school!

Broadcast – That was not our drama, we are not related to that broadcast.

Everyone is talking about it at the school.

Everyone is still talking about it.

JJ – What should we do?
BD – What?
F – Horrible guy, gets a woman pregnant, doesn’t give divorce money!
BD – Why are you telling me that?
F – Why are you so, everyone is talking about the divorced people, do you know anyone around you?
BD – I don’t know, do you JJ
JJ – I don’t know, I don’t think so
BD – Ah, that’s right, enjoy your meal
JJ – Ah,

Some people behind them are talking about it. He hit a woman, she is a goal digger, the rumors are spreading and getting bigger and bigger and more outlandish.

They are secretly talking about it. JJ says she is not a gold digger. BD says he never hit her. They said they shouldn’t fight in front of other kids.

JJ – Why did you take me to that room.
BD – Is it my fault!
(Their friends show up)
Friends – What are you doing here!
JJ – Ah, meeting
BD – Meeting

The friends leave.

The bad doctor sees her and starts to talk to her at the school. He says he made a mistake or something and that it is their destiny meeting each other. He asks for her number.

JJ – Oh, yeah, this is my number
Bad guy – I will call you

ROTC guy can’t focus on what he is doing because he is thinking about that girl. He is trying to swim.

Girl 1 – Are you really going to do it?
Girl 2 – I am going to do it!

She runs and jumps in the water and says she needs help! Help! ROTC guy throws her a swimming board and walks away.

They are talking in the library or something like that.

ROTC – Hey
JJ – Hey?
ROTC – I am just telling you this just in case, do you think I like you
JJ – What are you talking about
ROTC – You think I like you
JJ – Why?
?? – I told you I have a date
JJ – Are you getting revenge on me know because I told you that
ROTC – So no more misunderstandings, so no more hugging or anything like that, don’t do that, I am leaving
JJ – Is he telling me that just because I am in front of him, so he never loved me and waited for 18 years. He shouldn’t have told me.

ROTC guy is walking away, but his heart is pumping.

JJ’s tough friend invited the buff guy to her dance practice. She wants to recruit him to the team.

F – I didn’t write it, you wrote it
F2 – Is that my fingerprint
F – I don’t do strange things to drunk people

A flashback shows that she was trying to recruit him to the cheerleading team when they were at the club and he said yes. (A very drunk yes).

They start practicing and he can’t do anything because he is so weak. He is the only one that is tired. He watches the pro’s do it and he looks like he is pretty impressed with all their energy. In the future, he is a leader of the LG baseball team cheerleaders, so maybe this is how it started. He keeps looking at her, he is amazed by her. She does a Dirty Dancing kind of lift and he can’t watch. Maybe he wants to be the one to do it.

All the new guys fall to the ground because they are weak.

A lot of guys want to give the ballerina gifts. Her teacher calls her out and tells her that she can’t jump as well because she is gaining weight. She is confused by that. Then she goes back to the practice and sees that BD is there and has a lot of donuts for everyone. he offers her one, but she says that she doesn’t want one. All the guys at the door are wondering how BD is talking to all those girls so BD invites them all in and tells everyone to practice hard. He tells the ballerina that whenever he thinks she is low in sugar he will bring some sweets.

The ballerinas are talking about how he must really like the ballerina because he brought snacks for everyone. The ballerina passes out! Everyone rushes to her side. BD runs and picks her up and starts to take her to the nurse. he wonders why she is so skinny and light.

Someone in the front of the class is talking about a ghost of a student who died a long time ago. If any of you guys go to that room and pick up the document we want you to, we will buy drinks! Everyone cheers but they also wonder how they can go to that room. The older people think that is not scary, lol. it is only scary for younger people.

Everyone is outside and wondering who will go in next. JJ goes inside! She doesn’t look super scared but she does say that it is really spooky. There is a ghost there, omg, but JJ doesn’t see her. She goes to the book section and remembers what happened before in a flashback! She also did this when she was young and realizes it is all not real. She knows what will happen, lol. So now she just pretends like she is scared. She starts to scare the other person lol! She said she remembers that he was hiding there.

Mannequin guy – Why did that freshman die here?

JJ scares him as well, lol.

JJ – okay, everyone went out, so now I should find that thing.

Everyone is outside screaming. The ROTC guys is inside and says, “Has it all ended?” He is about to leave and sees JJ. He hides.

JJ – Red envelope, red envelope, ah, I found it! I got it, so everyone will eat a lot tonight, this isn’t fun, young kids.

But then she starts to fall off the ladder and the ROTC guy runs and grabs her! He spins her around and it looks so 90’s lol! They look at each other and ROTC’s heart is pumping hard.

He drops her and she backs up and hits the stares, the stares all and he pulls her and blocks her from it with his body!


The ballerina wakes up because she is hungry and BD tells her that they should go eat. She doesn’t want to eat. he keeps trying to get her to eat. It’s a pretty cute scene.

[internet problems]

JJ – Why is my heart pounding, he is so young
?? – You should tell me you are hiding
?? – I didn’t do anything to you, you rescued me because I’m in front of you
?? – Thank you
?? – It’s ended, aren’t you going out
ROTC – Its a man’s leg
JJ – You are a man? It is swollen, you rescued someone very softly, it will last forever
R – It’s okay, why are you talking to me in banmal?

She tries to sturdy him
R – What are you doing?
JJ – Let’s go
R – Don’t do things like this, I told you

BD – Thank you, we enjoyed the meal!
Ballerina – I went crazy, I shouldn’t have eaten this

BD bought her some sneakers by measuring the size of her ballet pointe shoes and bought some that are her size. She is shocked. He tells her that they need to workout because they ate a lot. They start to walk around and it is dark out.

BD – You shouldn’t be under too much stress after you do it you can recover, doctors tell patients to just do it once in a while
B – Who told you this
BD – My wife~ my sister did when she was pregnant
B – You couldn’t even talk to me not so long ago, but all of a sudden you ask me my number, you are a different person
BD – You knew I was hiding?
B – I never saw someone hiding so obviously
BD – Forget about that guy from a few days ago

They are standing next to a gorgeous night scene of Seoul
B – Wow!
BD – So nice, Seoul’s air was like this with no pollution
B – What is small particle pollution
BD – It is the air from China
B – China sells air?
BD – You will know it in the future
B – How did you know my shoe size
BD – I just looked at it, eyeballed it

They smile at each other as if they are falling in love.


The history department is out drinking and they say they never thought JJ could do it. JJ said ghosts aren’t scary, people are scarier. She looks at ROTC and then tells him to put some ice on his leg. He is acting all tough.

R – What are you doing?
JJ – You got hurt because of me so I shouldn’t just forget about it. (she speaks like an ajumma) so until the swelling goes down, just put it there.
R – Why is she using banmal to me?

Some cute music starts to play and JJ is having a fun time drinking one-shots and being ajumma-like and lively with a cute young face. It looks like ROTC guy is in love with her now.

JJ – Seoul-ah, why don’t you drink
S – You and me, we don’t drink
JJ – Let’s drink, when you get married you won’t be able to drink because you won’t have time
S – I don’t like drunk people
JJ – Seoul-ah, it is okay to be a little loose, you get loose and broken when you are young, when you do it when you are old it looks dirty and pitiful

Group History Cheer – If you don’t remember your history then there is no future for you!

The girl is drinking. Fast forward and almost all the people a drunk. S is drunk as well. She is super drunk and is packing up all the food. JJ is also drunk and hits her head on the table.

JJ – Ah, it hurts.

Everyone starts laughing, you didn’t break the table yet? She starts laughing at herself.

Take care of Sul-hee, take her home to the dormitory, she shouldn’t be late for the headcount.
S – Take a piece of chicken.

ROTC guy is looking at her. JJ is barely walking straight. He follows her and watches her walking. JJ gets on the bus and the ROTC guy is on the back of the bus. JJ makes a cute small foot on the window with her face, (that is so cool, I didn’t know you could do that). She thinks of Seo-jin and starts crying. She starts balling and the ROTC guy is looking at her from the very back of the bus. Jang Nara is a great cryer, omg.

She gets home and ROTC guy looks at her go inside. He is contemplative and then he walks away.


BD – If you want to eat, just let me know, you are too young to just suppress your desire
B – Thank you, I always won the high school, youth competitions because I endured all the pain, thank you so much, I want to know you more. My bus is here, bye, I’m leaving.
BD – bye! bye! (waits for her to leave) Yes! Yes! Yes! Ah, good job, good job, good job!

But then he sees JJ’s parents walking. He is completely frozen, he can’t move at all. It looks like he is gripping his bag a lot tighter as well. He looks concerned and then he turns and watches them walk away.

JJ wakes up and says that she is still there. She looks at her ring mark, it is still there too. She does some dishes and her Mom is stunned.

Mom – Why are you doing dishes, are you going to get married
JJ – I don’t have to get married to do dishes
Mom – You will do it all the time, you don’t have to do it
JJ – You do it until you die, you can take a break, just take a break

Mom – how much is it?
(5000 won)
M is the only one who likes grapes, everyone else likes watermelon so she never eats them. But JJ says she also likes grapes and wants to eat them like Umma.

They walk up the hill and M says she forgot to pick up something. JJ says she will go pick it up and for Umma to go home. Umma sees a lot of grapes outside their house and wonders who did it. Aw, it looks like BD gave them to her, but he is hiding. Some thug runs into her and Umma says the thug should say sorry to her because it made her drop her things. They argue about it. The thug says, what should he do, what should he do? And BD comes out and pushes the thug

BD – You hit an older woman, you have to say sorry!
Thug – wow, who are you, why do you care
BD – I am her son, why!
Thug – son? Ah, it is your lucky day
BD – Are you okay?
M – Yes, yes
BD – Here
M – Thank you, your mom will be super happy and safe with you, I only have two daughters.

Flash forward to their wedding and Umma says that she doesn’t have any sons, but now she has a big son for free.

JJ gets there and yells at BD to leave. Umma goes inside.

BD – Just stopping by
JJ – How come you came here, how dare you, you came here to see my mom?

Flashforward and BD is crying at JJ’s Mom’s funeral. He says he is sorry mother-in-law, he is really sorry, really really sorry. JJ hits him a lot at the funeral.

The End

JJ hugs her Mom.
Are you dating Young Boram?
{Lots of scenes from the college, hard to catch it, they went by way to fast!}
ROTC – It’s not a confession, I am seducing you!

Wow, this episode was so good! The mystery behind the mom’s death is really picking up.

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