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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 3

Hello hello hello! Let’s get this party started. First things first, our internet is janky (fine for surfing, but not so fine for streaming) which could give us some problems. But we are still going to try and do the dang thang with this live recap! Hopefully it won’t be too bad, but if it is really bad then we will just go back through it again and fill in a lot.

If you have never done a live recap with us, here is the gist of it:

1. We post the live recap ~1 hour before airing.
2. We update the post around every 10 minutes give or take.
3. We try to catch as much as we can, but it’s live so we miss stuff.
4. When it’s all done I go back and check for typos (there will be a lot) and fix short hand.
5. Sometimes we fill in dialogue or scenes if we have time.
6. Sometimes we take screen caps or post things from the Soompi or DC Inside forums (like dialogue updates, gifs, images), but only if we have a lot of time on our hands.
7. Updates are always at the very bottom of the post.

Check the Fight for My Way recaps to get an overall idea.

Shorthand (still a work in progress)
Jin Joo – JJ
Ban Do – BD
Parents are usually JJ Mom/JJM or BD Dad/ BDD or just M or D or something similar
Friends are usually just Friend or F


{waiting for airing…complete}


Okay, it was airing and then it went back to commercials. Weird. Alright it’s back on! They show several scenes from what happened in episodes 1 and 2 from the present. Things like how their life was and how they went back in time. Then they update us on how they were in the past, also by showing scenes from the first 2 episodes.

We start with a nightclub scene with people dancing in 2004. Some girls are dancing and having a great time. One of them gets a phone call

Friend – whats going on, I can’t hear you
JJ – Eunnie, ah, I will call you back

JJ is already married and sitting at home looking depressed. She is still working at this time but both of their salaries aren’t enough to pay off all the bills. She talks about how when they were younger they could look forward to the future, in your 20s you have a right to enjoy your shining life, but for them, they didn’t enjoy their 20s at all (for the main couple), but it looks like their friends did.

PAST 1999
Radio – enjoy your young life because it disappears so quickly
Two of the friends are drinking makgeolli together, but they are not pouring drinks for each other. The friend is a feminist and wants to pour her own drink. A very famous song is playing from back then. She doesn’t like this song (It is Drunken Confession). She has a tirade about not liking the song so she starts drinking. But he passes out before her, lol! He is a very lightweight when it comes to drinking.

She carries him to the boy’s dorm and drops him off there. He falls asleep on the floor of the entrance and stays there all night until morning.

She has woken up and screamed, she thought she would go back to her own life but she is still in her 20s. Her family thinks something is wrong with her.


He is also super happy that he woke up and is still 20

She continues to ignore her Dad and treat him meanly. He’s wondering why she is treating him that way.

He is wondering if he will stay in his 20s forever? He will have to go to the army again, but he thinks that is better than his old life. He starts looking around and finds an old famous Chinese movie (Bee Jung Jung) with a famous dancing scene in it. He says he is really going to enjoy his new life.

Internet stopped ARGHHHHHHH

Okay, it started again! Okay, they are at the dinner table and BD is talking about making money in the future and his family thinks he is crazy. his Dad goes absolutely insane and tells his son to just study STUDY STUDY!! BD says to trust him, but his Dad just yells at him to study with a bat or hammer or something and chases him around the room.

Then it cuts to an empty room, BD sold all his belongings and has a lot of cash now. He feels so great in his young body with some cash and takes off running. His friends think he is trying to catch the bus so they tell the bus driver to stop, but BD runs past the bus, lol. He just wants to run.

JJ is on a taxi and thinks that she has to see BD first. She tries to pay the taxi with a card but the driver is a real driver this time and says it won’t work. She looks for her purse and remembers that she dropped it in the last taxi. She reaches into her pocket and gets her appa’s cash and gives it to the taxi driver.

he is in his ROTC uniform and gets out of his car. JJ is looking for BD but can’t find him. Then she hides when she sees the ROTC guy and remembers embarrassing him. She thinks he will think she is crazy.

Her friends see her hiding and say that she is human so she is hiding from him because she made him embarrassed. JJ’s friends show up as well and try to have some small talk with them. JJ tries to kick them to go away and the ROTC guy sees this, lol. It looks really funny. Now it looks like the ROTC guy thinks JJ likes one of BDs friends.

Everyone leaves (after a little small talk) and we cut to ballerinas in the studio. It looks like BDs crush is super famous with the boys, they all like her but she doesn’t give them anytime. BD is peaking in on them as well. We see a flashback to were BD couldn’t confess to her that he liked her. He was strange, but all of a sudden he is mature. The ballerina is thinking these things. His friends told him in the future that if he goes back he still won’t be able to date her. he uses this as strength to approach her and he introdus=ces himself and gives her some tea. He tells her she is good and she says thank you. he also gives her friends some drinks too and says “See you later.” Then he tells her that he wants her phone number later and when he has it he wants to greet her as a person he knows.

His friends can’t believe that he got the ballerinas phone number. BD tells them that he is not the same guy. He is experienced as an older man but has a young body like Ironman. They ask if he confessed to her and BD says you have to take all these steps but the friends don’t get it and just start laughing right away. They say that a ton of guys like her so he should just give up. BD says why should he confess, young guys, like to confess, but you have to date first and then confess. He thinks he can’t talk to these young boys.

They start to drink some traditional medicine, but it is too bitter. BD grabs it and starts drinking it like nothing, lol.

JJ goes into the classroom and yells at BD “YAAAA” she behaves just like an ajumma. Everyone turns to look at her and she quietly walks to BD and tells him that she needs to talk to him, but then class starts and she has to sit down so she tells him that she will talk to him later.

BD’s friends think JJ is scary and has a problem controlling her anger. The teacher tells them to do some type of assignment. Think about someone you want to write about or are interested in. JJ wasn’t supposed to write the name, but she writes the name. People write all these bad things about someone and give it to them. JJ always says “Jong pang-i” to him which means stingy or narrow-minded. So now BD knows that she is from the future as well. He tells her that they need to talk and pulls her out of the classroom. The friends think it is weird like some crazy love.


They go outside and start talking a lot of smack to each other. Now they both know that they are from the future.

JJ – So what happened, why are we here
JJ – I thought when we woke up we would go back, we might be here forever
BD – Think about it, you became super young, 20 years old, when we go back we are old and divorced, I like this life
BD – I will enjoy this life, we can enjoy our life separately, bye
JJ – Okay, bye
BD – Fighting!

But then when BD walks away he wonders why they both went back in time together. He remembers JJ saying that she was so pitiful and suffering so much in the future.

Professor – If I were your age I would do everything, I would enjoy your life, youth won’t wait for you, so write down your bucket list that you want to do in your early 20s.

JJ starts to write her bucket list.

JJ tells her friends that they should play and do something outside but her friends are tired and took too many classes. JJ calls them youngsters and that their youth won’t last forever. They joke with her that she is a grandma and they tells her that young people drink and dance and go to nigh clubs. They are shocked that JJ wants to go. They tell her that she really didn’t want to go there before, but she wants to go there now? Okay, let’s go!

They step out to go to the nightclub and they each have their own small scene with what they are wearing. It’s a really cute scene. But they get to an area with a steep decline and can’t walk down it because they are wearing high heels. JJ starts to go too fast and can’t stop. The ROTC guy is at the bottom of the steep decline and watches the entire scene. He doesn’t know what to do, if he stays there then she will crash into him. She tells him to move. Move! But instead of moving he grabs her and stops her progress! They have a very nice hug and it looks so special.

He tells her that she landed, so she can leave. She tells him that he doesn’t smell today. Then she yells sorry at him and he wonders who she is. He looks so embarrassed, lol.

They saw the whole scene happen and think that they should stand down there so a girl will fall into their arms too. JJ doesn’t look happy.

The friends said they never thought they would go to a nightclub with JJ. Flash forward and they are wondering why they walked around with that type of makeup (Bad past). Then back to the past and her friend is putting on all this bad makeup, lol.

The waiter realizes that it is JJ’s first time and wants to introduce her to some men. The waiter drags all three of them away.

He is at the nightclub and is telling his future wife that he is studying and to sleep well. But then he tells his friend that B**ch doesn’t go to sleep. He is a pretty bad person. The friend tells him to pick someone and the Bad Doctor picks Jang Nara.

They are at the club too and are in a private room. BD tells them that he will buy everything so just order whatever they want! If you like someone, give them whiskey, if you don’t like them then give them beer. They have some girls in and the long hair friend tries to give her beer, but she says she wants whiskey. It looks like the girls work at the club and are not in college. The friends can’t talk to women, but BD is really good at that. He has a lot of jokes because he had to memorize them all for his job in the future.

They are also in a private room and the bad guy is there. he asks how old she is and she says she is 38, lol. then she says she is 20. he tells her that he is 26, he is Oppa. the friend says he should use Jongdemal and he says okay he will. But JJ says it is okay, he can use banmal. The friend of the bad guy says they should drink a lot. Cut to the friend passed out on the table. They decide to leave and go dancing tot he techno music outside. But before they leave the bad doctor gives JJ his phone number.

Everyone is dancing and having a good time. The music is pretty good too. I need to check out some of these 90s songs.


BD and JJ bump into each other while dancing! Lol. He says she is going to nightclubs now and she says yes and they talk about how they can have their own new lives now! and goes back and dances the horse dance, from Gangnam style, lol.

he is at the spot where he caught JJ and remembers the scene. It looks like he is starting to fall for her. Another guy comes up and asks if he is waiting for someone and he says no and leaves.

JJ, BD, and Friends are in a private room. Oh, it looks like JJ is drinking by herself outside in the club. She says that BD ruined her mood and pulls out the guy’s name and number. She tells the waiter that she wants to have a blind date

They are drinking a lot and the guy loses. She says if he wants a challenge she will be there. BD says she looks cute and the friend says, “Are you challenging me?” The friend is basically running the room. The friend then tells the baseball guy that he said he would see her later and he should keep the promise. Then a waiter rushes in and tells them that their friend is all drunk!


JJ Is super drunk and on the mic. BD says she has dementia or something. JJ tells BD that he is jong pang-i (all the bad things, stingy and all that) and tells him that she got someone else’s phone number. The crowd cheers. She then tells the bad doctor that he is the one that liked her. DB does not like that the doctor likes her. Then she addresses BD and says that because of him her life is destroyed and what is he going to do with Seo Jin-i, their son. So now everyone is shocked and thinks these 20-year-olds had a baby together? Then the long-haired friend throws up everywhere, IT IS SO GROSS. JJ keeps talking about Jong pang-i, but someone takes the mic and everyone looks at the long-haired friend who is throwing up everywhere. The baseball friend ignores him, lol.

The bouncers take the long-haired guy out and tell him not to ever come again. The baseball friend gathers him up and BD sees JJ walking away. What JJ said is in his head. What is he going to do with Seo Jin-i? He is thinking about this deeply and it fades out.

Broadcast – This summer, what kind of summer will come to us? Let’s listen to some songs.

BD – Ya, JJ
JJ – What are you doing?
BD – Come here
JJ – What?
BD – Do you know what kind of guy he is?
JJ – What
BD – Give me the phone number, do you really think you are 20?
JJ – If I get a phone number from a guy or not
BD – Don’t contact him, he is a really bad guy
JJ – What do you care?


BD – So are you telling everyone that we are divorced and have a baby?
JJ – That is the truth
BD – Fact, you are me, we go to hell if everyone knows about it

(Everyone is hearing this)

JJ – It is not the same, does your first love know that you are divorced with a kid
BD – No-one knows that I am married, you also have a baby and are married
JJ – I am going to get all the divorce money from you.
BD – I am a student, I don’t have money I won’t give you money!
JJ – Jong pang-i!
BD – You like small money

2004, JJ is sitting on a couch with BD and they are talking about how they don’t have money, how will they survive. You can live with my love! Kiss kiss kiss. They are still happy and in love.

BD – I made a contract, I am the first one making this much as a rookie
JJ – Ah, good job, good job, by the way, what do you think if we didn’t get married?
BD – What? We just play and waste money, but I want to waste money like others
JJ – Do you have anything to do, let’s say it at the same time
JJ and BD – Nightclub!

And they went to a nightclub together in the past (when they were in 1999)

JJ – My young life was like spring with no flowers, but it came back with a better and stronger impact.

JJ’s parents – Jinjoo threw it away (a plant), why did you pick it up again? It is not dead yet, I can give it more water.

They are talking about the radio broadcast. JJ talks to the ballerina and she thinks he is different than before, she says she wants to know him better.

Wow, we are really getting the kinks out! But it feels really good to be doing live recaps again. We hope everyone enjoyed it. See you tomorrow for Episode 4!

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