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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 12 Final

Go Back Spouses Live recap Final Episode
Okay y’all, it’s the last episode! We heard through the grapevine that todays episode is 80 minutes! Like for real for real. I’m a little scared because after yesterdays ending I don’t know what to believe anymore. Is this writer going to give us a Lovers in Paris? A Goblin? HELP ME UNDERSTAND.

Everyone here already knows this, but for any new people…we update the live recap around every 10 minutes (sometimes sooner, sometimes later). Despite my best effort, there will be hella typos, but I try to correct them (quickly-ish) after the recap ends. Feel free to copy and share the recap to your hearts desire. We don’t mind. Also, we’re happy to have you here!

Okay, let’s get on to the recap.

JJ/J – Jin-joo
BD – Ban-do
ROTC/R – Nam-gil

Start time – 23:00 Seoul
Countdown – Editing! Also, I loved this episode!


BANDO IS talking on the phone and drinking. It is the end of the last episode where JJ tells her she is crying and should she cry by herself. BD tells her not to cry, he is going to her right now! He gets up and leaves.

ROTC smiles and sees JJ on the other side of the street. The ball rolls into the street and the baby runs to get it. JJ runs in after him and everyone is yelling. Its slow motion and BD runs up and pushes the two of them out of the way and then gets hit by the car.

The rings roll on the street.

JJ runs up to BD and grabs his head and yells at him. She is yelling, what should we do! What should we do! No! Yobo! Wake up! and cries as she yells at him. A tear comes from Ban-do’s eye and he closes his eyes.

They are rolling BD down the hospital hallway. ROTC is there as well. BD goes into surgery and JJ collapses on the floor. She is still crying a lot. ROTC is standing next to her. He doesn’t know what to do.

The cactus is growing. It looks great. Mom and Dad are talking about the cactus.

He is thinking back to the hospital. JJ is saying she is the family member but the nurse doesn’t believe her. ROTC is thinking of all those things. BDs Mom and Dad come to the hospital in a hurry and JJ calls them Omoni (Mother-in-law). ROTC is thinking about all of this

The nurse still tells JJ that she can’t see BD. he is recovering. JJ thinks it isn’t good since she can’t see him. Omoni is there and talks to JJ outside. She wants to know if JJ is BDs girlfriend. She says JJ cried more than her and that BD is awake and he is better now. She can go home and Omoni will give her a call later. JJ wants to know if BD is really okay. The Mom says the surgery went well and the recovery went well so don’t worry. BD says okay and smiles and leaves.

JJ – Omoni says don’t come home to quickly because Appa is talking too much about having a baby. I like Omoni saying uri Jin-joo, not daughter in law or agaya. I like my mother-in-law.

Omoni is walking away from JJ and JJ runs up to her and back hugs her. She tells her to not worry too much.

Inside the hospital, BD is sitting up in his bed. His mom shows up inside and tells him that she left. Why do you tunnel away? You rescued your life to rescue her. She is a pretty and nice girl. BD tells his mom that JJ was really good to her, even though she doesn’t remember it. Mom tells BD that he says strange things lately.

Hair friend shows up because BD told him to come. He wonders why JJ isn’t seeing him. Hair friend goes inside and JJ goes in after him. She looks pissed. They go somewhere to talk.

JJ – Why did you do that, that day I thought you were dead and the world collapsed, I couldn’t breathe, that little moment was so scary. All my cells were standing on end like my mom died. I couldn’t do anything. Because I am not your family. I couldn’t make you get the surgery. Why did you do that? Why are you avoiding me?

BD – Sorry, I am sorry.
JJ – Why are you doing this to me, why?
BD – I could see when I am almost facing death, what I did to other people only for my own benefit. You said that you have more life to live. I don’t know how to go back. JJ forget everything and live with your mom here.
JJ – What?
BD – I thought my true mind will work, I’m not confident to make you happy.
JJ – What about our Seojin? You let go of our Seojin also, is that true?
BD – For me, my son in my head, you are more important than our son in my head (you are like my heart and Seojin is in his head)

A nurse gives BD the couple rings and says they found it at the site. BD looks at it in his hospital bed. he breaks down and cries a lot while thinking of JJ enjoying all her time with her mom. BD – I am really sorry. he keeps crying super tears and holds the rings to his chest. BD – Appa is sorry, appa is sorry.

JJ sleeps with her mom like a little baby and she is crying as well. Appa wants to know why JJ is crying. Umma doesn’t ask, she just holds JJ and lets her cry as they sleep.

In the morning JJ is still sleeping. Mom comes in and wakes her up. Someone is outside, a man.

JJ goes outside and it is ROTC. JJ is wearing her pajamas and looking haggard and ROTC looks sexy as always.

JJ – Why no notice…
R – If I tell you to hang out then you won’t come.
JJ – ???
R – Today is my birthday! Can we hang out just today?

JJ’s parents are watching them.
Dad – He is the son of the CEO. Wow, he looks really rich.

This is the tryout for the competition. They are putting all the teams together and everyone thinks the strong-willed friend will be the center of the team. The buff friend is still practicing and everyone is shocked that he is there. He goes up to try out.

His tryout scene.

It looks like everyone is amazed at buff friends try out. They are sitting up in their seats and watching him.

Flashback – The girlfriend is yelling to not judge people based on their look and the buff friend heard her. So he goes back inside and practices all night long.

Back to the tryouts and the boyfriend is doing all the moves well.

Coach – Wow, Ahn Jae-woo, you improved a lot. (clapping) Good job, but you are not good enough, you are in the ensemble.
Friend – I want to be the center
Coach – Huh?
Buff friend – Never mind (collapses, lol)

Meanwhile, ROTC and JJ are in the car and he says the birthday boy can pick the place they go to.

At the cheerleading competition, it looks like the strong-willed friend failed on purpose. Her boyfriend is upset with her but she says that she wants to be his partner more than the center. The effort is the most important, not being first and his effort is the best. They play hit each other and hug it out. They are happy.

ROTC prepared a lot of food. There is a lot of kimbap there and JJ is telling him that he made the kimbap so well. He also made teukboki and soondae. JJ is shocked that he made everything. She thinks he caught it. He said he prepared it but he didn’t make it, he put everything in the container. flashback to him putting everything together with the help of an ajumma at a store.
ROTC – I just want to do it because I wanted to have the feeling that a mom prepared it.
JJ – It tastes good!

She feeds him and he finally gets to eat from her hand! He smiles and says it tastes good.

All the friends come in and hang out with BD. It looks like they brought him alcohol? Some bear or something. They go to the rooftop to drink. Hair friend is still crying because he is going to the army. The buff friend tells him not to cry and everyone says buff friend cries a lot, all the time. They cheer up the hair friend and say 2 years will pass like nothing. BD tells everyone the stages to recruitment

Stages to recruitment:
1st stage denial
2nd stage anger
3rd stage compromise and depressed (he gives away everything to his friends)
4th stage acceptance.

Friend – What is he doing?
BD – Remembering your telephone numbers.
f – If you call me I won’t return your calls!
The nice friend returns his things.

Now they all start to talk about how BD and JJ love each other and how everyone knows. Only stupid people don’t know it.

JJ – Thank you for that day.
R – I didn’t help you for you to be thankful, he should be thankful
JJ – We are close friends
R – Last time I rescued you and BD thanked me. When he is thankful, you are thankful and vice versa. You don’t give me any room to fit in. Let’s go, I have another place to go to.

ROTC’s stepmom is at the traditional market because the ingredients are fresher and she runs into JJ’s mom. JJ’s mom is shopping for the food as well. ROTC’s mom watches JJ’s mom.

they are at a playground sitting on the swing and talking. ROTC says he feared the playground the most when he was little because he was always the last kid at the playground after the moms picked everyone up. He was always afraid to be the last kid there. He wanted to live normally like other people with their mom but he mom wasn’t there for him.

JJ – Because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it is easy. Living like a mom looks like nothing, but it is difficult work. My past, present, future, feels like it is disappearing. My existence feels like nothing and like it is not important. (flashback to her life as a mom). So, becoming a mom has a lot of pressure because the mom should be the strongest person in the world, so your mom maybe couldn’t’ do it, not because she didn’t do it but because she is human.

R – I don’t understand you sometimes when I am with you I feel comfortable like I am a good person also. I understand you after liking you so much, what you are looking at. (flashback to her saying yobo on the street to Ban-do) So I have to tell you now, I like you so much. I am just letting you know, you don’t know you are pretty.

JJ – (hugging ROTC by the neck) Thank you for liking me, I feel like I am still a woman, you don’t know yourself well, you are a really warm person, you don’t know how, but you help a little kitty cat crying and lonely people and you can see other people’s wounds. You grew up so nice and straight. (still hugging, he smiles)

Cut to them standing.

JJ – Today is not your birthday, I saw your ID, am I really your first love?
R – Yes.
JJ – Being the first love is really good, I didn’t even notice you were behind me and cheering me. You were like that before too, sorry and thank you.
R – I will drop you off.
JJ – No, I think it is better to say bye here. I don’t want to leave you alone here, you should leave first. (So he isn’t the last on the playground)
R – Okay, I am leaving (he walks away but turns back)

ROTC is kind of tearing up a little maybe? But he turns back and keeps walking away. Poor guy, he has it all but love.

Umma comes in and asks Jj if she wants to drink? They go to the living room and have some drinks and eat. They chat about drinking and all those things. JJ tells her mom that she is really pretty and she wanted to tell her this. Mom says her daughter is also pretty and Jj says of course because she is her daughter. They start to sing a song about not looking at each other so sadly, it is the past, I will not forget it, if it rains like this over the windows, I will remember the past, don’t look at me so sadly…it is the past but I won’t forget it.

JJ says her mom is the best singer and then JJ lays with her Mom on the couch and they talk about how their daughter is pretty and how her mom is pretty. Then Mom tells her it is time to go to her kid….!

JJ – Mom?

Flashback to Umma and Appa talking about the cactus. Appa leaves and Umma finds a letter in the drawer. The letter says, “To my lovely Mom.” She opens it and reads it. But we don’t know what it says…

We see a flashback to everything that JJ did that made it seem like she was acting weird. it is a really pretty montage of all those scenes and I’m getting kind of teary-eyed.

Bucket list
1. Go to a nightclub
2. Take a bath with mom
3. Norebang with mom
4. Bye-bye with mom

She did everything on the bucket list and Mom is thinking back to JJ asking her to do all these things.

Back to the couch.
Mom- I don’t know what is going on but I know one thing, you can live without parents, but you can’t live without kids. Don’t cry, whatever any sadness happens you will be numb and then you will be stronger
JJ – I can’t forget it, I am always sad and I always want to see you. How can I be strong and numb?
Mom – when you raise kids you can do it, you can do everything.

They hug and JJ cries into her Mom. This scene is so satisfying, I love it.

BD is looking at the ring and decides to go out. The nurse doesn’t want him to go out, but he wants to go out. He walks somewhere outside and sees a mom with her son. His fists clench and then he starts to run somewhere. He runs to some place that is under renovation? Then he sees JJ there!

JJ smiles as she sees him and tells him lets go. Let’s go to our home. They must be standing in the spot where their apartment is going to be in the future. They hug and cry.

Stepmom – Going to school?
R – Yes.
Stepmom – Your dad quit his job so you won’t be hurt (she made the same jumokbap from the ingredients that JJ’s mom bought at the market)
She gives it to ROTC and ROTC looks at it and smiles.

The couple is all dressed up and looking nice. They tell each other that they are there and to not be nervous. They go into the competition. They are ready to perform!

Everyone is watching them in the gymnasium as they perform the competition. Hair friend and nice friends are there watching the competition. They want the cheerleader friends to date forever.

Cut to the hair friend at the barber. He has to cut his hair for the army. He tells the barber to give him as cut a haircut as possible and the barber says there is no cute army haircut, he is going to shave his head. A popular song is playing about going to the army. He comes out with the short haircut and looks manly at first, but then says that his hair is so short and it’s really cold outside, lol.

BD and Jj are eating there and Mom gives BD and JJ the last two chicken legs. Appa is all like, what about me? And she says she will make him some more later. BD laughs a little at that.

Mom – if the place you go to and I am not there, take care of your dad. You dad, he can’t live without me.

Flash forward? Appa wakes up in the future, maybe after she died. He is eating all the refrigerator food and sitting by himself and watching tv by himself. BD comes to visit him and Appa looks so happy. Appa tells BD that he will not get married maybe? This isn’t clear.

Back to the dinner and Mom tells JJ to take care of her dad.

JJ and BD are outside and BD wants to know why their friends broke up. JJ says that her friend can’t have kids and buff friend is the only son for 3 generations, so her friend just let him go. They said they even had a hard time having kids.

BD says, let’s go back to see Seojin-i. They pull out the rings and put them on. They look at the rings and BD says, let’s kiss. They kiss on the steps for a long time but nothing is happening. They said they love each other and kiss some more. The cactus is flowering!

Fade to white.

JJ is in bed sleeping. She blinks her eyes open then hops up. She looks to the right and BD is not there, but then she sees Seojin! She is shocked and starts to cry. This baby is so cute. She picks him up and says, Mom came back. Then BD comes bursting in and picks up Seo-jin and Seojin says Mom, mom. They hug.

VO – BD said that maybe we just took a little trip and we left our trip to come back home.

He is on a blind date with someone. It is at a hotel and another person is behind them on another blind date. The man says looks are important and the woman goes off on him, lol. It’s Borum. They see each other and their music plays.

They are visiting him at a cafe and Grandpa is doting over Seojin. JJ and BD go outside and Jj tells him that their friends are getting married. They will live freely without kids and travel.

JJ – Mom and Dad are here?
BD – They will be here soon.

A rich looking car pulls up. BDs parents hop out looking fabulous.

BD – Your clothes, this car, what happened?

Appa tells them that they have so much money because of BD, are they talking about that again? Ah, BD told his dad all the real estate stuff so the dad remembered and made a lot of money. Dad says they are rich, not BD and JJ. They all laugh. Lol, his parents are super rich now. They go inside.

Everyone is having a good time eating and talking about the baby. They joke about the water fight from a long time ago on the mountain.

Cut to the bad doctor. Someone is telling his wife that he won’t be home because of a meeting or something. The bad doctor loos annoyed. The man is very handsome and then his wife walks in. It is the rich woman that the bad doctor used to date. So the rich girl met a really nice handsome guy! Missed a lot of this part but that is the gist.

Sulhee is a travel writer. She says she will let her know when she comes to Korea. BD and JJ talk about how that is great and how Sulhee is a superwoman. They get a phone call and the court said if they don’t submit the paperwork then their divorce is canceled. They are happy about that.

They walk outside in a park and ROTC passes them. JJ turns to see him and it looks like he also has a kid. She turns, she is happy. Then he turns around and looks at her, he smiles.

VO – When we face the world, you are forever fighting, we lived like this.

50 years before in the sky world?

They are gods and they are fighting. JJ calls BD jangpangi. BD tells her that he is a god and they should do this. JJ tells him that she is also a god. She says jongpang a lot and says the same lines that JJ said previously.

They say let’s get divorced and they throw their rings and the rings fall to the earth. The rings land in the shop and earth JJ and BD bought the rings.

Saleslady – These are the rings of gods that make your wish come true.

They try on the rings and JJ says that they should buy those rings.

Wish – Please make us not get separated forever! The hold hands and look at each other.


The credits are still running, but I think this is the end!

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        I liked it, except for the part where I don’t know what happened to Go DokJae. Cham, Doctor Terrible is still cheating around even though he has a wife… though his “almost-wife” found herself a man who’s still smitten long after their honeymoon! Whoo!

        Ha at BanDo’s parents having so much money that they willy-nilly decide to buy and move into the apartment opposite their son’s just so they can see their grandson any time and JinJoo’s head-shake of terror.

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            I am no better than you! (Am I’m stagnating because I’m getting lazy with my Korean studies…eek!) How do you type and translate everything so fast too! You even have JinJoo’s Bucket List in your live cap!

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    I am also curious as to what happened to the hair friend. I may need to watch when the subs come pour to see if they mentioned it maybe?

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