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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 11

Live Recap Go Back Couple
Are you prepared for this Mama, Jin-joo, Ban-do cry fest encounter of the third kind we are about to be exposed to? Because I’m not. All the feels are out y’all and that had to be hard for Ban-do, especially with how traditional his family dynamics are, but he did it. He did it in the most exposed way possible holding this box of grapes and apologizing with all his heart and soul as he cried into the abyss. As Oprah and Beyonce say, “Those were ugly tears y’all.” That’s when you know, man. That’s when you know.

Okay, I’m ready for this recap.

Just so you know, we update the live recap around every 10 minutes (sometimes sooner, sometimes later). Despite my best effort, there will be hella typos, but I try to correct them (quickly-ish) after the recap ends.

JJ/J – Jin-joo
BD – Ban-do
ROTC/R – Nam-gil

Start time – 23:00 Seoul
Countdown – Somewhat Edited 🙂


It is right after the funeral, BD and JJ just got home. BD tried to hold JJ’s hand but she let it go. Flashback to her telling him to come back quickly and him at the jail yelling that he has to go home. She shows up at the jail and cry/yells at him.

JJ – Why are you doing this to me? Because of you, I missed her last moments.

Back at the apartment and JJ goes in a corner and cries some more. BD sits on the couch.

VO – It was no one’s fault, but sometimes our minds don’t cross.

BD slept on the couch all night. JJ comes out and looks at her with her fists clenched. She just stares at him like that. he wakes up on the couch and sits up. JJ prepared his breakfast and left a letter that says, “Eat”. She is not there though. Ah, she is in the bedroom looking at the photos of her mom.

Now they are watching tv and JJ laughed a little. BD is surprised and laughs a little as well. But that is it.

Now it is night time and JJ is looking at her mom’s picture inside. BD is outside the door. He comes home and JJ quickly hides her mom’s picture. They talk about if they ate or not and his dads birthday and all those things.

VO – That time we had to reserve our misunderstanding because we thought time would cure everything.

Cut to the first episode where they decide to divorce and are yelling at each other on the phone.

VO – Our misunderstanding became super big all of a sudden and swallowed us.


BD is standing outside JJ’s home with the grapes. He says what he said at the end of the last episode.

BD – Why am I like this all the time. I have never been untruthful, I tried so hard. But it all became messed up like today from ten years ago. Why has everything…I tried so hard to live well, but why am I always sorry. I want to see your mom like you. I wanted to see your Mom like you.

Mom comes in. They are all shocked and everyone is quiet.

Mom – what the H is going on? You look young. Have you married already? Why are you crying here? Why are you crying too? Maybe, are you having a relationship with this guy?

JJ – Don’t think about something strange. It is about our friend at school. It’s like that.

Mom – Did you eat?

They all go inside and Mom gives BD some rice. He is sitting at the table. JJ says she shouldn’t do this, but Mom says for them to just eat together.

Flashback to the first visit when he is asking for JJs hand in marriage. Appa thinks JJ is still too young. Mom thinks JJ is pregnant and starts to hit JJ, but BD puts his body over her and protects her.

Another flashback and BD gives JJ’s mom pocket money. he said he make money to give her some pocket money so if he doesn’t take it then he will be sad. Mom is happy and takes it. Then BD runs off to play with his father-in-law.

Now flash to the future and Mom has just passed away. BD is drinking soju with JJ’s dad.

JJ Dad – I should have fought or argued. The gods separated us because we are so close. At least I have you. Son-in-law, thank you so much.

Right after they got married. JJ’s mom and dad are here and asking BD all these questions about his stats. Dad wants to grill him but Mom says it is just a little meal for them that is nothing special. (But the meal is super great). BD says a joke about this and they all laugh.

Now back to 1999.
They are eating this simple meal and BD is happy that he gets to see JJ’s Mom. it is a somber scene and everyone is eating slowly. Mom keeps giving all the fish meat to JJ and all the side dishes to JJ and JJ is loving it and smiling. BD is still stoic and eats quietly. They walk him out and JJ Mom tells him to come again, and what does he like to eat? Spicy chicken. She makes it well so come and visit again. BD says yes.

Mom goes back in and Dad wonders why she went out to say bye? Mom says that his gaze is similar to how JJ looks at her, it’s strange. Dad says he doesn’t like him. Mom says dad doesn’t like anyone for his daughters. Mom wonders if BD is his lost son and says its a joke and walks away.

They are talking about the horrible doctor guy and why JJ didn’t tell BD. BD understands that he is never there when she needs him. JJ looks apologetic about saying that.

JJ – you shouldn’t try to feed me, you should eat with me. If I cry you should cry with me.

flashback to the future where BD is pretending like everything is okay after Mom died.

back to 1999

JJ – Even though time passed, in my mind, I couldn’t forget it. I understand the circumstances, so whenever I hated you, I just suppressed it, so why where you so light? Make my sadness so stupid? So, we had a problem, why didn’t you look at me, why didn’t you hug me? You should have cried with me. It’s the past… (crying a little)

BD – I wanted to make you laugh and smile. I was so sorry to you and your mom so I couldn’t do anything back then. I thought it was the only thing I could do. I didn’t want to make you cry. I wanted to make you laugh, just laugh or smile.

JJ – You tell me that so fast.

His family is sitting down to eat without him and BD’s dad is complaining that it is so salty. They say it isn’t salty and he says it is like salt water. Everything is salty. The mom and sister are looking at him like he is crazy. But then he thinks only his food is salty and not anyone else. He complains about that and his wife gets up and leaves. Dad wonders what is wrong and the daughter tells him to think about what might be wrong. then he starts to yell at her to tell him.

Mom – Will you understand if I tell you?
Mom – I told you I don’t’ want to eat house food, I want to eat out! But you took me to a restaurant that sells house food.
Mom – Do I have to tell you everything, are you stupid?

The hair friend is in his yellow jumpsuit and wondering where everyone is. he kicks a can and it hits his sunbae in the head. he hides, lol. Then he apologizes. Confrontation time as sunbae confronts the hair friend and the hair friend bows deeply with all his hair falling in his face. Then the big guy runs away and the hair friend flicks him off! But the big friend sees it and the hair friend changes it to a thumbs up. Then runs away, lol.

They are talking about the grapes and why BD bought the grapes? JJ says he bought it for mom. Mom is confused, me? Then JJ goes into their room and thinks back to her and BD’s conversation on the bench. He just wanted to make her smile, not cry.

Guy cheerleader – If you are not talented then you should quit, look at you, your body is not for cheerleading. It won’t happen.

He is saying this to the buff friend and then someone comes in and says there is a competition coming up. One of the girls’ wonders who the strong-willed friend’s partner will be? They need to pick a good partner so they will do well in the competition. They start to talk about the guys that are there. No one talks about the buff friend. She asks them why and they said he doesn’t look good. She said not to judge someone by their look.

There is a protest going on about the school president/CEO about the increase in tuition or something like that. BD is watching them and then he sees the ballerina looking at him. She is pissed. He thinks back to missing her performance because he beat up the doctor. He tells her he is really sorry, she looks upset but then she laughs and says it was a joke. She didn’t wait for him because she knows he doesn’t like her. She gave it to him to thank him and not as a date. he asks how the performance was and she says that ballerinas have a short professional life but she has something else to do so 20 years later she will be okay. he says that is good and to live life easily. The ballerina says that he doesn’t know himself. She tells him that he likes JJ, he looks so loving every time he looks at her. Maybe JJ doesn’t know it either.

JJ is figuring out that the CEO/president person resigned and she wonders what is going on. ROTC is also thinking of JJ and thinks that she gives him no room to approach her. The protesters see the CEO’s car and they start to egg it. ROTC also sees these people egging his dad’s car. JJ motions from a distance and tells ROTC to just leave because it is embarrassing for him. But ROTC just walks up to her and asks if she ate.

JJ – Let’s eat together.

He walks off and she turns to look at him.

Cut to the cafeteria, they are eating and all the banners are against his dad in the cafeteria. He doesn’t look like he notices them at all.

JJ – How does this little kid hide his emotions so well (thinks?)
R – Why don’t you eat, I will eat everything…
JJ – Okay, eat a lot, you don’t know how to express your feelings. If I am happy I am happy, sad I am sad, but you don’t know how to express them.
R – I have no one to worry about me/take care of me, so I am okay.

They are talking outside about some things and the BD sees JJ walking with ROTC. He stares at them but then the sunbae from earlier sees the hair friend and yells that they should talk. Hair friend has some explaining to do. He has to talk to the sunbae. BD tells him to tell them that he has to go to the army. Hair friend tells the sunbae just that and gets ready to get hit….but then the sunbae says, “Let’s drink,” and looks like he has to cry too, lol.

Mom – Are you okay? The secretary told me what happened.
R – I am okay, go to his office (??)
M – Not about your father, about you. I am here because I worry about you. Are you really okay?

JJ looks happy that ROTC has a good mom to look after him. She walks away and goes through the library wondering that ROTC has two moms. She is looking for the Steven Hawkings book, but it is not there. BD shows up, he has the book and tells her that she doesn’t have to read it, there is nothing special inside. She says she doesn’t have to and leaves, but then she sees someone making out in the library and they both hide somewhere. BD says it is just some little brats, they don’t have to hide. JJ says it will be awkward to them if BD and JJ walk out now, they can just wait. Just then the couple comes out and JJ turns like she wasn’t watching them, but she turns right into BD and they have a moment where they’re just staring at each other.

But then JJ turns away.

BD looks sad that she turned away. He looks at her ring finger and notices that she still has her ring mark.

The buff friend is working out hard in the cheerleading gym. He is trying to get better, but it isn’t working out and he yells that he is giving up. He leaves in a huff and the strong-willed friend sees him.

Some comedic relief about the army. Everyone is giving him advice about it. He wonders if he should cut his hair in the restroom. He gets a call from his mom and his mom tells him that he got his army letter, lol. He was born early, lol. He goes back out to his sunbaes and they say it is the first time they saw someone look normal with the army letter. But then Dokchae burst out crying, lol.

He thinks back to the library.
BD – Your ring mark, how long did you have it?
JJ – As soon as we came back.

Cut to BD running around to a lot of stores. He is looking for their engagement rings that have a mark inside. He goes to so many shops looking for a simple ring with a mark inside. Noone has it. He goes to another shop and he sees it! Flashforward to when they first purchased it. It is their couple ring. JJ picked it out.

She is dreaming about her son again and wakes up alarmed. Her mom comes in and wants to know if she wants to go for a walk with her? Yes.

BD walks to JJ’s home, he is about to give her the ring. He sees JJ and her Mom being all lovey on their walk. He thinks back to eating with them earlier and how JJ loved eating dinner with her mom. He lets them walk away and have a fun time walking and cuddling. He grips the ring box tightly.

They talk about JJ’s sunbae (ROTC). Mom thinks sunbae suffered a lot because the parents got divorced and then married again.

JJ – If that happened to me, what would you say?
Mom – I wouldn’t’ give you to some strange guy who would divorce you.

They keep talking about that. JJ thinks maybe the other person has some things they won’t like about her and Mom says she was strange but she is better now, they laugh about that. JJ says if she had her mom around, maybe her life would be easier. Mom says her mom is next to her and that nothing is easy. Then they see a drunk guy. There is an altercation with this drunk person who says people think he is less than a dog, but he is a human being also. What can he do more than this? He falls on the ground and says that he is having a hard time. He is working so hard, don’t just pass over him. He is trying really hard, he is trying his best. What should he do better than this?

JJ is really affected by this and thinks of Bando. She thinks of what bando said in the first episode about people treating him less than a dog and how he lives and how he tried so hard to live well and how he is always sorry to everyone. She is really affected, it is almost like this drunk person is Bando.

Cut to BD and JJ walking home again. JJ tells her mom that her mom won’t have to decide between a bad person or not because JJ will pick a very good guy. She goes running off and JJ’s mom wonders what is going on.

BD is drinking soju alone and JJ is running to find him and calling him on the phone. She thinks back to all the times of trying to understand him. BD picks up the phone.

JJ – I am crying, should I cry alone again?
BD – Don’t leave, I will be there!

He runs to be by her side. I don’t think he paid?

Flashback to ROTC and BD talking. BD walks up to ROTC and thanks him for rescuing JJ. ROTC wonders why BD thanks him. He stops his car at the light and sees JJ standing somewhere. She looks pretty out of it and he gets out of the car and stands across the street.

A kid drops a ball and it runs into the street. A kid runs after it and JJ runs in the street after the kid. She gets to the kid but they are about to be hit by the car! ROTC yells at JJ, but it’s too late. Then BD comes out of nowhere and charges at JJ and the kid and pushes them out of the way but it is just in time to get hit by the car himself. He is hit by the car and rolls many many times in the street. His head is all bloody.

JJ runs up to him crying and BD thinks back to all his happy times with JJ and with his son and all those things. It is a nice montage.

He closes his eyes. He looks dead. JJ is yelling “Yobo! Yobo! Wake up!” in the street. The couple’s rings he got are scattered on the floor.

VO – If I knew what I know now, then maybe we didn’t have to be here now.

ROTC and JJ are getting out of the car after the trip. ROTC drops her off at her home and she says he should leave and thanks him for dropping her off.

BD is waiting for her.

BD – You left before us, why did you come so late. You shouldn’t get in other guys cars, it is dangerous
JJ – You worry too much.
BD – Do you feel good after seeing the ocean?
JJ – Yeah, it has been awhile since I went on a trip
BD – Maybe we are like that.
JJ – What?
BD – Little trips to this place is a vacation.
JJ – It makes sense, maybe the gods sent us here spectacularly because we are pitiful
BD – The trip is a trip if you go back.

They look at each other

BD – If we don’t go back then it means migration (immigration, like they are moving if they don’t go back).

No Preview

Okay, that ending came straight out of nowhere…

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    ROTC sees these people egging his dad’s car. JJ motions from a distance and tells ROTC to just leave because it is embarrassing for him. But ROTC just walks up to her and asks if she ate.

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