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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 10

고백부부 Go Back Spouses recap 10
The ending of the last episode was filled with so many feels, y’all. Nam-gil has completely fallen for Jin-joo, Ban-do has completely re-fallen for Jin-joo, and Jin-joo is caught in the middle of this love sandwich with extra cheese.

But you know, I kind of think Jin-joo never lost all her love for Ban-do, so even though she has ROTC (aka Nam-gil) nearby to keep her warm, she has had 15 years with Ban-do, and not all of those years were bad, y’all. I’m just saying. So, what happened at the end of last episode? We’re about to find out!

We update the live recap around every 10 minutes (sometimes sooner, sometimes later). There are also hella typos, but I try to correct them (quickly-ish) after the recap ends.

JJ/J – Jin-joo
BD – Ban-do
ROTC/R – Nam-gil

Start time – 23:00 Seoul
Countdown – Editing


Bando is at a small table, it’s 2004 and they are newly married. BD is looking at all the medicine. BD is taking out a lot of medicine and only putting the important medicine there. JJ is happy that BD is taking care of her well by organizing all her medicine for her. he is better than her doctor. BD says he will live with her forever so he is happy to do this.

BD is also organizing the medicine, but JJ isn’t giving him any kisses anymore. She takes it for granted now. He also doesn’t look all that enthusiastic.

VO – There is something that becomes so normal because you get used to it.

JJ – You should change your shirt.
BD – I don’t want to, its okay.
JJ – No, I washed it for you, you should change to a new one or people will say bad things about you!
BD – I’m late.

VO – We lived like all the good things the spouse does to the other are taken for granted.

Now they are at the funeral of JJ’s mom, JJ is sitting on the floor sadly. A mom and daughter walk by her. Pan to BD looking at JJ.

VO – The thing you realize after losing everything is that someone’s existence is not something you can take for granted


JJ is looking at BD sleeping. It is morning and she walks up on him sleeping outside. He says he can’t sleep because time is precious and she doesn’t really care, but she sits down anyway. He asks her if she remembers that place and she says she does…She wonders if he was looking for her last night, she heard he was. He wants to know what she was doing. JJ says she walked around last night, the air was great, maybe because it was the countryside. BD says its good that she got to appreciate it.

Now ROTC came out and he looks at BD and JJ sitting and talking. He just stares at them silently with a puppy dog face.

They are all packing to leave and SH is packing up the luggage for everyone. They are kind of talking about SH getting drunk and she said she’s never been drunk or something like that. SH sees some little rocks and wonders what they are? Ah! It looks like it is all the buttons from Hair friends cell phone! She took off all the buttons on his cell phone! I can’t even, that is hilarious. he starts to chase her around and she says it wasn’t on purpose as she runs away.

BD, JJ, and ROTC all come out at the same time.

JJ – You didn’t shave, you are so hasty
BD – I didn’t, I wasn’t hasty I just didn’t have a good razor
JJ – Bad guys blame the tools
BD – (noticing ROTC) Ah, JJ takes care of me like this! JJ, I will shave well next time!

ROTC looks at him. Cut to everyone getting in the van. JJ tells ROTC that she will see him later. But SH put some things in the car to keep JJ from sitting in the van! They want her to stay and hang out with ROTC. Her girlfriends are on her side! Yay! All the girls tell her to stay with ROTC and the guys are all like, there is enough room…

So JJ stays with ROTC.

In the car, the girlfriends talk about how JJ should meet a nice guy this time.

BD thinks back to last night and how he was the one to hug her and look at the fireflies originally. He is pretty sad. JJ is also thinking about last night, but she is thinking about it with BD. She is very quiet in the car. ROTC is also thinking about last night.

JJ – Wow, it’s real, real fireflies. Let’s go home, let’s drink!

She gave his jacket back to him and said for them to go drink and she left.

Back to the car.

ROTC – Thank you for riding with me
JJ – It’s okay, driving for a long time by yourself isn’t good, you get sleepy
ROTC – Does my shave looks good…
JJ – let’s see…its clear
ROTC – Really?
JJ – You did a good job…
ROTC – If you are tired then take a nap
JJ – I shouldn’t sleep next to the driver

Cut to JJ sitting with her parents and talking about Michael Jackson. Jj says Mom is greater than Michael Jackson. The mom is flattered. Then the Dad starts to dance like Michael Jackson and moonwalk. Then the Mom does it and she is really good! JJ laughs at them as they have a good time moonwalking and dancing like Michael Jackson. They are surprisingly good! Way better than me.

Cut to Mom making some fresh vegetable juice. Tomato juice. JJ walks in on her and Mom says she took off all the skin because JJ doesn’t like the skin. Ah, it tastes good. JJ is very happy as she looks at them. The sister comes in and she doesn’t want to drink the juice. JJ goes to the sister and says they need to talk. They go outside and the sister says JJ should change how she talks to her and speak respectfully. JJ says okay and tells her sister that she should treat mom better. Mom might not be next to them all the time, there is no assurance of that. The sister wants to know why she is talking like that. JJ keeps telling her that no one is like MOm and caring preparing breakfast so lovingly and all those things. The sister is upset that JJ is mentioning their Mom dying and JJ just tries to tell her that they only have each other. Flash forward to the funeral and they are the only ones crying. Noone else is there with them.

Back to 1999, The sister leaves. She wonders why JJ is acting that way.

BD is calling the government weather forecast about an earthquake that is about to happen. But no earthquake has ever happened in Korea so the friends think he is weird. BD goes to the library and reads a book by Steven Hawkins about time travel and time slipping and all those things.

Rotc sees JJ sitting and eating the breakfast that her mom made for her. He approaches her and wonders what she is doing. She said she is eating her breakfast and wonders why he is there. He tells her that he is there to see a cat that he knows. This cat is always crying and wandering around like someone he knows. She wants to know who that person is. Then his stomach grumbles and she forces him to eat her food. She says he should eat breakfast because he is a hard studying student. But he says he didn’t want to eat breakfast, buuuuut will eat it because of her. Of course, he is super happy.

He is all stupid smiling as he eats it and tells her to eat as well. Cut to them walking up some steps. JJ has some back pain and he is concerned about her. But she leaves abruptly.

BD sees JJ touching her back. JJ goes into the bathroom and sits on a stall.
BD – Ah, so she will suffer for a while
JJ – Ah, what is going one (maybe it is her period?) she texts someone
Her friends are together and talking, they don’t see JJ’s phone call because they left their phone in the classroom. JJ calls BD instead?

BD is already at the pharmacy and buys JJ some medicine for her back. He reads all the ingredients of the medicine and picks up the phone when JJ calls. She says she needs something. He says okay and he goes and buys all of JJ’s sanitary pads and even tells the guy the specific type that JJ likes, with wings. Everyone is looking at him, but he doesn’t care. He gets his purchase and leaves.

The friends are walking back to class and BD is hovering around the girl’s room. He can’t go in and he tries to call her name, but he does it lightly. His friends see him and scare him, then the pad flies out! Lol. They joke at him about that. BD says to stop pushing him. He goes to pick it up and gives it to JJ’s friends so they can give it to her in the bathroom. He walks off cooly. His friends think he is mysterious. But then BD freaks out when he is out of site because he was so embarrassed, lol.

JJ tells her friends that she will be okay and she starts to take her pain medicine. BD sits with her and they talk about her cramps and JJ says it’s so painful. he starts to hit her back and she says not to do it, people might see them. He says it’s not scandalous, its okay to do this much. He is looking at her pretty intently. he says if they kiss then it would be something. He starts to pat her back again. Flashforward to the future when she had cramps when they were married. He is tapping her back and falling asleep but keeps patting her back as she sleeps. He does it all night long.

1999 – JJ remembers BD doing that for her and asks him if he has any classes. He says that he is too old to take classes. JJ looks at her finger with no ring. BD notices it and looks at his finger with no ring. They both still have the ring marks though.

Cut to BD and JJ walking outside together. BD is still looking at JJ’s ring finger. Some HS students tell JJ that she is pretty and it makes her smile. BD says she is 20, of course, she is pretty. Then they see some young kids smoking in the alley. Flashforward to the same thing happening when they were married. BD wants to stop the kids from smoking but JJ says that young kids are scary, don’t mess with them. If BD dies then she is a widow. He says that she is not a widow so don’t speak like that. Back in 1999 they just keep walking by with no comment.

They are watching or trying to watch a sexy video. JJ’s friends also have the same sexy video, lol. It says “singing competition” on the video but it is actually a porno. The girls are wondering if it is really like this? The older girl in the room says that she knows all about it and all that stuff. The feminist friend basically tells her to shut up.

BD is looking at the calendar with a fixed gaze. Someday in June. Cut to JJ at her home with her Mom. JJ asks Mom if she wants to go to norebang and then everyone shows up, Dad and sister, and are all like, Norebang! Norebang! Let’s go! So they all go to the norebang.

The ballerina has some kind of exhibition with the Bee-boys and BD says that that is really cool. Ballerina says she will do ballet and then she will do Bee-boy things as a hobby. BD looks at the date, it is tomorrow. Maybe that is important?

Cut to him walking and still looking at this card with the date. He gets a call and tells them that he is going to the ballerina’s performance. The rich girl drives up on him and scares him. She wonders if she is going somewhere. He says yes he is and leaves. she follows him in the car, lol. It is so obvious, she is driving right next to him with her driver. BD starts to walk faster. The rich girl wonders if JJ is okay? She heard that the bad guy did something to her, maybe he hit her? BD stops in his tracks, he didn’t know that.

JJ’s family is at the Norebang and drinking and singing and having a good time. JJ looks at her mom in a sad/happy way. It looks like MOm is singing everything, lol. They are having a good time. She sings a lot of love songs, like “I love you so much, even if you leave me…”

Cut to BD finding out about the medical school student. He walks to the medical school and is looking for the bad guy. He punches him! he doesn’t talk to him at all, he just wales on him for a while.

BD – You shouldn’t touch someone like Jin-joo! How dare you touch that person!

He beats the sh*t out of him.

BD – I wasn’t under you because I was stupid.

Flashforward to all the times the doctor threatened him and hit him in the future.

Bad guy – If you do things like this then I won’t buy your medicine.

BD comes home in the future and sees his wife and child sleeping. He covers JJ with a blanket and rubs her hair gently.

Back to 1999 and BD is still punching the sh*t out of the doctor. Some people are trying to pull him off but he keeps punching and yelling at the doctor, How dare you touch someone! He is raging!

Cut to JJ’s family having a good time at the norebang. JJ’s dad is singing now. “Until the day that we love…I exist because I love you…I live because of you…I love you…I want to give you all of my heart….”

Sister – They still love each other like that.

JJ is stone-faced as she watches this.

They leave the norebang and while they are walking out JJ asks for the recording of them all singing. The worker tells her that the mom sings very well.

They are drinking and the hair friend tells him that he is crazy. he will save so many peoples lives (the doctor) so BD shouldn’t hit him like that. BD says he doesn’t care and the hair friend says actually he doesn’t care that much either. Flashback to JJ saying BD is never there when she needs him, back when the doctor attacked her. Back to 1999. BD misses the ballerina’s performance and just remembers it.

The feminist friend misses her dorms lights out and is locked out for the night. The buff friend wonders what they should do? Cut to a motel.

They are super awkward. The feminist friend wonders if her boyfriend ever had sex before? is he saving himself for marriage? Buf friend just lays on the floor. he is singing the Korean national anthem to keep from being so turned on, lol. He sneak peeks his girlfriend’s legs and then hops up. She wonders what is the matter and he says he will go buy something. He leaves. She lays back down and then we see him lifting up her skirt…. she is shocked, what should she do! But then we see that he is putting some alcohol or something on her knees. he bought a lot of medicine and bandages for her. She thinks he is very cute and gives him a kiss. Then they both go to sleep in the bed and holding hands. They are both smiling.

JJ looks at the norebang tape in her room and puts it in a safe place. She gets a phone call. But it looks like she might not answer? Cut to the front of her house. BD is there and brought her grapes.

JJ – What is this?
BD – Grapes.
JJ – I didn’t ask you because I don’t know.
BD – Why am I like this all the time, I couldn’t do anything that I wanted to do, so I was always truthful, I tried so hard, so everything is all messed up for 10 years.

Flashforward to BD catching a taxi for his doctors. They tell him to come to their clinic with his medicine. He is happy that he scored a deal. He walks away and sees some high school students playing. he goes over there and tells the “Yay!” The kids are bullying another kid so BD rescues this kid and tells him to go home. Then he tells off these bullies and says it is okay to ruin their own body with drinking and smoking, just don’t ruin another kid.

BD gets a call to come home quickly from JJ. This must be when her mom is about to die. One of the kids confronts BD and all the kids start to beat up BD. The mom died and BD is getting beaten up. Cut to BD in the jail. It looks like BD actually beat all those kids up. They are all bruised. BD tells everyone at the jail that he has to leave. He is causing a big scene! He tells them that he really has to leave. JJ shows up at the jail and is mad because BD was fighting with kids instead of picking her up to go to the jail. All the kids and everyone are looking at her as she cries. At the funeral, she tells him that because of him, her Mom couldn’t see her face when she was about to die. BD cries about that at his mother-in laws funeral and tells her that he is really sorry. He keeps saying this over and over again and JJ starts to hit him.

Back to 1999 and BD says that he tried hard to survive and live well. He is always sorry. He also wanted to see his mother in law. He wanted to see her just like JJ. He is balling in front of JJ. Then Mom walks in and sees them together.

Mom – What are y’all talking about?
JJ – Mom…

They are all quiet for a moment.

Fade Out

Michael Jackson died when he was 50 years old. It is the same day as the Moms funeral. JJ is talking about how her Mom died and people just moved on. Her sadness was like nothing to the world. SHe might be including BD in that as well.

BD waits outside their apartment. He is wiping away some tears, but he tries to make his face happy and be happy when he comes home. He brought her something home. He brought sooyuk for her and says he will make dinner after the changes! JJ is basically destroyed on the couch. She looks highly depressed. In the room, BD is sad and trying to compose himself so he isn’t so sad in front of JJ. JJ was looking at her Moms photos on the bed and BD sees that. he stares at the photos as well. JJ is just all curled up on the couch looking miserable and BD is standing and looking at the photos of her Mom on the bed.

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  1. Lalaloo
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    Looking forward to it!

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    Yeaay! My current favorite drama

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    November 11, 2017 / 8:58 am

    Let’s get this party started!

  4. Bubbyluvy
    November 11, 2017 / 11:58 am

    This episode was all about Ban-do! I love how his side of the story is finally coming out.

    • V
      November 11, 2017 / 3:05 pm

      You took the words right out of my mouth Bubbyluvy.

  5. Y
    November 11, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    Feel so bad for BD after reading your recap. He was doing the right thing by protecting the kid that was bullied but he ended up miserable since He can’t see his MIL one last time and JJ blamed him for so many years afterward. It’s unfortunate that BD and JJ were not able to communicate well with each other causing too much unnecessary pain to each other. I hope in the next few episodes, we’ll be able to see how they can learn to trust each other more and communicate better. Fighting BD and JJ!

    • V
      November 13, 2017 / 12:06 pm

      I know! I so feel you on this. I’m glad we got to see his side of the story this time! It looks like BD is trying to be different from his Dad who is very traditional in not showing emotions and the woman’s role in the home and all that stuff. But I am so happy that he is breaking out of that mold!

  6. katia
    November 13, 2017 / 10:37 am

    gracias por traducir este drama

    • V
      November 13, 2017 / 12:07 pm

      De nada!

  7. anjji
    November 14, 2017 / 1:33 am

    i feel bad for ROTC though… he went some character development because of her, and I think it’s a little unfair that she led him on “unintentionally.” i really like him 🙁

  8. anjji
    November 14, 2017 / 1:34 am

    i feel bad for ROTC though… he went some character development because of her, and I think it’s a little unfair that she led him on “unintentionally.” i really like him 🙁

    • V
      November 14, 2017 / 6:27 pm

      Me too 🙁

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