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Go Back Couple Episode 5

This review is hella long, y’all. This is what usually happens when we don’t do things live-live and do them after the fact. We always pause to make sure we understood something properly and it takes us twice as long to do the recap, lol. Not a problem since it’s Friday afternoon and we love this show. Like super love. Like dripping with happiness love. This show is so great.

We will be back doing the live recap when the show airs tomorrow!

OPENING (will edit this soon)

BD is at their home in his lounge clothing and looking up Min So-young on the computer. (The song he is singing is “Is It Still Beautiful” by Kim Yeon Woo) He found her. the computer says that she is a chief dancer and opened her own academy in her second part of her life because she got injured. Then JJ comes in looking spent and BD closes the laptop very quickly. She asks what he is doing is he stutters and then she tells him to stop looking at porn or something, is he a teenager with some huge sex drive? You are almost 40.

But he tells her that it isn’t porn and of course she doesn’t believe him. She says, “Who do you think I am? i think you are an old man.” They argue about that a little bit. She said she found his porn folder a while ago. He said that was a long time ago and told her that he is looking at Min So-young. Then he shows it to her. Now she is wondering why he is interested in her and he tells her that he was just curious. He wanted to know if she is doing okay. First love for men lasts forever, he won’t have an affair or anything, it is just in his heart like some homework that he hasn’t solved.

She said that is just stupid, so someone without first love can’t live their life? But he just asks her how she can’t have a first love, of course her first love is him. She didn’t have anyone before him so he is her first love, first man, and first mariage. That is why she doesn’t know how he thinks or feels. So, how does it feel living with your first love, is it good? I am really curious.

But she tells him that he isn’t her first love and pushes him. She leaves and he chases her and they yell about that. She said how can he decided her first love, she is the one who decides her first love. What is the standard? First kiss? First date? So that means your first love isn’t her, its me.

He says that first love is someone who you just look at and your heart beats. But JJ said that is one sided love, not first love. I never had my heart bounce toward you so you are not my first love by my standards.

While playing with their son we hear a voice over from JJ.

Voice Over – First love is the most innocent and dramatic love than any other love in the world, but becaues it is so eager. the word first love doesn’t have a standard definition because it is so ardent it’s definition is vague.


We are back at the scene where BD helps JJ’s mom from the thug. He is helping her pick up her fruit and looks concerned. She thanks him and is charming as always. She thinks his mom should be happy because of him. But now JJ walks up and yells at BD then runs up to him and pushes him. She tells her mom to go inside; her Mom is confused but obliges. JJ is super upset and tells BD to never ever come in front of their house again.

Okay, now the mom confronts JJ and wants to know what the deal is, he helped her, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy, from her point of view he seems very nice and reliable. Why can’t she say thank you?

JJ says he is a bad guy, though she can’t say why. She leaves without explaining.

BD is still outside looking depressed and slowly walks away.

Buff friend is super tired. It looks like he really wants to go home. But the femenist friend asks him where he is going and basically forces him to practice some more. He wonders how long he has to practice in order to wear the uniform and lift her in the air. She laughs and walks away, then she turns. “You just stand there, don’t move. Lift me!” She runs toward him and jumps. He tried to lift her but they tumble to the ground with her on top of him. he is a little uncomfortable but she kisses him. Aw, she took cahrge! he hands are all shaking at the kiss, he is so nervous so he just pushes her and runs out like a little baby chick. She starts to laugh while sitting on the floor.

They are all sitting around the tv and watching this old show about meeting your first love. It looks like the first love isn’t as attractive anymore, but she is almost 60. The contestant looks really dissapointed. Appa says first love is only good when you just remember it. They wonder if he also had a first love and the Mom says that he did and he still loves her. Mom said she didn’t have any time to support anyone because she was to busy supporting her uncles. JJ wants to know why Mom didn’t just have a first love so she won’t have any remorse. But Omma said you have a lot of things to regret, first love is nothing, last love is the most important. If your last love is good then it is everything.

JJ – how can you say that for sure
Mom – why, do you think your appa is having an affair?
JJ – just come to the kitchen and eat

Appa, JJ and BD are talking at the table. Appa is telling Jang Nara that he is getting married again. It is lonely to live by himself. JJ said to not joke but Appa said it is time to let her Mom go.

JJ – let her go? It is not like 10 or 20 years past, it is less than one year, let her go this soon? How can you just let her go?
BD – just listen to what he has to say
JJ – It just takes one year to let your wife go but you will live for 40 years. For me, when I visit home I feel like Mom is still smiling at home, when I call home I feel like mom will still pick up the phone, that is why I can’t go home or call home, becaues it will really let her go. But appa can just let her go this easy? If you do this Mom is too pitiful. (holding back tears) I’m leaving.

JJ is staring daggers of hatred at her dad. He is about to eat the last egg but JJ hits his chopsticks and gives it to her Mom instead. Then she gives her Mom the rest of the banchan.

In bed Appa wonders why JJ doesn’t like him, did he make a mistake while drunk? Umma said no he was always the same. he always kisses and hugs his kids and talks to the plants saying he is not dead yet. he thinks maybe she doesn’t like it when he kisses her, but Omma said that is not a reason to be mad at her that long. Umma said, did you read her diary again? maybe she knows. Umma said to not read a grown ups diary. Appa said he is worried about her, what is strange guys are attracted to her. Umma said she should meet goog guys and strange guys, but appa said she shouldn’t meet anyone because they are all A-holes. He said he will have an intense audition for any of her boyfriends. Umma said her daughters won’t be able to marry and appa is happy, he said he will be happy living with them forever.

he is drinking soju and thinking about his son. He remembers playing with his son in a field and showing his sun clouds and trees and allthose fun things. JJ is also crying at the same time as she thinks about their son. She is having a hard time because she misses him and now we know that BD is also having a bit of a hard time as well.

JJ wakes up and is still crying. Umma comes in and wonders what is going on. If she is awake why isn’t she up and why is shy crying? JJ said she had a bad dream but Umma said she had a dream about her passing away? Should I give you some boya? (traditional medicine) But JJ just hugs her mom. She says, that it feels so good to hug her mom. Umma thinks JJ is acting really strange, how is this grown up woman hugging her all the time? They keep hugging, it looksl ike it is just what JJ needs.

JJ gets ready to go to school and wants to go wherever her parents go. it looksl ike her Umma has had dialyis for 5 years with no symptoms. JJ is talking to the doctor about that. She thinks maybe there will be complications after 10 years? The doctor said it could happen, but we can’t stop dialysis because we are afraid of that. JJ wants to know what is the best way to prevent the complications? The doctor says they are doing the best so her Mom can live long and not to worry too much.

JJ leaves and goes to her moms room where she is doing dialysis. Appa is holding Umma’s hand and Umma is sleeping. JJ wants to know how she can make her Umma live for a long time.

Doctor – Wow, that kid studied a lot because the mom is sick, she knows about complications. yesterday the son came and asked about complications also
Nurse – she doesn’t have a son, only daughters

he is waking up and talking to his parents. They are surprised that he is already awake and ready to go. Appa thinks BD wants some money so he hides it and BD said he doesn’t want his money. Appa needs to live less narrow-minded and stingy. They want to know how he learned all these old people sayings. Umma looks happy with this new son of hers. She even gives him cabbage juice. he drinks it with one shot. he said it tastes bad but it is very good for your stomach and says thank you and leaves. She is so surprised because he never drank that drink before even if they beat him.

He finally finds the wallet in the back of his car and he remembers the scene of how he got it with JJ crying in the car. he smiles happily. then we cut to ROTC training. A venerable man talks to him and said if he needs anything to just tell him. He also wants rotc to say good things about him to his father. ROTC said he doesn’t want to go to school, he just wants a diploma, and he wants a scholarship. The venerable man says he has to leave and then says “Jung Yura student!” (hilarious because that is something that actually happened in Korea. A rich kids daughter didn’t go to class and the school gave her a diploma and all that. It was a really big scandal.) The rotc students start to whisper about the scene and ROTC guys starts to yell at them not to talk while training. Then a cat scares him and he tells it to go away.

ROTC sees JJ eating alone and joins her. he said if you eat alone then your food doesn’t taste good. JJ says she isn’t alone and rotc sees that she is there with her friends. He said, “Not you, me.” Then JJ stars wondering who this guy is, she can’t figure him out. The friends are all like, ummmmm, what is this?” The bold friend is the first to talk to him. She is trying to figure out the situation and wonders if it was a confession? But rotc says he is trying to seduce her. The friends are all shocked. Then he gets up and leaves.

rotc – what are you doing, follow me
friends – hurry up and leave!
friend – that sunbae looks like he really like JJ
friend – he is dumped but he is still chasing her. he will love her no matter what situation she has like divorce or secret baby
friend – that is crazy, just eat.

They are walking outside but not talking. JJ keeps thinking that he is still a young guy. She doesn’t know what he is thinking.

JJ – you told me not to talk to you, yet you are seducing me?
R – not me, you, you are seducing me
J – what? I am not doing that
R – you did it to me over the last two days, very enthusiastically
j – someone did it to me, I never did it in my life, it was an accident at the gate and the library was also an accident, is your leg okay, is it still hurt, you should docontinuous ice otherwise you will have problems in the future (she is behaving like an ajumma) if you don’t treat it then it will last forever
R – see, you are suding me
j – I am not
r – this is seducing. can you take my bag, it is partically your fault
j – you don’t seem like you are hurting that much
r – I am not showing it, but when I walk it hurts so much
j – (acs like an ajumma and touches his leg)
r – why does a girl do this
j – what is he doing

The ballerina is listening to music and BD takes her ear buds out and puts them in his ear. She is surprised. he is surprised also because her music is party music not ballerina music.

BD – I thought you would listen to classical music, so you like these kinds of songs
BL – hip hop has its own beat, it is different from classical music, if I dance to this music it would be fun
BD – so do it
B – I don’t know how to
BD – ballet is dance also. Maybe you can’t do ballet to hip hop
B – of course not how can you do classical with hip hop
BD – I didn’t know you too well
B – we only knew each other for a few days
BD – yeah, thats why I want to get to know you more
B – huh?
BD – about you, that I didn’t know. And about me in the past.

Cut to him laying in bed at his friends dorm. He says he doesn’t have a memory of getting dumped, so why did he give up and not even confess? His friends want to know what he gave up. Origami? The buff friend said bird origami is old, you have to make a rose origami now in this generation. Then they talk about the hair friend and how he wants to hide because he got his head stuck in the gate. Then they find out that buff guy is dating the Bo-rum (feminist girlfriend). Cut to the future and buff friend says that Bo-rum ruined his life and he pitifully cries.

BD is shocked that they are dating and wonders why his friend is repeating his bad life. The hair friend said Bo-rum just kissed him and that’s it. They aren’t dating. It’s like if he kisses his niece. It isn’t important. They keep talking about this kissing and how some countries kiss to say hello.

Now buff friend is confused and thinks Bo-rum is just kissing him and won’t date him. She punches him and says she thought he would run away. he is mesmerized with her the entire practice, but he remembers what his friend said about how some girls are open. Now he thinks she is seducing all the boys. He is so confused/upset, so he leaves.

JJ – you should give me your bag, but you want me to just follow you and carry your clothes
R – that is expensive
Girl – I made this cookie for you Oppa
JJ – that is so cute
R – you made it all night with all your effort and love, you just eat it
JJ – Aigo…I picked this out of a trashcan, eat it. If I say this will you eat it? She made it all night, why didn’t you just take it?
R – what happens if I take it? Ther are no free things in the world, it is give and take. I will have to do something. Why should I have to do that.
JJ – No, she isn’t expecting anything. She just did it because she likes you and wants to give you something and do something for you like a parent. The behavior is very pretty.
R – parents? Do you think parents don’t expect anything
JJ – (he is so twisted)
R – give this to me, you told me to eat it
J – no it isn’t me.

He walks away

R – lets just meet here at 7pm because of my leg I can’t drive.
J – take this
R – I’m leaving
J – your leg is fine
R – (starts limping again)

BD and Hair friend
Hair friend is working at the swimming pool and BD is hanging out with him. ROTC shows up and BD says that this young kid is so manly. They start talking about how famous that kid is in the school. There are even rumors about him, maybe he is a famous heir. BD knows that it is true because he knows it from the future.

Rotc puts the chocolate in his locker and smiles. Then he overhears some guys talking. It looks like the bad medical school guy is talking about playing with JJ for fun. She doesn’t have money so she is just fun to play with. The other girl is from a rich family so he will stick with her. Rotc is pissed. BD also hears this and pushed the guy inthe water. Everyone is shocked. He says he is sorry and all that but then turns around stone faced.

They are sorry they are wasting their tickets. It looks lie the ballerina will go see something by herself. She looks at some cd’s and thinks that she will try hip hop with some ballet moves. This scene is all about her doing hip hop to ballet and it looks pretty cool. BD walks into the studio and sees her dancing to hip hop music. He is pretty happy about it, but she is a little embarrassed.

He said she can do it and she should do it as a job, not for fun. he tells her all the old wise people things about doing fun things in life so at least you will have fun. She is impressed with him.

JJ wants to give his jacket back and he doens’t want to take it. This is the time they were going to meet. She wants to carry. his bag but he won’t let her.

This is pretty much a montage of BD with his first love and JJ with her first love (or maybe the ROTC guy isn’t her first love but you know, her love interest). It looks like they start to fall more and more for their other loves. BD and Ballerina ride the bus and go see Notting Hill. But maybe BD thinks he will see JJ there. Ah, maybe it is JJ’s Appa! He see’s Appa there! he runs off to the restroom. He gives himself a pep talk and heads out.

He is still apprehensive though but he just reassures himself that he doesn’t owe JJ’s appa anything and all that. But then he sees JJ and the rotc guy there.

Rotc tells Jj that he thought it would be cool to watch a movie together and Jj tells rotc that he is faking and to confess to her. But she is just saying those things because she sees BD there. Flashback to 2017 where they are talking about first loves. She said she was someones first love. he wonders who this guy is. Then cut back to 1999 and BD thinks this must be that guy.

This is pretty funny because JJ and BD are sitting next to each other with their dates, lol. BD says he won’t cry, but we see a flashback to all the scenes where BD cries in the movie at 4 different times in life. They keep talking to their dates. ballerina says BD sounds like an ajussi and that she likes it. he is happy she likes it. JJ is not crying during the movie, but everyone else is. rotc wonders why she isn’t crying and remembers her crying so much in his car.

BD isn’t crying because he is just looking at JJ and rotc.

They are talking about what happens if the woman kisses first. The guys say that is good. Then she wonders what happens if the woman says to date first and they say that isn’t good. She wonders what this is? And they said that is a macho manly thing, you have to give men a chance to say that. The buff friend and some other guys walk in then and the confident friend looks nervous as if she likes the buff guy and might mess it up. Then everyone starts talking about first loves and elementary school loves and all that. Confident friend says first love isn’t the first person you liked, its the first person you dated. Two-sided love, not one-sided love. The guys and girls have a different idea of first loves.

They look into the mirror and she wonders when he will ask her to date him. He wonders how it is so hard to say that. She is pissed at him. If he walks one more step they are done. He argues that they aren’t dating. He thinks she is his first love and she said it was some kindergartener or something. They keep arguing about this. he tells her that she is her first love! Then she says, what do you want to do with me? He says he wants to date her, not just one sided love! Then she starts to laugh and points at him and laughs.

The movie is over and JJ said there ar ea lot of things to cry over and she doens’t have to cry over a movie. JJ’s appa shows up and BD gives him a deep bow and leaves. Then JJ and rotc guy are lft there. rotc also gives him a deep bow. Appa sees that JJ is holding rotc’s clothes but JJ tells appa that he shouldn’t think anything. They are just school friends. Appa heads home and JJ and rotc start to talk. JJ says rotc is all cured and leaves, but then rotc tells JJ that he picked up something and hold up her wallet.

they are walking and stumble upon some hip hop dancers outside. She really likes it. They said for everyone to come if they want to enjoy it and BD pushes her into the circle. She is startled and embarrassed, but then she starts to dance and everyone is shocked. She does all these ballerina dances and the hip hop dancers start to mimic her moves, but ballerina style. It is pretty cool actually. It ends and she is so happy.

They start walking away and talk about how hip hop and ballet works together. They say it was destiny. Then they hold hands. It is awkward, but they keep holding hands and then they smile.

She woneders how he has her wallet and he said he just picked it up at school. She wonders how he knows its hers and he said he asked around. She is still skeptical, but she thanks him. Then they talk about his leg and all that. She said he looks rich so he should go to the hospital when he gets injured and he wonders why he looks rich. She said doesn’t he look in the mirror? From his head to his feet he looks rich. he wonders if she is materialistic and he says not that much. Then he leans in with his hand on his chin. She thinks kids in the past don’t know those things. he thinks she is strange, perhaps she has s dual personality. Are her tears broken? She wonders what he is talking about. The song in the background is about wondering if I am in love. She said she will buy something so pick whatever he likes. He said he wants her, its right, he likes her.

He walks her home and she says that his leg hurts so he shouldn’t walk her home. he said its all cured after the movie. JJ said he will be okay tomorrow and looked okay today. he laughs and says he is leaving. he is all smiles as he walks away. But then someone grabs his arm.

Appa took rotc to a drinking place and is trying to look scary and tough, lol. He basically interrogates rotc. What department, what did you do after the movie, how many drinks? Three? she can drink 3? How big? 5 milliliters? Wow, she can drink a lot. Parents? Education. Okay, if you don’t want to say, fine.

rotc – My parents are the owner of our school.

Appa spits up all his drinks.

rotc – please don’t tell JJ about it, it is secret
Appa – don’t tell JJ about our one-on-one meeting. You like JJ so much so you watched a movie and drank togethr.
rotc – yes, I like her a lot.

It’s pouring rain outside and the ballerina is waiting for the bus. it shows up and B is there with an umbrella. She is pretty shocked to see him, but happy. She said it wasn’t raining when she first got there and he said they can share their umbrella.

The rotc guy is looking at the little cat and gives it some cat food. Then he tells it to not cry like someone he knows. Cut to JJ’s waling in the rain, she is having the hardest time with her umbrella. Then rotc guy walks up to her and protects her from the rain with his umbrella. he takes her broken umbrella and tells her to give up with it, she did her best. She says, okay, lets go to the building and they walk side by side. She thinks that he is just like some casonova older man. He aks if she can stand closer to him otherwise he would get wetter. She apologizes and gets closer to him. She then looks over and sees BD and ballerina walking in the rain as well. BD also sees them. They pass by each other in slow motion as they are each walking by in the rain.

Real 1999
BD is in the same position that the ROTC guy was in with drinks with Appa. Appa is interogating BD and asks him all these questions. What does he like
Whatever JJ likes. He wants to have a baby with JJ and live happily. Appa is like, what? This is the first interview, it doesn’t mean you can date JJ. You have to pass all the test. BD says, yes, he will do his best until the end. Appa says to not smile, he is not his abomin. BD says um, ajusshi? Appa is all like, sigh this young kid…

JJ is cooking and the girls going to have a performance or something like that. The bad guy is still there and BD looks like he is getting jealous.

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  1. November 19, 2017 / 10:53 am

    hi do you know what is the title song in the first scene when JJ see BD close laptop? who’s that singer? could you pls tell me?

    • V
      November 19, 2017 / 11:05 am

      The song is “Is it still beautiful” (여전히 아름다운지) by Kim Yeon Woo (김연우)

  2. V
    November 19, 2017 / 10:57 am

    We’ll look into it for you! Check back here and I’ll post it. We are also planning a big music post with all the songs from Go back Spouses.

    • J
      February 28, 2019 / 3:03 pm

      Did this post end up happening? 🙂 I’ve been looking for a lot of the music from the show.

        • J
          March 1, 2019 / 12:54 pm

          Unfortunately, and this is actually why I asked, all I can ever find is that 7 song OST which I’m guessing were songs played multiple times throughout or for it ^^; But nothing about insert songs like Jin Joo’s version of Musical (which is like the only one I’ve managed to get a name for T__T Sad there isn’t a version of Jang Na-ra’s version as I actually enjoyed it more than the original) or the hip hop song that Min Seo-young danced to.

          This is actually the first Korean drama I watched (and second Asian drama overall) so I’m not familiar with most of the music or anything so it’s been kind of… flying blind when it comes to looking things up. ^^;

          I’ll have to keep my search up then though. Thank you for letting me know at least! Hopefully I can eventually find information about all the insert songs and not just the OST album.

          • V
            March 1, 2019 / 1:05 pm

            Here is our affiliate link for the soundtrack and booklet on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2SA6WmL

            You an also google Go Back Couple OST in Amazon and it should pop up!

            They usually provide a lot of additional songs on their complete OST once the show has finished airing. Unfortunately, I don’t know which songs are included. (Sometimes they have a list).

            • V
              March 1, 2019 / 1:08 pm

              Ah, I see it in the description on Amazon! It has a 2 disc CD of songs

              Disc 1 has these songs;

              01. Go Back [Every Single Day] 02. [Sohyang] 03. Dream (Lucia)] 04. [Choi Nakta] 05. [Lee Seokhoon] 06. Amazing [Hong Daegwang]

              Disc 2 has these songs:

              01. Go Back Strings 02. Baam 03. Catoon Comics 04. Dang It 05. Go Back Waltz 06. Devils Destiny 07. Dream Girl Strings 08. Dumb Chase 09. Fakery 10. First Romance 11. Go Back Gt. Fun 12. Good Day Pizzi 13. House Mouse 14. Master Slave 15. Go Back Happy 16. Meaning 17. Mess Up 18. Now We Are Strings 19. Over There 20. Peer 21. Perfect Life Comic 22. Reggae Party 23. Romantic Swing 24. Still Here 25. Ting 26. Tired 27. Viewing The Moon

              • J
                March 2, 2019 / 2:29 am

                Unfortunately, those are all just the instrumental tracks… Not any of the lyrical insert songs from the 90’s ^^;

              • V
                March 2, 2019 / 7:58 am

                Aw, man! I wish I could help more. I know how it feels to be looking for a song that you must have.

  3. J
    March 2, 2019 / 8:10 am

    Yeah, I sadly don’t know Korean so while I’ve seen one placed that has some of the song titles, I can’t… read them x__x Or like the CD in this episode, can’t read that either. Hopefully I find somewhere with a list.

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