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Flower of Evil: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

Click here for part 1


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Caution: Be wary of typos

How to Watch: Viki

Shorthand Character Chart: Flower of Evil

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hyun-soo asks Moo-jin if he knows Gwontegi (like the 7 year itch). Moo-jin asks if he misheard it? Did you just say Gwantegi? Hyun-soo says Ji-won has gwantaegi but I don’t know what to do.

MJ – You woke me up this early and are only saying gwantegi?

HS – This is serious. It is more serious than coming down from the mountain after Nam Soon-gil stabbed me. I don’t know what to do.

The doorbell rang. Moo-jin complains that he didn’t even have a chance to change his clothes because of him. He lets Hae-soo in. She hurries to Hyun-soo and asks what is so urgent.

They both sit on the couch. The sister looks like, okay….so you have gwantaegi? She kind of smiles.

DHS – This is a big problem….

MJ – He is really crazy

HS – Ji-won is having a really hard time. What can I do to make her happy?

MJ – Of course you say, I love you so much, you are the only one for me and buy her presents and flowers and candlelight. Just make her unconscious by giving her so much love. She will ask, what is this. You will say, this is love. Later she will ask, what is this? You will say, post menopausal syndrome. This is how people live.

DHS – *smiles*

HS – Yes, what Ji-won will like the most now is – an accomplice. If I catch the accomplice then Ji-won will be so happy (lol for days) I can see it.

MJ – How can you get over your gwanaegi with a serial killer case?

DHS – *smiles* She is a very important person to you Hyun-soo.

HS – Yes, very important.

DHS – No, a precious person.

HS – *looks at her*

MJ – What is the difference?

DHS – The important thing is, after time passes, you think it wasn’t so important. For a precious thing, after time passes, it still hurts.

Hyun-soo checks his watch and stands. He tells her that he knows what the sound was. They are both shocked really? Moo-jin asks how he knows? Hyun-soo says he will tell them after he comes back and tells his sister not to hang out with Kim Moo-jin too long.

He heads out. Moo-jin tells him they are not underage so don’t matter in our lives. Then hey are left alone and he stutters, w-what are you d-doing today? It’s not like a date or something, it is just like before. We can eat something nice or have a drink.

She asks if he can take her home. He is startled.


Hyun-soo is in his car. He texts his wife several times but she does not respond. (He texts her things like: How are you doing? You didn’t eat breakfast. Do you need anything? Maybe we can start working out together? Did you eat lunch?

But no answer. He looks at her old happy text messages where they shared photos of the sky then rocks his head back and closes his eyes.


Ji-won tells Jae-sup that she wants to set a trap. He asks, what? A trap? She shows the group all the people that Jung Mi-seok talked to during the last three days of her disappearance. She told them that she was looking for a job. While she was doing it, people should have known that she left home. We should set a trap to see who trapped Jung Mi-seok.

The rookie asks what traps they have. She says they have her. She can be Jung Mi-seok. The captain tells her that can be legally problematic. She says if they keep committing crimes then it is legal.

Jae-sup is in. The rookie is in as well. The captain thinks about it for a hot second then tells them the first thing they ned to to is get a pre-paid phone.


Moo-jin takes Hae-soo all he way back to her octapang. She is about to let herself in. He says he is okay, he can leave. She asks, do you really want to leave? He tells her  no.

So they go inside her place. It’s dark. There are mannequin heads all around. She stands in the living room. He asks if she is moving out? You don’t have much. She says she lives like this.

He asks if she is a minimalist? I thought you were trendy. Isn’t it a little dark though? Should we turn on the light?

He tries to turn on the light but it doesn’t turn on. He tells her she needs to turn it on. She says she doesn’t turn it on too often. She didn’t even know it was out.

He looks at all the scary pictures of “dead” people around. It might be for her work. She tells him she has insomnia and doesn’t sleep well. Sometimes she cries all night like a crazy person. Sometimes she doesn’t leave her place all day. I am not like the Do Hae-soo from before. I am broken. We can’t go back. You can leave.

She lowers her head. He looks at her and stumbles for something to say. But he ends up walking back out. He looks at her one last time before leaving.


Meanwhile, Hae-soo walks along a Seoul alley street looking at all the buildings. He is on some kind of shop street or maybe bar street. Perhaps it is the place he went to all those year ago. He goes inside, its still a bar and the same guy might still work there?

The bartender is cleaning a glass. Hyun-soo recognizes his tattoo.

HS – This place strangely did not changed at all.

Bartender – Have you been here before?

HS – Yes, I came here with my father when I was young. Nothing has changed.

B – What would you like to drink?

HS – What would you recommend on the rocks?

The bartender pulls out a drink with ice cubes in it and gives it to him.

HS – When I came with my father before, you carved your own ice.

B – Maybe your father was a special guest. For special customers we carve the ice personally

HS – Special guests?

B – Yeah, regular customers.

HS – Then the person I’m looking for could be a special guest.

He plays the recording for him. The bartender stops cleaning the glass.

HS – Do you recognize who this person is?

B – *nervous* No, not at all.

HS – In case you remember, can you contact me?

B – Yes. Can you leave your contact information here?

Searches for his contact information.

HS – Can I borrow your pen?

B – *Hands one over, its a metal work pen*

Hyng-soo recognizes this pen as one his father carved. He remembers his father telling him that he needs to give one to his friend for supplying him with good material. Hyun-soo told him that he always picked his own material. His father said some material is a little dangerous to get on his own.

Hyun-soo asked what kind of material? His father looked at him and said, if I showed you, what kind of face would you make? Hyun-soo says he wonders about it, show it to me. His father tells him, when your eyes and fingers are a little more mature.

Hyun-soo picks one of the metal worked pens. It has its own case. This is the same pen that the bartender gave him to use.

He looks at the bartender. The bartender looks guilty.



The police station all huddle around a phone as Ji-won calls all these phone numbers and tells them that she is looking for a job. A lot of numbers are crossed off a list. She calls again and gets a woman this time. She says she is looking for a job.

he woman answers interested and asks if she saw the flyer? The cops eyes widen. Ji-won says she doesn’t have good credit. The woman tells her not to worry, it does not matter at all.


Hyun-soo asks the bartender if he really doesn’t know that voice? The bartender is spooked. Hyun-soo asks, what about Do Min-seok, you don’t know him? He says he doesn’t.

Hyun-soo hops over the bar and proffers the pen at him. You said you don’t know Do Min-seok but you said he was a special guest? The bartender says he doesn’t know anything. Hyun-soo asks, who are you? Do you only sell drinks here?

The bartender pulls out the ice pick and fights Hyun-soo with it. Hyun-soo is able to dodge and stabs him in the hand with the pen. But it isn’t actually in his hand. It was between the fingers. Hyun-soo is pretty skilled.

The man asks why he is doing this to him? I don’t know anything. Hyun-soo asks him who can solve this situation?


The woman asks Ji-won where she is. Ji-won says she is in a motel near a train station. The woman asks the name of the hotel. Ji-won has to wait a second for the other cops to write a name down. She tells them happy-won hotel.

The woman tells her she will got o her for an interview in a couple hours. I want to hear your story. Ji-won says okay.

They hang up. Ji-won tells the cops that this is suspicious. They think she sounded happy to hear that Ji-won was in a difficult situation. They wonder if the co conspirator was a woman or maybe they had a lure.

the rookie feels nervous about this.

Cut to the woman in the gangsters office from before. They are counting money. She is happy that they have a new one. The gangster thinks he is a little nervous. You just had one. This is too short. Whenever we turn on the TV, they talk about the reinvestigation of the Do Min-seok case. We could all be involved.

The woman shrugs it off and tells him that he is so wimpy. She asks for some money. He hands her some but she thinks it is not enough. He mutters that he should not sell the product. He will pay her when he can sell it.

Then they get a phone call from the bartender who mentions that there is a crazy guy here. The thug asks what the f he is talking about. Hyun-soo picks up the phone and asks if he is Do Min-seok’s accomplice? the thug asks, who are you?


The real Hee-soo drags himself out of bed, though he falls on the floor. His mother comes up with a wheelchair and runs to his side to ask why he is doing this. He mutters that he has to see someone. He remembers that he was on his way to meet that person. He has to go, hurry, hurry, umma, stand me up.

He is all sweaty and out of it.

His father is in his office, perhaps back at the hospital he take out his burner phone and pull sup a number.

At the same time, Hyun-soo is led to the Thugs offices. The bartender leads the way. The door opens.

At the same time, the door opens on Ji-won’s room to the thug ajumma.

Meanwhile, Do hae-soo stands on her octapang overlooking the city. Moo-jin comes back with a light and tells her that she has to change it. She is so surprised to see him.


Hee-soo looks around at all the thugs. There are several here. He tells them that his appa took him to that bar. The thug asks him what the drink was that Do Min-seok always ordered when he came. Hyung-soo tells him that his father never ordered a drink, he always said that he had a reservation.

The thug stands right in front of him and says they look alike. Sit down.

They sit on the leather couches. Hyung-soo asks what his thug is to even know his fathers accomplice? The thug tells him that question crosses the line. I heard that you were under search after killing someone. I watched it on the news.

Hyun-soo tells him that he should know why he is looking for that person.

HS – You said you watched the news. He screwed me up. I have to give my answer.

Thug – Do you know who that guy is? You are fearless.

HS – Tell the same thing to that guy. Who he screwed up without any fear.

Thug – *laughs* I am tired sitting in between these crazy guys

HS – You sound like you are less crazy.

Thug – me? I am a business man. I buy sell and make a profit, that is it. It is simple.

HS – So what do you buy and sell?

Thug – Everything.


The ajumma asks Ji-won if she doesn’t talk to her family after she left home after middle school? Ji-won says they don’t even care if she is alive or dead. it should not be taxable work. It should be something a no credit person can make a lot of money.

The other cops are listening from the car. Ji-won asks if it is dangerous. The woman says no, just go to the place I tell you and pick up a delivery.

Inside, Ji-won asks what the delivery is. The ajumma says to just try it, then you will know. the ajumma tells her that she needs a commission, how much money do you have?

Ji-won shows her a wad of cash. It doesn’t look like a lot. The ajumma says she will make her rich. You won’t miss this little amount of money.

JW – Ajumma, do you know the law?

A – Why, do you have a question for me?

JW – [basically says that someone can’t unlawfully take advantage of someone]

A – What?

JW – Ajumma, you have violated several labor laws.

A – *throws money on table*

JW – Lets talk about this illegal thing at our station.

A – Who are you?

JW – Me? I am Jung Mi-sook.

Theat is the code word so the cops all start to head inside. Ji-won hand cuffs this ajumma. The ajumma mutters that she heard she was supposed to meet an important person. Ji-won tells her that fortune teller is good.

Ji-won lets the other two cops in the ajumma hops out the window and tries to get to the other balcony. But she falls. She is a goner.



Hyun-soo write 5,000,000 won on a sheet of paper and tells the thug that he will get profit with this right? The thug thinks and wonders if it is better to sell him to you or sell you to him?

Thug – Hmm, which is better?

HS – I didn’t see those people who last long who like to weight the results.

Thug – Yep, you are right. Even though I am a thug, I shouldn’t sell my customer. I won’t die old.

HS – Customer? So, you sold the same material you sold to me father to him also?

thug – material? Yeah, he called it that name.

He thinks about his father telling him that some materials are hard to get by himself.

Thug – Okay, I decided, I want to sell you.

The other thugs start to walk towards him.


The chief yells at them all for leaving the room when the criminal was in handcuffs. The captain defends Ji-won and tells the chief that it was  a short amount of time. teh chief thinks this is not just their problem, what if she dies! This was entrapment!

The rookie calls, he is in the hospital and filling them in on the ajummas emergency surgery. It can go either way.

Ji-won goes outside for a deep breath. She thinks about happy moments with Hyun-soo and pulls out her phone. He left ten messages that she hadn’t checked yet? She checks them all. He said all the things earlier and also that he says he wants to talk to her and he wants to go back with her and he hopes time goes by fast so that their memories become the same. He wants to think like her and feel like her.

She remembers telling him that she only receives. It was the first night in their new place. He told her that he wants one thing. Don’t change. Be just like you are now. Just look at me. If you trust me then that is all i want. She told him that was so easy. He says if she is like that then he will live his entire life for her.

In the present, she starts to cry and mutters that she misses him.


Hyun-soo is held by three thugs. He is about to get drugged. The thug tells him that when he thinks of Do Min-seok, he doesn’t want to do this to him. But what can he do? 

HS – Do you think you can do this to me?

Thug – This hurts my feelings. After you take a good nap then you will see the person that you wanted to see. Hold him.

The thug tries to force him to drink the drug. Hyun-soo struggles against him.

HS – I can be your customer!

The thug stops.

HS – I can be a stable long term customer.

Thug – Do you know what I sell?

HS – People.

Thug – *chuckles* Do you also need my product?

HS – Didn’t my father tell you about me?

Thug – I heard, you are just like him. But i didn’t know that meant this.

The phone rungs. It’s handed to the thug. It is Ji-won, his wife. The thug tells him to pick it up.

HS – Yes.

JW – I wanted to hear your voice. Well….it was a difficult day for me but you are the only one I can think of.

HS – I am busy. I am busy.

She remembers him telling her to trust him.

JW – Okay, from now on, yes or no. Can you do that?

HS – Yes.

JW – Do you need help?

HS – No.

JW – Can you take care of it by yourself?

HS – Yes.

JW – I will give you one hour. Come back to me in one hour. I miss you.

HS – Yes.

Fade Out


Y’all, who would have thought that gangsters and serial killers would form the perfect team 😂. I love it. And now Hyun-soo is out to solve the case in order to save his marriage, which is the best reason to solve a serial murder case in my opinion. (I kid, I kid! it’s the second best reason!).

LOve this show, I love this thug turn and I’m feeling kind of worried for that kid from the first episode that wound up there. Maybe he’s still alive??? Or maybe not??? Poor thing, this is a hard Kdrama to live through. For a second i thought the package would be this kid and Ji-won would be thrown in as well. Then the kid would out her as a cop, or something like that.

Did not expect the ajumma thug to try and escape to the next room over, lol. LADY, THEY CAN JUST GO TO THE NEXT ROOM. THIS IS NOT A GOOD PLAN.

Okay, I’m done. This show is super fun and I am in love with it. See y’all tomorrow! Be sure to check out The Whale meme app before you go!


English Translation

Thug – The deal starts tomorrow at midnight. Bring $100,000 to my office.

MW – He is not an easy guy. It will bother him if he knows that you are awake.

JS – We catch Do Hun-soo at the same time, right?

HS – I need money. One hundred thousand cash. Then I think I will find who the accomplish is of the Yun-joo city murder case.

HS – I want to be a good person to you.

Man voice – I have important information about the Yun-joo serial killer case

JW – Who is calling?


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