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Flower of Evil: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

This show is well put together in its super craziness so you know I love it. It is moving from one exciting point to the next which keeps me interested and makes the hour zoom by. I mean, we recapped this show at like midnight last week and it didn’t even feel like it. Hopefully they can keep it up.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

How to Watch: Viki

Shorthand Character Chart: Flower of Evil

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hyung-soo opens the door to their house. it is decorated with white Christmas lights hung on all the walls and around banisters. He has her eyes covered. He walks her to the center of the house and tells her to open her eyes. 

She is amazed at home pretty it is and wonders whenshe decorated it. She is pregnant with their daughter and asks her if she is happy. Her daughter kicks them so she tells him to touch her belly. He feels a tiny kick and is a bit surprised.

She tells him he is always surprised like that. He tells her that he feels a bit strange to think that a living being is in her body. She says she isn’t use to it also. So tell our baby something to celebrate that we have moved to a new house.

He tries to think of something and kneels in front of her belly. He clears his throat. She laughs, why are you clearing your throat?

HS – it is time for hearing to develop so I’m concerned about it.

JW – Okay, Doctor, go ahead when you are ready.

He puts his hand on her belly

HS – We moved to a new house. Your room is yellow. I hope you like it.

JW – She will like it.

He stands back up and smiles.

HS – Lets eat. I made bo-ssam (oyster ssam)

JW – How did you know I wanted to eat it?

HS – Its the time you wanted to eat it.

JW – I feel like I am the only one recieving. Don’t you have anything you want from me?

HS – I have one thing.


Hyung-soo walks to the front door of Moo-jin’s place and asks Ji-won why she is here. She asks why he is there. He says he is helping reporter Kim. He was wondering about Do Min-seok as a metal craft artist.

Ji-won rubs her neck and wonders why reporter Kim is hiding so much? You are with my husband. I will find out anyway.

HS – Reproter, was this a secret meeting? I didn’t know.

MJ – Yeah, why did I do that?

JW – Can I join you inside?

She walks in and sees Hae-soo. She is a bit stunned.

JW – Who…

DHS – Detective Ja Ji-won, it is good to see you here.

JW – Who are you?

DHS – you came by for the Park Hyun-choon case (the taxi driver).

JW – *thinks*

DHS – Do Hae-soo?

DHS – Yes.

JW – Your mood looks so different. I couldn’t recognize you. Back then you were very cold towards me and didn’t cooperate.

DHS – Back then….I am sorry.

JW – No, you don’t have to apologize. Reporter, are you preparing something big with my husband and Do Hae-soo.

Ji-won knows that everyone is lying and looks like she is waiting to hear it from them.

DHS – I know Moo-jin from when I was little. It was just in case I could help find the co-conspirator.

JW – I am not hear to investigate. You don’t have to explain anything to me.

She sees all the details on the window that they wrote down. It is a better list than the detectives came up with. Hee-sung whispers to Moo-jin to give Ji-won something sweet to drink like a sweet coffee.

He goes to the kitchen to make stick coffee. Ji-won keeps looking at the window. She sees the writing Trap and wonders what that means.

HS – Ji-won ah, does it bother the police investigation if I help the reporter?

JW – No, the reporter is doing his job. 

MJ – *comes back in with coffee* Lets have sweet coffee

JW – I wanted to have sweet coffee, how did you know?

She mentions the Trap part of the window. They say its nothing. Moo-jin explains that Do Min-seok liked traps so we think he used traps to kidnap the victims. Hyung-soo gives a “no” signal so Moo-jin says it was Do Hae-soo’s suggestion.

Do Hae-soo looks like a deer in headlights, but she says it was her idea. Hyun-soo tells Moo-jin to ask the detective what he asked him. Moo-jin asks Hyun-soo what he asked him, lol. Hyun-soo says the voice file.

Moo-jin is all like, ahhhh! Yes, about that.


The real Min-seok is back awake. Mija is holding a plate, but shaking. The father checks him. Hee-sung tries to look at her and mutters, umma. The father says to go to him.

So Mi-ja goes to his side and asks if he recognizes her? She is overcome with emotion. He mutters that it was not umma’s fault. She cries and says she is sorry. He is able to hold his arm up a tiny bit and tries to touch her face. He asks why she is crying. She holds his hand. He tells her its okay, but he can barely speak.

He asks what she did with that guy? The guy I hit? He slowly blinks. The parents start to internally freak out. Intense music plays.



Everyone listens to the voice recording together. Ji-won says there was no pattern, so it shouldn’t be a machine. They ask her what she thinks it is. She says she doesn’t know, how could she know.

Moo-jin thinks that’s right, if you knew what it was right away then that means you are the co-conspirator. That makes Hyun-soo happy. Ji-won says there is a sound agency that helps the police. I can include this background sound in our investigation.

MJ – That is why we have to have at least one police officer in the family.

Hyun-soo glares at him. Moo-jin shuts up. Do Hae-soo gets up to leave and excuses herself. Ji-won asks her if she wants the co conspirator to get caught? She turns around and says of course. It is the same for everyone.

Ji-won says it could be Hyun-soo. DHS says no, it is not Hyun-soo. Ji-won asks how she can be so sure. DHS tells her it is because the Hyun-soo she knows is not that kind of person.

JW – It sounds like the Hyun-soo you know and the Hyun-soo I know are very different. I met a social worker who consulted Hyun-soo when he was young.

HS – *looks at her*

JW – Do Hyun-soo was lacking in emotional sympathy but he was very good in cognitive empathy. So she was sure that when he grew up he would be very good at controlling other people for his advantage.

MJ – *nods along*

JW – I met the social worker and she told  me that he wanted to kill people but killed the dog instead because it was difficult to get rid of the dead.

DHS – Hyun soo didn’t do it!

JW – Then who did it?

DHS – Of course, who would do it.

JW – Do Min-seok?

DHS – Yes.

JW – Why did he say he did the things that Do Min-seok did?

DHS – I want to ask him that also. Why did he do it, how can he do it? What was he thinking to take the blame!

Moo-jin motions to Hyun-soo.

JW – Do Hae-soo, do you have something to tell me?

DHS – *thinks for a moment* Yes. I want you to know this.

HS – *clenches his fist*

DHS – The thing I did, not Hun-soo.

JW – What are you talking about?

DHS – Actually, the mayor…

Hyun-soo spilled his coffee on purspoe on Moo-jin’s computer. Moo-jin’s eyes grow wide. He scrambles to it. Hyun-soo apologizes. Moo-jin asks if he knows how expensive this is! They talk about that back and forth. Hyun-soo keeps apologizing. Moo-jin is super sad and asks if he can just leave. I want to be alone.

But it worked since it broke up the confession.

Hee-sung pulls the car around to pick up Ji-won from the front of the apartment. She gets in and he buckles her in with an apology about not telling her about helping with reporter Kim.

She assures him that couples don’t have to tell everything to each other. I am also not telling you everything. Lets hurry and go, I left work for too long. He looks a bit worried but smiles and heads off.

Inside the apartment, Moo-jin asks Hae-soo if she was really going to tell the detective the truth?

DHS – Moo-jin, I want to have hypnosis.

MJ- What?

DHS – I saw the co-conspirator. I want to recover my memory with hypnosis. I want to help Hyun-soo with whatever it takes.

MJ – So what is next? What if Hyun-soo doesn’t need your help anymore. What are you going to do? Would you like to hang out with me like before?

DHS – When Hyun-soo doesn’t need me anymore. I will do what I was supposed to do. The thing I had to do but could not.

MJ – What?

DHS – I’m leaving.

She heads out. He looks at her until the elevator doors close.


Ji-won and Hee-sung are quiet. She is thinking and looking outside. She is thinking about Jae-sup saying that the accomplice and Min-seok should have met at least twice. Giving the car key and receiving it. Hyun-soo should have seen the accomplice.

Ji-won asks Hyun-soo.

JW – if you were Do Min-seok, how would you give the car key to the accomplice?

HS – What do you mean?

JW – I was thinking about it. Do Hyun-soo’s role was proving Do Min-seoks alibi and a separate guy used his car and kidnapped the victim.

HS – Okay

JW – So that is why I am sure that he gave the accomplice the car keys in person. That is what we think

HS – Tell me, it sounds interesting.

JW – According to Do Hyun-soo’s handwritten note….

The camera scans and we are in a flashback with teanage Hyun-soo and Do Min-seok at a museum.

VO – Do Min-seok went to all the places where you could meet an unidentified person.

2003 May 11 15:40 ART EXHIBITION

VO – Do Min-seok and Do Hyun-soo parked their car at a hotel parking lot. At 15:4 they went to a art exhibition. At 19:00 they went to a restaurant.

The flashback shows these events.

VO – At 20:30 they went to a bar. They went to a movie theater after midnight. After the crime happened, they came out of the movie theater.


JW – it means that from the exhibition to the movie theater, Do Min-seok could have seen the accomplice. Do you think he saw the accomplice?

HS – *quiet and thinking*

JW – Jaghiya!

HS – *slams breaks*

He slams the breaks at a stop walk. All the people crossing the street look at him. He apologizes to Ji-won. Then he asks her where her ring is. She touches her hand and says she was washing her hands and left it in the restroom. She forgot about it.

HS – You never did it before. You said it felt awkward when you took it off.

JW – It was, but I get used to it the more I take it off.

HS – *looks sadly for a second*

JW – The light

HS – Oh *starts driving* You didn’t forget dinner tonight?

JW – What?

HS – We have a party tonight. Eun-ha is lookin for ward to it, don’t be late.

JW – *looks out window*



The maid puts some food in front of Mija at the table and happily says it is a miracle that her son woke back up. Mija smiles along happily, but then turns sad as she drinks her tea.

In the back, the father looks after the real Hee-sung and tells him that he does not have to worry about the accident that day. Appa took care of everything.

rHS – *strained whisper* That day, why didn’t you pick up the phone? I called you many times

MW – I was busy

rHS – *strained whisper* Was that more important than me?

MW – There is nothing like that in the world.

rHS – *strained whisper* Can I walk again?

Intense music starts to play

MW – Not even walking, you can get the job you want and marry a good person and get a pretty girl. You should live in a nice two story house with her.

He lightly touches his son’s face.

MW – You can live like that.

Hee-sung tries to smile.


Ji-won walks home. her daughter calls to her from the rooftop and tells her to hurry up. Hyung-soo is behind her, they are both smiling.

She goes to the rooftop where a nice party set up is presented for their five year moving anniversary for moving to that house. there is food and cake and string lights and the overall ambiance is very lovely.

He asks if she doesn’t like these things anymore? She says she is happy. She is so happy, she just thought he would not do these things anymore. He says he is doing it because he likes it. It is not a big effort after all.

JW – You should work hard to only show what I want to see.

HS – *looks at her, concerned*

JW – Thank you.

HS – *smiles* Don’t mention it.

Eun-ha asks for something in jongdemal so he jokes that she only uses jongdaemal when she needs something. Ji-won thinks, do you love her? Then remembers the question his sister posed about whether he loved his wife or not. He says no. He can’t do that kind of thing.

Ji-won gets a call just then for the sound analysis. The sound person tells her that he is analyzing it. She tells him to send her an email when they get the result.

HS – Is that the thing Kim Moo-jin asked you?

JW – Yes.

HS – Did they find out what kind of sound it was?

JW – They can’t get that kind of thing.

HS – Oh, okay.

JW – But they found another guys voice after removing the noise

HS – *on alert*

She downloads the voice and plays it for him.

JW – Do you know what this person said?

It keeps playing on a loop. He listens to it. Then he remembers. it was ashtray. Someone asked if he wanted an ashtray. Do Min-seok said yes, give it to me.

The bartender asked them this. Then he started carving ice. Hyun-soo remembers this. He remembers looking at the bartender too. Someone walked behind him and knocked off his jacket. Hun-soo looked at this person. The person put it back on the chair. His father looked at him sternly.

JW – Jahgi? Why are you standing there?

Hyun-soo looks around and realizes that he is standing up.

HS – Nothing *sits* Eun-ha, do you want some more? Want some shrimp? Appa will give you some more.


Ji-won and Hyun-soo wash the dishes together. It is a quiet affair. He tells her that she forecefully smiles recently, what is the reason for that.

JW – Nothing.

HS – Why are you doing this if it is nothing?

JW – Maybe my love to you changed.

HS – *stops washing his dish and looks at her* What do you mean?

JW – Its been fourteen years since we met. It can’t be like when we first met.

HS – How can you say that all of a sudden?

JW – *looks at him* What about you? Is your heart the same to me as the first time we met?

HS – *long pause* It is the same.

JW – Okay, you are *looks away*

HS – its all work. You are under too much stress. It is always dangerous and you can’t even sleep and your new investigation is going nowhere.

JW – I think about this often recently. If we break up, how will I live?

HS – Ji-won….

JW – Don’t say it as if you know everything about me. I am the only one that knows about myself the most. Not you. *looks at him* Did I have any reason to like you? Nothing. I don’t need a reason to hate you also. I hate you. I don’t like everything about you. I even don’t want to see you try hard to please me.

HS – *confused and searching* Why?

JW – Maybe my love ended and became hate.

HS – *nervous* Then why are you crying if you hate me?

JW – Because I hate myself since I can only say it like this.

HS – *lost* I don’t understand. I don’t understand you now.

JW – I am going to break up with you. I hate to see you sleeping next to me, eating.

HS – Ji-won, what should I do? Tell me. If you tell me anything, I will change. I will do anything.

JW – Do nothing. That is what I want.

She walks away. He really is lost and like he has emotions for the first time. He stops her in their bedroom.

JW – Lets talk about us a little later. I have to read this.

HS – There is nothing more important than talking about us.

JW – Do you know what I see first when I go to work? I see Do Min-seok’s victims faces. Do you know what I feel when I see those faces? I feel guilty.

HS – Why you? You didn’t do anything.

JW – Because I don’t know anything. I have to know but I don’t know. I don’t even know how he picked his victims. It can be the last chance for them and I am the only person they trust but I don’t know anything.

HS – Ji-won, this is just work. Don’t personalize it that much.

JW – Now I understand how I survived all those cruel cases.

She thinks back to him happily being by her side all these years and hugging her.

JW – It was you. You made me forget about it. I could forget it all when I was with you. But not anymore.

She walks away.


Click here for part 2!


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