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Flower of Evil: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

Flower of Evil: Episode 8 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part two for our live recap of Flower of Evil!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hee-sung walks home. His wife drinks happily outside their place. She asks if he wants to drink together? She has a beer for him. He takes one and asks about Eun-ha. Ji-won tells him that she is sleeping. She passed out as soon as she got home.

He asks her what happened. She says that work is difficult. It is something she started. It is a job that she doesn’t have enough return on so it makes her sad. She asks if she should stop it?

HS – If it is difficult then quit it.

JW – You say it so easily because it is not yours.

HS – Just be yourself. Don’t live difficult.

JW – What is myself?

HS – Bright and innocent and smiling a lot and gets angry easily and happy easily.

JW – *smiles* I also get tricked easily. I am kind of naive.

HS – You? No.

JW – Time passes by quickly. Next week it will be the fifth year that we moved to this house. The couch and bed and closet and interior, we all picked together and made. It was fun.

HS – We had a party.

JW – I was really happy that day.

HS – Want to do it again for our 5 year celebration? I will prepare everything. You can just be happy.

JW – Do you love me?

HS – *looks at her for a moment then grabs her hand and kisses it* Of course, you shouldn’t ask.

But that is not really an answer.

JW – I will let him live as Baek Hee-sung until the end. As if I don’t know anything. Let’s break up like that. That is my last gift to you.

So it looks like she will divorce him at some point possibly.

JW – So, our team will reinvestigate the Yunjoo serial killer case. I will be very busy. But I will do my best.

He thinks back to sitting in Moo-jin’s place with his sister and Moo-jin.

Noona – No one cried at the funeral like that.

Flashback to someone weeping a lot at the funeral.

Noona – I don’t remember his face at all. Nothing distinguishable. He said he owes our father so he wanted to give that to me. It was a precious thing that would bring luck.

In the flashback, he hands over the fish.

Noona – His voice was so kind, I was about to cry.

She took it.

Noona – But he looked at you sleeping for awhile and said, is he Do Hyun-soo? I pity him. His future will be really difficult. After listening to that, I thought I had to give it to you.

Hyun-soo leans forward in the couch and sighs.

HS – So he approached me on purpose. Who is that person?

Noona – One more thing. I remember it all of a sudden after watching the witness interview.

Flashback to him writing a number on her arm.

Noona – When I have no one to rely on and am all alone in the world. Call him and he will help.

HS – Did you write down the phone number?

Noona – I wrote it down back then. But our house was all burned.

MJ – Hey, why did you do that! *to Hyun-soo*

Noona – After Hyun-soo left, I had to burn Hyun-soo’s footage and my bloody uniform.

MJ  – Oh, yes, that is why. *nods* So, August 21, 2002. He threatened the witness.

Hyun-soo plays the recording for them. He tells them not to focus on the voice itself, listen to the background noise.

They all listen closely. Hyun-soo asks if they hear that sound? What do you think that sound is? She says she doesn’t know. Maybe from the studio? 

Hyun-soo says no, he has heard that sound before. 

Moo-jin keeps looking at Hae-soo longingly.

HS – I think I went to this place before.

HS – Kim Moo-jin

MJ – Why are you so pretty?

HS – What did you say?

MJ – Nothing….

HS – You just told me something.

MJ – *stands* I have to tell you guys something seriously. Look at me. I am not going to be involved with you guys emotionally anymore. This is just work, right?

Both – *stares at him*

MJ – We have a common goal of finding the Yun-joo city co-conspirator. As soon as we end this case then our relationship ends forever.

Noona – Okay.

MJ – What? U-um, okay, that is good.

HS – Kim Moo-jin….

MJ – What? Did I say something wrong!

HS – What did park Yun-shoon say? (The taxi driver)




The trio move into a bigger office for the serial killer case. They love it. Ji-won is a bit distracted though. Today is their anniversary of buying their house. the rookie envies her and her husband since they always look like they are newlyweds.

The rookie asks if JS really wanted her to break up with her husband? JS says people can make mistakes. The rookie asks, yeah, like when you got wiretapped. JS is about to hit him but then the Captain comes in.

Ji-won takes off her ring and puts it in her drawer.


Moo-jin writes on his window all the details they know about the case.

MJ – May 9, 2002, Jung Mi-sook left home after arguing with her husband. Three days later on May 12, 2002 at 7pm. She talked to Park Hyun-choon at the bus station. He was hospitalized from an accident so she asked where the hospital was and hung up. She was missing after that.

Noona – Was she kidnapped while she was going to the hospital?

HS – No, that is not abogi’s style. That is not planned. Abogi really hated unexpected situations.

MJ – Oh yeah, I wanted to say this. I found out a new thing recently from all the news articles. The victims had one commonality.


Switch to the cops. They are also talking about the case but they are using a projector. JS thinks it looks like they do not share something in common. JW says they do, they all disappeared from the world but no one looked for them.

The investigation did not happen properly because Do Min-seok killed himself. We don’t have any information about the victims. Except Jung Mi-sook.

JW – Because her husband reporter her missing, we have information until she disappeared.

A map comes up.

This is Do Min-sook’s footage on May 11th. And this is Jung Mi-sook’s footage. Do Min-seok and the son did not meet her at all that day.

JS – What did they do that day?

JW – According to Do Min-seok’s testimony, they went to see the exhibitions.

JS – Can ew believe that?

Captain – It was very detailed. We had to accept it as an alibi. Please, read it.

JS – Okay, okay, it’s a lot.

JW – Do Min-seok lent his car and the co-conspirator did the work. This is the people that Jung Mi-sook met when she left home for 3 days. Fifty seven people. She called them to get a job mostly. We can find the co-conspirator among these people. We can.

JS – No are so eager. Until a few days ago you did not want to do this.

JW – I really want to solve the case.

JW – (So I can prepare for whats next).


The other trio are still talking in the apartment 

HS – Abogi and the co-conspirator knew that Jung Mi-sook left home.

MJ – That’s right. They did not kidnap her coincidentally.

Noona – She was in the bus station to go to the hospital so how did they do it?

HS – As our father….

He remembers his father getting him a rabbit from a trap he set. He told his son that he could have it and do whatever he wanted to do with it. he could use his hand or his tools or whatever. Abogi will just watch you.

HS – He should have put traps around. Abogi liked traps. With the straps set, Jung Mi-sook should have gone there by herself.

MJ – What? She went there to get kidnapped? How?

Flashback to Mi-sook waiting for the bus. Her phone rings. She answers it and starts to walk away.

HS – The husband is hospitalized. Where would she have to go even before the hospital?

Cut to the chubby kid from earlier going into a room with a woman. This looks bad. Though it says this is a job site. Inside this room area  lot of fake phones. The people here look like gangsters. there are several around.

One of the gangsters pours him an orange juice. He says he is fine. But then he drinks it. the gangster asks him how heknows that place. The kid pulls out a flyer. He says he called the number and the ajumma came out.

The gangster asks if he ran away from home? The kid asks, can I really make money? The gangster laughs and hands over a resume for him to fill out. Then he laughs some more.




Meanwhile, Man-woo sits at his desk at the hospital and looks at the news. The news is talking about how over a million people asked for the cops to reinvestigate the Yun-joo city murder case. The prime suspect, Do Hyun-soo is still missing so the police are starting the investigation.

Man-woo turns off the TV. Then he pulls out a 2G phone and calls the suspicious number that the co conspirator person wrote on the sisters arm. It is the only number in the phone.

But he gets a text first. It is from the caregiver. She says that his wife is behaving strangely. She is in their sons room and is not coming out at all. 

He thinks back to her saying that their son would ask them to kill him! he quickly leaves.


Hyun-soo asks Moo-jin to get Jung Mi-sook’s phone record or how she was when she was missing. MJ asks if he is a spy? I am a reporter.

Noona says she should have remembered the phone number. Moo-jin turns sympathetic and tells her that she was only 19, of course she should not remember it. She thinks she should remember his face at least.

Moo-jin thinks to himself and wonders how Hae-soo can kill a person, what happened to you. Hyun-soo looks between Moo-jin and Hae-soo and looks like he would roll his eyes if he did that sort of thing.

Moo-jin tells them that they should get a pizza. They always talked about buying one whole pizza each when they became an adult. Let’s do it now. Noona smiled. Hyun-soo looks at him skeptically.

HS – Hey, Moo-jin, are you having fun right now? Are you having fun playing this co-conspirator game? Your real goal is to do something with noona.

MJ – What?

HS – Am i wrong? If so then look at Noona’s eyes and say the same thing you said eighteen years ago.

MJ – *gulps*

HS – Do Hae-soo, you are freaky. Don’t you remember that noona? You came home crying and asked me if your eyes and abogi’s eyes were so similar.

MJ – Hey, Do Hyun-soo.

Noona – Moo-jin, do not get angry

HS – This is none of my business what you two do. But you should play at the playground. Right now you need to focus. Listen to this again.

He plays the recording.

HS – The place where the co-conspirator called, we need to find out where that place is. I went there before.

Noona turns off the recording.

HS – What are you doing?

Noona – Moo-jin.

MJ – You always stopped me. I am the one feeling all the emotions as a normal person. Not him who is abnormal. *tuns to Hyun-soo* What do you think I am? Am I your pushover? You don’t thank me are not sorry and don’t have any manners and are selfish. What kind of person will be left with you. You don’t feel anything, even if you hear this. But normal people can’t stand someone like you. Okay, show it to Detective Cha. You’re real self.

Noona – Hyun-soo, focus on one thing now.

MJ – Are you still the spokesperson for Do Hyun-soo. How long are you going to do that?

HS – *slight smile* So, we are on the playground, finally. You are really not helpful.

Hyun-soo gets up to leave.

Noona – Sit down Hyun-soo *assertively*. Sit down and listen to me.

He reluctantly goes back and sits down.

Noona – Hyun-soo, just say what you really want to say. Then Moo-jin can really help you. 

HS – I said everything I wanted to say.

Noona – Not things coming out from your mouth. Look at what you really want and say that.

HS – I don’t understand what you are talking about.

Noona – You know.

HS – I don’t know. How can I know things I don’t know?

Noona – Because you changed. You are a changed person Hyun-soo. Before you didn’t want anything. But now you do.




Jae-sup sits back in his chair and says that they should catch Do Hyun-soo. Ji-won tells him that Do Hyun-soo is not the co-conspirator. I am sure of it, trust me.

He says it is not that. When you see the process of kidnapping, the co-conspirator kidnapped the victim with Do Min-seok’s car and put her in the trunk and left the car alone at the sight. Do Min-seok drove the car and put the victim in his basement. That is his story right?

the rookie says that is true, so what? Jae-sup thinks they should have contacted each other at least twice. Once to give away the key and the other to accept the key. He should have seen the co-conspirator.

The rookie asks, what if the key is left in the car? Jae-sup says that is what normal people would think. Jae-sup thinks, if the key was left in the car then that means the door was left open. They left the key in the car with the victim in the car? Nonsense.

Jae-sup thinks they put it somewhere they already discussed. The car key is a tool for the crime so for me I one hundred percent would hand it over in person. Later, they would have more variations and they would not be able to control it.

The rookie wonders how they can find Do Hyun-soo? Even the detectives could nto find him. Ji-won stands up and says she is leaving right now. She makes up and excuse and says she is going to the bank.

She looks at her husbands locator and thinks that he could have met the coconspirator without even noticing. That could have happened. She starts to run.


Mija stands over her sons bed and thinks about feeding him at the dinner table. She made him the same thing that she made Eun-ha. It was a pleasant time.

She starts to cry as she looks at him and runs her hand over his hair.

In the apartment, Hyun-soo says he wants to live as Baek Hee-sun. That is all he wants. He does not want to lose his life ever. that is all he wants. He didn’t even want to make him angry at all. I thought i knew normal people emotions enough. Sometimes I don’t know why some people are angry. Now, thank you, sorry, is it a good time to say that? I can do that many many times so long as you help me.

MJ – Okay, okay, okay! I wont’ force you to bow to me! *sigh, tsk* But this is not good. Even if you hear it a thousand times, when you do not know then you do not know. But this is different. *holds cell phone* I am a friend of detective Lim of the reinvestigation team (the rookie). I will have a drink with him. he might at least leak something.

Noona – Thank you Moo-jin.

MJ – N-No it is n-nothing, nothing.

HS – Why aren’t you calling?

he says he is calling! But as soon as he starts to call, Detective Cha calls him. He drops the phone quickly and says its Detective Cha. Then he tells the siblings to calm down, don’t be nervous! You, don’t even breathe *points at Hyun-soo* Hyun-soo sighs.

Moo-jin answers and puts her on speaker. He pretends like his throat is raspy.

JW – Are you sick?

MJ – Ah, i had a stomach infection. Is there anything?

JW – I want to see you. Are you at home?

MJ – Ah, sorry, I can’t move at all.

JW – Okay, take care of yourself. See you.

They hang up and they all sigh in relief. 

But she rings the bell right then. He thinks it is the pizza and goes to the door. But it is Ji-won. She smiles at him.

MJ – Ah, detective Cha *loudly*

JW – I called your company, they told me that you would break another breaking news. what do you have?

MJ – Ah, my stomach infection.

Pizza Guy – The pizza is here. 

There are three pizzas, lol. She asks if he is eating pizza? Then she sees the shoes and asks if someone is inside.

Inside, Hyun-soo has another one of those gasping for air attacks. He holds his chest and tries not to hold it in.

Elsewhere, Mija tells her Hee-sung that he did his best to try and keep living. this is enough. I will not make you lonely. You can go there and wait for me. I will see you soon.

She slowly reaches for his oxygen and removes it. He starts to kind of gasp for breath slowly. 

Man-woo gets home right then and heads to the room. She keeps him from stopping her. He asks how she can live doing this! She says she is not going to live! Their son still starts to gasp for air. He starts to shake a little.

Mija tells her husband to continue living as the chief with all the nice things he wants in the world!

In the apartment, Hyun-soo keeps holding in his gasp. He can’t breath properly. Ji-won asks Moo-jin if the informer is inside right now? Moo-jin says no, he wouldn’t do that at his house. He asks to see her later at a local coffee shop nearby.

She says she will wait there.

Moo-jin tells her that he does not have anything. But then a voice says, did anything happen reporter Kim?

In the house, Man-woo pushes his wife away. Then they both look at their son. he is looking at them.

In the apartment, Hyun-soo walks to the door and looks at his wife pleasantly.

In the house, the real Hee-sung looks at his parents. He is only moving his eyes slightly and looks super thin.

Fade Out


Y’all I love this show. It is funny and yet serious and also creepy at times. I love the tone they have going.

I am really curious about Man-woo, Mi-ja, and the real Hee-sung. Perhaps Man-woo has been keeping Hee-sung drugged and knocked out this whole time? He looks evil, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

Of course they end on a crazy cliffhanger. Though it seems like they won’t get out of it this time? Perhaps Ji-won will let them know that she knows? I don’t know. But I love this show so I’m looking forward to finding out!


HS – I think I can find where the co-conspirator called from

HS – I know what the sound is now

MW – You do not need to worry about the accident that day. It has been all taken care of.

Man – You cannot call the police. So tell me.

JS – Trap? Put a trap?

JW – Lets use our own bait to find out who baited Jung Mi-sook.

JW – Do Hae-soo, do you need to tall me something?

Noona – Actually

HS – If you trust me, then that is it.

HS – Look at me as you always have

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  1. Jane M
    August 22, 2020 / 7:25 am

    For once I am just watching a show for what will happen next in the story. The writing and the actors are keeping my attention occupied every second, and I can’t even formulate theories as to who did what. This part was just heartbreaking “In the apartment, Hyun-soo says he wants to live as Baek Hee-sun. That is all he wants. He does not want to lose his life ever. that is all he wants. He didn’t even want to make him angry at all. I thought i knew normal people emotions enough. Sometimes I don’t know why some people are angry. Now, thank you, sorry, is it a good time to say that? I can do that many many times so long as you help me.” He is desperate that he will lose the cocoon he wrapped himself in, where he doesn’t have to explain his personality and his wife and daughter hold him together with their love. I can’t imagine how this couple can reconcile after this, but I am a hopeless romantic so I hope the writer finds a way. Thanks for your recaps – they help me remember all the details.

  2. Jane M
    August 22, 2020 / 10:35 am

    This show is slowly becoming a story that haunts most of my waking hours. I am beginning to see it as a study of human emotions more than as a serial murder whodunnit. What is love? How do we know we love someone else? How do we know if they love us back? The scene where Hee-sung’s noona tells him that he needs to articulate the thoughts in his head so that Moo-jin can understand him is so evocative. Moo-jin is hurt because Hee-sung continues to use him without ever being grateful or expressing apoligies when he hurts Moo-jin’s feelings. Moo-jin appears to still be in love with Hae-soo, but cannot or has not expressed his emotions. Hee-sung constantly searches faces to detect the emotion being expressed so he can temper his responses accordingly. But – isn’t that exactly what Ji-won is doing now as she looks at him? Even in the scene where they are making love, she is searching his face for clues. So, again – how do we recognize love? How far off is Hee-sung’s description of not wanting to lose the life he lives no matter what – isn’t that love for Ji-won and Eun-ha? Hee-sung leaped to protect Ji-won from the falling tools with no regard to being injured himself – isn’t that love? Is love just how another person makes us feel about ourself? How can we ever truly know what another person is feeling? On another note, I don’t think Hee-sung has any physical or psychological disease. He is just responding in the only way he knows, which he learned as self-survival, to the actions of people around him. I truly think he has all of the “normal” emotions, but he has just never learned to recognize and express them because of the need to protect himself (and his sister) from his father and whatever other darkness he was experiencing as a child. I love K-dramas because they engage my mind in this way while also entertaining me and I am definitely looking forward to how these characters’ stories are going to unfold.

    • Anonymous
      August 26, 2020 / 11:51 am

      Episode 9please

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