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Flower of Evil: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

Flower of Evil: Episode 8 Live Recap - Part 1

I’m just excited to see what happens today because this show just throws stuff at us and I gobble it right on up!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




FALL 2005

We open on Hee-sung’s family portrait. 

Hyun-soo is sitting across from the parents. The father asks how he likes staying there. Hyun-soo says he has three meals a day and a nice bed. It is very comfortable jail.

The father smiles and says he is kind of brave. I like it. 

HS – I have a question

W – Ask me.

HS – I am the one hit by a car so why is the driver unconscious?

The Mija and Man-soo look at each other. Mija storms out. Man-soo turns to Hyun-soo.

MW – It is the same reason you are a refuge. There was an accident that no one wanted.

HS – If you give me his identity then what do you two gain?

MW – *deep breath* I lost a son but I want to keep the rest. My wife and myself. Last week I became the chief of surgery at a University hospital. What do you think that means?

HS – It means, if your son’s condition is leaked then your position is in danger?

MW – Yes. 

HS – What if I refuse? What are you going to do with me?

MW – It is obvious that even if I do not do anything to you, you will go to jail and my life will be miserable.

HS – What should I do?

MW – *smiles* My son past *slides binder over* He was discharged from the army last year and he studied for college.

His son has so many awards for being a math genius.

MW – When you check his mini homepage you will know who his friends are. You can stop contacting them slowly. The biggest problem is this.

Hyun-soo looks at this sheet of paper Man-soo gives him. It is summoning for veteran military training (like every 2 years after you go to the military you have to get trained again for a weekend.

MW – Can you be even more brave?

Hyun-soo goes to the military service. He has to get his finger scanned. But it is not working (because he is not Hee-sung). The lady says it happens three times out of ten. Hyun-soo tells her that he is a buy person, does he have to deal with this dumb machine?

She clears her throat and says she can ask him a few questions. What are you parents name? Address?

He says it all and it is all confirmed so she reissues it. She tells him it is valid for one month. She gives him his new ID.


Moo-jin tells Hyun-soo that he is really shameless. They are in Moo-jin’s place. Moo-jin asks why he wants him to find Do Hae-soo and why he has to do it.

HS – Ji-won wants to catch Do Hyun-soo.

MJ – What? Why all of a sudden?

HS – Because you made Do Hyun-soo a co-conspirator of the murder case.

MJ – *shocked*

HS – Do you really beleive that I am my fathers co-conspirator?

MJ – *sits* Do you think you can really catch the co-conspirator? How? Why are you looking for Do Hae-soo?

HS – *leans forward* Noona met the co-conspirator. if you help me, I will tell you everything I know. You never know, reporter Kim Moo-jin just might reveal who the real co-conspirator is.

The camera settles on his watch and we see that Ji-won is tracking his whereabouts via his new wristwatch. Ji-won wonders why he went to see Kim Moo-jin this early. What does he want?

Hee-sung gets back. She is in ed and asks where he went. He asks if he woke her up? He says he went to the studio because he couldn’t sleep. She tells him he lied. I can smell the car’s scent on you.

HS – Why are you angry?

JW – Angry? I am not angry.

HS – Okay. I thought you were angry. I took things out from the car. I went to the supply store yesterday.

he cuddles with her.

HS – Turn to my side and say something.

JW – *turns around* Is this okay?

HS – Yes.

He closes his eyes to sleep, she opens hers.


Ji-won checks all Hyun-soo’s whereabouts. He is in the studio all morning until 3pm. Right now she is in a cafe with her team. They are on a stake out perhaps to catch a thief. It looks like a group of friends is involved in a small thief ring.

Jae-sub catches the signal from one of the thieves. He thinks they found their prey. He tells Ji-won that the woman at 6 o’clock should be taken care of by Ji-won and he will take care of the thief guy. 

The woman goes to the bathroom. The thief tells a kid to go get her bag. Ji-won stops him and asks if it is his. But the little kid is the kid that fell down the steps in the first episode. He is all bruised and beaten.

He runs away. She followed and tells him to go home. I will take you. But he says his family is all screwed up and it’s all because of him. She asks, what?

We see a flashback of the case from the first episode. He said he hoped that appa was a bad person to him so that appa will be less sad. In the present, he says he regrets it all, he should have ignored it.

He runs off.



Ji-won meets with the mother back at the station. She says that after her husband was arrested, In-so was unstable. It might have been too difficult for him to stay with me and still think about his father.

They give her a tissue. She says the police just tell her to wait. She feels like she is dying though. Jae-sup starts to say something sympathetic. Ji-won cuts him off and says she should search the PC bang.

She leaves to do that. Ji-won looks at her family photo. She wonders out loud how the family would be if he buried the secret? Jae-sup asks, hey, you already know it so how can you bury it as a human?

She says they have a lot of good memories so maybe they can forget it. Jae-sup asks if she thinks she would not suspect that good memory? Are you sure you would not rethink if it was true? That sounds like hell.

The captain comes in and tells them to finish up the work they are doing now. They are going to reinvestigate the Yun-joo serial killer. Ji-won looks a bit regretful at this maybe?

Cut to Hyun-soo who is holding a blowtorch in his workshop. He thinks about what his wife said about Hyun-soo being a metal worker. He starts to burn the circle design off the ring on display.

Then he gets a phone call from Moo-jin. He says he found his sister. Hyun-soo can’t believe it was so quick. Moo-jin tells him he will let him know the location. HS has something else for him to do MJ asks how he lives without him?

HS says Jung Mi-sook left home after having an argument. She even packed up her luggage. But why did Park Young-choon report her missing?

Moo-jin thinks that is strange.

Hyun-soo wanst him to interview Park Hyun-choon (the taxi driver). He will cooperate if you tell him about me.

Moo-jin asks if he is even going to thank him? Hello? Hello?

Moo-jin comments to the phone and says when he does stuff like that he always looks into the bounty for turning him in. He is standing outside Do Hae-soo’s art studio. It looks like she is an art teacher now.

Class lets out so she walks out as well and sees Moo-jin. She thinks back to telling him that she killed the mayor. He walks up to her. It is a bit awkward.

MJ – You shouldn’t leave after saying what you want to say only.

DHS – Sorry

MJ – W-What? I am not here for an apology.

DHS – I hope you know that because it is the truth.

MJ – I am here to throw a big nuclear bomb to you.

DHS – I am ready for it because I never had any good night sleep after that.

MJ – I found Do Hyun-soo.

She looks at him. He smiles and says he is good *in a bragging way*.


Meanwhile, the captain and police trio talk about the serial killer case and if they should take it or not. JS is for it, the rookie doesn’t know if it is good or not, and Ji-won opposes it. She says there is a lot of citizen interest but they have a low possibility of solving it.

She explains why. There is no prime suspect and it has been 20 years so the evidence and everything is all gone. Jae-sup reminds her that they have Do Hyun-soo. She thinks that being obsessed with Do Hyun-soo means not having anything to investigate. She reminds him that he got wire-tapped.

The other two chuckle. Jae-sup asks why she put salt in his wound and feigns being in pain. She says they already are prejudice against this case. They cannot see it in a new perspective. They have to give it to another team.

The rookie thinks this is not like her at all. The captain agrees. She smiles and tells them that she just wants to make a logical case. He tells her that she is suspicious. You are thinking about something else and are leaving without telling us anything.

They all think she must be thinking of something else. They all stare at her as if she is leaving them soon. She says she has nothing like that! Jae-sup thinks they got her. her phone rings, they say that is her informer. She tells them this is her husband, husband, okay!

She shows them her phone and goes outside to talk.

Hyun-soo tells her about the exhibition. He decided to go to it. She tells him not to drink a lot while he is there. She looks at her GPS of him and sees that he is going on the highway, so he lied to her again.

He drives to a large building. Perhaps a former school or hotel or something like that? It is abandoned. He walks inside and we see that this is the swimming pool location that the sister’s former movie job was on.

His sister is standing on the opposite side looking out the window. He walks toward her. She turns to him. He stops. Then he starts to walk to her again. He stops right in front of her. They look at each other.

They are about two feet apart. 

HS – I really didn’t want to find you….But we have a problem. I need your help, noona. You met someone at aboji’s funeral. The fish pendant–

She cries and hugs him.

Flashback to when he was a kid. He looked through their barn and ran up on the mayor who was already dead. His sister is standing over him looking like a crazy ghost. She is holding the murder weapon.

HS – Did you do it noona?

DHS – I told him I was here to ask him not to put you in that shamanic ceremony anymore. He….me….all of a sudden.

He takes the clippers from her and starts to wipe the blood all over himself. She asks what he is doing. Don’t do that. Give that back to me. You shouldn’t do this.

HS – Noona, I actually feel good. I really feel good.

DHS – Hyun-soo

HS – At least you can live normally. Anyway, I am not good so I am okay.

In the present, she keeps crying and hugging him tightly.

HS – How were you?

She lets go.

DHS – Why are you saying, how are you? After I sent you off like that, do you think I could live well? You should blame me for being able to sleep or eat. You stupid. Why are you asking me how I am doing.

HS – Don’t mistake it, it was all my decision.

She keeps crying. He hugs her to comfort her.


Mija is cooking, looking annoyed. She mutters to herself, What am I doing because of you? She looks at Eun-ha. 

Eun-ha is looking on happily. She is waiting at the table for her grandmother to bring her some food. The food actually looks really good. Mija tells her to try it. I do not guarantee the taste because I have not cooked it for a long time.

Eun-ha opens her mouth to be fed. Mija asks, you want me to feed you? Mija tells her that she is not good at chopsticks. Mija sighs, but she starts to feed her anyway. Eun-ha reminds hr that she has to blow on the food first.

Mija tells her that she is good at making people work. she blows on it and fees it to her. Then asks how it is. Eun-ha looks like she loves it. She tells her that it is much better than umma’s, but appas food is better.

Mija mutters, you little somebody that controls my mood. Eun-ha opens her mouth for some more. Mija smiles and feeds her.

But Man-woo comes in and asks what they are doing? How can you not even notice me coming in? Mija looks worried. She tells Eun-ha to say hello to halabogi. He looks upset but then smiles at Eun-ha. But his face falls and he tells his wife to talk to him.

Mija looks terrified? Worried? She goes to talk to him.

MW – You brought someone in our house? Are you crazy? Do you think?

Mija – She is only six years old. I fed her dinner. Is that so bad to be angry about?

MW – Are you not feeling sorry to Hee-sung at all? When Hee-sung is laying in the bed, you can just laugh and talk.

Mija – Do you want me to live like a sinner for my entire life? I want to live like other people.

MW – You shouldn’t have made Hee-sung like that!

Mija – *chin quivers* I saw a kid eating in my house. We have the smell of food in this house. I was about to cry.

MW – You are depressed again. Go to the hospital.

Mija – What?



Int he kitchen, Eun-ha tells the maid that she needs to pee. The maid either doesn’t hear her or just nods and smiles and ignores her. Eun-ha follows her to the closet but the maid disappears.

The maid went to the room to give Hee-sung his physical therapy. His eyes twitch a bit as if he is dreaming.

Meanwhile, Man-woo still yells at Mija and makes her feel guilty. She asks him where he was when Hee-sung started to walk or wrote his name or went to the hospital with pneumonia or went to the math competition and won. Where were you? WHEN HEE SUNG WAS IN THE CAR ACCIDENT AND LOOKED FOR HIS FATHER, WHERE WERE YOU? WHY DIDN’T YOU PICK UP THE PHONE!

Man-woo says he did his best. Mija keeps going off on him and says he only thinks about himself. He is the only one that gets to live like a human. But she is going crazy. Is their son even living? If he could talk then he would beg us to kill him!

He slaps her. She is stunned.

MW – I am sorry. I couldn’t control my emotions.

Mija – *still stunned* Or this is your limitations. Touching your wound a little bit and your former mask is broken so easily.

He opes the door and sees Eun-ha. She says she needs to go to the restroom and can’t find it. He turns to his wife and asks how a six year old can walk around the house everywhere. Keep her quiet.

Mija wipes away her tears and then tells Eun-ha that she will take her to the restroom. She should also go home. They hold hands and Eun-ha nods.


It is night now. Do Hae-soo looks at photos of Hyun-soo’s family and cries happy tears. They are sitting by the empty pool. He asks if she is that happy to see the photos. She is basically like, yes.

She repeats their names. He tells them that they are like twins, their personalities are the same. They are very different from me. I am sure, I checked over and over again.

Noona – Hyun-soo, you changed a lot

HS – Why, do you think I don’t get old?

Noona – Not about that

HS – Noona, I did not worry about you. I only thought about myself. I was looking for you all because of my problem.

Noona – I will help you with anything.

HS – Abogi had a co-conspirator. I think you met him before.

Noona – Me? I met the co-conspirator?

HS – You talked to him at abogi’s funeral.

She thinks back to that day.

HS – The fish keychain belonged to the last victim.

Noona – What?

The camera spans away and we see that Ji-won is listening to them.

JW – (Do Hyun-soo is looking for the co-conspirator. He is not the real murderer.)

HS – Because of that, Jung Mi-sook’s husband thought I was the co-conspirator and caused all that trouble.

JW – (He had a deal with Park Hyun-choon. That is why he stopped talking  about Do Hyun-soo.)
Noona – The police came to see me about the case. Until then, I didn’t expect to see you again.

Hae-soo thinks about the officer that came to see her. She looked just like his wife. She asks him if it is true? Hyun-soo says yes, she is a police detective. She took the case. I am still on thin ice. I shouldn’t make any mistake. 

HS – Its okay. I will make no mistakes. I am going to live as Baek Hee-sung till the end.

Noona – You and that person, do you love her?

Ji-won listens with new interest. Her first clenches.

HS – No, I never thought about her that way. I don’t know those things.

Her fist clenches more. She turns to the side and starts to walk away. She walks aimlessly over a walking bridge. (she must have driven here first though because they were way out there).

She keeps walking and thinking and walking. She thinks she should have expected that. What did she believe.

Her mother calls via video chat so Ji-won has to fix her face right quick to speak with them. Eun-ha shows her drawing to her. Ji-won tells her that she loves her a lot. Eun-ha says yes. Ji-won asks how much? Eun-ha says from the sky to the land. An appa amount.

Ji-won smiles. 

She goes back to her desk and grabs all the evidence. Then she burns it all. The cassette and everything she got from the victims wife. She mutters to herself that she will let him live like Baek Hee-sung. She doesn’t leave until it is all burned.


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