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Flower of Evil: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

Flower of Evil: Episode 7 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part two for our live recap of Flower of Evil!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Ji-won listens to the cassette player at a sitting area. Then she talks to the victims wife and asks her about the bag. She says that her husband mentioned that Do Hyun-soo would eventually come look for that bag.

The woman says that Do Hyun-soo was obsessed with the walkman in the bag. But their connection is not clear so Ji-won doesn’t hear her. The woman says she is at a monastery right now for he husband. The phone cuts off.


Moo-jin and Do Hae-soo sit at a fancy cafe in Seoul. He asks if she lives in Seoul and how they haven’t bumped into each other. She tells him 10 million people live here. He says Seoul is a metropolitan, I am proud of that….*sips drink*…. you changed a lot.

She asks, have I?

He says yes, she used to be like the center of an Idol group. All her friends would surround her and she was always laughing happily.

She tells him that her father killed seven people. How can I live like an Idol center?

he eats his words and says, yes, that’s right….~. He changes the subject and asks about her work. He heard she was a special affects person. It sounds fun. She tells him that she was fired.

He nods awkwardly.

She tells him that they should leave. Do you see the person reading a book behind me. Don’t look at him too obviously. Moo-jin looks at him, the man is looking at them. 

MJ – Who is he?

DHS – He is a reporter, he thinks I am hiding Hyun-soo. I bump into him often recently. I do not want to give him something to write, let’s go.

MJ – Is he like a stalker? You shouldn’t be quiet!

DHS – Lets go somewhere we can be alone. it is important.

MJ – Y-you and m-me?


Hyun-soo listens to the recording some more. He is listening to the part about why the town mayor died and how it was because he was acting up. Hyun-soo keeps repeating that part and listening carefully.


Ji-won shows the mentor restaurant owner the cassette player with the fish keychain on it. He recognizes it. She tells him that a recording is inside, do you know what it is?

He thinks back to Hyun-soo listening to it in the rain. His eyes are closed and he is smiling. The man wonders what he is listening to all day and tries to take the earpiece out to listen to it.

Hyun-soo twists his arm around easily. The man yelps in pain and says to let it go. Hyun-soo calmly tells him to let it go first. He does. Hyun-soo puts it back in his ear and says, if you touch this again then I will really break it.

the Chinese man says he was about to fire him, but he worked so hard for only $300 per month. Anyway, when he listened to it, he looked possessed. Really freaky.

Ji-won thinks about what the social worker said about the cassette player.

JW – I want to ask you a favor.


The good grandmother takes Eun-ha to the bad grandmothers pharmacy and tells her to listen to the pharmacy halmoni. Eun-ha says okay.

Mija – What are you doing?

YO – *smiles* I have something urgent. Can you take care of her a little bit?

Mija – I don’t want to.

YO – Feed her and I will pick her up at 8 pm. Let’s share the grandmother responsibility.

She leaves. Mija is all like, what in the world? How dare! what do I do?

EH – The grocery store halmoni said blood attracts each other so pharmacy halmoni will also have blood attracted. I will study over there, you work.

She starts to work on her own things. It is all 3rd grade math but she is only in like kindergarten or even pre-school. 

MJ – What is this? Did your mother tell you to do it! Is she giving you a hard time if you do not solve it? Is she hitting you?

EH – No, I am just doing it.

MJ – *rips it up* You shouldn’t do this! This will drive you and your mom crazy!

EH – *cries* Halmoni, you are scary! I want to go home!

MJ – This is for you!

She looks at her nicely and asks her not to cry. What do you want me to do?

EH – B-b-b-buy me egg t-t-tart.

Mija – What?

EH – B-buy me an egg t-tart


Hun-soo keeps listening to that part of the recording. he is drawn to a tick-tick-tick noise in the background. He starts to remember hearing that all the time and tries to place it. But he can’t really place it.

Then he hears someone pressing the password and closes the computer. It is Ji-won. She has the bag with her! She tells him to sit down, she has something to tell him. She sets it on the table. His heart falls straight to the ground.

But he sits normally.

HS – What is this bag?

JW – It is Do Hyun-soo’s bag. Nam Soon-gil had it. Luckily I have it now.

HS – What does it have to do with you?

JW – I want to catch him. Do Hyun-soo.

HS – *hands fidget* Alone?

JW – Yes, because it is not in our district.

HS – How can you catch him only with this bag?

JW – That is why I need your help.

She pulls out eh walkman and a notebook. His eyes go nervous and slightly wide. He tries to control it.

JW – Look at it.

He picks up the notebook casually. She smiles pleasantly.

JW – (I can do things like you do. I can lie to you without even blinking my eyes.)

JW – I think Do Hyun-soo is still doing his steel art.

The notebook has all steel art drawings.

JW – I heard he kept saying he wanted to open a metal works studio when he worked in the Chinese restaurant. He made it in a warehouse to keep his feel of it. He was really good, even for a novice.

His eyes wander to a metal piece that might be an exact one from the notebook.

JW – If you ask the association then maybe you can narrow down who makes similar artwork with these drawings.

He sees the exact drawing in the notebook. He closes it and smiles.

HS – Impossible. It is impossible to know with this kind of doodle. Also his work style and habit and the material.

JW – That is why, would you like to go to DO Min-seok’s studio with me?

A drum sounds.

HS – What?

JW – I heard that Do Hyun-soo stayed in the studio often and even skipped class.

HS – *tries to keep his afce normal*

JW – I saw that some art work still remained in that studio. Is your afternoon empty? Let’s go with me. It can be a date.

HS – *smiles* Okay.

JW – I will get the car ready. Get your things.

She walks away. He grabs his chest to calm his heart and breathes deeply.




Mi-ja ends up taking Eun-ha to a delightful little cafe for an egg tart. She tells her to eat quickly since she can’t leave the pharmacy closed too long. Eun-ha says okay and keeps eating happily.

It looks like Mi-ja might like her. She tells her that she can eat slowly. Eun-ha says okay.

Mija – I shredded your math book….

EH – I won’t tell anyone. I don’t want appa to raise his voice to you

Mija – Who is raising whose voice?

Mija – *smiles a bit and wipes Eun-ha’s cheek*

EH – *keeps eating*


Meanwhile, Hee-sung and Ji-won drive to the town. It is quiet and awkward.

HS – Why do you work so hard?

JW – What?

HS – Do Hyun-soo

JW – It is a big issue that people say he is the co-conspirator. If I catch him then I will be specially promoted and my life will be a highway.

HS – I didn’t expect that. I thought you didn’t have greed for those things.

JW – Everyone is greedy. When the chance comes, you have to grab it.

They both smile and look at each other. Then he grows a bit more serious when he turns back to the street.


Moo-jin takes Do Hae-soo to his apartment as the only quiet place they can talk. he tells her to relax and asks her if she wants something to eat. he starts to fiddle in the kitchen. She tells him that she is not hungry.

He says he can make her pasta quickly, what about that? She says she is not hungry. He tells her that his uncle has a big winery in Argentina, he sent me wine. Argentinean wine is pretty good.

He keeps talking. She mutters that he has a good life, she’s happy about that. He is  not listening and gives her the wine. He also turns on some music. It is a love song, lol. He tells her that actually, he has thought of her sometimes–no–often. I think you are the biggest victim because of your father and Do Hyun-soo. You are a normal person. I have no prejudice against you. What I said when we broke up, it wasn’t true.

She drinks the entire wine. Then she wipes her lips and walks to him.

DHS – That voice is not Hyun-soo.

MJ – What?

DHS – That co-conspirator voice is not Hyun-soo

He turns off the music sadly.

MJ – You still want to embrace him? Do you think he will appreciate it? No. Your brother doesn’t think about you at all and has a happy life.

DHS – Hyun-soo would not say that.

MJ – What?

DHS – *pauses* Because….I killed him.

MJ – What?!

DHS – The real murderer of the town mayor was me.




Hyung-soo and Ji-won roll up on the house in the small town. It is nightfall. He gulps. She shines her light around. IT says this is a restricted area.

JW – If I go in there, I feel like I wont be able to come out.

She starts to walk to the entrance. He walks reluctantly behind her. But he stops when he sees a cut in a tree.

We are sent to a flashback were there is no cut in the tree. His sister pulls him to it and cuts a mark in the tree.

Noona – If you grow this much then I will find mom for you. What do you have to do to grow this much? You have to eat well, okay? You don’t eat because mom is not here. So will you grow or not? You will not, okay?

HS – Noona, why are you angry with me?

Noona – I am not angry with you, I am worried about you.

But then his father calls him to come to the house. They turn to look at him. He walks back to the house. She grabs her brothers hand.

Noona – Just say yes to whatever he says in case you don’t want to get punished in the basement. Let’s go.

They both walk back to the house.

In the present, Hyun-soo keeps looking at the tree. Ji-won asks him what he is doing. So he mutters something and starts to walk in with her.

They enter the gate and approach the front of the house. It is locked with a metal lock. He says you cant get in. She starts to walk to the side and opens a window.

JW – This way.

She climbs inside. He reluctantly follows.

She shines the flashlight around. There are metal work pieces around. Ji-won picks one up and asks Hee-sung if he thinks Do Hyun-soo made it? Would this be enough to get his signature style?

She hands it to him. Its a little turtle. He looks at it and says it is not good. Sh says it looks good to her. He tells her it is waxed, it is not carved directly on the metal. they made a mold and made it. Do you see these lines? It is sanded and is not symmetric. It is just showing off. That is his signature, bad sanding skills. It is not sellable.

JW – He was young. He could be much better now.

HS – I don’t know, no one knows. I am sad that we don’t get anything even though we came all the way here.

JW – *smirks* The place I really want to go is somewhere else…. The crime scene. The basement.

HS – Why do you want to go there?

JW – If it makes you uncomfortable then you can stay in the car. I will go down alone.

HS – No. *takes her flashlight* Let’s go.

He leads the way. She checks her gun which is holstered under her jacket. 

He walks to the workhouse an opens it. They both go inside. He leads the way. He slowly walks down the steps and sees the cage. He covers his nose with his arm.

JW – That is the smell of blood. If you don’t remove it with hydrogen peroxide then it is difficult to remove it.

She smiles at him. He looks away and keeps walking down. She studies him closely. Then she pulls out the recording and plays it.

It is a woman humming.

He slowly turns to her.

JW – What does this voice sound like? It sounds sad to me. I feel like this person is crying.

He looks pretty destroyed but he keeps it in well to show off a bright look. Though definitely not hiding things this time.

HS – What is that? *forces a smile*

JW – It was in Do Hyun-soo’s bag

HS – *deepish breath* Why are you playing it now?

JW – It is Do Hyun-soo’s trigger.

HS – *clenches teeth*

JW – Whenever the quiet Hyun-soo listens to this tape, he would go violent and crazy. But how did he get it and what is this recording off? No one knew what was on it or how he got it or what it was about (something like that). Where the tape was made is where things happened that no one knows about. I think this is the place.

HS – Is it?

She puts it on the counter and keeps playing it.

JW – When did Do Min-seok start to kill people? I can’t even imagine it. You never know, maybe he made his young son deliver people who were trapped here.

HS – I-I want to go out Ji-won.

JW – I think Do-hyun soo was thinking about what he did while he was listening to this song. Very vividly. It should be a sweet time for him so he became crazy when it was disturbed

HS – Lets leave *barely holding it in*

JW – Why are they not coming? They should be here.

HS – Is someone supposed to come?

JW – Yes, the Chinese restaurant owner where Do Hyun-soo worked.

A bell clinks.

JW – He has things that Do Hyun-soo made at home. He said he would come all the way here and deliver it to me.

HS – *swallows*

JW – Can you have a look at it? It was made three years after what you saw so it should be a lot closer to how he makes things now.

HS – *forces a nod*

Her phone rungs. 

JW – He must be here.

She walks to the side and answers. Hyun-soo is about to explode. He is shaking.

She tells the Chinese guy to come to the entrance, he will see her car. (wow, he is actually coming there). The restaurant owner says okay.

Meanwhile, Hyun-soo is shaking like he is about to turn into Dracula or a werewolf or something. He tries to keep it in but it is so clear that something is wrong.

JW – (Do Hyun-soo, show me yourself. Your real self. You decide our future.

She looks at him and slowly reaches for her gun.

He is super shaking now. He drops the flashlight. Her eyes grow in alarm. 

He starts to step towards her but it is like zombie steps? He looks really out of it and really psycho. He lightly pushes her to the wall. She reaches for her gun. He tries to say something and touches a hand to her neck and then falls on the floor.

JW – What happened!

HS – I-I c-c-cant b-b-breathe.

JW – Lets get out of here. 

She puts him in the car and asks if he is okay? He breathes in a bit and says he is fine. He thinks it is the smell. He is still out of it though. He asks to go home and says he really didn’t like the smell. He was just holding it in.

Ji-won looks concerned.

JW – (Maybe I pushed him too much?) *grimaces* (No, he lied to me for the last fourteen years.) *bites lip* (I shouldn’t be weak)

He looks at her an asks when that person is coming?

Cut to the Chinese restaurant owner bowing at the Buddhist temple. He is there to pray for the victim. He tells all this to the wife and asks where detective Cha is. She asks, why are you looking for her here?

(ohhh, so he wasn’t going there!)

He says that they were supposed to meet here.

Cut to Ji-won telling him that her husband got sick all of a sudden so she is going back to Seoul. He says he hopes her husband is fine. She tells him that she is driving now so let’s talk later.

Hyun-soo looks horrible. Pale and sweaty and miserable. He turns to her after she hangs up.

HS – Ji-won, don’t do it.

JW – What?

HS – Hyun-soo. I don’t like it. He could be a serial murderer. He is dangerous.

JW – That is why I want to catch him. Because a dangerous person lives freely.

He looks out the window.



They both sleep in bed that night. But he wakes up. He thinks about what his adopted father said to him. If he is in trouble due to his identity being revealed, then please leave. Go somewhere no one can find you. That is best for everyone.

He looks at his wife and then sits up in bed and quietly get out. He goes outside. Of course she is awake.

Elsewhere, Moo-jin sits on his couch and thinks about what Hae-soo told him.

DHS – I know you were hurt. You liked our family a lot. You trusted my father and followed him a lot. You were the only one that talked to Hyun-soo at school. And no one liked me more than you.

MJ – *a tear falls* Stop.

DHS – You were eighteen and your were confused. No one paid attention to you and no one apologized to you. It is late but I want to apologize. I am sorry. But Hyun-soo is not the one you should be angry with. He did not do anything. I did it. I killed him. That is breaking news right?

MJ – What?

DHS – So please, you a-holes just stop giving my Hyun-soo a hard time!

She starts to cry.

In the present, he sits up on the couch. His doorbell rings. He opens it and its Hyun-soo. He goes inside and sits on his couch. Moo-jin asks what he is doing this late?

HS – You said not to call you. That is why I am here.

HS – It drives me crazy because of Cha Ji-won.

MJ – What are you talking about?

HS – Please find noona, I need to see her.

MJ – Noona? Do Hae-soo?

Hyun-soo pulls out the thing he used to threaten Moo-jin.

HS – I am sorry I threatened you with your weakness. I am sorry.

MJ – What is this?

HS – Is that good? Then help me.

MJ – What the f?

HS – I have to catch him.

The camera zooms in on his watch.

Then we cut to Ji-won. She has GPS is his watch! (Go on girl!) We see a little flashback of her getting the GPS put in and then giving it to him.

Fade Out


Wow, she really pushed him to the limit, huh! I mean, he was dead, frozen, and defrosted like last week, can’t you wait a month, at least, before subjecting him to childhood trauma? He still has burn marks all on his chest from being shocked and stuff. Probably has a broken rib. Arm is all stabbed. Give him a fortnight at least, lol. Nope, let’s go on right there to your papa’s house as soon as you can walk around alright. In fact, date night! 😊

And I am so happy she did that because it was goood! I was stuck to the screen like, wow, how is he going to get out of this one? How far is she going to go (spoiler, super far). He’s all pale like he’s professor Lupin or something. He looks like Night of the Living Dead right now, or like an extra in Thriller. LOL. What was her thought process? Let’s just take him into the basement where his father killy killed people AT NIGHT and play the one thing he treasured more than anything while we’re there in this dark dungeon and see what happens.

Oh, and let’s say the one person who can identify him is on the way. Will our marriage survive this? (ahahaha, girl, is you crazy?)

But after he passed out she was all like, maybe I went too far? Child, yes. And also, wasn’t that the goal? You had your hand on the trigger, LITERALLY. *hilarious*

Y’all, I kid but I am eating this up. I love this show so much. We recapped it all tired and drained at like midnight and it zoomed by. I am actually reinvigorated.

I can’t wait until Ji-won finds out that Hyun-soo was tortured by everyone his entire life and he only had that one song by his mom to make him happy. But she had to go on and become one of the torturers herself. *shaking my head* also and at the same time *eating popcorn and leaning way into the tv*.

See y’all tomorrow (today?) for episode 8! We have to rearrange our weekday recap schedule a bit due to work, but we will try and get the recap up in the afternoon/evening instead of midnight, lol!

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  1. Jane M
    August 21, 2020 / 3:01 pm

    Just finished this episode and waiting for Viki to get the subs up for the next one. Ji Won is heckuva strong, composed, determined woman! If anyone can save our Hee Sung, it’s her. See you at the next recap. Oh, and I watched Moon Chae Won in “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” and I would NEVER have believed that actress could play this role. Color me impressed.

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