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Flower of Evil: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

Flower of Evil: Episode 7 Live Recap - Part 1

We are super late recapping this one! We will have to readjust our weekday recap schedule due to the craziness of fall. So that means this recap will probably go up around afternoon/evening-ish time instead of in the morning.

Our weekend recap schedule will stay the same! Right now we are covering Stranger 2. I like it right now and can see how great it is though I am not desperate to watch it. It might have something to do with politics season coming up in the US. I can only handle so much corruption, y’all. But it is a good show, so I kind of want to keep watching it to see if I get hooked like I know I should. Otherwise we might switch to another show or sleep in on the weekend. 😊

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hee-sung coughs in a bed. He appears to cough himself awake. The camera angle is close on him. He looks around the room. It is a foreign room to him.

He wheezes and sits up. His head is killing him. He grips it and grimaces. Then he remembers getting hit by the car.

He rips off the IV and tries to crawl out of bed but he is super banged up and his leg has a cast on it. But he manages to stand, just barely, and starts to hobble downstairs. 

He is able to hobble to the living room where he sees the family portrait with the real Hee-sung. He goes to the magnificent closet and starts to grab as much jewelry as he can. But then the parents come out of the secret room and freeze when they see him.

Hyun-soo runs out as best as he can and the mother yells to stop him!


Ji-won sits at her boudoir and looks around. Hyun-soo is sleeping in bed. It looks like they slept together last night. she was a bit hesitant but still went with it. It appears as if she wants thing to be normal again.

In the present, she looks at Hyun-soo sleeping and thinks, why did you do that? Did you really have to live like that? You couldn’t help it right? Just give me one thing, no more than that. The reason I have to forgive you.

She reaches her hand out to touch him. He grabs it. Then he wakes up. She asks what happened. He says he had a dream, just a dream. He asks why she woke up early. She says he woke up late and tells her that its 8:55am.

He starts to get up quickly to take their daughter to kindergarten. But she tells him that she will take her. He lays back and she asks why he slept late today. He rubs his eyes and says that he can’t stop falling asleep after coming home. Maybe he is super relaxed all of a sudden.

She tells him that a lot of things happened. He tells her that he feels like nothing has happened because nothing changed. He sits up and puts on his pajama shirt. She says she has something for him that she forgot last night. 

She gives him a gift. It is congratulations for being discharged from the hospital. She says she didn’t find his watch and the forensics team did not find it. This one is not as good as yours but I hope you like it.

He smiles and tells her that he really likes it. She tells him not to lose it. He puts it on and says this is one thing that has changed.

Cut to downstairs. Hyun-soo makes Eun-ha and Ji-won freshly squeezed juice. He also tells Ji-won that the lock to the basement was broken. She says she did it. Her friend was looking for a baby walker and she thought about the one they had for Eun-ha. So she just broke it since he was in the hospital.

He asks if it was messy? She says it was clean. Then takes Eun-ha to walk out. Eun-ha happily waves bye bye to appa and they leave.

Later on, Ji-won asks the government for one copy of her spouses family registry.


Reporter Moo-jin is on NohTube (YouTube because Noh is You in Korean). He looks pretty famous now? He has a recording and says that he is revealing he co-conspirators voice. 

The clicks on this video are super high over 1.5 million. Moo-jin is amazed, lol. So maybe he isn’t famous now. His boss and everyone else are super happy. Their phones all start to ring with several phone calls about the video.


Elsewhere, Ji-won reads Hyun-soo’s registry while she is riding a bus. She thinks that Baek Hee-sung’s parents where in on this too, why?

There are some kids on the bus talking about the recording that was released by Moo-jin. The voice is the co-conspirator. Ji-won quickly searches for the video and listens to the recording.

Recording – Ajumma, don’t act up. You are not the only one that saw me. I also saw you in the red compact car.



MAY 12, 2002, 2:30 AM

Flashback to the ajumma accidentally hitting the black car with her red compact car. It was 2:30 am. She gets out of the car and approaches the driver window. He rolls down his window when she knocks. She says she is really sorry about this, it is all her fault.

VO – The witness doesn’t remember the face. It was late at night and he had his hat on deeply. It was difficult to distinguish him with the naked eye.

The ajumma tells him hat it was a little scratch. Perhaps we can make an agreement? I would be so thankful.

Cut to Moo-jin dressed in a suit and on prime time television recounting the facts of the crime and voice recording.

MJ – She was drunk driving so she did not want to call insurance. He requested her contact information.

In the flashback, she writes her number on his arm. It is kind of creepy. He gets back into the car. But then the woman is able to escape. She looks drunk. She doesn’t scream. She just tries to get away.

MJ – The criminal said, “Yobo, why are you drunk” and put her in the car again.

The man puts her back in the car and puts on child safety lock. The ajumma sees the license plate number.

Reporter – Witness A went to the police station and reported it right away.

MJ – The police checked the license plate number and interviewed Do Min-suk, but he had an alibi. At this point, Do Min-suk’s son Do Hyun-soo was in the scene. He said that they watched a late night movie at the time of the crime and submitted two movie tickets as evidence.

Reporter – The witness lost her credibility because she was drunk driving.

MJ – And, funny enough, the case ended with a big twist

Do Hae-soo is shopping and sees the news report on the TV on the wall in the convenience store. She looks at it with wide eyes.

MJ – Do Min-suk committed suicide. The police investigated it. They found the right thumbnails of the victims and their belongings. That revealed the case to the world. But there was no prosecution. Right after that, Do Hyun-soo murdered the city mayor and ran away.

Cut to Mi-ja looking at the news from her pharmacy.

MJ – If the police investigated with the suspicion of Do Hyun-soo as the co-conspirator, then this case would be different now. Moreover, as Do-hyun soo became a suspect for the murder case, the police went to witness A’s house. But it was already–

Reporter – Threatened by the co-conspirator.

MJ – That is right. The witness reversed everything she said. The police decided to bury the case instead of accept their wrong investigation.

Man-woo is also looking at this news report with interest.

Reporter – Okay, lets also listen to the criminals voice again.

They listen to the voice again. “….ajumma, I know your job and your work. your should be careful since you have a daughter….”

Do Hae-soo’s eyes grow wider and wider in the convenience store.

…do you know the town mayor murder case? Do you know why he died? He was acting out. He was nothing. He should know himself….”

In the convenience store, people mutter that it is obvious that the son is the co-conspirator. Do Hae-soo starts to run out, but hits someone and a wine bottle drops. It looks like blood spilled on the floor.

She has a flashback of the dead mayor. She quickly apologizes to the person and runs out.

At home, Hyun-soo removes the lock on his basement and puts in another one. He goes to sit in the living room and tells Ji-won that he changed the lock. He wanted to leave it open but worried about Eun-ha since the stairs are so steep.

Ji-won tells Hyun-soo that there is braking news with Kim Moo-jin. She turns up the volume. Moo-jin is on TV saying the same thing we already heard.

HS – Ah, reporter Kim Moo-jin is pretty famous now. He’s on TV.

JW – The Yunjoo serial killer case has a co-conspirator now. Have you heard the voice? It is big on the internet right now.

HS – A co-conspirator voice?

JW – Would you like to hear it?

HS – No, it would just make me feel bad. Can I change the channel?

She nods yes so he turns it.

JW – Jaghi, what are you doing tomorrow?

HS – The same-o

JW – Can you spare time for me?

HS – A date?

JW – Kind of a date

HS – Okay, I will go to bed first.

She walks to the bedroom. He starts to think a lot and goes to the balcony. He listens to the voice while he is on the balcony. He has his earphones in.

Meanwhile, the reporters are all partying in a jimjilbang about their amazing breaking news report and how big it got all over Korea. Moo-jin is singing and everyone is dancing with tambourines and clapping and having a good time.

He tells everyone that he has more than 200,000 followers now!!!!!

Baek Hee-sung calls him suddenly. He tells everyone to wait a moment and heads to the hallway to walk to him. though he tells him what what what? What is it?

HS – Today on TV, you kind of said that Do Hyun-soo was a co-conspirator.

MJ – *sigh* that is a logical suspicion. What are you going to do?

HS – Just change your direction. If Do Hyun-soo and witness A are both telling the truth then it is possible that another person did it.

MJ  – What the F*? Are you giving me an order? *drunkenly*

HS – Hey, wake up and listen to me carefully. I heard the co-conspirators voice over and over again. One thing bothers me.

MJ – Hey, you listen to me.

HS – Tell me.

MJ – From now on, this case is not your life, it is my life.

HS – I will help you.

MJ – F-you. You are the prime suspect.

Hyun-soo closes his eyes tight and grimaces.

HS – Hey, Kim Moo-jin, you should trust me.

MJ – Why should I? Ah, you have my weakness? Are you going to trap me in the basement and threaten me again? Whatever. Let’s collide and see who will break first. I do not trust you.

Hee-sung braces himself on the balcony and thinks.




Several police officers are sitting around a table. Maybe they are all high ranked detectives and some foot police. They are chatting about this case. They are basically talking about how the main branches investigation will be faster due to the coconspirators voice being released.

The first and second team are busy with voice fishing and a fire case. The chief asks what Woo-chul’s team is doing. 

Cut to the rookie investigating someone who stole lettuce and pepper at a farm. They have the images up on the white board and are going through it. Though Jae-sup is sleeping. The rookie pretends like the boss is there and Jae-sup hops up to alert.

The rookie tells him that they need to solve this lettuce case? It’s been two weeks. Jae-sup tells him that he really does not care. But then it looks like he has an idea. He asks, what about we have — ssam for lunch? The rookie rolls his eyes.

Jae-sup asks Ji-won if she wants ssam bap but she is not at her desk. He wonders where she is.

Ji-won is walking a hallway of a child psychologist center. A woman voices over, I found the information that you asked for.

Cut to a screen that says, Do Hyun-soo is here for depression and aggression. then we see Do Hyun-soo’s face. He is around 10 years old.

Woman – Do Hyun-soo, did you really throw your neighbors dog in a well?

HS – *quiet a moment* Yes.


Man-soo cuts his nails in the library sitting area in their house. Hyun-soo is sitting there also being very polite and patient. It looks like he does not like the the sound of the nail clippings.

MW – Trust is keeping your word. Even though the promise looks inefficient and illogical. You should keep it anyway. that is trust.

HS – I thought you would be happy that I did not kill him but still solved the problem. But you are angry.

MW – That is a different matter.

Man-soo plays a recording. Hyun-soo turns to the sound. It is the serial killer accomplice’s voice.

MW – Is that you? Tell me.

HS – No.

MW – Well, I can’t trust you. This is the result of you breaking the promise. How can I trust you? I can’t trust you.

HS – *deep breathes*

MW – Hyun-soo, I want to trust you.

HS – *leans forward* I thought you would really like that I didn’t kill Park Young-chul.

MW – So, I want to have another promise. If you are in trouble and your ID can be revealed, just leave. Go somewhere no one can find you. For everyone. If you can do that, then I will take care of your wife and kid forever. Let’s avoid the worst situation. You know what the worst is right?

HS – I understand.

MW – Okay. I trust you.


Moo-jin is sleeping at work like he fell asleep there last night after the party. His boss hurries to wake him up because there is another exclusive. He does not want to be awakened. She flips him around and shows him Do Hae-soo who is sitting there solemnly.

Moo-jin hops on the floor to hide.

PY – *smiles* We have all the luck.

MJ – Team leader, what do I look like?

PY – You look homeless.

MJ – Team leader can you buy me a shirt and bring me water tissue.

PY – Why?

MJ – Do hae-soo and I were first loves. I can’t go out like this.

PY – How long since you have seen each other

MJ – Seventeen years.

PY – *gasps* Hey, not like this, it shouldn’t be.

MJ – Save me.


Ji-won is still looking at the video of little Hyun-soo. The psychologist told him that it was okay, just tell me.

HS – Who I wanted to kill was the owner. He was rude and made me feel sick. But I can’t kill a person. It is difficult to get rid of the body.

Doctor – Hyun-soo *shows him a drawing* Look at this drawing. Why is this kid crying? How do you think she feels?

HS – I don’t know.

The woman stops the video.

JW – How old is he?

Woman – Thirteen years old.

JW – So Do Hyun-soo was born with a born psychopath?

Woman – Would you like to see this video also?

She plays another video. this video has a kid fighting. A cassette player is on the floor. 

Woman – Do you see the small cassette player?

JW – Yes.

Woman – He is calm and quiet. But when that cassette is involved, he changes.

JW – What is that?

Woman – No one knows. Even family members.

Ji-won leaves and goes to the black bag that the victims wife gave her. She fishes the cassette player out and starts to take it away. The rookie stops her to tell her that the stolen lettuce was thrown in the trashcan.

Ji-won tells him to tell her later and leaves. He goes to the Captain and asks why he thinks the criminal threw away the lettuce in the trashcan after stealing it? The captain tells him he has a meeting for the Yunjoo city serial killer case. Tell me later. 

He also leaves. The rookie mutters that everyone tells him, Later.


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